Strangest Commercial Ever Offers T-Mobile Customers $100 Credit To Switch To Virgin Mobile


Hello again Virgin Mobile and thank you very much for the creepiest commercials ever. Seriously, Virgin’s second commercial in two years aimed directly at stealing T-Mobile customers is perhaps the oddest commercial I’ve seen in recent wireless industry history. A brain jumping on a chair is somehow appealing and makes me want to switch carriers, riiiiiight. I’m usually pretty critical of T-Mobile’s marketing but at least I don’t cringe when I watch them and Carly was far better than this…whatever this is.

Virgin’s “Retrain Your Brain” campaign is offering T-Mobile customers a $100 credit to switch to their number to Virgin’s no-contract, $35 unlimited plan.

It’s pretty simple:? just choose your Virgin Mobile Beyond Talk smartphone.? Transfer your existing T-Mobile number before May 31, activate your new phone and become a Virgin Mobile customer by May 31 and receive $100 credit.

If you can watch this video without laughing, cringing or stopping before it ends, I applaud you.

Virgin Mobile

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