T-Mobile Prism II Press Shots Leak, Comes With Jelly Bean?


Say hello to the upcoming T-Mobile Prism II, making its unofficial press shot debut thanks to @evleaks. This one may be destined direct for the prepaid shelves or the very low-end of the postpaid market, but there is one surprise. The Prism II (Huawei U8686) is rumored to arrive with Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean, along with a 1.0GHz processor and HVGA display. It’s not going to win any spec awards, but that fact that it comes with Jelly Bean ahead of other more deserving devices on T-Mobile *cough* HTC One S *cough* makes me chuckle.

No word on when this one will arrive, but it probably won’t be too long.


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  • Lol smh

  • atari37

    Seriously, T-Mobile needs to get rid of that ugly wallpaper they’ve been using lately. This thing makes ANY device look very cheap. I know it can be easily changed but perception is everything.

  • now for the big question of how these low priced devices will be priced/position with T-mobile’s new uncarrier no contract world.

  • g2a5b0e

    That was quite the dig, David. I’m sure you broke some already hurting hearts with that one.

  • That’s a good $10 phone! LOL

  • sonny souvannarath

    I can’t believe we are even talking about this garbage phone. You know what this phone is good for? Losing friends, because they don’t want to be seen with you when you have that phone.