T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere Breaks UNcarrier Down With New YouTube Video

If you missed our exciting liveblog of T-Mobile’s UNcarrier event this morning and the TmoNews “shout-out,” not to worry. T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere is breaking down everything that’s happening and all that UNcarrier means in this 105 second video.

T-Mobile is unveiling the best upgrade program in wireless, the best devices, and much more.Watch the video to see how we’re changing the game and hear our big news about iPhone. For more information: http://t-mo.co/15PPKKW


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  • GwapoAko

    Good job Mr. Legre!!!

  • NYCTheBronx

    John, you are a brilliant CEO! T-Mobile all the way!

  • redman12

    John Legere > Philipp Humm

  • mnaz105

    Existing contracts are still valid?

    • yeah. after they expire they’ll be grand-daddy’d in…Then if you change anything they’ll switch over to the newer plans.

      • mnaz105


  • He looks like the Riddler.

    • Anonymous

      Actually its the Sham Wow guy, impersonating the CEO of tmobile. This time its called Scam Wow.

  • peralta61

    John your the man

  • Dakota

    When I read the live blog on CNET, they said one of the Tmobile executives claimed that the truly unlimited plan did have limits…fair use…so Im wondering if they made clear w hat that means? Does that mean you can use 10GB? 20GB? Does it mean you cant stream 8 hours of music every day? Or does it just mean they can tell if youre tethering and thats a violation. I know its not going to be a limit as low as the prepaids that do 2.5 or so…but Im still wondering exactly what ‘fair use’ entails. For Tmobiles sake, I hope they have a new advertising agency and a new marketing staff. T he key to all of this is going to be to do some of what theyve done today w hich is go head on against the other carriers and be very aggressive in communicating the price advantages and not scare people off when they hear theyre paying for the whole phone. Explain the price is still going to be lower for them…and hopefully train their store and phone reps to do that too. A chick on a motorcycle doesnt communicate anything. See Sprints ads for attacking share plans or going after unlimited. If Tmobile beats SPrint on speed, go at it. Say that on TMobile for $90 including your phone you will get unlimited while for that price Verizon will give you 1GB. The Tmobile ATT breakup might have been the best thing that ever happened to this company. The other carriers will watch and no doubt copy if it succeeds. Also go after family share plans and how you wont need to worry; go after overage charges. They have a message ;the key is whether they will communicate it effectively to the average consumer that doesnt pay attention to this stuff. Not readers of tech blogs but the average person …And they need to push the iPhone pricing vs competitors too…They really have a chance to turn things around…hopefully they can expand LTE quickly, and it will really work. Istill laugh when Im in a Sprint LTE market and I go to my local sprint store and they dont even have LTE. IVe never understood how Sprint was ahead of LTE since I always read how bad Sprints network is in most places.

    • Prox

      My truly unlimited T-Mobile plan says my usage is out of 999 GB per month

      • cubanito151

        Mine says its out of 9765.62 GB. That’s insane. Highest I’ve ever reached was 500GB but that was on my WiFi. On data highest I’ve gone is about 5GB

    • pbxtech

      I was wondering about that too – I’ve accumulated 200GB in one billing cycle and wasn’t slowed.

      I used to have an old T-Mobile Total Internet VPN plan from 4 years ago and reached 80GB in one cycle and I received a letter regarding regarding the data usage but not this time.
      Unfortunately, T-Mobile tighten network access was getting an up sell service everytime I browse the web.

      • vjballa21

        really dude? 80 gb in a month? u need to go to hell. You are one of the few that ruins it for the many.

      • TheStraightVerdict

        Why the hell would you use 200gbs in a month? that is freaking ridiculous. Most people don’t even touch 3gbs.

        WTF are you doing? Running an online business from your cell?

      • Ben Jammin’

        He is why carriers impose limits.

    • kev2684

      it’s a bit less than 1TB per month. you’ll never hit that.

    • NG

      Tethering for the $70/m 4G Unlimited Plan includes only 500mb of high speed tethering but 9765 GB of high speed data. The $60/m 2.5GB plan includes the 2.5GB of tethering with it and data but then you get throttled to 2g speeds , the $50/m 500mb plan includes 500MB of tethering and data and go down to 2G after as well.

  • timoten

    does this mean no more stupid logos or brandings on my beautiful phones? :)

    • ceegii63

      only on iPhone since NO ONE wants to ANGER the the Lord Almighty Cook

      • AndroidProfit

        What’s the problem with a company branding their product? Google does it with their phones.

        • braleska

          The only logo on the nexus 4 is LG. It does say nexus on the back of the phone too but that’s the equivalent of a samsung phone having “galaxy” on the back.

        • Ben Jammin’

          Look at most any phone with a Verizon logo on it. THAT’s the problem.

  • Trav Montana

    Yes he’s creepy looking but he’s very aggressive and outspoken ..you can tell he really cares about T-Mobile and his customers. This is our year and back up to the #1 spot here we go TMO!!!

    • How is he creepy though?

    • moises1204

      have you seen AT&T CEO smile!! that’s pure evil.

      • Eric Frett

        his eyeballs

    • Dakota

      Hes trying to be hip and appeal to younger people who use the most data and are the most informed about cell phones. Interstingly the NY Times article I linked to said that he overturned the ban on tattoos and piercings for Tmobile retail employees. Hes wanting to connect with the young…and let ATT and VZ be the networks of their parents

      • Tmoboss

        Can you provide a link because I’m an RSM for NY metro area and I have not seen anything in regards to that change in policy. Mind you I’m covered in tattoos but I show none at work.

        • Fellow TMo RSM

          check the new dress code policy in community. I believe it says you can show one (but can’t remember). But also check with your DM too. It shouldn’t be anything offensive.

        • TMO_RAM

          Agreed. This should be found in Community. It discusses allowing tattoos that are not inappropriate and allowing up to one facial piercing.

  • He’s the coolest CEO I have ever seen.

    • moises1204


  • I just wish T-Mobile would get rid of the damned Magenta. It’s not attractive to customers. I’d go straight Black and White

    • ChitChatCat

      The Magenta is awesome.

  • galaxydude

    Looks like i will be upgrading to the new Gs4 or maybe a iPhone5 or HTC’s one in April

  • Freddie Lopez

    But how about buying a T-Mobile phone from Walmart, Bestbuy, Staples, Costco, etc. Do they still have contracts? And what’s REALLY cheaper? Buying a full priced phone for $679 or a 2 year contract?

    • ceegii63

      HTC ONE, iPhone 5, SGS4 all $580 full or $99 upfront+$20×24(or higher option to pay for it faster) and a guaranteed SIM Unlock when payed for

      compare Tmo 4G/3G to ATT and Verizon costs… did you really save on that High End phone subsidy or did they just make you pay for it with the required of data tier based on the phone you got

      its not about being cheap, its about being able to pay for it easier

      • Michael Smith

        is that price confirmed for the HTC ONE? will i be able to walk in a buy it with no bullshit. im currently on a family plan and i just wanna pay full price so i dont have to deal with my uncle whom is the account holder. if $580 is seriously the price then im happy as hell! i thought it was gonna waaaay more.

    • Dakota

      Youre gonna have to price them out …Didnt they say that third party retailers are not part of this? Im confused then as to what the pricing is at Wirefly or Walmart or Best Buy etc? Is it the old contract prices for classic plans or is something different now? Also curious if Tmobile MVNO like Straight Talk etc will have access to LTE or that will be for Tmobile only. Also without contracts, whats really the difference with prepaid (just they wont be eligible for installments cuz they cant pass credit checks?)… Also dont know if theyll continue this, but a few times a year, TMobile has their big sale promotions (like Valentines Day, Mothers Day etc) and those are the times when you probably can save a few extra bucks as they maybe drop the downpayments to Zero or something

    • Tmosup

      If u are on a classic plan and eligible for full discount third party vendors can still do a discounted device. They will still do promotions like before where possiblythe cost of the down payment would be given back in a rebate! Prepaid is something that just gets refilled as u need it or the phone gets shut off, they don’t have the same amount of network to use either.

    • John

      T-Mobile is selling the Iphone 5 16gb for $580 or you can pay $99 down+$20 payment per month for 24 months = $580.

    • Freddie Lopez

      Thanks for the replies everyone. I guess once my upgrade is here I’ll see what my options are then.

  • ceegii63

    is it just me or is his EYES Hypnotic

  • ceegii63

    so Samsung, Note 3, when?

  • AndroidProfit

    This guy is just slime ball. Maybe he’s an addict. Sure appeared that way when he embarrassed himself with that video taped tirade.

    • fentonr

      And yet everyone I’ve talked to who works for T-Mobile is excited about what he’s doing. You seem to be the only one that feels this way.

    • Fraydog

      So says the guy with no shirt on… OK. LOL

      • thepanttherlady

        That’s not him. Lol

        • Fraydog

          Well then, that makes it worse.

    • yourlame

      Ya sorry he isn’t some asshole in a suit that has no personality. Those are usually the slimiest ones. Those types are the ones that crashed our economy.

  • justmee

    Any word about these like some deaf/hard-of-hearing customers needing only data plans? Most don’t need voice plans.

    • Rog27

      There is a special plan for that, i believe it was $30 a month unlimited text and web, most of the time the person was using a sidekick and I had to call in to activate under that plan. Just ask the store rep to call it in. (This was a little bit ago, it might have even gone down given its a value plan now, Ill ask our DM about it and maybe bubble it up)

  • Dakota

    David, The TMobile executive said there is a ‘fair use’ c lause in the truly unlimited plans that allow you to throttle data but werent specific on the details. What exactly then is the data limit? Just wondering if people are going to get unlimited thinking they can stream music 10 hours a day only to find out that is not the case. I know for me whenever Ive been on 2G, my phone is useless. So that is a question people will have and you dont want to create a backlash. I know it wont be as small as the prepaid limits but they do thesame thing with advertising unlimited and then ding you when you go over an imaginary limit they wont divulge.

    • Oaden Johnson

      These new phones are useless on 2g compared to something like an old BlackBerry that was made for 2g. I hate the misleading advertising of unlimited data plan. I havd their uncapped 4g plan, but now I cannot switch my wife’s line to it. Big Fail T-mobile!

    • John

      Fair use at the present time is 9.7TB not something you’ll ever hit.

    • NG

      I purchased the value plan unlimited 4g for $70/m no contract two months ago. Brought my S2 over from AT&T. It says the limit is 9765gb or just under 1TB of high speed data. Now whether that is truly the limit but on my first month I played Pandora and Netflix way more than i normally do just to test if it would be throttled. I wound up using 14.7gb of high speed data. So i would say definitely more than most people would need.

  • Dakota

    FYI, this is a good article interviewing Legere a few months ago. http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/01/09/one-on-one-john-legere-the-hip-new-chief-of-t-mobile-usa/

    It is interesting that hes already saying that they wont be able to do unlimited forever. But he does seem like a good, smart, insightful CEO and probably better that hes an American (I assume but maybe not) as he seems to have more of a pulse on the US market today. Encouraged by the fact that he said theyre looking at new ads with a new agency. He gave one example of a kid getting ready to open a Xmas gift and saying “Do ATT executives make their kids wait 2 years before opening?” They need to do this type of advertising to hit the average consumer who doesnt pay attention to this stuff. They need to hit the share plans. They need to do direct price comparisons. They need to tell people not to be scared of paying full price and let them know theyre doing that AND paying more with the other guys…and tell them they can upgrade at any time (as long as they pay for the device – you can pay and resell it if thats your deal) or you can keep the phone past the 2 years and get even bigger savings. Like the comparison he made that you buy a TV and then pay for cable…Its not like cable is wrapped up in the TV price. Hope theyre marketing lives up to what theyre trying to do…(It is funny though seeing Tmobile hype the iPhone when they used to act as if it were the devil)

  • Clarkkent113


  • Daniel Muñoz

    So, I am a T-Mobile customer and am currently using an unlocked (was AT&T) iPhone 4S 64GB. What kind of data speeds can I expect in the near future? I know I won’t get LTE until I upgrade to their iPhone 5, but just curious as to what I can expect soon. Aren’t they moving both 3G and HSPDA+ to the 1900Mhz band? 21Mbps or so?

    • JDFME

      Correct, HSPA+ will be running on 1900. I’ve seen an unlocked iPhone in a converted market get about 14 Mbps in actual use which is the same I usually see on my GS3 in the same location

      • Daniel Muñoz

        Right on, thanks!

  • ChitChatCat

    Ohhhhh new store design sneak peak.

  • Lou’s

    This guy is a menace look up global crossing and invester fraud

  • Mama Kat

    I was very excited to see the no contract offer and the bundling of tx,ld,net, but…I went to T Mobil and you are doing nothing for the existing customers like me. I have been with T Mobile 3 years and because of poor information from a sales person my contracted was extended. When I complained to the manager ‘ it was so sad too bad ‘. No one cared no one had too. Oh, I could pay the balance of the contract and then start again, and if I wanted to change carries I would still have to pay up the $200. I am retire, on a fixed income and really can’t afford to throw away $200.

    So, your great announcement for me as a existing customer has NO VALUE. Thanks for nothing.