Best Buy Internal Doc Says Simple Choice Plans Coming At End Of “Fiscal Year”, Classic Plans Still Available

Screen Shot 2013-04-06 at 9.25.14 AM

Perhaps one of the most confusing and poorly explained aspects of T-Mobile’s new Simple Choice offering is how it works with third-party retailers and authorized dealers. I’ve tried to do all that I can on my end with TmoNews to help explain that what company-owned channels offer is different from other T-Mobile sales channels. That’s why I found this Best Buy screengrab so useful as it helps explain exactly what you can and cannot do at a third-party retailer or authorized dealer for that matter.

  • For starters, Classic Plans are still available, but only through those third-party channels and not through T-Mobile owned ones.
  • Simple Choice plans, better known as T-Mobile’s new one-size-fits-all Value Plan is not available anywhere other than T-Mobile sales channels.
  • Two-year contracts and pricing is still available with the new Classic Plan.
  • There is a plan in the works to completely move away from Classic Plans in the future, but that will take some time for T-Mobile to achieve.

As the image suggests, Best Buy hopes to have Simple Choice plans available by the end of the fiscal year at Best Buy, which according to their investor page — ends in February of 2014. In the hopes of quickly summarizing all of this in the least confusing way possible:

  • If you have a Classic Plan and want to remain on a Classic Plan, third-party retailers like Best Buy are your only option.
  • If you have a Classic Plan and want to move to a Value Plan or have Value Plan and want to stay on it, T-Mobile company owned channels are your only option.


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  • Simple choice Plans are BEAST in their own right. ; )

  • Matt

    This screen grab is helpful. It is nice to see the prices laid out like that. I would like to see T-mobile break it down for customers like that. Especially, in terms of their 2 year price vs the competition. I think the two year price really drives the point home. It is one thing to say, “The other choice is an extra $6.67 a month.” vs “The other choice is an extra $160 over the life of your contract.”

    • LC

      I love doing that for my customers…when they see the numbers side by side for upfront, monthly, and over two years it really gives them some solid numbers that can appreciate.

  • sidekicker89

    The Best Buy in my area does not sell T-Mobile phones.. only Prepaid :( it’s unfair!

  • Michael

    I was talking to a T-Mobile rep in a store yesterday. I have a grandfathered plan and he told me that if I were to purchase my phone upfront without upping my contract to 2 more years, I can do that. I would also get a monthly credit based on the cost of the phone (say $20). Can somebody confirm that this is indeed correct

    • thepanttherlady

      That credit sounds like they may be putting you on the Bridge to Value.

      Depending on how long you’ve been a customer, they may also be offering you a loyalty discount.

      It’s better to ask them what the credit is for so you know. :)

      • Whitney

        Hey I figure out my plan with iphone. If I got the EIP and everything unlimited it cost me about 90 per month which is more then I am paying now. I will just pay for the phone unlock but not now because I had pay for driving thing to get my license. After I am done with that then I get the iphone unlock

    • LC

      It’s not a credit for the phone, that’s paying for the rest of the device with installment on Bridge to Value. You would receive a break on the cost of data to kind of balance out the installment for the phone.

      In store reps aren’t able to apply a monthly MRC discount for customers (other than a corporate discount). The loyalty department is the only one who can do that.

      • thepanttherlady

        According to the representative I spoke with a few days ago, Classic plan customers using the Bridge to Value DO get a $20 ($5 voice + $15 data) discount regardless of whether they purchase a phone or not.

        • LC

          That’s not what I was trying to get at. That is how BTV works, but I was speaking of general “we can offer you a $5-$10 a month credit for 24 months. Store reps are unable to apply such discounts.There were certainly times where I wish we could, because often times the loyalty reps would snag our sales by doing that.

        • macuser

          Does that include customers with individual plans?

        • LC

          No, that’s just on family plans. With individual plans, you’re either ready to move over to value with no cost, or there’s a migration fee.

  • steveb944

    Well it’s good to finally read that I can continue on my value plan. Hopefully this is indefinitely since half of my family doesn’t need data and/or unlimited minutes.

  • James

    Best buy in my town doesn’t even sell T-Mobile. Only AT&T, sprint, and Verizon when clearly T-Mobile has the best coverage in my area!

    • well in Dallas, they only do Sprint and ATT i believe .. could be wrong .. but they definitely don’t do TMobile.

    • Best buy doesn’t offer t-mobile in stores period anymore. Only online

  • Erek IamUpzkale McKay

    so could i buy the phone at the discounted price from best buy then just “migrate” to the value plan?

    • thepanttherlady

      Yes, but you will incur migration fees. Most likely $200.

      • CompSciPhd

        which makes it worth it if the delta in discounted phone price vs. full phone price is more than $200 (see iphone, though apparently iphone will not be purchasable on these plans, but same approach applies to other phones)

        • fentonr

          True, but you can only do that once. No going back to classic plans once you get off them.

    • Carlos Vaquerano

      You would have to pay a migration fee.

    • RotaryP7

      Like other users said, you’ll pay a fee. It’s $200.

    • LC

      I’m not sure that third party locations, with the exception of Apple themselves, will be selling the iPhone because it’s only available on the Value Plans.

      • LC

        My bad, I misread your post. You had just said phone, not iPhone :)

  • Snake384

    Does anyone know if tmobile stlli offers company discount? Verizon give me 17% every month … Thank u

    • RotaryP7

      Yes, company discounts, school discounts, county; it hasn’t changed.

      • sidekicker89

        don’t forget Military discounts! I get 15%

      • Snake384

        But I assume that’s only on classic plans right? Not on those new value plans ? Ty

        • LC

          No, it’s on the new plans as well.

  • sushimane

    i wonder why would anybody would want to stay with the classic plan the value plan save u money after u pay off the phone. well the classic plan u pay 200+ and pay the same monthly payment even after 24 month is over

  • CJ

    I’m not sure I like this. I’m eligible for an upgrade now but my contract doesn’t end for another 15 months. I want the HTC one. My only option to get the phone cheaply is to pay for the $250 Best Buy phone, which is $50 more than for AT&T or Sprint and comes without the free car kit? There is no real incentive for me to switch plans so I don’t really see how this benefits me.

    • loueradun

      Considering the unbranded cost of the HTC One is $899, $250 is a pretty damn good deal.

  • UncleFan

    AS USUAL, T-Mobile’s PR/propaganda machine cherry-picked a Simple Choice plan that works out better than Classic. The cheapest Classic (Talk, Text, 500 MB), however would be only $60/month versus the equivalent SimpleChoice+EIP of $70/month. This monthly savings would add up to $240 over 24 months. Even after the $160 difference in upfront equipment costs…

    CLASSIC would be $80 CHEAPER than Simple Choice!

    • xmiro

      um you’re comparing a 500 minute plan to unlimited talk and text plan with no contract? Come on now.

      • UncleFan

        Um, no. Did you even read my comment? I’m comparing the the current Classic plan with unlimited talk and text and 500 MB data to the EQUIVALENT Simple Choice plan that ALSO has unlimited talk and text with 500 MB data. At 60$/month, the Classic plan is CHEAPER than than the Simple Choice plan which costs $70/month ($50 plan + $20 EIP), both on a monthly basis and in total over 2 years.

        In case you didn’t know, “MB” is an abbreviation for megabytes.

        • xmiro

          I run my own servers, I’m aware what MB means. This also not T-Mobile PR but an internal note from Best Buy to its employees

          Old Classic T-Mobile plan:
          Classic plan for 1 line was $59.99 for unlimited talk and text
          data was $10 extra for 200MB
          $69.99 total + phone down payment

          Simple choice:
          $50 unlimited talk and text, includes 500MB data
          +$20 per month EIP (less depending on phone and down payment)
          $70 before taxes + phone down payment

          and with 300MB more data and no contract

          If you paid the old $199.99 down for a GSIII with contract and subsidy your monthly bill would be $50+$15EIP=$65

          Value plan for 1 line was $49.99 for unlimited talk and text
          data was $5 extra for 200MB
          $54.99 total with $15-$20 per month EIP

          An iPhone on the old Classic Unlimited plan for 1 line:
          $199.99 down
          $59.99 + $10 200MB data = $1,879.75

          But the 200MB plan was eliminated, and only the 2GB data was available. So it would be $59.99 + $20 2GB data = $79.99 before taxes

          An iPhone now:
          $99.99 down
          $50+20 EIP = $1,779.99

        • UncleFan

          I’m not talking about the OLD Classic plans, I’m referring to the CURRENT Classic plans, which have already been shown in an article complete with graphic price chart right here on TMONews. According to the prices for the CURRENT Classic plans, the ones Best Buy, Walmart and others will be using going forward, Classic is TEN DOLLARS CHEAPER per month on the cheapest plan, compared to the equivalent Simple Choice plan with EIP.

          Please look at the price chart for the latest Classic plans that was posted here on TMONews a few days ago, if you want to make an apples-to-apples comparison.

        • guest911

          I can see that.


          Iphone (16GB): $299.99

          New Classic plans (Unlimited talk, text, and 500mb): 69.99

          24months x $60: $1,440

          $299.99 + $1,440 = $1,739.99


          Iphone (16gb): $99

          Value plan: $50

          $50×24: $1,200

          EIP ($20×24): $576

          $99 + $576 + $1,200 = $1,875

          DIfference: $135.01

          New Classic Plan is perfect for someone, who don’t need DATA at all. If you are a data hog (over 500mb), then, value plan is ideal.

  • pleasehelp

    anyone know how much the iphone will be from best buy? or gs4?

  • ThatCellphoneGuy

    OR! T-Mobile privately owned authorized locations do service BOTH Classic and Value Plans. It has been a great experience as we are able to compare the options side-by-side and determine what fits the customers needs best. The Value plans have been the clear winner so far, but there are scenarios where the Classic format makes some sense. David has my contact info and I am always willing to assist the T-Mobile faithful with any questions or concerns.

  • We’ve got a spammer. Reported.

  • Class I C

    Thanks David for making it easy to understand why my Classic plan is better than this new crap.

    According to the screengrab, Value is $160 cheaper than Classic after 2 years. But that is not counting that instead of paying $229 for my S3, I actually got paid $50 by Best Buy to take the phone home. So that’s a minus $279, which made my Classic already $119 cheaper than the “value”. Now if on top of that you add the 1000 minutes vs unlimited discount, man I’m making bucks by hanging classic.

    For those who think that after two years you will save even more, remember, phones are not made to last two years. And even if you can go for two years with the same phone without it falling apart on you, you heart will fall apart when you see someone showing you their brand spanking new phone while you’re hiding your antique on your pocket so you don’t feel inadequate.

    • tomarone

      Phones last a lot longer than 2 years. Maybe some don’t. But don’t buy crappy phones.

  • Texas Tech

    Does anybody know if you are alrady under the value plans with a contract until next year, can you still swtich the new simple value plan without pay a cancellation fee? thanks for your response.

    • ThatCellphoneGuy

      Yes, you can switch with no migration fee.

  • Texas Tech

    Thanks for the answer!

  • Sketch

    What if I’m on a very old and very affordable “Even More” plan. Any idea if d parties will try to swith me to a classic place if I try to upgrade?!

  • XIII

    Call a TMO rep and you can have the best of both worlds, just go into a TMO store and tell them you would like the contact info for the area TMO rep

  • Curious_T

    Is it possible for me to upgrade at Best Buy to the HTC One using my classic plan ($250 per the past story) then wait for a month, while remaining on contract, and transition to the Simple Choice (Value Plan) and upgrade to the Galaxy S4 (presumably $99 down)?

    • thepanttherlady

      You can but will incur a $200 migration fee.

  • reggie

    so annoying i went to upgrade at best buy yesterday, but beast would not let me upgrade with tmo giving a plan error must be an internal issue (even though they dont have the phone you can still upgrade tmo through beast)

    • reggie

      dont have the phone in store****