T-Mobile Considering “Anytime Upgrade” Club Allowing Two Upgrades Per year

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For those of us who love to grab the next best thing in the smartphone world, T-Mobile dropped a hint to CNET that the company is considering a “club” allowing for “anytime upgrades.” The club, which would require a “very small” membership fee would allow for a maximum of two upgrades per year, though it’s unclear if any membership fee would be annual or monthly. In exchange for this fee, customers would receive insurance on their device as well as the two annual upgrades. The idea of this club is just one of many opportunities T-Mobile’s CEO is considering with their new UNcarrier model.

“We’re going to innovate in this space,” Legere told CNET. “This model will allow us to do that.”

The company hasn’t sorted out any details and there’s no promise such a club would come to fruition, but in our eyes such an opportunity would greatly appeal to the die-hard gadget enthusiast who likes to have the latest device as soon as they arrive. With the cycle of smartphones and new devices moving faster than upgrades generally allow, two upgrades a year would likely please even the most rabid gadget fan.

“Today is laying a foundation that’s going to allow us to innovate in ways that our competitors, with their older style business models, just aren’t able to do,” T-Mobile Chief Marketing Officer Mike Sievert told CNET.

What do you think of this premise? If a small membership were required for admission, would you opt in?


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