AT&T Responds To T-Mobile’s New Rate Plans With “Whatever”


T-Mobile’s CEO hit hard against the current state of wireless subsidized sales stating “this is the biggest crock of shit I’ve ever heard in my entire life.” AT&T shrugged off the attacks on their network and business plan with a simple “whatever.”

Sprint offered up a slightly more embellished statement on today’s T-Mobile news:

“Sprint gives its customers the best of both worlds with Truly Unlimited 4G LTE data on smartphones and the best value for customers with a savings of $110 over T-Mobile when comparing the total cost of ownership over two years for the 16 GB version of the Samsung Galaxy SIII,” Sprint said. “In addition, true no term contract options are available with Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile and Sprint As You Go.”

According to AllThingsD, Verizon wasn’t immediately available for comment.


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  • RedGeminiPA

    Of course, Sprint points to their NON-ROAMING no contract brands.

  • customer

    what a joke… Sprint should be in federal court for their false claims, and bait and switch model. What LTE? @AT&T no one cares about you anyways. Good luck trying to keep up!

    • NYCTheBronx

      Not just federal courts, they shouldn’t even be called a U.S. Major Carrier. So sad. T-Mobile was the last of the 4 U.S. Major Carriers and today T-Mobile passed Sprint in 4G LTE network lol. By Q2 of 2013, T-Mobile will have more subscribers then Sprint bumping T-Mobile to 3rd Major U.S. Carrier. Bye bye Sprint.

      • SouthernBlackNerd

        A few things,
        1st: Tmobile has not passed sprint in LTE coverage. How did you even come up with this lie?
        2nd: You think Tmobile is going to gain over 13 million customers from now til end of june? That is wishful thinking at best.

        • customer

          TMO doesn’t have to gain 13 million, they just need some of Sprints customers to switch! Plus what they get from other carriers…

        • MrMe

          Have you factored in 10 million Metro users ?????

        • galaxydude

          Actually 9.3 million subscribers are on metro pcs

      • STM121184

        T-Mobile has more customers than Sprint already… Just not in the US :P. DT has over 130 Million customers and will retain majority ownership of the public T-Mobile entity. In the end, it is a matter of how you are counting customers. Postpaid only, 100% Owned MVNO, partial ownership MVNO (and if so how much minimum ownership), wholesale (non owned), Customers only in the US, as well as what alterations and adjustments you make to the final count for various reasons.

        Perception and Confidence- Remember those two things as you watch the competition respond to T-Mobile.

        To end with a quote from Mr. Henry Ford- “When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.”

  • rob

    LOL Sprint, I wouldn’t pick a fight with T-MO right now, especially with your “WiMax” or whatever.

    • NYCTheBronx

      Rofl. I’m with you bro!

      • carlos

        its funny, that sprints charges extra to connect to their WiMax, wow,

  • Nick Gonzalez

    The feathers have been ruffled…

  • Chris

    Sprint sucks ass,period. They are stuck on 3g thats slower that tmobile 2g

  • fixxmyhead

    sprint is a joke . get ready for fourth place

    • Spanky

      I have no idea how Sprint is in the third place to begin with. Their data coverage has more holes than swiss cheese, and when it actually works, it typically tops out at 1 Mbps downstream in non-LTE areas. They really are a joke.

      • Dakota

        Ive never understood it either when I constantly read how bad its network is. I live in an LTE city and the SPrint store nearby cant get LTE and the employees actually told me they dont care because all their supposed to do is sell, sell, sell.

        • dp4609

          Many businesses offer discounting for sprint’s service which many employees take “advantage” of…I’ve passed right onto T-Mobile’s services which my only gripe is roaming data coverage & policy within our nation.

        • STM121184

          Just throwing it out there, the Employee Discount Plan is something T-Mobile is actively engaged in. Know of a company wanting to deploy an employee discount program? Email me (this post name at Gmail) and I’ll connect you to the right region. No Company cost for this program and I will personally make sure they are connected to the right support!

      • frequency8

        I live in san francisco and have had Sprint for almost 3 years. I usually stay in NorCal and even though I felt screwed over by thier Wimax deployment and their on average .5mb on average 3g, I’ve always found it to get very reliable coverage. Whenever I am with my friends with att or verizon I usually have at least 3g coverage whenever they have data coverage. Plus I commute on BART which is like the subway but for the bay area and I get 3g coverage there also.

        The comments and articles I read on here and elsewhere really makes me jealous of tmobile user’s speed. But from what I can tell they are not expanding thier 3g coverage and only bringing LTE to replace 3g in the cities. That makes me really apprehensive about switching. Edge is just dreadfully slow.

        This and the Softbank buyout of Sprint make want to just stick it out with sprint.

        I don’t know, maybe I should give tmobile a shot. They really just doing great things with thier plans.

  • GwapoAko

    At&t is whatever!!! LOL!!!

  • Dion Mac

    at&t’s response is kinda funny LOL

  • Dion Mac

    And help me understand where Sprint is getting this math from.

    • GwapoAko

      I think my niece is better in math than Sprint when she was still 5 years old. LOL

    • moises1204

      it was given to them by my two year old daughter!! it was supposed to be cute but apparently sprint used it anyway!

  • TayshaunBoba

    “whatever” – isn’t that what you say when you can’t think of a good come-back and then you just walk away in shame?

    • Spanky

      It’s also what you say when you don’t care.

    • moises1204

      hahaha, good one!

    • rene

      let see how they planning in keep it up and how they will continue stealing from customer now as verizon do too. now that all are in the same level with the product.

  • Rudy Belova

    “whatever” is what my friends always said when it was clear they where wrong and lost an argument but didn’t want to admit it… LOL

    • Robert

      That’s very close to what my friends say, only its, “whatever, you’re fat.”

  • rob

    Hey, maybe T-MO could use MetroPCS soon to tackle Sprint’s little Ghetto brands.

    • Metro is not in my area but i saw it down in ATL and florida and its considered the Cricket of the South. Now thats Ghetto!

  • Steve

    This CEO talks like a high school punk. I thought T Mobile was unprofessional before he got there. I was hoping he would take them to a new level. Sounds like he is….Down. There is no justification for talking like that. It reflect on the whole company,

    • Whatever

    • xmiro

      I’ll take a high school punk vs a sleazy shill who lied trying to get T-Mobile, and failed because he couldn’t explain away all the lies

    • crazychef

      yes he might be the reflection of a company but it was about time someone in a big position in a big company spoke that way. because other ceo’s all they do is use dictionary and business language. it’s about time someone spoke the truth with language we all understand.

      • nycplayboy78

        Mr. Legere speaks in a manner in which Lay Men can understand…I think I spelled that word right…In other words he puts it where the goats can get it…Like my grandfather use to say :)

  • Josh

    Lol Sprint, even with the payments T-Mobile is still cheaper than you. For 5 lines on everything unlimited AND 5 phone payments its still about $200 a month cheaper than you. Get your math right.

    • Alan713

      yep, they probably failed at math in high-school!

  • doubleatheman

    $99 out of pocket for an iPhone 5 and $90 per month for UNLIMITED everything, no throttling…. is impressive. and No contract (but you do have to pay the device off)

    Doing the same thing on the other networks would cost a boat load.

    • Trevnerdio

      Unlimited everything…minus unlimited 4G speeds.

      • doubleatheman


        $50 plan unlimited calls and text
        $20 unlimited 4G data plan
        $20 monthly phone payment


        • Trevnerdio

          Oh, really? Was I looking at tethering plans? I saw 500MB free, 2.5GB for $10

        • doubleatheman

          You can purchase data in chunks of 2gb @ $10 for tethering.

          The most common setups:
          $50 500mb
          $60 2.5gb
          $70 4.5gb
          ( the above plans let you use all of your data for tethering)
          $70 unl with 500mb for tethering free.
          $80 unl with 2.5gb tethering

        • Trevnerdio

          Thanks. That makes me happy…I have unlimited now and I can’t tether (but I do anyway, using a tether app for root users and either a user agent switcher or a VPN) and so you’re saying nothing will change?

        • doubleatheman

          Those of us who use user agent switchers and have old plans everything is going to stay the same as far as I know.

        • Trevnerdio

          Sweet, thanks for your info

  • TMoFan

    Uncarrier is challenging the very core of the wireless industry. Whatever is a typical response from a twin bell.

    Does Sprint include its hidden $10 fee in its fuzzy math?

  • Steve

    “bqhatevwr” – Scott Brown is now consulting for AT&T?

    • Enzowned


  • Alan713

    omg what a joke! Tmo is the cheapest over 2 yrs, period. plus its’ GSM and phone will be unlocked unlike Sprint’s cdma which can’t be used as freely as any GSM

    • Guest

      True. But if you don’t travel outside of the US and plan to stay with T-Mobile, the hell do you need a unlocked phone for? Just cuz it sounds cool? I mean I need one for Canada & DR trips, but I’ve notice alotta T-Mo fans have a sick obsession with unlocked phones when they serve no purpose to have one. Lol

      • Timbo1

        For swapping in other SIMs on the fly, dead zones are around even when traveling the U.S. especially in the sticks where ATT is the only good network around you just can’t do that with CDMA……

      • Eric Frett

        unlock is needed to increase resale value

      • Alan713

        yeah, even if u only in USA you can swap sims between ATT and TMob or their MVNOs

  • AT&T and Sprint isn’t worried about T-Mobile lol. They cater to a mega demographic that has been spoiled by subsidies for years. Not to mention they are still in areas where T-Mo service is non-existed. Anyone who thinks this UnCarrier approach is going to milk their subscriber base in numbers anytime soon is just a delusional ignorant fanboy! For the traditional American families, COVERAGE will always be the key first! And outside of major metro areas is where T-Mobile lacks. This is why 270 million Americans would rather pay more for Verizon, AT&Trash, and Sprint.

  • BigMixxx

    Verizon is so set up for doing this….

    This is the new standard. decrease defection and churn by eliminating the subsidy.

    AT&T — they are crazy as honeybadgers fighting cobra’s.

    • Robert

      Verizon is setup for doing this except that you shouldn’t expect them to lower their prices. VZW will move to this model (especially with CDMA radios that would require flashing) without lowering their service prices one FN dime. They love their cash over at Verizon just a little bit.

  • Jazz

    Haters gonna hate!

  • Jones

    Sprint doesn’t have unlimited 4G LTE everywhere. They are limited.

    • kalel33

      So is T-mobile. You’re limited on the amount of data roaming you can do before you get cut off and T-mobile has a ways to go to build out a decent LTE network.

  • keasycase

    sprint is not good at all… there building penetration Is not that good either… more then half the time they are roaming on Verizon… T-MOBILE all day

    • Joanna90

      I agree with sprint signal not being good in buildings haha i would.always hear that cdma worked better for building penetration but im guessing sprint uses cheap cdma or something because i tried them out different phones and signal would always crap out in stores,building, elevators etc while Verizon which is also cdma always came tru so im.guessing Verizon uses a better cdma service. , heck i get better signal on tmobile thats gsm inside buildings than sprint LOL.

      • kk888

        Verizon’s got 850MHz Band for EVDO service. True for AT&T too, but they don’t have tower everywhere like Verizon does so they don’t have solid signal like Verizon

  • MagentaUser

    “In addition, true no term contract options are available with Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile and Sprint As You Go.” Well that may be true Sprint but neither of those options give access to your LTE network and as we all know your 3G is way oversold and your WiMAX signal can’t even penetrate through toilet paper

    • SouthernBlackNerd

      False, They launched the Galaxy Victory and HTC One SV, which are both LTE phones on Boost and Virgin. As well as now letting people bring sprint phones to Boost/Virgin.

      You are not wrong about Wimax, but lets be honest. 2.5Ghz is not far from 2.1Ghz used by AWS. And Sprint will be deploying LTE on 800mhz starting mid year.

      • kk888

        Good Luck for finding LTE far nothing in NYC

        • DinahLaGURL

          Well it might not be available in NY but over here in los Angeles sprint lte is available in east, la, boyle heights, montebello, pico rivera , dwtwn la, etc.. its available in many places in LA lte coverage not that bad and faster than what I get on tmobile hspa on my s3 , co worker got sprint s3 gets up to 30 mbps I seen it with my own eyes I never ever gotten that on my tmobile s3.

        • bleeew

          30Mbps is bot for LA. I usually get 14mbps at home, but at LA i get a slightly better 36 mbps. Im on Verizon.

  • Roxva

    I think Sprint just fainted after hearing the iPhone working on T-Mobile’s LTE, HSPA+ (AWS & PCS) & GSM.. “Whatever” is thrown back at Sprint… They got used to the super slow network that they don’t know what high speed means..

  • charlieboy808

    T-Mobile should just have a tag line of “Just Bring It” because it doesn’t seem like the rest are capable of bringing it.

    • kalel33

      Verizon will always be more expensive. They have never considered themselves a value carrier like T-mobile. They just consider themselves the best network and best customer service in the business. T-mobile has the smallest footprint in coverage and has the worst customer service in the industry, 3 years running. You get what you pay for. I pay for T-mobile because it works for me but I don’t make T-mobile out to be more than they are, a cheap carrier with enough coverage for me. If I wanted the best then I’d go Verizon.

      • True about Verizon. Also notice they’re the only ones not responding to Tmobile.

  • Will

    What happened to T-Mobile and AT&T being buddies? Oh wait, Sprint screwed that deal. Verizon should just buy T-Mobile so that the coverage will improve.

  • 21stNow

    I don’t like Sprint, but I do like their response.

  • This is an all out lie. For Sprint a GS 3 will cost 100 out of the door. Unlimited talk text and unlimited “4G Data” with their phone protection program is $120 a month.
    T-Mobile offers the same phone for $70 out of the door Unlimited talk text and Truly Unlimited 4G (yes you can get it) plus phone protection for $98. That’s including the monthly cost for the phone. So I don’t know what Sprint is talking about.

    • Sprint like ATT and VZ as well simply count on the fact that consumers will take their word for it and not look up the info for themselves. that’s what many if not most of the consumers do .. they fail to look this stuff up for themselves…otherwise they’d see just how expensive and stupid the prices are at Sprint and the others.

      • Spanky

        The prices are undoubtedly more expensive. Unfortunately, T-Mobile’s service sucks where I live, so I pay more to get good service, as do many others.

        • a truth i won’t argue .. hopefully they put some effort into their service now in those areas that aren’t receiving their better coverage.

      • 21stNow

        Precisely. I calculated out the Galaxy S III on Sprint’s unlimited plan and came to $2,740 versus $2,230 on T-Mobile. T-Mobile saves you $510 over the two years and more if you didn’t upgrade after the two years. Sprint is counting on customers to not do the math or not do a like-kind comparison.

        • yep .. and most don’t .. could be a coverage thing too though that TMO is missing on . i was in Boston over the weekend and the coverage was horrible compared to what i get in Dallas.
          that’s one thing i’d like to see happen .. for TMO to better their coverage areas.

        • 21stNow

          Yes, coverage is important. I usually have voice coverage from T-Mobile most places that I go, but the data can drop to EDGE quite frequently. That’s why I maintain service with other carriers.

    • SouthernBlackNerd

      I think most sprint customers are on their 80 dollar plan(450 mins, unlimited AnyMobile, Text, Data), which is probably what they were using as a comparison.

      70 x 24 + 580 = 2260
      80 x 24 + 200 = 2120

      So that is a savings of 140 by going with sprint.

      • Zacamandapio

        I stopped reading when you said 450 mins.

        • frequency8

          It might not sound like much but the 450 minutes is for LAN lines. It’s unlimited for mobile to mobile paired with free nights and weekends. It’s pretty much unlimited.

  • JayMoney88

    Well thats an obvious LIE and overstatement on Sprint’s part…Their network is SHIT and their prices are the same as Verizon.

  • sprint and att are a joke

  • GwapoAko

    Can’t wait for Tmobile on their quarterly earnnings to report the number of iPhone owners that switched from ATT, Verizon and Sprint…Take that whatever!!!!

    • Spanky

      Because the iPhone is the answer to everything and will single-handedly save T-Mobile, right?

  • doofensmirts

    So if one was fortunate enough to be able to afford a device out right they could go to any provider off contract, but with at@t, sprint and verizon they still pay the same amount for their plan as if they subsidized the device. How can people not see the value in that?

    • gnd

      Actually, they can only go to another gsm provider,

  • Dakota

    So what are the impartial numbers as Sprint claims its cheaper than Tmobile over 2 year contract and Tmobile claims the same. Someone is lying or theyre comparing apples to oranges

    • just go to each website and you’ll see for yourself. Sprint is smoking if they think their plans are cheaper.

  • Eric Frett

    lack of arguments

  • Richard Yarrell

    Much kudos to T-mobile to pulling off a great update to 4.1.2 of the Galaxy Note 2 earlier last week. And for launching 8 cities with LTE which is a fantastic start. Offering great deals on up front pricing for new handsets with great plans to choose from can only make things better for current and new customers. Like it or not the entire year will be about the growth of T-mobile with it’s merger of Metro and it’s new launches of cities as the summer and fall arrives. I am sure glad I KICKED VERIZON to the curb couldn’t have been any happier since.

    • Richard Yarrell

      And just for the record At&t and Verizon is useless in the carrier game regardless of their coverage In major cities neither Verizon or At&t has the network as T-mobile if they were so great I would still be on one of them since I had both. We won’t even get into the pitiful updating of handsets and overpriced monthly bills and overrated bogged down networks they both have.

      • squiddy20

        If T-Mobile were so great, there’d be more people on their network. Instead, not even half the number of Verizon wireless subscribers (about 110 million / 2 = 55 mill) are on T-Mobile (about 36 mill). Not to mention that, outside of a few major metropolitan areas and main highways, most of the network is no more than 2G/EDGE. Yeah, T-Mobile’s doing realllll good. Moron.
        Also, what happened to how you “knew” T-Mobile would have LTE in NYC “on or before 26 March”? Oh, right. You were wrong about the specs of the S4, release date of the Galaxy Nexus and Evo 3D, and wrong about how rooting was for “2plus year old devices”. How could anyone think you’d get something right?

      • DinahLaGURL

        Richard I been reading all of your comments for a long time and I guess u love tmobile. And honey I now u live in new york cuz I seen u around before when I was in NY I live in LA but travel to NY a lot to visit my mans family . If u ever read my posts u would know I have tmobile and as much as I love tmobile and its pricing I dont agree with everything u say about tmobile , first u talk about them havin awesome coverage they dont and in NY Verizon wins I know cuz my man has Verizon he gets better signal in every building we been to we can sit here n argue all night long . Just because Verizon didnt work for u doesn’t mean it sucks I guess u dont travel a lot ? I been to Arizona, Puerto rico, texas and chicago and tmobiles coverage ain’t that great most of it is edge I just learned to accept it. Verizon always had better coverage most of it was LTE I know Verizon s 3G evdo is slow but the thing is Verizon users rarely see it because there lte is literally everywhere. Pricing sure Verizon is much more expensive , bogged down network maybe atts but I can tell u Verizon s lte is not bogged down my man still gets up to 36 mbps right now on 2013 same speeds he was getting back when they first took out lte .. so yea

        • superg05

          Verizonphones use the 700 band goes through almost anything and travels far distances they have tons of money so them and at&t have a duopoly on spectrum

    • Bill Smith

      As of 5PM Las Vegas does not have LTE up and running.

      • superg05

        they are completely upgrading there network areas with dense populations need more backhaul

  • nycplayboy78

    OMG AT&T sounds like that crazy ex-girlfriend who just can’t let go…Let it go boo T-Mo moved on sweety :p

    SCREAMS-n-FAINTS @ Sprint….Who are you fooling with your BullSugar :p

  • Don Kim

    Sprint is a joke to me.
    It’s T-Mo vs. AT&T for 2nd place now.

  • Jay

    Lte for sprint is live in Philly

    • superg05

      thats great now they can enjoy 3g speeds welcome to 2005

  • Decalex

    Unlimited on sprint is kinda like saying, “You can ride this as far as you want. Here’s your brand new tricycle.”

  • CRT24

    Sprint is comparing their everything data with 450 minutes and unlimited calling to mobile phones which is $2120 including a $199.99 GS3…..T-Mobile’s unlimited everything is $2230 with a full cost GS3. Not really comparing apples to apples are we sprint?

  • Sprint emphasizing truly Lmao is hilarious, no lte here in Columbus Ohio

  • Jay J. Blanco

    Sprint dont get me started lol dont get me started. Lol