T-Mobile iPhone Carrier Bundle Available For Download To iPhones

iPhone Carrier Bundle for T-Mobile

Apple and T-Mobile have just now pushed the Carrier Bundle (ipcc) that enables T-Mobile LTE for the iPhone 5 (and just enables general service for all the other iPhones). If you have an iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5, this update will be available to you by going to the About Phone page in Settings.

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  • Ali Raja

    Got the update!! thanks!

  • Amy Tran

    Just got it, no video voicemail for me yet!

    • R10T

      Yea… whats up with the no vvm?

      • bozzykid

        It should work after a restart. Mine works just fine now.

        • R10T

          2nd reboot worked. Thanks

    • Ryan

      It is VISUAL voicemail not video.

      • Fabian Cortez

        I had to manually copy over the voicemail parameters plist file on my phone to get it to work. But it works.

  • sloanie

    Ah, visual voicemail on my 4S finally. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Ryan Wilkins

    Yes, It’s really there. Just updated two iPhones and Visual Voice Mail works. Lost my tethering, though.

    • conservative_motorcyclist

      the tethering APN has changed to pcweb.tmobile,com. I am guessing the plan you have isn’t technically provisioned for tethering? If it is, a quick call to customer support should hopefully fix it.

      • Ryan Wilkins

        The issue was that my value plan was the old plan which needed to be migrated over to the new plan. I proceeded to do so online and the online system managed to screw up my account to the point where I didn’t have data on several lines on my account. Eventually, the account management system just started throwing errors so I had to call in to TMo support. They said the system has a lot of issues, and they’ve been swamped with new customers coming over lately and general slowness and problems with the management portal. Apparently all sorts of strange things have been happening. Anyway, Now that I’m on the new Value plan and migrated over to the new data plans, all is well, except for MMS according to my wife. I haven’t tested it yet but it appears that it is missing the proxy field. The MMS UA Prof URL line isn’t populated either but I don’t know how much that really matters.

        • conservative_motorcyclist

          The UA Prof URL and Proxy won’t matter with the new settings. You really only needed the proxy if you were using wap.voicestream,com and the old ip-address-based MMSC.

          For reference, the UAProf can be found at http://www.apple,com/mms/uaprof.rdf (replace the , with a .)

          You can open it in a regular web browser. It just tells the MMSC what type of MMS data the iPhone can accept as well as what size to limit the pictures to.

    • Mao411

      same for me….But I call T-mobile and they just send me another update to get the mobile hotspot which is free. I was on the phone with them for ever because the girl on the other line was from India and was just reading script off the screen. I kept asking them about the hotspot but she kept saying that it is not available on the iPhone. I told her to tranfer me to someone that know iPhone…..they don’t even want to tranfer you….but finally they did and it work great……Good Luck to everyone else who want this…..cause their technical support is in India….and they don’t know shit

      • blondellebisho

        same for me….But I call T-mobile and they just send me another update
        to get the mobile hotspot which is free. I was on the phone with them
        for ever because the girl on the other line was from India and was just
        reading script off the screen. I kept asking them about the hotspot but
        she kept saying that it is not available on the iPhone. I told her to
        tranfer me to someone that know iPhone…..they don’t even want to
        tranfer you….but finally they did and it work great……Good Luck to
        everyone else who want this…..cause their technical support is in
        India….and they don’t know shit

  • nash2vic

    Im pressing the UPDATE button and nothing happening:(((

    • You don’t press the Update button. You just go to the page that shows you info about your iPhone. That prompts you for the update right there.

      • nash2vic

        on t-mobile Sim card it shows T-Mobile 14.1, but on Simple Mobile – Carrier 14.0

        • Michael Johnson

          While simple mobile runs on tmobile’s network, this update is only for actual tmobile customers

    • George

      Its in the about section. Its not an firmware update. You will get a popup in the about section telling you there is a carrier update.

    • nash2vic

      Seams like no update for Simple mobile yet

    • conservative_motorcyclist

      I had to press the update button. I went to About and nothing happened…

  • Aurizen

    got it :) cool, now all I need is LTE

  • conservative_motorcyclist

    WOO!! It’s here!

    http://appldnld.apple.com/iOS6.1/CarrierBundles/091-3978.20130405.Otj65/TMobile_US_iPhone.ipcc is the direct download link.

    If you can’t get it OTA, Download it from the link above, and toss it on your phone via iTunes. There are numerous instructions for how to do this.. search for carrier testing iPhone

  • Outrager

    Previously on my unlocked iPhone 4 I had the ability to use the Personal Hotspot, but after this update it’s gone. So if you need that you might not want to update.

    • TheAdrianMc

      My hotspot is still there. I have a factory unlocked iPhone 4 on 6.1

      • Outrager

        That’s really weird. Another comment also mentioned losing Tethering.
        I tried calling them up to get it enabled (on the previous 2GB plan) and they said it would cost another $10/month since they have to bump me up to the 4.5GB plan. They said the new 2.5GB plan, which costs the same as my current one, doesn’t come with tethering even though it says it does on the website. I didn’t really want to bother arguing so I just told them to revert me to the 2GB plan. I’ve never come close to the 2GB limit yet so it’s okay. I might just ask them to upgrade me to the 2.5GB plan at a later date if it’s the same price.

        • MagicORL93

          If you’re on a classic/legacy plan, they don’t offer the 2.5GB plan. Only 4.5GB and higher.

        • Outrager

          I’m on the old Value Family plan.
          As a customer who tries to keep up with T-Mobile’s changing plans it can get pretty confusing. I guess I’ll have to wait out my 2 year contract before I can change my data plan. I understand when companies don’t like you staying on older plans with better features more less, but it’s too bad they don’t like to upgrade features on older plans with newer features that give you more for the same price. They should have just automatically upgraded all the old 2GB plans to the newer 2.5GB plans. I’m at least stuck on a 2 year contract with them so they know I’m not going anywhere (or maybe that’s why they don’t do it) unlike new customers.

        • conservative_motorcyclist

          They actually consider the data plan a “feature” so you can change it without extending your contract!

        • Outrager

          That’s what they told me, but they said I can only switch to the 4.5GB plan which costs more money and since I barely use 2GB I declined. Still not sure why they wouldn’t let me use the 2.5GB plan, but I’ll ask again another day.

        • conservative_motorcyclist

          see if you can select the 2.5 GB plan via my.t-mobile,com! It might work, you never know…

        • Outrager

          Thanks for the idea, but it didn’t work. The only Data Plan option available is my current one with no others to choose from.

        • elite

          I work for t-mobile you can change to the newer plan if you are on an old value plan without any fees or extension of contract. Your contract will continue as is on the newer plans.

        • Andy

          I called to switch to the new Value Family Plan and was able to do so. The only requirement was that I didn’t have a phone upgrade for the last 18 months on either line. Hope that helps.

        • Peter Gottschling

          My family is on a classic plan and has been with tmobile for the last 10yrs or so. I called yesterday to see if we could update to the new value plan for our family since it would be cheaper and then all of our lines would have some data and unlimited minutes. The tmo customer service rep that we spoke with said that we have to wait out the rest of our 2 year contract which won’t be over until September. I couldn’t believe they wouldn’t let someone who has been with them for so long the same deal that they give Joe Shmoe who is just opening a account now. I know we have a contract but I just find it ridiculous that a new customer can get a much better deal that someone who has been doing business with them for so long. I guess they find new customers more important than existing ones…

        • thepanttherlady

          if any of your lines last upgraded a phone 18+ months ago, ask about bridge to value. You should be able to migrate with no fees.

        • John

          It’s guaranteed that most if not all lines are not going to be eligible for this, just going off of the “They don’t care” mentality. Most of the time they can’t get it because of that sweet deal they got on a subsidized device, and then want to complain that they can’t get a value plan. Cake and eating it too and such.

        • Will

          Not true. Many people are on Value Plans and didn’t get any subsidized prices for devices. And for some, like me, the new plans actually cost $16 more for the same exact data.

          But then again, being the “unCarrier” is really just the new way of being a carrier. Nothing has changed. In fact, with the removal of tethering for many customers that had it 2 days ago, they are closer to becoming just like Verizon and AT&T. “unCarrier”…BS!!

        • John

          First point you made, exactly you’re not supposed to get a subsidy on a value plan. Thank you for proving something that is supposed to be known. Secondly, the only way your plan costs more is if you had a 1k min plan and the 2GB web or a preferred grandfathered feature. Either way, if what you have works, go for it. The “Uncarrier” BS that you’re calling it for being, makes no sense. Compare any other carrier’s UNLIMITED plan, don’t bring back a quote of a limited plan, UNLIMITED plan only here. Explain to me how T-Mobile is being anything like the other carriers.Oh, wait, that’s right you can’t get unlimited web with any other carrier aside from sprint, which if you want the nations slowest web, by all means. You’ve been trolling here for far too long waving your hurt feelings card, please if you’re not a fan, don’t hang out at a fan site. I understand that you’ve got things that you disagree with, however, for the mass majority of wireless consumers these plans are better. Even if you compare to the old plans, unless you go way back to the limited minutes with myfaves, this trumps most of them. Do you remember when unlimited talk and text was $150 by itself for 2 lines?

        • Will

          People like you use the term troll when someone has an opinion other than your own. What I point out is that T-Mobile is not the radically different company they claim to be. I want to make it a point that anyone reading this boards is not just blind to reality. Believe it or not but non “fans” read blogs as wells. I was a fan until they started having horrible service. I would gladly leave T-Mobile but they don’t want to release me from the contracts. To their credit, they have tried to make the service work and today they even offered a settlement which I am considering. For what they offered, it may be worth putting up with the horrible coverage.

          T-Mobile should learn from companies like Verizon. I called to cancel my home phone on FIOS. Verizon instead modified the cost of my package to be the same as the one without the phone. So I have a free home phone for as long as I want it.

          Companies can change the terms for long-term customers. It costs very little to discount to keep a customer. It costs a lot to acquire a new one.

        • John

          I called you a troll because of all the I’m a slave to tmo comments you’ve made. That having been said, I don’t understand why you’d expect a company to provide any service to you for free or why you can’t just own up to the fact that you signed a contract and stayed with a company past your buyers remorse period. That doesn’t make them evil or bad, it makes them a business.

        • Will

          But T-Mobile needs to stop the “we are not a typical carrier” when in fact, they are a typical carrier.

          Why do you care whether or not T-Mobile releases Value Plan slaves from their contracts?

        • John

          Let’s compare carriers quickly, we’ll abbreviate here and say big 3 vs tmobile.

          Big 3: Activation fee=$35

          Tmo: Activation fee = $0

          Big 3: (Aside from Sprint) Limited data

          Tmo: Option for unlimited 4G

          Big 3: 2 year contract (Thereby, you can go elsewhere slave)

          Tmo: No contract, pay your device off and leave. (Again, you were a big boy and signed a contract, own it, get over it, move on pay your etf or honor your word as a man that you’d do something)

          Yep, they seem just like those guys don’t they :-

        • Will

          Only an idiot pays an activation fee. So you lose on this point.

          Limited data on AT&T and Verizon? Incorrect. Both have offered unlimited in the past and do so during promotions. One thing you left off about AT&T is that iPhones will automatically switch to AT&T’s wifi access points where available (and those access points are in a lot of locations including Starbucks and Home-Depot).

          Both AT&T and Verizon currently offer contract-free plans. Just like T-Mobile, you have to pay for your device in full or bring your own device.

          I don’t understand why you care whether T-Mobile let’s people out of their contracts. I shouldn’t be forced to keep a contract if the coverage has decreased over time. Legally they are required to provide coverage are they not?

          The fact that they made a big production about how they were different when they really are not, is my whole point. They are just as bad as all of them. So until that changes, I am correct.

        • John

          When you state opinion as fact your argument loses ground. I think they’re a better option. I have 4G at home, on HSPA+ I get 22Mbps d and 3 Mbps u. You’re comparing past and “Promotions” that I’ve never seen, and I’d like an image or link for proof on. As far as your contract goes, I don’t understand why you keep skirting the issue.

          Here, I’ll ask plainly.

          Have you called them and performed all their troubleshooting? (Without being a belligerent ass)

          Have you had them file service requests?

          Have you tried wifi calling?

          Did you sign the contract?

          Did you have a buyer’s remorse period?

          Please, give plain answers to these for me.

        • Will

          I will put it on separate lines so that it is less complicated for you.

          Of course I have called T-mobile. I call them all the time (most recently today). Why would I be a belligerent ass to people that I want help from? Sounds counter-productive. It’s not their fault if the coverage is poor.

          They have filed multiple service requests. To their credit they even claimed to have sent a technician to my neighborhood. Unfortunately I live in a Washinton D.C. suburb where everyone has at least 5 acres. So they really couldn’t actually test anything other than from the highway.

          I use wifi calling on my Android device. It works ok but can drop calls and does not properly process key presses during calls (most VOIP calls have the same issue). Plus, there is no wifi calling for iPhone (other than T-Mobile’s oddball Bobsled app).

          Of course I signed a contract even though I received no subsidies on my phones. I kept up my end by paying the bill. T-Mobile is obligated to provide service.

          During and after the 14 return period, T-Mobile did try to resolve the issues. They even sent a signal booster. However, the period expired while we were trying to correct the issue. After they were unable to correct the coverage issues, I returned the signal booster. However, the signal booster added 2 years to my contract.

          So there you go. It’s actually quite simple. T-Mobile refuses to let me out of my contract even though I have horrible coverage at my house. Every day I call and talk to a technician and/or customer service.

          As for Verizon and AT&T..you can do your own research. Both of them do have contract free (month-to-month) plans.

        • John

          If you’ve been through all the steps and aren’t getting any results is either email customer relations at t-mobile or john.legere at t-mobile and ask them to review your account for consideration of an etf waiver.

        • Michael Johnson

          Well you did sign a 2 year contract so T-Mobile does have a right to hinder you from switching your plan.

        • Will

          Why does everyone keep saying this? T-Mobile is the one that put on this big show saying they were changing everything and getting rid of contracts. However, customer loyalty for long-term customers? Not interested.

          If you ask me, this is just a setup to attract lots of new customers, make a good quarter and then sell or piece of the company. If they really wanted to make themselves the “unCarrier” they would take care of existing customers first.

        • John

          It’s not so much the contract on the lines that they are worried about. It’s the fact that you received a subsidized discount. You can’t get the discounted device and the discounted plan at the same time. That’s not placing new customers first, that’s making sure that you paid for the device that you have. Now if you have a few lines that are in a sweet spot that it’s been more than 18 months since your last subsidized upgrade then they can set you up with a Bridge to Value. That would set you up with a discount on each line that qualifies that could help you pay for the cost of a new device on EIP.

        • Peter Gottschling

          That’s the thing though, none of our 4 lines have purchased subsidized new phones from them in the last 2 years.The reason we renewed our contract not long ago was for more minutes not discounted new devices. The customer service rep we dealt with on the phone did say that we could switch to the value plan but would have to pay $100 x 4 lines which is ridiculous. Thanks for the suggestion on bridge to value. Hopefully the guy we got on the phone just wasn’t knowledgeable..

        • elite

          If none of your 4 lines didn’t purchase any phones or change rate plans in the last 2 years then you could of switched without any fees. The people on the phone get paid for keeping you on Classic plans so he made up the cost so you would stay.

        • UMA_Fan

          What are you talking about? Anyone can switch to the new plans. Worst case scenario you have to pay a migration fee but so what? You are basically paying back the upgrade discount you received on a phone since it was relatively recent. New customers signing up for these plans don’t get discounted equipment like you did so everyone’s on the same playing field. Even if your issue is just a migration fee I’m sure if you add whatever they are asking to the price YOU paid for your phone it’s still cheaper than the full retail price.

        • actually i had their 2 year contract and you are eligible for the new prices, you are just still on contract . So you can get the 2.5gb (I had the 2gb old one). and it is much cheaper. Hope that helps :)

        • Outrager

          Thanks. I’ll try again tomorrow.

        • John

          All you have to do is migrate to the new plan to have the 2.5 work for you. If you don’t, you can still get the 4.5 up to the 12.5 but the unlimited and the 2.5 seem to have an issue with the old value plans.

        • mike411

          I call them….and I am on the $60 plan….and they enable it for…..You must spoke to someone in India…they don’t know what they talking about….talk to someone in America…It does not cost anymore…It is free with the plan…All they did was send me a update again….It work great too

        • Outrager

          I’m pretty sure the person I talked to was American, but thanks for the info. I’ll try again tomorrow.

      • djsjakak

        i updated my factory unlocked iphone 4 and i got visual voicemail but how am i suppose to see the 4G indicator??

        • Daniel

          I think 4g only for iphone 5?

        • Jarrod

          The 4S and 5

  • tony

    finally i got it yeeeeessss

  • DJMannyD

    I just received my update when I went into settings>general>about this morning at 10am. The update just popped up and it then put my carrier setting to T-Mobile 14.1 and also I would like to add that I am on iOS 6.1 on my Verizon iPhone 5 and jailbroken. Now my visual voicemail works, I got the 4G indicator, I got the switch for LTE and also all my APN settings have been automatically setup except for the LTE settings, does anyone know what those should be at? My MMS works perfect and my calls do sound a little clearer.

    • conservative_motorcyclist

      The LTE apn is fast.t-mobile,com (replace the , with a .)

  • W. Michael Barber

    I got the update on my iPhone 4 and am getting errors saying “Voicemail Unavailable Could not authorize access.” so there appears to be a few issues they need to resolve…

    • bozzykid

      Try restarting your phone.

      • W. Michael Barber

        Did that and no joy.

        • bozzykid

          Try rebooting again. It took me several tries.

    • conservative_motorcyclist

      You may need to call customer support and ask them to enable visual voicemail. It’s free, but not turned on by default on all plans. I had to do this a while back because I am on a grandfathered plan, and I wanted to set it up like a regular inbox on my phone.

    • Wickedblue

      In order for vvm to work you have to be on 3G or lte.

      • Michael Johnson

        That’s not true. It works just fine on edge

    • HappyTMoVVMuser

      Are you using an alternate voicemail service? i was using YouMail and I got the same error. I deactivated You mail, then it worked.

  • tony

    turn off your device after you install the update good luck guys :)

    • cardsfan

      Still getting Edge in stl, mo

      • bozzykid

        Why would you think a carrier update would change that? All it did was set your APN settings, setup visual voicemail, and enable LTE.

      • tony

        yes you still will get E on your iphone 3GS,4 and 4S why because this iphone will only run on 1900 MHZ not 1700 MHZ will only work if you are in the area that is REFARMING good luck

        • cardsfan

          I am using an att unlocked iphone 5. On my other phones I get 4g. So I should still expect E? Sorry not very tech savvy

        • tony

          on your iphone 5 you should get 3G or 4G possible LTE

        • TechHog

          Yep. You won’t get any better than that until either your area gets the 1900 band refarm or LTE. You might want to consider selling your current model in favor of the new T-Mobile version if you want 4G.

        • conservative_motorcyclist

          As soon as the new radio firmware is available, you should be able to update your radio and take advantage of AWS HSPA+ since you have an AT&T iPhone 5. This update just sets up the phone correctly for things that the user can’t directly control like visual voicemail, LTE Enable switch, etc.

        • RobotChupacabra

          You’ll still get EDGE where 1900 not refarmed for HSPA+. Only new A1428 will get AWS HSPA+.

  • Leska

    Got the update on my Jailbroken unlocked 5. Running LTE in Phoenix.

    • DJMannyD

      You have a Verizon or AT&T iPhone 5? Also what APN is set for your LTE in your cellular data network settings?

      • Antonio

        Supposedly the Verizon iPhone 5 ain’t compatible with tmobile lte so if u get it working let me kno

        • bozzykid

          You can’t get it working since the Verizon phone doesn’t support the LTE band T-mobile uses.

        • macman37

          The Verizon iPhone 5 uses LTE Band 17 {aka “700Mhz Band C}; whereas the T-Mobile iPhone uses LTE Band 4 {aka “AWS Frequencies of 1700Mhz & 2100Mhz}. The Verizon/Sprint iPhone only has support for LTE Bands 1, 3, 5, 13 & 25; whereas the T-Mobile/AT&T iPhone 5 only has support for LTE Bands 4 & 17. All of this LTE Fragmentation will be changed to where the next iPhone is only 1 model for the entire globe and has all 40 LTE Bands thanks to Qualcomm’s RF360 chip.

        • wsj

          thats what I want

        • macman37

          My mistake – I hope everyone caught it as they read further: the Verizon uses LTE Band 13 {aka “700Mhz Band C”} for their 4G LTE network; whereas T-Mobile uses LTE Band 4 {aka “AWS Frequencies of 1700Mhz & 2100Mhz} for their 4G LTE network.

      • conservative_motorcyclist

        apn is fast.t-mobile,com (replace the , with a .)

    • jhf3rd

      Says above that phone must not be jailbroken … you didn’t have any probs? I’m jailbroken, but hesitant to upgrade without hearing others experience. Thx.

  • Eric

    Worked perfectly jailbroken. Visual voicemail worked after reboot. Lost tethering but got it back with TetherMe :)

    • Kris

      If I upgrade my jailbreak will be gone?

      • Jesus Villafranca

        No, your iphone ios version remains the same…

  • Bud

    They took mobile hotspot out.

  • Fabian Cortez

    Jailbroken Verizon iPhone 5 with 6.1. Got the update OTA.

    I have the 4G indicator, LTE toggle (this could be for roaming), but no visual voicemail. The T-Mobile services menu is quite weak versus the carrier bumdle I made and have been using for years.

    I’ll be doing some more digging on VVM age will compare their MMS settings. I noticed that the proxy isn’t being used anymore (based on looking at the settings menu).

    I’ll be looking into the plist to compare bitrates, etc.

    • conservative_motorcyclist

      The VVM issue might be that you don’t have it turned on on your account. It is a free feature that needs to be enabled separately on some accounts. I’d give CS a quick call and make sure it’s enabled.

      • Fabian Cortez

        I’ve had visual voicemail enabled on my account for a very long time now. In fact, I had visual voicemail partially working on my iPhone on T-Mobile in 2011.

        I fixed my issue now by copying over my parameters plist (same settings from 2011) to my phone and it now works. So all along, it has indeed been a T-Mobile issue.

        I should not have needed to do this because I made sure to clear my phone before the carrier bundle was to be released.

        All good now. Now it’s time to get personal hotspot working sans any Cydia tweaks.

        • conservative_motorcyclist

          I’m glad you got it working! The Hotspot/tethering died for alot of people because they changed the APN to pcweb.tmobile,com. As a result of this change, they can now restrict tethering to only those with qualified plans.

          It kind of reminds me of back when AT&T tried to prevent tethering when it was first introduced. A quick change of the APN in the ipcc file was all that was needed.

          Now that they sign everything, it’s slightly more complicated. Since you are jailbroken, just apply the commcenter patch and tweak your IPCC Tethering APN back to fast.t-mobile,com or epc.tmobile,com. Bump the version of the newly-edited IPCC file,and you should be good to go. Good Luck! (if you figure out a non-jailbroken way to do this, quite a few people would be impressed) lol

        • Fabian Cortez

          Got tethering back but it wasn’t that easy as T-Mobile is doing some server-side provisioning.

      • tony

        you only need to reset settings from cellular data network and thats set good luck

  • TetherlessInSeattle

    Can anyone post their “Carrier 14.0” ipcc file that they had before the carrier update? I’d like my tethering option back.

    • conservative_motorcyclist

      Just restore the iPhone back to factory defaults and don’t install the carrier update. If you are jailbroken, you can go in and remove the ipcc file and reboot.

      • Will

        Same thing happened to me. I am on a Value Plan. After the carrier update the tethering option was removed and a “Contact T-Mobile”. So I did. I practically call them on a daily basis now. They are aware of that the carrier update removes tethering on some plans. Do want others recommend, restore your iPhone and DON’T install the carrier update.

        I had another weird issue, one of the towers in my neighborhood has not been refarmed. The other a couple of miles away has. So the problem is that after the carrier update, it has trouble handing off from the LTE (and 1900 refarmed) tower and the old EDGE (non-refarmed) tower. So it is dropping calls like crazy.

        Oh how I wish it were August so that my contract was done and I could leave.

  • GwapoAko

    shocks!!! I lost my mobile hotspot!!!!

    Help how can I get it back?

    • conservative_motorcyclist

      I see it on my 3GS. The APN for tethering has been changed with tis update to pcweb.tmobile.co_m.

      • GwapoAko

        I used to have the hotspot without paying the hotspot fee before the udpate now it is gone.

        • conservative_motorcyclist

          That’s cuz they changed the APN. If you don’t have a hotspot plan, this APN won’t work.

          If your iPhone is jailbroken, you can patch Commcenter, tweak the IPCC profile to change the APN, bump the version, and upload it back to your iPhone via iTunes. A quick google should give you more detailed instructions.

          You can also switch to one of the new plans that include tethering!

        • GwapoAko

          ah okay. Thanks. May be Ill just leave my settings. I have unlocked iPhone 4$. Anyway, I rarely use my hotspot..Oh well.

  • My factory unlocked version just got it, and it has the 4G logo on top now. Speeds are so much faster, wow. Anyone else using a factory unlocked version?

    • bozzykid

      A carrier update can’t improve speeds.

      • RobotChupacabra

        Giving access to the LTE network might do that.

      • conservative_motorcyclist

        Actually, this one does…They tweaked the MTU settings (packet size) to align with their network better. They also enabled DC-HSPA+ 42 if you have an iPhone 5.

        They also override the 3G logo for when you are on an HSPA+ network :P

        • sjt2

          DC HSPA+42 cannot work on existing iPhones. I thought this was the whole point why they are having a new revision of the A1428 Models.


        • adeedew

          i second this, IS IT TRUE? So current factory unlocked Iphone 5’s can get HSPA+ 42 from this update? Please advise

        • I have an unlocked att version. I do not have HSPA+ 42 after the update.

        • DaygosTommyT

          Same here, factory unlocked from the Apple store, no increased speeds from what I already, i’m in a (mostly) refarmed area, but there are still tons of “Edge” spots around me, I contacted T-Mobile and they are like, “our maps show you are able to take advantage of our 4G network and there are no towers being worked on in the area”, they still can’t tell me why I drop down to Edge so much…I live in San Diego by the way.

        • TBN27

          Theirsps aren’t updated yet to show 1900mhz HSPA+21. Can’t rely on customer service for these things for they only know what the company tells them. So they will tell you that you have 4g coverage. When they get the updated map then they will tell you more.

        • mgldan

          In NYC I get frequent drops to Edge too. I imagine that TMo’s 3G coverage in NYC is a mix of 1900 MHz and 1700 MHz, so with the 2013 iPhone 5 it should be pretty solid.

        • Michael Johnson

          No this is not true. While the current iphone 5 (AT&T model) does support hspa 42(dual carrier hspa), T-Mobile’s refarmed 1900mhz “4g” network is only hspa 21(single carrier hspa) since it is not dual carrier. I think that as tmobile upgrades their 1700mhz to LTE, they’ll disable dual carrier on 1700 and turn it on on 1900. So sometime in the future you may experience hspa 42 but for right now, you only have hspa 21

      • If I was on edge it can. I’m on 4G now.

    • conservative_motorcyclist

      what model do you have? If you are on the 5, this update enables DC-HSPA+ 42!

      • I have a factory unlocked Verizon version.

      • adeedew

        How do you know that for sure? Is there anyway to tell? This contradicts many other posts here and elsewhere, like this one http://www.engadget.com/2013/03/26/iphone-5-att-aws-unlocked-plans-t-mobile/

        • Michael Johnson

          Yes the current non-tmobile iphone supports hspa+ 42 but tmobile’s refarmed 1900mhz network (the only 3g network the current5 iphone can connect to due to lack of 1700mhz bands) is not dual carrier hspa+ 42, it is only single carrier hspa+ 21

      • adeedew

        This can’t be true actually, read closer
        AWS HSPA+ (T-Mobile and new 2013 AT&T iPhone 5 only) and that Phone comes out Friday so what you’re saying isn’t correct unless you got the TMO iphone early

    • i am using a factory unlocked version as well, but i have the lte tweak instead of the ota update; best speed i’ve seen so far on my phone was 30 down 15up

  • Aurizen

    This update limits the amount of pictures you can send in a message :(

    • TetherlessInSeattle

      MMS size has been restricted to 128K. I really want the generic Carrier 14.0 ipcc back.

      • Aurizen

        any way to change it so that I can send multiple pictures?

        • TetherlessInSeattle

          The only thing I can think of is to figure out how to edit the ipcc to increase the MMS size limit, and then force iTunes to use the modified version. No idea how that can be done.

      • TetherlessInSeattle

        Nix that, it’s actually 1 megabyte. I think the issue is the following:


        So in theory if someone was to edit that file, repackage the .ipcc, and figure out how to import the changed ipcc into the iPhone, they could get more than 2 images per MMS. In theory.

        • Arram

          i changed the 2 to 7 in ifile, and still limits to 2 images

  • Anon

    How can I send MMS without a data plan on a 3GS? I still get an error when I’m sending a picture.

  • Yay!

  • Inhuman

    It works on jailbroken iphone 5, version 6.1

  • conservative_motorcyclist

    Just in case everyone is wondering, I dissected the ipcc file. It looks like it does the following: (Replace all , in URL/APN addresses with . for the real address)

    All Iphones:
    – Enable Visual Voicemail
    – Set up new Web APN (Fast.t-mobile,com)
    – Set up new MMS APN and server (fast.t-mobile,com, http://mms.msg.eng.t-mobile,com/mms/wapenc)
    -Sets MaxVideoBitrateSize for MMS to 131,072
    -Sets MaxMessageSize for MMS to 1,048,576
    – Enables MMS while you are roaming
    – Enables non-iMessage group messaging and Sets the maximum number of recipients to 20
    – Set up new tethering APN (pcweb.tmobile,com)
    – allows user to edit APNs for internet and MMS.
    – Enables and configures emergency alert services broadcast messages (AMBER Alerts, Presidential alerts (whatever that is), and emergency alerts. The sound is set to cvs_alert_us.m4a
    – MTU size is set to 1460 instead of the default. (I am assuming 1500 was the default)
    – Max Bluetooth Modem Connections (for tethering) is limited to 5 devices.
    – OTA Software Updates under 157,286,400 bytes can be download via cellular.

    iPhone 4S & 5 Only:
    – DataIndicatorOverride is set to 4G. So when you are on the HSPA+ network, it will show 4G instead of 3G.

    iPhone 5 Only:
    – Enables AWS LTE (user can enable/disable as needed)
    – Enables HSDPA+42
    – Enables HSUPA 5.76 Mbit/s
    – enables the EFR (HD voice) codec.

    • Milad
      • conservative_motorcyclist

        Correct. I had to put , in so I could post this without awaiting moderator approval as anything with a URL has to be manually reviewed.

    • youchew

      I thought they weren’t going to enable +42 speeds on current A1428 models?

      • MRCUR

        They didn’t. The current A1428 model has a lock on the baseband that will not allow it to connect to WCDMA (HSPA+) on AWS.

        This same carrier profile is used on the upcoming A1428 model.

      • conservative_motorcyclist

        This ipcc profile, tells the radio of the iPhone 5 to enable DC-HSPA+. What this means:

        On a current-model iPhone 5, if you can get a 3G signal “4G” will be displayed, and it will try to connect to T-Mobile’s towers via DC-HSPA+ (if available) at 1900MHz.

        IF you have an AT&T/Unlocked A1428 model iPhone 5, AND the next iOS update contains new baseband firmware, you MAY “magically” get 1700 MHz (AWS) support. If the baseband of the iPhones that go on sale on the 14th through T-Mobile matches what is already out in the field, it means that a simple software or programming tweak is all that is required to filp the bit that enables AWS support!

    • Jesus Villafranca

      Thanks for the detail information!

    • conservative_motorcyclist

      Some more iPhone 5 Specific Info:

      Some additional information I found that is specific to the iPhone 5 (in the overrides_N41_N42.pri file):

      1. There is a section called IMS. It has the following settings:
      – VIOP Registration mode: 0
      – SMS MO On Traffic Channel=true
      -VOIP Preferred URI=1

      What this means: WiFi Calling of some sort is pretty much GUARANTEED to work on the iPhone 5! It will just need a new ipcc file from Apple. See http://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-5059 for details on how Android uses IMS for wifi-calling. If you have a jailbroken iPhone 5, put the right settings in here, and upload it to your iPhone, you might be able to get Wi-Fi calling working!

      2. In the WCDMA section, I noticed the following:
      -“BandClassPref b16-b31″=49151(dec) This section actually controls the Qualcomm radio. This particular setting tells the iPhone 5 what bands to try and in what order.

      What this means:
      According to a quick post i stumbled on at xda-developers, for a similar chipset it looks like this setting controls the preferred search order of the bands. I haven’t bothered to decode this value. Even more significant is that if you look at http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?s=dc0a247fe574a81f632c3bbf4e59097c&p=23197894&postcount=8 There is a line called “RF Band Configuration”. Depending on what other “hidden” commands are supported in the reading-in of the pri file, Apple (or someone else) might be able to enable HSPA+ AWS on any AT&T/Unlocked iPhone by writing a simple hex value here, if they can figure out what the necessary key name (e.g. RF Band Config=someDecimalValue)

      • Fabian Cortez

        We all know that Wi-Fi calling will be enabled on the next iPhone. Current iPhones do not have this capability. This is why there will be an App Store app released for Wi-Fi calling.

        The IMS entry is related to VoIP for VoLTE. Something that Verizon seems to have enabled. AT&T and Sprint have not.

        IMS Feature Enable

        The above would probably be needed to be added, along with network support as well, to get it to work. Ignore the extra “.” Damn HTML.

        Also of note is AT&T’s HSDPA setting of category 10 (14.4 Mbps) and HSUPA category 6 and their lack of any AMR codec preferences (HD voice).

  • Trav Montana

    Wow a busy updating day for T-Mobile I see. Nice!

  • regcorey

    T-Mobile is playing shenanigans on its customers. It’s not different from AT&T. They provided a “carrier update” that did not disclose what they were taking away. I am on a legacy plan that provided unlimited voice, unlimited data, and unlimited text messages — without any asterisks or qualifiers. Why shouldn’t I continue to have access to that plan, which allowed me to tether my phone like I had been before?

    Going to take their asses to court to get them to honor the terms and conditions of their contract.

    • This happened long ago to people using older phones like the HTC Sensation prior to the ICS update. Once they updated the free tethering was gone. You have to pay for it now like everyone else does.

      • Will

        That’s not true. There is not a tethering add-on for many of the accounts. I guess by saying pay for it, you actually mean change your plan then you have it as part of the newer plans? But why would many people change their plan when it was working yesterday?

        • LC

          The tethering feature is available for any data plan priced at $20 or higher, just so you know. It’s available on all accounts with qualifying data features.

        • Will

          Incorrect. Tethering works for Android devices on any plans but not the iPhone. That information is only valid for newer plans. The problem is that people can no longer add services (or change data amounts) for existing Value Plans. The options have disappeared from the website.

          I love how I hit the data cap on my iPhone yesterday while I was testing LTE coverage in a Washington D.C. suburb. I received a text from T-Mobile that I had hit the cap and I can go online and purchase more data. But that’s the catch…you can’t anymore.

          However, I did take their advice and purchased a data plan for one of my iPads for the rest of the month which turned it into a LTE mobile hotspot. So maybe T-Mobile is correct. You can purchase more data from a competitor once you hit the data cap on their network.

        • LC

          Well considering Android devices and iPhones use the same SOC.codes in our systems…
          Just because it doesn’t show up for you when you log in to your account, doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t show up in our systems in store or through CC.

        • Will

          According to customer support, tethering was already allowed on my plan. It just is no longer supported on iPhones. But Android devices are fine?

    • LC

      Tethering was never in the terms and agreements of the contract, and the tethering feature has technically been required to tether for a couple of years now…it’s just been until the last year or so that the phones have had that feature locked.

      • Will

        Then why did T-Mobile branded phones such as the G2 still allow it?

        I have a feeling that T-Mobile actually was purchased by AT&T because their behavior and customer treatment is identical. They are now removing capabilities without telling you.

  • To reenable tethering download a package called tetherme from Cydia if you’re jailbroken

  • CoasterFreak2601

    A note for all:

    I live in a 3G/4G refarmed area (most of its complete but not all). My phone tends to default to EDGE (2G). You can still access 3G/4G by going to Settings>Carrier>Untoggle Automatic>Once Scan is complete, Select “T-Mobile (3G)”

    Just note, even though i have not left the area, I assume that if you enter a non-farmed area, it will loose signal completely. At this point you would have to go back into settings and select “T-Mobile” or toggle the “Automatic” Switch back to “on”

    • No it will revert back to Edge automatically

  • It dont work why do i have a “E” instead of 4g or 3g?

    • techymexican

      because your area hasn’t been refarmed yet

      • Oh thanks dude but would i be able to get it?

        • eddydrizzle

          Once it’s refarmed yes. And if you’re on an iPhone 5, you’ll get LTE when it rolls out.

    • RedGeminiPA

      I noticed you have an iPhone 4. You’ll need a 4S or newer to access HSPA+ (4G) in refarmed areas. The 4 was only able to use 3G (HSPA).

  • No visual voicemail either i have a iphone 4 6.1.3

    • tony

      reset your setting from cellular data network and that should fix the problem of VVM

      • What do you mean?

        • RedGeminiPA

          Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings.
          Caution: It will forget any stored WiFi passwords.

  • Got my T-mobile carrier updated on my Apple unlocked & Evasi0n jailbroken iPhone 4 running 6.1.2. Went to Settings>General>About & got a dialog asking me to install the update. I did did have to call T-mobile to make certain Visual Voicemail was active on my account. It wasn’t. I was instructed to reboot my phone & did. vVoicemail interface on the iPhone is there, now may need to wait 2-4 hours for T-mobile servers to start pumping my voicemail to vVoicemail. It’s all good!

  • I got the update but nothing happen! -.-

    • dragon_warrior

      restart the phone

  • Hunt Kingsman

    I have a factory unlocked iPhone 5 and I’m now showing a 4G connection. Does that mean the baseband DC-HSPA+ works on my phone? I thought I needed a new “T-Mobile” iPhone 5 to do that? – Boston

    • YYYaayyyy

      4g up to 21mbps not the tmoble hspa+42

      • Hunt Kingsman

        Thanks for the reply! Good to know!

  • Guest

    Would this now allow MMS settings for unlocked iPhones on the T-Mobile network?

    • Tee


  • Milad

    Wow , I can’t believe it that my Verizon iphone 5 worked on my Tmobile SIM card with the 4G after updating the carrier settings
    Wonder what the LTE APN SETTINGS it shows Optional on my iphone with empty area ?!?!

    • Doesn’t matter. The Verizon iPhone 5 won’t get LTE on T-Mobile that’s why the settings are blank

  • Kenshin

    I installed it and I still can’t send picture messages. I also updated my greeting and when people called they still hear the stock message. Not sure what to do.

  • Will

    T-Mobile give me back my tethering!!!!!!

    • FB


    • You have to pay for it

      • Will

        Wrong. I talked to technical support. The carrier update disables tethering for many users. It’s not a question of paying for it. It works on all of my Android devices but not the iPhone after the update. Yet if I flash a backup iOS image on it and not install the carrier update, tethering works just fine.

        • bozzykid

          That doesn’t make it wrong. It works on Android devices like Nexus devices because T-mobile doesn’t have control over them. With the new carrier update, if your account is not provisioned for mobile hotspot, it will no longer work. Many of the newer plans include this feature but most existing ones don’t.

        • Will

          I call BS on that answer. My android device is a stock T-Mobile G2. They have complete control over it. And customer service confirmed that I should be able to use tethering with my Value Plan.

          So the only conclusion here is that they are targeting iPhone users specifically. T-Mobile is the new AT&T.

        • tonkotsu

          cry more dude

        • Will

          What are you a child? or maybe a troll? It is not polite to personally attack someone.

  • MagentaFl

    I just did the Update and I lost my tethering option !!! Not funny !!!!

    • Yup you will have to pay for it now

      • Will

        Stop saying that. It still works for Android devices, just not the iPhone. And there is not any option to pay for it without changing your plan entirely for some people.

    • tonkotsu

      probably should have done some reading beforehand

      • Will

        That’s the point. No where does T_mobile say “Mobile Hotspot removed” as a feature. Sneaky. Almost AT&T like.

        • tonkotsu

          all tmobile phones sold in the past few years have had the feature disabled

          it only affects uninformed consumers that don’t know how to do their homework before making these types of decisions

        • Will

          Not true. I have a T-Mobile G2 with hotspot available by default. Also customer support reports that unless you are using TZones, tethering is supported.

  • Ernest Velez

    I just got mines on my Verizon iphone 5 and yes I got it all plus the lte option too

    • RedGeminiPA

      Except the Verizon iPhone 5 runs LTE on a different frequency. Yours won’t be able to use T-Mobile’s LTE.

  • Jose do

    For all you guys complaining about losing free tethering or being charged for it after installing the TMobile Carrier Update, This is how I re enabled it on my iPhone 5 after installing the Update, this should work on any iPhone, and I made this guide my self, Also your iPhone has to be Jailbroken:

    1) Go to Settings App> General>About and under “Carrier” make sure it says “T-Mobile 14.1”.

    2) After that Go to Cydia>Search> Type “iFile”, & Install the application

    3) Open the iFile Application and Go To /var/mobile/Library/Carrier Bundles/Overlay

    4) You should now See a File that begins with “device+carrier+310260_ID-8…………..”

    5) Tap that file and tap “Text Viewer”, A new window should pop up that looks like a notepad.

    6) On the Top left hand corner Tap “Edit”.

    7) Your keyboard should pop up, if not tap the Magnifying Glass Icon in the lower left hand corner.

    8) Now type “pcweb” & tap search, There should be one result and it should be highlighted.

    9) Replace the text between (pcweb.t-mobile.com) with fast.t-mobile.com

    10) Now tap Save then Done.

    11) Reboot your phone and you should be good to go. Enjoy your free tethering like you did before!!

  • Amy Tran

    How about the $30, 100 min/5GB data plan? no tethering at longer?

    • MRCUR

      That plan never included tethering officially. It is simply not blocked on Android and was not blocked on iOS (because T-Mobile had no way of doing so without a carrier profile).

  • mgldan

    I have an “unofficially” unlocked iPhone 4S, no carrier update is available for my phone. Not really surprised. Just tossing that out there in case anyone was wondering.

    • RedGeminiPA

      You can get it “officially” unlocked pretty cheap (under $5 on eBay). Search eBay for “AT&T iPhone IMEI Unlock.”

    • Government Hooker

      Swiftunlocks charges $1.99 to officially unlock your iPhone. I’ve had a 3GS and a 4S unlocked by them and they are extremely reliable. Both of my iPhones received the T-Mobile 14.1 carrier update.

      • mgldan

        Mine’s a Sprint 4S, it can’t be unlocked by such online services. (Verizon 4S’s can’t be either.)

  • Kenn Chong

    My 4s works soooo much better now! Before this, My phone would flip back and forth between 2G/3G whenever I’m travelling in between towers or if the area I’m in has low 3G signal. The problem with it flipping is that the phone would lose cell connection while connecting to another tower, quite annoying. Now, it does hang on to the 3G/4G connection as long as possible, and if it has to flip between Edge and 3G/4G, it never loses cell signal anymore. Yaay!

  • DaygosTommyT

    There should be a disclaimer saying “warning, this carrier update may cause a placebo affect of increased data speeds, unless you are now connected to LTE, connection to current network has not changed”

  • Jay

    If I do a full reset, will it remove this carrier update? I want my personal hotspot back! And also I’m on a grandfathered unlimited plan, and usually use about 8gb a month, since I did the update today I got a message from tmobile saying my data is throttled and I’ve only used 3gb so far this bill cycle. I think they’re using this update as a way to force customers off there older plans. I love Tmo, but I gotta say I think they’re less “uncarrier” and more “copy carrier” of AT&T with these practices.

    • Dave

      I dont think that would work, tmobile played a fast game on their customers.

  • Jhf3rd

    Anyone else notice low res picture loads in FB? Fuzzy blurry pics, thought i needed my glasses. The little white circle that shows pic loading also gone? Didn’t happen before.

    Lost tethering.

    Will probably go back, haven’t noticed any benefit worth staying.

    • Andy

      Have the same issue with the FB app. Also seeing slower speeds on speedtest ever since applying the update. Some “network optimizations.”

  • Alex11

    Does anyone know why cant i get all the features after i did the update?

  • Alex11

    I have a letter “E” instead of 3g or eg.

    • RedGeminiPA

      That means you’re on EDGE (2G).

      • Am i going to be able to get 3G or 4g?

        • MRCUR

          You’d need to be in an area with refarmed HSPA+ service running on 1900MHz.

          Or you can purchase a new iPhone 5 A1428 on the 12th.

  • natebinsf

    Today I did a carrier update for my iPhone 4s. I had over 20 voicemails deleted without any warning. Most of those voicemails were from my mother who recently passed away. I spoke with two different reps on the phone and got no where. From my knowledge, voicemails are stored on servers and not the actual phone. In criminal law, there are all sorts of cases where authorities can go back and look at messages, both texts and voicemails, even ones that have been manually deleted. Again, I did not delete any messages, not willingly. I actually was listening to them recently before the update today. Is there anyway to get these back? Perhaps with a jailbreak?

    • Guest

      Could be purely coincidence but voicemails usually aren’t stored indefinitely. If I have an old voicemail saved I’m usually told it’s scheduled for deletion after a certain amount of time. Is it just not showing up in your visual voicemail or have you tried actually calling your voicemail?

      • natebinsf

        I manually save them every 30 days again too. I was just listening to messages yesterday. The carrier update wiped them all. I didn’t have visual voicemail before for whatever reason. I guess the carrier update now gives factory unlocked iphones visual voicemail. Tried calling my voicemail, its empty. Tried “mobile life” on tmoible website, voicemail are empty. Is there a jailbreak, or an app? Anything? I have a hard time believing a factory update would wipe all those away when they are stored on servers not the phone.

        • Guest

          That’s such a bummer… I’m sorry to hear that man. A quick search on Cydia didn’t show me anything helpful. Hopefully someone else has some ideas

        • natebinsf

          Thanks anyway

    • MRCUR

      Moving to VVM usually removes all saved voicemails. This has been my experience across all carriers, not just T-Mobile. Usually AT&T will not switch a user to VVM without getting a written or verbal consent that their mailbox can be wiped out.

      Sorry to hear about your loss.

  • Tony

    So with the update, does the top of the iPhone say 4G or LTE? Just curious.. thanks!

    P.S – I’ve seen At&t and Verizon iPhones have LTE on top so I was just wondering.

    • RedGeminiPA

      If you’re in an LTE area with LTE service, it will display LTE. If you’re in an HSPA+ (refarmed for now) area, it will display 4G.

  • robertc

    Anyone experience a hd voice call after the update?

  • Will

    I have come to the conclusion after yesterday’s fiasco that T-Mobile does not really know what they are doing.

    • Dave

      i personally spoke to a branch manager , and he told me the whole deal is harsh on old and loyal customers, They are going to lose all their loyal customers thru this deal.

  • Jesus Villafranca

    So if you have a jailbroken unlocked iphone4/4s and you apply this update from tmobile..you will get visual voicemail and the tethering option blocked? No, thanks..I’ll stay without visual voicemail until someone figures out to to apply it without blocking other features..

  • Dannyc1976

    My iphone internet is running slow after this update? Anyone with the same problem?

    • Dave

      Tell me about it, they should have been more prepared, all that money spent on advertising to gain new customers and they could even spend some money to announce it to the public in a correct way.

    • iphone5

      i have noticed my speeds slow down by atleast 5mbps… before i used to get 14mbps at my house and right after i updated, the speed maxes out at 9mbps. i hope they haven’t started to throtle, i have the unlimited 4g plan.

  • Settings > General > About and then pop up asks you if you want to update. Quick, simple and then look next to Carrier and the version will switch from T-Mobile 14.0 to 14.1

  • Dave

    tmobile’s iphone deal it really stupid. you pay 20 dollars a month for 2 years with no interest.
    well after 2 years the iphone is hardly gonna be worth that much ? it will depreciate. so you end up paying $580 and have a phone worth half of that or less in two years. I have been a tmobile customer for 11 years now and i was waiting for renew my contract, and being so loyal to them thru all this years and they decide not to give any kind deals, instead opting for no contracts. Thats not nice at all. Seriously Tmobile ?

    • RobotChupacabra

      I don’t think you understand how contracts worked previously (HINT: you were paying off the phone’s full price with the more expensive plan). You have the option to buy the phone outright, too, if you want. How is this in general any different than putting this phone on a credit card and paying it off $20 a month (other than the 0% interest)?

  • George Sanad

    Considerable improvement in battery life.

  • Guest

    I lost my iMessages :(

    • spritemoney

      It’s apple’s fault not T-Mobile’s. Look on twitter many people are complaining about iMessages

  • Iphone fan66788

    After updating the carrier update, my data takes a long time to start. If I want to load a webpage, that moving circle would hang next to the ‘4G’ logo for about 6-10 seconds before loading the page. I also noticed my ping is much higher and speeds are lower now on the speedtest app.

    Have anyone else notice something like this? I’m on the $30 5GB plan. Is this T-mobile’s way of throttling data? I live in NYC btw. Data is still useable but very annoying to wait 6-10 secs before loading.

    • iphone5

      i have the same issues, also seems like the speed has dropped off by 4-5mbps

  • thomas

    Please Help !!
    I was using the unloked iphone 4s for tmobile. I unlocked the phone connecting the itunes about a year ago. When i connected to itunes and upadated the software in hope of getting MMS, visual voicemail etc, i lost my unlock too. Any solution to my problem ? those of you who updated, how you guys did it ? I connected it to ituns and manually upgraded the software. What did i do wrong ?

  • Peterman

    so will this make current AT&T iPhone 5’s that have been unlocked essentially the same as the new tmobile iphone 5?

  • DN

    A nice surprise. Updated my 4S a couple days ago. I’m on tmo monthly prepaid so I wasn’t expecting visual voicemail to work. VVM and personal hotspot are both working on prepaid. Was expecting I have to switch to postpaid to get VVM. Thanks tmo.

  • Venom145

    Does anyone know if this new update works on the IPhone 4S unlocked/Jailbroken?