(Updated) Carrier Update Now Available Enabling LTE, Visual Voicemail For Unlocked iPhone 5 Models

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Update: After spending the better half of my day trying to figure out when this update would roll out, T-Mobile has removed the support page leading us to wonder if it was posted prematurely. As we remarked below in the main text, today was noted earlier in the week as the available date so we really don’t know what happend or why. Hopefully the update will make a quick return and we’ll actually see it roll out. 

Right on schedule T-Mobile has updated their support forums to highlight a new carrier update for the iPhone adding a host of new and important features. This update was first hinted at earlier this week with a source dropping word to us as enabling LTE on unlocked iPhone devices. As a quick reminder, this update will enable LTE on unlocked iPhone 5 or AT&T unlocked devices with LTE already enabled on iPhone 5 units being sold on or after April 12th.

Let’s just get right to the update which is available as a OTA update or connecting through iTunes:

T-Mobile Carrier Update


iOS software version 6.1
Updated 4/05/2013
Available to all eligible iPhones using a T-Mobile SIM card


Enables the following:

  • Visual Voicemail
  • 4G network indicator
  • Commercial Mobile Alert System (CMAS)
  • AWS LTE (T-Mobile and officially unlocked AT&T iPhone 5 only)
  • HD Voice (T-Mobile and officially unlocked AT&T iPhone 5 only)
  • AWS HSPA+ (T-Mobile and new 2013 AT&T iPhone 5 only)

Auto configures:

  • MMS Settings
  • Personal Hotspot Settings (Smartphone Mobile Hotspot)
  • APN settings for LTE connectivity

My Account bookmark


  • Battery life (result of network/device optimization)


T-Mobile iPhone or any officially unlocked GSM iPhone

Latest iOS software version

Device software is not jailbroken

50% battery life or connected to a power source

Data connection or a computer with iTunes and internet access

Minimum of 1 MB available memory (File size of update is ~10 KB)