T-Mobile LTE Sightings Continue With Chicago, Miami, Tampa And Salt Lake City

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Good Monday morning TmoNews readers and especially to those residents of Chicago, Miami/Fort Lauderdale, Tampa and the Salt Lake City areas as a new group of LTE sightings are coming in fast. No official announcement for any of these markets has been discovered as of this writing, but that’s not stopping plenty of T-Mobile customers from spotting the 4G LTE icon on their smartphone displays and hitting up that speed-test app for results. With T-Mobile’s goal for 100 million POPs covered before summer’s end still only limited to seven official markets, I still expect some sort of announcement in the near future.

Now for the public service reminder that I’ve offered in these LTE sighting posts: “I wouldn’t jump too far ahead and assume that a LTE sighting means an entire market is live. For the moment, we’re just happy things are progressing and that more markets appear on the horizon.”

Are you seeing LTE on your smartphone today?

Let’s recap the list we have for May and June LTE market launches:

  • Atlanta and Sandy Springs, Marietta,
  • Austin and Round Rock, San Antonio, San Marcos (May Launch)
  • Part of the Carolinas – Charlotte, Rock Hill
  • Chicago and Joliet, Naperville
  • Cincinnati and Dayton
  • Cleveland
  • Connecticut – Bridgeport, Stamford, Norwalk
  • Columbus and Mentor
  • Dallas and Fort Worth, Arlington
  • Denver and Aurora, Broomfield
  • Detroit and Warren
  • Honolulu and Maui (May Launch)
  • Long Island, New York and New Jersey – specific areas unknown
  • Los Angeles and Pasadena, West Covina, West LA, Metro LA, Burbank, Beverly Hills
  • Oklahoma City
  • Orlando
  • Miami and Fort Lauderdale
  • Minneapolis and St Paul, Bloomington (May Launch)
  • New England – Boston, Cambridge
  • Philadelphia and Camden, Wilmington (May Launch)
  • Sacramento and Arden, Arcade, Roseville, Fresno
  • San Diego and Carlsbad, San Marcos
  • San Francisco and Oakland
  • Seattle and Tacoma, Bellevue
  • Tampa
  • Tulsa – (May Launch)
  • Phoenix and Tucson (May Launch)

Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 5.14.40 PM Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 10.40.42 AM Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 8.18.45 AM Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 9.43.13 AM

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  • RobotChupacabra

    I know they’re still “Testing” LTE here in NYC, but it’s been up for three weeks. I think it works OK by now.

    • remister

      I wonder if the LTE signal would be better, once they go all out and stop the testing?

    • ProductFRED

      Yup. I pull 25 Mbps (closer to 20 on average) in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. In the city near times square it’s about 8 Mbps (which is fantastic given the amount of people in the area). I also get it in Park Slope. It’s in some subway stations as well, like 47-50th Rockefeller (B/D/M/F trains).

  • kev2684

    finally something from FL! starting from south working it’s way north, huh. i’ll wait here in northeast FL. :D

  • Tina

    Where’s Cleveland, Oh. No LTE. Sightings yet. Sigh.

  • DCTheTruth

    I haven’t seen any lte in Atlanta.

    • Blaque Berry

      Yesteray around 8:40 pm I saw the 4GLTE pop up on my phone for less than a minute…havent seen it since

      • Blaque Berry

        Oops forgot to say Im in Atlanta :)

        • kay

          ITP or OTP?

        • Blaque Berry

          If I’m understanding your question correctly I was inside the perimeter at the time on 20…..or am I way off on the question? lol

        • kay

          yeah that’s fine. I am way OTP (alpharetta) and probably won’t see LTE any time soon :( I just saw that tmonews listed Sandy Springs/Marietta and I am hoping it reaches up by me.

        • Blaque Berry

          Has your signal been dropping to edge? Mine has for the last week or so was hoping the testing had something to do with it

  • Shahzad Malik

    LTE popped up in Schaumburg near Roselle Rd in western suburbs of Chicago.

    • GuyBorg

      same for me yesterday, had LTE on 90 from about rte59 to cumberland

  • iTjae

    In tampa getting 29dwn, and 11up. Cant get past 29, however getting really strong signal on LTE with iPhone 5 and Note II.

    • tbaydominican

      What part of Tampa is that?

      • sincarafan247

        I 2nd this. I live just north of Tampa and nothing here.

        • tbaydominican

          They are doing LTE upgrade on the tower near my house in Carrollwood as we speak, all the towers along North Dale Mabry are LTE ready but been trying to get a signal and nothing yet. iTjae try to download sensorly and map it so we can get a better idea of the area. thanks

        • drklahn

          LTE @ Mon’s! Cant beat that!

        • iTjae

          Sensorly refuses to work for me, doesn’t register anything. IT does shoe LTE, im re-installing a different rom as of now, to see if the actual LTE icon will show. Unfortunatly it looks like tampa, is only a 5mhz market, which is strange.

        • tbaydominican

          That could probably be the initial testing. I believe we are one going to be one of the biggest spectrum markets for T-mobile once they migrate the metropcs spectrum. I was under the impression that we have around 50mhz in this area, including the Metro spectrum. Here is the link the the spectrum holding after the merger.


        • enoch861

          Are you on Android? If your running CM10.1 or a CM10.1 based rom, if you get “4G” your getting LTE. Otherwise you’d have 3G/H+/DC showing.

      • iTjae

        Lutz, USF, Temple Terrace Area

    • tbaydominican

      LTE is live in Carrollwood also Im picking up 5 bars in my HTC one… getting 35 down10 Up. Average speeds are around 15 Down 10 Up. Speed are increasing by the hour

  • none here on kissimmee/ Orlando border.. 5 bars of strong signal. but no lte.. Iphone 5 with ios7 beta

    • Fabian Cortez

      Kissimmee barely has PCS HSPA+. So how do you expect it to have any LTE?

      And yes, Orlando does have LTE. Have you actually tried driving around instead of sitting in one spot complaining?

      • why you have to be an internet thug? all i did was report that their was no lte where im at.. you troll so hard and fail papa.. grow up

        • Fabian Cortez

          Where you’re at? Where you’re at (Kissimmee) isn’t even on the May-June LTE list. Why do you even bother posting then?

        • im 10 minutes from the airport my dude relax.. why cant i post? you dont like what i say skip by my comment..stop jocking me

    • enoch861

      Also remember that iOS7 is a beta…

    • leeb1022

      i’m here on 192 west by disney and no LTE either.

  • Victorg

    I had LTE all day in schiller park, on elgin ohare expressway, hanover park, and bartlett train station, chicago market seems to be increasing with LTE too:D

    • drklahn

      I had a LTE signal in Melrose Park (north and river rd) for a few days last week. It since gone dark. : (

    • Shahzad Malik

      I’m wondering where Addison/Elmhurst is in this…

    • Vinney

      Lte is live in the chicago area, getting 16 down about 5 up its beautiful.

  • Turtle6988

    Detroit’s Live

  • In Detroit metro suburbs it’s been on and off throughout the day all month, but today LTE’s stayed on ALL day long now. I’m in Livonia. – )

    • Lucky you, lol. I’m still in the LTE drought over here.

  • Arley Silvestre

    Chicago downtown area awesome speeds.

    • Shahzad Malik

      where exactly?

      • Arley Silvestre

        Lake & state

      • Alan Gatica

        I was on Halsted between Monroe and Madison earlier and had full LTE

    • drklahn

      Yay! my wife saw it too. michigan and randolph.

    • maciejkoziol

      I am getting 22 down and 10 up
      websites are loading super fast

  • maciejkoziol

    Just as i was reading this article lte showed up on my s4.
    I am downtown Chicago.

    • Shahzad Malik

      Which part

      • maciejkoziol

        I am at huron and wells, river north

    • Mike Raffety

      I’ve got LTE in downtown Chicago today too, near Jackson and LaSalle. Wasn’t there last week. I believe I did see it for a day or two in May though.

  • Terrence

    I have been seeing LTE throughout Indianapolis on my S4.

  • Swerve

    I am also getting LTE in tampa! 1bar

    • Omega142

      Where at?

  • I_AM_Steven_Seaga1

    woke up to LTE – Harrisburg, PA

  • sloanie

    A good portion of my family is on Sprint… still no LTE in Salt Lake City on Sprint. I will just laugh and laugh if T-Mobile lights up LTE in SLC first. :D

    • sloanie

      Then again, there were little hints of 1900mhz refarming several months ago and they still haven’t flipped the switch on that. *shrugs* Guess I won’t get my hopes up!

  • xnifex

    a friend of mine reports that it is live in El Paso, TX as well

    • Chris

      It sure is :) i’m in El Paso and I verified at least 2 towers with LTE

      • roger

        there is one tower by ft bliss and one in canutillo active with LTE

  • so far LTE in Dallas has been blazing .. the speed tests i’ve run have been very impressive.

    • ogopogo

      Where in Dallas? I’m out by Southlake, and I saw it briefly at DFW airport.

      • i’ve been in Arlington, Duncanville, Grand Prairie, downtown Dallas .. all LTE when in each area.

  • 72anthony

    Salt Lake City!!! Skiing in the middle of summer and LTE! Yeah… :)

  • hellsh666

    Chicago, il ashland & pershing LTE is on !!

    • Alan Gatica

      LTE here at Ashland and Diversey!

  • AJ

    There is LTE in Orlando !!!!

  • remister

    Do we know which Tmobile phones are LTE enabled currently?

    • Arley Silvestre

      Note 2
      Htc one

      • Alex Zapata

        Isn’t the iPhone 5 LTE capable?

        • Arley Silvestre

          Totally forgot iphone is on tmobile.

        • Alex Zapata

          It’s cool. I’m just excited that people are seeing LTE more regularly in and around Chicago.

        • Rudy Belova

          It’s still hasn’t sunk in all the way yet has it? LOL

    • CC

      New Blackberry phones, Note 2, HTC One, and the new S3 LTE…if you already had the original S3…its is not compatible with the new LTE signal…only the samsung note 2 did a software update to have LTE signal…

  • Nemo

    Im in the ocean . No LTE signal yet. smh.

    • philyew

      Never mind. As long as you have GPS your dad should be able to find you.

  • Sepf Fuzzball

    Yeah, I just got LTE in Orlando as well. 28mbps down, 18mbps up, 30ms latency on my first speed test. Not too shabby!

    • leeb1022

      where in orlando are you? im in kissimmee and nothing yet.

      • yeah me either, im in kissimmee too.. i dont think we will be getting it anytime soon. we are considered a suburb ..

        • Fabian Cortez

          Orlando is an official refarmed market. Kissimmee is not.

      • Sepf Fuzzball

        S John Young Parkway and Central Florida Parkway areas. Only ‘okay’ signal and was able to pull down pretty decent numbers.

        Not seeing any in the Millenia area just yet though!

  • CJ

    I have a question, and I can’t find a anwer to, when I’m on LTE, and make a phone call it drops down to 4G when I’m on the phone, why is that .

    • enoch861

      T-Mobile does not support VoLTE (voice over LTE) thus why it drops to 4G (GSM) for phone calls.

  • philyew

    Sorry to be picky, David, but there it is again: ” 100 million POPs target before summer’s end.”

    If you are not going to update this statement, which I’ve referred to a couple of times in the past, can you please advise me of the official source which updated TM’s categorical statement in the last Capital Markets Day presentation that it was an H1 2013 target…in other words, to be completed in the next two weeks.

    • VG

      Have to agree with philyew. The statement “expects to meet the goal of 100 million covered pops by mid-2013” is clearly stated in the May 8th T-Mobile press release at: http://newsroom.t-mobile.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=251624&p=irol-newsArticle&ID=1816790&highlight=

      • philyew

        Thanks VG. I’m not sure why people are marking my comment down…heck, even the link that David inserted underneath the erroneous statement says: “The advanced 4G LTE network is expected to reach 100 million Americans by midyear.”

        • Is your concern that I’m saying target as though they may not reach it and they spoke as if it was definitive? In that regard, I understand your concern and I’ll update my own language.

        • philyew

          Thanks for responding, David. Here’s my concern…

          Since this has been a high profile target since last year, if – come July – they have failed in their repeatedly stated objective of bringing LTE to 100 million POPs, you will have some difficulty in commenting on that situation because you have been consistently reporting here that they have until the end of summer to get the job done.

        • Marcelo_L

          I have to say I rather agree with Philyew here. I honestly didn’t expect to see markets that were slated for June to only start seeing the LTE lights by June 15th ( I don’t count a 4 block radius in one of the most heavily trafficked tourist spots in the world as “Coverage” for a metropolitan area that has over 3.5Million people living in it. So the sightings in Mid to late May don’t count in my book.).

          Looking at Sensorly, and then mapping that back into population distributions for ( caveat: I’m doing just JUST for Metropolitan Miami-Dade county), the sightings appear to cover a little under 200K people in a county of over 2 million.

          This, coupled with (and counting) 12 calendar days to go before the end of June, doesn’t give me much confidence that unless there’s someone standing by a “big magenta button” to “turn the LiTEs on” (see how I did that there ?), that Miami will be covered by LTE ( not by what I could justifiably considered “covered” ). Miami didn’t really get 3G “coverage” for a good 6~9 months after it was announced that 3G was available down here, so I’m just preparing myself for the same. That being said, whomever’s working on this should stop fiddling around with the HSPA+ coverage too, because whereas I could get reliable 9~10Mbps speeds just about anywhere down here on that tech, it’s now come down to actually very deplorable 1.5~2Mbps speeds of late.

          Ridiculous that to upgrade to the newer tech that their other coverage would suffer so great a degradation.

          There. I feel better now that I got that off my chest.

  • zx6guy

    I work downtown and since friday the faux G connection on my L9 has been going in and out.

  • guest23

    Theres nothing in Warren,Troy, Roseville Sterling heights yet someone said on the 21st

    • Rufio

      There is in Clawson, 14 mile and livernois

  • drklahn

    LTE in Elmwood Park – IL!

  • Erik Papesh

    I’m in Joliet IL, southwest of Chicago and it’s been going in and out of LTE all morning. I can tell they are testing because my data keeps dropping completely here and there, and it never does that…can’t wait for the live roll out!

  • TonyPerez123

    I was just about to comment that i wasn’t getting LTE yet in Chicago,and i just double checked my phone and Voila i have it on my Galaxy Note 2 now,near Grand and Ashland,interestingly enough yesterday i received a notification for a software update on my phone,not sure if it’s related…..

    • Sam1116

      Are you tony from C&C?????lol

      • Guest

        I also had a lte sighting on my HTC one. I barely get 4g in my house. I’m always using WiFi. Hope this lte resolves the issue

      • TonyPerez123

        I think there’s two C&C companies like blocks from me,but i’m a different Tony hehe ^^

        • Sam1116

          Ok. Sorry about that. My buddy Tony also has a gsnote2. Thought it was him for a minute

  • Drew

    Tmobile LTE in st Petersburg fl

  • I wish it meant all of a market was LTE live. Still waiting on the rest of Detroit -_____-

    • Jose Hernandez

      What type of phone do you have? I have original GS3. Did not want to get anything else until LTE was live. Wondering what type of phone I should get next.

      • CC

        get the new S3 with LTE signal or the note 2 with the software update to receive the LTE signal….

      • HTC One, lol.

    • Rufio

      Depends where you live? I was I 11 mile and telegraph and had LTE full bars and at 14 mile and livernois near troy and royal oak I also had LTE Full bars on my iPhone 5

      • I stay just before 8 mile, by Ferndale Michigan, but technically I still stay in Detroit. My main side streets are Livernois, and Pembroke. Like a5-10 minute drive from Southfield, Michigan.

        • Rufio

          Pleasant Ridge which is not far from where you live had LTE. Prolly you have a prob with a phone or just give it a few more days. It’ll be there

        • Thank you, that’s good to know

  • jimmysalg

    Kendall, South Miami, Coral Gables, West Side of the Airport (MIA), spotted LTE in all these places

    • Marcelo_L

      Dude that was Westchester yesterday. Only place in Kendall I’ve spotted LTE was a small strip next to Tamiami Airport in W. Kendall. Other than that, nada.

      • jimmysalg

        I drive from 157ave east on kendall drive and i had it most of the way to the 874, also on 104st

        • Marcelo_L

          I did that drive off of 147 all the way to 127 on 104th and didn’t see it…it dropped to HSPA+….It only seems to appear closer to 147th and 120th right off of Tamiami Airport.

  • xavi

    LTE in kendall(Miami) florida! 28 up and 12 down with Nexus 4!

    • K117

      Is your nexus 4 stock? I thought they patched the ability to force it to use LTE

      • remister

        You were able to enable it on 4.2.1, but patched/disabled it within 4.2.2. Hopefully the will re-enable it within the next update.

        • Will M

          You can use it on 4.2.2. I am and probably most others using LTE on Nexus 4 are too. Google it. It works with radio .27 or .33. In on the stock ROM with root.

        • remister

          I am on .48, might not work. I have the HTC one, N4 is my backup.

        • Will M

          I was also on .48. You would have to unlock, root, and perform some other steps. Check out xda-developers.com nexus 4 forum for more information if you’re interested.

    • Will M

      Which Radio (27 or 33)? 27 is working well for me, so far.

      • xavi

        I’m using 33 and 4.2.2. Look up Unofficial Cynogen LTE 4.2.2

        • Will M

          I have LTE with radio .27 working on stock-rooted 4.2.2. Thank you, though.

    • Marcelo_L

      Give some GPS, dude….or Zip Code…curious. Near Tamiami Airport saw a blip of it yesterday, but nowhere else.

  • Elier Ruiz

    Just noticed LTE on my iphone 5 at home here in Berwyn, IL near Chicago. The best speed results so far was 23mps down and 2 mps up. LTE comes and goes on my phone but is great to see LTE up here. :)

  • nightkid

    Warren Michigan is live now…

  • Scott

    Found some LTE in New Castle, Delaware(juuuuuust south of the city of Wilmington)!

  • Withdrawnstorm9

    Getting LTE on my s4 here in Northbrook Illinois

    • donreyes

      Libertyville, IL, 1-2bars LTE. In and out of HSPA and LTE.

  • Paul

    Noticed LTE on my Note 2 in the North Valley of Albuquerque NM.

    • ok

      I didn’t think it would come to Albuquerque so quickly. I just wish I had a LTE capable phone now.

      • Paul

        Getting 15 to 23 down. Was averaging 5 before.

  • rage

    Why is tmobile skipping around scranton pa this is starting to piss me off

    • carlohernandez

      Because . the office ended. Nobodygives a crap about Scranton anymore

    • TBN27

      Be patient because it is around the corner.

    • samsavoy

      The towers in parts of Scranton are refarmed which means they are LTE capable. Not to mention Scranton is a crap market anyway (I live there). They should do some expansion first. They have a long way to go in this market. It would be foolish for them to launch it now.

  • Oliver Jackson

    Got it yesterday and strong today

  • TMoFan

    I kind of regret not holding out for an LTE phone considering T-Mobile’s rapid roll-out. Fortunately the GSIII has a decent resale value.

    • Que

      I hear ya TMoFan. Sold my GS3 for $300 and put it towards a full price GNote 2.

      • superg05

        thats how you do it

  • Techie Geek
  • Pete

    woke up this morning and saw I had LTE for the first time in Warren, as well as Troy, Michigan! Finally after getting it all over in the city of Detroit, its spreading to the North!

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    I got 60 mbps download in Cupertino CA at BJ’s next to Apple headquarters with 3 bars of LTE signal with -63 dbm signal strength

  • Sam1116

    I also had a lte sighting on my HTC one about 15 minutes ago. I barely get 4g in my area. And I’m always using my home network. I hope lte resolves the issue

  • guest23

    i just put my sim card in my xperia zl and LTE showed up. finally warren and troy michigan

  • Demond Edwards

    Tampa is up and running!!!

    • Omega142

      Where in Tampa? Haven’t seen any T-Mobile LTE.

      • Mpjohns3

        Just noticed the LTE icon around the USF area. Haven’t gotten a chance to do a speed test yet

      • loueradun

        I have seen it at home in the Brandon area, as well as at my office near I-4 and MLK. Getting speeds quicker than my broadband connection at home.

      • Demond Edwards

        USF, Temple Terrace, and Orient Park (I-4 & MLK) area.

  • Krystle Mills

    Before I saw in downtown Miami now they’ve rolled out more locations I’m picking it up in south Miami now

  • TBN27

    Is it me, or is this the fastest LTE rollout of any nationwide carrier? Weekly we are hearing about LTE sightings yet T-Mobile has yet to declare them live. This is all great news. Now I want to see in the near future that T-Mobile is mulling PCS HSPA+ into the large swaths of EDGE and expansion of the LTE as well as the planned advancement. Combine this with the already comparatively low cost plans and no contract, can bring them far ahead as the #3 carrier.

  • Jason

    Salt Lake City – 4G LTE showed up on my HTC One today near 33rd S State Street. Speedtest reported 16 Mbps down and 9 Mbps up. That is significantly better than what I usually get with T-Mobile “4G” but still less than what I’ve seen with Verizon (25+ Mbps). Nonetheless, it’s a good sign.

    • Nik Sartain

      Confirmed blip downtown by Gateway mall. Only showed up with 1-2 bars for around 15 seconds (before I could snap a screenshot) but it’s here. Now waiting on live. Also on an HTC One

      • Tito!

        Ironically enough, there’s a T-Mobile store located at both those areas!
        I knew June would bring something for us here.

        • Nik Sartain

          20mb downtown. 12 upload. 2nd and state.

        • Ty Christensen

          Very nice, I work in Draper, I expect the LTE speeds to pick up though, over by the Draper Cinemark I get a solid 17-20 down with spikes as high as 23 down on HSPA+ with my Nexus 4 which doesn’t have LTE anyway so oh well. Thanks for the update!

        • remister

          If you want to do some downgrading of some radio firmware, you could enable LTE bands. Google it!

        • Ty Christensen

          Yeah, I know all about that but honestly I’m happy with HSPA+ and don’t really wanna go to an older version of Android

        • Nik Sartain

          LTE at the University of Utah. Fastest yet. 26mb down/11 up.

        • Nik Sartain

          My fiance has the N4 and I’m stoked they are going to do an official update for LTE support.

  • Kenneth Montealegre

    My wi-fi was not working i turned it off and got a little heart attack when i saw LTE on my iPhone 5 here in Miami (East Hialeah) this really is the fastest LTE rollout I’ve seen not even sprint is as near as where tmobile is standing today just fix the edge coverage and ill be with them forever

  • Noel

    Iphone 5 LTE sightings in and around South Orlando, Orlando Downtown as well. Not fully live but great to see LTE around.

    • D_Wall__

      Im in Longwood and have yet to see anything on my Iphone 5. Still waiting.

      • Noel

        Here in the Hunters Creek area there’s no LTE only 4G. But if I go past Central Florida Parkway there’s LTE. Perhaps a test on more populated areas? We’ll never know. lol

        • D_Wall__

          I picked up LTE last night Along I4 in Altamonte. Wasnt too bad of speed.


    I looked down and saw LTE a few hours ago on my HTC One. I was like O_o now thats different. come here and see why lol this is great.

  • redman12

    I’ll upgrade when Nexus 5 shows up.. Depending on the specs.

  • longtimereader

    Orlando is live.

  • Shahzad Malik

    Tmobile LTE in Chicago is live! I travel in the area and can tell you that I have had LTE almost all over the area. Schaumburg to Addison to Naperville to Aurora to Chicago.. The signal strength isn’t that strong at some spots, but I am hoping this will improve over time.

    • aa1127

      No LTE by the far NW Burbs of Carpentersville, Elgin, Dundee, Algonquin, Crystal Lake, etc as of yet. Slowly but surely I hope it makes its way over to this area!

      • GuyBorg

        I think it is coming soon to this area. I Used to get 20-25mb down last year at my house in Carpentersville, but now I am lucky to get anything over 5mb down with the same phone. I feel this is a good sign they have refarmed the area and will release LTE.

      • dp4609

        Algonquin is getting it for me by Randall and harnish. Also Lisle, Elburn, saint Charles, Batavia, Geneva, south Elgin. Hopefully you get it soon I’ve noticed the difference in speed since there’s no initial communicational lag like with hspa+

  • Chiilguy

    I live in the Chicago Lakeview area and just saw LTE go on and off. The signal strength is low and a quick speedtest showed speeds much lower than HSPA+. However, at least, it shows that we are close.

  • Sharklover

    Yes I can confirm I am getting it near Miami. Its very disappointing. Biggest improvement is in upload to around 4Mb. Big problem is its taken me from 5 bars to 1 or 2 . So for me I am turning LTE off. Its also not very fast upload. Usually around 5. i used to get much more on 4G.

    • Sharklover

      Sorry I meant download not upload. Maybe I am picking up LTE from further away than 4G.

      • xavi

        I was getting 28 down and 12 up this morning in Kendall. In Doral Im getting 10 down and 4 up. Remember its not live yet so they are still testing it. But great first day numbers.

    • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

      Those are still HSPA+ numbers. It might be that they’re doing LTE testing. You should have about 30 download and 20 upload speeds…

  • KJ

    Live in Nashville, only 15Mb but much better than previous speeds.

    • djkhalid

      i have had 3 lte sightings cause i live there

      • djkhalid

        near nolensville and also in the green hills area i got 20 down and 9 up

  • Carlos Robert Sanchez

    Also in Albuquerque LTE popping up around the city

  • slickrick

    Lte just started showing for me today in Joliet, Plainfield, and Shorewood Illinois. About 18 down and 10-15 up.

  • loueradun

    I am in Tampa, FL and can confirm that LTE is here and it is lightning fast. Getting 25/12 with latency of 50ms.

    Galaxy Nexus on Verizon at same test location (our office) was getting 15/10 with 100ms ping.

  • djkhalid

    Nashville,TN I’ve gotten lte 3 different times about 20 up 9 down

    • djkhalid

      sorry 20 down 9 up

  • Luis

    TMobile 4GLTE available in Miami.

    • Marcelo_L

      No quite yet…….spotty…..but we remain hopeful.

  • shawnunder7

    In NYC, i can confirm that there is LTE in Manhattan, nearly everywhere i have been (From Lexington- Grand Central) Also in Queens (Astoria) and in Long Island (Roosevelt Field Mall) I was getting between 4-5 bars on my iPhone 5, with around 20mbps down and 11up. On HSPA+ i’m currently also getting near 15 down and 2 up, which the highest i’ve seen in almost a full year

  • volvoV70guy

    Nothing in New York State? Oh well, I’m more than happy with HSPA+.

  • Roger Sales

    New Jersey’s LTE rollout is getting a lot denser. full service in Union City, NJ

  • Supa Producer Posta

    Orlando FL LTE is rolling out slowly

  • Justin

    They need to on St. Louis on the map…

  • Orlando G.

    Ohhhhhh yea. Seeing really nice speeds in Chicago. Go Tmo!!!!

  • impressed

    20 up is amazing! People really underestimate the value of a great upload speed and ping. It’s all about the download lol!

  • ChicagoBlackhawks!

    Yesss! finally LTE network in downtown chicago is live! Thank you Tmo. Go T-Mobile! Beat Verizon!

  • Marco Braggion

    Getting really solid LTE on my iPhone 5 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey and Dephford, NJ. 26 up and 14 down

  • Windy City 60639

    Chicago. Fullerton n Kenneth IPHONE 5 download 11 upload 4. LTE sucks 4g it’s better I hope it gets better. 60639.

    • AustineKersey

      That’s because everyone is on the networks

      • Chi

        im in 60639 and I’m only getting 2 bars of let then it goes out

        • AustineKersey

          Are you indoors

        • chi

          yes I’m by my front window

  • Safred

    Lte working in Orlando, but only about 12 download.

    • Jay Hill

      27.87 down and 13.66 up in Winter Park yesterday, with 3 bars. No LTE at all tonight, but expect it to be fast!

  • Jmsmith73

    Nashville has LTE. 20 down 5 up. Hope it gets faster.

    • khalidalomary

      same here man today got 22 down 7 up near green hills area

  • arvonn

    portland oregon has 36 down / 11 up

  • paul

    yesssss more microwave radiation looooooooove it.

  • Shahzad Malik

    Signal bar is only 1 bar in Addison IL… Hope this changes..

    • Noah James

      that’s better than no LTE at all which is all I get. Lol

  • Jody Smith

    They always do spotty network launches at first to rush them to market. That’s why the signal is weak and you frequently go from LTE on one block then EDGE on the next.

    They go in later and do fill in sites as needed or when customers complain.

    But in certain areas the speeds are good. I was in Irvine, CA. on Saturday and got 26 Mbps down on my iPhone 5 over LTE.

    LTE is significant here in many parts of SoCal because the HSPA and HSPA+ networks were over capacitated and in many areas the speeds were in the 2G category.

    Now that I see LTE I want to see it everywhere. I get disappointed when I drive down the FWY and I see the “E,” symbol or the “faux 4G,” symbol. lol

    • remister

      Yep, I always get the faux 4G full bars, but no data activity.

  • AustineKersey

    Getting a solid lte connecting in Chicago

  • fifi

    Getting about 21 down and 5 up in parts of countryside and La grange outside of chicago!

  • Big Pooh

    Gettin LTE in South Chicago near 51st and Westen Ave. Speeds not so fast yet though.

  • AustineKersey

    I think we can officially say LTE is live in Chicago

    • chi

      where in chicago

      • AustineKersey

        All of Chicago

        • chi

          maybe its rolling out throughout chicago today i had full bars by the brickyard

        • Sam1116

          I think is more of the Elmwood area where you see more of the lte icon on the phone.

    • Big Pooh

      I agree, I posted 25min ago sayin it was not so fast, but did a test as I went through different areas i was getting 22dwn and 11up. I think thats pretty good.

  • Goodz

    LTE live in Dade to Broward county.

    • Marcelo_L

      I wouldn’t call “spotty” as “Live”. “Live” is when you can drive from US1/Turnpike in Homestead all the way through to North Lauderdale or Deerfield Beach, and see the “4G LTE” icon the whole way through

  • Jackson

    Lte in Clearwater fl near tampa 25 down 11 up

  • Chicago finest 60641

    Cicero n diversey Chicago 60641. Samsung Galaxy S4 Download 3 upload 1. LTE sucks bad in north side Chicago. Cicero n Fullerton. Belmont Cicero. 60639 it’s worst I hope they get it right soon. 3G is faster.

    • Chi

      i been complaining about 60639 since i moved here last month signal sucks

      • Sam1116

        You are right man. I live in 60639 and always using my home network. The only time I get great download speeds is early in the morning. Hope the fix the issue before going live.

        • Chi

          call and do a service request so they can stay improving it they will but we have to complain

        • Sam1116

          I will. For sure

        • Chi

          cool u have a iPhone 5?

        • Sam1116

          HTC One

        • Noah James

          Either call them so they can improve or go to this website. http://www.t-mobile-takeaction.com/
          Have friends and familily fill it out with you.

        • Sam1116

          Thanks for the link.

        • Noah James

          You are welcome.

  • Eric Hall

    I live in miami, fl. As of today, I see the Lte icon. I see it as of this writing. Ive also traveled to different areas of miami and still see the the Lte icon.

  • Itomaster89

    Tampa fl got 20 down 9 up on nexus 4:-)

  • spritemoney

    I was just at Oakland Mall (in Troy, MI), and I got 30 mbps down, and 14 up with only 2 bars of LTE

    • Alex

      Awesome I love near by! Good to hear!

  • Lisban Perez Garces

    As of today here in Lancaster Pennsylvania on iPhone 5 I got LTE icon with 23 down and 12 up !!!!! So happy

  • Lisban Perez Garces

    But is true, when on LTE the signal bar goes down to 2 bars. They must check on this , but at least getting better!!!

    • chi

      my iPhone 5 only get 2 bars when its laying flat in my house

      • Lisban Perez Garces

        Where is it ? And you mean when you are on LTE ?

        • Chi

          im in 60639 area sitting on my couch and yea when it connect to lte then when i pick up the phone it dissappears

        • Lisban Perez Garces

          Oh ok, But remember that is just out and may they are testing and it could be impruved

        • Chi

          hopefully just have to stay calling them so they can continue to improve the signal

      • Shahzad Malik

        I am getting only one bar in Addison IL… I called them and they told me that this is a pilot signal and it will go live in 3 days… I called back a second time as I didn’t really believe this, but the second guy told me that it will take 3 days as the tower needs to provision… I guess we will wait and see..

        • was told the same thing. I guess we will have to wait till Friday

        • Shahzad Malik

          Where you at?

        • Southside. 60652 home and 60608 for work. at work I am getting 1 bar LTE randomly. I am in an office building. heavy brick, mortor, and steel. If I could get a steady LTE signal, even if it’s just one or two bars while inside, i’d be happy.
          At home the signal was stronger with LTE, but still had a few deadzone, especially in the basement. But I have wifi calling so no biggie there. I could still make a call if wifi goes out in an emergency

        • Shahzad Malik

          One bar on LTE will rape your battery… My battery on my note 2 has been horrible today

        • yeah but i am buy an outlet so its ok. also, i like how you can turn lte off on the SG4 if you want, or if your battery is really low. I couldn’t do that at all with ATT

        • Shahzad Malik

          Is your signal any better? Mine still sitting at 1 bar

        • At work signal varies from 1 bar LTE and it goes to 1 – 4 on 4G. But also, in other parts, like the elevator, it’s just 4G and can’t really use the Internet.

          At home signal is better but still weak, but no LTE inside. But I do get 4G from 1 – 3 bars now. Speeds very but I do notice they are faster. Well, this was me running a few tests last night. I have wifi calling and love it, but I don’t want to have to rely on it incase it goes down.

    • I noticed this too, but before, at work, I was getting 3 – 4 bars 4G, but internet was on 2G speeds. Now, with LTE, 1 bar, but I can atleast use the internet/youtube/vevo now, if I wanted too. So, stronger signal I am guessing? Which is a great thing.

      • Lisban Perez Garces

        Yeah I feel the same too , just that maybe that could be fixed while is a testing period

        • I really think it’s just a matter of time, obviously, before this is all fixed and it should be working decent. I left ATT and am now saving about $60+ dollars a month with the family plan I ported over, so, while it’s annoying, I can live with the small hiccups, knowing that they are testing and rolling out LTE. I think once LTE is fully rolled out, I should be good.
          Also, good thing for wifi calling, otherwise, I would not be able to rely on TMO, though LTE is giving me decent bars at home now.

  • Here at work, inside an office building, I usually get very slow speeds with TMO on the GS4, even though I will have 4G with 3 – 4 bars. Youtube and Pandora barely loads/run. Today I am noticing, at random times, I will be on LTE 4G and even with 1 bar, I am able to watch Youtuve or VEVO or play Pandora. Now, I don’t do all this on my phone, but it’s nice to know that LTE signal allows me to have better signal stregnth at work.
    I can’t wait until this is officially love. This was the one thing that made me consider going elsewere, and now that one thing seems to be fixed, or will be, soon.

    • That’s whats cool about LTE. One bar of LTE will still give you comparable download speeds of 3-4 bars HSPA+42(about 20Mbps), just imagine when we consistently get full bars of LTE!

  • Chitown 60639

    Chi. T-mobile sucks in Chicago. Specially in the 60639 60647 60641 60707. LTE speed is 5 download 2 upload. On Samsung galaxy S4. I hope they work on it quick. But it’s nice to see LTE.

    • Orlando G.

      Thats strange, Im in 60706 and getting 25 down and a little over 12 up. When i was in Melrose Park this after noon, I was getting and average of 25-28 down.

      Phone is SG4

      • It’s funny but I do notice major differences in speed when traveling a couple of blocks away. No biggie to me because, as long as the signal is reliable and I can actually watch a videoclip or whatever when I want, i’m ok with that, for the money i am saving from ATT($60+/month)

    • Chi

      i been calling tmobile i had did a service request and supposedly they reconfigured some of 60639 but it isn’t fully live yet

  • Akiem1631

    Getting LTE IN Orlando!!! Light it up T-Mobile

  • Nick Cannon

    Keep getting LTE in St Pete and Seminole but my reception drops to nothing :/

  • Blackhawks Rules

    Chicago 60647. IPHONE 5 speeds 2 download 0.5 upload. T-mobile sucks I Chicago. Cicero and Fullerton I don’t even get a download or a upload. George and Cicero the 60641 NO LTE your on EDGE. Grand Armitage LTE download is 3 and upload is 1. Austin and Fullerton 1 down load 0 upload.

    • Arley Silvestre

      Im on Fullerton and California and im getting 10down 10 up

  • AnthonyRyan89

    Can you get LTE with the N4 stock none root because you can still enable it but not only LTE it would be GSM, WCDMA and LTE does that still work or no

    Never mind I found out that they don’t.

  • Will Grafius

    LTE went live in Pittsburgh on Friday. Add us to the list!

    • Hopefully it’ll be in irrelevant Indiana, PA when I get back to school, lol. I’m happy you got it though.

  • Mr Tibs

    Just started getting LTE in Redford Mi & Detroit Mi yesterday 6/16

  • Big Pooh

    Awesome 4G LTE speed on 55th and Pulaski Rd. About 22mps Dwn, and 17mps up. Unbelievable!

  • Bangincrazy

    LTE in Schaumburg IL, suburbs of Chicago!!

    • zSaVaGeX-

      yoo where? what street?

  • Mike

    I live in Fort Lauderdale fl and I only get lte with 2 bars for a couple of minutes on my iphone 5 then it goes back to 4g

  • Selim

    I have LTE in 60618 all the way to Addison and Lake Shore drive

  • Selim

    My wife was actually the one who noticed or on jet iphone 5 and I just picked it up on my GNII

  • Victor Contreras

    LTE in Parts of El Paso TX, clocked in on speetest.net app 26738kbps download and 13804kbps upload ping was 48ms

  • guest

    i had lte most of the day in 60076 skokie il.

  • Oliver Jackson

    It’s on and popping LTE in Miami -Dade and SoBe from Aventura to Homestead

    • Marcelo_L

      I posted my 1-bar run in Kendall by Tamiami Airport on G+….not great 7.5d/2.8u, but that’s with barely 1 bar signal ( -111db ) registering. I’m not seeing that up this morning, so my guess is someone was twiddling with a repeater around here.

      Light up Miami, TMo!

      • Oliver Jackson

        I been getting reports from Kendall as far as Culter Ridge dl 13 ul 10 and as far north to North Broward

      • Oliver Jackson

        if you got Google plus go there and check out the speeds I posted on my page:O L Jackson

        • Marcelo_L

          Excellent !!!!

  • thebadguy

    Nyc is almost all lte, the must’ve flipped the switch last week sometime, I pretty much get lte everywhere on my unlocked 920 (att version)

  • Brian Kirby

    Getting 1-2 bars of LTE on my HTC One in Lexington, Kentucky. I noticed the speeds were slow last week and I was only getting a UTMS connection. Maybe this is why.

    • JP

      Awesome! Hopefully it spreads North into Cincinnati, no signs of it here at all, except scrappy connections so hopefully that’s a sign :-)

  • Mdr5256

    Can anyone tell me if any of these unofficial LTE locations were previously a 2g area? I just want some hope that T-Mobile is gonna start paying attention to that because while I have great service in the metropolitan area where I live, I’m afraid of getting crappy service when I travel.

    • keasycase

      I think they r going straight to lte in places the have edge… At least if they 5*5mhz of aws spectrum

  • Irvinn

    Hey there I’m a tmobile dealer from El Paso, Tx and lte sightings are already appearing in some areas of the city. The market is definitely not green-lit, but we should be added into the list very soon!:) downloads on the lte area range from 20 to 33 mb and up to 20 mb on upload!

  • jmcalderon80

    Pembroke Pines, FL and Miami International Airport starting to get lite up. On average about 10mbps up and 10mbps down…..love this site, Great job David!!!!!!!!!

  • John

    If you are in Raleigh, NC., wake up and turn on your phone.

  • Note II ftw

    I tweeted that my note II is displaying 4gLTE as of two days ago in Pittsburgh, PA and T-Mobile favorited the tweet. Speeds are much LTE as well.

  • TAP

    LTE showing up in Midtown Atlanta this morning (14th st & I-75). I’ll check sandy springs and marietta on my ride home.

    • metalspy8

      Yes …I’m up north (Kennesaw) I am getting the signal but that’s it..going to run a speed test on break.. I’m right next to KSU

      • Bcall

        I’m in between Marietta/Kennesaw and I keep seeing it change to lte for me as well!

        • metalspy8

          Yup same here by it won’t download when lte is lit up

        • Bcall

          Mine just keeps switching between. I’ve gotten average of 25 down and 14 up

    • Lebron

      I’m getting 30 down and 15 up in the heart of Atlanta!

    • BadVibrations

      Saw LTE in Sandy Springs this morning also.

  • Noah James

    could someone call t-mobile and do a service request for zip code 29485?that’s the area where I live in my house I get horrible speeds. Thank 4 the help.

  • deon jones

    Yesterday I picked up my iPhone 5 and it said LTE but it only had 1 bar and then it hopped back on 4g but its been doing this all day I’m on da southside of chicago 60827 hopefully we have lte lite all da way up soon

    • AustineKersey

      Yea it’s pretty bad on the south side

      • deon jones

        I wonder y this the only place I been n it showed lte

  • Omar Thompson

    Getting LTE in Duluth GA now.

  • Nik

    Got LTE in Raleigh NC (27617)

    • xbaer

      Cary and Durham by chance too?

      • nick

        Have it Durham! One bar but it’s still something.

  • xbaer

    Wilmington,DE and Newport,DE now on LTE

    • scott

      confirmed! however it’s only just as fast as their HSPA+ so far.

  • j1

    Lte in coral springs fl. 38 ping, 18 down and 11 up

  • Randall Lind

    Does Tamp includes the whole Tampabay region?

    • Dem

      I got spotty LTE driving through East Lake, Palm Harbor and Clearwater.

  • qpinto

    im getting LTE reported in rwest pembroke pines, miramar, and parts of hialeah. the speeds aren’t better that hspa+, however it should drastically improve over the next couple days.

  • tbaydominican

    I noticed that the one to two bars of coverage is common no matter how close you are to the tower. I live literally next to one and I get one bar and pull 25u 15 d with a 51ms ping. It must be part of tmobile fine tuning the towers until it is stable enough to give it the green ligjt

  • JB

    Still nothing in Cleveland….

  • hmendez787

    Also here in Puerto Rico i am getting lte in San Juan. 12mb download and 10mb upload!!

    • JP


  • tyler

    Here in Southfield mi

  • Dem

    LTE is on in East Lake, Palm Harbor, and Clearwater FL. It’s spotty though.

  • anon

    is lte coming to sarasota?

  • JB

    LTE just came on in Cleveland, 33 down 23 up. Sweet!!!!

    • Ryan Wilkins

      Where in Cleveland? I’m in Cleveland just on the border by Brooklyn and no LTE yet.

      • Adam

        LTE is on for me in Cleveland.. Work downtown 35.25 down 14.75 up

      • Ryan Wilkins

        And I just picked it up. Had to go outside but it’s up. I was only getting 17 down and 2 up but then it dropped out so I’m probably getting a site further out.

  • Finally saw some LTE in other than mid-town Detroit. I got it at Target in Southfield, MI on by Northwestern Hwy. Speeds here: http://i216.photobucket.com/albums/cc209/gemaster34/Screenshot_2013-06-18-09-21-07_zps2681af41.png

    and then at my house, by the window while taking a picture, lol. Speeds here: http://i216.photobucket.com/albums/cc209/gemaster34/Screenshot_2013-06-18-10-03-55_zpsc256a85a.png

  • BadVibrations

    LTE sighting today in Sandy Springs.

    • thedwalker

      I had a sighting in Riverdale. No bars but it was there.

  • rezabekc

    LTE in Indianapolis

  • wastew

    Today in Miami south Kendall area ping in 50 range dl 21-25 and ul average 12

    • diablo

      Yup kendall by 88 st and 157 its been getting lte since yesterday non stop

    • Julius

      City of Miami — Biscayne blvd and 70’s have Lte now… Low signal.

  • Jackson

    Seen LTE and lots of Chicago where I been and even the airport should be citywide soon

  • John

    Seen LTE in parts of Orlando yesterday

  • My buddy has been getting one bar of 4G LTE on his T-Mobile HTC One in Spokane Washington.

  • BG

    LTE around Berwyn and Cicero just outside of Chicago area to bad now I have No data at all at my house same with my signal whatever they did last 2 week it went to shit connects as 4G and it not even close to EDGE speeds WTF.

  • diablo

    Lte is been live in kendall miami fl since yeaterday at about 11 am its been on non stop so far dwl 28 dwl 12

  • Palmer Cicero

    Armitage n kostner Chicago 60639. iPhone 5 LTE download 2 upload 1. Kenneth n Palmer 60639 download 3 upload 1. LTE needs lots of work in Chicago. Brickyard mall download 5 upload 3.

    • Chi

      U have to call tmobile and do a service request for the area

  • Blaque Berry

    Tried posting earlier….Im seeing it again for the first time since Sunday this time it’s popping on and off for minutes at a time….

  • Blaque Berry

    I’m in Atlanta GA….keep forgetting to add that lol

  • How have you guys and ladies experiences been when you went indoor? Like, at work in an office build, but also, ainside a warehourse, and even inside the mall or shopping att Target or Kmart? Once you got inside the building?


    LTE only in few area in Saint Petersburg FL but where i live i don’t have but when i was in the mall i had lol

  • Ruben Vallejo

    It’s true! I had 4G LTE in Salt Lake City !!!!

  • money balc

    Dallas TX DWL 33 UPL 27

    • money balc

      ON NOTE 2

  • justchillinuno

    SLC Confirmed LTE today on the way to work! 15 down 10 up….

    • Ty Christensen

      Getting LTE in Pleasant Grove Utah by Maceys grocery store on my wife’s S4, 26 down and 10 up, full bars inside.

  • Shahzad Malik

    Have LTE here in Addison IL with one bar.. I am few blocks from the LTE tower and have no idea why this is such a low signal. It is okay everywhere else. Even in my backyard I get one bar.. Called T mobile and they told me everything was okay on their end… Not sure what to do here…

  • 60639

    The 60639 is here with LTE in chicago. 4 download 2 upload. Now when you go indoors anywhere in Chicago NO LTE YOUR ON EDGE. In work gym home Walmart target mall restaurants n more your on edge these are the zip codes 60639 the worst T-Mobile services your on Edge 90 % of the time 60641 the same 60647 60707 60004 60618. T-mobile needs to improve in Chicago.

    • Shahzad Malik

      See my post below…. I have the same issue. When your outside the LTE is awesome if your within in mile of the tower.. Outside of that or if in a house or store..GOOD LUCK

    • steve gates

      They are still doing some testing and its not fully 100% live yet..just be patient.

      • Shahzad Malik

        How do you know this?

  • Shahzad Malik

    I was getting one bar of LTE in Addison IL, and my download was at 9mbps with 7upload…i flipped over to 4g and realized my 4g speeds have gotten twice as fast as they used to be!! Check your settings, until signal issues are fixed it might be better to switch over to 4g and save batteryi.

  • htc one baby

    Lakeland,fl testing lte for T-Mobile! That is between Tampa and Orlando if you weren’t aware. Same as allot of others one bar of lte then back to full hspa+ 42 4g. I did manage to get 4 bars for about 5 min and down load on HTC one was 22 and 9 up. Not bad

  • Horacio

    Any updates on Chicago. I’m researching carriers since my contract is up next week. It’s either TMobile or Sprint. I mostly just want the unlimited data plan (what I have with Verizon now).

    • My best advice is to test both of them where you need them with a data plan activated. I know people who tested service with a cheap flip phone, got full bars most places, signed up and had slow, terrible data even though they had full bars when testing. Also be sure to test throughly at home. In went with tmo. I like it so far. And love the new plans.

    • JJCommonSense

      I used to have Sprint and switched to TMO a couple of years ago because the speeds were faster. I have friends who now have Sprint and their service is a joke. I can just about expect the call to drop when I call my one friend and he’s been through like 3 or 4 of those HTC EVO LTE’s. Tmobile definitely has a ways to go and they can drop a call or two as well (heck none of the companies are perfect) but Sprint is definitely pushing me in a direction AWAY from them. (And yes this all pertains to the Chicago market)

  • Christopher

    NOT here in Atlanta yet. And I’m right in the downtown/ Midtown area.

  • MrYes

    LTE for most part of the day in South Pasadena FL. Very quick. Hope to see more coverage around the Tampa Bay area.

  • 60805 zip code. Tested the service inside the Walmart at 95th and Western Ave in Evergreen Park, and had a constant 1 – 2 bars of LTE all throughout the store. I was expecting it to drop to 4G, but it didn’t. I was getting speeds of from 2.5 to 7.5 Mbps or so.

    My main concern was being able to use the data indoors, and at this store at least, I could no problem.

    Outside I was getting 3 – full bars of LTE and speeds of 15 – 18 Mbps.

  • ShermCraig

    10023 – Upper West Side of NYC – Central Park had LTE! 23,920kbps down, 10,365 up!

  • khalidalomary

    i have been getting lte in most places in Nashville,TN around 22 down and 7 up

  • Ralph Tobias

    60077 skokie, IL 26.08down 11.28 up. the LTE coverage is still spotty(from north suburbs to downtown), but if you get full bars, expect really fast speeds!

    • Shahzad Malik

      I only get one bar in my house and around my house… I’m like 4 blocks from the tower. WTF… Here in Addison IL

  • yermama

    Just went live in Rochester, NY at midnight 6/27

  • $44927327

    Popped up in Hudson, FL today – it was already available in some of the more populous areas of Hudson along US 19 and SR 52, but it finally reached all the way out to the boonies where I am.

    • $44927327

      I think they were teasing. It was only there for a few hours and I haven’t seen it since…