T-Mobile’s Big Day: UNcarrier, Simple Choice And Roundup Of News

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Wow, what a day, what a day. Aside from today easily being the best day of traffic in TmoNews’ history and the day that T-Mobile’s CEO calls me out on stage — today marks a historic shift in the US wireless industry. With that in mind, there’s plenty to catch up on. So here’s a list of all of today’s UNcarrier and Simple Choice news for your reading enjoyment:


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  • Fan

    Why did he call you out on stage David?

    • Get_at_Me

      He kinda poked fun at the fact that david wasn’t at the press event this morning.

  • auser72

    I been with Tmobile since 99 (powertel, voicestream, tmobile) because of the great overall value. This is the first time I felt that tmobile is positioned to compete with ATT and Verizon with premium handset selections and speed and coverage (near future).

    • just me

      Agreed! I’m excited for T-Mobile’s future, I think the direction they’re taking is awesome.

      • Will

        T-Mobile should really rethink this idea. There’s a reason they are not the top carrier.

        • just me

          I disagree. I think this is the best thing T-Mobile has done in years. I know some people are upset that they can’t get new postpaid plans with less minutes, but I think in the long run this is the right move for both the business and for customers.

        • Will

          They would have been better off under AT&T. At least AT&T and Verizon still allow contract free plans (although they call them month to month). See T-Mobile did nothing special but copy the big guys.

        • HateStupidity

          Will if you dont see this as the best thing out there. Then your kinda of an idiot. None of the carriers will allow you buy a top of the line phone, pay it off over time or earlier if you want and you still get the best monthly rates out of anyone.

  • mloudt

    Well Dave I guess now you are going to sell your unlocked i-phone 5 on ebay, and beg CEO John for a new i-phone with t-mobile aws bands; seeing as he shouted you out? Also, is panther lady your wife?

    • thepanttherlady

      Now that was random, LOL.

      Not even in the same state let alone married. :)

      • mloudt

        you are a moderator and a woman so you you never know

  • TMoFan

    Thanks for the coverage it took me the whole evening to get caught up on everything. I remain skeptical but less so than before. John Legere is perfect for T-Mobile with his no nonsense take charge attitude. If T-Mobile is successful with this it’ll be because of Legere and his leadership. T-Mobile was almost lost; now they are challenging the idiocy of the wireless industry.

    • fentonr

      I agree, if anyone can start moving T-Mobile up out of 4th place, he is the guy to do it.

  • thepanttherlady

    Are your fingers tired from all the typing yet? LOL

    Thanks for covering all this!

  • I’m currently under contract. I called to make a change to my plan today from classic unlimited to classic 1000. They informed me that no changes can be made to existing plans, as all other plans have been discontinued. I can’t increase minutes. I can’t decrease minutes. I can’t increase data. Decrease data. Messaging, etc. I don’t need 5GB of data anymore because I get ZERO service at my new job. I can’t change it.

    The only way to change your plan is to “migrate” to the new unlimited plan for $200 (PER LINE!), and if you do so, you’ll still be locked into your current contract as well (which makes no sense).

    I was absolutely stunned. I fully understand why they’re starting these new plans, but I didn’t expect them to flip the switch and completely lock out all of those still under contract.

    • just me

      I’m not normally one to advocate for this, but you might want to call back and ask to speak to a supervisor. I don’t think they can do anything about your minutes without a plan change, but they definitely should be able to change the data feature.

      • I talked to one person, assumed she was wrong and called back. Got the exact same response. People under current contracts can’t change anything with their plans unless paying $200 to migrate to the new plans, as the old plans no longer exist in the system.

        If you signed a 2 year contract one month ago, you can make zero changes to your plan for 23 months, or a $200 fee.

        • CRT24

          If your contract is due to phone upgrades then that is correct, you will have decreasing migration fees starting at 200 decreasing until you get to 18 months then you can migrate for no charge. If it has been more than 18 months since you last upgraded and your contract is due to plan change then you can switch to the new plans and ride out the existing contract.

        • Right. Which is garbage. Due to T-Mobile’s lack of signal strength at my new job, I can’t use my minutes/texts/data. I’d like to reduce it. I can’t because of new plans that really only apply to new customers. The *real* reason, is that the 1000 minute classic plan was a better value, and it would defeat the purpose to offer it to anyone.

          Which is why they’ll have TONS of people who don’t ever upgrade to the new plan, as their bills would go UP.

        • CRT24

          Well if you are on the 1000 minute classic family plan then you are paying the same rate for the new value unlimted talk & text….the data plans are 10.00 more in classic but you can reduce the data to the lowest amount…..your contact is your contract however

        • just me

          It’s true that you can’t change your rate plan without a migration fee, and that normal reps can’t change any features either. This is why I said to speak to a supervisor. Data features can be changed with no rate plan change, and supervisors have the system permissions to put on a grandfathered data feature. I guess I shouldn’t be saying this, but I know this to be true because I work in a call center and I actually got a sup to do it for one of my customers the other day.

        • Dakota

          They’re always so good at keeping current customers happy.

    • Guest

      This is not all true. If someone signed a 2 year deal on a value plan then you can change plans. I can do it online if I wanted to right now with no fees. I already checked. Now for older no longer existing plans its definitely possible. I must note that I also bought my phone flat out so I’m sure that has a lot to do with it.

      • thepanttherlady

        He’s on Classic, not Value.

        • sincarafan247

          Then yea he’ll have to pay.

        • thepanttherlady

          His issue is that he just wants to change his Classic plan minutes from unlimited to 1000 but T-Mobile has told him they no longer offer Classic options. He doesn’t want to move to a Value plan. At least not at this point.

        • Dakota

          Guess they proved the point of why people hate carriers policies

      • Guest

        On classic…..then yes you’ll have to pay.

  • jim

    what happens to those of us with classic or grand fathered plans? I have been with TMO for 9 years and my contract finishes in 2014. Will I not get to stay with current plan with phone upgrade? Or I will have to pay full price for phone and change the plan?

    • Why don’t you read some and not ask in comment sections brother? You’ll get further in your quest for an answer. YES!!!! You’l be grandfathered in. But if you want to upgrade you’ll have to change plans.

    • thepanttherlady

      You won’t be able to make changes to your plan if you want to stay on the Classic plan. As far as upgrading your device(s), moving forward you’ll have to do it at a Retail location (not Corporate) or 3rd party retailer.

  • Get_at_Me

    I chuckled when he called u out David.

    • Jose Hernandez

      I wish I could see it.

  • superg05

    i was glad to hear tmobile is upgrading there entire network not just the big cities should make alot of people happy this new CEO rocks btw

    • fsured

      This is actually the question that I have been most eager to have answered and I’m not sure it has been. I’ve been combing through the links above and so far have not seen it. It’s great to be brining new technology but I want to know about their coverage expanding in 2g areas to at least hspa+ 14-21mb. This has a larger affect for the people I know. The major cities will naturally get the service upgrades for LTE but it would be nice to connect the travel paths to various cities with 3g signal instead of edge, G, or no signal.

  • Eric Frett

    what is better new plan $60 with 2.5GB data or two old prepaid plans $30 5GB data +$30 unlimited talk/text on second phone?

  • lovingmyGN2

    Hey Dave I would love to see when he calls you out, it must be freaking hilarious lol. It shows that this guy’s on top of his stuff and is paying close attention to what customers want and how they feel. Makes me even more happy to be a Tmo customer knowing that the ceo pays attention to what really matters and even reads the forums. So since he does let me take advantage of thanking him personally on your forum Dave. Dear Mr. Legere Thank you for caring and listening to your customers.
    You are the perfect example of how a corporate ceo should behave. THANK YOU. Dave is there anywhere we can see that epic moment? It would be awesome.

  • Angie

    So.. what does this mean for pre-existing t-mobile customers that are due for an upgrade, or just want to replace their old phones before their previous contract is up? Are our old contracts dismissed, or how does this work now? I would love to get in on this monthly thing ASAP!

    • corepreacher

      When your current contract is done, u don’t have to sign another one. Or if you upgrade early you don’t have to sign a new contract. You have to finish your last contract, but you can finish it on the cheaper plans if you want to

  • J-Hop2o6

    Wait… When did the CEO call you out? Video? Pics?

    • No video and pics wouldn’t really show anything?! I was tweeting up a storm when it happened, but there seems to be no video of the entire event.

      • J-Hop2o6

        So much news, don’t know why I said pics, LOL. But that was great the new CEO recognized you and the site. Hopefully greater stuff from them to you.

        • Yeah, I still don’t know that his “mention” was out of love, or “who the hell is this guy and how does he get all this stuff?”

        • J-Hop2o6

          HAHA! I’m sure it was out of love and appreciation.

  • Chris

    This is great! Hung out with 2 friends last night (both on sprint) and they (knowing the phone nerd I am) were asking me all about this new t-mobile and asking if switching was a good idea. Of course I told them yes. I think what really impressed them tho was when my Note2 on HSPA+ got 6Mbps down and her iPhone5 with sprint LTE got 3Mbps down…hahaha

  • Milad

    Well done …

  • Dakota

    It was interesting seeing Legere on Bloomberg ere West last night. The reporters kept confronting him with question regarding T-Mobile old image & negativity. It demonstrated what a poor brand reputation T-Mobile has. They were very uninformed and skeptical and it makes you wonder what the average person thinks. Legere kept telling them he had to go there to educate them. It will be interesting to see if he goes to San Francisco and gets a longer segment. But also shows the challenges ahead in changing peoples perceptions