Samsung Galaxy S II Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Update Now Available

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I bet most Galaxy S II owners didn’t see this coming as T-Mobile updated the GSII support page this morning with the introduction of Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. As the update is optional, the only installation method is through Samsung’s Kies software. The manual download to T989UVMC6 will enable Android 4.1.2 and weighs in around 756MB for the download. The Jelly Bean update features a speedier interface, a higher system frame rate combined with some architecture rework leading to a smoother Android experience.

Along with the speed improvements, Google adds a revamped home screen, improved keyboard and a full speech recognition system onboard each device with Google Now. Jelly Bean adds Offline Voice Typing, which allows for voice typing sans web connection. Speaking of voice search, Jelly Bean improves on voice searches with responds to inquiries being returned “much faster.”

As for homescreen management, the ability to move widgets around busy homescreens is now included. Sliding a widget around will allow for icons to automatically rearrange themselves around the resized widget. Pretty nifty if you like a lot on your homescreen.

The notifications tray received a major overhaul, with expanded Gmail notifications including richer previews of your unread messages. Most apps can now be accessed straight from notifications, without having to open the native apps themselves. A new priority system in notifications will allow more space on top versus other notifications below. Music can also be handled straight from the notifications screen as well. Google describes Jelly Bean notifications as “actionable, they expand and collapse, and they’re customizable.”

Fear not HTC One S owners, at some point before we reach a manned mission to Mars we’ll see your update hit the air.


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  • Chris Fulco

    Installed and runs smooth and faster!

  • What about the Original Note… That was released by samsung in February…

    • One can only hope and wait. It seems for T-Mobile, February is not long enough to release an update to the original Galaxy Note owners.

  • FlyOhMy

    Wow! That’s really amazing. Samsung is really redeeming themselves from the behold 2 days.

    • Matt

      Yeah, they really burned me with that one…
      The main reason why I bought it was the promised update.
      I picked up an SII and then had a bunch of problems with it so I moved on the the Nexus 4.
      I have no luck with Sammy.

      • Spanky

        The original Galaxy S phones were crap too, particularly the U.S. variants.

  • Kenneth Warner-Shook

    Any features from the gs3??

  • armand vasquez

    WOW! My wife will be happy now. I’ll be happy that she stops complaining that my phone is always “better”.

    • scuttlefield

      My wife has a GSII as well (I have a Nexus 4). I’m happy that it’s finally getting updated. Honestly, she probably won’t care. :-)

    • mdosu

      She secretly just doesn’t give a sh!t…lol

  • mnaz105

    Amazing, now my S3 is the inferior model. How does the S2 get it before the S3???

    • galaxymaniac

      older kids get keys to the car before younger ones ;)

      • What happened to galaxydude.?

    • g2a5b0e

      I’m confused by your comment. The S3 has had JB 4.1 since late last year, right? Or, are you just saying this because the S3 has 4.1.1? If that’s the case, I wouldn’t be too worried about it.

      • mnaz105

        So 4.1.2 is not that much of a difference?

        • g2a5b0e

          No, not at all. Just an incremental update. Slight tweaks, bug fixes, & security updates that most end users wouldn’t notice.

        • mnaz105

          Thanks for the info.

  • Meanwhile on HTC one s land.

    • fixxmyhead

      dont bank on HTCrap not even on the ONE

    • Spanky

      HTC One is going to be loaded with 4.1.2. They are rapidly becoming a joke.

    • bleeew

      Don’t get a mid-ranged phone next time. That what happens to the Samsung mid ranged devices too.

      • HTC One S wasn’t mid range when it came out lol it was high end on t-mobile.

        • Jose Hernandez

          HTC and Verizon are the two most horrible and incompetent companies in the history or wireless when it comes to updating your Android device.

        • Spanky

          AT&T is pretty incompetent when it comes to Android updates as well.

        • Jose Hernandez

          Yes they are.

        • mdosu

          There was so much potential with the One S, if only it had better support and some better hardware (LTE radios, processor). Of course, the phone would have also been about $200 more expensive. Well at this point, if it had those features, I wouldn’t consider upgrading to the HTC One. If I had the One X on AT&T, I definitely would not upgrade.

      • every other htc one s on the planet has jb except tmobile’s. so do your research before you talk.

    • Snapdragon

      The only reason people think that Samsung is better is because they only update their flagships. The Galaxy Blaze 4g hasn’t been updated yet. HTC usually updates their phones faster. There has been articles on Phonearena and other websites so you don’t have to take my word for it.

    • mdosu

      The only light of hope was the December 2012 beta-tester news…lol. I owned a One S until a month ago when I upgraded to the Note 2. I have to say, JB is not that much better than ICS. The major feature that most users will gain is Google Now, which for me is buggy and laggy. Of course, being a Note owner, I realize I utilize some additional functionality that JB brings to the Note experience.

      IMO, there are three thoughts I want to plant to those die-hard One S owners:
      1. if you want JB, just sell your phone now while you can. I just sold my One S on ebay last week for $250, which is pretty good value. You dont’ want to offload this while the upcoming LTE phones (One/iPhone5/S4/S3LTE) have hit the market and everyone is offloading their older phones.

      2. When JB finally arrives, assess what additional functionality you will gain from this. As mentioned, Google Now is not all that it’s cracked up to be. I think Google Now can get significantly better in say about 6 more months as more JB users are added and using the feature. Google Now is essentially shoved down your throats if you have a pre-installed JB phone, so it appears Google Now has significant support in Google to refine the product (unlike Google Goggles).

      3. Hate to say this but, :be prepared this update has a serious chance of never arriving via OTA. T-Mobile and HTC has significantly larger fish to fry in the next 2 months. If I were T-Mobile, I would dedicate certain staffs to ensure software updates and compatibilities for the upcoming LTE phones and updates, than dedicate resources to finish the One S push. (I’m assuming that the One S push delay is due to bugs and pending fixes that have been reported since December)

  • Concerned user

    How does the battery life hold up?

    • The update is 10 minutes old, that’s impossible to know at this point.

      • Jose Hernandez

        lol, oh boy!!! David, that was a very nice way to point that out. I still laughed tho….

  • What about the LG l9 LG released a 4.2 update a month ago for other versions of the l9.
    Why does T-Mobile make us wait longer then we have to.

    • Spanky

      Because T-Mobile, as well as the rest of U.S. carriers, spend months “testing” the updates to ensure that their bloatware is compatible with it.

    • Jose Hernandez

      All carriers do this. Not just TMobile. Actually TMobile has been doing pretty good when it comes to releasing updates.

  • Now the need to unroot

  • S425

    Any idea when 4.1.2 will come to the GS3?

    • Chris

      Most likely after the GS4 launch. Just saying at this point where GS4 wait is only a few weeks. I would assume, they’d release it after.

      • Jose Hernandez

        I agree. The will probably release the next update a month or so after the GS4 has been released.

    • g2a5b0e

      The S3 already has 4.1.1, right? That being the case (I think), the next update it receives will more than likely be 4.2.2.

  • oryan_dunn

    The S2 was released the same time as the Amaze. Somehow, I doubt the Amaze will get JB, if even the One S hasn’t got it yet.

    • xXchrizhurtyXx

      Lol it won’t. Left that boat s while ago.

  • paul2834

    Anybody know if this has the same Nature UX the S III and Note II has?

  • sapphiraa

    Installed and runs better, but it deleted some sim card contacts that were kind of important -.-…Also trying to back them up to T-Mobiles backup service didn’t work either as only a handful were ever sent in : I’m really pissed off and annoyed right now.

    • Jose Hernandez

      Did you do a back up on KIES before you did the update? You should Always do a full back up before you upgrade your device. Specially with such a big update as this one.

      • sapphiraa

        I didn’t lol…never had to in the past because my sim has never been touched before… :(

        • sapphiraa

          OMG!!! I’d completely forgotten I made a backup of my contacts a couple months ago onto my SD card!!! WOO SD CARD CONTACTS…lol

    • Don’t you have a backup for contacts in your Google Account?

  • daswahnsinn

    Why does the GSII get JB and the GNote (og) doesn’t? How does that make sense? I’m glad for those who have the GSII, though.

    • g2a5b0e

      My guess is that it probably will. It just hasn’t yet.

      • I am 50/50 on your guess. Remember there’s probably like 8 original Note owners out there, TMO might not give a crap about those people anymore. So there’s really a good chance that T-Mobile original Galaxy Note owners will never see the Jelly Bean update for their phone. By the way, I am one of that 8 people that owns it. So here you go, sucks to be me.

        • g2a5b0e

          I hear that. The fact that it was done in such a limited run is definitely working against you.

    • Jose Hernandez

      I wold say that the GSII was out before the GNote. The GNote is supposed to get this update. So it would mean having some patience and waiting for the update to hit the GNote just like the GSII owners did.

      • daswahninn

        So true, but we all know so of us can’t. I was shocked when I read this because all I see are Slll’s and windows phones in my area. I only have seen one Note2 and my Gnote. So I will wait some more lol.

  • tech916

    UPgrade to Jellybean will Stop the following apps from working: simcity, VPN, and foxfi…DONT DO IT

    • Jose Hernandez

      My wife does not use any of those apps. Why on earth would she not want to update her phone? If you don’t want the update, that is just fine. But the majority of the owners will want to get is as soon as they can.

  • tech916

    YOU know the old saying if aint broke dont fix it

  • sharmarke mohamed

    Face unlock is missing

    • On my update as well. Not that I ever used it….!

  • John

    Prepare for the butthurt…. Boo hoo, windows doesn’t get love, I think it’s great because there are folks that bash Samsung for no updates.

  • Chris

    Wow this is actually very impressive!

  • TBN27

    Bugger. I gave away my GS2 because of the glitches. I should’ve kept it to see if this would’ve worked out the bugs. Oh well.

  • Drooper

    My understanding is the they have made tethering MUCH more difficult with this release of Android. Seems Google has bowed to pressure from the carriers to make it easier to detect tethering and block it.

    • kalel33

      Google doesn’t do anything of the sort. It’s the manufacturers who tweek Android to do what the carriers want.

  • ebe2023

    My S2 is crawling after this update.

    • Jose Hernandez

      Did you do a clean install?

  • OZ

    And here I am in the HTC bandwagon still. How come and older Samsung phone gets the update quicker that the One S. Very disappointing.

    • Jose Hernandez

      Because HTC is the absolute worst manufacturer when it comes to do updates for your phone.

  • Jefferson Josue Morales

    wow..this really blows my mind…SGS2 with JB and my One S with ICS..this is beyond my anger right now lol…

    • tonkotsu

      so angry you could root/install rom/etc? or just come here to complain? oh wait we already know that.

      • kalel33

        I’d love to put CM10 on my Amaze that wasn’t buggy but HTC doesn’t release drivers so there’s usually problems with the ASOP ROMs. At least with Samsung it’s a breeze to do.

  • Mike

    I might have to pass on the update for a while. Last time Samsung came out with an incremental update for ics, it bricked my phone. Had to sent it in to Tmo for reflash. Was a hassle big time. Here is what I learned from the experience, 1) wait a week or two to see if others had any problems with the update. 2) wait another week or two to see if people report that it (the update) caused phone performance problems that did not exist prior to the update. 3). If you must…start with a fresh install of kies but first remove all prior installs of kies. 4) Get any up dates to kies prior to attempting to update your phone. 5) BACK UP YOUR PHONE. 6) at the first sign of trouble during the update get on the phone with Samsung- not TMO. TMO was not very helpful…”unplug the phone and pull the battery…the phone will reset itself”. 7) If there are problems do not unplug your phone or restart your computer…without the advise of a Samsung tier 2 support representative. Good Luck!

    • Jose Hernandez

      Did you do a clean install before?.

  • bno

    This is b.s my tmobile gs3 start turning itself off outta know where two days ago i Call tmobile they tell me our gs3 are runnin 4.1.3 but u have to get if off kies and I wake up to this wtf….

    • mdosu

      wtf? who’s your dealer? I’ll have what you’re having.

  • Extremely FAST BATTERY DRAIN WARNING! 4.1.2 jelly bean update via kies

    • Jose Hernandez

      Did you do a wipe and install the software fresh? Sometimes you have to do that. Remember, this is not a simple bump update, but a full update to another OS. From ICS to JB.. If you did, your post if valid. If you did not, then stop posting nonsense. I install the update on my wife’s phone, and it is working great. Faster and smother with no battery life issues.

  • Dste

    Is anyone having any problems with the update? I just want to make sure before I update

  • I think I need glasses. I misread this as an update of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and got all kinds of excited. Only to find out that after installing and setting up Kies… that I was wrong. lol

    Oh well. At least I’m ready for the next update AND now have my entire phone backed up! :)

  • Guest

    This update has been working pretty well so far. Some of the usual hiccups are still there, but for the most part, things are running a little more smooth than usual. The only thing I’ve noticed is that the text on apps such as facebook, instagram, seem to be harder to read. It seems to be not as sharp and a little blurry. I can’t tell if it has something to do with the text size (I have it set on normal) or if it may be an app-side rendering thing since I don’t really notice it on gmail or youtube. As for the battery, the affects will take a little more time to figure out.

  • TMK216

    i am so happy. go t-mobile and good old sammy. love the s2 and love t-mobile and now i have a better version of android then the s3. nice. mmmmmm jelly bean.

  • WW

    And me on my same generation GNex on 4.2.2 for months already.

    • So? ? Your point being

      • mdosu

        everyone can suck it, nexus pwns all? just assuming…it could be anything.

  • Nearmsp

    Does Wi-Fi calling still work?

  • Bigfoot

    No Multi-View :( awwww!

  • Sharmarke Mohamed

    Face unlock has completely disappeared from the phone. I spoke with samsung and T-Mobile but they want me to send my phone in.

  • TedEd

    I was really excited to get this update. However instead of becoming more smooth, my device is now less smooth. Scrolling is slow and jerky. Anyone else experience this?

    • sincarafan247

      Somethings do seem less smooth then before on my end as well. Nothing to crazy though.

  • sincarafan247

    Installed JB to my wifes phone last night. Works good. Battery life does drain a little faster then it did with ICS, but nothing odd.

    • sincarafan247

      Forgot to mention that facelock is gone. Was never used so doesnt matter, but for those who do its a heads up.

  • Wow, Finally!!!! I am very surprised. Thanks David for this great news! And now I am off to Jellybean land!

  • lattelady

    As always, thanks David for the heads up! Updated yesterday via Kies & works great, very smooth. No battery issue yet. I decided to do a clean install since my GS2 had a number of issues. Yes it’s a pain. but very glad, things are much better. Glad wifi calling works. Like the new calendar & the JB launcher is great for stock. Funny, Allshare is not available for JB but was for ICS?

  • joemama

    When I go to “Software update” on the phone, it says “No firmware” I used Kies and there was nothing either. Help please!

    • lattelady

      I had an update to Kies, so you may want to check that 1st. If you’re not stock, it won’t update. It will list your version & then the latest version(4.1.2, build jz054k.t989uvmc6).

  • You guys complain about the craziest things.. The GS2 international version received the JB update roughly 2 months ago so the US variants were going to receive the update in due time… I’ve owned the S2 since came stocked with Gingerbread… Ice Cream followed & now we have Jellybean… Kudos to Samsung for not discontinuing the updates to this phone.. Definitely a breath of fresh air to a phone that’s close to 2years old..

    If the HTC One S hasn’t received it’s update BLAME HTC… should of bought a Samsung… Lol..

  • sincarafan247

    Where can I get a full list of what updates/features we got with JB?

    • mdosu

      Wiki is a good start, but others have stated that certain JB features are not present.

  • Bklynman

    Never update my GS 2 toICS. After reading about the problems some are having with this update I think I will just keep Gingerbread os. Never had a problem with it.

  • Kurt Watson

    I thought it was going to change my ram to 2gb. Now my ram is always @ 600mb to 700mb out of 788 total. I have to always force end all tasks.

  • Mooch

    Firmware Upgrade Progress……been 45 minutes and it’s only at 22%. I remember the upgrade to ICS took no time at all. There will be a skeleton in this chair by the time it’s ready. Tell my parents I love them.

  • Bklynman

    After reading about how some people’s are having issues with this update,I think
    I will just keep GB os,that it came with. I never up date it to. ICS. My phones runs fine with it. Yes it is GS2. When I am ready for a new phone,I will get it from EBay. I already went TM corp store,find out in 3 months I can switched over to the uncarrier plan for $50.00 Right now paying $59.99 plus $10.00 for data,plus another $34.99 for my hotspot. With tax and fees it come to about $106 a month. Already change my hotspot over now I get six and half gigs with it for $5.00 a month more. Plus still get my job discount,when I switch over it will be like $90.00 before my discount. Great job TM,I think I will stay now. Was thinking going back to Att. But not now.

  • G

    Help!! I updated this latest software update via Kies a couple of hours ago. At the end of the update, I got a message that the update was done and to disconnect and reboot the phone. Except that the phone keeps restarting, it gets to the Samsung startup logo and then to a Android robot with a green twirling ball inside it. I took my phone to the T-Mobile store and they told me to factory reset it and tried it for me but that does not work either. Please HELP!

    • Mike

      I think that you will need to call the Samsung Tech Support line for further help. The very thing happened when I did the last incremental update for ICS. Your phone is bricked, but all is not lost. Samsung can reflash the phone so that it can live to see another life. This, however, involves sending the phone into their repair center. It took about 5 days total to get the phone back. While it was a major inconvenience, I didn’t have to buy a new phone. Go to the Samsung web site and find the 1800 telephone number to get the process started. You need a repair authorization number to sent the phone in for repair. Good luck.

      • G

        Thanks Mike. I took the phone to a local repair shop I have had good luck with in the past and they tried a few times to load the JB update but gave up. Prognosis is there is an imcompatability that prevents it from working. So, they have brought it back to 4.0.4. I guess 4.0.4 will be the last OS this phone will ever see?!! Or perhaps I can hope there is another version posted in a few months. Either way UGGGH!! Thank you again.

  • Mike

    Some readers have written about problems while downloading the jelly bean update. I had problems when I did the incremental update with ICS. Basically bricked my phone during the process. Here are words of advise from my experience: 1) fully back up your phone. 2) start with a fresh install of KIES, and all of the updates to KIES before plugging your phone in to receive the Jelly Bean Update. 3) The update will take some time so be patient. DO NOT UNPLUG YOU PHONE OR RESTART YOUR COMPUTER unless told to do so by a second tier Samsung support tech. 4) Realize that TMO will be of little to no help if there is a problem during the updating process and that they will bear no responsibility for any of the advise they give. This is not intended be a slam against TMO it’s just that they have limited ability in this area. 5) At the first sign that the upgrade has gone wrong (green screen, frozen screen or unresponsive) call Samsung customer support at 18007267864 for further help. Your phone can be reflashed by Samsung so don’t run out and buy a new phone. Good Luck.

  • Dan Mendez

    !#%$ this wheres my #@%$?*! update

  • John Taylor

    Thanks for mentioning the missing HTC One S update. I think there is due credential here that deserves an article about missing planned updates etc.

  • tricky2000

    I had no problem with the upgrade process. However, has anybody else
    noticed that that the 5Ghz WiFi band now seems to be disabled? It was
    there for ICS but I can’t find the menu options to enable or disable the 5Ghz WiFi band in this build. I’m only connecting to my router on 2.4Ghz. I always used to be able to connect on the less crowded 5Ghz band.

  • ledon622

    Forgive me if I sound like a noob, but how do you shut down running apps with this new update? I updated yesterday and I can’t find the widget that shuts down apps that staying running in the background. Thank you.

  • Is anybody else having trouble with Kies? It says I need to update Kies before I can update my phone but when I click to update Kies it closes and reloads and says something about kies tray agent. Any ideas?