Strangest Commercial Ever Offers T-Mobile Customers $100 Credit To Switch To Virgin Mobile


Hello again Virgin Mobile and thank you very much for the creepiest commercials ever. Seriously, Virgin’s second commercial in two years aimed directly at stealing T-Mobile customers is perhaps the oddest commercial I’ve seen in recent wireless industry history. A brain jumping on a chair is somehow appealing and makes me want to switch carriers, riiiiiight. I’m usually pretty critical of T-Mobile’s marketing but at least I don’t cringe when I watch them and Carly was far better than this…whatever this is.

Virgin’s “Retrain Your Brain” campaign is offering T-Mobile customers a $100 credit to switch to their number to Virgin’s no-contract, $35 unlimited plan.

It’s pretty simple:? just choose your Virgin Mobile Beyond Talk smartphone.? Transfer your existing T-Mobile number before May 31, activate your new phone and become a Virgin Mobile customer by May 31 and receive $100 credit.

If you can watch this video without laughing, cringing or stopping before it ends, I applaud you.

Virgin Mobile

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  • bruce

    hahaha how dumb my mother had virgin mobile I switched her to tmobile and she loves it.

  • kev2684

    from T-Mobile’s HSPA+42 to Sprint’s WiMAX are you kidding me?

    • GwapoAko

      Wimax super duper !!! slowest ever!!! slow like molasses!

    • Guest
      • mirna78

        I agree tmobiles hspa is way better than sprints wimax , i live in los Angeles n tries sprint for a while when i was outside i got decent speeds on sprints wimax-8-11 dwn n 2-4 up but the problem with wimax was that inside buildings it always crapped out. I have tmobile right now first i had the lg optimus l9 and the most i would ever get on that phone was 11-16 up n ,1 or less dwn never got higher than that. I got a tmobile s3 gurl at the store told me i should see faster speeds on the s3 cuz supposedly it was an hspa+ 42 mbps phone were as the lg phone was only hspa 21 capable. . I just wasted alot of money on the s3 just to see the same speeds 11-16 up never ever gotten higher than that im fine with that only thing that is bothering me is the upload speed i never ever get 1 mbps i usually always get less than 1 mbp up its frustration uploading vids to my YouTube account n facebook. Not lying a 25 second vid took 8 mins to upload to YouTube ughh -_-

    • My usual HSPA+42 speeds, I’m quite content. : )

      (Sorry post below is mine also didn’t know which link would show the better picture)

    • mdosu

      I guess some people don’t care about speed, notice they’re targetting the potential S2 customers

  • tmo_rep

    I think that’s the whole purpose of the commercial, it being strange and all. For some reason it caught my attention, not saying a good attention, but it’s a commercial I will remember, and I think that’s the point. Some people will keep that in the back of their minds. It’s like most of the Capital One commercials, they are weird, and sometimes funny, but they stick in your head. Will “retrain your brain” become iconic as “what’s in your wallet” oh heck no.

    • Catching my attention? Sure, but not in the way Virgin wants me too? I look at that and I’m like WTF, a brain jumping off a chair? Is this a zombie movie?

      • Jose Hernandez


      • TBN27

        it’s the equivalent of watching adult swim around midnight. no angel dust required.

  • schtum

    Is that Wayne Coyne?
    Edit: OMG, it IS Wayne Coyne!

    • timmyjoe42

      I thought that was him.

  • Too bad Virgin has a horrible handset collection and worse doesn’t allow you to bring over a Sprint handset.

  • xmiro

    When do you get your $100 credit though?

    *edit here it is:

    “$100 service credit offer available only for new account activations coming from T-Mobile and payment of one month’s plan before 5/31/13. $100 service credit applied to account within 30 days of initial activation. Not redeemable for cash or combinable with any other offer. Other restrictions and exclusions apply. ”

    “All plans include 2.5GB/month of high speed data, including 4G speeds in 4G coverage areas for capable devices. Adaptive protocol video limited to 3G speeds”

    “[…] Customers exceeding 2.5GB data/month will continue to have data access but maximum speeds (including adaptive protocol video speeds) will be reduced to 3G speeds of 256kbps or below for the remainder of the monthly plan cycle.

    • TechHog

      They call that 3G speed? That’s no better than T-Moblie’s throttled 2G speeds! lol

      • Nijakyng88

        …Actually it’s even slower than T-Mobile’s throttled 2G

        • TechHog

          Is that so? LOL

        • Jose Hernandez

          Thank you!!!!!!

    • GalaxyBoy26

      Thing is they’re saying unlimited data for V Mobile knowing after that 2.5gbs of data ur going back to 3g speeds. Hmm…..that soooo makes me wanna switch over…..wth. lol

  • PhaseBurn

    Ah, Virgin, one of the 3 companies I won’t do any business with what-so-ever (the other two being Microsoft and Walmart).

    Take your $100 and shove it somewhere unpleasant. Hopefully it’s painful.

  • First of all, what are you SMOKING Virgin Mobile?! 0_o’ Second of all… No. Nope. Absolutely Not. Never. Thanks but no thanks. I’ve been with T-Mobile since 2000(Voicestream days) and I have absolutely no intention of changing now because of a bouncing brain and some Psychedelic odd lady…. *shudders**

  • iansltx

    I suppose they’re only promoting the S II because there’s a (faster) S II on T-Mobile…the LTE Galaxy Victory is a better phone (albeit smaller).

    All that said…weird, weird ad.

  • Sprintisajoke

    T-mobile should counter with switch from virgin mobile and get a 200$ credit. Looool

    • mikkej2k

      T-Mobile should counter with “Switch from Virgin Mobile and get service”

      • Will

        If only that were true. My T-Mobile service sucks.

        • Well dd you ever check your coverage? You had at least 14 days to decide if the service was adequate initially and in some cases 30 days… Did you not look up the coverage maps? did you not test it? then don’t blame t-mobile. You had a choice.

        • Will

          That’s the problem. The coverage map shows coverage. You cannot believe the coverage maps. The 14 days passed while T-Mobile was correcting it (and offering a signal booster). But nothing works. I do blame T-Mobile and will continue to do so until they either correct the poor coverage or let me out of my Value Plan contract.

  • No Thanks, I am very happy with T-Mobile. I have dropped my Verizon account and all others. There is no way in hell I will join a network that has the slowest data in the country. I would even pay more to stick what I feel is the best Carrier in the US. T-Mobile is the Carrier of the future, I have been with them when data speeds weren’t even reaching 700 kb, it feels real good to have been with them during their growth years and now going to LTE. I couldn’t be happier with T-Mobile.
    Thank You T-Mobile for your service and your great line of phones.

    • WW

      Don’t forget the value.

    • Will

      Just wait until your calls drop to poor coverage. You get what you pay for with Verizon.

      • qpinto

        dont forget wifi calling that comes on tmobiles sgs2 for those dead spots :)

      • I’m sure he is smart enough to check his coverage before buying and anyways t-mobile has great coverage I haven’t had a dropped call ever since I had T-mobile 8years going strong

        • Will

          Lucky you. I talk to T-Mobile tech support on a daily basis about poor coverage in the D.C. Metro area.

  • guest

    I think that Sprint is becoming the old T-Mobile

    • I feel thats not really accurate because t-mobile wasn’t really ever bad it always was great pricing and data wasn’t too bad when they were doing just flat out 3g

  • Jose M Gonzalez

    $100 dollars doesn’t even cover the early termination fees for leaving t-mobile lol

    • Trevnerdio

      Contracts? What are those? ;)

      • Will

        They are the shackles that T-Mobile uses on Value Plan customers.

        Free the Value Plan slaves!!

        • Trevnerdio

          The only ones that don’t have contracts are…value plan customers.

  • I’d consider it if they were GSM.

  • Jack

    Tmobile is the best.

  • Haha, switch to a network that gets secondary treatment by piggybacking off the nation’s slowest 3G network as well as the slowest 4G network (WiMax) in Sprint. Feel sorry for anyone who falls for this deal.

    • A_Ware

      Like T-Mobile’s new CEO John Legere has been pointing out, Sprint (Virgin’s carrier) isn’t even part of the conversation right now. (With ample Softbank money they could perhaps become one but not for years.) AT&T’s sad network is the target – 200M+ LTE pops by the end of the year, AT&T can suck it.

    • zx6guy

      Virgin does have LTE now and its posting decent speeds.

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    I love what Tmobile is doing with prices, no contracts and LTE launch. I have Virgin and speeds are better than T Mobile HSPA or HSPA+ in San Jose. I am trying to post an attachment but i cant figure out how..I know t Mobile is really fast in downtown and near Cupertino, Sunnyvale area but not majority of places in San Jose..I am hoping LTE is really fast and not disappointing like my cousins S2 on TMO

    11001 kbps download
    1255 kbps upload.

    • Jose Hernandez

      I will believe it when you post a picture. Virgin (Sprint) having faster data than T-Mobiles HSPA+? Please!!!! Oh My God, that is just too funny!!!!!

      • JaswinderSinghJammu

        What I wrote a month ago was based on my real life experience with TMO and VMO. I was throttled by VMO for the first time and I was really pissed. Went and got a Nexus 4 and I am impressed now with speeds at my work location, the same location that it was terrible in before the 1900 Mhz refarming. I get consistent speeds of about 10 mbps and 1-3 upload. I am happy I switched.

  • Bud

    Gsm carriers only. Screw CDMA.

    • yao ket


    • barondebxl

      Couldn’t agree more. Going to a CDMA carrier has never even crossed my mind.

    • 0neTw0


  • macman37

    Oh boy! We get to switch to a carrier that has doesn’t even have this year’s iPhone; even though they have the last 2 models. What a way to hook us in for a switch after all of these years of waiting for T-Mobile to get the iPhone. WooHoo!! LAME, Virgin Mobile!!

  • Christopher_McG

    Virgin Mobile is a joke. The Galaxy S II can be had for $349 at wal-mart WITH a $50 refill card, way more 4G coverage, and less of a crappy Galaxy S II! The Sprint GS2 has signal dropping issues that are unresolved.

  • yao ket

    cdma = hell no.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Nobody will be leaving Tmobile for Virgin Mobile any time soon that’s for sure.

    • Ain’t NOBODY got time for Virgin Mobile!

    • Will

      I am considering it.

      • good luck with that, if its just VM then I know you will be back or paying verizon

  • Texas Tech

    thanks but no thanks, t-mobile , the best .

  • JayMoney88

    …This is LAUGHABLE, they have NO COVERAGE in 3/4’s of America and they want people to switch from T-Mobile…or ANY OTHER CARRIER to their s*it service? Please, that is a horrible offer and a useless incentive to go from TRUE 4G LTE to Sprint’s WiiMax mistake of a network. T-Mobile is making ALL the right moves in the industry right now so some lowly competitor was bound to try and ride their coat tails.

  • daniel

    Why not 2 switch 2 virgin. (1) virgin is sprint without roaming meaning u get the smallest 4g network and terrible coverage. (2) $70 a month with t-mo u get truly unlimited data with no caps or overages while paying $55 with virgin it is slowed down after 2.5 gb. (3) t-mo has top of the line phones while virgin has slightly outdated phones. (4) T-mobile’s hspa+42 (4g) is faster and larger that sprints wimax (4g) and t-mo’s new 4g lte network is way faster than sprint’s 4g lte.

    • Atec

      Well there is no caps or overages on Tmobile, but I have noticed that they do throttle you a bit if you go over 2.5gb and then again at 5gb. I have a postpaid account.
      0 to 2.5 gb at 8-13 Mbps
      2.5 to 5gb at 5-7 Mbps
      5gb> at 1-4 Mbps.

      Still beats evdo and WiMAX.

      • decalex

        is that really true? Can anyone verify this? I’ve never heard that (or experienced that).

      • Michael Johnson

        Ummm that has never happened to me. I used 10gb with my s3 last month and my speeds were still 20mbps down & 3.5mbps up

        • Jose Hernandez

          Same here. Never had my speeds slowed down. Never

        • cardi dark

          10 gb is when they start to throttle on the so called truly unlimited check the fine print

        • thepanttherlady

          Please provide the fine print you’re referring to.

      • Alex Zapata

        I can tell you that this is false. They didn’t throttle me after using over 100GB

        • The one and only

          I’m jelly

        • Unlimited Nationwide 4G baby they can’t legally do it.

      • Jose Hernandez

        Do you have the unlimited plan? I have the unlimited plan and have gone over 11gb in a month (Netflix and youtube) I have never had lower downloads than 15-18mbps.

      • Is it the same area?

    • daniel

      After 2.5 gigs virgin reduces speeds from 4g to 3g. So it is still high speed but may buffer more when watching youtube videos online and web pages may take longer to load. And because there 4g network is so small you may not be in a 4g area where you would notice reduced speeds after 2.5 gigs. Even the picture at the top of the article proves virgin reduces speeds after 2.5 gigs.

      • daniel

        or if u dont have a 4g capable phone on virgin you wont notice the 2.5 gig mark either

      • bleeew

        Have you tried Sprint’s 3G? Its horrible. Even 2G on the others are faster than Sprint 3G(Virgin runs on Sprint);

    • zx6guy

      Be carefull, there is no roaming on T-Mobile’s prepaid plans either.

      • mloudt

        your wrong their is voice and sms at&t roaming on t-mobile prepaid just no data roaming

        • qpinto

          there is roaming, you’re just limited to 200mb or so.

        • mloudt

          you are wrong also go to the pay in advance part of t-mobile site and read the fine script in the terms sms and voice roaming only no data, so I don’t know where you get your false information from plus I said sms and voice att roaming

        • zx6guy

          In the context of the post I commented on which referred to data, yes I’m right. See below, your supporters evidence my argument.

      • daniel

        there is no roaming for data on there prepaid, but there is for talk and text.

  • jim

    i will not switch to VIRGIN for $100 credit but I will leave TMO next year after being with them for 9 years. I hate everything that is going on with TMO these days with their stupid OLD IPHONE 5 release to no phone upgrade deals to their stupid new plans. I did the math and I will only save $10 a month with their new plan and I have 5 lines. I will have to pay full price for the phones too. I know many of you here, mostly TMO employees will disagree but I careless. TMO has doing everything to gain new prepaid type customers but doing nothing for long time loyal customers

    • Jose Hernandez

      You are entitled to feel how you feel. Good bye. I can honestly tell you (since I have had services with all of the carriers) that you will be sorry you left. And I guarantee that you will be back. AT&T and Verizon are already looking at T-Mobile to see if they will also change to a no subsidy model. This means, that once they implement this, you will also have to pay full price for the phone, or finance it. T-Mobile allows you to finance the phone interest free. The other carriers will most definitely wont. You will pay some type of finance charge with AT&T and Verizon. You call saving money stupid? They offer you some of the best prices for services our there, and yet you complain about it? Good riddance and good luck.

    • I find it funny how you’re complaining, and yet you say you will “only” save $10 a month with the new plans. I can only imagine your ire, were the new plans actually costing you more….

      • jim

        if you are not a fool, i can get 5 free phones or discounted 5 free phones for my five lines, but with the new dumb plan, i will not get any phones for free or not upgrade deal but only $10 saving a month which is far less than the saving on the phones.

        • chantie

          you can still upgrade and get discounted phones through 3rd party and keep your current plan

    • RobotChupacabra

      Wait, so your problem is that you’re saving “only” $10 despite all your complaints? That makes no sense. You willfully admit you’d save money and end up leaving because…?

  • jim

    i will not switch to VIRGIN for $100 credit but I will leave TMO next
    year after being with them for 9 years. I hate everything that is going
    on with TMO these days with their stupid OLD IPHONE 5 release to no
    phone upgrade deals to their stupid new plans. I did the math and I will
    only save $10 a month with their new plan and I have 5 lines. I will
    have to pay full price for the phones too. I know many of you here,
    mostly TMO employees will disagree but I careless. TMO has doing
    everything to gain new prepaid type customers but doing nothing for
    long time loyal customers

    • TechHog

      Old iPhone 5? Were they supposed to have gone into the future to get the iPhone 5S?

      • Jose Hernandez

        Just ignore him. I feel sorry for him. So sad.

    • mingkee

      Don’t forget to get “new and improved” iPhone 5 this Friday. It’s $50 cheaper from T-Mobile than Apple.

      • Actually, it’s about $70 dollars cheaper than Apple. – )

      • Will

        Please don’t buy this phone. We are too close to a newer iPhone version. This is like the people that bought the 4S the day before the iPhone 5 was announced. Just don’t do it. You can wait a while.

    • mikkej2k

      Go to a non-T-Mobile retail outlet and they still have traditional plans.

    • Scott Smith

      You have to pay full prive for the phones on all carrier’s plans.

      • to

        Your assuming everyone gets their phone directly from the carrier. Look around and there are amazing deals to be had. Through wirefly I was able to get 2 Galaxy s3’s for me and my son and two Moto Razr HD’s for my wife and daughter for 0.00 cost during their big sale in March. No rebates or anything because of my credit. My plan is 25.00 more per month than what I had with Tmobile but I would have been on the hook for more than 2,000.00 for equivalent phones with magenta for all four of us.

    • superg05

      you will pay full price of phone in contract with another carrier plus extra cash even after the device is paid off they still charge you the same as if your still paying for the phone.
      with tmobile you make a minimum down-payment or a larger amount if you choose to they let you spread over 20-24 months at 15-20 dollars a month are you can pay it off it clumps early when your able but after the phone is payed off your bill is 20 dollars cheaper unlike contracts which price doesn’t go down after you pay off the phone.
      and as an added bonus you can trade your old phone in and put some of its likely paid value down on another phone or you can pay it off early and just get a new phone when one is released so you will always have the latest and greatest

    • I-Troll-U

      Have fun continuing to pay for your phone after it’s paid off :)

    • to

      I feel you Jim, I also just switched my 4 line family plan to Verizon and couldn’t be happier. Just got to Amazon or Wirefly and you will be amazed at the deals you can get. Got 4 smartphones for free and a great plan. No way paying full price for 4 smartphones will benefit my family. Not to mention the improved coverage is a godsend. Actually feels good knowing my family has reliable coverage in case of an emergency. T-Mobile’s spotty coverage kept me up at night when my kids were out.

      • jim

        thanks. yes tmo has spotty coverage everywhere that is also a problem for long time, the biggest problem is HAVING TO WASTE SO MUCH MONEY FOR 5 NEW PHONES for my family plan. I did the math and i save much more with verizon and ATT

  • superg05

    this is clearly sprints indirect attack on the un-Carrier t-mobile attack by proxy

  • mingkee

    Virgin even doesn’t know just $10 more and you can use the data the HELL out. In addition, T-Mobile has few LTE lineup and VM only has ONE so far, and you can use Note 2, BB Z10, Sony Xperia Ion and ZL, Samsung S3 LTE version and S4, and, on top of that, iPhone 5.
    If you check HowardForums, you realize many Virgin Mobile customers are moving to T-Mobile (and its MVNO).

  • rob

    Does Virgin’s SII even have the JellyBean update?

    • Will

      People that are using VM probably don’t care what version of Android is on the phone. Hell, I am still using a G2 as my second phone and it only has GB on it.

  • Manton

    This commercial isn’t accurate, after 2.5GB your throttled back to unlimited 3G and that’s ONLY if your going crazy with your data, if you go over but you aren’t hogging data then you can stay at 4G HSPA+ (4G LTE depending where you are)

    • superg05

      sprint does not have 4G HSPA+ there cdma

    • Will

      T-Mobile throttles you back to EDGE (2G) once you hit your cap. It hit mine practically every month. EDGE is painful.

  • Dennys Cerros

    I agree. Tmobile whoops virgins ass haja

  • Dennys Cerros

    It has unlimited 4g data on tmobile. Compare that virgin mobile

  • Mmmaxheadroom

    As an okie or Oklahoman let me apologize as it is obvious Wayne was in for the coin. Sorry…….

  • Alex Zapata

    Except they don’t mention that t-mobile allows truly unlimited data.

  • So, wait, their plan is $55 for 2.5GB unthrottled data, and yet the TV advert screams $35…? How much unthrottled data does $35 get you. More to the point, I’d just love to see someone watch “unlimited cat videos” with just 2.5GB of data. That’s all not to mention the fact that this is Sprint’s network. Ugh. I love Virgin Mobile… the UK. I used them there. Ironically enough, they run off T-Mobile UK’s network :-)

  • Fish

    I think the commercial is quite entertaining.

  • Guest

    T-Mobile is the DUMBEST carrier Ever! Killing pre-paid??? What moron in marketing came up with this ridiculous idea? Kudos o Virgin for making a play fo T-Mobile’s pre-paid customers? ??

    • RobotChupacabra

      Prepaid still exists, last I checked.

    • LC

      Yeah, what are you talking about? T-Mobile prepaid is still alive and kicking…

    • T-mobile still has prepaid….

  • Travis Rector

    I would actually love to switch to Virgin Mobile. I’ve been lied to by T-Mobile. Their map says I should be getting 3G (the map actually shows my whole town under 3G coverage), and I only get 2G/Edge speeds. They said they were doing an upgrade in my area, which they lied about also, because I asked if they completed it yet, and they had no idea what I was talking about.

    I’ve had Sprint before, and even though it’s slow speeds, it’s faster than what I get through T-Mobile. (T-Mobile gets me betweeen 0.2 Mbps – 0.80 Mbps, most of the time it is in the .2 – .3 range.)

    • superg05

      what device do you have

      • Encino Stan

        I get 0.41 down, 0.12 up with my HTC Sensation 4G at work. My wife gets similar speeds with her HTC One at her office.

        • superg05

          and outside of work what is your speed? tmobile uses a higher band so building penetration is not that great

    • Spanky

      Unfortunately, I’ve had the same exact experience with T-Mobile.

  • RobotChupacabra

    This ad relies on customers not knowing what “3G” or “4G” on Virgin mean: slow Sprint EVDO and obsolete, not-really-fast Sprint Wi-Max. As most customers don’t know what all that means, this might actually work for them.

  • TMoFan

    Evdo / wimax vs hspa+ / LTE-A?

    MVNO vs national carrier?

    CDMA garbage vs gsm?

    Yeah no thanks.

    • mloudt

      virgin mobile and boost mobile are not mvno’s people they don’t pay to use sprint’s network. sprint owns them outright and so that makes them subsidiaries of sprint’s prepaid group.

  • What a stupid commercial! I wouldn’t even consider switching to Virgin Mobile. I’ve been with T-Mobile since 2002, have had only two plans with them and was grandfathered in with my last one for over 11 years. Tonight, I switched over to the $50 plan and don’t even mind that I’m required to pay a migration fee. I figure that paying $5 or $6 more for what I had before will be more than worth it as I now have unlimited talk and text for the first time ever.

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    Not sure why ladies got your panties in a bunch? If some of you can’t read…I wrote I like T Mobile but in my specific situation VMO works better for me..I don’t see myself paying any money less or more than $35 for VMO. I only care about my work location’s speed and that’s where I get those speeds compare to really shitty T Mobile speed..

    • zx6guy

      This site is full of fan boys not consumers interested in news.

  • I-Troll-U

    My $30 plan > Anything VM has.

    • not just that, People can STILL get that plan! (I don’t know for how long tho)

    • Will

      The real appeal of VM was that they had a $25 plan that had 300 minutes, unlimited texts, and unlimited web.

      But then again, both VM and T-Mobile have horrible coverage. You get what you pay for.

      • Horrible coverage for you my coverage has been just fine.

  • RonJeezy

    Sprint is a J-o-k-e lol this campaign is too comical

  • Yoda

    Eventhough I’m not totally satisfied with T-Mobile all these years, but for anyone tempted on switching to Virgin (aka Ghetto-Sprint) for a mere $100 has to be considered desperate imo. That network averages around 2-3mbps (that’s mega-BITs, not bytes)!

    • zx6guy

      I think we all know what mbps means. Some Yoda.

  • Dozwr

    Almost laughed at :49 with the creepy guy clapping. No thanks virgin mobile I rather stick to tmobile.

  • Oliver Jackson

    LOL…No thank you Virgin BS.I love my unlimited Nationwide 4g service and getting LTE on TMobile plus better service

  • Susan


    Creepy is when your CEO gives a scripted speech full of swear words.

    Creepy is when that same CEO thinks all the swearing makes him really cool and convincing.

    Scary is when Virgin Mobile wins lots of new customers with an inferior product and superior marketing.

    • Jose Hernandez

      Creepy is when you seem to think this will work.

  • WW

    My 5 phone plan (old Value Plan) = $130/month

    5 Virgin mobile phones on their cheap ($35) plan = $175

    It’s not a perfect “apples to apples” comparison but one-size-fits-all (actually at least 2; $35, $55) can’t compete with my tuned family plan.

  • Miguel Reyes Jr

    T-Mobile throttles you to 3G, not 2G. Misinformation on Virgin’s part.

    • TechHog

      No, they’re right. It’s to Edge. The only thing is that T-Mobile’s Edge is faster than Virgin’s 3G

      • Miguel Reyes Jr

        No my friend, I have to disagree. I work for T-Mobile, and I can affirm it’s a 3G throttle. The Monthly 4G prepaid option USED to throttle you to 2.5G, but now, even that will take you down to 3G once you reach your 4G data limit for the month.

        • TechHog

          I don’t see why T-Mobile would lie about that though…

        • Will

          That’s not correct. When I hit my cap, I get a text saying it is downgrading it to EDGE, not 3G. It’s right on T-Mobiles own site. 2G means EDGE. Do you really work for T-Mobile and don’t know this?

        • thepanttherlady

          I WISH I’d been throttled to 3G speeds when I hit my limits before I went to unlimited. :/

        • Will

          An interesting thing happened today while I was complaining to T-Mobile’s support. They offered to give me non-throttled unlimited data for $5 dollars more. $5 dollars to never have my speeds reduced to 2G again. Since I am only paying $5 for data right now, that means I can have as much LTE as my iPhone will consume for the bargain price of $10. I even asked about tethering and she said since I already had it on my $5 plan, it would carry over. Too bad there is a problem with coverage in my area or I would probably take them up on it.

          For those that have ever hit your data cap and had your speeds drop to 1980s era until the next billing cycle, you know my pain.

          My new complaint for today is why didn’t they offer that to me a year and a half ago?

  • D Velasquez

    that commercial can pass as a robot chicken episode hahahaha

  • Mirad77

    As much as I don’t like the commercial, there is nothing strange in there. Just the usual industry dog eat dog style. T-Mobile did same to at&t with the iPhone but the only difference here is the incentives they provide.
    I like the pic there with the brain stuff which only says one thing; do your research and get the plan/ carrier that best feeds your need.

  • sushimane

    for anyone that actually switch from tmobile a nationwide carrier to a regional carrier must not be thinking right.

    • RedGeminiPA

      Virgin Mobile isn’t a regional carrier. The problem with Virgin Mobile is they run on Sprint’s very weak prepaid non-roaming network.

  • JTrip

    Video is no longer available. I wanted to see it. :(

  • jim

    i will not switch to VIRGIN for $100 credit but I will leave TMO next
    year after being with them for 9 years. I hate everything that is going
    on with TMO these days with their stupid OLD IPHONE 5 release to no
    phone upgrade deals to their stupid new plans. I did the math and I will lose lots of money with the new plan becos I will have to shell out $1000 or more for 5 new phones for my family plan.
    The difference in plan is only $10 saving a month which is far less than what I wil have to pay for new phones. Will leave for verizon or AT&T next year for better coverage and better savings, I know many of you here,
    mostly TMO employees will disagree but I careless. TMO has doing
    everything to gain new prepaid type customers but doing nothing for
    long time loyal customers

    • RedGeminiPA

      Comparing T-Mobile’s family plans to AT&T or Verizon isn’t hard to do. Hint: T-Mobile is much cheaper.

      You’re obviously one of those customers who want the latest and greatest phones, but won’t pay for unlocked, and don’t mind being strapped to a contract.

      Even with T-Mobile’s payment plans, you’d probably still save a few dollars over AT&T and Verizon.

      I wouldn’t call the iPhone 5 “OLD” just yet. It’s only been out just over 6 months. By the time you’ll be able to buy new phones (next year, according to you), the NEW iPhone(s) will be out (coming later this year).

  • tulio mesa

    lol they got terminated

  • NextBig313
  • mingkee

    Virgin Mobile feels the serious threat.
    Where the reception is equal between Sprint and T-Mobile, T-Mobile is better in many ways. In addition, you can use unlocked/foreign phones with T-Mobile with ease while it’s a bit more difficult with VMUSA.
    Solavei (T-Mobile MVNO) can easily defeat VMUSA with $50 4GB with unlimited calling and text.

  • Jose Hernandez

    Hi David, anyway you can block this?

    • thepanttherlady


      • Jose Hernandez


  • fixxmyhead

    virgin mobiles data limit should read “data reduced to 1G speeds”

    even tmobiles EDGE is faster than there 3G network how pathetic is that

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    Virgin Mobile is unlimited web as long as you can get WiMax. It is 2.5 GB of 3G data. If you live in a Wimax city and get good coverage you should consider VMO. VMO is not a great choice if you travel out of the major cities. It works for me in all of bay area and Sacramento when I go there few times a year

  • sadfij

    seeya tmobile maybe if u could give better discounts and deals on new smartphone to your loyal custumers people would stay not crazy plan no one gets
    don’t hate tmo fans

    • I dare you to find anyone who will offer the current iPhone 5 for $99 of which t-mobile will be doing they offer job discounts if you work for places like hyatt marriot chase etc etc so yeah… good luck getting that with virgin

  • brianb

    WiMax is averaging about 1.2 -1.8 mbps in every major city. I don’t understand how Sprint/Virgin has more customers than tmobile???

  • chantie

    On the chart they claim savings on the device but at any Wal-Mart you can get the T-Mobile S2 for the same 299.99. So according to the chart the only savings would then be $5 a month…I’ll keep my T-Mobile I like having faster speeds, and gsm coverage.

  • A_Ware

    Wow that was bad. Not even counting the sadness of their network but the commercial itself was bad. Cringed and laughed but did make it through it.

  • zx6guy

    A couple observations, I’ve had Virgin 3G and it might as well be the same as T-Mobile 2G, T-Mobile’s faux G is faster and covers more of the country then Virgin WiMaxx, finally Virgin would have been better off touting the Samsung Victory 4G which is both cheaper ($250) and faster (LTE).

  • Tmosince2003

    I thought it was creative and fun. I’m not at all tempted to switch, although the new plans didn’t work out for us either when I did the math. We’ll see when the first contract is up in the fall.

  • mingkee


  • Kahlayoh

    No more Video

  • cardi dark

    I had them all in the last 12 months. Yeah sprint is wack but so is t mobile that 3g/4g hspa + is very scaled and not complete. 4g here two miles you in 2g or 1g and i had sprint and t mobile edge is not faster than sprints 3g. Verizon is top dog yes they are money vampires but u pay for what u get. In all the edge t mobile areas i was still getting 4glte or a strong 3g. At&t is just like them money vampire but there network is not as big or strong.

  • thepanttherlady

    Just saw this on t.v. a second ago…LOL