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Best Buy Internal Doc Says Simple Choice Plans Coming At End Of “Fiscal Year”, Classic Plans Still Available

Screen Shot 2013-04-06 at 9.25.14 AM

Perhaps one of the most confusing and poorly explained aspects of T-Mobile’s new Simple Choice offering is how it works with third-party retailers and authorized dealers. I’ve tried to do all that I can on my end with TmoNews to help explain that what company-owned channels offer is different from other T-Mobile sales channels. That’s why I found this Best Buy screengrab so useful as it helps explain exactly what you can and cannot do at a third-party retailer or authorized dealer for that matter.

As the image suggests, Best Buy hopes to have Simple Choice plans available by the end of the fiscal year at Best Buy, which according to their investor page — ends in February of 2014. In the hopes of quickly summarizing all of this in the least confusing way possible:


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