T-Mobile Retail Stores Start Prepping For iPhone Launch As Uniforms, Demo Units Begin Arriving

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With the iPhone launch on T-Mobile just four days away, T-Mobile’s retail locations are getting ready with brand-new “uniforms” and demo inventory. T-Mobile isn’t a stranger to rolling out new T-Shirts as part of major launches, and the Magenta color certainly screams T-Mobile and iPhone at one.

As for the demo devices, we don’t expect T-Mobile to receive customer inventory until the night before the launch, but demo devices are already en-route.

As for how T-Mobile will handle Friday morning, we’re being told it will be similar to any other high-traffic event they’ve experienced in the past. Customers will receive tickets for available inventory on a first-come-first-serve basis. There’s no word on how many iPhone units stores will receive, but the tickets will certainly match up to available inventory likely requiring the customer to stick around and purchase without leaving to come back. 

The countdown is on for the iPhone 5 and so soon as that clock strikes zero, right back into the Android mix with the HTC One.

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