(Update) Breaking Down T-Mobile’s New Uncarrier, No-Contract, One Rate Plan Fits All Approach

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Update: To try to bulk answer questions so many of you are wondering — unfortunately, I have no idea how this will affect existing customers. It’s impossible to know that from these images, but I would imagine standard industry practice would follow and your existing plan would be grandfathered. T-Mobile isn’t going to force anyone to change to this plan on the 24th, but they may ask you to do so with your next upgrade. That’s a pattern AT&T has followed for some time, but again, that’s just a guess on my part. As for the EIP25, I’m being told it’s actually 25 months of payments and not a new $25 tier. We’re still waiting to confirm more info, but keep in mind everything I know about this new program is on these sheets. If you don’t see an answer to your question here, assume we have to wait to find out. 

On the heels of our latest report comes a complete breakdown of T-Mobile’s new UNcarrier approach, set to be formally announced later today. It appears that our report from last Friday has panned out completely and T-Mobile will in fact cut contracts for Value Plan postpaid customers. Along with Value Plan contract customers, Mobile Broadband Customers will also find a no annual contract solution awaiting their next purchase. “No annual contract mobile broadband (MBB) is another way that T-Mobile is putting customers first and providing great customer service. T-Mobile is the only national carrier to offer all the benefits of MBB service, without requiring a restrictive contract.”

That’s not all as T-Mobile is introducing a whole new rate plan with Unlimited Talk, Text and 500MB of web included automatically. But wait, you want more data? Well, T-Mobile can help with that. For each line, you can add 2GB of data for $10 per 2GB of data each month OR you can add the $20 unlimited data plan to each line. You got that right, that’s one rate plan for the entire company, no more choosing between Value and Classic plans, it’s one rate — all the time.

So let’s break that down:

A single line will cost $50 for unlimited talk, text and 500MB of web included automatically. To add unlimited data would be an additional $20 per month totaling $70. What if you don’t want unlimited data you ask? Each month you can use as much data as you see fit and T-Mobile will bill you $10 for each 2GB of data consumed. No need to call in and ask for a certain bucket, just use the data and receive a bill. You can go up to 12GB of data per line on every postpaid account, which is perfect for the time you travel and consume more data than usual. There is no mention of caps or overages, which begs the question for how T-Mobile will handle the pay per 2GB rate plan once you hit the 12GB cap.

So how about family plans? Well, the same deal applies. Two lines will cost $80 which allows for unlimited talk, text and 500MB of web data included. Each added line will cost $10 per month and will also include 500MB of data along with unlimited talk and text. The same data rates then apply for each line: $10 per additional 2GB per line and $20 for unlimited data per line.

*Postpaid Unlimited data feature can add one of these SMHS add-ons; (capped once allotment reached); 500MB $0, 2.5GB $10 and 4.5GB $20.

Every rate plan with unlimited data includes Smartphone Mobile HotSpot, with postpaid offering lower out-of-pocket costs using the equipment installment plan. No more overages, no more surprise bills, no more activations fees and one single rate plan for the carrier. As for Mobile BroadBand, with a voice plan it’s $10 and for standalone pricing it’s $20 per month. Each MBB plan includes 500MB of data, with each additional 2GB of data costing an additional $10 up to 12 total GB. So, a standalone customer using T-Mobile’s MBB plan with 6GB of data will pay $20 + $30 ($10 per 2GB) for a total of $50.

As for that equipment installment tier we mentioned last Friday, T-Mobile will introduce a new $25 EIP tier which is likely geared toward the future launches of the Galaxy S IV, iPhone and HTC One.

So there you have it, one rate plan, less confusion, no activation fees, mobile hotspot included, T-Mobile – the uncarrier. Current intel has us looking at a March 24th date for all of these changes becoming the law of T-Mobile land. Stay tuned.

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  • Andrew

    My current family plan of 2 lines, $100, unlimited everything, throttle at 2 seems to be a lot better than these new plans..

    • David

      I prefer my current plan to these new ones as well. These would cost a lot more.

    • Tim

      yeah but whey throttle when you can have unlimited for only 20 more

      • AndroidProfit


        So you are at 2gig the final days of your bill and have to pay $10 more just to use a little data to get buy for a few days? That is BS! They should have just given 5gb for the $10 or even $15!

        • squiggleslash

          You don’t have to worry about being charged an extra $10 (making it $20) until you’ve used 2.5G. Remember, it’s .5G for free, then $10 per 2G after that. So the “I’m at the edge of my limit” thing will happen at .5G + 2G = 2.5G.

          Secondly, at that stage, damn, you’ve now paid as much as you would have if you were on the unlimited plan, but you’ll have to use another 2G to actually start paying more.

          My guess is that most smartphone users who don’t tether will be better off with this plan. Most of the time you’ll probably get data for “free”, as you’re unlikely to hit the 512Mb limit without a lot of work. The exceptions will be if you frequently use your phone to download music and movies, in which case, well, that’s what the $20 plan is for.

        • would it better if they offered say a 500MB upgrade for $5 after you’ve used say at least one 2GB upgrade?

        • If you use over 2gb, there’s still an additional 500mb, and I know for damn sure you’re not using more than 500mb when they throttle you because the speed is miserable.

          So yeah, your point is moot.

        • bob90210

          The new plan has 500 MB than the previous. That’s your “little data to get by.”

    • AndroidProfit

      YUP! They removed the throttling! If that isn’t just total BS I don’t know what is!


        Where do you see the throttle is removed…all plans have unlimited data just pay for your high speed, which means when you run out of high speed you are throttled

        • It’s all going to depend on how they market it. Hopefully they will allow people to choose via their account control panel whether or not to automatically add high speed data once they hit each cap point.

    • but they’re saying unlimited everything throttle at 2 for 2 people would be $90 (80 + 10)

      • squiggleslash

        $100 surely?

        $80 base price, plus $10 per line, assuming both lines go over 500Mb but stay under 2.5G.

    • Brian

      It’s the same price as current value plans just without a contract and the addition of 500MB of data if you don’t pay for a data plan

    • jej

      Wouldn’t an equivalent plan here cost 100 for 2.5 GB of data? Or is the throttle worth more to you?

    • No it isn’t. This plan is $100 and it’s 2.5gb. 500mb is automatically included.

    • Kahlayoh

      How would it be better in your case to stick with your original plan. You’ll be paying the same amount but with unlimited data!!!!

  • This actually sounds great, considering switching my grandfathered family plan to this. So I could get me and my mothers line for $80+$10 for 2GB of web. meaning $100+taxes+fees? So my monthly bill would be ~$125 im guessing? But I want the HTC One, so id then have to ad $25 per month also….

    • AndroidProfit

      You realize that you will pay $10 more for each line if you go over 2 gig? That will ONLY get you 2gig more data. They are essentially FORCING you into getting unlimited by the fact that they removed data throttling.

      • aTMOguy

        Dude, I think everyone realizes by now that you’re not a fan of “unlimited.” That’s perfectly fine, however you represent a marginal number of customers. Most folks welcome the idea of no caps, no overages and you appear to be a troll by knocking down every positive comment other people post.

        • AndroidProfit

          BOO HOO HOO. Label someone a troll because they have a different opinion.

        • aTMOguy

          There’s a very big difference between having a different opinion and lambasting every other person that doesn’t share your viewpoint. And yes, that would make you a troll. Or perhaps you’re just a narcissist such that you have an unfulfilled need to see your name show up constantly by re-posting the same BS “opinion” over and over. Get a life dude!

        • Welcome back Robert, stop harassing commenters yet again.

    • you’d actually be getting 2.5GB of data per line with the new plan.

  • rfgenerator

    While I like the no-contract, the mandatory unlimited texting and talk is a turn off. I have a 2 line family plan where we use maybe 200 minutes a month, no texting. 1000 minute plan. Phone 1 has the $20 Android Preferred data plan w/5GB cap, second line is a Blackberry with 200MB data plan. My total bill with a corporate discount (including taxes, fees, etc) is $91 a month. Up till now I had a phone subsidy with this plan. This slimmed down plan structure would cost me more $$ between cost of phone and cost of service over 24 months. The two basics of the new plans are A) No more contracts YAY! and B) Mandatory Unlimited Voice and Texting (Boo, Hiss), which may be a good deal for those who talk and text a lot, but for people like me it’s flushing money down the toilet. Can anyone at this early stage confirm whether corporate discounts will be maintained or eliminated with these new plans?

    • whiteiphoneproblems

      This also would make our current (family) plan more expensive, as we don’t need unlimited minutes.

    • can’t confirm but have a feeling corp discounts may remain with postpaid plans. it sounds like they are just re branding the Value plan as postpaid.

    • blahblah

      I’m in a similar situation. 2 lines, family value plan, with 1000 minutes, is cheaper, the caveat being there’s a contract. It seems people which have a non-unlimited plan will get screwed, if this is the only offering in the future.

    • Kahlayoh

      If you rarely talk on your phone and don’t text at all, what’s the use of having a cell phone?

      • rfgenerator

        Most of my minutes are mobile to mobile or weekend minutes that don’t count against my bucket. I primarily use my device for data, but do still need the phone aspect of it, just not on a “all or nothing” basis, which T-Mobile seems to be trying to push.

      • timzirkel

        I assume that the 200 minutes is plan usage, so over 3 hours of talking to non-Tmo numbers during the daytime a month, plus whatever quantity of in network talking and nights/weekends. Not sure that counts as “rarely” talking on the phone. Many people don’t text much when they have a smartphone because there are better options available (Google Talk, Skype, etc.).

        • Kahlayoh

          Not sure how Google Talk or skype is a better option then texting, the only thing i see it as being better is just the price. I’m not that much of a cheap person…I’ll pay for unlimited texting and data.

      • Bill Berry

        I’m testing my HD2 which has Jellybean and I’m using Google Voice and Skype…both play nice with each other, GrooveIP for text messaging; $60.48 a year, of course my DSL line with Windstream…works great! Bobsled is okay too.

    • Dakota

      Unlimited talk and text is same thing Verizon and AT&T did when they introduce did their share plans last year

    • $30 monthly 4G plan serves me right! Not a talker at all, only like 60- 80 mins max. Just a texter, data hog that uses skype and voip apps when needed. I hope this plan never goes away.

    • PiCASSiMO

      I’m with you… we have the 1000-minutes per month for 2-lines and use less than half of that each month. Don’t need the unlimited minutes.

      Data on the other hand, same thing, but I’m thinking of changing our current $80 per month value plan to $100 unlimited data plan)

      $60 Voice/Text + $10 2GB + $10 2GB data
      $60 Voice/Text + $20 Unlimited + $20 unlimited data

      When the new 2-year contract is over, hopefully they will honor existing plans and not force us into this new plan.

      • TBN27

        They will still honor older plans.

  • Guest

    will mobile hotspot be included if you have the unlimited data plan?

    • Jose Hernandez

      I think so, but with a 500MB limit for free. After that you have to pay $10 a month for 2GB and $20 for 4.5GB after that you get capped for the month,

      Did I get this right? Someone! Anyone!!!

      • graywolf323

        sounds right and it sucks, they ruined mobile hotspot with this

        • if you want to tether more than 4.5GB a month you just forgo unlimited and use their $10 per 2GB plan with a 12 GB cap.

  • christian

    Will Mobile Hotspot be included if you have the unlimited data plan?

    • Appears so.

    • if you read the fine print you get 500MB of hotspot for free and can purchase a larger tethering data bucket.

  • Doogie

    The only confusing thing is what about those ppl who just signed a new contract are they then going to cancel that contract or charge a migration fee to switch to these new plans

    • xmiro

      within 14 days you can cancel

    • Kahlayoh

      Yea i agree with you there. I just upgraded and switched from even more to classic earlier this month. I would’ve prefered to take the new route saving me more money!

      • T-Mobile Guy

        This newer plan would be more expensive $70 your plan plus $25 eip. $95 im pretty sure your plan is cheaper.

  • Does anyone else notice one BIG change. Looks like now that instead of just throttling you when you go over your initial plan limit they’ll just start charging you $10 per 2GB. I will say including mobile hotspot even on the unlimited plan could be a HUGE consumer draw to T-mobile.

    • squiggleslash

      It’s not a change, it’s just the numbers are so much greater (that is, amount of data you get for your dollar) that it looks like many people will prefer pay-as-you-go (PAYG) data to “Unlimited*”

      What you had before was:
      PAYG data – no data allowance, relatively large per megabyte charges, no cap (I think) – this was massively unpopular, pretty much nobody went for it.
      Unlimited data – one thousand confusing “Unlimited*” data plans, with different thresholds for throttling, and rules concerning tethering

      PAYG data – reasonable allowance for free, $10/2G, with a cap to prevent overspending
      Unlimited data – one plan, genuinely unlimited (no throttling), with an allowance for tethering, with the option of adding a more generous tethering plan.

      For the most part it’s much simpler and most people will be better off. The confusing bit is with tethering.

    • Kahlayoh

      Charging $10 per 2GB is hell of a deal you nimrod. It’s $20 now for 2GB and $30 for unlimited. If you think your’e gonna be using more then 5GB then go for unlimited, if you think you won’t go pass 2GB leave it as is, if your data usage varies every month leave it at is. This new thing they are doing is actually cheaper except for the minutes part. I barely use 100mins a month.

      • except 2GB for $10 and unlimited for $20 has been a feature of the value plans from their inception. yes for people coming from Classic it seems cheaper but for those of us already on value its not.

        • SlimShadey

          If you are already on it, then there is no change for you and thus no need to scream about the sky falling. The mins usage I can kind of understand, but honestly, the vast majority of the world uses more than 500 mins a month. The people that post up on this site are the minority and honestly, just feed the trolls. Compared to the other 3 carriers this is a great deal for most people, and while those that have had T-Mo at the discount cut rate, go to a different carrier and get what you have or can will be getting with these new plans for that price point. You just can’t, and you won’t, unless its with Cricket or another regional carrier.

    • xmiro

      nope, there is still throttling
      “unlimited talk, text, & web” with 500MB high-speed data

      • That’s only if you DON’T get a separate data plan. The $50 voice and text plan comes with 500mb data. You want more? You pay the $10 or $20.

    • korama12

      But it says “no overages”. To me that means that there will still be throttling if you go over your alloted data and they won’t start charging you extra money for more data (aka overage charges).

    • Rhonda Griffeth-Bishop

      nope , no overages, you will be slowed down, if you want high sped just call .

    • BigMama

      I thought the same thing when I viewed it. Not a pleasing promotion to the novice person. In reality, you are throttled to 2G after you use up your allotted 4G data for the month. The whole tmobile document needs a revamp, so any viewer doesn’t need to know all the little things to understand what it actually means. I visited a Tmobile corp store to clarify the new program.

      Mobile hotspot is capped after you use allotted amount per month.

      No overages or surprises. If there is no contract then I think all the peeps who update their plan monthly will eventually wear tmobile customer service out and they will start charging a fee.

    • Tmob81

      If you look at the document, the 500 mb is talkimg to 4g web, the data throtle will still exist. Every plan is unlimited talk, text, and web. You decide what type of access you want for high speed.

  • AndroidProfit

    Got it! Nice sneaky move there. Maybe they are COUNTING on people NOT NOTICING that they REMOVED THROTTLING if you go over 2g and instead went with a hit you with more fees!! LOLOL!!

    LOL! And they claim, “Expensive devices” while they turn around and artificially inflate the cost of smartphones and hope that consumers don’t notice! WHY NOT OFFER A DISCOUNT ON THE PHONE IF YOU PURCHASE IT OUR RIGHT?!?!?!

    Meet the new boss same as the old boss. Who seriously falls for this BULLSHIT?

    • Slimshadey

      Nerd rage. People complained about throttling, and now that its gone, you still complain. If you know you will go over 4g’s of data, just sign up for the $20 unlimited, and rock out with your sock out. Why do people make it so difficult unless you really don’t understand.

      As far as the devices go, if you think the fees they charge for the device on EIP are inflated you are sadly mistaken. The fees for these phones are at or just over MSRP, period. If you enjoy paying 800 bucks for a 300 dollar phone, go back to Verizon or AT&T. Why do you think you are entitled to a discount for buying a phone out right? You aren’t, nor should you be. I am sure they will offer specials but the fact that you can get these phones, with no ball and chain in the form of a 2+ year contract is worth paying for the device out of pocket. Some people bitch just to hear themselves complain…

      • right or just go and buy the phones from craigslist ebay etc. I also wonder if this is the end of T-mobile branded phones (just offer the international unlocked version that supports the correct frequencies/bands) so they don’t have to support their bloatware , WiFi calling, and deal with software updates.

        • SlimShadey

          Ya, however I am not sure they want to sell phones without the T-Mo logo on them. But thats great food for thought…

    • squiggleslash

      They’ve never had throttling on PAYG data.

      For the last few years you’ve had the following options when it came to data on a plan:

      – PAYG (pay per megabyte), no allowance, no monthly fee
      – $X unlimited data (throttled at $Y)
      – $X2 unlimited data (throttled at $Y2)
      – $X3 unlimited data (throttled at $Y3)
      – $X4 unlimited data (throttled at $Y4) includes Tethering
      – $X5 unlimited data, no throttle

      What’s changed is that:
      – PAYG has become more generous, cheaper, has a free usage tier, and is capped
      – The six hundred “Unlimited*” add-ons have been simplified.

      They’re not counting on you not noticing anything. In fact, the very fact that you start to pay for 2G more data after the first 500Mb should clue you in on the fact it’s a PAYG scheme, not unlimited.

    • Spanky

      I can’t say that the EIP25 doesn’t irk me. I’m guessing that the down payment will be $200; with a 20 month EIP, that’s $700. Is that T-Mobile’s new price point?

    • who said they’re removing throttling? if you read it correctly all plans are UNLIMITED talk, text and WEB. so they will throttle after 500mb of high speed data

    • bob90210

      If you don’t like T-Mobiles prices, then just buy the (GSM) phone from who ever you want. That’s half the point of the no contract plans.

  • jmangua1

    What if I don’t want unlimited minutes.. hmm.. T-Mobile great you’re going all uncarrier but but I really hope this new plan isn’t your only option! Don’t make me pay more for minutes I’ll never use!

    • SlimShadey

      are you kidding me? people are seriously going to complain about anything and everything. T-Mo is giving you unlimited mins and texts for the same price you are prolly paying today, if not less, and you are bitching about it? Holy crap.

      • Zach Mauch

        not really. I’m currently on the 1000 minute value family plan with my wife and I both having the 2GB option data plans. That means it’s $59.99 + 2x $10 = $79.99 + tax. If we are forced to switch to these new plans, our rate goes up by $20/month to get the same amount of data. Plus, we have the potential for it to cost more if we go over 2GB. Right now, we just drop to out of 4G speeds. That is a VERY significant price hike.

        Honestly, I do like the large majority of this. However, leaving only this one pricing structure has the potential to raise the cost for many people. Might make me move to simple talk.

        • SlimShadey

          I can see that, and its a valid point, but to contest that, I would personally like to have that buffer and be safe rather than the alternative and going over. The whole point to this is to remove the possibility of overages, which, lets be honest, drives a lot of revenue for these companies.

        • superg05

          my phone alerts me if im getting close to mine at all yours does not???? of course that not an issue with my new plan

          my current usage

          DATA 1 GB / Unlimited on our network Up to 9765.6 GB full-speed data then throttled im going to get no where near that i used 30gb once :)

        • CJ

          I was also wondering I am at $110 for 1,000 minutes, unlimited data, 500 texts and 200 texts (family plan) and with insurance. Even T-Mobile reps say its an awesome plan will I be forced out of this plan since I am off my contract?

        • superg05

          not likely

        • TBN27


        • you’re not going to be forced***

        • mdosu

          Also, this new “uncarrier” plan gets significantly more expensive if you have a few AALs as well. Under current value plan promotion, you’re getting it free this year and next year it’s only $5/line. Under the new “uncarrier” plan, it’s a minimum $10/line. This matters to me b/c my parents and inlaws are on my household account, and they ONLY use voice. (no text or data).

        • John

          Not quite, the add a lines that need unlimited just dropped by $15

        • mdosu

          Can you show me what you’re talking about? i must have missed this.

        • superg05

          tmobile is not gonna force you to switch

        • Albert

          you will never have to change your current plan if you don’t want to. Plus there is no overages. If you choose 2gb plan you get 2gb then throttled. the article is slightly wrong in that sense.

      • AndroidProfit

        I guess you have missed the countless posts where people demonstrate how this new BS move will cost them more money.

        • SlimShadey

          All I see are your countless negative posts constantly bitching about anything T-Mobile does. Why are you even here? O right, trolls have to have a sandbox to play in. ;)

        • UncleFan

          Actually, the only real trolls are the PR/Marketing shills and commission-greedy reps who hang out here.

        • squiggleslash

          In fairness, you and “UncleFan” are the authors of most of the countless posts ;-)

      • Deadeye37

        Me & my wife have a 500 min. grandfathered plan for 49.99/mo. We don’t have texting (my wife hates text, I use google voice for my text). I also have the 200 MB data plan for my SGSIII (I use about 150 MB/mo). So our bill is about $65/mo. I definitely do not want this to affect my plan.

        I think its a great plan. It just doesn’t suit my needs. It would be great if they did have a cheap voice plan like that 49.99 plan I have right now. $50 for a family plan? That’s a great deal for those who don’t use very many minutes!

    • UncleFan

      Agreed. YET AGAIN, T-Mobile tries to hide a PRICE HIKE underneath a new set of service plans and a load of marketing mumbo jumbo!

      I’ll never get rid of my classic plan if I have to pay extra for voice minutes I don’t use. As it stands now, this new plan would cost me $25 extra per month including EIP. Hopefully more information will come out regarding ALL the permutations of the new plans. I would also be happy if they let you pair the EIP with one of the standalone data plans.

      • Logicaluser

        You do realize they aren’t charging you for voice…voice doesn’t cost them money nor is it used. You’re paying for SMS and Data. They include it there in the marketing blast, sure, but people would flip if they didn’t have the voice called out.

        • texts don’t cost the carrier anything either. This is proven by Ting which charges basically 1/4 of one cent per text message.

        • Do the math

          So 1/4 of 1 cent mean 4 text messages would cost the company1 penny…so a person who sends and receives a total of 2000 text messages per month is costing the company $5 when the company charges $10 for unlimited text…so you are saying that a compnay that has to employee staff, market, keep stores open and so forth can operate all this on that $5 profit from you text messaging? How about the people that text 5000 times per month…now they are costing the company money…who pays for that?????

        • it’s called the law of averages. by offering unlimited they are betting on some customers using way more than the average and just as many using way less than the average.

        • superg05

          1/4 of a cent is regular tx messages a tiny few kb of data not multimedia pictures and video sending aka mms i don’t think so

        • except the expensive infrastructure to maintain and update the networks, the employees and technicians to run a successful communication company. how much does it cost a communication company to employ a technician per year. unfortunately its not magic, it doesn’t work all by itself it cost millions of dollars a day, 1/4 of a cent per text message doesn’t even put a drop in the bucket to operate in the electricity bill or the cable companies that pump the internet to the towers. To purchase the handset and technologies/ hardware like LTE to wireless transmit the internet at faster speeds. beside there’s no hidden secret, its america its free market FOR PROFIT. NOT GOOD WILL. There’s a lot of hard work and opportunity that should be rewarded. Not a compelling argument, $10 for a messaging plan. whats that per day? 30 cent a day for unlimited messaging. can you not afford that? or would you rather complain about nothing

        • fsured

          Is that 1/4 a cent for regular txt messages or including video and picture messages?

        • UncleFan

          LOL, what? Why would I want to switch from a plan that gives me little or no voice and unlimited data to a plan that has unlimited voice (which I don’t use) and a measly 500 MB (which isn’t enough) and pay $25 month more for an EIP because I lost my device subsidy?

          The only way the new plans work for me is if they let you get a smartphone EIP with the standalone MBB plans… does anyone know if that’s possible?

        • JBrowne1012

          Get a Unlimited Data plan and use certain apps to call and text for free…

        • archerian

          actually voice does cost money, it costs more than SMS and depending on which area codes are called, can cost more than data if the user is a heavy caller (like for 2000 minutes a month or above). Termination rates (cost to T-mobile to connect a call to a destination) for some rural area codes run into several tens of cents per minute, some are as high as 30 cents a minute.

    • TyRetr0

      I feel you bruh. lol

    • nonebetta16

      The solution for you is prepaid .you get unlimited for an even $50

    • Bill Berry

      You’re not paying for minutes in the big picture view; it’s the same as the old 56k modem days when bandwidth was extremely narrow on POTS; now that it’s the other way around, we all pay for data. Voice used it now. You may not think of it as VoIP but that’s the world we live in now.

  • AndroidProfit

    LOLOLOL!! That is friggin SLIIIIIIIIICK!!! Sure they lowered the monthly rates by a bit BUT they REMOVED throttling so essentially FORCING you to get unlimited data when you don’t need it! Man this new slick sleazy used car salesman CEO is DOING HIS SLIMY JOB WELL!

    • I wonder if their doing it in the name of customer experience. I had the 2GB plan and hit my cap a few days before my billing cycle ended and I immediately saw how useless throttled speeds are and it was a pain having to call in while on the road to upgrade my plan.

    • G

      They are not forcing you to get the unlimited plan. Just like right now, if you only use less then 2GB of data, you will save $10 / mo. You should know your usage or at least an average

  • AndroidProfit

    oh ya and BAM they removed the lower tiered plans for peeps who don’t talk or text that much!! LOL!!

    • wowpeoplewhinealot

      If you paid for just data. It’d be 50/month. The data is what costs money. So, you want data for 50/month or talk/text/data for the identical price?

  • squiggleslash

    Seems reasonable. The options start to get confusing on the data side, but they’re not terrible. I prefer throttling to hard caps, as appears to be the intention with the tethering plans, that seems a small negative in a shake up that’s largely positive.

  • xmiro

    Ok so not too bad. Right now on value we pay $49.99 for voice and 2x$5 for 200MB data, $73.28 with taxes total. I just wish we didn’t have to pay for text plan, neither of us texts.

  • 21stNow

    Since the graphic above says prepaid and postpaid, are they saying that the $30 Monthly 4G plan with 100 minutes is going away?

    • Herb

      That’s a Wal-Mart plan that T-Mobile has never offered directly, so I’m guessing it won’t change.

      • mgldan

        The plan is also offered for SIM cards purchased and activated through T-Mobile.com. It was the main thing driving me to unlock my Sprint iPhone 4S. The one big question not answered is whether people will be able to retain their old plans after this goes into effect.

        • spritemoney

          This is for postpaid customers not for prepaid customers. I’m pretty sure the $30 plan will remain available. Also Sprint iPhones won’t work with T-Mobile.

        • Michael Johnson

          They actually do I you buy a Gevey SIM. Do your homework LOL

        • Herb

          Monthly 4G terms and conditions are different from contract, but I think it goes without saying that grandfathered contract plans will remain. T-Mobile is not looking to migrate their whole customer base on March 24th. They will be pushing people towards these new plans from here on out, however.

          As far as Monthly 4G (prepaid) goes, it doesn’t sound like they’re changing the plans at all (David has only posted information about the postpaid no contract plans) and I bet Wal-Mart has a pretty solid deal protecting their exclusive offerings. If something is going to change T-Mobile generally notifies the customers one month in advance. But without a contract, the company has the right to make changes as they see fit.

      • MatthewMurawski

        It’s also a plan available to new customers to T-Mobile, so in a way, they did offer it directly.

  • Aaron Peromsik

    For customers on the low end of usage… this could be a great day for PTel, Ultra, and friends.

  • Garrett

    Looks like I’m sticking to my $30/month Monthly4G plan.

  • blahblah

    It seems to me like there’s something misinterpreted here. The screenshots state that there’s no overages. It also states select how much high speed data the user needs. Third, its says that all plans include unlimited web. So I don’t think the throttling goes away. It seems to me that you need to select how much high-speed data you need, in 2GB increments, either ahead of time, or add on when you need it. If you don’t want to pay extra, you stick with throttled after 500mb.

    • xmiro

      that’s how I understand it too
      500MB of 4G data by default, cross it and get throttled or pay $10 and get 2GB more

      • that makes more sense but it just shows something.. if people like me who understand wireless are confused by their literature how is the average consumer going to interpret all this?

        • xmiro

          those pictures up in the post are actually the training manuals for T-Mobile sales people. Hopefully Tmo will not have a confusing explanation of everything. Although, 2nd picture from top is pretty clear but you have to read closely :)

      • Joshua Jacobs

        That is not how the article described it. Usage will be billed at $10 per 2 gigs extra unless on unlimited. It is not considered an overage because the rate is cheaper.

    • Nick Cannon

      I agree otherwise it would be an overage charge and not unlimited for the lowest charge

  • TheSchwartz

    I was paying $140/mo for two lines with unlimited data. For our needs under the new plan, we would end up paying $110/ month. Add in EIP and these new plans would be a lot more money. I’m glad we switched to AT&T and the iPhone at Christmas.

    • SlimShadey

      And how much are you honestly paying now with iPhone plan for both lines, I am guessing its more than the 110. Add in your money down for the iPhones, prolly 200 a piece? over the course of 20 months, is an extra 20ish with tax a month, add in the extra 4 months you would be paying on the 2 year contract you just signed, you are paying more, period. Fail logic is fail my friend. Have fun with your inflated contract fee’s.

    • xmiro

      so what’s your AT&T plan?
      Don’t forget it’s $140 or $110 + taxes (18.157% for me in Florida)

      • TheSchwartz

        I switched to $150/mo with the iPhone. It is more money, but we were willing to leave Tmobile after 10 years because we wanted the iPhone and we wanted a stronger network. We were willing to pay a little more per month for those two things.

        I called Tmobile a couple times and told them I was planning in leaving and that if they would give me a screaming deal on the Nexus 4 I would stay with them. They offered me half off the nexus and $10 off my monthly bill.

        • Jose Hernandez

          Half of the phone and a monthly credit was not good enough for you? Also, they will be launching a brand new LTE network this year. Possibly give better sales on the phones with the newly announced pricing, and you still chose to leave for AT&T? I am not bashing you, Don’t take it that way please. But it sounded like they offered you a fare deal. Now if you are happy with AT&T and your phones, great! glad it worked out for you. But if that is the case, why are you still here? positing on something that has no impact on your service?

        • TheSchwartz

          I lived tmobile for most of the ten years I was with them. Why do I still care about tmobile? I live right by the HQ and have friends who work there. I hope they are successful.

        • xmiro

          hm, why would you even bother getting subsidized Nexus 4 when it’s so cheap straight from Google and doesn’t tie you down with an ETF?

          Did you get the AT&T mobile share w 4GB?
          So your phone bill in reality is $150+tax+fees+(199.99×2+sales tax)

          Though a sweet Nexus 4 deal has the potential to sour the EIP/Value plan advantage if you get it down low enough and don’t have to have unlimited everything service to get the discount

        • TheSchwartz

          If I bought the nexus 4 from google, I would still be paying $140/mo for service. I bought the iPhones from Walmart at Christmas for about $127.

          Yes, $150+taxes and fees just like $140+taxes and fees for tmobile.

        • xmiro

          I see

          Well for whatever it’s worth on my spreadsheet it came out – Tmobile $4,118.57 vs AT&T $4,269.21 vs $4,165.72 Tmobile Classic unlimited

          over 24 months

          2 lines
          Tmobile 79.98/mo, 2x2GB data vs AT&T mobile share w/4GB data

          18.157% florida tax on the voice plan

          2×1.61 fcc fee,

          2x$0.50 E911

          2x$127 down payment for Tmo with 2x$25 EIP for 20 months

          AT&T 2x$127 iphones

    • UMA_Fan

      So you’re glad you’re spending nearly $1,000 more during the life of your contract just to have iPhones on at&t?

      • TheSchwartz

        Tmobile with nexus 4:
        130×24+100×2= $3,320

        AT&T with IPhone 5:
        150×24+125×2= $3,850

        Not sure where you got $1,000 from, and yes, we are willing to pay extra for a better network and the iPhone.

        • SlimShadey

          then your whole post above is a farce. You said you pay less when you clearly don’t but then say you are willing to pay more. Don’t complain about something just to complain man, makes you look silly. :)

        • TheSchwartz

          Not sure where I supposedly said I pay less on AT&T with the iPhone than these new tmobile plans. I said our old tmobile plan would still be cheaper than the new tmobile plans introduced today.

    • AT&T doesn’t even offer unlimited data. Be sure not to go over your usage and get that bill shock. iPhone will be on T-Mobile within the next 60 days with real unlimited data. $140 on AT&T gets you what like 2GB shared between two people? Good luck with that.

  • nonebetta16

    why is everyone bitching so much? you wanted no contract and now you have! you wanted unlimited data and now you have it! wake up call! these phones are no longer data friendly. You can’t expect a Mercedes at a Hyundai price. shame on you for complaining about how you don’t use this much of this and that. it’s 2013 technology is constantly on the rise and for only $20 bucks unlimited data with hotspot! ifyou want to be stuck in. contract go to verizon get throttled , overcharged, then try to break the contact at $400 per line. STOP LIVING IN THE PAST!

    • Agreed. Everyone needs to pull out their cell phone bills from a decade ago and reminisce. I remember paying $149 a month for unlimited voice and data on Nextel and that was a grandfathered plan (everyone else was shelling out $199 a month).

      • archerian

        just because the prices were higher in the past does not absolve a company from offering choice. Not everyone needs unlimited talk and text, many millions are happy with 1000 minutes or so with free nights and weekends, and they don’t pay anywhere near the new plan costs.

        • JayMo86

          so u mean to tell me that back in the day there was a 1000 min plan w/ nights & weekends unlimted text and with data access for less than $50??? I think your buggin buddy

        • archerian

          you’re missing my point – a significantly large group of people DON’T need unlimited text and data, whatever the price it is offered at. I never said anything about $50, I’m guessing you got the value from the starting point for the Un-carrier plans.

          Just for some information, back in the day there were plans with 1000 minutes and free night/weekends for $40 per month. Add $10 for unlimited messaging and $2.99 for data. Which brings the total to around $50. Yes, data was $3 then. Many people still have that plan.

        • JayMo86

          wait, u mean the $2.99 t-zones plan??? those days were great, but i think your still living in the past. I’d like to see some1 with that old rate plan put their sim cards in a new smartphone and see if it works at all…

        • archerian

          you’re talking to one :) I have three lines with 600 min, free nights & weekends and myFavs with 5GB data on 2 of them for $80 all taxes and fees included. I had the $2.99 t-zones, but moved to the $5 one when I had to add a line in 2009. The $5 T-zones works with the Nexus 4, which I use on both the data lines and I get “4G” speeds with hotspot. I previously used the Galaxy Nexus and the HD7 before that. Due to myFavs, I use around 300 Whenever minutes each month. We are happy with limited minutes, and we used to have a “Preferred 500 Texts” add on that gave free texts for the occasional incoming texts. Why would I move to a newer plan when I am happy with the limited minutes and texts I have? I am not the only one, there are several people on “Preferred” grandfathered plans, check out the 5 year old (but still updated currently) thread in Howardforums on all the addons and updates.

          But we are digressing, my earlier point being if T-mobile wants to be a un-carrier, they should offer 1000 minute per line plans starting at $30 or something instead of a flat all out $50 starting point. Part of being the un-carrier is not following what others are doing and really offering an a la carte choice. But I am not sure they will do that, I think their calculations and break even points target everyone to move to the UL plans to become viable. The new prices are attractive to customers who joined/changed plans in the 2010-2013 time-frame (when the data boom came about), plans before it are still cheaper in most cases.

        • Anon

          You’re forgetting the fact that they have goSmartMobile and MetroPCS. Those brands will sit at the lower price points you are looking for. If they go lower than the $50 base then they will just eat into those customer bases.

        • archerian

          I don’t think MetroPCS is a T-mobile offering right now nor a viable choice, not at least till they are run as a single entity which will happen only in 2015 and because of the different range and quality of smartphones available on T-mobile/GSM as compared to MetroPCS/CDMA.

          The problem with Prepaid is the savings don’t add up like they do with family plans (unless goSmart has family prepaid or something). Maybe its because even those plans offer unlimited talk & text. If T-mobile can offer UL talk and text on their prepaid offering for $30, why is it $50 when its a regular plan? The 500MB data & roaming cannot be $20. It’s actually possible for T-mobile to offer UL talk and text starting at $30 instead of $50, but as you mentioned it might eat into the customer base. But why not merge it all and make it simpler? With the elimination of contracts, everything is month to month now right? So there is really no distinct customer bases, except the ones created artificially via the prepaid/postpaid/EIP distinction.

        • conservative_motorcyclist

          There are certain benefits to being post-paid vs prepaid…The biggest one I can think of is that post-paid customers can roam onto “partner and roaming” coverage areas and get full voice and data service without any overages. (minus the off-network data-caps)

        • Bill Berry

          Existing customers do not benefit until their contract expires.

        • MuthaFuckinStephen

          You must live a boring life. But cool story bro.

        • Bill Berry

          You just made my point; I have a couple of ancient SIM cards, they work just fine on my Rhodiums, HD2 and unlocked Titans. Tier 2 swore up and down it wouldn’t work but they do work; the APN change to epc.tmobile.com eliminated the proxy we needed to pull it off.

        • Bill Berry

          I just said the same thing a moment ago; it’s all an advertising game…Unlimited T-Zones when it was first introduced was $2.99 and then it went to $4.99 and $5.99…where I jumped on board. Tier 2 said it would never work but it did work; I had five lines at $5.99 each; a bargain. I could stay at $5.99 as long as I bought my phones retail but they pulled out all the stops…online, kiosk, 611…all of them said I had to upgrade to do anything..There are people to this day paying $2.99 for unlimited data…no caps! What has changed is back in the day, the emphasis was voice minutes, next was text messaging and now it’s data. Text messaging is a cash cow for these carriers; the heaviest of text users might hit a megabyte worth of characters…think about that folks and what you’re paying. We had 5 lines on Family My Faves, Unlimited Text and Unlimited T-Zones for $169.86 before taxes and fees and I remember when that was all I paid; and then like Ma Bell…every fee known to man is now tacked on…$32 altogether tacked on. For the most part the bottom line has remained the change, what’s different now is less choice; data is where it is at now and it cost a pretty penny to use. What hasn’t changed is coverage. MetroPCS is currently CDMA and not GSM. It buys T-Mobile spectrum, what T-Mobile needs to get cracking on is more towers. I refuse to pay more for a service which I and other rural users won’t benefit from and aren’t likely ever to see anything else other than EDGE. You really have to know the differences between then and now; God knows T-Mobile tried and eventually I did but not because of a better plan for the money. If that were true they’d have their wifi calling app on every device regardless of platform.

        • shazbot

          i get that same setup for 55$ dollars right now, after some creative discounting. and my data has no cap. Why should i want to change? same plan post paid is 70$ i cant remember the last time i went over 500 minutes.

      • galaxymaniac

        you make an invalid argument, as more people start using mobile technology it promotes economies of scale, competition and other optimizations that lead to less cost to serve a user.

        • Bartlebee Jones

          His argument is pointless. There may be around 50 thousand customers with his plans. T-Mobile isn’t trying to satisfy those people. They are going after the customers of the competition. It is impossible for anyone right now to get the legacy plans he is mentioning–absolutely impossible. The only companies that offer anything less expensive than the “uncarrier” options will be regional and MVNO/prepaid carriers. Typically the biggest pain point to a consumer is being nickel and dimed. These plans eliminate the complexities of the wireless industry. Signing up for cellular service is more convoluted than signing up for cable, home internet, satellite, or almost any other service, and it shouldn’t be that way. You could probably give this guy unlimited everything with no throttling and free tethering for $20 for all three of his lines and he would still bitch. It would be impossible for him to get what he has anywhere else. That is why he complains. He is stuck and cannot go with anything else unless he wants to significantly increase his bill.

        • Bill Berry

          You can use the legacy plan as long as you buy your own device to use on their network. The catch is…is to not use the new SIM cards. The APN hasn’t changed in quite some time. The new SIM cards make legacy use impossible.

    • SlimShadey

      I wanted to +1 this post 1000 times. Finally a voice of reason (Next to my own of course :) ). Great points.

    • UncleFan

      “why is everyone bitching so much?”

      Because the whole reason many of us went with T-Mobile in the first place is because it was CHEAP – not just cheaper than the competition, but cheap, period.

      Getting rid of the small minute bucket essentially brings the cost of a T-Mo smartphone in line with Sprint’s stupid pricing. It wouldn’t surprise me if AT&T had a better deal than this, if you can survive the credit check…

      “You can’t expect a Mercedes at a Hyundai price”

      I don’t want a Hyundai with gold-plated rims I don’t need at a Mercedes price.

      • SlimShadey

        This is far from a mercedes price, and while this appears in line with Sprints, its much better in my opinion, the network being the first reason. I would love to see you get what you are getting in this package somewhere else for the same quality network. You can’t, and you wont. Is it going to be $5 more a month for you? Maybe, but again, the majority of the people this plan is going to attract, use more than a 100 min bucket.

      • Dakota

        Move to Straight talk and for 45 dollars you will keep your tmobile service with a smaller data allotment

        • UncleFan

          Maybe I will, but if I give up my postpaid subsidy I’m sure as heck not going to reward T-Mobile for failure. I’ll use Straight Talk on the AT&T sim, not the T-Mo version.

        • Bill Berry

          Straight Talk’s GSM plan is unlimited across the board; you auto-refill it’s $42.50; Why do you think AT&T has stock in TracFone? AT&T benefits from their MVNOs that use their network.

      • squiggleslash

        If you came to T-Mobile because it’s cheap, then good riddance. You’re the demographic that T-Mobile’s been chasing that helped cause T-Mobile to collapse as the company we knew and loved.

        I switched to T-Mobile because it had a quality network. Because it had plans that weren’t full of gotchas. Because it was flexible on what phones you used and didn’t care how you used them. That had good customer service.

        We’ve seen it race to the bottom over the last few years, adding conditions for smartphone usage, creating bizarre AT&T-like “You must use this device with this plan” plans like the (thankfully, gone now) myTouch data plans. They’ve been so busy cutting prices that they’ve figured that outsourcing customer service people is A-OK and not a problem. And, quite honestly, I’ve not had so many dropped calls in my entire life, across carriers as diverse as Orange and one2one (UK), Sprint PCS, and AT&T Wireless (the original one), as I have in the last two years.

        This is a net positive. No more phone subsidies. Simple plans that make the rules minimal and clear. No overages. Oh, and if T-Mobile were to say “You know, we can do these plans, or we charge $10 more and start really fixing our network and rehiring our CS agents”, I’d pay for that.

        I don’t want them trying to get you as a customer. You already have a carrier that’s looking out for your interests. Ironically, it’s MetroPCS.

        • UncleFan

          This is the dumbest thing I’ve EVER read on this website, and that’s really saying something considering all the paid shills and astroturfing reps that hang out here!

          Let me get this straight: you’re blaming value-conscious customers for T-Mobile’s problems? Listen up, moneybags! If you want a Tiffany network with superior quality of service and great coverage, VERIZON is the wireless carrier for you. Why don’t you put your money where your mouth is, you arrogant pr–k?

        • squiggleslash

          No, I’m blaming T-Mobile chasing cheap customers for its problems. Back when I joined them, and at least until the introduction of the EM/EM+ plans, they were the highest quality network in the US in my area, and they had a reputation for excellent customer service.

          You’re calling me an “arrogant pr-ck” for thinking that’s a good thing?

          As for “Verizon”, here’s an idea, read what I read. What part of the following sounds remotely like Verizon to you:

          “I switched to T-Mobile because it had a quality network. Because it had
          plans that weren’t full of gotchas. Because it was flexible on what
          phones you used and didn’t care how you used them. That had good
          customer service.”

          T-Mobile’s problem right now is that it is a budget Verizon. Nobody’s asking for a “Tiffany” network, I just want one that doesn’t feel like something with less quality than Sprint, poorer customer service than at&t, and more control freaks than Verizon. (Oh, and BTW, how is Verizon a “Tiffany network” when it still has voice quality, even today, that makes most users sound like they’re talking through a garden hose?)

          You’ve always had carriers that’ll give you a crappy service at a cheap price. Five years ago, T-Mobile wasn’t one of them.

        • UncleFan

          “You’ve always had carriers that’ll give you a crappy service at a cheap price. Five years ago, T-Mobile wasn’t one of them.”

          You’re delusional. T-Mobile has always had spotty coverage outside of major markets, and even in their 3G areas the signal is doomed when you walk inside of a building because of the crappy AWS spectrum.

        • JayMo86

          u need to chill out and stop getting emotional cause some1 has a different opinion than u

        • Kris Wise

          Listen dude, I agree with you but did you just say, Verizon and “superior quality of service” in the same sentence? Makes me think you’ve never had Verizon. Its CS is worth a bucket of turds. Their data pipes are fast but thats the only thing Verizon is remotly good at.

        • archerian

          “I switched to T-Mobile because it had a quality network” … priceless

        • Hesster

          Depends on where you live. In my area, T-Mobile DOES have a quality network. Better than any carrier except Verizon.

        • galaxymaniac

          “depends on where you live” – exactly. no one ever moved to T-mobile for coverage, it’s usually cost. Like you said, if quality was the main motivating factor, they would chose Verizon. T-mobile was never known for its quality network. If it was, it would be the leading company now, if it had good quality across a sizable coverage area and low cost.

        • shawndh

          T-Mobile network is better than AT&T in ATL. I used to work for AT&T and hated them

        • Bill Berry

          But drive 60 miles south to Thomaston, GA and where’s T-Mobile? No service; it’s ridiculous that a town of that size has no coverage.

        • squiggleslash

          Want to share why you think T-Mobile didn’t have a quality network a few years ago, or did you join T-Mobile one month ago and miss the part of my post where it was obvious I was talking about T-Mobile 5+ years ago?

          FWIW, I joined back in 2001. At that time, in South Florida, it had the highest quality network of all the major operators.

        • galaxymaniac

          5 years ago T-mobile didn’t even have a proper 3G network, coverage outside the metros was spotty, and any place that had 3G needed phones with AWS bands and only few phones supported them. So much for quality and flexibility on phones that could be used.

        • squiggleslash

          Please don’t try to find ways to bend my words to mean something else, and misuse historical context at the same time. 3G coverage was poor five years ago huh? You should have seen their GSM network back in the 1980s, it was impossible to use!

          “Coverage” (areas served) outside of the metros is not significantly different today to five years ago. However, the quality is significantly down with dropped calls being a regular occurance, in this area of South Florida (Treasure Coast/Palm Beach), something that wasn’t true five years ago.

          3G five years ago wasn’t remotely as important as it was today. Smartphones were rare. The phones virtually everyone used were 2G. And almost all unlocked GSM phones supported T-Mobile’s PCS bands. Until the iPhone, 3G was pretty much a capacity play by the networks.

          And yes, you could use any generic GSM device on T-Mobile’s network the way you wanted to. I tethered my N800 with my (independently bought) Motorola V635 and used T-Mobile’s – at the time excellent – EDGE network to surf the web. T-Mobile had no objections, I had a generic T-Mobile Internet data plan, and that was all you needed.

          There was no objection to me buying a generic phone, and using the generic data service for generic data using the standard generic plans. That’s how it should be, and T-Mobile’s been all over the map the last five years on that.

        • galaxymaniac

          GSM in the 1980s? There was no T-mobile or its parent companies in the ’80s, actually no GSM networks at all! And in ’08-’09, 3G was not relevant to T-mobile as they didn’t have a proper network, but the millions of iphone users on AT&T were pretty significant. A large reason for churn started then and T-mobile has been struggling with it since.

        • squiggleslash


        • Bill Berry

          They remind me of the VHS vs. Betamax story; T-Mobile for the longest time refused to join everybody else and Apple made them pay dearly.

      • Napster87

        the price difference between 500 minutes and unlimited minutes is literally $10. Society is spoiled. Cell phones are a luxury. not a necessity. You have to pay to play. if the price is too high for you, get a lan lind and accept the fact that you simply can’t afford one.

        • UncleFan

          “the price difference between 500 minutes and unlimited minutes is literally $10.”

          What a stupid argument. The difference between a bounced check and a cleared check is 1 penny. Anyone who wastes money, especially in this economy, is a FOOL.

          “Cell phones are a luxury. not a necessity.”

          LOL, tell that to all the people who work for a living in the year 2013. You must be a kid or a retired millionaire if you think cellphones are a luxury.

        • Napster87

          Hey, if you’re bouncing checks, that’s your problem. If you’re working, you can afford $10 a month. I can assure you, I’m a grown man with a great job but if i was struggling financially due to $10 a month, i could get by on a lan line and a pager. (Yes those still exist.)

        • UncleFan

          Your argument is irrational from a consumer’s point of view. Regardless of one’s income, it never makes sense to pay for voice minutes you don’t need, only to get shortchanged on data you DO need.

          “I’m a grown man with a great job”

          Why do I suspect that this “great job” happens to be at T-Mobile? Your arguments only make sense from the point of view of the person selling the wireless service, not the person buying it. Of course a store manager or a commissioned sales rep thinks it’s a great idea to sell people crap they don’t need at rip-off prices.

        • Napster87

          It might not but to really bitch over $10 like its the end of the work? Ridiculous. T-Mobile is already much more affordable than the other major carriers. Does metro have a minute bucket? My point is that people are spoiled

        • galaxymaniac

          you must be a rich fellow, to literally burn away $10+ a month.. after all, if you’re paying that money for something you don’t use, you might as well burn the $10. Ten or twenty bucks saved across a year might mean a month or two of free service each year. Most people would gladly choose that, but then again most people might not have as great a job as you.

        • Napster87

          Priorities man. A cell phone bill should not be a priority. Its STILL cheaper than other options.

        • Mike

          “Why do I suspect that this “great job” happens to be at T-Mobile? Your arguments only make sense from the point of view of the person selling the wireless service, not the person buying it. Of course a store manager or a commissioned sales rep thinks it’s a great idea to sell people crap they don’t need at rip-off prices.”

          You’re an idiot. I’m a T-Mobile rep and these plans are going to be detrimental to our pay. Without contracts and the pricing of these plans, which is based how we get paid, our livelihood is being taken away and will reduced beyond belief. This plan does not benefit a T-Mobile employee in ANY way. This new plan will 110% see a cut in our commission which we were already making very little. You tell me how a family plan with five lines with unlimited talk, text, and 500MB on every line for 110$ is expensive? That’s cheaper than the defacto cheapest wireless carrier, Metro PCS. Meanwhile you have ATT charging you 40$ for 450 minutes, 20$ for unlimited texting, 20$ for 300MB of web for their cheapest option. 80$ for one line versus 110$ for an enitre family plan really puts things into perspective. The only people getting shortchanged here are T-Mobile employees, you twat.

        • Mike

          And by the way, the whole idea in this new plan is to eliminate ALL surprises so you know what to expect on your bill monthly. If you feel like you want minutes, buy the prepaid plan for 30$ that gives you 1500 talk/text and 30MB of web. On top of everything, this plan has no contract or activation fees.

        • Bill Berry

          Then it should be one base plan, like Verizon Wireless and that’s it. VW is as plain Jane as it gets; I do think prepaid and post paid should be identical; no classic, no value…one base plan, period. You want extra data you pay for it; done!!!

        • UncleFan

          I’ll respond to your obnoxious comment in full because it exemplifies every fallacy that spews from the ungrateful mouths of the shills that frequent this forum:

          #1) Your contempt for your own customers shines through your prattle as it does from all the other reps who post here. Ever heard of “don’t bite the hand that feeds you”?

          #2) Family plans are always the go-to for wireless shills who are desperate to convince a skeptic that a price hike is actually a “great deal”. Totally irrelevant in my case, of course, because I’m only shopping for myself. It’s the individual plans where the rip-offs hit the hardest.

          #3) You ask, “You tell me how a family plan with five lines with unlimited talk, text, and 500MB on every line for 110$ is expensive?”

          LOL, any plan that sells me voice minutes I don’t need but fails to include enough data is too expensive at ANY price!

          #4) You obviously suffer from the same delusion as almost everyone who works in the wireless industry – you think consumers actually *want* wireless service and are willing to pay some premium to get it. News flash: NOBODY cares about wireless service anymore, they care about the PHONES, stupid. It’s all about the phones and has been since the iPhone came out in 2007. People only buy wireless service so that their shiny new smartphones will work properly, that is all.

          Wireless service is utility, or worse, a commodity. Nobody gives a crap how many megawatts a toaster uses, and they sure as heck don’t want to talk about it. People just want the electricity to work for as cheaply as possible so that their toast comes out crispy. Smartphones are the true objects of desire – wireless service is just a necessary evil.

          #5) That’s sucks for you that your commission is going down, but I think they should just do away with those kinds of incentives. Maybe then you might stop looking down at your customers as sheep in need of fleecing!

        • Bill Berry

          assuming you change nothing else and all your decisions are extremely rigid and unbending.

        • trmacdonal

          My plan is 300 min unlimited data for 55 per month. With no subsidy this is a huge increase.

        • Napster87

          Then don’t switch? Whats changing from your point of view? The current plans are more than that either way.

      • Bill Berry

        What’s wrong with Straight Talk? with Auto-Refill it’s only $42.50 per line; unlimited everything if you’re using a GSM device.

        • UncleFan

          Nothing is wrong with Straight Talk… but you have to pay for the phone separately.

    • xmiro

      well if it meant paying $500 more over what we have now, then yes bitch on :)

    • korama12

      For some people these plans will work just fine. I’m happy that those people are excited about them. For others, like myself, we’re seeing a price increase for features that we don’t need and don’t want to pay for so that we can get the features that we do need. It’s frustrating for me personally because I expected more flexible options. That said, I’m not going to cry about it, I’m just going to find another plan (likely prepaid) that fits my needs more accurately.

      • archerian

        you have a very Zen attitude towards all this :)

      • JJCommonSense

        Or u could just keep what u have since its working so well…

      • Panchito

        Platinumtel is a good prepaid company, 5 cents a minute, 2 cents a text & 10 cents a MB

      • Bill Berry

        Bingo! The day T-Mobile started slapping that $20 per line suspension restore fee, that was it for me.

    • vzwisthebest

      well if you bring your own device to VZW than you dont have to sign a contract

      • qpinto

        i tried to do that. you have to buy a device that is a verizon device outright. price is same, but no contract.

    • galaxymaniac

      the 11 million long term customers who will most likely end up paying MORE for the same features are bitching, as the BTV plan will most likely increase costs…

    • UMA_Fan

      It is insane that just a few months ago it was the norm to NOT find unlimited data or post paid no contract on T-Mobile.

    • Good

      wrong hotspot is only 500mb

      • nonebetta16

        Yes it is only 500mb for free. But if you want unlimited its$20 . Most ppl wont even need unlimited though I use data all the time but never really use ny hotspot. Note 2 does it all

    • tmomanager

      noonebetta16, your probation period is over, you are now a full time T-mobile rep from today onwards.

    • Spokker

      If you are going off contract, then you are not being subsidized, hence why the monthly fee should be lower than it would be otherwise.

    • Bill Berry

      I see your point but look, the emphasis wasn’t on data when we had T-Zones and Unlimited T-Zones…the emphasis was on voice minutes; price wise, not much has changed now that emphasis is data and not voice minutes and let’s be real for a moment; every carriers cash cow is text messaging. For consumers not much has changed in regards to the bottom line and what has changed is the shift from voice to data and all of this doesn’t mean a damn to those who live in rural USA…not a damn thing has or will change and LTE, 4G, HSPA+, 3G are all wishful thinking; it’s EDGE out here and it’s painfully slow. These folks hire these advertising gurus for a reason and all of this has been well tested. Will it work, we shall see. Once our contract expires we’re leaving T-Mobile. We use Straight Talk (AT&T) now. Thomaston, GA is in a donut hole in West Central Georgia…no T-Mobile service whatsoever…my number one problem is not their ever changing plans; it is get off their hindparts and get with erecting some towers other than the interstate.

  • Matt

    If Mobile Hotspot is included with an unlimited data plan (which is indicated in the above advert), then it would provide more data and be cheaper than my current unlimited talk, text,5gb data (with throttling), and Mobile Hotspot Value plan at 74.99 a month.

    So for $70 I would get unlimited talk, text, data, and Mobile Hotspot.

    I save $5 and I get upgraded to unlimited data?

    Where do I sign up?!

    David you mentioned there is a 12Gb cap on postpaid accounts? I assume this would be for the Unlimited plan as well? It will be interesting to see what they do with customers who exceed this limit.

    However, if there is a cap at 12 Gb then it is not technically unlimited data. Realisitically, if they didn’t cap it they would not be able to afford it so I understand.

    • read the fine print. you get 500MB of mobile hotspot for free with the unlimited on device plan then you pay $10 for each additional 2GB of tethering data.

  • Aurizen

    how will LTE plans work thats what I wanna know.

    • I have a feeling these plans are in anticipation of LTE being rolled out which is why throttling is out the window and tethering is being included in order to entice more data usage.

    • SlimShadey

      I hate to assume but my guess is that nothing will change. These plans are the plans going forward. I don’t think they are going to change just because LTE comes on line.

    • UMA_Fan

      I would imagine these plans are LTE ready since they are stressing simplicity. If they release a whole new set of plans when LTE comes out everything would be back to the confusing way it was.

  • bob90210

    For everyone complaining about the lack of throttling, remember that for the same price of 2GB of data (throttled to 50kbps after 2GB) you have 2.5 GB of HSPA data. Do you know it will take about 23 hours to download 500MB of data at 50kbps? If you need that little extra data at the end of the billing cycle but you don’t want overages, then you have 500MB of it with the new plan.

    • Having been throttled I can say it pretty much made my Nexus 4 a brick and I was on the phone with T-mobile within minutes upgrading to the unlimited plan.

  • Jefferson Josue Morales

    So I’m on the value family plan 4 lines.. the two main line share 1,000 minutes with unlimited txtn and unlimited 4G.. the other two lines have 500 each with unlimited txtn and 4G…so what’s going to happen to me? Some one please help me

    • xmiro

      nothing, if you don’t wanna change what you have
      if you want to change:
      $80 for 2 linesr w/unlimited minutes, text, 500MB full speed web + 2 more lines for $10/each with the same features. Add unlimited 4G data for $20 per line
      Plus, pay for your phone over time (20 months?) interest free for $15-$25 per month per smartphone depending on which phone you want.

    • if it is a better deal than the new plan then you do like everyone else with a grandfathered plan and clutch onto it for dear life.

  • Rich

    500MB of data is very little for today’s smartphones.

    • xmiro

      it’s 500MB for $5
      2GB for $10 etc
      also, it depends. I’m on WiFi all day, don’t need even 500MB a month, never cross 200MB myself.

      • Zach Mauch

        read the post. 500MB comes with the new rates.

        • xmiro

          it’s built into the rate :)
          $59.98 voice, $10 text, $10 data for the family shared one with 2 lines

    • For today’s high end smartphones, yes. But low end smartphones, BlackBerry phones, and feature phones would be well suited to that.

  • psaux

    So, in short, Even More Plus is BACK, yes?

    Given how many (including myself) bemoaned its passing, I’m surprised at the number of unhappy comments. Has the T-mo demographic shifted so much in the intervening years?

  • Rich

    I am digging this new family rate plan. Way to go T-Mobile.

  • Wow, this is going to be GREAT for my family with 5 phones. We currently have the following account configuration:

    $129.98 – Value Plan Unlimited Talk, Text, 5GB Data + SMHS for the first two lines
    $50 – Unlimited Talk, Text, 5GB Data + SMHS for the third line
    $35 – Unlimited Talk, Text, 2GB Data for the fourth line
    $5 – 500 Minutes Talk, Unlimited Text, No Data for the fifth line
    $219.98 – Total Monthly

    The only reason that we had the 5GB package on the first three lines is to get the SMHS service. It isn’t used much, but it needs to be there for the rare times those three users need tethering. Three of our four current data users average less than 500MB of data per month since they use WiFi most of the time. The last one, averages about 2GB of data per month. None of the four has gone over 2.5GB in any month of the past year. So our new setup will be:

    $80 – Unlimited Talk, Text, 500MB Data + SMHS for the first two lines
    $10 – Unlimited Talk, Text, 500MB Data + SMHS for the third line
    $10 – Unlimited Talk, Text, 500MB Data + SMHS for the fourth line
    $10 – Unlimited Talk, Text, 500MB Data + SMHS for the fifth line
    $110 – Base monthly cost

    +$40 – Extra 2GB of Data for 4 of the 5 phones (not needed every month)
    $150 – Maximum monthly cost

    On a good month, our bill will be almost half of what it was. And even on a month where all four data users need the extra 2GB, we’ll still save about $70 over our last bill. I can’t wait until this is available!

    • xmiro

      true but also don’t forget there is no phone subsidy any longer

      • There was no phone subsidy on the Value Plan I am currently on, either. Or the Even More Plus plan that I was on before that. I prefer it that way since it gives me more flexibility to purchase the phones we want at the price we want. In fact, it’s one of the primary reasons I moved to T-Mobile. I don’t want my hardware purchasing tied to my service provider. I don’t buy my TV from my cable provider, my computer from my ISP, or my car from the oil company; so why should I buy my phone from my cellular provider?

        The five phones that are currently on our account and the price we paid for them are:

        2 Galaxy Nexus bought at full price from Google Play store at $350 per phone
        1 Unlocked Rogers branded NOKIA Lumia 920 at $600
        1 Unlocked iPhone 4 purchased used on Craigslist for $200
        1 HTC Radar 4G purchased used on Craigslist for $200

      • he’s on value already so that’s not an issue.

      • Bill Berry

        And your data usage is radically reduced; yes, you do in fact save money but on an even keel; doubtful.

        • xmiro

          my excel spreadsheet says otherwise, assuming we wanted unlimited everything – which we don’t since we barely use the phones as it is – the savings vs ATT/VZ are in the hundreds of dollars over 24 months, EIP payments included

  • I’m guessing that the only contract will be for the EIP? Anyways, this all sounds great. Its revolutionary that such a large carrier would make this move. It definitely completes the strategy of moving away from subsidies and will make frontline employees jobs easier.

    However, as a rep I’m really interested in the compensation plan. Hopefully they will make the commission structure more competitive as well.

    • asmidnightfalls

      I agree. I hope they also introduce a more competitive phone benefits program. I hate that they took away our tenured discounts on phones.

      • Diego Vazquez

        I hated it too but I did some thinking and its actually better. I can upgrade my phone anytime I want to. So if I wanted a SGN III I could buy that and another phone few months later.

  • korama12

    I have to admit that I’m a little dissapointed. Right now my wife and I are on the Classic 1000 Minute Talk Plan at $60/month. Add in unlimited texting at $20, 2 GB of data for her at $20, 5 GB of data for me at $30, handset insurance for both of us at $10 and we’re at $140 per month. After taxes and fees we end up paying just over $150 per month. With these new plans we’re looking at 2 lines at $80, 2B of data for her at $10, Unlimited for me at $20, and let’s say $10 for insurance so…. $120 per month. Sounds like we’re saving money right? Oh but wait… there’s the EIP charge. We both got top of the line devices at the time when we signed on for our plan. If we want current top of the line devices now on this plan then we’re going to pay $25 per month EACH which puts us at $170 per month. Add taxes and fees and now we’re paying $30+ more per month. Sure we get unlimited minutes that we don’t need/won’t use and a 500MB hotspot that we won’t use either. Time to find another option I guess….

    • you’ll probably be able to lower the EIP by paying more upfront. currently EIP are at most $20 a month. They’re just offering a higher EIP so people can be appeased with a lower upfront cost.

      • korama12

        But even if we knock our EIP down to $15/month each we’re still paying more than we were before. I guess I just really thought that the elimination of phone subsidies would mean a greater net savings. I feel like a single line should be about $10 less and a pair of lines should be about $20 less than they are. I’ll never go back to AT&T’s awful network and I refuse to pay Verizon’s rates. I guess I’ll check out the T-Mobile Monthly 4g plans. Some of those looked like a better deal at least.

    • fsured

      This might be part of the confusion that was present when they first switched to value plans with EIPs. The savings comes at the end of the 18-20months when the phone is paid off. I don’t think they have ever been clear about where the savings is in these plan models. It confused people then, probably confuses people now, and makes it hard for store reps to explain this to customers who want savings upfront.

      Your current payment at 150 x 24mo = $3,600 at the end of the contract.
      Also add in $400 – 600 for 2 smart phones that require $200 – 300 upfront = $4,000 – $4,200
      (This assumes top of the line phone which would be the same as the one requiring $25 EIP)

      New plan you say at 170 x 20 mo = 3,400 at the end of the EIP contract
      Also add in $400 for 2 smart phones that require $200 upfront = $3,800 total

      At 20 months you are done with any obligation to Tmobile where at your current plan you are obligated to them for 24 months. That means your obligation to pay Tmobile that extra EIP payment ends 4 months sooner and you save at least $200-300 bucks at the end of it. That is where the savings comes in. It’s not upfront.

      You could get a middle of the road phone that doesn’t require $25 EIP and has a smaller “down payment”. Lets say you get a mid-range device that requires $100 and $15 EIP each. Look at the savings now:

      120 + 30 = $150 a month, 150 x 20 = $3,000. Add in the $200 down and total cost is $3.200. You are now saving $800 dollars. Get the same exact phone with your regular contract and you would still pay 150 x 24 months plus 200 down on handset, and you pay $3,800. Still saving money.

      Keep in mind you can pay off that EIP sooner and pay just service cost a month. AkA something new comes out and you can get it using EIP again. Your current plan requires you to buy it full cost out right at the time of purchase until the contract is over. That right there can make it easier for people to upgrade their phones each year instead of every 2.

      They also don’t reduce month rates on contracts if you use the same phone at the end of the term or bring your own device. You get hit with the same rate as if you bought a new phone. That is extra free money that carriers collect from people all the time. This is where TMO is really braking the norm because people like their phones and don’t want to upgrade all the time. They pay the same rate at the end of 24months.

  • Zach Mauch

    For those getting annoyed with unhappy comments just realize that for many of us this would mean an increase in monthly rates. I’m happy for you if this reduces it, but for those on non-unlimited talk/text, it’s an increase.

    • xmiro

      yeah going to this from our Value plan would be, monthly cost-wise, like going back to our Classic1k plan – we just get 300MB more data and unlimited talk and a texting plan we don’t need.

    • the more I look at it this is just T-mobile following what ATT and Verzon are migrating towards sans the pooled data.

    • For the few “very few” who are still on older grandfathered plans, T-Mobile will let you keep them. You just will not be able to utilize EIP for your devices. These still come out to be better than the share plans that AT&T/Verizon have because those plans start at $100 for just one line.

  • schtum

    What’s the implication for software updates? Still waiting for an announcement on the GS2 Jelly Bean update, and I’m afraid if T-Mobile is no longer subsidizing phones then they will also wash their hands of any responsibility for updating the phones. Which would be fine, if I could get the update any other way. Honestly, one of the reasons I got the GS2 is because I thought I could get the update directly from Samsung via Kies, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

    • squiggleslash

      I wouldn’t exactly say any of the carriers, T-Mo or anyone else, have been falling over themselves to make updates. In general I suspect the situation will be unchanged, with most phones only getting updates while they’re currently still being sold, or maybe – with a few high profile examples, a few months after withdrawal.

    • xmiro

      If it’s an update trough Kies isn’t it Samsung the one that have to push it out since it’s not OTA?

      • schtum

        That’s just it. There is no Jelly Bean update for the T-Mobile version of the GS2 on Kies, only the international version. I’m sure the update will be available both OTA and through Kies once T-Mobile approves it, but T-Mobile still has to approve it.

        If T-Mobile are no longer subsidizing phones, then people may stop buying phones directly from T-Mobile. At that point, T-Mobile has no obligation to support the phones on their network. Where does that leave those of us who recently bought phones from T-Mobile with the expectation that they would be supported?

        • You’ll still be supported. T-Mobile branches throughout Europe handle this fine. They offer branded devices just like T-Mobile USA does, but there’s no expectation that people buy branded ones. They still support branded devices very well. T-Mobile USA will certainly continue to support our T-Mobile branded devices well going forward.

  • QDOG8

    wait…so I’m gunna have to pay $600 upfront for the new HTC One? I think I’d rather have a contract.

    • xmiro

      or EIP – Equipment Installment Plan. 20 months interest free

    • Herb

      If you read, you’ll see that there are postpaid options that let you put a small down payment on the phone and then make monthly payments to pay it off.

    • fixxmyhead

      living paycheck to paycheck i see

      • QDOG8

        ballin on a budget!

        • fixxmyhead

          dude this is cheaper in the long run u just gotta fork up the cash up front

        • SlimShadey

          opposite of ballin me thinks…

    • or you pay 100 up front and $25 a month over 20 months with 0% interest.

    • SlimShadey

      Lol only if you have 500 credit score. ;)

    • bob90210

      $50 for a steak dinner? How about I just wash dishes for a month instead?

    • rfgenerator

      You don’t have to pay $600 up front, they will have you make a downpayment then installment payments over 20 months. Also I don’t think the MSRP on the HTC One is going to be $600, it looks like it will between $700 and $800 based on the what it is pre-ordering for in the UK.

  • The greatest trick The Carrier ever pulled, was making subscribers think they didn’t exist…

  • Guest

    I love this new plan honestly, I’m paying 170 for 3 phones and one without internet and now I can have all three with internet for way cheaper! keep it up tmobile!

  • TyRetr0

    Well the $60 unlimited talk + text + 2 gigs sounds greaeven though I don’t talk on phone.

  • BigMixxx

    So the prepaid $70 unlimited plan is the same as the post paid $70 unlimited plan.
    It’s unlimited, there is no subsidy on the phones. Great!

    Since buying a galaxy nexus (off craigslist btw), I really never understood the value in purchasing your phone outright.

    NOW I do. Really — I do….this is perfect.

    My advice to EVERYONE that has issue with this: Go find a phone on craigslist/ebay/expansys/Fry’s and buy it. If you can’t afford it upfront (like most folks) they have an option for you. Finance it, like we do everything else, and purchase the protection. once you’re in a position to pay for it, pay for it, and wait for the next greatest thing.

    This is what t-mobile wants you to do. They are really providing dumb pipes as service contracts. Damn the phone.

    just my 2 cents.

    • AndroidProfit

      Who says everyone finances everything? So we should fall for this 20 month payment thing so carriers can CONTINUE to artificially inflate the costs of phones.

      • Lol true! No value in this. Factor in the EIP and the ppl that like to tether more than 500mb a month, now you looking at Verizon prices… per line.

        Pass! I’ll stick to $30 Monthly4G and my GS3 that I bought myself. Will be buying a Note 2 soon as well.

    • postpaid with unlimited data will add domestic roaming for voice and data plus tethering (which is a moot point for Nexus devices)

  • I get it. For a second, I was like ???? I was confused on “Unlimited” data. I was thinking, wait… how is it “Unlimited” if you’re throttled at 4.5GB’s, didn’t they just add unlimited data back again. But now I see it’s if you get the unlimited data on your line, you also get the option to get 4.5GB’s of Mobile Hotspot. But is that an additional $20 on top of the $20 you’re paying for Unlimited data, or is it another $20 on top of that $20? Making it $40. I thin it’s $40 from what I read all together, if so, the can keep that. lol. 500MB of Mobile Hotspot will due, I only use it when I don’t have a internet connection because my home WiFi/Internet has went out, or one the road to download something real quick. One thing I do like is each line automatically gets 500MB of data, my grandma wants to upgrade to a “Smartphone” now, and she keeps asking does she have web. And I’m like no grandma, I have it, you have to add it on if you want that. And so now we’ll get an additional 500MB of data to whatever we add, so I can have 2.5GB of data for $10, that’s nice. I want a HTC One, but idk about $25 per month. I’m paying $20 now for this HTC One S, and it is not lovely once you see that bill every month. The value of the plan essentially goes away once you add a EIP on your line. I mean yay, low out of pocket cost, but it’s not what you start out with that’ll kill you, it’s what you end up with (that monthly fee). Meh… I might just buy a smartphone from eBay, Swappa, or maybe get a Nexus 4 (Meh…that battery life and Camera tho).

    • yes you’re just paying an extra $20 for the privilege of unlimited on device data. you an also just go with their bucket dat plan and have 4.5GB of data for $20 which includes tethering.

  • if they can get the message out loud and clear about no contracts, this could work wonders for TMO … if i were with another carrier and i came across a commerical news that there was a no contract solution that was cheaper i’d be all over it .. so if they can truly educate the consumer with this and market this message effectively, it could be a BIG deal.

    and the Mobile Hotspot being included on all unlimited plans is awesome especially with the 500MB free.

  • Oaden

    This whole article is a little confusing. I’m currently on a unlimited talk and text value plan with the 20 dollar unlimited 4G data. I currently cannot use hotspot unless I root my phone. So according to this article I would be able to use the hotspot feature for no additional charge after the change goes into effect.

    • korama12

      With a 500 mb cap. If you want more mobile hotspot data you can pay an additional $10 for 2.5 gb, or an additional $20 for 4.5 gb.

      • Oaden

        I have the plan with no cap. From what I understand from the article, it would be included for free with my plan.

        • korama12

          You have to read the fine print in those documents above. Anyone on the $20 unlimited plan will get unlimited data on their phone plus 500 mb of free tethering. If you want more tethered data, you pay as I outlined in my previous reply.

  • Emily Vanhess

    No thanks. We currently pay 80 dollars a month for 3 lines, 1000min, unlimited texts for all, and 2g of data for one line.

    • archerian

      and free nights and weekends :)

  • poseidon5213


    • squiggleslash

      If you mean tethering, then yes, 500Mb of “mobile hotspot” (tethering) is included in the unlimited data plan.

      If you mean T-Mobile Hotspot (the Wifi-at-bookstores-and-airports thing), then so far as I can see it’s still the ugly stepchild. I don’t recall it ever being included in the Unlimited Data Plans since the introduction of the Even More/EMP plans.

    • nope there is fine print on that page. you pay $20 for unlimited on device data and you get 500MB of tethering for free then it’s $10 extra for 2.5GB and $20 extra for 4.5GB of tethering data

    • that’s what this says .. an unlimited plan comes with the hotspot at 500MB anything above that will cost though.

    • korama12

      Not unlimited. 500 mb included for free. Pay $10 extra for 2.5 gb or $20 extra for 4.5 gb. It’s in the fine print.

  • Oaden

    I also don’t like having to get unlimited talk. I was just considering cutting back from my unlimited plan to save money and because I use less than 1000 min per month.


    All I want to do is pay either the SAME or LESS. Not MORE.

    I currently have a 1000 shared minutes with my wife on a value plan with unlimited text and 2GB of data each. $80 per month.

    Now with this plan, it will cost us $80 + $20 = $100 per month. We use less than 500-minutes combined per month, don’t need unlimited.

    I’m hoping they will not force me out of my current plan, as I am happy with my monthly savings.

    • zak

      You want to pay less? No way!

  • Dakota

    T-Mobile, get grammar right..its. FEWER Restrictions..not less

    • DA

      “get grammar right”? “its”? Hey pot…

    • dagawa

      “get grammar right”? “its”? Hey pot…

  • Dakota

    Hope they have a new marketing team to really explain this to the average consumer. They need some great tv ads without Carly

    • lnxarepou812

      prepaid is still going to be around (as far as i know) and we have 2 hour training’s going on this week to get CSR’s prepared which is a whole lot more than when the Classic/Value debacle was first released

  • pg88

    What’s gonna happen to the pre paid plans?

  • I wouldn’t be shocked if T-Mobile FAILS at this new approach (lol).

    But anyway, for the bitchin dummies out there. Its quite simple. No-contract on service plans. But financing agreement on phones that you were too broke to buy at retail. If you cancel, then what you owe on the phone will be your ETF. Don’t like it? Then BYOD!! Or be smart and get on Monthly4G.

    Simple dummies, simple!

    • AndroidProfit

      If one is, “too broke to buy at retail” sounds like they shouldn’t be getting themselves into cell phone service and paying for a phone over 20 months to begin with.

      • SlimShadey

        By this logic, no one should ever finance anything, and just pay for it outright. Tell me Mr. Simmons, did you pay for your car outright? or your house? Do you own either? I doubt you did, cause if so, you wouldn’t be on here complaining about having to pay an extra $10 for the 2g’s of data that you may have to use so close to the end of your billing cycle. Fact is, not everyone wants to drop 600 bucks on a phone, if you can spread it out, interest free, over a period of time, why not? Its good business and hardly has anything to do with someone not being able to afford it.

  • I think this just proves that every carrier is going to satisfy a different use case. Example we almost added my parents to my Value plan as AALs but after looking at their usage they ended up going with Ting and pay less than half of what they would with T-mobile.

  • I really can’t wait for these plans. I just want to be able to use mobile hotspot on my unlimited data plan without Tmo trying to block it on my Nexus 4.

    • steveb944

      I’ve been using the hotspot on my 2gb plan with no issues. Wouldn’t yours be the same?

      • The unlimited data plan doesn’t include mobile hotspot. Only the plans that get throttled.

        • steveb944

          Oh I had no idea, thanks for letting me know. Enjoy the new plan when it kicks in

  • Alright this is what everyone asked for. No Contract Value Plans. The end of subsidies. I’m really wondering how this will play out for T-Mobile. I hope it’s successful and makes the other carriers adopt a similar approach. It really does put the power of your monthly bill into the hands of the customers.

  • vplaza

    I know not everyone’s situation is the same, but for me, this simply saves me $5 per month on my individual Unlimited Value Talk+Tex with 5G SMHS plan. Instead of $75, it’s $70 with this, with no contract.

  • chase shiplet

    Ya this sucks royally I pay 30 bucks a month even it includes 100 min unlimited text +5 gig data. I use groove IP and works great with my nexus 4 links up worth my Google voice flawlessly better than anything out there so I don’t need minutes just data. I purchased this phone so I wouldn’t have to obey any rules now it seems no matter which way u turn 50 bucks is the norm ya this blows if what has been initially released is true but I have a feeling that there will b allot more options then what had been released so far! I say this because I worked for T-Mobile in the tier 3 tech support until December and the company always trickled information out the door never as a whole!

  • Awesome too how all postpaid plans automatically come with 500MB of Mobile Hotspot with the option of more data if you wish to pay more. Gives a little more incentive to go postpaid rather than prepaid.

  • But paying for your phone out right would just defeat the purpose for having T-Mobile, wouldn’t it? Unless you go the LG Nexus route, it could get expensive real fast. Im sure Im missing something, so please point it out.

    • jej

      Buy a used phone, bring a phone from ATT, or keep your phone longer and you save big.

  • PiotrButkiewicz

    can’t wait to switch over! my family plan monthly bill will drop by $80 and I’ll still have unlimited data and now mobile hotspot at no additional cost!

  • zak

    Will the old-school Pay As You go Prepaid remain unchanged?

  • corepreacher

    I have been in meetings about this. Throttling is NOT leaving. If you go over ur 2GB plan then u can call and add 2gb more. This is so you know that u are adding money to your plan. Tmobile is trying its best to be fair. Is att, verizon, or sprint doing anything like this NO! If you like your old plan then great. The difference is if you have a value plan with a contract the next time you eip a phone there will NOT be a new contract so you can keep the same plan if you want. Tmobile is now service oriented and not phone oriented like the others. The eip 25 is down payment at the store and 24 payments maxing out at $20 per line depending on the phone you are getting. If you are on classic you can also do a bridge value and get a $5 discount on the voice and a $15 discount on the data with equals $20…this covers the cost of eip on a classic plan. We are now offering NO Contract family plan. If you bring your own phone then you can UNL talk text and data for $70 with the option to eip a phone if you need a phone asap. How much more freedom do u want. Tmobile is a business that soon will have to answer to share holders. This will make tmobile money and save us money. Commission plans will be same or better depending on who u work for. What more do you want?

  • S. Ali

    Its a great move, but I really wish they would have kept the lower minute plans, I don’t need unlimited minutes, 500 for a single line or 1000 family was more than enough.

  • exeot

    When would be my last opportunity to buy a subsidized smartphone from my classic plan? According to the article.. march 24, but just want to make sure since it would be the last chance to take advantage of the $200 early upgrade charge.

  • steveb944

    So do we all lose our contracts when this kicks in? Or we have to go through the remainder?

    So I just signed a new contract last week for the $0 add a line. Glad I did because this will lock us into saving $30 a month in comparison to this new plan. I’m grandfathered in right?

    Half of us on the family plan don’t need data or unlimited calling. However other family members with individual plans they will benefit.

    • exeot

      Hah, no, it isn’t that sweet of a transition. Read the article above.

      edit: but yes, you are still grandfathered in I believe.

  • Willie D

    Looks like I’ll be leaving Sprint for this

  • Elbonix

    To everyone who has a pooling plan, you may never go over your allotment as it is. but like most people on pooling plans they always seem to have that one month where you had something happen and you went over your mins and @.45 cents per min your bill can increase really quick , wouldn’t it be nice to never have to worry about how when and where you can use your computer that makes phone calls !!! for a few more dollars than you pay now??? And to all the people who are afraid of smartphones there really isn’t anything to fear they can really make things you do everyday easier ! With plans like these everyone can enjoy the benefits of smartphones, I think this is brilliant, up front, and Cheap! A family of four all unlimited for 100$ plus tax NO CONTRACT !!! I guess people like to complain more that they like a good deal !!!

    • 21stNow

      I haven’t gone over my alloted minutes since I came off of a 30-minute plan back in the 90s. Some people really don’t need unlimited minutes (or text messages). Today, there are so many options to make phone calls and not make phone calls if you want to communicate with another person. Unlimited minutes for many people are a waste of money.

    • archerian

      the people complaining aren’t necessarily saying its a bad deal, they are pointing out the fact that many millions of customers are happy with their fixed bucket of minutes and text, they really don’t need unlimited features.

  • fsured

    Am I missing something with the plans for people who don’t want to pay for unlimited phone minutes? Didn’t they start their own “prepaid” branding that uses the same network and you buy the minutes you want in lower cost amounts? People don’t want to have to pay for unlimited minutes or data if they are not using it and that’s fine. Then use their prepaid service. If you already say your going to switch then whats the problem?

  • you

    If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it does it make a sound?

    Seems like no one outside of Tmonews cares about these plans. Check out Engadget, BGR, CNET, all the major tech and cell phone blogs have nothing about Tmobile changing their plans.

    Imagine if Verizon or At&t did this, it would be everywhere.

    • bob90210

      T-Mobile has not made any of the plans public yet so that’s probably why no other sites have picked up the story. Once, the plans are public, the other tech sites will probably have something.

    • bobjones

      you read tmonews to get information no one else has…or at least i do

  • Dierre Cook

    You just can’t satisfy everyone. To those who will pay more because they don’t need more minutes sorry but the majority does it seems like.

  • fentonr

    I understand a lot of people don’t like this. Too bad. This is a great change that will save the company, satisfy a ton of customers and shake up the wireless industry. If a few vocal people dislike it, they’re just going to have to get over it.

    • archerian

      The T-mobile ad mentions there are potentially 11 million people who can benefit from the BTV plan, there is a good chance more than half of them will see their rates increase if they switch. That’s a few million long term paying customers.

  • Annoyed ATT customer

    So basically everyone on a non unlimited plan that’s complaining about paying more for this plan… Tmobile is telling you to go get prepaid service somewhere. Tmobile is trying to steal att and verizon customers paying over $325 per month for 5 lines with limited data. With the dual 4g service and HD voice with unlimited use…this plan is a NO BRAIN-ER! I currently have att with an 18% employment discount and I pay 295-305 per month for unlimited talk, text, and 10 gb shared data. I bought five Iphone 4s when they came out so I shelled out nearly 1,200 in store. With this T-mobile plan Unlimited talk text and 2gb data each would put me at 160 but i have a 15 % discount which will put me at 136, if i get 5 Galaxy s 3’s I’ll pay 1250 in store but i get 500 back mail in rebate(samsung promo runs through april 4 i think) and and 100 to my bill for 20 months. SO basically I’ll pay 236 saving me about 50 bucks a month for 20 months then 150 bucks a month after that!!!!!!!!!!

  • Annoyed ATT customer

    So basically everyone on a non unlimited plan that’s complaining about
    paying more for this plan… Tmobile is telling you to go get prepaid
    service somewhere. Tmobile is trying to steal att and verizon customers
    paying over $325 per month for 5 lines with limited data. With the
    dual 4g service and HD voice with unlimited use…this plan is a NO
    BRAIN-ER! I currently have att with an 18% employment discount and I
    pay 295-305 per month for unlimited talk, text, and 10 gb shared data. I
    bought five Iphone 4s when they came out so I shelled out nearly 1,200
    in store. With this T-mobile plan Unlimited talk text and 2gb data each
    would put me at 160 but i have a 15 % discount which will put me at
    136, if i get 5 Galaxy s 3’s I’ll pay 1250 in store but i get 500 back
    mail in rebate(samsung promo runs through april 4 i think) and and 100
    to my bill for 20 months. SO basically I’ll pay 236 saving me about 50
    bucks a month for 20 months then 150 bucks a month after that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Whiskers

    This new pricing BLOWS CHUNKS !
    I have 3 Vp lines right now and each line has unlimted Talk/Text/2Gb of data for a total of $134/month.
    New comparable plan will cost me $130/month + $30.00 for same 2Gb of data for each line for a total of $160/month.
    That’s $25/month more for basically the same service. Yes i know they give you the extra 500mb of data per line but none of us use more than 1.5Gb of data a month per line.
    So much for more value , BS.

    • bob90210

      You will pay the same for 500MB more per line. $80 (2 line family plan) + $10 (additional line) + 3 * $10 (2GB data) = $120

    • Cris

      Your math is incorrect! You will pay $80 for first two line UnTT +$10 (3rd line)=$90. Then you add you data 3x$10= $120/month for 3 lines UnTT 2GB each line plus the additional 500MB they give you!

    • nonebetta16

      dude you need to learn how to add the plan clearly shows $80 for two lines which includes unl Talk Text and 500mb data for each line . if you need more, in your case two gigs its $10 minimum which will give you 2 gigs for each line. for the third line it’s $10 and you get unl talk text and 500mb . again you said all your lines have to 2gig, so add on $10 dollars and that’s your plan. a total of $120 $10 cheaper than what you pay now and the best part of all NO CONTRACT.

    • Nobody

      Your math is wrong…. $80 for two lines + $10 for a third + $30 for 2gb data for each line. That’s $120 a month.

    • Whiskers

      Never mind i clearly did’nt read it right , i just had a major brain fart.

      I will be saving $15.00/month .
      $90.00 for three lines + $30.00 for data on three lines==$120.00/month

  • corepreacher

    I have been in meetings about this. Throttling is NOT leaving. If you go over ur 2GB plan then u can call and add 2gb more. This is so you know that u are adding money to your plan. Tmobile is trying its best to be fair. Is att, verizon, or sprint doing anything like this NO! If you like your old plan then great. The difference is if you have a value plan with a contract the next time you eip a phone there will NOT be a new contract so you can keep the same plan if you want. Tmobile is now service oriented and not phone oriented like the others. The eip 25 is down payment at the store and 24 payments maxing out at $20 per line depending on the phone you are getting. If you are on classic you can also do a bridge value and get a $5 discount on the voice and a $15 discount on the data with equals $20…this covers the cost of eip on a classic plan. We are now offering NO Contract family plan. If you bring your own phone then you can UNL talk text and data for $70 with the option to eip a phone if you need a phone asap. How much more freedom do u want. Tmobile is a business that soon will have to answer to share holders. This will make tmobile money and save us money. Commission plans will be same or better depending on who u work for. What more do you want?

    • Bill Berry

      I’ve got a question…y’all going to love this one…we have EDGE, assuming I can crack 2 gigs, will I be throttled to GPRS?

  • corepreacher

    No contract plus affordable methods to purchase phones plus u will be able to trade your phone in for cash value at the register to lower down payments or pay more towards the phone thus lowering your eip and bill altogether. ..what more could we ask for. This is what we have been asking for

  • Albert

    Everything you say is accurate except the use as much data as you want at 2gb per. You can choose a data plan $10 for 2gb, $20 for 4GB…etc that includes tethering. You need to pick the feature and pay monthly its not use it and get billed for how much you use. When you reach the cap you then get throttled. Its for people that need more that 4.5gb of tethering. Its simple and great and if customers don’t like it then they don’t like anything.

  • baopham

    Do you qualify for this plan if you just signed on for a value plan in the last two months?

  • nonebetta16

    Look for all you users who keep saying you dont use minutes and text etc… Everything since the beginning of time has evolved and if you honestly think that basic cellphones are going to stick then you must still be living in the stone age. For the past 5 to 10years everything from tvs, computers, tablets, refrigerators, cars, even houses now are labeled smart. Just because you dont chose to use it does not mean the rest of the world doesn’t. Thats the whole point of me say wakeup!

  • Jimneezy

    I hope my $30 a month for 100 minutes, unlimited text and 5gb data at 4g speeds doesn’t get discontinued

  • archerian

    What happens to the Wifi calling feature? It used to be free for several Classic Plans. This is the UMA/Kineto feature, not GrooveIP etc.

    • Bratty

      Unlimited calling. If your phone can do it, do it.

    • It’s still there. Wi-Fi calling is a free feature. Not part of the rate plan. It will still be available.

      • fsured

        I thought wifi calling subtracted minutes from your plan. If you are unlimited minutes now or later then it doesn’t matter. Wasn’t wi-fi calling part of a band-aid for poor building reception at work or home?

  • Thomas

    I absolutely love this new plan. I was with T-Mobile before, and left just because it was cheaper to get a new phone by paying the early termination and going to Verizon. I will be going back as soon as possible. When are the magical plans available for us?

  • nerdlust

    As much as I don’t like paying full price for a phone. I do like the idea of saving about $20 per month plus I will have unlimited data, and hot spot. I’m looking forward to my saving and extra features.

  • galaxydude

    I recently purchased the lg l9 and i have the monthly 4G 70$ unlimited data, voice, text so far i used. 16 GB and there isn’t any throttling


    The TMO reps by you must not be with it. I sell that plan all day at my store. All the rep needs to do is call care have them switch your plan or activate you via there computer in store .

    • bobjones

      what are you talking about

  • jimmiekain

    Am I reading this correctly? I can get unlimited Talk text and 500mb of data for only $50 and then add $20 to get unlimited Data with tethering? Total is $70 a month? If this is true bad coverage or not, sign me up!

    • 21stNow

      For $70/month, you will only get 500MB of tethering. Everything else was correct.

      • korama12

        And he’ll have to bring his old phone (if it’s compatible), buy an unlocked compatible phone, buy an unsubsidized phone through T-Mobile outright, or buy an unsubsidized phone through T-Mobile and sign up for an EIP plan and add another $15-$20 per month to his bill for 20-25 months.

  • Jason A

    It will be live today? but I can’t find the screenshots you posted in T-Mobiles website. Where did they came from?

    • At the very end of the post, I wrote live on March 24th. As for where the pictures came from, well that I can’t tell you :-)

  • jtothada

    What about Walmart and Bestbuy upgrades…..

  • Sid

    so if I sign up for a value plan (with a contract) today, will my contract get voided once this plan goes into place ??

    • JTrip

      I would like to know too. I just signed a 2 year contract with T-Mobile last week. I would like to have the mobile hotspot feature included.

      • bob90210

        You should find out soon since T-Mobile has 20 day cancellation with no fee (30 days in California).

  • MatthewMurawski

    Are they discontinuing monthly4G? If so, do I get grandfathered in with my monthly4G plan?

  • baopham

    so is this cheaper or more expensive that Value Plans?

  • ap3604

    How the **** does it work now that there are no subsidies?

    Does that mean if I want to join T-mobile and get a Galaxy Note II then I need to shell out $700 upfront?

    I am very confused on that “Bridge to Value” thing above…

    • jej

      Bridge to value is irrelevant to new customers. Tmo will finance your purchase. You will pay $25 per month for twenty months plus $200 up front for a $700 phone. If they choose to offer a $30 EIP it will be $100 up front. Promos might make the phone free up front if offered. Service costs will be extra.

  • Bill Berry

    So for $50…what changes is no more contract; I’m up with that…500 minutes reverts to unlimited and 2 gigs data reverts to 500 megabytes and then it’s $10 per 2 gigs…I thought the dumbest thing they did was making the value package a contract…wow that pissed me off when I bought my own phones…I was about to jump ship…will definitely redo the math now.

  • Cheryl O.

    A blessing from on high for me,, i pay $ 149 up to $163.00 per mnth for 1 line on a Galaxy S 2 Smart Phone w/ unlimited talk & data, 2GB ; that is highway robbery cause i was stuck in a 2 yr contract & i’ve been faithfull ever since they were Celluar One w/ the $50 a mnth plan way back when, i’ll be honored to pay the new price cause i have nightmares every month about such high bill! God has answrd my prayers…

    • bob90210

      First, never ever be faithful to a company. Dispite what some people believe, companies are not people. They don’t have feelings; they don’t care about you or customers. Companies are there to make money. T-Mobile will lower or raise prices if it will make the company more money but it’s not because T-Mobile likes or hates their customers. You should view T-Mobile and every other company the same way. Always pick the best deal for you.

      Second, how are you paying $150 for 1 line? That’s more than twice the current rate of the value plan. You’re probably better off canceling your plan, pay the ETF, and signing up with the new plan.

  • JBrowne1012

    This is actually the first time in awhile that I actually like the sounds of the new rate plans it actually allows for cheaper plans. $150 for 3 lines of unlimited everything if theres a way to keep the regular rates for cell phone warranty and insurance that would be great

  • Juice

    Lets go Tmobile!! I’m happy about the tethering ill gladly go and purchase tha IPad mini I’ve been wanting!! :)

  • jobber99

    I called customercare yesterday and they assured me that I can still get a subsidized phone every 2 years and I can still keep my old grandfathered plan

    • QBeastly

      yea, this is great for people with cheap old plans from many years ago. I really don’t understand why people are b*tch’n lol

    • galaxymaniac

      don’t forget to swallow the Kool-Aid

      • jobber99

        you think customer care was lying so we all don’t do partial upgrades before march 24?

  • I’m super stoked at $70 unlimited with mobile hotspot. I can cancel my home internet and run my laptop off my phone!!! I’d save $30 by doing that! I can’t wait to get my Z10 and switch my plan over!

    • jej

      Mobile hotspot on unlimited still has a data cap for tethering. Even if you can bypass that you run the risk of getting throttled during periods of congestion. They’ll probably prioritize low data users and capped users.

    • Good

      wrong u only get 500mb smhs

    • squiggleslash

      Just to warn you: The included hotspot is capped at half a gigabyte. The “unlimited data” only applies to data originating from apps running directly on your smartphone.

      I’m guessing from context you didn’t realize that.

  • Penguin

    so when you pick Unl web for 20 dollars is it Unl hotspot with that?

    • No only 500mb included with Hotspot. You’d have to pay more if you want more.

      • Penguin

        Thanks for the info!

  • srr79

    I just don’t see everyone’s point in bit^&ing about this! You will never please everyone and we all know that. Yes, some people may end up paying more but if you do not like it, please go to AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon and see what your costs will become. I promise you, T-Mo will still be less! For a company to become profitable and still be a value leader in the market, things have to change. This change is bold to say the least and a little risky at that. However it’s a change that needs to happen. I find it humorous that the only people complaining about the price are mostly people on very low price plans and prepaid only plans. You are the minority. The vast majority of customers, existing and new, will see huge benefits from these plans. So you don’t like the term full retail pricing on your phone, I again say go to the other carriers and get your subsidized phone and see how much more you pay out of pocket!

  • snow

    so what happens to the prepaid 70$ unlimited data plans. is the data going to be throttled at some point now

    • corepreacher

      No the $70 prepaid is not going away. These plans are ment to compliment each other to fulfill the customer’s needs. If the customer wants no contract and can afford full retail for the phone then prepaid is the way to go. If they cannot afford full retail at the POS then they can do monthly installments that can always be paid off as soon as you want including every 12 months during tax return season

      • But will the family plan option be available for those who can afford full retail phones on prepaid?

  • Deihmos

    Looks like my current 1000 minutes family plan is cheaper. Think I am going to stick with that, I don’t need unlimited minutes.

  • Another thing that needs to be cleared up is that even if you opt out of having EIP, would they still do a credit check for the new no-contract postpaid family value plans. If so, then T-Mobile reps are going to have a NIGHTMARE with bitching customers getting duped by the ads saying “No Annual Contract”.

    • techymexican

      You won’t have a contract O_o you just get a credit check for the higher priced plan.

  • N1Ro

    First question, it is confirmed that the new plans will include unlimited Mobile HotSpot at no extra cost?

    Second what are the differences between the Mobile HotSpot and Mobile Broadband (MBB)?

    and third is the previous tip confirmed, that current Value Plan subscribers with contract will be out of contract immediately if the which to the new uncarrier plan?

    • Mobile HotSpot is included up to 500mb. However, if you want to go over that it’s $10 per 2gb (up to 4gb) I believe.

    • chantie

      hotspot is using your phone, mobile broadband is a separate device

  • Nir Carkey

    What kind of story is this? Is this a rumor talk or a new T-mobile plan that is taking effect. I do not see anything like this ad says on the t-mobile website. Am I missing something? or is it for T-mobile in Europe?

    • I believe it’s laid out directly in the post, it’s a new T-Mobile plan, that’s why there are links in the post taking you to previous stories to help you track down the chain of events leading up to this. I don’t cover T-Mobile Europe.

  • scottmog

    So let me get this straight… we have 4 people. 80 for family + 20 two more lines + 40 two gigs of data for everyone (total is 2.5gigs). 140 bucks total and 35 a person a month? This is freaking amazing if I’m doing my math correctly…

    • Napster87

      That’s exactly right. AND even if you wanted to get new phones, it’d only be around $55 a month per line. that’s amazing.

  • words-of-wisdom

    I’m glad they’re getting rid of contracts but will they still have Pay-as-you-go [PAUG] or phase it out. I hope they don’t Phase it out or I’m leaving. For me PAUG fits my needs & saves me at least $400 to $600 bucks a year.

  • zak

    Question: Will they still be selling devices with SIM Locks or will they start selling all phones unlocked?

    • brian

      Good Question. Does anyone know???

  • Napster87

    As a t-mobile rep, I’m stoked about the changes. The idea of getting rid of subsidies is really the way to go. I hate when people can’t understand how EIP works or how it benefits them. Just the very phrasing of “no contracts” is great while people will jump all over the idea of financing a phone.

  • QBeastly

    It’s a new age of wireless, baby! I’m happy as hell that T-Mobile is deciding to do something drastic to shake things up. Success or failure has yet to be seen, but it’s nice to know that a corporation is giving the people what they want… I mean, obviously these people will still complain, but there’s no pleasing these people anyway lol.

  • Joseph Tongret

    Okay, so after studying this closely for a bit(and neglecting my work to do so, lol) I don’t gather that a phone call to Tmo on the 24th will result in them releasing my five lines from the current family plan contracts, all ending in contact at varying times between August of this year and December of next year? I’d love to do so, as after carefully following the pricing from the chart above, and jotting down numbers on a piece of scrap paper, the total monthly bill for the postpaid plans to fit my needs would be $140 plus associated taxes, etc. That’s quite a difference from the $260 I currently get billed! This is of course after adjusting some of the unlimited data plans we have now to be more in line with what we actually use, and dropping the two PHP insurance plans we’ve had for years and never made a single claim.

    The 2 primary lines @ $80 + $30 equaling 5 lines with talk/text/500mb. Only three of those lines needing an additional 2gb’s of data added, so that’s $30…WOW..$140 TOTAL… WOW!!! I’m going to just assume there won’t be a corporate discount any longer, because these prices already seem to be unbelievable, but if there is that’s just INCREDIBLE! Admittedly my large savings is a lot to do with having much larger data plans then necessary for my current plan, but after all these recent changes I’m really looking at cutting costs as much as possible without compromising anyone’s normal use on our account. My wife & I take care of the bill to cover service for ourselves, my Mother, and two siblings, so it’s pretty hefty! I’m gathering that we would have to agree to an EIP for all five lines in order to do this, and I’m just don’t think I’m going to be buying them all new devices? If this is the case, we will be patiently waiting for all lines to complete contract and definitely taking advantage of these savings! #Tmo Rocks!

    • thepanttherlady

      Assuming you’re on classic, you can look into the Bridge to Value where they start moving your lines over as they get closer to the end of your contract.

      Purchasing phones utilizing the EIP is only an option, not mandatory. You can continue using your phones or purchase phones elsewhere.

      • Joseph Tongret

        Unfortunately that will take around 18 months, but I’m still excited for the savings down the road! After reading the previous rumors it sounded like we would be able to request to move to the new plan pricing, but obviously they won’t be releasing ppl from contracts several months early in order to collect LESS money from us every month, lol! I can’t say I’d expect them to either, we were aware of the prices when we agreed to it.

        • thepanttherlady

          Unless I misread your original post, if one of your contracts is up in August, you should be at or over the 18 months needed for Bridge to Value without incurring a migration fee.

          It doesn’t hurt to call and ask. You may be able to start saving now versus later.

        • bob90210

          If you will be saving $120 a month, you should figure out how much the Bridge to Value will cost because you will be paying over $2000 extra by the time all the contracts are done.

  • sullim4

    As someone on a 1000 minute family value plan, this ends up costing me a lot more. Currently I have 1k Family Value at $50, unlimited txt at $10, an add-a line at $5, and 2 lines with 2GB of data at $20 total. So that’s $85. Under the new plan, it’s $80 plus $10 add a line, plus 2x 2GB of data at $20 total. In the end, the new plan is $110. That’s $25/mo I’d rather not spend since I don’t use 1000 anytime minutes a month.

    • PiCASSiMO

      Same boat… anyone with LESS THAN unlimited family minutes is screwed.

      If they keep the grandfather in the old plans… I’m happy.

  • tmoboid

    Many of you have mentioned how these plans could possibly limit the choices of a customer who wants or uses 500 or 1000 minutes. This is a valid argument for a portion of Tmo’s customers. Although this may be unfortunate, I can’t put a number on how valuable it will be to the vast majority of customers to not have to wonder or worry about overages. Most of us reading and commenting on this sight are savvy consumers–we are the minority. I have very recently worked at a T-Mobile corporate location and can’t tell you how often customers have questions on how there are billed or exactly what services they get from the plan they already have! The simplicity in minutes, texting, and no more “pay per use web” will be a huge benefit for T-Mobile, it’s current customers, and the vast majority of potential new customers.

  • Mr. Alderson

    Sprint sucks. The only reason to go to them is if you want truly slow unlimited data FOR A NEW IPHONE. They just launched LTE in the Bay Area, CA and their “LTE” speeds are SLOWER than TMO’s 4G speeds lol. Very laughable. If you ever know anyone with sprint in the bay area, they get like 56K speeds until their “LTE” launched. plus GSM is superior. Love having to be able to use my phone world wide and just buy a sim card. With TMO now offering unlimited data. they are much better network than Sprint. TMO just doesn’t have the iphone, if they did, sprint would lose so many customers cause they really truly suck.

    As for ATT and Verizon. please. you have to pay more with them. significantly more. DONT EVEN BRING UP GRANDFATHERED PLANS. we are talking PRESENT DAY ISH. and what good si 100Mbps if you get capped at 2GB bandwith HAHA.

    • TechHog

      Please stop making comments. Nobody likes obnoxious fanboys

  • Rather Confused and Surprised

    Hey guys, my friend/roommate went in to buy a phone to add to an existing account and he learned that they ARE NOT financing phones anymore. You MUST pay MSRP on the phone when you buy it. There is no in-store pricing anymore. The local store was absolutely confounded because they were not informed of this change. It was showing up on the register as full price and they called corporate and that was the answer (customers must buy in full). So, just letting you know that the rumors of them still financing a phone on payments is no more, at least right now.

    • TechHog

      Random comment from a guest that contradicts everything that has been said up to this point. Seems legit.

      At any rate, if this comment isn’t BS, he probably just wasn’t buying from a T-Mobile store.

      • Really Confused and Surprised

        Oh, no. It is a T-Mobile branded store. I bought my phone personally from there last weekend and I was able to finance my phone. My roommate was absolutely confused. I tweeted the Tmobile help twitter to see about an answer. But apparently the store supervisor was absolutely surprised to hear that this policy changed without any information given to them. He went into the store today. Also, the HTC 8X disappeared from the online store (as well as device help? This one I only heard about, uncertain), and the online store doesn’t seem to show any discounts either now (except for the $50 online ones).

        • Really Confused and Surprised

          Oh nevermind about the website thing. But honestly, I’m not sure about the store thing. I might go in and talk to the store myself and see what the deal is.

        • Really Confused and Surprised

          (Might note, that the computer wouldn’t allow for any financing options or in-store prices for them. The supervisor for the store called T-Mobile corporate and the corporate “help” said that people had to buy it for full price, no more in-store pricing. They also wouldn’t allow him to finance a phone. The friend also doesn’t have too bad of credit either. So the computer and a corporate person both basically “said” that these options did not exist.)

        • Really Surprised

          Alright, after confirming more of what they were saying and getting more information from another person that was there that was also on the account,it sounds like when they changed the other policies, they may have changed some policies it regarding the financing, but it wouldn’t be significant for most people depending on your credit. People a bit more lacking in credit might want to consider buying their phones outright now because they are requiring a bit more deposit and down payment on the phones than before (the rep was surprised at the cost compared to before). Although, the rep didn’t give my roommate a very clear answer to the roommate about what was going on since he didn’t seem to understand.

          The one who holds the account (which isn’t me) figured it was because her credit wasn’t great, but not bad is why the roommate would have to pay nearly the phone’s cost if he tried to finance it, unlike the other two phones on the account. (The phone in question is the HTC 8X, he would have had to pay nearly $500 just to finance it with the changed “insurance [of payment?]” policy, so he’s just going to buy it outright.)

          T-mobile said that it depends on the rate plan from their Twitter. He’d be getting the $70 plan on their account with the other roommates, and the other roommates didn’t pay as much for nearly as expensive of phones with the same plans. So that’s why I question if something changed in the financial policy a bit.

          Ah well, just disregard this unless they did actually change the policy a bit. (I’m leaning towards maybe, but they aren’t specifying about it.)

        • Really confused

          Wait, what? Now they are telling me that the $70 Monthly4G plan does not allow for financing. Huh? Now I am confused again. Was that always true?

        • Travis Hill

          The Monthly4G plans have never allowed device financing as far as I know.

    • Yeah, no. You must be thinking about MetroPCS.

  • T-mobile Rep

    Current customer will NOT be forced to change there rate plans, however if you’re on classic plan you will not get a discounted device any more after the 24th of this month.
    Your option to save money and switch to value or stay on the more costly plan,
    pay full price upfront for your device while on classic.

    You can take advantage of the bridge to value if all of your lines can’t switch over without paying migration fee.Remember 18 or plus month since last discount per line, you can switch over tovalue with OUT any migration fees. Any lines with less than 18 month will havemigration fee and that fee is less the closer you are to 18th month. Also After
    the 24th T-Mobile will only have Unlimited talk plan. No longer will their be
    any minute’s plans. So if that is important to you then get on the minute plan
    you want before the 24th.
    Please don’t not yell at any of the sales reps in store or customer care. We have been told next to nothing about what going to change. T-Mobile is holding a 5 hour training for all sales employees in retail store for each market during the morning hours of 24th. Most retail stores will open later then normal due to I.T. pushing software upgrades to our computers to reflect the changes. You will need to call your local store to see if they plan to open late on the 24th. The Kansas city market will not be opening stores till after 2 pm when our meeting is over.

    • sushimane

      so i just recently switch the value plan from the classic plan to get the note 2 with 500 minute unlimited text and data am i safe?

      • T-mobile rep

        What plan you have now, will stay.

    • bluestar

      Regarding there no longer being any limited minute plans for new customers as of March 24…does this include the $30 Monthly4G 100 min/UNL text/5 GB high-speed data plan, AKA “The Walmart Plan?” I ask because of the special nature of this plan (available only at Walmart, walmart.com, and t-mobile.com) – don’t know if that makes a difference or not. My mom isn’t quite ready to make the switch from Verizon to this plan just yet, so it’d be preferable to activate an account on t-mobile.com in a few months instead of doing it now to get grandfathered in. Thanks!

      • T-mobile rep

        Nothing has been said about T-mobile prepaid plans or walmart plans. So not much help on that. Maybe more info will come later on.

        • bluestar

          Thank you!

  • rubi76

    I wonder why nobody is commenting on the $ 5 plus $ 15 discount…. every month on a recurring basis for current customers who switch from a classic plan… that’s huge savings…

    Does anybody know if this is a discount per account or per line? Meaning if a family plan with 3 lines switches, do they get $20 off every month or $ 60?

    • Crusher

      People are just flat out dumb thats why. Some People go for the free phone or big discount not seeing that they are getting bent over by Verizon and At&T in the long run. Sheeple!

    • Crusher

      let’s see, Samsung Galaxy 3 on Verizon $130 mo with unlimited Talk Text and “overage web”. Samsung Galaxy 3 on T-Mobile with unlimited everything “no overage no cap web” with installments of $20mo, $90 mo payment for 20 months. then $70 month. No brainer!!!!! The industry is about to get rocked!

  • AvarageJoe

    T-Mobile is going to make a big splash this summer. I have been a customer for 18 months and I’ll tell you coming from Verizon and before then At&T that T-Mobile is the best carrier I had in my ten years of having cell phones. Price is great coverage is great, no complaints at all. I currently have a value plan and I pay $205 for 5 lines with Unlimited Everything with 2gb of overage free web for each line for my plan. I can tell you that you can’t touch that price on any other major carrier, so why do people bitch is beyond me. If people did some homework they would stop overpaying for the SAME service.

    • korama12

      Some people are “bitching” because they aren’t in the same situation that you’re in. I’m glad that these new plans will net you some savings but you should understand that not all of us are on the same plan that you are, with the same number of lines, and the same data needs. Obviously if that were the case for all of us then there would be a lot less negatively towards this announcement. Unfortunately these plans will cost me MORE. I won’t “bitch” though because I know that I have prepaid options to fall back on. I just felt like I should explain the viewpoint of those of us who are dissapointed since there seems to be a growing contingent of commenters who are angry at us for not celebrating the news that these new plans do not fit our needs the way we had hoped. Of course T-Mobile can’t please everyone so I’m not going to hold it against them. I’ll go the prepaid route and pay for the services I need, not pay for those that I don’t, save money, and wish you all well who are making out better under these new plans.

      • xmiro

        they say poaching family accounts away is the bread and butter. Multi-line customers, families in particular, tend to stick around long because it’s harder to move.
        For us it’s true, only 2 lines but i’m the one who made the case for staying with tmobile. My partner would have bailed in 2008 for AT&T or Verizon


    I’m reading some of these comments and no one has mention anything about MBB which you can get with voice for $10.00 bucks a month if this the case why go with unlimited.

  • Mark-Anthony

    My head hurts.

  • Sharklover

    1 benefit if I read it right is that now with the $20 unlimited data you also get 4.5gb of hotspot. Is that correct? 1 big downside which may cost t-mobile a lot of customers is some businesses pay for phone service but not phones. So this may cause some people to switch carriers.

    • corepreacher

      No when the new plans come and you get umlimted data you get 500MB of hotspot for free and you pay $20 for 4.5 GB of hotshot

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    This would make perfect sense for someone who gets great t mobile coverage where you live or work…It would even better if they kept the same deal after launching LTE service..As for now T Mobile does not work very well at my work address so no for for now…At home it works great but i usually use WIFI at home so I don’t really need it at home

  • pissah

    heres my problem: there isnt any 4g for 100 fucking miles in any direction! why the fuck do i have to pay the same amount for an inferior service! for the record, i live in the largest city of a new england state. 10 minutes out of the city and its edge if i’m lucky. us cellular has had 4g here for almost a year, time to buck up tmo.

    • CRT24

      Then don’t use T-Mobile service if it doesnt work for you…..pretty simple solution! No carrier has coverage that works for everyone, everywhere so use the one that works best for YOU!

  • Jimmy

    Sorry if this is a dumb question, but does the BTV stack when multiple lines have it? For example, each line that has it will have $5 voice off and $15 data off?

    • corepreacher


  • Spokker

    My current plan is: 4G Unlimited EM+ – $25

    Even More Plus 500 Talk – $29.99 (I would love a 100 minute plan)

    I don’t need unlimited talk and I even block text messages. I wouldn’t want to pay $70 a month if I were a new customer, and I think the new plans will alienate customers who have such a situation.

  • jimmywangyang

    I Don’t Want Unlimited Minutes But These Plans Are Amazing… $60 for unlimited talk, text, and 2 gigs of internet?

  • jimmywangyang

    EIP = Subsidy? It’s confusing.

    • thepanttherlady

      EIP = Equipment Installment Plan. It’s not a subsidy.

  • kiblawi2000

    “T-Mobile will bill you $10 for each 2GB of data consumed. No need to call in and ask for a certain bucket, just use the data and receive a bill.”

    I don’t think this is valid, but correct me if I’m wrong. It makes no sense. It doesn’t mention anything like that in the posters, and the whole point of this un-carrier is no overages. Why would they make it possible for you to be charged more than you really were expecting? Especially for people who don’t monitor their data usage, of course they will be surprised when they see another $10 added on their bill. They also use the wording “high-speed data” just like they have in the past to show a cap of 3G/4G data that is then throttled when hit. I think the $10 levels is to show that a person can go up to 12gb of high speed data, and for every 2gb you go up, it’ll just be $10 more. And once you hit 12gb, you’re going to be throttled regardless because you’ll be a liability for congesting the network. But then I don’t understand why anyone would pay $20 for 4gb when you can pay $20 for truly unlimited. Am I right?

    • CRT24

      If you were to use 12 gb then this is the same price that is currently charged for 10 gb, plus this includes tethering as well…..if you dont need tethering then subscribe to unlimited data for $20 so not quite sure what doesn’t make sense about this

  • conservative_motorcyclist

    For those who were wondering…the $70 a month value plan with unlimited data will include 500MB of tethering. a 2 GB add-on can be purchased for $10 (total = 2.5 GB) and a 4GB add-on can be purchased for $20 (total = 4.5 GB).

    I am sssooo excited for the new plans! I will be switching my old grandfathered plan to this. it will cost me the same amount, but I don’t need $5.99 T-Zones any more! (if I kept it and did an upgrade, I’d lose the $5.99 T-zones and be forced to add data)

    Blackberry Z10, HERE I COME!!!

  • ticket

    Current plan (1,000 w/ unlimited nights/weekend mins at $40, android preferred 5G cap at $20, No text, plus subsidize phone).

    The new plan has unlimited data for $20, would I be able to add on this unlimited data plan to my current 1,000 minute plan and drop the android preferred data plan or is it only for the new unlimited minite plan

    Will my current plan still be subsidize ?
    If the unlimited data can be added on as I asked above will the phone be subsidized ?
    Will there be a discount to my current plan if the phone if my current plan will no longer be subsidized like the classic plan?

  • I have a question about this – the flowcart says you get “Unlimited Talk, Text, and Web + 500mb High-speed data” – what exactly does that mean? Everyone’s saying you only get 500mb data, but that’s not what the sheet implies…

    I know it seems silly, but my boyfriend and I live in Maine and don’t get higher than a 2G signal anywhere. We’re currently on prepaid and spending $60 for both our phones. We’re on the 100 Min. Unlimited text/web plan, but we’re running out of minutes each month – I’d gladly pay $20 more for the unlimited minutes/unlimited “Web” (which I’m assuming is 2G?) and sacrifice our “5GB of 4G” that we can’t even use…

    • xmiro

      Yu, in the new plans, each line comes with 500MB of data at full speed. But you’ll pay $80+taxes, I don’t know if pre-paid is taxed or not – your total monthly bill would be around $90-95 I think.

      • galactix

        Actually, no family plans will be available on pre paid. So it would be 2 $50 plans for unlimited talk text and 500mb. Only post paid customers can get the $80 2 line deal.

  • Randall Lind

    If I read this right my bill will be $70+tax for unlimited everything right? I am fine with that I pay $110.58 now. Allowing payments for new phones is also cool.

    • xmiro

      true, though if it is important to you you cannot tether on Unlimited 4G past 500MB monthly.

  • adeedew

    Sorry but I can’t seem to figure this out clearly at all. I currently pay $70/month for truly unlimited everything on an unlocked iPhone 5. No contract month to month plan. Will anything change? Can i now add tethering? Isn’t all of tmobile new plans going to be no contracts so why is there talk of postpaid, different type accounts etc? Thanks.

  • Genecio

    The purpose of the credit check is to see if you’re credit worthy, i.e. do you pay your bills on time etc. Remember even without EIP you’re still a postpaid customer meaning you use the service first then you get billed. This is why a credit check would still be needed. For Monthly 4G it is prepaid meaning you fund your account (Pay the bill in advance) then you get service. No contract or credit check needed because if you don’t pay for the next month of service then your phone will just stop working (Disconnected).

  • marbles

    Let me get this straight.. i will be paying 70 dollars for everything included and no contract but the phone will be full price? I’ll be coming to Tmobile once the htc one is out and i need to know this lol

  • Bill Berry

    I can answer existing customers…you have to wait until your contract expires. I asked my local kiosk point blank this very question.

  • Anthony Tarantino

    I chose T-Mobile over Sprint because their Unlimited 4G plan is cheaper, plus they have Windows Phones.

    AT&T and Verizon don’t have unlimited data anymore, so they’re out of the picture.

    So with these new “Uncarrier” plans, does this make Sprint’s unlimited data plan cheaper?

    I’d rather have a contract plan and get a subsidized phone than be forced to pay for an overpriced phone upfront.

  • Anthony Tarantino

    I chose T-Mobile over Sprint because their Unlimited 4G plan is cheaper, plus they have Windows Phones.

    AT&T and Verizon don’t have unlimited data anymore, so they’re out of the picture.

    So with these new “Uncarrier” plans, does this make Sprint’s unlimited data plan cheaper?

    I’d rather have a contract plan and get a subsidized phone than be forced to pay for an overpriced phone upfront.

  • Funny how Android Authority just posted this as an exclusive lol

  • I want to clear up a few things about this. First thing is yes there is no activation fees but there is a $10 SIM starter kit fee.
    Secondly, the data is not 2gb with overage… It will do the same as before…. Throttle. The biggest thing here is you will pay per 2gb should you choose to. Why would someone go with 4, 6, 8, or 10/12 GB??? Its simple. These have full mobile hotspot.
    as far as the unlimited data goes…. 500 mb of hotspot is included and if you want more 2gbs is $10 and 4gbs is $20.
    last but not least…. Prepaid will not have hotspot at all.
    hope this helps.
    if you don’t believe me that’s fine. But I just sold a bunch of these plans today. I’m a manager btw.

  • dottie

    the new contractless rate is not for me. I have been with t-mobile from the beginning, and this is just going to cost me more with no incentives. I am looking for a new carrier.

  • Betty

    It’s no contract but when you cancel, Tmobile charge you $200 for cancellation fee if you don’t stay with them for 2 years.