T-Mobile’s Fourth Quarter Report Discusses First LTE Networks, iPhone, And 1900MHz HSPA+ Launches


While T-Mobile’s fourth quarter 2012 financial report may be a mixed bag financially, it did yield a number of notable facts on the company’s iPhone subscriber base, LTE networks and new HSPA+ 1900MHz launches.

We’ll start things off with HSPA+ as T-Mobile announces their 4G network now serves more than 225 million people. As for HSPA+ on the 1900MHz band, T-Mobile announced more than 142 million people are now covered by the refarmed 1900 band. Along with this news, T-Mobile announces the launch of Orlando, Florida; Ann Arbor, Michigan; and Richmond, Virginia as the company’s newest refarmed markets on the 1900 band.

Which leads us right into news that more more than 2 million iPhone customers are now on T-Mobile under the company’s “bring your own device” program. T-Mobile is adding more than 100,000 new iPhone customers every month under their BYOD program, a number expected to rise quickly with the release of a carrier supported iPhone in the near future.

As for LTE, T-Mobile says their first two markets, Las Vegas and Kansas City are now completed and “ready for customers as LTE devices launch in 2013.” Anticipated devices in 2013 already exist with the upcoming launch of the HTC One, BlackBerry Z10, Galaxy S III LTE and likely the Galaxy S IV.

As part of the Company‘s ongoing commitment to provide customers with a game-changing network experience, T-Mobile has completed technology enhancements to improve its network voice and data coverage in 49 metropolitan areas, enhancing the already powerful 4G experience that it currently delivers. Today, T-Mobile announced that it has completed upgrades in several new metro areas, including Orlando, FL, Ann Arbor, MI, and Richmond, VA. The Company’s HSPA+ network currently serves 225 million people nationwide, with 142 million people covered by 4G on 1900 MHz spectrum. T-Mobile is also accelerating the launch of its Long Term Evolution (LTE) service and will now reach 100 million people with LTE by mid-2013 and more than 200 million people with LTE by the end of the year. LTE networks have been completed in Las Vegas, NV and Kansas City, MO and are ready for customers as LTE devices launch in 2013.

T-Mobile’s “bring your own device” (BYOD) program continues to gain momentum as customers seek better network service at more affordable prices. Approximately 100,000 iPhone customers every month are making the switch to T-Mobile under the BYOD plans, bringing the total number of iPhone users currently on the T-Mobile network to more than 2 million.


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  • LTEstyles

    Orlando still needs to be worked on. I know A LOT of places where i still get Edge. I hope T-Mobile is not modernizing 50% of their towers here in Orlando and calling it “Complete.”

    • NextBig313

      I agree. I work for disney. The coverage is spotty at best

      • Michael Lococo

        Man you really work for a Mickey Mouse organization! :-)

      • John M Catral

        I worked in Orlando years ago, and remember T-Mobile having great signal everywhere from Celebration to Downtown Orlando.

    • terryjohnson16

      When I went there last year, marjority of the coverage was EDGE. I was on my GS2, and AWS was sporatic. Now, the PCS HSPA network is not up to par with AWS coverage. Drops to EDGE.

    • Fabian Cortez

      I agree, though I’ve noticed power output of HSPA+ over PCS has been improved.

    • TBN27

      In about several weeks Orlando will be fully covered. NYC had the same issue and now it is fully covered in HSPA+ 1900. Only problem later on will be the building penetration that you maybornmay not encounter.

    • Anonymouse

      I’m not totally surprised. The PCS HSPA+ launches last year has set the tone. I’m crossing my fingers this will not happen when LTE-A rolls out in a few months.

    • joe shmoe

      HSPA+ 1900 is being called when the networks are around 30% complete. So as I disagree with this philosophy the food news is that places like Orlando will only get better with time. Much better. LTE networks are being called when they are 70% done So for them to call the 2 cities complete is aggravating as well. I do not understand it but it is what it is.

    • philyew

      Pretty much everywhere that they have announced 3G/HSPA+ on PCS as being live, they have continued working to fill in the gaps. Some times it has taken months to hear about comprehensive coverage, but it does seem to come in time.

      Since the modernization is supposed to be completed on every tower that currently delivers 3G/HSPA+ on AWS, the “4G” footprint on AWS and PCS will eventually be identical.

      • M42

        Yes, but the footprint will not be any larger. All T-Mobile is doing is spending lots of dough to move the pea from one shell to another. That money could be better spent building out the rest of their 2G network to 4G HSPA.

        • philyew

          Your point about the better investment approach is debatable.

          The HSPA+ footprint is already delivered by 37,000 out of 52,000 towers and reaches 225m out of a possible 316m in the population.

          The shortfall therefore involves less than 30% of the population, of whom a substantial number will be located in areas where there is little potential for a cost effective return on investment because of low population density and competitor saturation.

          Balance against that the damage certain to be sustained by a failure to offer, initially, competitive LTE service and, later, “true” 4G. You can guarantee that TM will not be allowed to describe any part of their network as 4G once their competitors are able to deliver 100 mbps mobile download services.

          Yes, they need to find ways of upgrading as much of their 2G network as possible, but from a long-term sustainability perspective the immediate answer has to be the consolidation and enhancement of those markets, in which TM has both its highest concentrations of existing subscribers and also the greatest potential to grow by attracting customers from their competitors.

    • Oscar Alvarado

      Unfortunately T-Mobile modernizes 75% before they consider it complete.

    • joe

      Same in Los Angeles.

  • milanyc

    “As for LTE, T-Mobile says their first two markets, Las Vegas and Kansas City are now live and ready for customers as LTE devices launch in 2013.”

    They never said that the network is live for customers since LTE in those two markets is still in “hidden” test mode and consumers can’t see it or connect to it.

    They’ve said: “LTE networks have been completed in Las Vegas, NV and Kansas City, MO”

    THose are two very different statements.

    • Fair point, but in this context, I believe they are live as I know a few individuals who have been able to access it and don’t work for the company. Still, I’ve updated the language. Thanks!

      • Chris

        If you can answer (I know you have secrets lol) what devices are they using? Excited for my Note 2’s LTE OTA update!

        • Mike

          Network is garbage. I still get EDGE in Milwaukee and southeast WI. Alot of the time I am on AT&T Roaming on EDGE in WI. Terrible

        • Nearmsp

          T-mobile does not have a single corporate store in WI. The one in Racine is a private store. I agree, WI is served very poorly right down to the South East Border near Kenosha. Madison and NW on I-94 is even worse until close to MN.

        • wazmo

          That’s ‘cuz a lot of that is serviced by Einstein PCS or BugTussel.

      • andrecs

        If you have a Nexus 4 you can put it into program mode and enable LTE, then see LTE if it’s live.. That’s what the folks over at XDA forums did.

      • Whitney

        David I know that ask this like a million times but is Farminton Hills and Novi, Michigan going to get covered?

  • CJ

    Need Iphone Launch Date! Please T-Mobile

    • AustineKersey

      You should just buy a unlocked iPhone now the price will be same when t mobile comes out with it

      • Whiskers

        Why would someone do that when it will be outdated in a couple months when the new ones releases. Not to mention they will be offering two different iphone models on their next release.
        The question is which one will T-Mobile offer ..

        • CJ

          I hope not the cheap one!

        • AustineKersey

          First you have know idea what your talking about. If your referring to the cheaper iPhone then your truly insane. Apple test products all the time doesn’t mean they will release it. Know your facts before you speak. An the iphone 5 is a great phone that compatible with tmobile lte so I don’t see the problem

        • Whiskers

          Save your dumb down speech for someone else and lighten up.

          So go ahead and pay $700.00 for a phone that will be considered last years model in a few months , i don’t care it’s your money .
          Any smart person ready to chunk down that kind of money would be stupid not to wait just a few months for the latest IOS version and specs available with T-Mobiles LTE 1700/2100 and AWS already on it.
          That would be like a person buying last years corvette model with a 638hp motor when he could of waited and got a newer model with a 650hp motor for the same price and with better upgrades available.
          I did’nt say the i5 was’nt a great phone , it’s just stupid to spend that kind of money on what would be outdated specs soon . If one had to wait 6-8 months for the next release then yea , consider it and make a choice.

        • AustineKersey

          Yes since your so smart critiquing what I said. Must must not know that the unlocked iPhones are already compatible with tmobile LtE network. Nothing different will be added from the 5 to the 5s just a slight bump in specs.

        • Whiskers

          First you have no idea what your talking about . Unless you work for Apple you know nothing as to what they will be releasing next.
          Know your facts before you speak as you say…

        • AustineKersey

          Your an idiot!

        • Whiskers

          So are you !

        • RaulH1979

          You’re both idiots. Go back to school and learn how to construct a sentence. While you’re there, make sure to look into courses on basic grammar. There is a significant difference between “your” and “you’re”.

        • philyew

          AWS is just another way of labeling the combined use of the 1700/2100 bands. If you mean that HSPA+ will be coming to AWS on the T-Mobile iPhone…it won’t.

          Much of the ability for TM to start selling Apple devices is that they no longer require a specially engineered device to support 3G/HSPA+ on the AWS band. With their 3G/HSPA+ footprint on PCS (1900 MHz) progressively matching the footprint on AWS, they only need a device which can support LTE on AWS, and that is already available on the A1428 model of the iPhone 5 sold for use on the AT&T network.

        • Whiskers

          I already know about all those specs and that the currrent i5 is already AWS ready for T-Mobile data but the average new consumer who walks into a T-Mobile store is not a phone geek and does’nt know.
          All they know is T-Mobile is now selling the iphone and it will work on their new LTE coming out without extra hassles.
          They are not going to buy a $700.00 unlocked iphone , figure out how to reset the APN’s just so they can send/receive picture messages before they bring it to T-Mobile to use when they will be able to just walk inside a T-Mobile store and buy the latest model available with the latest upgraded specs from Apple and sign a new contract be done .

        • philyew

          Glad you understand all that. Your comment “with T-Mobiles LTE 1700/2100 and AWS already on it”, suggested that you thought they were somehow different capabilities.

          Despite your conviction that people “are not going to buy a $700.00 unlocked iphone , figure out how to reset the APN’s just so they can send/receive picture messages before they bring it to T-Mobile to use”, it would seem that people are doing precisely that – coming to TM at a rate of 100,000 per month with an iPhone that was not sold to them by TM. Go figure.

        • Whiskers

          But when T-Mobile actually stocks and sells the iphone themselfs you won’t see people buying a unlocked i5 and doing that anymore.
          They will just buy it at from T-Mobile since it will already be set up to go with the latest specs from Apple..
          That was my original point.
          So why would someone who knows this now do that now get a i5 which will be a last years model when they could just wait a few months and get a better phone for the same price.

    • terryjohnson16

      I currently have the AT&T-version factory unlocked iPhone 5. The PCS 3G is spotty. I hope that T-mobile version has the AWS 3G onboard, cause it’s pissing me off with the PCS 3G dropping to EDGE.

      • TBN27

        I also have an iPhone 5 unlocked and my concern is that will a “turn on LTE” option show up on the cellular settings.

    • tmo rep

      why would you get the iphone when tmobile already carries phones that beat the iphone 5 ??

      • CJ

        Update Stability that’s it. G2X Still on 2.2.3 and my HD7 still on 7.5. I feel Apple updates their phones for 2+ years

  • galaxydude

    I just recently switched to monthly 4Gs 70$ unlimited data it’s great i used about 14 GB last month .i average about 10down and 2.5 uploading. That’s fast enough for me

    • BigMixxx

      I went from T to Verizon now back to T on the monthly 4g plan. Coverage with Verizon, while better, speed was inconsistent. I’m on the $70 monthly 4g (it just made sense to me) plan as well. The only time I see issues is during peak periods, and it was STILL faster and better than verizon.

      In LV — Verizon is the business, but they have the same dead spots as everyone else….

      • galaxydude

        I went to att for about 6months and there 250$ a month for 2lines. I recently came back to T-

    • MatthewMurawski

      I have the $30 plan with 5 GB of 4G and 100 minutes (along with unlimited text) and haven’t even come close to my limits yet. I think my highs were 3.9 GB and 79 minutes. Best plans available if they suit your needs.

  • Shuffles

    When we were at Disneyworld a few weeks ago, I only occasionally got a 3G signal on my iPhone, particularly on park grounds.

    Do you have info on what the 49 markets are that already have HSPA on 1900MHz? Surely Cincinnati and Columbus are bigger markets than Ann Arbor or Richmond, yet we don’t have 3G coverage for the iPhone in either city. I am seeing 3G occasionally here now, but it seems that a cell that is 3G one day is back to Edge the next, so maybe they’re testing in advance of the rollout.

    On another note, anyone have any idea how to get the Cell ID (CID) on the iPhone so that I can report to AirPortal? The Field Test mode on my iPhone 4 (IOS 6.1.2) does not seem to show that.


    • Chris

      Ann Arbor is relatively small with a very large/dense population.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed, but it is not as small as many seem to think and that’s the point I’m getting at.

      • Michael Lococo

        Just because they live in Michigan doesn’t mean you have to call them dense! :-)

    • Anonymous

      Have you ever been to Ann Arbor and the surrounding areas? It’s far from small in comparison to the other cities you named. Not saying those aren’t a good size, but Ann Arbor is quite a big city full of college kids and the other thousands of people who live directly in the area, too. I live here so I’m just going off my everyday experience here.

      • Karl Cieslak

        Columbus, Cincinnati and there respective suburbs account for nearly 4 million people. I am pretty sure Ann Arbor comes no where near that.. Just saying Columbus has suburbs with more people than Ann Arbor :) so i get where the other fellow Central Ohioans are going.. The Ohio State University itself is home to 60,000 students and that’s nearly all of Ann Arbors population.

        • John

          I’m also in Ann Arbor. The reason we got the equipment first is that we have the spectrum to deploy LTE; Cinci is AWS-constrained so will only be able to launch HSPA+ 1900. That makes them a lower priority.

          RE Columbus: The modernized area in Ann Arbor only encompasses a few towers; Columbus has way more 3G/4G towers to work on and is already under way.

    • Emily Kindles

      I live in columbus and I had an iphone since December. Never seen a 3G signal. Edge is pathetically slow!!! We have a big campus and thousand of college kids too. (Also we r super rivals of Ann Arbor so I hope we get lte and 3G before they do) lol. Go bucks!

      • Whiskers

        Columbus here as well and i second that.
        Go Bucks !
        Refarmed 1900 MHZ 3G == sucks, it’s still Edge only.
        And for T-Mobile phones with 3G==Still sucks because you can drive 20 minutes outside the city and your back on Edge.
        LTE better have a stronger signal without the spotty areas or more people will keep leaving.

        • Birdsfan

          And there you have the mentality of T-Mo and why they make it hard to stay with them. If you’re an unbanite, great but once you leave the metro area hello 2001.

    • Nearmsp

      I had bought an iPhone 5 and played around for 2 months and put it away due to spotty coverage in Minneapolis suburbs. I had posted the command for the field test on t-mobile’s iphone forum. I think it is:


  • thetown

    i swicht to verizon because iphone in tmobile is garbage

    • S. Ali

      A single line on Verizon is like $100 dollars, I have 3 lines T-mobile for $89. I’d rather have 2G and save my money for more important things.

      • Spanky

        Importance is in the eye of the beholder. Just sayin’…

    • eanfoso

      That’s just great! Um I have a cat

      • Nick Gonzalez

        I got a dog.

  • Shuffles

    Oh, and when the heck are they going to get Visual Voice Mail working on T-Mobile? It’s not good to say BYOD (targeted mostly at iPhone users, no doubt) and have a less than fully functional environment for the phone. YouMail is OK, but they should have it working natively by now.

    • Joey

      I think it already works. On my unlocked AT&T Samsung focus on tmobile I am able to get vvm.

      • Shuffles

        Right, but not on the iPhone yet.

  • Tim Moore

    Ann Arbor doesn’t seem to quite live with 1900 yet. I checked on my “about phone” on my Galaxy Nexus and still says UMTS 3 band.

    • You cannot determine what band your Galaxy Nexus is connected to from that. UMTS:3 refers to the RIL state. Mode 3 is UMTS, mode 14 is LTE, and so on…

      • Anonymous

        You’re correct. UMTS:3, LTE:14, HSPA+:15

    • Whitney

      Farmington Hills and Novi got nothing. Wixom got some but Novi and Farmington Hills nope

    • John

      It is, in fact, quite live! However, they omitted the tower serving the northwest side of town (by I-94/Jackson Ave) from the upgrade. Sad times.

  • marcoad320

    I have noticed that since they have refarmed the network for iphones in the boston, ma area I do get 3G service here and there, but it’s just inconsistent overall. Some areas I get it and other areas I get EDGE. They have a long way to go to say that anyone’s unlocked iPhone will work with no hiccups on their network. Maybe they should offer a 30-40% discount for those that bring unlocked phones to their network and do not have to make them use their financial lending arm as much as the contracted users.

    • 21stNow

      I can’t even dream that big, but your suggestion would make me a happy HTC One X owner! ; )

  • questor2k

    What noticeable changes would we notice going from HSPA+ to LTE? My biggest complaint with T-Mobile is when I am in office buildings, basements, or some large stores (e.g. Costco) I cannot get a single bar of service- it just goes to “SOS” mode. Yet any person standing next to me with a Verizon Wireless phone will have a full signal. Will LTE resolve this? Or is this a GSM network shortcoming (T-Mo) versus the CDMA technology that Verizon uses? It would be nice to not have to always get close to a window or walk outside just to get a good signal. PS- I am in the northern NJ/metro NY area. Thanks in advance.

    • andrecs

      Faster upload. You’ll go from 2-3MBS to possible 10-12MBS. Good for uploading facebook pics, etc.. For the network – better, more efficient use of spectrum.

      • questor2k

        Thanks for the response. So it sounds like it would NOT resolve the issue I asked about above. Bummer. Prob need to switch to Verizon after all :(

        • SouthernBlackNerd

          You do have some other options. You could look into StraightTalk, they use ATTs networks, but only charge for 45 for unlimited everything(technically 2-3gb of data, but that is still better than verizon/ATT).

          If you do not like prepaid, then Sprint could be an option by the end of the year/next year. They currently have 800Mhz tied into their Nextel network, but that is getting shutdown and refarmed starting middle of this year. Their phones coming out by mid year should support the 800Mhz.

        • Jose cruz

          @questor2k i agree with chadbrochillz they service is almost perfect ,net 10 or straight talk

    • SouthernBlackNerd

      This is a spectrum problem. Verizon uses 700Mhz for LTE and 850Mhz for CDMA, while Tmobile uses 2100/1700 for HSPA+ currently. Tmobile’s modernization should help some, since HSPA+ will be moved to 1900 and they are using RRUs. I believe David has mentioned at 37% increase in coverage compared to current HSPA+ on AWS, but it will still be no where near any carrier with Sub 1Ghz.( ATT/Verizon).

      • questor2k

        That’s the response I was looking for- thanks Chad. It unfortunately confirms that I’m going to have to jump ship after all.

        • Khalints

          I hope you don’t jump ship because you might not get reception inside a costco. Trust me, I know where you’re coming from, I work inside an old building that used to be a hospital used for x-ray and stuff like that, but with wifi calling it has definitely saved me from having to jump ship just like you.

        • MatthewMurawski


    • Nearmsp

      The problem is that the US regulators sold frequencies to the highest bidders. Late comers and smaller companies have higher frequencies such as 1900 Mhz which have much less wall penetrative power than say 700 Mhz. That is why T-mobile always provides Wi-Fi calling option that elevates this problem.

      • TBN27

        Alleviates the problem. Very sorry to push my nose in

        • Nearmsp

          LOL. Good catch.

    • vedelorme

      it really depends where you live. in albuquerque, t-mobile is strong – in fact i have fun at costco with there cell phone sales area. i run speed test with my iphone on t-mobile and consistently get 7 to 8 mpbs. then run the speed test on a galaxy s3, first with t-mobile and consistently get 22 to 24 mobs and with verizon galaxy s3 get 6 to 7 mobs.. btw the phone single, because that is what really counts i s at full strength inside costco. so the bottom line is what carrier works better in your area. for me it is t-mobile and i am also saving over major dollars a month for what verizon offers there customers. my plan on verizon would be 210.00 dollars a month on t-mobile it is 98.00 dollars.

      • Jose cruz

        I live in brooklyn ny and when im in my apartmentmi only get a single bar in my unlocked iphone 5 thats why i jumped to net10

    • Zach Mauch

      Unfortunately, I don’t think you’ll see much of an improvement with LTE. T-Mobile’s Data networks (3G and 4G) operate between 1700 and 2100 frequencies. These higher frequency signals have a hard time penetrating dense walls like at Costco. Networks like Verizon’s and some of AT&T’s that operate on 700 Mhz will have better building penetration.

      This has been a problem for years (remember the old Sprint network with terrible in-door reception?) however, it has been mitigated some by digital signal transition and better radios that can identify the 1s and 0s through interference. However, it will never be truly fixed.

      Many big stores will have repeaters for cell signals to help customers, but old repeaters will only Operate on legacy 800 and 1900 Mhz frequencies. On the plus side, if you have a compatible phone and T-Mobile has completed the 1900Mhz HSPA+ re-farm in you area, you’ll get signal on these repeaters.

      • Eric

        Yes, high frequencies do have terrible coverage, but on the up side they do make use of spectrum better and they can handle more data/calls/texts efficiently.

    • questor2k

      Thanks for all the replies, guys! Very educational :)

  • Whitney

    Really Ann Arbor? What about Farmington Hills, Novi, Southfield, Royal Oak and the rest of metro Detroit?

    • spritemoney

      They did most of Royal Oak already. But I agree they need more Southfield, Farmington Hills, and Novi. Especially on I-696 starting after the Northwestern Highway exit I usually go from 3G to Edge, back to 3G, and then back to edge when I reach I-96.

      • Whitney

        Farmington Hills has about 80,000 people living there. Granted Farmington hills is smaller then Ann Arbor

        • John

          It’s all about density of subscribers. The Detroit suburbs have fewer T-Mobile subs than downtown/Warren, and fewer per square mile than Ann Arbor (lots of international students choose T-Mobile). They’ll get covered soon though!

  • why not Dallas already in LTE?

    • ChristianMcC

      No one has LTE, that’s just the first 2 markets who will get LTE.

      • it clearly states that LTE is finished in those markets and are just waiting the release of LTE phones .. just wondering when Dallas will be completed LTE that’s all.

  • Trish

    They need to upgrade all the towers that are getting edge speed before they upgrade the towers from 3G to 4G, They would get a lot more biz. I hate that I only get edge speed. 84790 zip

    • philyew

      The problem with the approx. 15,000 towers that don’t deliver 3G or better service is that many of them are located in areas where it will be extremely difficult for further upgrades to be cost effective. There simply isn’t a dense enough population in those areas to carve the market up so that everyone makes money from their investment.

      What’s needed is an infrastructure sharing initiative in those areas, but what incentive is there for VZW or AT&T to give up their strangle-hold on those markets?

    • Baxter DeBerry

      you think that’s bad.. I get gprs

  • ant

    is this the reason my sensation dont get constant 4g or something i live in michigan but before the 4g or lte annoucement i was getting fast speeds but since then it always on 2g or none n really slow

  • Pranav Bokey

    Will the refarming cover most of America by years end?, When will the refarming hit tallahassee/north florida

  • enoch861

    I don’t get it. “LTE networks have been completed in Las Vegas, NV and Kansas City, MO and are ready for customers as LTE devices launch in 2013.” Doesn’t that technically mean that people can start using LTE in those areas? As far as I’m concerned, iPhone 5 users should be able to get LTE on their phones.
    Or do they mean that its completed but not turned on?

    • wazmo

      Folks with unlocked LTE-capable phones should be able to use it now; the T-Mobiler phones with LTE-on-board may or may not require a firmware upgrade.

      • enoch861

        Then I wonder why iPhone/AT&T Android users with compatible phones aren’t taking advantage of it yet..

  • GwapoAko

    We now have more 3G areas here in Colorado Springs :)

  • Bo

    Crying about edge I’m on G here!

  • Jody Smith

    Same network promises. Nothing is being accelerated here. Same EDGE only areas will remain EDGE only this year. Only areas that get the upgrade are the same patchy areas that mean nothing to everyone else. I’ve lived in a HSPA+ area for the longest time. My phone still goes to EDGE all the time and my HSPA+ speeds remain around 200-300 Kbps max. I live in an urban area of SoCal. My speeds should be good but T-Mobile provides patchy coverage and not enough backhaul.

  • edfranco1

    I use t-Mo in the Rancho Cucamonga area and surrounding city’s and have fairly good service with 3 – 6 to sometimes 11 mb (late night) speeds as long as i dont step inside retail, office or medical buildings because it goes from 4G to edge to almost no service.

  • Bill Smith

    I’m in Las Vegas and using a Note 2…there is no LTE here I can find.

    • Eric

      When a software update is issued to your phone, you will have LTE :D

      • Bill Smith

        When pigs fly, maybe!

    • Chimphappyhour

      Yeah, still waiting on the software update…which I notice no mention of. :-/

  • kevev

    Even though San Antonio Tx. has been listed as completed for a few months, the 1900 HSPA is scarce. Downtown is extrememly spotty, and also the far north central area. I say about 10% of the huge city of San Antonio has been refarmed. I call BS on T-Mobile for lying to us. It would be nice if they could give us an explanation as to if/when they will complete the upgrades. I am guessing they are done and moving towards LTE.

    • philyew

      They can’t move to LTE until they have moved sufficient 3G/HSPA+ traffic off the AWS band to enable them to “re-farm” that spectrum to split its use between 3G/HSPA+ and LTE.

      The order of the LTE roll-out will follow the most advanced areas of the 1900 modernization.

  • King of the Phones

    I’m in one of the re-farmed markets and unfortunately HSPA+ 1900Mhz/PCS coverage is still not nearly as ubiquitous as HSPA 1700 coverage is. I really hope they continue to invest in expanding the HSPA 1900 network. The one good thing is that when you do get 1900 coverage it is pretty good, about 10mbps down consistently.

    • ghulamsameer

      Don’t worry. The goal is eventually replace the 1700 MHz band, so they have to refarm everything.

  • NYCTheBronx

    Yay, some good news.I can’t wait for LTE Advanced to be officially released. I bought my friend’s AT&T HTC One X last week and I just finished unlocking it yesterday morning and I noticed for the first few minutes, I ran 4G LTE on it in a couple of spots in my apartment. At first I thought I was hallucinating or it must have been a glitch but several hours later, I went out and we were going to the freeway and I noticed my HTC One X going from 4G to 4G LTE again. And it happen one last time on my way home, it switched to 4G LTE and I resented the phone at least 5 times and I was still able to get it so I knew that T-Mobile
    Maybe testing in my area. I remember that one guy in Kansas who got 4G LTE on his unlocked AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note II with his T-Mobile sim. People, it’s no secret that LTE Advanced is just around the corner. Still waiting for word for the hidden LTE on the Nokia Lumina 810. And the Exhibit 4G. When LTE Advanced comes out, I will be one happy guy lol

    • milanyc

      Do you remember which areas of NYC were you able to connect to LTE? I’m in NYC and haven’t been able to connect to LTE at all.


      • NYCTheBronx

        Unfortunately, I don’t live in NYC anymore buddy. ;/ I reside in San Jose, California. Weird thing is that My HTC One X has better latency than any of my T-Mobile phones I own. Better than my Galaxy Note, Note II, Nexus 4, My touch 4G Slide. Must be the carrier but I don’t know. All I want to do is wait until LTE Advanced rolls out so I can do a lot of speed tests on my Note II and possibly my Nexus 4 if they bring an update to bring LTE back and my new HTC One X if it runs on T-Mobile’s LTE Advanceds band IV. I hope NYC gets LTE quick as well. I want to visit my hometown one day. :) East Gun Hill Road BX NYC all day! :D

        • milanyc

          LTE Advanced features aren’t gonna be live for a while. They’re deploying Rel 10 LTE network capable of LTE A, but T-Mobile is really rolling out LTE network, with the same throughput limitations of any other LTE network.

          Its still sweet.

        • NYCTheBronx

          Alright! Can’t wait for that day. Then going to put my unlimited data to use on downloading huge file games like Asphalt 7 lol.

        • MatthewMurawski

          Did you take some speed tests while on LTE?

        • NYCTheBronx

          I did and it was once before the car started running. I got about 13mbps on downloads which isn’t surprising but then again, the guy from Kansas got around the same on LTE.

  • John

    I live near Philadelphia and 3G is here very spotty. I get EDGE 90% of time, but 4 miles down from my house will have 3G speed of 8 down and 4 up…..4 miles difference…

  • Baxter DeBerry

    Me to :( Weatherford Texas has it but here in mineral wells texas.. (15 mins away) only has GPRS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! id settle for EDGE! lol

  • mreveryphone

    Come on tmobile update my note 2 so I can get this lte goodness that’s waiting for me here in Kansas City!

  • Winski

    That’s all great marketing lies and barrels of BS FROM THE WORST cellular carrier in the US. I’ve been a longtime customer, have even bought a brand new iPhone over to use on their ‘re-farmed’model…HA! The real issue when seeing this parade of carnival barkers, is that it’s EASY TO PROVE IT’s ALL A LIE. All they care about is selling plastic and grinding / churning wallowing mobs of mall-drooling $ 29.99 a month model for a 1000 years, is a complete bucket of warm slime.

    T-mumble lied to the press in my area months ago saying they re-farmed for the iPhone users-total crap. South of LA, THEY MADE HAY for TWO OR THREE DAYS, punched up the number of people they could touch if NO ONE ELSE SERVED THE AREA, and made it sound like they spent billions down here to do that – A TOTAL LIE.

    They added ONE, re-farmed POP for a POTENTIAL POPULATION OF 45,000 prospects, turned it on in a valley that reduced it’s coverage footprint from proxy. 3.5 miles to less than 1 mile – AND LEFT. How do I know this ? I TESTED IT!!!

    Sitting in the parking lot of the building where the single, re-farmed POP WAS MOUNTED and speed-tested the POP. 4.5 Mbps download – 2.5 Mbps upload.. That’s to T-Mobile servers in Irvine 45 miles away.

    • MatthewMurawski

      Have to disagree. Sprint is worse than T-Mobile and T-Mobile offers much more value than the other major carriers.

      • Winski

        I’ve been thru Sprint as well …. But perspectives and carriers are all like AH’s …..everyone has one…..

      • Winski

        Sprint IS SLAG BAG….BUT BECAUSE THEY’re still trying to be something in the US that nobody needs or wants it turns into a flee hunt… And because none will help em, they keep getting hand-me-downs from the techs,..hard gig.. BUT, our little nugget search sometimes seems nott yo yield mush either… We need something radical soof ->>>

  • MOW

    Same happened to Saint Petersburg Fl. I’ve seen 3g on my 3gs I phone twice. Once in Tampa the other in No St Pete. Ive been with TM since 2002 Im almost over this

  • Winski

    I then got back in my car, drove the 1.1 miles to my home where my blistering 2G EDGE SPEED did NOT help GET ME GET THRU THE NIGHT…

    T-Mobile is a CRAP CARRIER.

  • daswahnsinn

    I’m going to be leaving T-mobile by the end of the year. I would like to stay but I can’t stand edge anymore. All the other major carriers have 3/4G in the area I live in so, I may go back to Sprint.

    • MatthewMurawski

      In my experiences with sprint, their 3G isn’t that much better than EDGE. I usually got 0.01 to 0.7 down on it on EVDO Rev. A in NYC. I’m enjoying my 6-23 Mbps T-Mobile 4G now for less money.

  • ghost

    Anyone knows when we are going to get lte down here ” Sweet Home Alabama”?

    • 100

      Lol I wish! I’m roaming on AT&T 95% of the time because T-Mobile’s native coverage is bad here in Alabama. But who knows; Birmingham might be big enough to get lte

  • Jody Smith

    All of socal needs to be worked on. T-Mobile intro’d “3G,” in 2008. The same holes and sites w/o sufficient backhaul exist. I’m in a dark magenta 42 Mbps area and have been for a while but the speeds blow and keep getting worse.

    The PCS refarm is much worse. Sites are spaced far apart and and they chose to leave out large sections w/o any PCS HSPA coverage at all.

    If this is what a network looks like after having years to do it I can only imagine that their LTE network will be just a poorly built and planned out.

  • 2 million+ iPhones and they don’t even officially sell the device yet, nor is the refarm complete. The iPhone is going to be huge on T-Mobile. They can probably sell more of them than Sprint despite being a smaller carrier.

    • Baxter DeBerry

      only way they can sell more is because of their network.. t-mobiles network isn’t bogged down like sprints.. and hopefully wont be for a while

  • IamDefiler

    This should help with seeing if you are covered.


  • Oliver Jackson

    I talked to a Tmobile rep a while back and he said the current GSIII will be able to get LTE and it says the same on my,well was my,GSIII.Anyone else heard about that?

  • M42

    Still on EDGE in an area with a population of 400,000 and intersected by two major interstates. Guess we’re not big or significant enough to warrant an upgrade, even though all the other companies, including the smaller regional carriers, offer 4g coverage.

  • Rick Rudge

    I live near Portland, Oregon. More and more areas are getting re-farmed HSPA+ 1900 for my iPhone4. It’s still Edge where I live and work, but once that gets re-farmed, I’ll move from my Pay As You Go $100/year plan to maybe one with a data plan. Great work T-Mobile. Also, you can check your own local re-farming progress by going to www dot airportal dot de.

  • MikeK

    Does anyone know if LTE is/will work on a factory unlocked iPhone 5 from apple?! Anyone who has a iPhone seen anything yet?:-)

    • NYCThrBronx

      ItDepends. Whatever band does AT&T run since T-Mobile’s LTE will be running on band IV, the unlocked IPhone 5 may or may not. Like I said, depends on the device if it will be compatible with T-Mobile’s new LTE network band IV. I think AT&T uses two bands for their LTE. That’s why before the update for the LG Google Nexus 4, not many AT&T users were able to use LTE on it but a few can.

      • Bradley Wilkinson

        Yes. iPhone 5 Unlocked from Apple or AT&T will work on T-Mobile’s LTE network.

  • Bill Smith

    Now that LTE in Las Vegas is lit up, when do we get to use it??? My Note 2 can handle it, if and when T-Mobile releases the update.

  • That

    All of you people with an iphone thanks for being behind the curve

    • I guess I love being behind the curve then.

      • Bradley Wilkinson

        Just wait until we use that curve to slingshot him right into the face like a boomerang.

  • Mãrç Àñthøñÿ

    Any Knowledge On Reframing Victoria Texas. We have 4G but no iPhone 3G support yet