Samsung Says Some Galaxy S 4 Enhancements Will Make Their Way To Galaxy S III, Note II


Some very good news for Galaxy S III owners as PCMag spoke with Nick DiCarlo, Samsung’s vice president of portfolio planning. DiCarlo noted to PCMag that “many” of the software enhancements Samsung made with the Galaxy S 4 will make their way to the existing Galaxy S III and Note II.

“Anything that we can do that’s not dependent on hardware like infrared, we’ll definitely bring to all the flagship devices,” he said.

This could include but not limited to the new camera features, which DiCarlo hyped up as one of the best new features of the Galaxy S 4. Samsung has some precedent here as they took the Galaxy S II and original Note and added Jelly Bean complete with the newer Nature UX and many features originally found only on the SIII and Note II.

Some of the possible enhancements Galaxy S III and Note II owners could see are:


  • Drama Shot: takes up to 100 photos in 4 seconds, and overlays them into one
  • Eraser: if someone walks into the shot, you can easily remove them
  • Dual mode: use both cameras at the same time
  • Sound & Shot: captures an image with sound
  • Dual Video call: Use both cameras while on a video chat, presumably only works with Samsung’s ChatON software
  • …and more

Various software:

  • S Translator: translates nine different languages in real-time – both text to speech andspeech to text.
  • S Voice Drive: Control your phone with your voice while in the car – it can even read SMS messages and the like back to you.
  • S Travel
  • S Health: With accompanying accessories – S Band, Body Scale, and Heart Rate Monitor – the GS4 will help you get healthy. Given that you actually use the stuff, of course.
  • Air Call accept: simply wave your hand over the screen to answer a call. Neato.
  • Group Play: not as dirty as it sounds, this lets users share music, photos, documents, and games with devices around without the need for Wi-Fi or even a cellular AP. It’s magic.
  • Share Music: Plays the same song on multiple devices in real-time.

If Samsung wants to work to make sure “older” device customers are happy with some current software enhancements, who are we to complain?


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  • 2fst4u

    GA NAR!

  • Neel Basra

    Don’t worry guys! The features will be out in 9 months!

  • mueller2051

    Will see tmobil left us hanging out the last galaxy 3 upgrades. With multi window and so on

    • S. Ali

      Samsung hasn’t released multiwindow this for U.S S3 devices only the international version

      • affi

        But u guys got LTE before everyone else.

        • Bryan Sandoval

          that’s on the carrier to bring LTE to your location not Samsung.

    • danni

      And tmo probably gonna make the phone more expensive than any other carrier like they have been already scammimg us with like s2,s3 and note2

      • Jose Hernandez

        Man, If you have a problem with the price, then don’t buy the phone. We already know that we can expect to pay more for the phone. It is not anything new. we expected. There is not scam here. They are telling up front that you will pay more. If you don’t like, they go to AT&T and get raped with the higher monthly price and over pay even more. Simple choice. Complainig here is not going to help you.

        • Richard Yarrell

          True that, On tmobile we will gladly pay more if need be.

        • squiddy20

          And yet you wouldn’t pay more for Verizon, which has THE most coverage and generally faster download speeds. What a moron.

      • Evan

        Wont T-Mobiles UNcarrier campaign be starting by then?

      • Kahlayoh

        Actually, phone prices will be a lot cheaper this time around! You’ll only be paying $20 a month in installments.

  • Deadeye37

    I’m excited to see these features coming to my SGSIII. Too bad that probably won’t be for another year or so. It will probably just come out for T-mobile when my contract is up and I upgrade again…

  • redman12

    Other phone manufactures.. Take notes.

    • Richard Yarrell

      The Galaxy Note 2 and the Galaxy S3 are the GOLD STANDARD of the industry. The Note 2 is the device manufacturers are trying their best to catch and copy. It’s the MOST FEATURE RICH device ever anymore would be so excellent.

      • du22ty

        Has anyone else googled Galaxy S4 and GOLD STANDARD? Pretty amazing.

  • Josue

    rooting is always an option

    • I’m this close to doing that to my Note 1 since JB and enhancement from Note II hasn’t come yet.

      • Kahlayoh

        Either root it or upgrade. I’m glad I passed up the Note1 and waited for the Note2, definitely worth the wait!

      • Josue

        I have a rooted note 2 and I have a love/hate towards touchwiz lol

  • Wow, that’s actually quite a few of the new features. Not sure how many of them I’ll use on my old GS3, but it’s pretty damn cool they’re going to release it for us.

  • I am sure XDA will spread the love :-)

  • Paul

    “S Voice Drive: Control your phone with your voice while in the car — it can even read SMS messages and the like back to you.”

    I’ve been waiting for a feature for this that is reliable.

  • AndroidProfit

    switched my Note 2 to, “movie mode” and LOVE how the screen looks!

    • Geo

      What’s movie mode and how do you switch it to that?

      • curtl

        Settings > Display > Screen Mode

  • AndroidProfit

    I see the rooting kids chimed in to get their attention they so crave.

  • TMoFan

    I wonder how long until it arrives to the non-international devices? The only thing that I would find useful is the scroll and air touch.

  • NYCTheBronx

    Nice. I hope Samsung also has plans updating the Samsung Galaxy Note as well plus updating their firmwares to 4.2.2.

  • Nick Cannon

    Don’t expect an update until after October

    • BigPoppaBigTime

      If your not rooted :) Root your phone people, it will be a good decision and you’ll never have to wait for your carrier to send you the OTA update again

      • Johnny Cash

        I’ve had multi-window feauture on my S3 for two months now. All because I have a rooted device..How joyous it is while you all wait for your updates. I laugh in your FACES! MUAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Jose Hernandez

    Can anyone recommend a good place where I could get the international version of the phone? I love my GS3. But I may get the international version just to get the updated a little faster than the US Carriers release them.

    • NYCTheBronx

      What APN do you use so you can attach photos to text messages? I have a unlocked HTC One X and it won’t let me send any picture messages. A great place to get the international version is Amazon or EBay.

  • aifj

    any info on the galaxy note 10.1 getting this update it is there flagship tablet and just came out for verizon

  • JBLmobileG1

    Being that Tmobile is going away from the contracts and moving onto the bring your own device era I feel if Tmobile wants to keep their customers they will do whatever they can to push updates to their devices. No matter how old the device may be if the manufacturer is making them (updates) then Tmobile needs to release them. After all, if they don’t they may end up losing more customers than gaining them. Also they will be relying on profits through the contracts and not just the device subsidies so this would make sense.

  • bogan

    I got a feeling that I will buy a note 8.0 before my note2 gets a update.

  • It’s only fair thing to do, considering. The ir blaster is cool, but I’ll make it without

  • Ryan Hagge

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