T-Mobile’s iPhone 5 Passes Through The FCC Halls On Its Way To April 12th Launch

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 9.02.29 PM

The iPhone arriving on T-Mobile’s store shelves has been a mystery for so long, it’s up there with Unicorns, Roswell and fake Moon landings. With today’s announcement and now the standard passage through the FCC, we’re inching that much closer to April 12th. Passing through the FCC earlier today, the updated A1428 variant of the iPhone 5 is shown to use HSPA+ 42Mbps on the AWS band. There’s no other changes under the hood and we didn’t expect to spot anything else so that’s not really surprising. For the most part, this change brings the iPhone 5 in line with T-Mobile and some smaller Canadian carriers like Wind and serves to expand Apple’s reach. Let the April 12th countdown begin.

Engadget via FCC


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