Another Group Of LTE Sightings This Morning As Emails Pour In From Dallas, Denver And More

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 9.05.50 AM

Chalk up another group of early LTE sightings this morning as emails have poured in from the Dallas and Denver areas. According to this new group of sightings, LTE is also coming alive in Wichita, Kansas and Indianapolis. This group of markets comes around a week after our latest group of sightings in Boston, Dayton/Akron, Ohio, San Diego, Anaheim, Fresno and across San Bernardino county.

With T-Mobile’s goal for 100 million POPs covered before summer’s end still only limited to seven official markets, I expect some sort of announcement in the near future.

Now for the public service reminder that I’ve offered in these LTE sighting posts: “I wouldn’t jump too far ahead and assume that a LTE sighting means an entire market is live. For the moment, we’re just happy things are progressing and that more markets appear on the horizon.”

Let’s recap the list we have for May and June LTE market launches:

  • Atlanta and Sandy Springs, Marietta,
  • Austin and Round Rock, San Antonio, San Marcos (May Launch)
  • Part of the Carolinas – Charlotte, Rock Hill
  • Chicago and Joliet, Naperville
  • Cincinnati and Dayton
  • Cleveland
  • Connecticut – Bridgeport, Stamford, Norwalk
  • Columbus and Mentor
  • Dallas and Fort Worth, Arlington
  • Denver and Aurora, Broomfield
  • Detroit and Warren
  • Honolulu and Maui (May Launch)
  • Long Island, New York and New Jersey – specific areas unknown
  • Los Angeles and Pasadena, West Covina, West LA, Metro LA, Burbank, Beverly Hills
  • Oklahoma City
  • Orlando
  • Miami and Fort Lauderdale
  • Minneapolis and St Paul, Bloomington (May Launch)
  • New England – Boston, Cambridge
  • Philadelphia and Camden, Wilmington (May Launch)
  • Sacramento and Arden, Arcade, Roseville, Fresno
  • San Diego and Carlsbad, San Marcos
  • San Francisco and Oakland
  • Seattle and Tacoma, Bellevue
  • Tampa
  • Tulsa – (May Launch)
  • Phoenix and Tucson (May Launch)

denver Denver2 Indianapolis Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 9.04.20 AM

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  • bruce

    LTE in Benbrook , Texas 35up 18down

    • bruce

      one thing I noticed with lte I only have one signal bar and with hspa I have 3 to 4 bars in the same place

  • steve1026

    LTE is spreading like wild fire in Wichita. I know it’s not live yet, but exciting non the less!

    • Sexual Harassment Panda

      I guess it beats tornados spreading in Wichita!

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Jo and Dusty can attest to that

        • Sexual Harassment Panda

          without tornados, we wouldn’t have that fantastic L. Frank Baum book!

      • steve1026

        Anything beats tornados

    • CharlieC

      I got 22 Mbps last night at the Sonic on S. Oliver again. I live about 3 blocks East of there and still get just 4G though.

      • steve1026

        Yeah I live right down the street from sonic and get a steady 1-2bars of lte. Looks like lte is good east of meridian and west of rock inbetween kellogg and pawnee. Oh, and got a signal while at st francis as well.

  • philyew

    David, you have more than once said that the target is LTE coverage for 100 million POPs by summer’s end, but if you revisit the Capital Markets Day presentation you will see it is an H1 2013 target.

    That means they have to hit that number by the end of this month – hence the flurry of activity.

  • kay

    Still waiting on Atlanta..

    • Wilma Flintstone


      • WW

        This should improve my HSPA+ performance (as LTE capable handsets go off HSPA+), right?

  • D_Wall__

    Still being Hopeful in Orlando…

  • luis

    When can we expect Boston to be lit up?

    • steve

      I thought they did against the hawks last night?

      • luis

        Ohhohoho I see what u did there +1

    • Theman

      There`s no LTE in Boston!! I don`t know how they came with that info but it`s not true!

  • Adam

    Still waiting for Cincinnati!

    • JP

      Same here! I check my phone everyday!, not even a blink.

      • Adam

        I have been really happy with 4G on my iPhone 5. I cannot wait to see what speeds we’ll get with LTE

        • JP

          I wish I could say the same in COV the speeds are fair, compared to other areas so indeed LTE will be a welcome addition! :-) as soon as I see something I’ll holler!

    • y

      There are some reports on sensorly! I haven’t seen it yet though.

      • JP

        Really?? I keep mine one to keep track, gonna have to take a look.

        • y

          yeah its showing up a bit..not strong yet

        • JP

          I see very light gray traces along 75 south and along the banks area but no Purple or even light purple. :-( Will take a drive around today affter work and see. Who knows maybe it’s hidding in the alleys in downtown lol :-)

        • y

          but i dont know anyone whos actually connected

        • JP

          Ah ok, well I sure will be keeping my Sensorly app going. Hopefully we will all see something soon.

    • JB45

      They will probably finish lighting up Dayton before they start on Cincinnati. I live in Cincinnati and travel to Dayton a lot and lte is nice up there.

  • sorandkairi

    HTC ONE HTC ONE HTC ONE! #rantover

  • Dakota

    Those numbers are great to see. I think IM done with Android though _ I have nothing with problems. Within 16 months, Ive now had 3 phones fails and 3 repairs. Plus everytime , its a royal pain to set up the new phone…(I have to save everything to my computer – yes I know photos can be backed up to Google Plus but its not the same) and on every single game, I lose everything – all my completed levels, powerups, high scores – everything and need to start from scratch. Google tells me they just announced something with Google Play Services to change that but most developers havent implemented it yet. From what my friends tell me, with an iPHone you just back everything up to iTunes, get a new phone, reload everything and youre done. While they’re some things Id miss from Android, all the hassles are just turning me off at this point.

    • Nerdia

      Ari – sounds to me like Android isn’t the problem but the hardware on your phones are. I would stick with HTC or Samsung if you’re using the Android platform. I have had iPhones from since the time it came out and went to Android around 2010 and loved it every step of the way. All of these innovative features Apple is claiming has been on the Android previously, and while Google hasn’t blown the horn on them, others have, (however you can see, with consistency even with the last keynote, the amount of times Apple takes a dig on the Android platform).

      Here’s the great thing about Apple – They’re dummy proof, they are organized well, and they have a massive app store that seems to get dev preference, as most apps are available for Apple before any other mobile OS (and is why I begrudgingly have an iPhone at the moment,) but that said there isn’t anything Apple has or is doing that Android hasn’t already. The minute I get a chance I’m hoping back on the Android train.

      • thepanttherlady

        Great post without the typical bashing, thank you! :)

    • Mr. Hill

      That’s one of the things I like about the iPhone. They have had an amazing backup/restore data system for a while now. Never lose game saves, pics, messages or anything since I’ve been using iPhones.

  • Nerdia

    The suburbs of New York isn’t on this list but LTE surely made an appearance here. I noticed it at 4am, I believe on a Sunday night, and on and off again within the last 3 days.

  • Graham Blackadder

    Just north of Detroit on wife’s iphone5 this morning on her way to work. She texts me asking what the LTE is all excited and stuff lol. Then it went back to 4g when she went in her building so they are testing here again :)

    • Randy

      Yeah it’s up n running in downtown Detroit! Exactly what part of north of Detroit?! I’m still waiting for it to come to Troy area

      • Graham Blackadder

        im in Rochester Hills but wife travels to southfield for work

        • Randy

          Oh okay haven’t gone that way. Hopefully its up soon

      • Jose Hernandez

        Has anyone in Detroit noticed a slight decline in signal? I have the original S3 and sometimes my signal is not as good as what it used to be. Also my download speeds have decreased from 25mbps to about 14-15mbps.

        • I have noticed my HSPA+ speeds have decreased in Detroit inside my home, especially upload. My upload is under 250kbps most times, when it used to be around 1.5Mbps. As far as download it used to be like 10-15(mostly 15)Mbps, and now it’s like 6-8 Mbps. Still waiting to see LTE in more area’s of Detroit. I saw it in “mid-town” Detroit (Close to the Downtown area), it was spotted near the new Whole Foods place down there.

        • Jose Hernandez

          Same here, My uploads have been reduced to about 1mbps, when they used to be 2.5-3.2mbps. Downloads as well. I am really hoping that once they get the LTE roll out we can get our HSPA+ speeds back up to what they used to be.

        • Me too. Hopefully that’ll be like in a week so (like in the next few days, lol). I think my signal is good, maybe a 1 bar decrease (forgot to mention that before).

        • Jose Hernandez

          My signal seems to be pretty good. But I still have noticed the decrease in speed. I live by SW Detroit (Michigan and Livernois) and had to have engineers come out and check some towers in the area that were acting up. They fixed the issue, but I miss the better speeds. Specially on the upload since 15mbps is still really good. Next few days would be awesome. lol

        • I stay like right in that same area.

        • Jose Hernandez

          Oh man! Sweet. Lol

  • sushimane

    Come on spartanburg sc

  • Ron

    Palm desert….San Diego…..Riverside….San Bernardino….all lite up

    • Zacamandapio

      I’ve had LTE in SB for the last week or so.

  • C.C.

    waiting in miami….

  • Paul

    Sent in my screen shot, got 30s pretty regularly Frisco Texas (suburb of Dallas).
    Even got 33596kbps.

    I’ve noticed the signal is weak, though.

  • Jandar

    Most of the time, I love the LTE in the Phoenix area. Yesterday, a few speedtest results hit 43+ Mbps. My Verizon buddy was put to shame with his meager 12Mbps. That being said, since LTE went live in Phoenix, the phone signal seems to have taken quite a hit. Where I often had all 5 bars, I’m now getting two or three. It takes several seconds for the phone to even start dialing out. This has been noticed on all four phones on my account. Not sure how related it is, but I do hope they get this resolved.

    As a side note, interesting choice of image for this post!

  • art

    I got one bar of LTE in North Seattle this morning. (75th @ 25th NE)
    First LTE in Seattle proper for me.

    I was getting about 25 down and 10 up

    It’s coming . . . nothing in Capitol Hill yet.

    • Mike

      LTE all over south lake union area looking East so I assume coming from capital hill. Also near Colman dock and fluctuates on ferry rides in Elliott bay.

    • Chris

      I’ve consistently had 2-3 bars of LTE in Downtown Seattle for the past week, including at CLink for the soccer game.

  • superg05

    cool only cities around Dallas metroplex not the city of Dallas though (sensorly) could be wrong though

    • Dylan

      I have spotted it in ceader hill and in waxahachie

      • superg05


  • spermathon

    Wow im still getting E in my area and theres no LT yet. Getting closer…

    • Sexual Harassment Panda

      not that much more work to L & T on front of E to make LTE…I’m sure there’s a rom out there for this.

    • TechHog

      You don’t even use T-Mobile. Stop lying.

  • Dave Anderson

    According to sales reps at more than one store in Pittsburgh, lte will be live in the Burgh as early as tomorrow. Anyone else hear this?

    • Moses JC

      I work for T-Mobile in pgh. Unfortunately I don’t think so. It is coming soon though. I’d say up & running in July

    • John Imbriale

      I get lte coming up 279n in pittsburgh. Down around the exit for rt28

  • Saul Viayra

    We have 4G lte in Indianapolis in since yesterday

  • Dem

    Light up Tampa already, ugh….lol

  • Nick Gonzalez

    That’s my picture up there! Thanks David!

    • Sexual Harassment Panda

      you’re Snowden? thought you were in Hong Kong?

      • Nick Gonzalez

        lol i just got that.
        No, I sent that screenshot to David yesterday.

  • Ethrem

    As soon as they get LTE going in my area (Civic Center in downtown Denver), I’ll be going to the 16th Street Mall T-Mobile store and getting a shiny new S4. Hurry up T-Mobile!

    • Nick Gonzalez

      I work on 17th & Lawrence downtown, and live on Colo. Blvd & Colfax, getting LTE on my One just about everywhere so far in Denver.

      • Ethrem

        How’s the speed and reliability so far? I’ve been pretty pissed with the drop of my DC-HSPA+ speeds lately from an average of 12-15Mbps to an average of 4-7!

        • Nick Gonzalez

          Since I first noticed LTE yesterday morning, i’ve been averaging about 15Mbps down and at least 10Mbps up. As for reliability, The LTE symbol is usually staying on just about everywhere, but I have never really got more than 3 bars out of 5 (if that really matters) and I am indoors practically all day at work.

        • Ethrem

          Thanks for that, guess T-Mobile might be getting a visit from me in the coming days. Gives me an excuse to get a new phone anyway.

      • Sexual Harassment Panda

        you guys should meet up and touch phones!

      • MARGYVER

        Southeast Denver @ Hampden and Yosemite 4bars LTE since yesterday @ noon

      • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

        so did you guys meet up and touch phones with each other yet?

  • Jay J. Blanco

    Wow T-Mobile gone out number Sprint with population reached with LTE soon.

    • Ethrem

      You’re surprised? T-Mobile got a huge cash infusion that Sprint just doesn’t have.

      • Jay J. Blanco

        Yes I know lol I hope this Softbank deal doesn’t go through. So tmobile will have more time steal Sprint customers lol

        • sidekicker89

          The Softbank kinda seems like it’ll go through but they need the rest of Clearwire too but Clearwire wants Dish’s bid for them now… should be interesting to see what happens.

        • remister

          Google just buy Tmobile already and also expand Google Fiber to LA :)

        • Wyn6

          No. Just… no.

        • superg05

          sprint have plenty of spectrum just a shitty kitty network they Softbank just wants to be greedy and own a larger portion of us spectrum and clearwire is just using dishes bid as mean of raising its stock prices but would likely never sell to them

        • Ethrem

          Sprint has plenty of spectrum but until they kill iDEN, their most valuable spectrum holdings are useless. Things will get interesting with the iDEN network being shut down for good.

        • Jay J. Blanco

          If it does hopefully Dish can merge with Tmobile. We would have a lot of spectrum then :-)

  • RG

    What Does NSA guy have to do with this?

    • thepanttherlady

      He doesn’t. It’s a screenshot of someone’s phone showing LTE in Denver. That just happens to be on the screen.

    • Sexual Harassment Panda

      The more faster the data transmission, the more data you use, the more NSA can further spy on you.

  • Luis

    What about Tucson and Phoenix? ME WANTZZ IPHONE 4 :D

    • LC

      Well…iPhone 4 won’t have LTE…

  • Sok

    LTE in Carrollton, TX
    (36 down, 12 up) 3 bars of service

    Latency has gone from 23-29 to 40-45 since last time T-Mobile turned on LTE towers in Dallas (few weeks ago)

    • toneloc

      LTE just south of DFW airport is rockin!

    • Paul

      You have 3 bars?!
      I’m getting 1, maybe 2.
      Frisco here.

      • Sok

        3 bars outside of my neighborhood. Even hit 4 bars at one point.

        I live 15 minutes from Stonebriar mall

        • Paul

          I’m getting 1-2 inside, but I usually get 4 sitting on my couch.

          I DID get a phone call, and it jumped back to the 4G. They must be testing it. The speeds on the LTE are AWESOME!

  • Rakshir

    Wife says Indianapolis Northside showing LTE on her HTC one right now :)

  • Kai

    I’ve been seeing LTE speeds in NYC for a number of weeks, specifically in Times Square and Union Square, but not in the Washington Square / East Village area yet. Got LTE signal in Newark, NJ this past weekend but nothing in Jersey City or Hoboken yet.

    • mgldan

      In NJ, I’ve seen LTE as far west as Netcong, as well as near Rockaway Township and in Morristown. I can confirm the sightings in Newark too. Not that much better than the HSPA+ though; it comes in around 10-13 down in either case. But LTE’s upload is significantly better, which can help when sending pictures to others.

    • Guest

      Just getting LTE in Jersey City Heights area.

  • Shahzad Malik

    LTE popped up in Downers Grove IL while I was driving through it yestureday.

    • Alex Zapata

      My brother used to pick it up all the time at work in Downer’s Grove on his iPhone 5. Apparently they’ve been testing it for a while. Very exciting!

      • Gary

        Full signal LTE in the Long Beach Signal Hill, CA area, very strong in the neighboring cities. I am rocking full LTE with a unlocked Nokia Lumia 920, awesome.

    • Rudy Belova

      Cool! Wasn’t there a few days ago when i was there. Same with north naperville.

  • remister

    I can’t wait until they stop doing the testing and go live, I wonder if the LTE strength would be better?

  • Sioomagates

    Parts of East Dallas and Mesquite are lighting up also. Here in my neighborhood, I’m down to 1 Bar of 4G, but a block north I’m getting 5 bars of LTE. I got 28 down, 13 Up with a 26ms ping this am in Mesquite.

    • Joe

      In 75218 I noticed LTE went live this morning! 27Mbps down and 7.57Mbps up!

  • Tins

    Must be getting ready in Cleveland, oh. Full bars HPSA only getting… 0.21mb down and 1.8 mb up. Usually get 10 down and 3 uo

    • Jason


      I work in downtown Cleveland and live in Mentor and I had this issue also, create another apn that uses the old data access point before the update. Put and copy the rest of your settings from the apn that is the default in the new apn you just created (then select this apn). I would use the old apn until it has been confirmed that LTE is available in the area. I currently pull 20 mbps down and 3 up on my Note II using this apn.

    • Ryan Wilkins

      I noticed the exact same thing last night while out with some friends. Usually get 8 Mbps or so down and 1.5 to 3 up. I was getting 0.5 Mbps down and 0.9 Mbps up at Five Guys @ Great Northern Mall.

  • sidekicker89

    Please download the Sensorly app! Do speedtests and map your route to mark LTE on their map! We need to show those T-Mobile doubters that LTE is spreading fast!!

    • â“œ@®!â“ž G@®CI@ â„¢

      Yes I’ve been doing it all over Los Angeles I mapped South Gate, Downey, Lakewood, Hawaiian Gardens, Cypress, Covina, Hollywood, Toluca lake La Palma, Long Beach…. I map everyday wherever I go :)

      • sidekicker89

        L.A is looking really good! and so is San Diego but ESPECIALLY San Fran and San Jose! Sprint doesn’t even have Sacramento lit up yet and T-Mobile already does!

    • Mr. Hill

      Would love to. Sadly it doesn’t work on the iPhone.

  • drklahn

    3 Bars in Melrose Park, IL – suburb of Chicago. 25 ms ping, 28 down, 12 up.

    • Shahzad Malik

      How long has this signal been going? I had a signal a month ago in Addison and then it went away

      • drklahn

        I think this tower is live. LTE has been lit up for the last 3 days!

  • any sighting in Dallas is a welcomed one .. :)

    • superg05

      outlying cities only but i guess its good all the same

  • Mike

    yes, I just noticed LTE today for the first time ever, here in South Denver metro! Yay!

  • SbFresh

    Yeap aurora,co since yesterday morning. 54.50 down 13.01 up!!!

    • drklahn

      that’s sick!

  • dkbnyc

    Brooklyn and Queens New York have been live for a few weeks now. Nothing in Manhattan or the Bronx as of yet.

    • Edgar

      certain parts of manhattan. but spotty at best

  • Jeff M Grace

    Keep in mind that LTE stands for Long Term Evolution . Usually means it will take a while things will be up in July I’m sure. Next Generation 5G is being used already and in testing overseas , devices need to be developed though for it . And the one big issue at least with AT&T & Verizon is them to stop data capping and give back unlimited data as they can’t keep charging customers up the ass for data … They just decided they want to charge for you to use your camera on the Samsung galaxy line a fee per month because it uses data that be Verizon for you . The 5G speeds are 1GB a sec so this would blow through Verizon’s data plans fast . At least I am with T-Mobile the ONLY uncapped in not throttled not capped carrier and not contracts . Well there is a cap but not like we are going to blow through 9999 GB of data per month . I know Sprint is not unlimited at all regardless of what they say.

    • TechHog

      Sprint isn’t capped either.

      • Saul Viayra

        T-Mobile have a $70 dollar plan and that’s unlimited how much does sprint charge

    • fsured

      Doesn’t Tmobile throttle you if you go past your paid allotment of 4g speed data? You don’t get charged a fee so data is “unlimited” but at 2g speeds. I haven’t checked out their recent offerings but it’s not unlimited “4g” speeds for every plan.

      • Wyn6

        Slows down to 3G speeds not 2G.

        • Mr. Hill

          The throttled plans definitely slow down to 2G not 3G. Good luck getting higher than 1mbps while throttled. Your phone will still show the “4G” indicator but the speeds will be 2G.

      • Mr. Hill

        Their $70 plan is fully unlimited with no throttling. That’s why it says up to 9999GB available on his plan.

  • gshoq

    Speed is way down in Orange County. Even slower than what I was getting on HSPA+. Anyone notice the same?

    Was getting 10-15Mbps down on HSPA+ the the immediate two months prior to LTE availability. When LTE was first sighted in OC it was 20-25Mbps down. Now I’m getting 5-10Mbps down.

    T-Mobile iPhone 5

    • Richard

      my wife noticed the same thing on her T-Mobile s4 but we live in west covina . When lte first came out in west covina she was getting 25-30 now she gets 5-10. Sometimes it goes down to2-3 same as hspa only difference her phone says 4G lte but she getting hspa speeds. Funny yesterday i mentioned on here how i get up to 20 mbps on att lte and everyone on here told me just wait till atts network gets bogged down and you start seeing slower speeds well would you look at that tmobile berly has had lte for a whole month and its already slowing down while att has had lte since 2011 and im still getting 20-25 mbps.

      • TechHog

        You’re using LTE that’s still being tested and not officially launched. Not a good way to judge it. If it officially launches in your area and that’s still happening, then and only then can you start saying “I told you so.”

      • â“œ@®!â“ž G@®CI@ â„¢

        I seen people working on the towers in Covina near the mall ….. please be patient its still not officially live… ive seen speeds of 25mbps down with Hspa+ and then 25 down LTE on Vincent/San Bernardino and I saw them working on The tower and the speeds kept changing and even slowing down/ switching to edge but like we all have mentioned its still not live and requires fine tuning

        • Richard

          well hopefully they fix it i wanna be back on tmobile i miss unlimited data. i hate having 3 gigs of data on att
          . But like i mentioned on here before only reason i switched to att from tmobile was because tmobile service was spotty . i found atts network to work better inside buildings and its lte to be faster than tmobiles hspa 42.

        • â“œ@®!â“ž G@®CI@ â„¢

          I don’t blame you I have the same problem when going to Walmart in Long Beach I always drop to edge but I force my phone on 4g or LTE and solve that problem but I don’t think we will see a big change till next year when they finish integrating the metro network with theirs

      • superg05

        you do relize there testing these networks that they have’nt launched yet right oh im sorry you did’nt read the articles well thats ok bud dont worry about it

      • du22ty

        Same here man.. exactly the same situation in OKC. Getting the same speeds with LTE that I was getting with HSPA+ but now the HSPA+ speeds are horrible.. I wouldn’t complain about that but the LTE coverage is so shotty I’m on HSPA+ 75% of the time anyway.

    • tmofan

      Agreed, HSPA isn’t as fast anymore…LTE is spotty. I hope these are just signs of tests, and after official launch, we’ll get back the usual smoking fast HSPA with screaming fast LTE!

  • moii

    I was in Tulsa ok last weekend lte is there and I finally got lte here in fort worth :)

  • NB

    Elk Grove, CA = 39M down/25M up :)

    • eddydrizzle

      I was in Elk Grove earlier today and I saw speeds like that too! It’s amazing.

  • powellce13

    LTE in Atlanta is still MIA…boooo lol

    • Sexual Harassment Panda

      MIA hasn’t come out with anything fresh or new since “Maya”

    • sidekicker89

      Atlanta is a Metro PCS market so trust me, you’ll get blazing fast LTE!

  • Brock Lesnar

    I got LTE in Downtown Detroit yesterday for the first time.

    • Dean Politis

      Where downtown? I work downtown and have get to see the LTE signal

      • John Hopkins

        Woodward near Comerica Park, Cobo Hall, Joe Louis, GM building, Riverfront, I have it stable in these areas!

        • Dean Politis

          I am by Campus Martius and I just get the regular 4G symbol. Perhaps it doesn’t work inside buildings.

        • Dean Politis

          I saw the 4G LTE symbol for the first today today in Midtown by the new Whole Foods.

  • Guest

    Tricities washimgton has had very spotty lte for a few days now

  • big curt

    Tricities washington has had very spotty lte for a dew days now, but wwn up im getring about 30 download and 11 upload

  • Eric

    Ok I don’t know where the reports in Boston are coming from, but I’ve been all around Boston many times very recently and have not seen LTE ONCE on my iPhone 5. I was hoping to get some LTE out in the burbs this summer but I highly doubt that’s gonna happen…

    • JaswinderSinghJammu

      Maybe it’s your iphone man..JK

  • fsured

    I’ve noticed that the symbol over my SG2 changed from H+ to DC now when accessing data. At first I thought it meant the phone was connected to the tower for cell service by data was disconnected. I was experiencing data disconnections that I attribute to tower work. I asked in a different forum about this change and was told it stands for dual carrier. I’m not entirely sure what that means as it has never shown that symbol and tech support didn’t know what it was.

    I was a different area of town for lunch and the symbol remained H+ when using data. Back at work it is again DC. I know this area has LTE from someone who has an LTE device on T-Mobile. Anyone with more hardware knowledge of the cell towers know if the upgrades at each site could be the cause of this symbol change? I don’t want to jump to conclusions that this is an indication of which towers have been upgraded. It was just odd that I leave the area I’m normally in and it remained H+.

    • superg05

      DC=HSDPA+42 im more interested in how your phone is displaying this you have an international device?

      Dual Cell (DC-)HSDPA, known also as Dual Carrier, is the natural evolution of HSPA by means of carrier aggregation in the downlink.[2]
      UMTS licenses are often issued as 10 or 15 MHz paired spectrum
      allocations. The basic idea of the multicarrier feature is to achieve
      better resource utilization and spectrum efficiency by means of joint
      resource allocation and load balancing across the downlink carriers.

      An advanced HSPA network can theoretically support up to 28 Mbit/s
      and 42 Mbit/s with a single 5 MHz carrier for Rel7 (MIMO with 16QAM) and
      Rel8 (64-QAM + MIMO),
      in good channel conditions with low correlation between transmit
      antennas. An alternative method to double the data rates is to double
      the bandwidth to 10 MHz (i.e. 2×5 MHz) by using DC-HSDPA. Additionally,
      some diversity and joint scheduling gains can also be expected[3]
      with improved QoS for end users in poor environment conditions where
      existing techniques such as MIMO spatial multiplexing cannot be used to
      increase data rates. In 3GPP a study item was completed in June 2008.
      The outcome can be found in technical report 25.825.[4] New HSDPA User Equipment categories 21-24 have been introduced that support DC-HSDPA. DC-HSDPA can support up to 42 Mbit/s, but unlike HSPA, it does not need to rely on MIMO transmission.

      From Release 9 onwards it will be possible to use DC-HSDPA in combination with MIMO used on both carriers.[5] This will allow theoretical speed of up to 84 Mbit/s.

      The support of MIMO in combination with DC-HSDPA will allow operators
      deploying Release 7 MIMO to benefit from the DC-HSDPA functionality as
      defined in Release 8. While in Release 8 DC-HSDPA can only operate on
      adjacent carriers, Release 9 also allows that the paired cells can
      operate on two different frequency bands. Future releases will allow the
      use of up to four carriers simultaneously.

      • fsured

        I’m using Slim 4.2.2 build 6 rom. It’s a US version of the SG2 that I have. Perhaps it is the rom that is allowing the “DC” to show.

        • superg05

          that explains it if only all phones stock where this honest

  • zedd

    Ive had 4g lte in el monte ca for a week now it is so fast I was in vegas to and I had lte the whole time

  • jsteve2122

    I like this site but am I the only one that realizes David Beren loves
    to take credit when he is right on a rumored released launch. However,
    when he is wrong he doesn’t admit it and take fault. Yeah yeah blah blah
    I know he posts careful on rumored posts and says take with a grain of
    salt but still if he is right he boasts but when he is wrong he doesn’t
    say anything. For example the initial launch of the 7 Lte markets he was
    right he took credit, but for the next batch of Lte releases scheduled
    for May he was wrong May came and past and no official launches were
    made from T-mobile. He posted multiple articles about May launched in
    which you still see the May dates in this article. I am not bashing I am
    just saying if you want to be credible you need to be able to admit
    fault also when you are wrong. It is June so May has passed so you was
    wrong and you act like nothing happened, but if you was right then you
    would of took credit as usual. Besides that I enjoy the site.

    • Mike

      Who cares.

    • steve1026

      I think in every post David is clear to mention that they are not confirmed from Tmobile via Official word from TMobile. Did you miss the unofficial tmobile blog next to the logo? Or the fact most of the site is all geared around rumors, speculation and other contributing factors that denote a post? Yeah, if I were David I would be proud that I was given a bit of intel that turned out to be true, I’m sure he takes great pride in that, not boast.

    • kawkaw

      Omg stfu who cares

  • Mike Thornhill

    Still no LTE symbol here in Garland or Richardson =

    • Joshua6408

      Grapevine and colleyville today for me hit lte.

    • traviswoods

      Arlington either

    • Mark J

      This morning in Richardson on 75 download 25Mb upload 19 Mb :)) all way to downtown on my Samsung S4 :)) now only 4G

    • Sok

      Working in Lewisville & Carrollton

    • gark1970

      Getting 26 down and 22 up on Lewisville

    • Dylan

      I’ve seen lte in Arlington by the parks, ceader hill and in waxahachie

    • Roshan

      At 6 PM in Richardson 34 down 17 up :)

    • Mike Thornhill

      Just now got off work and as soon as the WiFi and the LTE symbol came on =D

  • Roni

    Any news on when St. Louis might be getting LTE?

  • ryan d

    today 3bars in se Denver (dtc) / 37.40 down / 23.82 up

    • Phil

      Will try again later, but sitting in a doctors office with one bar in Aurora with download of 9.52, unable to get an upload number right now. Again, in doctors office with one bar at 4:30. Will try again back home in Denver, though the bars may not get better.

      • Phil

        Apparently my post didn’t post so here goes again. From my home in Denver, three bars, no LTE. Download was 2.70 upload was 1.92. Now when I say Denver, I use that loosely as downtown is still a bit far from me. They may be working on it though as when I just now first turned it on, there was a flash of LTE before going to the idle 3G and then to the normal H in this area. (HTC One.)

  • gshoq

    Just throwing a question out: should we be concerned about the shared bandwidth between HSPA+ and LTE on AWS (1700/2100MHz) slowing our data speeds?

    • fsured

      I have been wondering the samething.

    • TBN27

      Overtime the HSPA+ will be pushed over to PCS mostly. So the speeds will increase.

  • 666

    Chicago WTF ????

    • Shahzad Malik

      Seriously! I’m thinking the same thing…

  • rubsal70

    I get slower lte speeds than my regular hspa in san antonio. I just hope its due to the network being worked on.

    • eddydrizzle

      It is. Trust me, I found LTE in Sacramento earlier in the month and the speeds were around 9. Now I’m getting 30+ down and 15+ up. I almost reached 40 download on one of the tests.

      • rubsal70

        Thanks for the reply… I can’t wait for lte switch to finally turn on completely. ..

  • eddydrizzle

    I got speeds of up to 40 down and 20+ up today in parts of Sacramento, CA and Elk Grove, CA. I’m guessing it’ll be live soon. :D.

    • guest

      20+ up?! No way…

    • Curt

      for about a week now in Roseville I’ve been getting 40+ down and 20+ up

      • eddydrizzle

        It’s a great feeling isn’t it?! I hope it doesn’t get bogged down too much when more people get on it.

  • Yevalht

    Lte here in Sacramento florin rd and 65th st

  • TBN27

    Today in The Bronx LTE faintly came through before going out.

    • pap0tin07

      Where in the bronx??

      • pap0tin07

        I got lte today 233 st and bronx river express way in the bronx

        • TBN27

          Was it a strong connection?

        • pap0tin07

          3 bars 9.95 down and 6.34 up

      • TBN27

        241St Street and White Plains Road.

  • tmofan

    Everyone, think of these as “pleasant surprise” None of the markets are announced yet, so don’t be so judgmental on T-Mobile yet…

  • hellsh666

    Indianapolis is ON!! Hwy 456 around the city and Plainfield, IN TmoLTE fire up

  • jose

    I live about 30 minutes north of west Palm beach Florida and still no signs of
    Tmobile LTE. LG. Optimusl9.:-)

    • Leutrim Topalli

      your phone does not have lte support. so even if there was lte, it does not have the bands for it.

      • jose

        I am currently thinking about upgrading this
        Weekend. Witch LTE capable device
        Would you recommend. ?

        • guest2345

          Htc one

        • eanfoso

          I’d go for the blackberry z10, it’s my personal phone and I love it, doesn’t feel cheap like a Sammy phone nor does it lag, plus this device has an amazing battery life, something android devices can’t really offer, plus you can also help android apps on it

        • eddydrizzle

          the z10 is cool, but it lacks apps. i’d go for the gs4/htc one or the iphone 5.

        • Mr. Hill

          HTC One

  • Ryancorona

    When is yuba city gonna get lte?:(

  • pgarcia

    Question, I live up by boulder co so will I see lte here or is it just in Denver

    • itched

      I was in Highlands Ranch for work & saw it there.

      • pgarcia

        Cool. I have HTC one s so I don’t think ill get lte on it but waiting to get me the ONE so was just curious if I would see it up here or just down in Denver

    • Ay

      I detected t-mo lte on my iphone 5 this afternoon in Boulder, near Table Mesa PNR. Download speed was about 15mbps.

      • pgarcia

        That’s awesome can’t wait to get mine one now

  • SearsTower not Willis

    For Chicago folks: Is anyone with an LTE device (namely tmo HTC One or tmo Iphone 5) in Chicago experiencing data connectivity issues with HSPA+? I had problems first after purchasing the Iphone 5, so took it back at the end of the trial period and got an HTC One instead. But consistently have the same issue. It shows 3 or 4 bars of 4g, but the data connection always times out and the page will not load; doesn’t matter if I type something as simple as, still can barely get pages to load. I’ve only been averaging .5 GB of data usage a month because of the problem.
    I should add that I have no data issues with my backup phone (Google Nexus 4); HSPA+ works just fine. It’s only been with the two LTE devices mentioned. I’m hesitant to think it’s due to their working on the LTE network here, since it should still have no problem functioning on HSPA+. Customer service hasn’t resolved. I’m just curious to know if anyone else here has experienced the problem, or if it’s just a coincidence in my case.

    • Flyoverguy

      I had the same issue in Boulder, CO with the iphone5. I got a replacement that didn’t have the carrier update. I never applied it and haven’t had the issue. I’m afraid to upgrade the OS or apply the carrier update due to this exact issue. I still get 3G speeds (5-12mbps down, 1-3 up), fast enough for me. Oh yeah, I still get use of the hotspot with my loyalty data plan.

      The worst part for me was that I would be showing 4-5 bars of signal, but all my calls were going straight to voicemail, no data was getting through, so no indications of a new voicemail, and I would have to do a network reset/reboot in order to get a few minutes of active data service or even make a simple call. Tech service was worse than no help, making me wait several days at a time to have “engineering” go out and “check” my local towers, only to call in and have tech service claim the orders were never properly submitted and returned as invalid.

      I am afraid to “upgrade” to get LTE

      • SearsTower not Willis

        Thanks for replying; it definitely sounds like the same issue. I also would have to reboot several times to make and/or receive calls. And tech support was “priceless” in the worst way.

        Another person at work had a similar issue with the T-mobile Iphone 5, so I thought it might be unique to Chicago, but now it seems it might be a more wide spread problem.

        I’ve between a tmo customer for nearly a decade, and this was the first time I’ve experienced this level of frustration.

    • drklahn

      is this a recent problem? if so, i would think the issue might be related to the network upgrades that are going on.

  • Anton M Bröker

    have a note 2 I’m showing LTE in 5 points Denver but only at 12Mbps down and only 3 Mbps up, iPhone 5 not any better, first testing was at 30 Mbps. What happened?

    • Jose Hernandez

      They are probably not done and still need to do more work and fine tuning?

  • Olographics

    When are we going to see some LTE goodness here in Chicago????
    We have been waiting forever.

    • Shahzad Malik

      I don’t understand this myself… You would think this would of been the first launches… I’m hearing melrose park has it….

      • TonyPerez123


  • rubberman15

    I live in Honolulu and my wife just bought an iPhone 5. She is getting LTE around the Ala Moana area.

  • Zoom zoom

    We also live in Hawaii and have received LTE for about 2 weeks. Very very fast!!!

    • SLY

      Where? I live in Hawaii an have not yet had a sniff of LTE anywhere in the Honolulu area…in fact, my speeds have been worse in the recent weeks.

  • Jonathan Walter Quesada

    I’m from New Jersey I got LTE about a week and a half ago and I really don’t see much difference in speed

  • danielr112

    4g LTE here in salem Oregon

  • H2obb123

    Tmo LTE around shopping malls, hospitals, and a lot of other places still not 100% in TULSA OK.

  • LittleKing

    T-mobile is gonna surpass sprint soon ha!

    • MrWar

      It already did

  • grizfan

    *sigh* i’d still like to see at least 3g and/or decent coverage in the greater-than-just-memphis area…

  • Jefferson Josue Morales

    It works perfect here in Hollywood! Love it. Really fast

    • Chad Bookman

      would that be florida or cali?

      • Jefferson Josue Morales

        California! :)

  • Sok

    Ping after noon got much better
    After 1 pm, it has stayed below 30
    Even got 21 at one point


  • Hoggles

    Portland, OR is live for a week now. Hit up to 30+Mbps/12+Mbps. Awesome!!

  • TBN27

    I just woke up and now notice that the Borough of Manhattan in NYC is now live with LTE 15.49 down 7.90 up.

    • rcarlosnyc

      Which part of Manhattan?

      • TBN27

        Hell’s Kitchen. 43rd street and 10th avenue

        • rcarlosnyc

          I’m at 45th and 5th and saw LTE for a moment.

      • TBN27

        Hells Kitchen 43rd Street and 10th avenue.

      • TBN27

        My prediction is that they will have manhattan covered by next week then they will officially announce that this region is live at the end of the month.

        • rcarlosnyc

          Now I’m getting LTE at home in Harlem.

        • TBN27


  • GJW

    Queens is lit up in areas from where the long Island railroad comes out of the tunnels from Manhattan through to the Jamaica station.

    Also long island in mid Nassau County along parts of the northern state parkway and parts of the Wantagh parkway.

  • Lobo Lansky

    Just woke up to both my htc one and my unlocked AT&T iPhone both with LTE on them I’m in the Bronx

  • pap0tin07

    Yesss lte here in the broonx!!! My gs4

  • GJW

    Lower manhattan is lit now too.

  • rel

    Have lte in Allentown Pennsylvania

  • Mr. Hill

    Seems like T-Mobile is rolling out LTE at a much faster pace than it did 1900mhz HSPA+ last year.

  • nightkid

    I also noticed at few places over stearling height Michigan. Download speed is between 33 down and 20 up… That’s a killer’s speeds and hopefully officially launch soon. Go go T-mobile

  • Christian Hurtado

    Live in the Bronx as of this morning!

  • FormerT-MoEmployee

    Albuquerque, NM has T-Mobile LTE by UNM

    • Tom Leykis

      Ain;t seeing nothing in Rio Rancho or Santa Fe

  • Carl

    Charlotte NC, LTE on a TM Iphone5, was getting about 20MB down 8MB up.

  • sickofthepolitics

    I am seeing it in NY near Madison Sq park!!

  • hello

    I would love to have lte, but even 3g coverage in all areas of Nashville would be nice. ‘m currently losing signal in some of the most populated areas of Nashville.

    • Dakota

      That seems to be Tmobiles downfall. Even in a major city, you can go a few miles out and be stuck with nothing. LTE in Atlanta might make me go back to Tmobile depending on the new Iphone or Nexus device. But even with the HSPA, I often find speeds everywhere from .5mbps to 12 mbps on few occasions. 4 bars is very rare and often just 10 minutes outside downtown, I get no coverage while VZ and ATT customers do. THey show me speed tests of 30mbps+ and say their lowest is 25 and they could just never go back. Ive always used TMobile whther directly or via a MVNO so its confusing, esp if you have to move (which I guess is where the no contract can help if you pay off the phone and then can try to sell it and get some of that money back..but thats always hit an miss). I recently sold a NEW, unused Galaxy Nexus for 240 but I dont know if that was good or bad. Used phones would be even less. But with Nexus 4 out for 299-349, I dont think I couldve gotten a lot more. Same with the old Nexus7 8gb tablet – I also had one never used (I was lucky I had gotten extra gifts so I had brand new) and got 130..I also t hought that was decent considering you can get 16gb for only $70 more. IF youre selling to one of those services, Id suggest you check BuyBackWorld vs Gazelle – theyre prices were much much better.

  • JP

    Nada de nada here in Cincinnati yet

  • AP
  • othercents

    I’m seeing LTE in south Denver, however the signal is 1 bar vs the 3 bars I’m getting with 4G on my HTC One. I am getting 25mbps download speed with just 1 bar of LTE service, so it will probably be better once they optimize the signal some more.

  • Nick

    Got LTE on iphone 5 in Puyallup, Wa 29d 13u

  • Myclevername

    South Florida here (Dania)…getting the LTE letters on my screen for the first time. Using an unlocked Nokia 920 from ATT.
    Whoo hoo!

    • Chris

      Jealous! Still waiting for mine to light up in West Palm Beach. How’s the speed?

      • Myclevername

        Sick…only getting two bars on my phone and my speedtest returned 10Mbs down and 2 Mbs up.

    • jimmysalg

      Around where in Dania? South florida sightings have been scarce. I drive with my phone on a holder and havent seen nothing.. LOL

      • Myclevername

        US1 and Stirling area near Grampas Bakery. Got 4 bars of LTE when I drove over to the Publix on Dania Beach Blvd. for lunch. It’s out there!

        • jimmysalg

          woot woot

  • Accplus

    LTE outside Boston , Malden and Medford I see today

  • beerme828

    Add Pittsburgh to that list as of 11:45 EDT. Still up. 20 Down, 10 Up… loving it if this is for good!

    • Dave Anderson

      Got lte near Kennywood but lost it as soon as I drove into Duquesne.

  • West TX

    LTE in El Paso TX today! Went live last night. Pretty excited!

    • El paso

      Getting it in El Paso in patches! Looks like some testing going on!

  • Dylan

    LTE Fully live in Waxahachie TX, 20 miles south of dallas

  • pgarcia

    I went to my tmo store and 30 mins ago I went to look at my future ONE and it was showing 4g lte. I live in Longmont co

  • Sam

    Providence, RI also has LTE now

  • ncamacho3

    27.7 down and 11.7 up…palmdale, ca……we didn’t even have 3g before… it!

  • aa1127

    LTE was on for a couple minutes in Hoffman Estates, IL (NW Chicago Suburb, iPhone 5). Signal went back to 4G after about 5 minutes or so.

    • Shahzad Malik

      Where in Hoffman Estates? I work near 59

      • aa1127

        On Rt. 72 & Barrington Rd. I was just driving to Woodfield and had solid LTE by Rt 72 & Rt 58. However, I had to put my phone on airplane mode and toggle it back off in order to get LTE. No LTE by Woodfield though.

  • boricua68

    Dallas, Texas has LTE went live on the 6/12. Avg of 25 Mbps down and 12 Mbps up. I think TMO still working some kinks of the system since every once in a while my Iphone drops back to 4G HSPA+ 42. I am very happy with what I am seeing thus far! Keep up the good work TMO!!

    • Nick

      Same exac things happening here in tacoma, wa as of this morning

      • tomnewtn

        Yes indeed. The tower is integrated with my office building too.

  • MrWar

    Portland, OR. All of Stark

  • Robert Larson

    SEATTLE! And the call quality!! its a thousand times better! what did they do!?!

    • an0nim0

      Nothing; calls still go over UMTS (and/or EDGE).

      If you’ve got an HD Voice-capable device, and you call another HD Voice-capable device on T-Mobile’s UMTS network, then you’ll get a doubling of sampling rate – but I’ve found compression artifacts to be worse on those calls, especially with middling signal strength/quality.

  • Jazz

    Got random LTE in Pittsburgh this morning. Have had it all day. 18 mb down and about 10 mb up.

    • JJ

      LTE officially On-Air in Pittsburgh as of today…….enjoy

  • Mark Clinton

    Add pittsburgh to the list

  • mmeyer4663

    31 Mb down, here in Erie and Louisville, CO.
    Was nice to come home after spending a week in DC, 20001 zip, with 200kb download 99% of the time!

  • guest

    theres nothing at all in the detroit metro areas

    • sidekicker89

      yes there is, check sensorly . com… plus Detroit is part of the Metro PCS LTE markets so you’ll see very fast LTE there!

      • Futio

        There is downtown Detroit but not in the metro area

    • DurteeDee

      I am a metro subscriber when they were testing tmo towers in may I was getting 13-18 up

  • Filter

    Saw LTE pop up on my phone today here in Albuquerque. Yay!


      What kinds of speeds are you getting and on what kind of device?

  • GJW

    Just ran a test in my house on the south Shore of Nassau County on long Island and I got 30meg downbound and almost 9meg up bound

  • N.G.

    I got LTE turned on in Hollywood, Fl today. 20mbps down/ 13.5mbps up. I normally get 3-5 down/ 1-2 up. So it is a very good improvement here in town. Oh, and I am using an AT&T Galaxy S2 Skyrocket w/ T-Mo Sim card on no contract unlimited data plan.

  • superg05

    i just started picking it up faintly near by Dallas,tx 75227 area off jim miller and scyene used sensorly but its no bars to 2 with poor performance but it will improve in time 28ms ping in some areas

  • jjonah

    Just received LTE in Westlake, OH, 10 mins from Cleveland, OH

  • jjonah

    32.82 dwn / 17.42 up LTE Cleveland, OH, awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Magenta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • truth hurts

      in cleveland??? noooo i must go outside now!

  • Carlos Robert Sanchez

    Albuquerque has LTE in some parts if the city

  • I’ve been getting it rather consistently in Dallas!!! :) woohoo and it’s BLAZING

  • jimmysalg

    Big LTE light up this sunny monday morning in South Florida. Had consistent LTE in Kendall, South Miami, and sitting in my office in Coral Gables….

    • Fred Beiderbecke

      I am getting it in Sunrise (the L anyway), speed is faster but nothing compared to what the others are showing. Nokia Lumia 920 Developer edition.

  • Felixx007

    Seeing lte in downtown orlando but it goes away every 5 seconds lol

  • Jason

    I have picked up LTE in Tracy, CA and other neighboring small cities in the valley. Started getting it last Thursday.

  • john

    Nashville launched today!!

  • Rick Fambry

    Cincinnati Ohio was promised (or at least in this article it’s listed as) a June time frame however when I called to inquire with a tmobile rep what’s the hold up, they said September… Bummer!