T-Mobile New Classic And Prepaid Plans, Classic Available At All National Resellers

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While T-Mobile’s corporate owned retail stores will go live with a Value Plan only environment on March 24th, National Retailers are launching a total revamp of the company’s Classic Plans. Why two sets of rate plans you ask? The simple answer is that T-Mobile’s national retailers like Target, Walmart and Best Buy can’t support the Value Plan structure of commissions paid out by the carrier. In the cases of corporate stores where T-Mobile owns the inventory, it’s ok to offer a down payment in store and have the rest billed out to the customer.

For third-party retailers who own their inventory, there’s no system that allows for equipment installment plans and customers would have to pay full price right up front. We can all imagine how well that would go over. In these cases, what’s the incentive for customers to go with a national retailer over the corporate store? The bottom line is that until a solution is found for EIP and up front pricing, third-party retailers will stick with Classic Plans.

Let’s be clear with all of this UNcarrier material that there is likely some missing info, so act as if these images are missing some, perhaps important details. For those of you asking what will happen to your current plans after March 24th…the answer is nothing. There’s no precedent for a carrier to automatically change rate plans over. The lingering question is whether T-Mobile will ask you to switch to a current plan with your next upgrade or add a line or allow you to keep your then grandfathered plan? That’s a question we’ll likely see answered with an official launch of UNcarrier later this month.

Like T-Mobile’s new Value Plans, they are moving to a one-size fits all Classic Plan. That allows for Unlimited Talk, Text and Web with 500MB of data thrown in automatically. As with the Value Plans, additional data will be the only extra cost allowing customers to choose from unlimited data or 2GB increment all the way to 12GB of data. The standard cost for Unlimited Talk, Text and 500MB of web will be $60, with unlimited data $90. Under the $60 plan, increments of 2GB of data use per month will raise the price by $20 from 500MB to 2GB and then $10 per 2GB increments afterwards.

As for new prepaid plans, some changes on the first two plans with the $50 Monthly4G now bumping solidly to 500MB, $60 moving from 2GB to 2.5GB and the $70 plan staying the same at unlimited talk, text and web.

Remember, these Classic plans (not the Monthly4G, that’s available everywhere) will only be available through T-Mobile’s third-party national brick and mortar and online retailers. In other words, any non-corporate channel you can buy T-Mobile at today — this new Classic Plan will be yours for the taking.

If you want to refresh your memory with the upcoming one size fits all Value Plan, you can do that here.

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  • I was(am?) starting to get a bit confused. I get it, but it’s like, this is just too much. I thought T-Mobile overall was only doing Value plans, but I get where they’re getting at. Just whatever. lol. .I just want a value only plan w/ no contract, tis all.

    • Then get it from T-Mobile.com or in a corporate store. My guess is that indirect channels are not authorized to do the deeper checks required for EIP qualification. So, the traditional subsidy Classic plans are refitted for them.

      • Dion Mac

        Whow, where did this moderator come from? Greetings

        • thepanttherlady

          I think Conan has been here longer than I have. :) He’s also written at least one article here.

          P.S. He won’t care as much about your shoelaces as I do though. =D

        • Yeah. I’ve been around for quite some time. David and I are good buddies! :)

          And I have written a few articles here. Just look up my name and you’ll find stuff! :)

      • Oh no I get it, like I said above, I just think it’s generally confusing, hence when I said: “this is just too much” (to the masses).

  • zapote21

    12GB for 2 lines for 240 bucks?? Hmmm That doesnt seem very affordable. I have 5 lines with VZW, with 12GB accross all 5 lines, And I pay less than 300 including taxes and fees… 240 for 5 lines, plus the AAL fees doesnt seem very cheap… Maybe Im looking at it wrong

    • 21stNow

      Yeah, it does look like it would be $240 + $270 ($90*3) = $510 for five lines for 12GB of data. I must be reading it wrong, too.

      • amels802

        Aren’t T-Mobile’s data plans allocated per line vs. VZW’s shared pool? It’s not really obvious though, I’m just assuming this because T-Mobile was the first to speak out against a shared pool of data.

        • Diego Vazquez

          You are looking for Data per line so if you need 5 lines with 12GB of Data on all of them. 2GB plan is good. Now it should have an additional 500MB totaling 2.5GB per line = 12.5GB Total. So its $140 + $120 plus taxes.

      • Diego Vazquez

        No thats 62.5GB of data total FOR 5 lines LOL.

      • $510 would be 12 gigs x 5 … 70 gigs

    • TRISH

      I have 2 unlimited lines each with truly unlimited date, 1 500 minute line with 2gb of data, and my tablet with 5gb of data, all lines also have texting, insurance and family allowances…. my bill is 190 a month. If i decided to use my work discount, it would be $160 a month…. but I am not renewing my contract for a discount

    • timmonss

      I was just thinking the same. I moved from T-mobile to Verizon, and with my corporate plan, my family plan is cheaper with Verizon. Cheaper and with WAY more coverage. I had T-Mobile for 10 years, so I’m rooting for them, but this doesn’t seem priced well…

    • S. Ali

      $160 for unlimited data, $240 for 12gb??

    • TechHog

      You’re reading it wrong. You would only pay that much for 12.5GB if you actually use more than 12GB and you’re not on the unlimited plan. If you know that you’re going to use that much data, you can just buy the unlimited plan. Also, that +12GB you see is for EACH line, not shared.

    • dom

      yea but its 12 gb per line they should make this more clear tho

      • 21stNow

        That would make sense, but then it looks like it wouldn’t be possible to have two lines, one having 4GB of additional data while the other has 2GB of additional data.

    • Diego Vazquez

      Its $180 + tax for 2 lines.

    • Remember its 12 gigs PER LINE. if you wanted to do 12 gigs across 5 lines it would be 12/5 = 3 gigs (just rounding up).
      if your family can make do with 2 gigs each then do the math then. $140 + $120 (3×40) = $260….

  • 21stNow

    Am I reading this wrong, or will these family plans share the data across all lines? I thought that T-Mobile said that families don’t want to share data. ; )

    • Diego Vazquez

      No the + sign is 500MB tether or extra data. And the GB is for each line. It is not divided.

  • dsyfsd6f9sd

    Never. I have the old grandfathered unlimited talk, text and data (2GB 4g) for $59.. Why would I switch??

    • Jay

      Well considering the same exact thing is 59.99 right now.. I dont understand how its old and grandfather lol.

      • Jay

        Nevermind your probably on classic plan.

    • epsiblivion

      because $10 more gets you unlimited data and no contract.

  • Jay

    I do have a question about the Value. What happens if you dont get approved for credit on a 600 dollar phone. That EIP ends up making it impossible to get a phone.

    • Freak4Dell

      You can buy it outright, or bring your own phone.

      • Jay

        Majority of people who want to go to a company wont buy a phone outright or bring there old one. Its not for me. I am already in a EIP. It can push alot of people away though.

        • Freak4Dell

          Probably, but there’s not much difference between having to pay an EIP and having to pay an increased cost for the plan. If one’s credit allowed the high cost plan, it probably allows the EIP, too. If they can’t afford either one, they’re better off on a prepaid service. T-Mobile wants to cut as many costs as possible, and that inevitably means some customers will be pushed away by higher up front costs. The savings are absolutely worth it, though.

        • Dion Mac

          You can go to a third party dealer and get a classic plan. Case solved

  • Ceefu

    Holy f#$k! The network is no where near the quality to justify those prices for family plan IMHO. But then again, the point is to get people off classic, so it makes sense. Guess I’ll cling to my classic plan till they force me off.

    • timmonss

      Yep, Verizon is cheaper, and you can tether for free.

      • No I don’t think you can tether for free lol. It’s $20 per month for 2 GB of tethered data

        • timmonss

          Actually yes you can, I do it all the time, and for the past year. As long as you are on the new family share plan, you share the data, and you can use it as a hotspot. T-Mobile looks like you’ll have to pay an extra $10 to tether past the free 500MB

        • ChitChatCat

          On unlimited data, you get 500 MB of free tethering. If you are on a “bucket” plan (i.e. you pay for 2.5GB, 4.5GB, etc), you can tethering at full speed up to your data bucket.

        • Verizon’s and AT&T’s shared data plans do include tethering out of the box now.

      • Verizonthunder

        Not true only if you are on Verizon’s Share everything plan’s it’s included, but I am currently grandfathered in True Unlimited LTE and Unlimited Mobile Hotspot use my bill come’s to $111 a month

        • timmonss

          You must not have ready my entire post because I mentioned that you have to be on the new share plan. My point is that the new plan isn’t cost effective because of the same price or cheaper you can get Verizon. If you switch to Verizon you obviously are not going to be grandfathed

        • Verizonthunder

          I think you mean ( read ) entire post. Maybe you should use better choice word’s next time. I am all for T-Mobile to succeed and glad they were approved by FCC to merge with Metro PCS.

        • timmonss

          I was posting on a mobile device, it must have auto corrected. If you want to get into a grammar/punctuation war that’s fine because you obviously have no idea how to use an apostrophe (words not word’s). Looks like you understood my post because you replied just fine. Thanks and have a good day.

        • Verizonthunder

          Then you should of been more transparent.


    I happily have my value plan off contract with T-Mobile. (the beauty of being a former employee) and I am keeping it that way. I don’t do contracts anymore and will purchase any phone I want out right, full price as I always have.


  • outdated

    If I’m looking at this correctly, these new pre-paid plans suck. Pay more for less. $50 for 500MB of data? Craziness. Unlimited talk is pointless. People want more data not more minutes.

    • 21stNow

      I agree. I left Red Pocket when they changed their pricing to $55 for 1GB of data. The unlimited minutes were meaningless to me.

    • Jay

      I pay 60 a month right now on value for unlimited talk text and web 2gB.. I guess I would gain 500 more mbs with the new one. Works for me.

      • outdated

        I have the $30 100min/5GB (4G data). All of these plans are crap to me compared to that.

        If I want the same data, I would have to pay $70 in Pre-Paid or $90-$100 in Classic. For what added benefit? Unlimited talk. Insane. People don’t talk on the phone that much these days.

        • Jay

          A majority of people are going to need more then 100 mins. So many people these days do not even have a house phone because they have unlimited mins on their cell phones. I for one, don’t. Waste of money to me. I agree, what you have is great for you. Unfortunately, they are going to go with what the majority needs.

        • PiCASSiMO

          To be honest… the unlimited was a big thing for us years ago, when we each used about 1200 to 1500 minutes each. But recently it’s been hovering no where near 700 minutes for both lines. No need for unlimited.

          But, if I wanted unlimited at home, I just use my OBI110 to make unlimited calls from my house using the already $65/month I’m paying for cable internet.

        • Dakota

          Me to o… no house phone and could use 100 minutes in a single day.. heck just being on hold

        • therealmikebrown

          Noone needs unlimited minutes, if you have good data. You can just use voip. I was calling people on an android with no sim. Using google through the browser.

        • HeatFan786

          It is a simple walk around. Use VOIP. Google Voice, Talkafone, etc are very nice walk arounds. I will switch to this $30 plan when I get my new phone after Google I/O.

        • MatthewMurawski

          I agree. I have that same plan and am glad I have it so in case they get rid of it I’m grandfathered in.

        • ChristianMcC

          The data allotment is subject to change, at least from what I read in the agreement. They may honor it though. We, my wife and I, considered that plan as well, but with having five lines between my family and us, it was just better to go with the value option, making or 2 lines portion of the bill 35 each with unlimited data on nexuses and 500 minutes, before discounts and taxes. It’s our home internet:-D

        • darude

          there are different plans for different types of people. You may not talk a lot but Unlimited plans are more popular now than ever before… and that plan is a wal-mart promo..its only offered online or wal-mart

        • HeatFan786

          Do you use up minutes when you receive calls? How do people use VOIP to manage the receiving end? I know how to use VOIP to send calls.

      • Dakota

        I’m fine with using the network on straight talk and paying $45.. I’ve never gotten dinged and use about 2gb

    • bakedpatato

      agreed. It’s even worse for the family tiers. If T-Mobile really wanted to be an “un-carrier” they would sell unlimited data only and then provide SIP or some other form of VoIP…(obviously impractical)

      I’m not a marketing guy but does TMOUS think that unlimited voice and text for about the same/more than the competition(when factoring in bring your own device TMO can be more;sprint unlimited everything for individuals is $20 more expensive/month, that’s $480 over a contract, the only new smartphone that’s cheaper than that is the nexus 4)will be THAT attractive?

    • JOhhnyBgood2

      These plans SUCK. I have EM+ no contract for $59 (unlimited talk, text and 2GB plus free hotspot). No thanks.

      • moss

        The fact that you have free hotspot is not because of your plan it’s because of the device you use.

        • JOhhnyBgood2

          Nexus 4

        • bleeew

          iPhone, iPad, Nexus 7 and so on.

        • Trevnerdio

          User agent switchers + wireless tether for root users = <3
          Or get rid of the user agent and just use a VPN

        • HeatFan786

          Most people have the ability to root. It is just simply following instructions, so people can save the money if they want. I wouldn’t do it because I risk the safety of my phone’s hardware say if something overclocks the processor or what not. It is a risk for some people. No thanks for me though. I simply don’t use hotspotting.

    • ChitChatCat

      These are the same Monthly4G plans already offered in T-Mo stores.

    • Get_at_Me

      Tmo wants customers on postpaid plans. Prepaid plans are now being “de-valued” in an attempt to make postpaid no contract more appealing

      • JayMo86

        How are they “de-valuing” Prepaid? They just added 400MB on the $50 one and 500MB on the $60. Not to mention BB service won’t be charged an extra $10… There are alot of changes but they didn’t take away from prepaid except for the marketing…

    • xmiro

      They can buy more data if they need it not like 500MB and that’s it

    • Josem

      Yup that’s all marketing give more of the less thing you want and give you less of the thing you want more.

    • darude

      @2edccbd4f936a64ccfd800590b0de442:disqus This plan is not paying more for less..you did read it incorrectly. The $50 plan gives you unlimited data, but the 4G is limited to 500mb….The old/current plan gives you up to 200mb of 4G and no teathering feature. The new plan is a far better value with no additional cost!

    • drivethruboy168

      Thats why you check out the value plans… Not these classic plans that only 3rd party retailers will have. The Value Plans are still waaayyy cheaper!

  • 21stNow

    I think that T-Mobile doesn’t know how not to be confusing. Here’s a hint; average people find things that look like spreasheets to be confusing or overwhelming. This is coming from an accountant…

    • thepanttherlady

      True story, I deal with this daily. :/

    • yeah it is confusing but i understand how retailers need to do this .. it’s just dumb to think that a consumer will know what the difference is between a TMO store offering one thing and a Walmart that says TMO offering another.

      • 21stNow

        Or worse, what about the stores that look like T-Mobile stores but are exclusive (authorized) retailers?

        • exactly .. just a mess.

        • Dion Mac


        • chantie

          this is for National Retail (big box stores)

    • ChitChatCat

      These aren’t public documents. They leaked internal documents that are being put out piecemeal.

    • finsingh

      thats why they need to go to the store and talk to an expert!

  • Bangincrazy

    So wait, I currently have three lines: $59.99 for 1000 mins (which i never use up), $20 for unlimited text, $10 for the third line, $10 discount for loyalty, $20 2 GB for one line and $10 for 200 Mb data for a total of $109.99 before taxes a month. With this “New” Plan I would be paying $130 before taxes. How is this great?!

  • whats happens if I go over the 500MB will they cap the data or charge extra???

  • Spokker

    I have an off-contract plan for 5GB of data, 500 minutes of talk and no texting (I block texts) for $58 once all taxes and fees are included.

    I would hate to be a new T-Mobile customer because these prices are ridiculous. I wouldn’t even need unlimited talk. I barely use 50 minutes a month.

    Anyway, I upgraded from a Nexus One to a Nexus 4 and they cut the SD card down to size so I’m good.

    • Dion Mac

      Agreed. I don’t talk on my for more than 200 – 300 minutes a month, but I have unlimited and I like it that way. Just in case… But as a former employee, this is not going to be an easy sell. You are going to have some parents that are getting their child a phone for the first time and only need so many minutes or simply don’t want to have to pay an extra $20 when they can just set up family allowance to turn it off after so many. Or there are people like you that don’t text, but you now only have the option to pay for text anyway. This is not really wassup.

  • DirgeExtinction

    What about the $30 plan with 100 talk minutes?

    • xmiro

      the screenshot says still there but not promoted

      • bleeew

        Thats a different plan.

    • darude

      @google-c74d69191f1879fe45b34a1632c8bf77:disqus the plan you are referring to is a promo plan through wal-mart, not promoted in stores. You keep it if you have it but cannot switch to or off of it it you want to keep it. It also gives you 5gb, not unlimited data. No word on if it will be offered when the new plans launch but you can definitely keep it if you have it already.

      • nopeyoubewrong

        You’re incorrect. WIth the $30 “walmart” plan, data *is* unlimited with throttling down to edge after 5 GB.

        I sure hope the plan stays around after the 24th. It’s unbeatable for people with no use for lots of minutes.

        • Willie D

          That plan does NOT throttle to “EDGE”, it throttles to GPRS speeds 20-50kbps MAX. I know, I had this plan for 3 months before I decided it was no longer worth it.

        • farmboy

          You are right – with the $30/100 min per month prepaid plan, if you use over 5GB per month, you IMMEDIATELY get a text message saying for the rest of the month you will be restricted to 2G SPEEDS, which slows it down so much TO BE COMPLETELY USELESS. They can still call it “unlimited”, but that is a JOKE.

    • chantie

      that plan will continue at wal-mart as an exclusive and online

  • OZ

    Sticking to my grandfathered MyFavs Plan here.

  • Spokker

    I would have actually made the plans more complicated. I would have allowed users to select how many minutes they need in increment of 50, how much data they need in increments of 250MB, and choose whether or not to automatically get dumped into the next highest tier or be capped when they go over. And since it’s all off-contract, the plans would be $20 cheaper across the board.

    I’d like to know how much it costs for T-Mobile to provide a gigabyte of data over the wireless network. I understand that in general the cost for gigabyte is very inexpensive over wired connections. What about mobile?

  • Diego Vazquez

    Read the chart each line comes with the data shown + 500MB. 500MB can be used for tethering on each line. Each line has its own data allotment and is NOT pooled.

    If you do not need data on lines 3-5 it is just $20 per line.

  • Sven

    Does this mean we can still get subsidies if we stick with our grandfathered classic plans even after March 24th?

    • Dion Mac

      Sounds like it might be possible… but only if you upgrade thru a 3rd party. And we all know iffy upgrade(vs new activation) can be thru third parties.

  • Taron19119

    Ok so how do you know a corporate store from not a corporate

    • If they offer the value plan…

      • Dion Mac

        Look at tmobile.com and go to store look up. Best and only way to go without looking dumb. just ssaying

        • 21stNow

          The T-Mobile store near me is not a corporate store, yet it still has the magenta “T” next to it like the corporate stores do. I don’t see any differences between the two types of T-Mobile stores in the store locator.

        • Dion Mac

          I think those may be premium store and are not corporate sites but not necessarily considered third party. But I don’t knew

        • 21stNow

          I think that those stores will offer Classic plans though, and that will be confusing to customers. They were called Exclusive Retailers before the signs were taken down.

    • 21stNow

      To be honest, there is no way that I can tell from the outside of the one that is closest to me. The only reason that I know is that I remember when they first put the store there, the sign said “Exclusive Retailer”. They have taken that sign down now.

      Also, this was one of the stores that only got gray Notes II on release day. That was one way to tell, but how many people would notice or remember that?

  • m

    so they are going to switch back the $70 monthly 4g back to being the first 5 gigs at 4G then edge after? they have only had the unlimited 4G data for only 2 months now. what a mess. and about 10 people are gonna be mad at me because i convinced them to switch to having that monthly plan because of the data part.

    • spritemoney

      I think that’s for tethering.

    • Alan713

      yeah, then $60 plan 2.5 Gb more appealing. cuz 10$ more/mo doesn’t justify additional 2,5 gb. plus tethering included in $60. Tmo really messed up with limiting $70 plan

    • chantie

      the m4g for $70 will stay Unlimited web. There was a typo in the training docs.

  • spritemoney

    Are they still going to have the $30 plan (100 minutes of talk, unlimited text, and 5gb of data?)

    • ualdayan

      No. They’re replacing the prepaid plans, and it actually goes out of it’s way to mention the $30 plan that will remain is the 1500 minutes or texts plan, not the 5GB plan.

    • JessMo

      Yes. It is a walmart exclusive only tough. It will not be advertised anymore. I know this because I am a National retail territory manager for walmarts, costco, and sams clubs.

      • bluestar

        JessMo, do you know if we will still be able to activate new $30 Walmart exclusive plans on t-mobile.com come March 24? Using the T-Mobile website is my preferred method for activating these special prepaid plans.

  • sincarafan247

    Ok why would anyone go with the classic plan over the value plan? For cheaper phones? The value plan to me makes more sense. Put a down payment on the full price of the phone and pay monthly on it with cheaper monthly rates. If you get the phone cheaper on the classic plan you pay more monthly on the plan so value plan makes more sense no?

    • sincarafan247

      Way I’m seeing it is classic plan is $160 a month plus taxes for 2 lines for unlimited. The value plan is $120 a month for 2 lines unlimited plus whatever the phones monthly payment is $10-$20 a month.

      • xmiro

        because they perceive of getting cheap phone. I have a friend that works at an Apple store who literally weekly would tell me how customers come in with broken iPhones and want a new one and are shocked it doesn’t cost $199 and proceed to argue and yell scammers!
        This plan is to keep T-Mobile and dealers, after all they pay for the phones upfront

  • John

    How is this Plan of keeping Classic Plans in NON T- Mobile Corporate stores going to work once they get the Iphone 5? I mean new or continuing T-Mobile customers don’t want to have to pay higher monthly prices for a classic plan only to get the IPhone 5 at full price once the IPhone is released to T-Mobile. Are they just going to not sell the IPhone under T-Mobile in Non Corporate T- Mobile stores? Since Only corporate T-Mobile stores will offer value plans to offset not getting an subsidy on your Phone.

    • xmiro

      Simple – go to T-Mobile corporate store to get the iPhone you get a Value plan – cheaper w/monthly payments and no contract.
      Go to Walmart to get iPhone you get the plan and pricing above and a 2/yr contract
      Walmart/Amazon/LetsTalk/Wirefly/etc get paid a dealer fee by T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint months after they signup a customer. They also have to pay the cost of the smartphones upfront. Hence why the cost is built into the calling/data plans

  • Dion Mac

    I don’t talk on my for more than 200 – 300 minutes a month, but I have unlimited and I like it that way. Just in case… But as a former employee, this is not going to be an easy sell. You are going to have some parents that are getting their child a phone for the first time and only need so many minutes or simply don’t want to have to pay an extra $20 when they can just set up family allowance to turn it off after so many. Or there are people don’t text and don’t want to pay for it. This is not really wassup. #Pineapples

    • xmiro

      Prepaid 1500 or Value plans

  • Guest

    So now the $70 plan is capped at 5GB again? Meh. This new “Uncarrier” strategy is starting to look more like a death spiral. I’m excited about so many no-contract options, but let’s face it, the average person isn’t going to see the value in any of this.

    • xmiro

      jump to AT&T and Verizon and get billed per MB over the 5GB cap then :)

    • I don’t think that’s correct, since on the information bar it says “no caps, no limits, no overages”.

  • josem

    After looking at this plans I can finally say good bye T-Mobile. I been with T-Mobile since 2003 and at this very moment I pay close to 80 for unlimited everything and now they want people to pay 90 for unlimited everything and 130 with tethering really? 10 bucks is nothing but I really thought T-Mobile was making a big deal out of cutting contracts to lower their plans not to just leave it at almost the same price you been offering, and just cutting 5 bucks here 10 bucks there. I really hope this is a draft or this would be a total fail I feel bad for the metro pcs customers who pay 40 for unlimited everything and now they have to pay 10.00 dollars more to get the same deal.

    • Guest

      Seriously…this plan will only make my monthly bill skyrocket! Right now I got 4 smartphones with unlimited data and 500 minutes and unlimited text for $200 (thank you grandfather clause), but if I have to switch my family over to this plan, it will cost over an arm and a leg. Hate to leave, but if this happens, I will no longer be a TMobile customer, which I have been since 2002. So is AT&T the next best option price/quality wise?

      • niftydl

        StraighTalk + AT&T sim card = $45 + tax per line “unlimited” everything. As long as you keep your data usage below 2 GB a month StraighTalk shouldn’t give you any problems. You do have pay for your phone out of pocket though since its prepaid: CraigsList, eBay, etc.

      • Wingnut

        Skyrocket? My only confusion is whether the family arrangement is $80/mo or $100/mo. I saw slides both ways. If it is the former it improves my arrangement. Five lines = $80 + 3*$10 = $110. Throw in $20/mo for five new phones and it is a better price for me. Granted none of us need unlimited data. No 2 year contract brings my second question. Does being able to walk permit TM to adjust prices whenever they want?

    • John

      yeah, but T-Mobile has better coverage than Metro PCS. Also If you have been with T-Mobile for 2 years or more you can get a loyalty discount of at least $5 per month possibly more in certain cases. So that $10 monthly difference would actually be $5 per month or less cheaper ,but with better coverage etc. I have been with T- Mobile since 2005 and receive a $25 per month loyalty discount on my bill.

    • brandon

      your plan isnt going up..you keep what you have until you change it. And btw metro is not the same deal… they do not have nearly the quality of service tmo has and not nearly the same coverage. You are not understanding these changes that are being put forth…. I would recommend going to a corp store to have someone explain to you how much better these plans are since you dont seem to understand.

  • Rudecat

    I spoke with a T Mo rep this after noon. Here is an what he said in regards to me being able to keep my current plan which is less expensive AND I get more than with the new plans:

    Cathy: Ok I confused now. I know the new plans go into affect this month. My question

    is: if I upgrade my phone or when my current contract runs out will I be forced to change

    to a new plan?

    !Fides S: Hi Cathy. Thank you for contacting T-Mobile Live Chat and waiting in queue. My

    name is Fides and my Rep. ID is 1450432. I’m happy I received your chat today. I’ll be

    more than glad to assist you regarding your current rate plan.

    !Fides S: Once ur contract has lapsed, u will be under a month to month plan which will

    retain ur current rate plan and all the features included.

    !Fides S: Changes will happen if u initiate a rate/feature plan change.

    Cathy: How about a phone upgrade after the new plans happen?

    !Fides S: Your handset upgrade eligibility will not be affected.

    Cathy: So if I understand correctly, either way (phone upgrade or contract end) my

    rate plan price and all features remain the same. Correct?

    !Fides S: That is correct Cathy.

    • MatthewMurawski

      I hope that applies to monthly4G as well.

  • James

    I’m confused. right now im paying $150 for $60=1000mins, $20 unlimited text, two $5s 2g internet and $20 2g internet and $10 additional line. soo after the 24th, i have two options, switch to the new classic plan or value plan? am i correct? which one benifit me more?

    • xmiro

      whichever one based on your needs and usage costs less

  • MatthewMurawski

    WTF with that $70 prepaid plan? 5 GB? The current $70 monthly4G plan has UNLIMITED data. It’s like they’re trying to limit us.

    • Alan713

      yeah i’m wondering the same. so it’s not really unlimited then, only 5 Gb, like it used to be

    • JessMo

      This is a mistake. It will stay unlimited.
      -TMOBILE Natial Retail territory Manager

  • TMoFan

    There’s many of us out there who have grandfathered plans that are better than these new uncarrier plans. If T-Mobile allows me to keep my plans and I can upgrade via third party I’m okay with that.

    People are going to get confused though.

  • rfgenerator

    To be blunt these plans that force a migration to “unlimited minutes” are a large steaming pile of fecal material that is a very thinly veiled rate hike. I don’t use more than a couple hundred minutes a month on my family plan that includes my wife and I. If I can keep my current plan that is good, however my wife is thinking of moving from a Blackberry $10 200MB plan to a $20 2GB Android plan. Does anyone know if I’ll be able to do that and keep my current rate plan (1000 minutes/$59.99) after March 24th (she doesn’t want to make the change just yet because she broke her wrist and doesn’t want to have to deal with learning a new phone while her dominant hand is on the disabled list) and still make the BB to Android transition on her line at a later date. To complicate matters I currently have a corporate discount, if they limit upgrades to 3rd party outlets I can kiss the discount good bye as to the best of my knowledge, accounts that are considered “corporate” are only allowed to upgrade through T-Mobile Customer Service or a T-Mobile Corporate store.

  • Nick Cannon

    As I’m understanding all plans have unlimited 3G with 500mb 4G and up, right?

  • I’m just going to upgrade my classic plan by March 23rd. I’m just waiting for the 8X to go on sale somewhere. this is too confusing.

  • exibitsman

    I just recently purchased the
    Optimus l9 with the 70$ unlimited 4Gs data. It’s a great plan i have used 16gb of data so far with 7 more days to go i hope the don’t start to throttle after the first 5gb like it says on that new

  • Amy Tran

    People will leave T-Mobile in droves, not only now they have to pay full price for their smartphone (I understand the $20 extra will be added to the monthly plan, instead of paying $600 at once), these plans also suck like feces, it will be totally ridiculous for anyone to sign up with T-Mo, I predict by the end of 2013, they will lose 15 million customers!

    • just me

      Don’t forget the whole point of this is that you’ll still be able to get subsidized phones. Its a thin silver lining, but its there

    • xmiro

      Which one is better, pay full price now, or lie to yourself you’re saving money by paying slightly or a lot more over time?

  • marsdta

    these new classic family plans are more expensive. Currently Three lines under the classic 1000 2gb internet on two lines plus unlimited texting is 125 before taxes fees. under these new plans it jumps up to 160. my sister is just waiting for the htc one, hopefully the upgrade doesnt screw her up. As she usually gets her upgrades threw bestbuy so she doesnt have to deal with mail in rebates, plus the 50 giftcard bonus

    • xmiro

      smartphones cost a lot of money someone has to pay for them.
      It’s also a way to drive adoption of the value plans

      • Get_at_Me

        Thank you!

        • xmiro

          You’re welcome

  • FCCo2013

    The UNcarrier slogan needs to change to UNcomplicated. The reason Tmo has been twisting and turning their plans so much is to confuse the heck out of everybody and give less for more while advertising how great it is.

    I know every company wants to do that, but Tmo is becoming the poster child of
    illusionary tactics. People may get confused easily but they are not dumb, if it gets too complicated or expensive they just stop playing the game.

    I have a feeling that this new CEO is going to join the Fired CEOs Class of 2013.

    • finsingh

      Just out of curiosity where did you come up with T-Mobile trying to ‘give less for more?’

  • hugh

    I pay 175 a month for 4 lines
    Not bad. Plus employee discount
    60 classic 1k min
    20 for txt
    Line 1 $ 20 for data 2 gb
    line 2 $ 5 for data 2 gb
    Line 3 $ 15 for data 5gb
    Line 4 $ 20 for data 2 gb

  • Defector

    My bill on Ptel last month was $4 (Pay-as-you-go and I don’t use my phone much). (Platinumtel – a Tmobile reseller)

  • mary

    wow this value plans are more expensive from what the currently have, tmobile strategy sucks

    • Not for a completely unlimited family plan. After the first two lines you get a unlimited AAL with 500MB of data, hotspot included. Unbeatable when compared relatively.

  • mary

    tmobile is a very confuse company

  • These plans wont be for everyone but they will attract the customers that need a lot of service. These are the customers that are most lucrative and will be the most tech hungry. Tmobile might alienate low usage, low profit margin customers, but for many modern families, these prices will be unbeatable.

    Although this does not directly relate to this post, my question is whether a device purchase, on either value or classic, will be required for postpaid? Otherwise, what would a customer benefit from prepaid?

  • just me

    Oh no. This suddenly changes everything. I was so onboard for the new uncarrier stuff. I didn’t even think about the National retail partners. I can’t believe this, this changes my whole perspective. I’m a little shocked right now and feeling very negative about this. We’re supposed to be cutting through confusion, not creating more.

  • just me

    David, if I might offer a suggestion, maybe state a little more clearly in the article that this is to get subsidized phones at national retail partner’s pricing. A lot of commenters are getting the impression that these plans also are for full-priced phones.

  • just me

    The more I think about this, the more appalled I am. Talk about a mixed message- on one hand, we’re trying to convince customers that subsidies are the other carriers’ sneaky little way of getting you to pay more and hiding the fact that they pay out the nose for those “cheap” subsidized phones. WE don’t do that, not T-mobile, we’re transparent and we got your back. Cheap plans, fair way to buy your phone, no contracts. On the other hand, oh wait you went to Walmart. Oh uh yeah we still do contracts and subsidies there. And uh yeah the plans with data cost 20 bucks more per line. My sweet zombie Jesus, wasn’t there a better solution than this? ?

    • xmiro

      they need distribution, to get it they need dealers. Dealers get paid 6 months after a customer signs up and have to carry inventory. If T-Mobile didn’t keep the subsidized plans dealers would drop them. But I agree it is confusing for many, and on top of that the classic plans are expensive

    • darude

      @28f824c41aa4edb4a85e56f3cfa798d0:disqus Why are you mad at T-Mobile having more options? If classic isnt for you dont do it. They now have options for everyone. For those that would rather pay less upfront and pay more per month they have classic plans. For those that would rather save on their monthly services they have value and prepaid. I think thats great and fits every budget. Its better also for the people that have awesome grandfathered plans that they do not want to give them up, its great that T-Mobile still considers the people that still would stay on classic instead of just forcing them to move to value. And as far as walmart and other retailers are concerned; they cannot possibly be trained enough to properly sell all products and services t-mobile has to offer; that is why there are t-mobile corporate stores….discount retailers are there to do just that; discount phones, that is why they will continue to only sell classic and prepaid, and they get paid by tmo accordingly.

      • just me

        I’m not mad at T-Mobile, I’m very concerned by the mixed message to our customers. As an employee, the way these uncarrier plan changes were explained to me was that we are completely eliminating phone subsidies and having just one simple plan. It was a compelling message- we were cutting through the BS and shaking up the industry. No more contracts, no more hiding the phone cost behind subsidies. That we still do offer contract and subsidies through MAJOR sales channels dilutes (or, arguably, invalidates) our message of being “the UNcarrier.” My beef is with our brand image, not choice. In today’s world, brand image is just as important, if not more so, than a “choice” for customers that is really just a technicality.

        • darude

          @28f824c41aa4edb4a85e56f3cfa798d0:disqus most of what we are told right now is just speculation and there is always negative hype before drastic changes take place. People complained before the value plans came out, and before the commission structure changes etc. We cant really knock this until we try it. Im sure the new plans will succeed and be great once people start to understand it just like the value plans…the deals are getting better, they are just different and need to be explained better.

        • just me

          You’re right, people did complain. And we lost postpaid customers. Sorry, I know that was snarky, but I just deeply disagree with you here. I don’t have to try keeping the contracts and subsidies to know that it flies in the face of our “no more contracts and subsidies” message. But I’ll agree to disagree with you here. And hey, who knows. Maybe David is just misunderstanding something and these plans are just for those 5 States we can’t offer eip in. If that’s the case, then I’ll happily retract my negativity.

          … yeah, I’m grasping at straws, here.

        • chantie

          National retail does a lot of business for T-Mobile. There is no way currently for them to offer Value plans and do an EIP option. Customers come to places like Wal-Mart expecting to pay less out the door with no EIP options it would kill their business so Classic is the way they need to be until there is a way for them to offer EIP.

  • me

    Just stupid. Way to confuse your customer base. Customer is at Best Buy and see’s a great deal on a smartphone. Calls T-Mobile to see if they can match and instead get a completely different offer. Typical T-Mobile, 3 steps forward, 5 steps back.

  • BigMixxx

    wooh…..my $70 dollar unlimited plan is gone?!?!?!?!?

    Damn! No reason to really stay now….

  • Willie D

    So they killed the 70 $ unlimited 4G prepay plan? No dice

    • Alan713

      why would they do it. it’s like they teased it only for 2 mo and then terminated (

  • Curious_Tmobiler

    When they say for new Classic Plans, “Unlimited Talk, Text, Web + 500 MB of High Speed Internet” does that mean that the unlimited internet is 3G and we would only get 500 MB of 4g? Or does that mean unlimited 4g internet + 500 MBs for hotspot? If anyone knows, please respond. This makes a huge difference for those that use their cell internet often. Thank you!!!

  • Mark

    Two questions: First, what about the non-national “preferred retailers,” the local 3rd-party guys? The closest thing I have to a TMo store near me is one of those.

    Second, will Tmo have ANY postpaid plans at this point with no data allotment? That 500 MB is a complete waste of resources when hooked to my partner’s Samsung clamshell, and she isn’t interested in a smartphone (she thinks mine is a waste of money).

  • Alan713

    i’d like them to introduce just prepaid unlim talk and text for 20

  • Guest

    unlimited everything on an unlocked iPhone 5. No contract month to month plan. Will anything change? Can i now add tethering? Isn’t all of tmobile new plans going to be no contracts so why is there talk of postpaid, different type accounts etc? Thanks.

  • adeedew

    Im confused. I have unlimited everything on an unlocked iPhone 5. No contract month to month plan. Will anything change? Can i now add tethering? Isn’t all of tmobile new plans going to be no contracts so why is there talk of postpaid, different type accounts etc? Thanks.

  • Kahlayoh

    For the postpaid prices, it shows pricing with thethering. So I’m hoping they have another set of pricing for non-tethering! Cause those prices are really high if those are the only plans they will be offering!!

  • BigMixxx

    WHAT THE FU….This is a head scratcher!

    To sell nationally, they are being competitive, which is great! Save money by offering up plans comparitive to those of Verizon/Sprint/ATT IS this a shared data strategy? How is this uncarrier!!! it’s Verizon’s plans — WHAT the hell is this! IS there something going on here, we don’t know about??? This REALLY, REALLY sucks, as the Unlimited tier is purposely being structured to be eliminated.

    Verizon shared data plan with 4 gig of data, and two lines: 150! 10 dollars LESS than the same plan on T mobile. But t mobile has unlimited at 160 dollars.

    T-Mobile — For shame. I’m for sure jumping ship now….I’m NOT saving anything at this point. Still beating ATT…

    One would think:
    Verizon upping their LTE service offering along the AWS band, Plans structured JUST LIKE VERIZON. What’s the next step, some sort of merger?!?

    • The data on the lines is not shared. I’m pretty sure the chart above is showing the amount of data PER line. Effectively giving you 8 gigs of data for ten dollars less than Verizons 4 gigs.

      • Sorry….8 gigs for just 10 dollars more…

        And it looks like you don’t lose your initial 500MB. So you may just be getting a total of 9 gigs.

    • xmiro

      not really Verizon plans.
      For $100 on Tmobile you get 2 lines + 1GB data with no overages (2 lines @ 500MB each). For $140 you get 3GB of data with no overages, while on Verizon it’s 2GB, shared, and you have to pay extra for anything over that

      On AT&T mobile share plans it’s $45 per smart phone plus $40 for 1GB of data. What T-Mobile gives you for $100 with 2 lines with a contract, on AT&T you get for $130.

      4GB of data with overages on AT&T and a single line will be $110 before taxes ($40 per smart phone + $70 for data), on T-Mobile is $90 for 4.5GB and no overages

      And on AT&T if you wanted to Tether on a Mobile share plan it’s another $20 on top of whatever bucket of data you bought, on T-Mobile it’s built into your plan unless you’re on Unlimited 4G.

  • BigMixxx

    ok, I give up. Gonna need more info. So I’ll wait….

  • Industrymaster

    None of you have any sense at all. T-mobile’s current classic plans are as follows
    $60 – unl talk and text
    $20-2gb data=$80
    $30-unl data=$90
    &35-5gb data w/tethering =$95
    Now look at the new plans. You are getting Free data with the unl talk and text.
    You are getting an extra .5gb and free hotspot with the new 2.5gb plan (still $20)
    And unl is still $30.
    You might have to pay $10 extra bucks on add-a-lines but you are getting unl min, text, and 500mb of data that is impossible to be charged overages on. Now it doesn’t take a genius to realize this just someone who actually reads and pays attention.
    Plus these plans are only intended for those customers who do not live near a corporate store, or who are too stubborn and unintelligent to see the value in the value plans. Unless you go to sprint and suffer on the worst data network available you are not going to get a better price with a major carrier, period.

    • Thinker

      There is no 2.5gb but besides that I see your point

      • I think you might get the standard 500MB of data in addition to the 2GB you may opt to purchase. Effectively making it 2.5GB. Although I may be wrong.

        • chantie

          you are right the initial 500mb will carry over.

  • abc

    WHAT? I thought T-Mobile was getting rid of contract classic plans.
    And why is it so expensive? 90 dollars for 1 line and 4 gigs of data?
    T-Mobile keeps screwing things up, confusing customers and causing people to leave.

  • Danny Calderon

    Why would you go to a T-Mobile store to get more minutes and data at a cheaper price but you lose those savings buying a new phone from them cause the phone jacks up your bill by $20 a month by the time you finish paying for the phone a new one is out so you get that phone you never save anything. on the other hand you go to Target buy a new phone for $99 straight up what would be the incentive to go to T-Mobile to save $5 a month . the 2.5 GB plan at a target would run you $80 at the T-Mobile store the same plan would run you $60 but it only saves you that money if you already own a phone if you buy one from them you end up saving $0.I don’t know about you but I would rather buy a new phone for $200 than to put down $200 on the phone and pay for it across the 2 years. This will also probably confuse a lot of people they might end up hurting in the end.

    • The scenario you gave sounds like 6 one way, 1/2 dozen another.

      Except that I have seen the value plan save families $60 – $80 monthly.

    • xmiro

      so don’t buy a $600 phone every 6 months?
      Who do you think pays for that $600 phone whether you get it with contract or no contract?

  • Considering a change, but damn nothing is worth leaving my $30 plan, it’s just not worth it lol

  • Alex Zapata

    I wonder if they’ll allow people on the truly unlimited value plan to add tethering data in the future. I know I wouldn’t mind.

    • 21stNow

      Read the article that’s linked at the end of this one. You can add tethering/mobile hotspot.

    • xmiro

      they are allowing it… Look under SMHS add-on

  • Zac

    Another poorly written article that makes me understand less for having read it. How could you fail to mention the involvement of subsidies?

    • chantie

      why would they keep classic plans around and have you pay more on a classic then a value and not give a subsidized price? we’ve all known classic = subsidies value =full retail does he need to state the obvious?

  • guest

    As a T-Mobile employee… I’m wondering if this article is 100% inaccurate… and I do mean 100%…. In stores we have heard absolutely nothing about classic plans remaining and have heard EVERYTHING about there only being one plan… why else would they say “All Value Plans”? The whole point of the Uncarrier is to simplify everything… if this article pans out to be true then it would make everything much more complicated. Where did this information come from?

    • Bratty

      Its a leak. Could be 100% wrong, 0% wrong or anything in between. As a store employee, you may not be updated on this as it applies to 3rd party resellers.

      • This…and it’s 100% right, I’ve seen this from 12 different sources at various different retailers. I’m comfortable calling this 100% accurate.

        • Bratty

          I assumed you would check with a few different sources before posting. This is more than a “concept” slide.

        • Yeah, something like this would never go up without triple checking. That I got the same slide from a number of regular sources all of whom are within the scope of national retail told me this was far more than just concept. This is happening.

    • I don’t think you read the article all that well then…as a corporate employee you wouldn’t see this information. More importantly, if you do read this blog, you have to consider that i’m never going to tell where it came from. I will tell you this, of course it didn’t come from the corporate side, which is why…I specifically made an effort to highlight that corporate stores won’t have these plans. It’s 100000000% accurate.

      Again, read the article and understand why national retailers that sell T-Mobile can’t move to Value Plans like corporate stores can. That should clarify why this is accurate.

  • no2apple

    TOTALLY CONFUSING.. Basic 2-line family plans start at $100 with 500MB data ????????

    I have legacy 2-line, 500 Mins talk, Unlimited Data for 89.99…..Comparable plan now show $180 ????. Whatz cooking here.. ofcourse I aint quitting t-mobile but hopefully they keep my classic plan..

    • Well its classic pricing w/ unlimited mins, not value bro. Not sure what you expect.

  • Joe

    I’d like to refer you to this discussion. The prices listed on this site are apparently the price WITH a subsidy. These plans are going to be available cheaper if you buy your phone outright.

  • Prod1702

    This is the same thing T-Mobile has already for their Classic Plans. They are just adding more tier lvls. T-Mobile is going to have 2 Plans. Classic = Contract, discounted phones because of contract, Value = No Contract, you pay full price for the phone because no contract and are able to use EIP. Take a look back at March 4, 2013. David wrote a article call “(Update) Breaking Down T-Mobile’s New Uncarrier, No-Contract, One Rate Plan Fits All Approach.” This article talks about the new Value Plan with no contract. All T-Mobile is doing is changing the tier lvls. Right now on a Classic Plan, Unl Talk + Text and Data is $160. Same as what David is talking about above.

  • Dakota

    It’s good that people who still want subsidized phones can get them.. The question is whether y that w will be promoted or s big secret

    • xmiro

      I’d guess you won’t see ads from T-Mobile but if you were to walk into a Walmart or BestBuy you’d be offered classic contract plans

  • oasdsadsa

    When they say for new Classic Plans, “Unlimited Talk, Text, Web + 500 MB of High Speed Internet” does that mean that the unlimited internet is 3G and we would only get 500 MB of 4g? Or does that mean unlimited 4g internet + 500 MBs for hotspot? If anyone knows, please respond. This makes a huge difference for those that use their cell internet often. Thank you!!!

    • Unless all the towers in your area have been upgraded to HSPA+, then no, you will still get slow speeds after your high speed allotment.

  • lovingmyGN2

    What the hell t-mobile? I don’t get the prepaid chart it says $70 for unlimited data but only first 5gb at 4g speeds but on the right side of the chat it says: Unlimited talk, text, web with high-speed data! CUSTOMERS ENJOY “NO CAPS” No limits, and no overages. So what the hell gives here? This is confusing me. Is there a5gb limit or not? Can Somebody please explain this to me. T-mobiles gonna lose allot of money if they throttle at 5gb again.

    • Prolly a misprint. Don’t know why they have commercials saying “Now Unlimited 4G with No Annual Contract” then pull this mess.

  • samsavoy

    So for $10 less than AT&T I can have no LTE and much worse HSPA+ coverage!

  • UncleFan

    Has anyone figured out yet whether you can pair an EIP with the mobile broadband plans?

  • OnlineRefugee

    Where T-Mobile is going wrong:

    – It appears there’s still fine print (something the “uncarrier” was supposed to be eliminating).

    – This is nevertheless confusing.

    – T-Mobile’s prepaid offerings do not appear competitive.

    – IMO the prepaid carrier to beat is Straight Talk.

    Take a look at Straight Talk’s website. It has one price for unlimited talk, text, and 4G data. (Yeah, Straight Talk’s 4G is not as fast as others 4G, it might even really be mid-level 3G. But since most people now use WiFi actual speeds don’t matter. E.g., consider that carrier-based tablets were a bust. Fact is, people don’t want or need 4G carrier access. Moreover, I have never seen people time page loads on their phones using a stopwatch. To them, e-mail works fast enough, even if 3G).

    Also notice the simplicity of Straight Talk. There’s no asterisks leading to pages of fine print. There’s no flashy headlines, only to be diluted or rendered meaningless in the page content or fine print (T-Mobile’s “UNLIMITED DATA” that was really limited comes to mind).

    – People don’t like pricing charts, performance graphs, or technical gobbledygook. People like to know what they are going to pay each month. (That’s why I have always said that carriers were being deceptive when advertising one rate, only to tack on $8 to $10 monthly in additional fees and taxes. Then, of course, if you are AT&T there’s the profitable AUTOMATICALLY IMPOSED data, text, and talk overage charges.)

    – Carriers love postpaid contracts because it is so profitable. They handcuff customers for two years and enjoy hitting them with grossly overpriced base services, additional fees, and huge income from users exceeding talk, data, and text limits. (Limits which are set artificially low to assure overage charges, at least from time to time, to where a customer feels it an achievement to have a month or two of billings without overage charges.)

    – I guess T-Mobile is suffering an identity crisis. It is run by postpaid execs who find it difficult to abandon its postpaid ways. And it is trying to enjoy the best of the postpaid and prepaid worlds. I don’t think that’s possible, at least not when the likes of Straight Talk are your competition.

    • Straight Talk is not for power users. It is more comparable to GoSmart $45 plan. Monthly4G is for power users of high speed data and those who want direct T-Mobile support. duh!

  • Genecio

    I do know one thing, for ME these plans (Value/UN-Carrier) are cheaper for an individual line than Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint.

  • xmiro

    what would be killer… if T-Mobile let those of us on family accounts move unused data from one line to the other! In reality on AT&T Mobile Share 1 account with 2 lines shares a 4GB data bucket (2GB per line), but on T-Mobile 1 account with 2 lines has 4GB of data EACH for a total of 8GB per account! Not quite mobile data sharing like AT&T and Verizon but still taking advantage of the total data

  • goforth

    Cell companies can’t change their plans monthly cost every month- Control the cost of the phones is what they all want and where you can purchase them.

  • Sharklover

    So now tmobile is charging more than sprint. Sprint is only charging $70 for unlimited everything and they subsidize the phone. Tmo want to charge the same without phone subsidy or $90 with. I think this will cause many to switch.

    • Don’t forget to add on the $10 premium data fee for Sprint smartphones. And ur landline minutes are not unlimited unless you get the $99 plan.

    • CRT24

      That is not their unlimited everything plan. The price you quoted is for 450 minutes and unlimited to mobile phones…..sprint unlimited everything with a “4g” phone is 110.00/mo which is 20.00 more for just the plan than the unlimited value plan with the phone payment included on t-mobile, and 40.00 more that the value plan alone.

    • sharklover

      I was saying that because that’s what I saw in an ad in the newspaper a few days ago. Their website does show $110.

  • Brandon

    This website is really great for employees to get a heads up on what’s to come a little sooner than we find out at work, the problem is a bunch of people who think they are experts find this site, misconstrue the information here, and then start rumors and assume a bunch of things that aren’t true… If you people crying here do not see how much better these new options are then there is either something wrong with you or you are not understanding fully what these plans entail. More than likely you should find your way into a tmobile store and talk to a rep that can explain to you how these plans are worlds better than any other carrier and even much improved from the past. Many of the comments I’m reading are complaining about classic plans rising; this is bc tmobile wants you on value, value is a better…you guessed it; value. Plans are constant

  • Finsingh

    Wow I just find hard to believe how many stupid people are writing here… Even if the new classic prices are more than grandfathered classic prices why do you think your price will change unless you do something to change your plan. If you do not like the new plans do not switch them stay with what you have now

    • just me

      Yes, call customers stupid for voicing their opinion. That will win them over

  • rip ham

    I did the math and instead of paying 149 per month for 2 lines unlimited talk and text and 2GB data and 3 lines 500 minutes and texting. I could spread the data around and get another 500mb and get unlimited talk on all lines for just 10 dollars, works for me, but I have another 19 months on my contract

    • xmiro

      these are also contract plans, Tmobile might let you switch if you like the new classic plans better and keep your contract. I’ve changed plans a year into a contract, just rang 611 and they switched me – just make sure you have a knowledgeable rep so your contract won’t be reset and extended

  • rip ham

    but if each line wanted more data i had better stay with current plan because this one costs over 3X more just to get 2GB per line.

  • Mystery Man

    $140 for 2 lines with 2GB…. I currently pay $135 for 3 lines with 2GB. Why are they increasing prices?

    Currently its $100 for 2 lines with 2GB. Now they want to charge $140 thats INSANE

    • xmiro

      No it’s still 140 for two lines with 2GB data. 99.99, 2GB data is $20 on classic even now. On new classic after the 24th it will be +500mb

    • TechHog

      Actually, it’s 2.5GB

  • Mark

    this would be a terrible change for my family. 5 lines, 3 without date, 2 with 5gb per month unlimited text on all and unlimited calling on the 2 with data for about 160 after tax to get the same thing on the new plans it would cost about 220 and there is no subsidies on the phones… this really doesnt work. If I wanted to upgrade a phone will i still be able to get the subsidized price? If not I’m leaving Tmobile, and I never thought I’d say that. I have been with them for 6 years without complaint until now. This really sucks!

    • xmiro

      don’t change anything

  • susan


    My bill is dropping from $58 to $31.42, a savings of almost 50%!!!!

    The plan I signed up for has been around a long time, and tmobile doesn’t like people using it so they hide it.

    It’s the 1500 minutes + texts plan for $30 a month.

    This economy sucks, so I’m cutting back on expenses. No web for me!

    • chantie

      that plan is listed in the prepaid brochures. I sign people up for it all the time never was a secret.

  • nandeep

    can the international talk and text be added to the 30$ plan now , becuase it was not allowed before

  • Siarhei Hushchyn

    Ok, some common sense get thru – Smartphone HotSpot free on classic plans (except unlimited). I am not sure about more data ranges.

  • Ziich

    $30 100min/5gb(“4g”data) FTW!!!! you even get unlimited text

  • tmarin

    Why would they pick the negative name, UNcarrier? It’s like saying, NONcustomer! T-Mobile really does need to sell itself to the highest bidder and be done with it. All of the carriers, Sprint in particular, have such better plans it should be embarrassing to T-Mobile.

  • chum lee

    Cool thanks T-mo. I work in a retail store. I didn’t want to sell anything anyway. Nobody will buy from us if they can go phone subsidies from third parties.

  • Nitrouspray

    So if this is the prepaid plan there going with, will still be a $70 a month REAL unlimited 4G data plan option? Id hate to see that go. If i wanted 5GB a month, id rather go with the $30 a month option. Unlimited talk & text is not really relevant for most these days.

  • Trysta

    While these plans do kind of suck I will give T-mobile credit for 2 things

    1) Their lowest data tier is still a usable amount of data. I usually come in just under 500mb on my galaxy nexus per month and I do a lot of web browsing on my phone so if people are careful this might be enough (unlike the 200mb, or 250mb) for most people

    2) It is really refreshing to see a carrier include tethering with all limited data plans. Basically T-mobile is saying if you pay for X GB of data you can use it however you want. I really wish other carriers would do this!

    BUT…I have only been with T-mobile for 2 years and when I signed up for the even more plus plan (which should be equivalent to these uncarrier plans). I was able to pay $59/month for 5gb of data (500min, unlimited texts). Now if I wanted to have a comfortable amount of data (2gb for me) I would need to pay a lot more.

    Shouldn’t the prices be LESS because there is no subsidy? These prices seem pretty comparable with their classic plans for anyone interested in data (which everyone with a smartphone is).

    The prepaid plans do look ok. What are the disadvantages of prepaid again?

  • I live on a limited income(disabilty), I was wondering if t-mo has a free gov., plan