T-Mobile’s LTE Network Spotted In New York City As Company Highlights 49 iPhone Ready Cities

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T-Mobile’s LTE network is still on the slow path to success, but thanks to TmoNews reader @milanmilanovic, we’re getting a first look at LTE in New York City. It’s definitely still in the planning stages and while it’s not nearly ready for public use, we’re just happy to know there’s progress. In order to get on to the network, Milanovic stated that he forced his way on to the network and manually searched with his Nexus 4 on its lone LTE band. According to Milanovic’s comments to GigaOM, he discovered a 5 MHz-by-5 MHz link in the 1700/2100 range but he could only meet half of the 37Mbs bandwidth the network can theoretically support. More importantly, Milanovic only had a few minutes at a time to try the network before T-Mobile got wise and booted him off. With LTE “ready” to fire up in Kansas City and Las Vegas any day now, we’re betting that a big market like New York City will make a perfect proving ground for the young LTE network.

Even as T-Mobile works to rollout LTE, they are simultaneously continuing their 1900MHz expansion and released an updated list of the 49 cities now ready to support HSPA+ service on that band. As a friendly reminder, T-Mobile’s initial rollout of HSPA+ on the 1900MHz band is capped at 21Mbps. The current rollout of 49 cities covers 142 million people as T-Mobile stated during last quarters financial earnings.

Milanovic posted a YouTube video yesterday evening showing off unequivocal proof that he was in fact on T-Mobile’s LTE network:

@milanmilanovic, GigaOM, PCMag

The full list as of March 15th as provided to PCMag is below:

  1. Ann Arbor, MI
  2. Atlanta, GA
  3. Austin, TX
  4. Baltimore, MD
  5. Boston, MA
  6. Cambridge, MA
  7. Chicago, IL
  8. Dallas, TX
  9. Denver, CO
  10. Detroit, MI
  11. Fort Lauderdale, FL
  12. Fort Worth, TX
  13. Fresno, CA
  14. Houston, TX
  15. Kansas City, KS/MO
  16. Las Vegas, NV
  17. Los Angeles, CA
  18. Miami, FL
  19. Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN
  20. Modesto, CA
  21. Napa, CA
  22. New York, NY
  23. Newark, NJ
  24. Oakland, CA
  25. Orlando, FL
  26. Philadelphia, PA
  27. Phoenix, AZ
  28. Providence, RI
  29. Reno, NV
  30. Richmond, VA
  31. Sacramento, CA
  32. Salinas, CA
  33. San Antonio, TX
  34. San Diego, CA
  35. San Francisco, CA
  36. San Jose, CA
  37. Santa Ana, CA
  38. Santa Cruz, CA
  39. Santa Rosa, CA
  40. Seattle, WA
  41. Springfield, MA
  42. St. Cloud, MN
  43. Stockton, CA
  44. Tampa, FL
  45. Tucson, AZ
  46. Vallejo, CA
  47. Virginia Beach, VA
  48. Warren, MI
  49. Washington, DC

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  • techymexican

    I got LTE on my ATIV S the other day :] I was unable to access data but it was nice seeing that LTE logo on my screen.

    • Irfan

      check APN sittings try , fast.t-mobile.com

  • Qbancelli

    I might just get on the N train and head to Astoria to test it.

    • Explain

    • Guest

      Expect a lot of Edge here.

    • TBN27

      Cool let me know how it works. I live in Astoria but I won’t be able to tell.

  • melon3531

    Reading the original report over on Howardforums, looks like there’s LTE live over by Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn too, can’t wait to test it out as soon as I get the HTC One.

  • daswahnsinn

    Will never see 4g or lte in my area,

    • eanfoso

      Move out of your rural community

    • galaxydude

      I suggest moving to a 4G area

      • RedGeminiPA

        Sprint, of all carriers, just released LTE in my area. Sadly, T-Mobile is still starving us with EDGE.

    • TBN27

      Never say never. Times are changing and the need for this high speed tech is ever so increasing.

  • TechHog

    Good to hear that New York won’t have to wait too long for LTE! Can’t wait for my Note 2 to use it!

  • Eric

    I hope T-Mobile rolls out faster LTE than that. 10×10 MHz or even up to 20×20 MHz would be awesome!

    • MatthewMurawski

      I’m pretty sure they will, their LTE is not intended for public use, and if it was this slow, they would be the laughing stock of the mobile industry. HSPA+ 42 is faster than this download wise.

      • Dion Mac

        thats what i was thinking…well download wise. The upload was pretty impressive.

  • Rudy Belova

    A network scan in LTE only mode shows t-mobile LTE lit up in southern California too.

  • lexreal

    Lte advanced 10 the newest version of lte faster then Verizon and art plus the merger with metro pcs

  • Jacky Mark

    Is anyone in new york getting LTE on their iphone 5?

    • TBN27

      No. As I have just looked in my cellular settings, I still don’t have the option to turn LTE on. I am wondering if when LTE is actually live, will that option suddenly show up.

      • RedGeminiPA

        I have an LTE switch for mine, even though I’m running on AT&T’s network via Straight Talk. My area does NOT have AT&T’s LTE yet.

        • TBN27

          Is your iPhone factory unlocked or an unlocked one that was locked for AT&T? I am on T-Mobile and I have a factory unlocked iPhone 5 that I bought directly from apple model number 1428 and there isn’t an LTE toggle switch available.

    • superg05

      is at&t’s LTE even on the same band?

      • TBN27


      • Jacky Mark

        yes i believe so.

  • xayeeitsdevin

    T-Mobile needs to work on the central area of the US because I don’t think I’ll ever see 3G on my iPhone 5.

    • GinaDee

      T-Mobile only upgrades the same areas over and over. If you still have 2G only now you won’t be getting LTE or 3G anytime soon. Even then their network is full of holes even in areas with 4G or 4GLTE and forget about service inside most buildings. Ever go into a NYC building and get a signal anywhere past the lobby area?

      They don’t get a shoddy network reputation for nothing.

      • jay_max

        You need to pay attention to their updated coverage maps instead of spouting nonsense.

        • M42

          Their updated coverage maps, like the maps before them are false.

        • samsavoy

          Please, show me this coverage expansion. The only areas they’re expanding are where AT&T roaming exists, and even then, it’s a real half-assed attempt.

          My favorite is when they add a single new cell site to a town and leave all the other ones around it on EDGE. It’s like they want to have a swiss-cheese network.

          There’s a big difference between real coverage expansion and simply “covering up” roaming areas.

          People aren’t choosing a carrier based on the types of phones they have anymore, it’s about the network. And T-Mobile simply doesn’t have it.

      • Rudy Belova

        I just about always got service with my one s inside buildings in nyc. very rare for me not too. It was always 4g. My samsung? Forget it..

      • TBN27

        They haven’t expanded to the middle of the country because the parent company wasn’t spending the money to get coverage out to those places on 4G. All that will change in two years. As far as T-Mobile working in NYC buildings, I live there, and I don’t know if you do but 9 times out of 10 I get full or strong signal in 4G when I walk into many NYC structures. Now that I am on an iPhone 5 myself, i will back you up and say that often the 3G signals will not penetrate and you will get EDGE. However I notice improvement where I revisit those spots and I am getting 3G signals albeit weak. In the end, this may not matter later on because LTE will be here and 1900mhz HSPA+21 will be far better than it is now.

      • M42

        They never finish what they start. A couple of years from now some new technology will be out and T-Horrible will stop building LTE and begin installing the new tech in the same cities where they first began with LTE. Meanwhile, the rest of the country, which is 90% of their network, will be stuck on 1990’s Edge.

        • joshiee25

          As long as they keep updating the cities that I live in, it’s okay with me

    • Tee2

      In central US (at least Central Illinois) T-Mobile shares spectrum with AT&T so if you’re really looking for 3G or 4G now then you maybe able to use AT&T’s network (Even tho its as slow as Edge).

      • RedGeminiPA

        AT&T’s HSPA+ network isn’t as fast as T-Mobile’s (in most cases), but I’m not complaining about 5-9Mbps in many places I’ve done speed tests. I frequently see speeds just over 1Mbps in many areas as well. To say AT&T’s HSPA+ is as slow as EDGE, you really don’t know what you’re talking about.

    • superg05

      Seeing as T mobile does not officially carry the iPhone that’s not saying much but they do need to expand better


    I live in the city of Downey, its like 15 minutes away from Los Angeles will i still get LTE or only the main city of LA? Or will all other cities in Los Angeles will get LTE?

    • bleeew

      It is not know yet. You will have to wait until its official.

      • RedGeminiPA

        I love your username :)

    • Guest

      I live in Downey too

    • Adrayven

      MetroPCS has a fair amount of spectrum in around LA. So if metro works in your area, it’s likely you see the upgrade. Just a lot later because that can’t move on it till approvals for buyout is complete.

  • sorandkairi

    Come on Alabama (never thought that I’d say that) … I want to purchase my devices directly from HTC…

    And Oh,… its been a while since I’ve commented … how’s everyone doing…?

    • eanfoso

      Same ol same ol lol but why though man? Don’t tell me you got carried away by the htc one lol and you know I’d like to buy my stuff directly from manufacturers as well, however sometimes guys like at&t make it hard for us to get a device unlocked from the manufacturers, making it exclusive in the USA, leaving us loyal t-mobile customers to the mercy of negri electronics or international resellers

      • sorandkairi

        That’s exactly my point, I’m hoping that when the refarming, for the most part, in complete, we will be able to purchase any unbranded phone from anywhere in the world and hold hands with our EU/AS/AU brothers and sisters and yell out ” Free at last… Free at last.. Thank God Almighty…We Are Free At Last”.

        something like that anyway… : )

  • g2a5b0e

    Very exciting news. Can’t wait to read what Richard Yarrell has to say about this!

    • Richard Yarrell

      It’s great to know New York City will be up and running LTE soon. As a big market city i can see Tmo getting it done in the New York market soon. Many Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2, and Nexus 4 owners will be happy.

      • eanfoso

        Don’t forget those odd nokia lumia 920 owners that got their device from Canada, since the lumia 920 has band 4 LTE ready! :)

      • team Richard Yarrell!! – D don’t mind your haters none sir.

        • Richard Yarrell

          I can’t worry to much about that on a daily basis. People will be people I have very thick skin us South Bronx guys don’t worry too much about anything.

      • NYCTheBronx

        I want 4G LTE on my LG Google Nexus 4. I don’t want to root my phone. I hope Google fixes this.

        • I’m not accepting or installing the 4.2.2 update on my Nexus 4 at all, I’m keeping it stock and just not updating.

        • Justin

          you could just update then flash the old radio lol

      • galaxydude

        Hey Richard are you going to be upgrading to the galaxy s4 when it is released on T-Mobile

        • Richard Yarrell

          Looks like I will be waiting for the Galaxy Note 3 in September/October. The Galaxy Note 2 is still the GOLD STANDARD of the industry. It’s the devices everyone is trying to catch up too and seem to be copying for that matter. All of the software features that the Galaxy S4 will make it’s way to the Note 2 in the 4.2.2 update and it will be fine. Waiting another 6 months will be extremely easy.

      • g2a5b0e

        You just made my day, Richard.

        GO, Team Richard!

        • Richard Yarrell

          Always happy to communicate here as much as I can. Much appreciated…

      • Oliver Jackson

        Congrats my brother. I’m in Miami and I’m licking my chops for my Note2 to get some LTE love but in the meantime,I’m seriously enjoying the HSPA+42 on TMobile and going to get even better w/Metro PCS merger!

        • Richard Yarrell

          Yes T-mobile is definitely doing some special things. Having that fall back to HSPA+ 42 will a great thing for so many handsets. It’s good to see t-mobile change right before our eyes. That merger will be very big for all of us.

        • Oliver Jackson

          You better believe it.I will be watching 4/12/13 for the vote and be waiting for some 4.2.2 love for my Note 2.My nephew is getting my GSIII I mailed off yesterday and he will receive it Monday.And the GSIII will get some GS4 love too. As you say,the Galaxy Note 2 is the GOLD standard of smartphones even Apple knows this and that’s why they put that stupid ad out .

        • RedGeminiPA

          Not everyone likes holding a tablet to their head. Your gold standard isn’t everyone’s.

  • therunner01

    If your at South Padre Island or Port Isabel Texas. There is 1900mhz HSPA+ there.


    I’m using a nexus 4 on t—mobile monthly 4G I know the nexus 4 has a LTE chip inside will I be able to use it once they roll out LTE????

    • eanfoso

      It’s against the law, you’ll have to look on xda forums to enable it, Google won’t enable it

      • milanyc

        Nexus 4 has been selling with Band 4 LTE enabled since since day one, and up until the latest 4.2.2 update it’s been on. Latest OS update disables it.
        If you chose not to update your software, you’ll be able to connect to T-Mobile’s LTE, and there is nothing unlawful about it.
        If anyone should get in trouble, it’s LG/Google for not reporting Nexus 4 LTE capability to FCC for testing.

    • galaxydude

      Yea we will be able to access T-Mobile lte network on our nexus4
      All monthly 4Gs subscribers will have access to lte as long as
      Their devices support it

  • Joe Hartley

    It would be great if they would get Louisville taken care of being that it’s the 29th largest city in the country. I’m really hoping they are working on the 1900mhz switch is why speeds here have become flaky.

    • TBN27

      It is flaky because they are working on LTE.

  • Dayvid

    I’m ready for iPhone to roll out, forget Samsung it’s all about Apple in the next few weeks. NEVER LOOK BACK!!!

  • eanfoso

    @david you need to add Beaumont, TX, the other day on my spare iphone 4 I started to get 3G throughout the city

    • sosharpdevy

      I’m in Groves not far from you and T-Mobile has been working on a lot of towers in the area as well.

  • Alex Zapata

    This doesn’t look that different from when Verizon’s LTE network first opened up. I remember when people were excited to get 18 down and 9 up.

    • Rudy Belova

      Coming from Verizon 3g, thats a HUGE improvement; T-Mobile HSPA+, eh. not as much. (for download at least)

      • superg05

        yeah I was in Dallas around elam Rd and got 25mbs hpda+

  • 100

    T-Mobile refarmed like 1/4 of Birmingham, AL back in December 2011, and since then there has been zero improvement! Idk why they just don’t finish the city since its been well over a year that they started!!

  • NYCTheBronx

    I have 4G LTE here sometimes at San Jose.

  • 21stNow

    Hmmm, I’m kind of tired of dropping to EDGE on my HTC One X in the DC area.

    • superg05

      t Mobile sales the one x?

      • 21stNow

        No. I mentioned it because it is a phone that should have benefitted from the refarming mentioned in this article.

  • Bill Smith

    So when will the software be released so we can use LTE?

    • RedGeminiPA

      They have to deploy the network sites first. You won’t have LTE if the towers aren’t supporting it yet.

  • jayy337

    I just want 1900 mhz 3G to work better here in Long Beach, Ca. I FINALLY get 3 bars of it in my house on my 4S. Its fast but then it drops to EDGE after a while. The speeds downtown are beyond horrible, but connectivity & consistensy is getting better. Building penetration still isnt the best. Im trying to be very patient here. Lol

    • NYCTheBronx

      That’s too bad. =/ I live in the Bay Area and on my location I have strong signal, well that’s what T-Mobile’s coverage map says. The building penetration is horrible here. I have to walk down the street and outside of my apartment complex just to get 13-17mbps depending on my phone as well. Inside my apartment, I don’t even get 1mbps and I’m forced to use my horrible wi-fi connection just to browse and stream Netflix. But I pulled off using 30GB of data this month lol. I used my HTC One X. Must be something to do with AT&T phones. My ping isn’t bad on my HTC One X. I get around 40-70 ping but sometimes 500. When I switch my sim back to my T-Mobile phones, the ping is horrible. I hope all goes well for you in L.A. Just can’t wait for 4G LTE to come out. And hopefully T-Mobile fixes there building penetration problem and expanding more of their HSPA+ towers. I get 30mbps download on my T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note II.

      • Nearmsp

        You are comparing apples and oranges. Jay337 is talking about PCS coverage and you are talking about AWS coverage. T-mobile does not publish any PCS coverage maps.

        • TMOguy

          PCS coverage = 1900mhz = primarily the 2G footprint. You can look at that on the coverage map. If you mean where do they have 3G on PCS as far as the coverage map goes, yes that’s correct, not yet published.

        • NYCTheBronx

          My LG Google Nexus 4 was lagging at the time. I must had replied to the wrong person.

    • Brandyn Duncanson

      I live downtown and it’s so slow. Ridiculous. Sometimes data won’t even work or the speeds are like 10 kbps lol. It does seem better now, and now i get 3G all over LB

      • jayy337

        I feel u about data not working in the downtown area. I need more consistensy at home on the northside. AWS was ALWAYS full bars in my house on my nexus one. iPhone i get 3 max and then a drop to EDGE after a while. They should penetrate the building similarly.

  • Guest

    I was running a test in Dallas it said t Mobile unknown network around military

  • superg05

    has anyone else in a area with dual hpda+42 maps towers turn into single 21mbps towers I can only assume that means part of it was converted to LTE

  • Justin

    does the LTE still boot people off or is it working?

    • superg05

      i can only assume they where booted off for being unauthorized access to the network detected not cause it was not working

  • Anonymouse

    37 Mbps? I thought they’re rolling out LTE-Advanced on day 1!

    • milanyc

      LTE-Advanced is not some magic switch that turns your phone into 1Gbps capable battery powered modem… It’s a set of tools and T-Mobile’s Release 10 network is capable of implementing them as they become available. Right now there are no commercially available LTE-Advanced smartphones and modems in general, so it makes absolutely no sense to roll out the updates at the base stations at this time.

      Ultimately, LTE download speeds are heavily affected with the amount of spectrum deployed, and it looks like T-Mobile isn’t willing to scale down their HSPA+42 networks and free up some AWS for LTE. Their HSPA+42 is fairly inefficiently using up 20Mhz of that valuable AWS spectrum that they could be using for LTE and provide more capacity (73Mhz for 2x10Mhz), but I guess HSPA+42 user base is large enough for T-Mobile to scale it down.
      Imho HSPA+21 (and 2x10Mhz LTE) in AWS augmented with HSPA+21 in PCS could’ve been a much more efficient solution.

      It looks like they’re starting small with mostly 2x5Mhz configurations, hoping that MetroPCS merger gets approved ASAP so they can widen that LTE to 2x10Mhz this year.

      Don’t forget that they’ve promised 2x10Mhz in 2013 for 90% of Top 25 Markets.

      • superg05

        i thought they made the towers 21mb per second to free up for lte because all the towers im connecting to in dallas most say 21mbps network not 42 i have run in to one that said tmobile unknown network once but maybe those 21mbps towers where never upgraded

        • milanyc

          Where does it say 21mbps? Are you looking at your speedtests or ServiceMode, or something else? How do you know the cell sites around you are only HSPA+21. Are you on an iPhone maybe?

        • NYCTheBronx

          Yeah, how do you know if the tower is supported by 21mbps or 42mbps? I don’t see it anywhere. I use speedtest. What app do you use? I still have tons of area covered in my city with 42mbps towers. None of my phones are capped at 21mbps. I get over 24+Mbps and up to 30 is my max.

  • trife

    That list makes me sad. No Kentucky. No Tennessee. No Alabama. No Arkansas. No Mississippi.

    Look, even though I live here, I’m not a huge fan of the South either, TMO. But could you throw us a bone? When airportal.de works, you can see the huge, gaping hole in the middle of the U.S. with no sightings of the 1900 frequency.

    Let’s do something about that soom. Mmkay….thanks.

  • Phone updates though. . …

  • M42

    T-Mobile should have built their HSPA network out before taking on another project. It’s plenty fast enough. In the one small 4G area I have I get 18 mps down with HSPA 4G. Verizon’s LTE in the same city only clocks at 15 mps.

    This refarm project is the lamest idea I’ve ever heard of. They should spend the money they’re wasting on that to complete the HSPA build out and get 90% of their customers off Edge.

    • Irfan

      LTE have many benefits , not only for cell phone but way more , u can use better modems that can provide business user a better and fast VPN ‘s , saving cost as providers to pay high price of bandwidth due to lower pipe lines, can be use video transmitting such as iptv …and so many future benefits also due to high speed the website may will be more heaver then these days , may be use for TV news broadcasters with out having big Dish installed trucks etc….thats what i think..

      • M42

        I’m not against LTE, I’m just saying T-Mobile needs to finish what they start. Surely you agree the 4G HSPA network is far better than their Swiss Cheese Edge network?

    • RedGeminiPA

      The refarming for 1900MHz is to better support a wider array of unlocked phones and the iPhone. Since T-Mobile announced they have over 2 million active iPhones, and adding about 100,000 per month, they want to push the update as much as possible.

      I, for one, have an unlocked iPhone 5, and really want to make the switch, but T-Mobile doesn’t even have 3G/4G (period) in my area. Once they upgrade, I’ll have HSPA+ “4G” here.

      When T-Mobile starts selling the iPhone this year, it will need to run on the refarmed 1900MHz network for anything better than EDGE (2G).

      To say the refarming is the lamest idea you’ve ever heard of is rather lame in itself. You may not personally like the iPhone, but there are hundreds of millions of people who do, and T-Mobile wants a bigger piece of that pie. I can’t blame them.

  • Irfan

    LTE big benefit , bigger pipeline , less lose of data and signal ,and saving money on bandwidth loss due to lover pipe line , i believe one they will done LTE assembling all over they will increase the bandwidth ,because they want to keep more bandwidth on HSPA+ where they have 90% phones are connected . if T-Mobile convert voice over LTE this will be super amazing .

    • RedGeminiPA

      I live in the biggest city between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg, and we’re still stuck with EDGE (2G), period. A college town about 40 miles north (PSU State College) has it, but not refarmed for 1900MHz yet. I’m waiting for them to upgrade my area so I can make the switch.

  • brokedownpickup

    still no Saint Louis or Colombia Missouri… I’d really like to see those with the 1900 spectrum soon, but really we all want our on neck of the woods to be covered.

  • Jo

    So when they say Los Angeles, CA, is that just the specific city or the Greater Los Angeles area? In Pasadena and La Cañada, I still get EDGE.

  • Whitney

    I am assuming that metro detroit will get cover since Metro PCS deal went though

    • whether it did or not, T-Mobile’s Metro-Detroit coverage already has a ton of of spectrum for AWS here, 50Mhz. Metro-PCS will only add to that wealth of spectrum.

      • Whitney

        I can’t check airportel.de. The site is down

      • milanyc

        T-Mobile has 40Mhz of AWS in Detroit area. A+B AWS Licenses.
        Also has 30Mhz of PCS.

        MetroPCS brings in 10Mhz of AWS and 10Mhz of PCS.

  • TMOguy

    For those of you in Seattle, I heard LTE is live at one site in Bothell (for testing purposes). I-405 exit 24, just to the northeast of the exit. If any of you techno heads want to try and find it…

  • I have an unlocked (unlocked by AT&T) Inspire 4g. I pop in my T-mobile SIM card and I get Edge and then after a few minutes it goes to H+ or HSPA+. I test the speed and I get upwards of 9 megs down and 2 megs up. Not too shabby. After a while, sometimes 15 minutes, sometimes 2 hours it drops GPRS and then up to Edge. It stays with Edge until I reboot the phone. What is up with that? I am in Austin, TX. Do I need a software upgrade? Is there a setting I can change? I have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus as my primary device, but I like to tinker with other stuff. Any ideas?

    • RedGeminiPA

      You might try resetting the network settings.

  • conservative_motorcyclist

    I gotta say…it was really refreshing to be sitting around in downtown Wenham with full 3G on my iPhone while the rest of my family with Sprint/Verizon/AT&T had barely 1 or 2 bars.

    The look on my Aunt’s face when I told her I pay $70 a month for unlimited everything (minus tethering) was priceless!

    Go T-MOBILE!!!

  • TomasHunter

    Thanks for the news, David. I was on my lunch break at DISH earlier today when I read another article that said T-Mobile LTE has already been detected here in Denver. My Note II is updated, ready for LTE, and I can’t wait for T-Mobile to flip the switch so I can get the most out of my DISH Anywhere app. It streams all of my live TV channels and recordings from my DVR to my phone; I love it because I can watch live baseball games, even when I’m not at home, and with T-Mobiles higher data speeds, I can stream in higher definition!