Samsung Teases Times Square Hands-On for Galaxy S IV Launch


Samsung’s path toward global smartphone domination continues in two weeks with the March 14th media event for the Galaxy S IV. What if you can’t attend the media event you ask? That’s a good question and there’s a good answer — at least if you live in New York City, preferably close enough to Times Square. The good news is thatSamsung’s Twitter account has revealed a livestream of the event happening for all on YouTube via However, residents of NYC near Times Square can head down around 7pm on the 14th and be among the first to go hands on with the upcoming smartphone.

“BE THE FIRST IN THE WORLD TO EXPERIENCE IT! You can watch SAMSUNG UNPACKED via livestream and experience Samsung’s new flagship smartphone at Times Square. Livestream online”

It all goes down at 7pm on March 14th. Are you ready for the Galaxy S IV?


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  • CJ

    I am excited for this!

  • Impatient Waiter

    “Experience Samsung’s new flagship smartphone at Times Square.” – WHY DON’T I LIVE THERE!? I wish it was in Phoenix, but that would be stupid on Samsung’s part lol. If they announce the release date like within March, I will sh** myself with pure joy.

  • Spanky

    I live in NYC and work not too far away from Times Sq. Unfortunately, I’ll be in Texas the week of March 14th. Crap!!!

  • dkbnyc

    I’ll be there!

  • TBN27

    I am not gonna deal with the crowd. I will wait when it is in the store.

    • Agreed, I will watch it online and then check it out in the store too.

    • Mike

      This is stupid. Just another Android phone that Samsung/T-Mobile will drag their feet on updating in the future. Just after the S4 comes out, A month later they will announce the S5. Quite the racket going on.

      • no2apple

        Sour grapes Mike ??
        Deal with it..

      • g2a5b0e

        Just like they waited a month to announce the S4 after the S3 came out…oh, wait…it’s been almost 10.

      • MatthewMurawski

        A month? Dude: Galaxy S 4G 2010, Galaxy S2 2011, Galaxy S3 2012, Galaxy S4 2013. Any third grader can figure out the pattern.

      • Welcome to technology lol.

  • Josue

    I can’t wait…

  • ACNJR28

    I expected more from the S3 so I definitely don’t expect much from the S4. I think I was caught in that hype frenzy but it was a nice device. Going back to HTC great hardware and I like Sense anyway. I thought I couldn’t be without a MicroSD card slot but 64gb is more than enough for me. I do have to say I like how Samsung is marketing their devices.

  • James Norman

    I cant wait! I’ll probably watch the live feed. My wife will be getting the s4 on upgrade. She loves my note2 so we may be swappn phones.

  • GinaDee

    I hope it doesn’t look like the GS3. Needs a new design with less bezel and less freeze ups.

  • just me

    Samsung sure releases a lot of hardware. But I gotta say, most of it is good stuff, with a few notable exceptions. I’m just gonna enjoy this Note 2 for a couple years…

  • alo

    i will buy this for $200 brand new in april, if not i will wait for the galaxy s6 in 2015 which will have 3 GHZ and 25 megapixel camera and up to 20 hrs of videoshoot.

    • cdru

      Unfortunately though it will only have a 30 minute battery for mobile use unless you buy the optional car battery expansion pack.

  • MatthewMurawski

    Live in NYC, but the crowd would be an absolute nightmare.


    Did you guys see the s4 antutu benchmark score dam.