New Image Indicates T-Mobile’s UNcarrier Launch Going Live Later Today

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T-Mobile’s “Uncarrier” launch is looking more and more set for later today thanks to a new image that just landed in our inbox. With our report from last Friday indicating that T-Mobile was prepping to launch in what we assume is the first wave of uncarrier news sometime today — this new image seems to confirm exactly that. According to the image itself, T-Mobile’s “uncarrier space launch” will happen today, March 4th as rumored.

What will T-Mobile announce later today? Will it emphasize the four reasons listed above as to why they are better than the competition? We hope so, at the very least consistent promotion of those reasons would be far more welcome than “stick together.” It’s time for T-Mobile to get radical.

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  • Willie D

    Still not going to gain customers if they gotta pay either full price for a device or have excellent credit for a device payment plan… no matter how cheap they go, if they cant let people without perfect credit sign up or sell their devices at a reasonable cost they will fail. You dont see many people on MetroPCS sporting the +$250 phones..never seen anyone flashing the GS3 on Metro due to its high cost…so I fail to see how TMobile thinks they will capture that market.

    • Get_at_Me

      Anyone who wishes to get tmo service on a contract can do a payment plan on a device (barring issues with a credit profile/ssn#). Its just a matter of deposit amounts (if applicable). The better your credit rating is, the lower the deposit will be… Tmo will make postpaid service affordable. As long as they market this properly, i see it being a huge success.

      • Baxter DeBerry

        Yup and hopefully with success mean expansion of the network.. Another round of spectrum sales will be here before you know it and tmobile def needs the cash to buy some of that

    • UMA_Fan

      T-Mobile’s current standards for letting people break up phones on their bill isn’t some additional credit check. Typically if you’re approved for the line of service you can break up the phone on your line. Not to mention, it’s easier credit wise to get a line with T-Mobile than Verizon or At&t and even if you have to pay a deposit, it’s usually lower.

      • cardi dark

        Yeah my credit is shitty and my deposit was $50

    • Ryflo

      If you offer phones at low cost upfront,then combine the rest of phone in bill.. But bill is still lower than other carries..and data is unlimited.. And no contract..we have a winner

      • Spanky

        Bill is lower, data is unlimited, no contract….certainly sounds like a winner….if only they could do something about that pesky coverage!

    • tania02

      I have good credit but will I ever sign up with tmobile? nooo way coverage sucks over here in LA I know ill prolly get thumbed down for sayin that LOL but its true ,, And its true what u said my aunt works in a metro pcs store in east la and she told me that the s3 dont even sell a lot that most people buy those LG touchscreen and a few samung touch screen phones that are lte capable and are less than 200 bucks and , that most well I mean almost everybody gets scared when my auntnshows em the price of the s3 500 bucks . I dont like metro at all since I had em once before , then got tmobile now have at&t. So far happy on at&t got to get a grandfathered unlimited plan . For all them people sayin at&t throttle s u after 3 gigs on a grandfathered unlimited plan obviously dnt know i used 9.5 gigs of lte data last month not once did they throttle me lol I enjoyed 10-20 mbps of speed all last month without slowing dwn so far this month im doin the same im up to 7.8 gigs have the slowed me down NO n they dont over charge me more on my bill its still the same so yea..

      • Jason

        It’s called a period.

      • frankieLA323

        I agree with everything u said the s3 don’t sell at metro my mom worked there even tho my mom would get a discount cuz she worked there she never got one. Cuz even she knew metro pcs sucks her personal phone was from at&t haha im also from LA n over here they call metro pcs metro piece of s**t or ghetto piece of s**t lol . And yes at&t all the way ghetto mobile aka tmobile how they like to call it over here also sucks like metro.

  • coolgeek

    The “UN-RESTRICTED” reason leads me to believe that contracts aren’t going away, since it emphasizes the “upgrade anytime (you pay off the current device)” mantra already being used on the Value plans.

    • Durandal_1707

      It says no annual contracts right there in the box…

  • mattcat03

    What does “uncarrier” mean?

    • cdru

      A normal carrier has restrictions, limitations, congestion, and is beatable. T-Mobile is un-restricted, un-limited, un-congested, and un-beatable, so they are the un-carrier. Or at least that is what their marketing department want you to believe.

      In reality they do have restrictions (unless you buy additional data or go pay additional for unlimited), do have limits (see previous point), does suffer from congestion, and can be beat both with price (see prepaid and/or MVNOs) and coverage (see other carriers).

  • jobber99

    i have a full subsidy due 5/25. i really hope a nice tmo CSR lets me do upgrade before 3/24, i’d like to lock in my current rate as long as possible

    • Mine isn’t until 4/2 but the system shows you can do it now. They will, because I went into the store and got mg Nexus that way.

    • squiggleslash

      Do you think plans are going to get more expensive?

      • jobber99

        for me? yeah. i pay $116 for 4 lines, 3 of them have data, with unlimited texting.

  • Good news! I guess lol.

  • Jasen Minus

    I need the specifics to come out from them.

  • Zach Mauch

    My only question is what does this mean for future smartphone sales. Did I miss my chance at getting the Note 2 on sale by passing up the Christmas sale? I really hope not. However, if there aren’t contracts to keep you around, is there enough motivation for T-Mobile to have a smartphone sale?

  • Aurizen

    hopefully they will announce the iphone pricing and more detail and maybe new plans for LTE pricing.

  • remy

    Just to clear things up for you. That plan will only be sold at T-Mobile corp store and places like costco which costco can sell value and classic. Walmart will only sell the 2 year classic plans and not the value.

    • xmiro

      wait what? Why would Walmart sell 2-year subsidized plans?

      • because then they can advertise cheap phones.

      • remy

        Walmart sells the most phones for T-Moblie. Also walmart uses 1 system for all activations for every carrier.

    • guest

      Actually thats not true at all… These plans will be the ONLY plans that t-mobile offers

  • Levron

    I am eligible for a full upgrade pricing on my phone, so should I get my
    subsidized phone upgrade now before it goes away? Do you think the HTC
    One will come out before subsidies go away?

    • xmiro

      Good question. I personally don’t know. I think if you get the phone for free and don’t have to buy more data or get an unlimited calling plan you might come even with a Value plan, or even beat the value plan + EIP

    • Levron

      And to qualify this, I have a grandfathered plan, which is equal if not less than the value plans. Hence, why I have no problem staying on the classic.

      • I am in the same position as you. Been trying to get the nexus 4 or 8x on discount before they end classic upgrades. Most, if not all of their recent sales have been for new activations. Your best bet may be through 3rd party sites like Best Buy or Wirefly. I considered the value plan but my total bill (including phone payments) will go up by $10 in order to keep my grandfathered unlimited data plan.

        • Levron

          In addition to the extra $10, you also wouldn’t be getting subsidized phones. At this point, might just try to pick up a GS3 or Nexus 4 before they end classic upgrades.

        • That’s right. I forgot about that.

    • chantie

      This change will take some time for indirect stores that are currently classic plan only. They will continue to support classic plans for some time after this change.

  • rfgenerator

    If they are going to push value plans I’d love them to dump the contracts (at least if you paid up front and in full for your device). Time will tell, something tells me that their will be some sort of “catch” and that there will not be a complete elimination of contracts.

    • xmiro

      it says in the screenshot, no contracts

  • Nick Cannon


  • Marc Klein

    I blame APPLE for this.

    • bob90210

      I blame Apple also for selling unlocked phones at the Apple stores with 30 days return policy and no restocking fee. I also blame T-Mobile for not restricting plans or phones that I want. With all these choices, I don’t know what to do.

  • cardi dark

    The phone prices upfront will be like contract prices and then pay 20 installments of 20$ or 30$ depending on the price of the phone to pay the phone off

  • Welp… I’m interested, and if anything this will keep me as a customer than deter me. I’ve been waiting to be off contract for the longest. I kept being tied in when I got in situations where I wanted to upgrade, but couldn’t afford the phone outright. Something about being on a contract makes me feel some sort of way. I think this benefits BYOD customers more than anything, and that’s what I’m starting to move towards. Especially with the Nexus line, Ebay, Swappa, and all the great unlocked smartphones that are emerging these days. And if T-Mobile already carries the phone, if anything happens to it, it will be covered by your insurance (if you pay for it, I’ve done it before).

  • Baxter DeBerry

    It launched last night over here in texas, saw the advert commercial on tv

  • Daniel

    What about LTE? Wasn’t T-Mobile originally supposed to be launching LTE around this time?

  • Revelation

    Well they just unveiled their price on the Nexus 4 [16Gb]. Only $550. That’s $200 more then Google sells it & Google’s version is Unlocked.

  • OnlineRefugee

    IMO this strategy depends on WHO they are trying to get as customers. Do they want the people switching to prepaid? Or are they looking to keep postpaid subscribers.

    In regards to marketing, I remember when T-Mobile for years called their LIMITED data plan “UNLIMITED.” And when they simply renamed 3G as 4G. So I would look closely at exactly what T-Mobile is doing here and I think T-Mobile has forged a very negative reputation (see on the Net, Google: T-Mobile complaint).

    If there is any fine print, T-Mobile’s efforts will fail. (IMO T-Mobile is like many companies is addicted to fine print. I find it hard to believe the Company will have ads without the asterisk telling you to read the 2500 words of fine print.

    – Second, if T-Mobile is trying to stop the masses from going prepaid, it cannot have an advertised price, only for people to realize when getting their bill that there’s an additional $8 to $10 in fees and taxes.

    They should look at Straight Talk and other prepaid carriers. None of them have such huge fees and taxes tacked on to the bill. Straight Talk charges $45 monthly. That is the total one pays. Straight Talk wisely includes fees and taxes in the advertised rate.

    – Lastly, many, many consumers have dings on their credit. These people are embarrassed to apply for any credit because the company will come back “discuss” the person’s bad credit. That’s why prepaid carriers advertise as a feature “no credit check.”

    T-Mobile is well advised that on any of its service or products they do not mention anything related to “on credit approval” or make statements that T-Mobile will make a decision on whether to all one to be a customer or not.

    Of course, if T-Mobile only wants subscribers with good credit then it can disregard this concern.

    Credit checks or credit approval is a non-sequiter anyway. If T-Mobile is saying “no contracts,” they can’t make that option contingent on approval of credit. For sure, the public is always wary of the come-ons they see on TV. There’s a great price or low monthly payment, then in fine print it says “only if you have great credit.”

    If T-Mobile was smart it would simply tie in the phone payment plan to the service. Regardless of current law, they can lawfully contract that a phone until paid for will only work with the carrier. If the subscriber quits 12 months into making 24 payments, that’s OK, he can do that. But the phone still has to be paid off, even though it is sitting locked and inoperable in a drawer.