T-Mobile’s iPhone 5 Passes Through The FCC Halls On Its Way To April 12th Launch

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The iPhone arriving on T-Mobile’s store shelves has been a mystery for so long, it’s up there with Unicorns, Roswell and fake Moon landings. With today’s announcement and now the standard passage through the FCC, we’re inching that much closer to April 12th. Passing through the FCC earlier today, the updated A1428 variant of the iPhone 5 is shown to use HSPA+ 42Mbps on the AWS band. There’s no other changes under the hood and we didn’t expect to spot anything else so that’s not really surprising. For the most part, this change brings the iPhone 5 in line with T-Mobile and some smaller Canadian carriers like Wind and serves to expand Apple’s reach. Let the April 12th countdown begin.

Engadget via FCC


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  • James

    I am not interested in the iPhone anymore because of the great compition this year from HTC and Samsung ( HTC One and Galaxy s4). The iPhone has no chance anymore to take the crown back! But maybe there is still people who want the iPhone just because it is an IPHONE and that it is very popular!

    • Eric Frett

      Xperia Z

    • TMoFan

      In the nicest way, honestly, it is the perfect introduction to smartphones for the older crowd. It still has it’s place regardless.

      • Nearmsp

        You are correct. I am moving my mom and mother in law both in their 80’s to the smart phone era through the iPhone. They have used iPads for 1 year or more now. They would not be able to handle any Android device.

  • abc

    They should have skipped out on the 5 and just waited until this summer to release the 5s.
    Why would anyone get a 5 now with all the rumors of a summer 5s release?

    • RotaryP7

      It’s only $99. And trust me, the iPhone still sells and will sell unless they announce the new 5S.

      • No, it’s $650.

        I stand corrected. It is $650 from Apple. My bad.

        • Jon

          No, its $560 actually.

        • TMoFan


        • Fabian Cortez


        • Gman87

          $579.00 USD

    • honestly a lot of regular non-geek consumers (i.e. not us) don’t really care if they have the most current phone on the market, just so long as it works well for their purposes.

      • abc

        I don’t believe that. I think most regular customers want the latest and greatest. If they were informed by honest store employees I’m sure most regular customers would wait the extra two months or whatever for the 5s. In fact, so many “non techies” care about the latest and greatest that Apple themselves see a huge decline in sales the quarter prior to the release of an updated iPhone.

  • Bradley mudd


  • TMoFan


  • Mirad77

    Good for t-Mobile. NOW SHOW CHI-TOWN SOME LTE LOVE.

    • true dat insider

      Less then 45 days away…

  • Ray

    May some one please awnser so my A1428 unlocked from apple store will work with tmobile lte it’s just the hspa+ will be slower not lte right?

    • correct. Even tho the chipset inside the current A1428 supports AWS on both HSPA/LTE it locks out the HSPA but LTE should work just fine.

    • TMoFan

      It will work with T-Mobile’s LTE. It will not work with T-Mobile’s HSPA+ on 1700Mhz. It will run on the refarmed HSPA+ on 1900Mhz in those areas.

      • Trevnerdio

        Yeah it will work on 1700MHz HSPA+ (hence the AWS)

        • John

          Tmofan is stating that the unlocked A4128 from Apple which is the AT&T variant will not work on the 1700mhz band. However, the A1428 variant that T-Mobile is releasing April 12th has a 1700mhz band making it completely capable of using 1700 MHZ HSPA +42 and all aspects of T-MOBILE’S network. Unlike the unlocked A1428 variant from apple store which is the AT&T version but works with T-MOBILE’S LTE and HSPA+ on1900 MHZ in the refarmed areas.

        • Trevnerdio

          Ah okay, thank you for clarifying.

        • John

          Glad I could help. :)

    • Irfan

      Apple will make some change in hardware and software and same model with this difference they will sell on 12 April and own wards if u have it yes u can get lte on that but not ..in simple words high speed 3G Hspa+

  • Not to troll, seriously. Why do people pay so much for such a device? I don’t get it.

    • monchis

      Because they can afford it. – or most can.

    • Fraydog

      The higher end Android devices are expensive too (see Galaxy Note II on T-Mobile).

      • Yes, but the same money could get you a much nicer android, wp, or bb. More features and most of all…choices.

        • rog27

          I use a nexus, and work for tmo so i switch phones every 2-3 months, but honestly…the stupid iphone just WORKS…it hardly ever has issues and is STUPID SIMPLE….in the end, 90% of the population just wants that…android is a pain in the ASSSS to maintain *most of the time.

        • Guest

          Thanks for sharing your *opinion.


        But with an Android device, you get what you pay for, the iPhone is an expensive iPod touch that makes phone calls.

    • Will

      To develop apps for the iPhone you need a physical device. Google literally gives them away to developers. Since I own both, I would say the iPhone is usually of much better build quality than the any of the Android devices. I may change my opinion as soon as Google sends me their next Nexus device. But right now the iPhone 5 is simply the best built hardware.

      • superg05


        • Will

          I laugh at the build quality of Android phones. They really need to get their act together. The iPhone just is better built with tighter QA standards. Plus the fragmentation with Android is a nightmare for developers.

        • Little T



        Idiot, ever heard of the HTC One

    • Thanks everyone for the input. I have spent time with the iPhone and agree the build quality is very good and it is reliable and smooth. I went from Android to WP. For me (and possibly me alone), the lack of hardware choices and limited feature set is not too appealing. But, hey, it seems to be working for millions of people so can’t argue with results.

  • jimmiekain

    Will it support voice and data at the same time like on ATT? My understanding is that sprint and vzw iphones cant do it.

    • TMoFan


    • monchis

      Yes it will, most* electronics with CDMA technology cannot do voice + data.

      • tmofan

        This is not accurate. Verizon offers plenty of Android phones that do CDMA voice and LTE data at the same time. The iPhone 5 on Verizon can not do this though; there has never been an official response that I have seen as to why not.

        I’ve testing an unlocked iPhone5 on T-Mobile’s network; it could NOT do it. I think we will need to wait and see about the specific T-Mobile variant.

        • cfg

          There are some Verizon phones that can do simultaneous voice and CDMA data.

        • Fabian Cortez

          Make sure you test that when you’re on WCDMA/HSPA (3G) as it definitely can do it. I do it all the time with an unlocked Verizon iPhone 5 on T-Mobile.

          If you’re on GPRS or EDGE you will not be able to do simultaneous voice and data.

        • SouthernBlackNerd

          It is because of CDMA. With CDMA, you have separate voice(1x) and data(evdo) channels, so when you are connected to one(talking on the phone), you cannot connect to the other.

          This is why previous phones( prior to 4G movement) on verizon or sprint could not talk and surf.

          With LTE Android/Win8 phones, they have antennas for LTE and an antenna for CDMA(1x/evdo), because they have two antennas, both can be on at the same time, which gives you talking and surfing simultaneously.

          The iPhone 5 is different. Apple wanted to cram as many frequency bands as it could into as few phone models as possible to cut down on cost. To do this, they innovated a dynamic antenna, and because it has one dynamic antenna instead of two separate antennas, it cannot do SVLTE( simultaneous voice over LTE)

        • vivi77

          It was already mentioned that it would…by T-Mobile on the reminder email page

  • NYCTheBronx

    So I am not an IPhone fan this special T-Mobile IPone 5 Variant that Apple agreed to make and now was FCC approved looks better than any other made IPhone carried by all the other carriers. I am so glad I am a T-Mobile customer. Going to pick up this IPhone 5 hehe.

    • Unregistered

      You give us New Yorkers a bad name.

      • Flash Quinones

        That was funny. Looks better Lol

      • NYCTheBronx


      • Joanna90

        Ughh glad i don’t live in NY ,, LA all the way.

    • Duh

      NYCTheBronx… I noticed you made a video earlier today about T-Mobile UK having the iPhone 5 and how it was a giveaway that T-Mobile USA is getting the iPhone today… uhhh T-Mobile UK has had the iPhone for SOOO long! lol in fact one of my friends in the UK has an iPhone 5 on the Everything Everywhere network.. which is the combined network of T-Mobile UK and Orange.

      • NYCTheBronx

        Does it look like I knew that? Thanks for informing me anyways.

  • Anton Buynovskiy

    David, is there a keynote for this event anywhere?

  • Ray

    So my LTE will be normal and fast like the new iphone 5 in April qnd wont slow down just hspa+

  • Irfan

    I love apple iOS , but the iPhone screen size is too small personally I don’t enjoy small phones 4 inch screen is too old other hand Iphone have a lake of state of art antenna system , on galaxy note 2 u get 54mbps down and in iPhone 34mbps in a same tmobile event today

    • taron19119

      Its not just the antenna that get those speed the processor helps to that’s why the note gets faster downloads it has a quad coreprocessor

      • Irfan

        in iphone 4 they have extreme limit over 3g was 7.2mbps in iphone 4s they have extreme limit was 14.4mbps chip , but still u can not get max speed over att, the problem appear on iphone4 when u put finger over joint u lost signals this is not hidden it was a problem …now i phone 5 have a LTE and DC Hspa chip but all about antenna they said it has a ability to smartly switch antenna called dynamic antenna between network but they never did antenna difination thats why they add glass on top and bottom of the back i same as HTC One but different way ..samsung having hands on thousand of things, they have invention factory they made concept divices ….any way its what i understand ..

  • RON

    Screw the iPhone….wheres my GALAXY s4

    • bleeew

      HTC ONE

  • just me

    Htc makes some awesome hardware, but I hate their software and software support. If I could get Samsung’s software on the HTC one I would do it in a heartbeat.

  • sam12

    iphone is hot.. duh

  • sam12

    do you think it’s worth getting the iphone 5 now or wait til the 5s?

    • NYCTheBronx

      Does it matter? Aren’t all IPhones the same just the newer ones have a tiny better spec? They all get the web os update in the same time. So can either get the IPhone 5 when it comes out for T-Mobile on April 12 or wait for a very long time for the IPhone 5S or 6 to come out. Your choice.

      • Long Island Steven

        …unless Apple makes some software features exclusive to 5s like they did the 4s.

      • Jon

        There could be a new hardware feature that is only available to the 5s. Never know.

  • JustSaying

    If they are going to launch LTE at least have a coverage map ready!!! They literally have not updated their coverage map in SO long :(

  • Nearmsp

    Can some one who watched the whole event please give the exact quote of the CEO regarding Wi-Fi calling?

    • taron19119

      The ceo said wi-fi calling not at launch coming at an later date via update

  • taron19119

    Now lets see if apple well run cdma in the aws band

  • mikkej2k

    Sooo , will this have a wifi calling app?

    • taron19119

      Not out of box but well be geting a update later for WiFi calling

      • mikkej2k

        Thanks for the info. Where should I look to find out about the WiFi update like you did?

        • taron19119

          T-Mobile un carrier Q and A

  • taron19119

    Who’s going to line up for the iphone 5

  • Xanderalmighty

    I hope what happened to sprint (when iphone launched on their network) does NOT happen to Tmobile. I enjoy my fast data speeds! To be honest I can wait for LTE, HSPA+ has been great to me on my note 2 in NYC.

    • Zacamandapio

      I don’t think it will be as bad.

      The problem with Sprint is that everyone uses their CDMA network (sprint, cricket, boost, virging mobile, etc). CDMA before the iphone was good. Now it’s very slow.
      Plus Sprint’s network isn’t as robust as Verizon’s

  • Milad

    This iphone wii be in all AWS HSPA+ and LTE …wowww

  • Jesus Villafranca

    Is the T-mobile Iphone5 going to run on the 1900 or 1700 band?

    • Both.

      The new one will have the added capability of being able to use T-Mobile’s current AWS HSPA+ network.

      This means: if you’re in an area that currently has T-Mobile 3G/4G and you buy T-Mobile’s iPhone – you won’t have to rely on the refarmed 1900MHz spectrum to get 3G/4G internet.

    • Zacamandapio

      1900 3G (Aka HSPA+)
      1700 3G (Aka HSPA+ 42Mbps)
      1700 4G LTE

      Plus all the QuadBand GSM, GPRS, EDGE.