LTE Sightings Ramp Up Nationwide As T-Mobile Looks To Meet Its Summer Goal

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 10.24.03 PM

T-Mobile’s LTE sightings have ramped up again this week with a host of reports coming out of Dayton and Akron, Ohio; San Diego, Anaheim, Fresno and across San Bernadino county in California. Last but least are a few sightings popping up intermittently out of the Boston area. San Diego is the clear winner here as the lions share of emails I’ve received since Monday show off plenty of network activity across the area with a number of tests pictured below.

As per our usual warning, these sightings are unofficial and represent what we believe is T-Mobile’s “fine tuning” and “testing” stage prior to launch. However, all three of these markets are listed as set to launch before the end of June so there’s a good indicator we aren’t far off from an official launch. So I wouldn’t jump too far ahead and assume that a LTE sighting means an entire market is live.

Am I missing your city?

Let’s recap the list we have for May and June LTE market launches:

  • Atlanta and Sandy Springs, Marietta,
  • Austin and Round Rock, San Antonio, San Marcos (May Launch)
  • Part of the Carolinas – Charlotte, Rock Hill
  • Chicago and Joliet, Naperville
  • Cincinnati and Dayton
  • Cleveland
  • Connecticut – Bridgeport, Stamford, Norwalk
  • Columbus and Mentor
  • Dallas and Fort Worth, Arlington
  • Denver and Aurora, Broomfield
  • Detroit and Warren
  • Honolulu and Maui (May Launch)
  • Long Island, New York and New Jersey – specific areas unknown
  • Los Angeles and Pasadena, West Covina, West LA, Metro LA, Burbank, Beverly Hills
  • Oklahoma City
  • Orlando
  • Miami and Fort Lauderdale
  • Minneapolis and St Paul, Bloomington (May Launch)
  • New England – Boston, Cambridge
  • Philadelphia and Camden, Wilmington (May Launch)
  • Sacramento and Arden, Arcade, Roseville, Fresno
  • San Diego and Carlsbad, San Marcos
  • San Francisco and Oakland
  • Seattle and Tacoma, Bellevue
  • Tampa
  • Tulsa – (May Launch)
  • Phoenix and Tucson (May Launch)

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 10.24.17 PM Screen Shot 2013-06-02 at 12.37.05 PM Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 11.34.37 AM Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 11.49.14 AM Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 11.07.55 AM Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 2.54.36 PM Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 10.36.30 AM Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 10.36.55 AM

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  • taron19119

    What happen to the may launch

    • zeth006

      They already had LTE towers being lit up in May. Even putting that aside and pretending they’re a month late, are you seriously quibbling over a one month difference?

      • taron19119

        First of all I was asking cause I lost 7 aws tower’s to lte and don’t get aws hspa+ and was hopeing to get more pcs hspa+ tower’s

  • sidekicker89

    If anyone is seeing sightings in Akron or Dayton, Ohio please download the Sensorly App so you can map the LTE sightings! Anyone can download this app for free.. Just run speedtests and also tap “Map Trip” to mark on the map where you see LTE! :)

    • kolijboy234

      Was just at Chapel Hill mall. The speeds are excellent. But just about 1/2 mile south, back to 4G

  • drklahn

    I’ve seen LTE flicker on and off in Chicago. Never sustained though. Most likely testing.

  • Realest Ever

    David, What e-mail can I send you screenshots of LTE sightings I have some that are not on your list

  • dan

    I saw LTE on an Iphone at the tmobile store in Springfield PA..outside of Philly

  • sidekicker89

    I checked Sensorly and there seems to have been a LTE sighting in New Orleans but it is not on the list… Awesome! :)

  • Roger Sales

    Got a bar of LTE at home before it went away….so it’s coming! (Union City, NJ)

  • Is it just my phone or do I rarely see more than 2-3 bars of LTE, even in wide open areas? I have to practically be standing under a tower to get full signal (and thus, full speed). And I’m talking about downtown Houston, so it’s not them just testing a tower.

    • jonathan3579

      Nope, it’s not your phone at all. If I set my phone to WCDMA, I get full bars but as soon as I allow it to get on LTE then my signal drops down anywhere from 1 to a max of 3 bars. (I’m also in Houston.)

    • Dakota

      That’s what I experience in Atlanta for hspa. Whether it says H or 3G, I rarely ever get 4 vars no matter where I am. 3 bars is even rare

  • IceGreenT

    I was on a NY bus the other day travelling for about half an hour, my phone switched back and forth between 4G (HSPA) and LTE for at least 10 times… very annoying!

    • Jose Hernandez

      Why was that annoying? Where the LTE or HSPA speeds bad?

      • riDIRKulous

        It’s annoying bc if you are streaming a radio station it pauses and reconnects everytime your phone switches from LTE to 4G, at least for me it does.

        • Jose Hernandez

          Ok, got it. The down time from switching would be annoying to me as well. Thanks for clarifying that.

        • rcarlosnyc

          Turn off LTE then and it won’t switch back and forth.

    • rcarlosnyc

      LOL @ Annoying

    • drklahn

      Yeah, that happened to me in Chicago. 4G LTE logo would appear for like 30 secs at a time, then toggle back to regular 4G.

    • Octavio Araujo

      NYC is still in testing phase not full service LTE. I am assuming they are using Metro PCS towers.

  • kolijboy234

    Was just in Akron, OH. LTE speeds are off the chain. 34 up, 25 down, approx. 30 ms latency: Wicked! If TMo could deliver just half this speed across its footprint, it would be unstoppable. That and having a better system for updating its employees on its policies.

    • Jose Hernandez

      I second the system for keeping their employees updated. It is crazy that their customers know more of what is going on than their own employees.

      • TMOLOYAL

        The reason there is not a system to allow employees more info, is because employees would then run to sites such as TMONEWS to tell everyone about their newly found secret information. Just look at the articles written here in the past with leaked info. I do not have an issue with the articles being written, more the people leaking the info, but come on you do have to understand why the company is not posting up every detail on One Voice for all to see.

        • Jose Hernandez

          I agree with your post. I completely do. But when something has become official, lets say a new price plan has been announced here to be effective as of today, You can call CS next week and they don’t know what you are talking about.

          When the uncarrier plans where announced, they announced them publicly. Even on the T-Mobile website. When I called to switch to them, I spoke to 3 different people before asking for retention.

          That’s the only way I could change my plan, no one had a clue as to what I was talking about.

          Stuff like that should not be on this time and age.

        • kolijboy234

          This is all well and good from a protectioniststandpoint, but it’s bad business to adjust terms and policies unilaterally without properly informing customers and the reps that serve them. These phones and plans cost several thousand dollars over the life of a contract and represent a serious financial commitment. I almost walked away from TMo because of stupid misinformation they reps were spewing – not I just regular csr, but up to a “manager” in the retentions department. Luckily, I know an excellent rep in a tmo store. He hunted down the exact policy that applied to my situation, called customer service, told them where exactly to find the policy document on their system and walked them through the process.

          This should not happen! Employ high calibre workers, pay them, and then trust them. This is how you keep customers.

    • Dakota


  • Rob916

    In the Greater Sacramento area and haven’t seen any LTE yet.

    • Sexual Harassment Panda

      i saw LTE in SF area last week. But it was spotty, but it was up to speed.

  • jimmiekain

    San Bernardino county is the biggest county in America… Anyone see any LTE activity in any specific city within?

    • Steve

      Fontana and San bernardino city… Also Riverside on and off

    • chevyboy1111

      Yesterday driving on the 91 east freeway then the i215 to the 60 and i10 east up to indio, i was on lte most of the time.

    • s4nerdx1

      Montclair/Chino have LTE up :) stays on the whole time.

      • jimmiekain

        Sweet! I live in Ontario and go to Chino almost everyday. Right now I have the Nexus 4 so I don’t get LTE. Any specific locations in chino? Have you seen it in the Montclair mall?

    • Upland yes. Not anywhere in Fontana though (Citrus ave/Sierra ave baseline and up)

  • HawaiiD

    Honolulu is pretty much lit up with LTE. Good speeds 30+ down 20+ up.
    I cannot believe I was with sprint waiting for Nv to come to Hawaii for over a year.

    • Cael

      Yep, I’m getting great speeds in Honolulu as well.

    • Hula Girl

      What part of Honolulu are you seeing that speed?

    • Ryan

      Wow, that is good speed. Do you know what bands LTE is running in Honolulu?

  • chris

    Anyone know when El Paso Tx may get it????

  • Aurizen

    I get terrible HSPA+ and LTE in my Philadelphia area.

  • aLdo

    Geeting 28 Mbps download speeds and 6 Mbps upload speeds with about 35 ping in Bergen County, N.J.

    • luvyahtc

      what city and street in bergen?

      • aLdo

        Have full bars on Lanza Ave in Garfield, NJ

  • I been using Coverage Map since that’s what T-Mobile suggested us to us. But I haven’t seen LTE in the rest of Detroit. I just got a spotting of it in what my grandma calls “Mid-Town” Detroit, but I really consider that like the Downtown Detroit Area. I hope this wasn’t what T-Mobile was talking about for their LTE here. Because Detroit is a whole city, it shouldn’t be one area of the city. But anyway, here’s my citing. Forgot to screencap the test, that’s one thing I don’t like about “Coverage Map”, it doesn’t store all your results. , and it was like 17Mbps up, and about 7Mbps down.

    • turtle6988

      More sites are going Live in Downtown Detroit Next week!

      • YES! I’m excited about that.

        • I’ve been getting the LTE signal off and on in Livonia for the last 3 weeks, we are SO close to a Detroit LTE launch I can taste it! – D

        • Yes, I can’t wait. And that’s great news to know because it means not only will Detroit get LTE, but probably the surrounding cities as well (Southfield, Troy, etc.), that’s what happened when they announced Detroit for 4G HSPA+ here.

      • Jeffery

        Hi how do you know?! I got LTE in downtown at comerica park other than that just regular 4G

        • turtle6988

          Maybe because I work on the network in Detroit Area

        • Jeffery

          Oh thats awesome! Do you know when LTE will be in the Detroit suburbs, like Warren, Sterling Heights, Troy? :) thanks!

        • Turtle6988

          Have no idea. The sites are on air but are currently not available to the public as we are optimizing and alarm clearing to make sure everyone has the best experience. Hopefully soon

        • themask128

          Out of Curiosity are they reducing the HSPA+ bandwith/spectrum to make room for LTE? I am in the detroit area market with a GS4 and have noticed data speeds have about halved since late may.

  • drklahn

    Anyone noticing their HSPA+ speeds decreasing? I used to get 10-15 mbps, now it’s more like 5-7 mbps. I’m wondering if T-Mobile is reducing HSPA+ spectrum in AWS in preparation for LTE.

    • rfgenerator

      Yup, it dropped in my area to 1Mbps but has edged back up to between 3 and 5 in the last few weeks. Never saw 10 to 15Mbps. I’m in Worcester, MA Up I rarely see higher than 1.6Mbps

    • kevev

      Yes. Same here. That is what T-Mobile is doing. No other way around it. We will loose 1700/2100Mhz spectrum from HSPA that will be used for LTE.

      I am wondering how T-Mobile plans on splitting users between 1900Mhz & 1700/2100Mhz HSPA. My LG Optimus L9(P769) stays on 1700/2100Mhz unless I force it to 1900Mhz. Maybe newer devices will be able to utilize both network at the same time as part of the new MIMO 4×2 strategy. Just a thought. :)

      • turtle6988

        1700/2100 will eventally go away for HSPA+. Plus with the Extra Spectrum from the MetroPCS Deal LTE will get faster. and 3G will go strictly to 1900

        • drklahn

          If T-Mobile gets some 600 mHz love next year, it would be awesome. Tower density is already in place.

      • TechHog


      • zeth006

        Does that mean I’ll need to upgrade to a new phone soon?

        Really hope we’ll see an upgraded LTE-capable Nexus phone by that time, one that doesn’t require extra steps like the Nexus 4.

    • JaswinderSinghJammu

      Make sure you have the roaming enabled under settings, more networks, mobile networks and then check the roaming box. There was an article on XDA about it. Hope that helps

      • dan

        Can you link to that article please?

        • Marcelo_L

          Yes Please link to that article.

    • Marcelo_L

      Yes I’ve noticed that too. Where I would get 9~10 MBPS I’m getting like 20% of that.

      If they’re increasing LTE bandwidth at the expense of HSPA+, that pretty much well stinks, but…whatcha gonna do.

  • tB

    most importantly, hows the battery life once the LTE kicks on?

    • JaswinderSinghJammu

      If you have consistent LTE signal, it’s awesome. I am in San Jose and usually LTE is always there. I unplug my phone in the morning around 7 or 8 Am and usually don’t plug it in during the day and I had 24% left at 11 PM. This on Galaxy S4. Hope that gives you an idea

    • g2a5b0e

      I’ve definitely noticed a hit. Today, is the first day I’ve had it, though. I’m guessing JaswinderSinghJammu is correct about a consistent signal.

    • Rod

      It’s not bad but its noticeable. Note 2 wont last a full day off charger anymore.

  • Aguie

    I have LTE at work now just a few more miles till I get it in my place sweet its super fast

  • Frederick L Duke

    I’m getting LTE signals in the Oklahoma City/Norman area on my GS4!

  • compuwizz

    I had LTE in Palm Springs, CA over the weekend. I mapped some of the sightings on sensorly.

    • chevyboy1111

      Yesterday i had lte from indio/coachella area up to by the morongo casino, driving back and forth i-10

  • enkur

    Have 1 bar of LTE here in Austin, TX
    anyone know what version of app is posted above… I havent seen that graphic.. mine looks like the very first post.

  • enkur

    Have 1 bar of LTE in Austin, TX that comes and goes.
    btw what version of the app is posted above.. my screen does not look like that.. it looks like the screenshot under the city list and not like the others.

    • remister

      Please note that some are screenshots under the IOS platform and some are under the Android ones.

    • drklahn

      i think that’s the iphone version.

  • trevb87

    Seeing LTE in west Lafayette, IN near Purdue’s campus

  • JP

    I’d settle for a 1900mhz refarm in Albuquerque and El Paso, like they were supposed to do by febuary.

    • sidekicker89

      There was a LTE sighting in Albuquerque, New Mexico on Sensorly!! :) Just because it is not on the list doesn’t mean LTE isn’t coming! It clearly is! What device are you using?

  • Marcos

    i have been getting LTE in San Bernardino / Rialto the last 4 days

    • lzc753

      Me 2!!!

    • lzc753

      More than 25 mbps!!!

  • Turtle6988

    Ann Arbor, MI has lauched and a couple of sites downtown Detroit with more coming next week!

  • steve1026

    Exciting news for Wichita. I just spotted LTE!!! David would love to send you this screenshot, how can I get it to you?

  • ttarafas

    Norfolk/Virginia Beach has been lit up for the last few weeks now!

  • Justin

    Nothing for St. Louis yet not even a lil bit this is so frustrating.

    • Sirwill4

      Yep. I waiting for that day same as you. Wanting some LTE action for my HTC One.

  • MO

    NJ now lit up with LTE 35 down 15 up…

    • luyahtc

      what city in NJ? what street?

      • Mo

        Orange nj

  • Hula Girl

    I am consistantly on 4G-LTE in Honolulu (Kahala Mall area), Hawaii with 1 signal bar.

    Last speed check I got 7mbps down, 3mbps up.

    • Ryan

      Hopefully it gets faster than that though. I think my HSPA+ gets 6 something down.

  • cvgordo

    getting at least 30 down in vallejo and san rafael, ca. sorta weird i can go from one end of a parking lot and have lte but the other end drops down to hspa+. oh well, i’m not complaining. i think tmo is doing an excellent job with their rollout.

    • remister

      Yea, same here in Eagle Rock. I know there is a tower like 30 yards from me. At the tower, Full LTE bars, at work lingers at LTE 1 bar, when I actually use the data, it goes to 4G full bars.

  • Louie Cañedo

    San Diego is rockin’! I an loving the new speeds on the Note 2

  • genoh8

    T-Mobile switched on most of Charlotte, NC with LTE on May 29th. I have seen pretty consistent speeds of 20 mbps download and 9 mbps uploads all around different areas of the city.

    • motibbs

      yup, I’m getting those in Mint Hll too

    • Jay J. Blanco

      im definitely getting a lte device now lol I was in Charlotte last weekend.

    • Bearxor

      He should really remove Rock Hill, SC from the list though. That is totally not happening.

      • Mr. Hill

        Did Rock Hill get refarmed yet? If not then no they will not be seeing LTE anytime soon. Fort Mill might get it since it’s right next to Charlotte.

        Seems more like Charlotte and the immediate suburbs, Concord, Matthews, Mint Hill, Indian Trail, and the Lake Norman cities.

        • Bearxor

          Rock Hill/Fort Mill/Tega Cay have not been refarmed.

          Only 1/2 of Rock Hill is even actually covered by AWS HSPA.

          If you check out, i have done essentially all the PCS HSPA sightings in between 74 and 85. The refarmed area dies at the border.

  • marcosddd

    Ontario california LTE 3 days ago my s4 need a new battery drain fast

    • jimmiekain

      Where in Ontario?

      • Bigjavar101

        I got LTE when I was at the Ontario Airport… But I hear that pretty much ontario/fontana/ san bernardino / redlands and riverside are all blanketed with LTE :)

  • khalidalomary

    i had t-moble LTE on my s4 in Nashville,TN

  • g2a5b0e

    First sighting in Ann Abor, MI today. I’m getting 33 up & 27 down with 2-3 bars on the Note 2! So excited! GO BLUE & MAGENTA!

    • yep! Same in Livonia – D I’ll be in Ann Arbor tomorrow night, can’t wait to get it there also. : ) go BLUE!

      • g2a5b0e

        Sweet! I didn’t expect my speeds to be this high. I wonder if that will get any higher once they’re fully launched & I’m getting 4 bars. Not that I would need it to be.

    • John

      24mbps download 21mpbs upload in Downtown Detroit! :)

      • g2a5b0e

        Hell yeah!

  • steve1026

    Wichita, KS has 1 bar of LTE on my note 2. Im getting 21 down and 10 up. Very excited!! LTE makes HSPA seem like 56k, just showed my age with that one.

    • Amy

      Where are you getting it at? I got a bar of LTE for half a second over at Kellogg & Hillside on Friday, but haven’t seen it since…

      • steve1026

        You can get a steady signal at Pawnee and Meridian, it will stay with you if you head east on Pawnee until you cross over Seneca, then its lost. Kellogg and Hillside? Thats great news, closer to where I live. Let me know if you have anymore sightings and I will do the same.

        • steve1026

          Im getting constant lte from pawnee meridian to oliver. Looks like they are starting to turn on more. Dont know about the north side but south is going to be FAST!

  • Lorna Kanami

    I posted a Fresno, CA LTE sighting on my twitter @Darkfennec. I have been getting LTE signals all over town. I was getting 22 down, I do not remember the uplaod speed, around 5 I think.

  • gshoq

    Got it in yesterday while driving through Orange County: Irvine, Costa Mesa, Santa Ana, Anaheim

  • Roger Sales

    Speedtested in Union City, New Jersey. 7.5 down, 11.2 up. I know that sounds crappy but, its a heavy T-Mobile area so this is really good. My best down at home on HSPA+ was usually 5, but usually 2-3.

  • keasycase

    Now this is wat a rollout is… Sprint rollout to these little old cities is not going to help… Big cities is where the money is and thats wat big magenta is doing

    • S. Ali

      lol, go look at sensorly maps. Sprint LTE is 10-20x bigger than T-mobile.

      • keasycase

        But they have like 5 big cities… Every city t-mo is releasing is a big city and has better technology

      • Roger Sales

        Sprint launched a year earlier and had nowhere near as much progress at this stage than T-Mobile. They will be similar in coverage by the end of the year. As for me personally, LTE just went up on my local tower today, whereas Sprint still hasn’t gotten to North Jersey at all.

      • ha, not by the end of this month my friend. ; )

  • Green

    I see the LTE symbol on my tmo iphone but I can never run speed tests or use data while on it. Is anyone else having this problem?

  • Mike Nelsen

    Any word on lte in central jersey? Near sandy hook in particular.

    • mike

      Perth Amboy

    • Alex

      Toms River has it and so does Seaside Heights. There are at least 4 towers turned on. I’m averaging around 20 down and 10 up


    My “LTE” lit up in Odenton, Md. This is 25 mins south of Baltimore and forty minutes north of Washington D.C.

  • i was LTE on my phone here in Boston (i go to B.U..summer courses) but i wasn’t able to do a speed test :/

  • NuShrike

    Irvine, CA

  • derbb282

    I’ve seen it in Denver a few times, but never stayed. My hspa+ speeds have been awful, but my guess is that it’s because they are working on the towers. I’m just excited for when i will always have lte in my area.

  • mike

    Perth Amboy nj Lte. Was connected for 5 mins 10 down 9 up

  • tom grueskin

    Damn. 55ms ping, 32.79 down, 17.98 up. San Diego, CA.

    • Kahlayoh

      I got 33 down and 24 up. Blazing fast in downtown

  • an0nim0

    What, no love for Portland metro?

    This was last Friday, middle of the day, 1 bar:

    This was today, just after midnight, 2-3 bars (which is as high as I’ve seen it go on the HTC One):

    (Sadly, this also topped off my data plan in about 10 seconds – when T-Mo billed my account 90.9658 MB for 81.56 MB purportedly transferred… some “overhead;” and what they call “throttled to 2G” amounts to ~50kb – yes, kilobit – spikes every few seconds. *shrug*)

    And here’s the map:,%20Oregon

    Yeah, it’s technically Hillsboro, but they gotta start somewhere.

    • Roger Sales

      Isn’t Hillsboro where Intel is? Maybe it was just easier to test out there first before moving into Portland.

      • an0nim0

        Ironic, since Intel invented WiMAX. ;-)

    • I just pulled 25/22 on my 4.2.1 N4 Downtown! $30 100/u/u Plan.

      • an0nim0

        Do us all a favor and grab the Sensorly app from the Google Play store; map out your LTE travels. :-D

  • And yes Folks within three short weeks, T-Mobile LTE will quickly surpass Sprint’s LTE rollout. BOOM!

  • Evan Carter

    When does T-Mobile plan to have their 4G network go nationwide?

  • Acnjr28

    Today I thought I was seeing things but here in Plainfield/South Plainfield New Jersey I was getting LTE signals on my HTC One, really good ones at that. I was so excited, I’m like “finally it’s here.” Lol

  • disqus_r14eB23pDu


    • Travis Tabbal

      I’ve been seeing LTE in SLC metro area (mostly the south SLC valley. Sandy, Riverton, etc. Haven’t been downtown to check lately. I can’t connect to it, but if I put my Note2 into test mode, I can see the towers broadcasting a signal. And it’s been spreading. They are also broadcasting the MetroPCS ID on HSPA and LTE. One nice thing, at least in theory, TMO has enough spectrum here that they don’t need to cut down HSPA speeds to get 2×10 LTE and keep 42Mbps HSPA+. :)

      No official announcements though.

  • pyro762

    Got this tonight at River Rock bar in Brick, NJ. Saw the LTE come on and just HAD to do a speed test!

  • Matthew Sinclair

    I have been getting 4G LTE off and on in Portland Oregon all week

    • MitchyTheKid

      I got LTE in Vancouver WA. Get to Hillsboro and back to 4G.

  • Deonte Barbee

    32 Up and 15 Down here in Atlanta/Marietta Area.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Wait, it’s already live in Atlanta? I may need to test it if so. All I’m getting is 4G, lol “All I’m getting as if 4G isn’t good enough” lol

    • kay

      Absolutely nothing in Alpharetta

  • Matthew Sinclair

    Hillsboro gets it first because the average income of somebody who works in Washington County is like a hundred fifty thousand a year

    • Pdx

      Are you sure about that? if you are logic ($150k/year) applies they should be choosing verizon or ATT (better coverage/LTE), NO?

      • Pdx

        *Your logic

  • g2a5b0e
  • Poli

    Getting lte on and off here in San Diego off palm ave and chula vista

  • Carlos Garay

    What are people getting in Miami? I’m switching next month, 2 years of Sprint tortuere finally coming to and end

    • Matthew23319

      Fast lte speeds lol

      • Marcelo_L

        Oh yeah ? Where ? In a 10 block radius of South Beach ? That’s not coverage in Miami, that doesn’t even cover 5% of the 3million people that live here in SoFla, dude.

        • Jaime

          LTE is coming soon, but let me tell you T-Mobiles HSPA+ is very fast here in Miami, last month or so I’ve had some issues but from what I read its mainly because they are working on the upgrades. I switched from ATT and I’m super happy.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Can’t wait for Atlanta to get it. Just got myself a S4 (Yeah you heard that right Pimpstrong – I gots me a Galaxy S4 in Black Lol) and I am ready to trash this HD2.

  • tahlyn

    how about some T-Mobile love near southern Ohio (45629). There’s not a T-Mobile 3G/4G signal for a 60-mile radius. I’m in the tri-state area (OH, KY, WV) for family business and having only 10mb for data roaming on AT&T is horrible. Plus, my calls keep dropping several times a day. I didn’t think it would be a big deal not having data, but every time I have to run an errand, I’m completely cut off. A few fast food restaurants have WiFi (and Lowes and Kroger), but it’s few and far between.

    I think T-Mobile service would do very well in the tri-state area specifically on price. Has anyone heard of T-Mobile coming to this part of the country?

    • Sexual Harassment Panda

      sorry about your luck, but you’re better off with Verizon in rural areas. Tmobile is great for urban areas.

    • $20426701

      Go to to improve coverage.

  • Upland, CA has it. Goes off when I hit Glendora (west) or Fontana/Rancho (east)

    • Zacamandapio

      I noticed that yesterday when I drove by the 10 yesterday towards home.

  • manolo

    When exactly is it gonna be live in Manhattan NY? & still waiting for ota 4.2.2

  • Alex Zapata

    Random question: what’s going on with the 700MHz spectrum that T-Mobile got from Verizon?

    • Zombiexm

      tmobile refused to buy the A +B block. It was sold to ATT.
      Tmobile tho plans to buy 600mhz spectrum tho, so I hope the ftc limits the big two hogs.

      • Alex Zapata

        Interesting, I must have missed that somehow.

  • Eric Bogle

    There is already LTE in Santa Ana, Ca.

  • kahala74

    Honolulu is lit up. 25k down, 18k up.

    • Zacamandapio

      That’s slow. Slower that dial-up speeds.

      I’m sorry.

      • Winstons

        I’m pretty sure he meant 25M down and 25M up. That’s what I’ve been seeing in Honolulu

        • Yeah, he meant k as in thousands. His display probably showed 25000 kbit/s

        • Hula Girl

          Where exactly in HNL are you getting 25M down. Ive got a max down of 12M near Kahala Mall.

      • kahala74

        Meant 25k kbps or 25 mbps.

  • Alejandro Cruz

    I’m Getting LTE in Garden Grove, Stanton, Westminster, and Fountain Valley oh yeah :) with speeds 20.20 mbps download and 12.47 mbps upload now thats what i’m talking about!!!!

    • vinh

      how come I haven’t gone it and I live in Garden Grove?

      • alejandro cruz

        What kind of phone do you have?? Maybe it has to do with your phone if not the area your in is not to good

    • faboo

      Getting LTE in buena park, Anaheim, and fullerton too. About 10down, 11up

  • Guest

    Now getting 1 bar LTE in Lorton , VA . Looks like they boosted the towers signal or something since I use to only get it about a half mile west/north.
    But I only get it out side or near windows :[
    Now only if they will put up the stupid tower they had been approved for since 2010 down the road. bah.

  • Kit Pogi

    LTE all over Los Angeles, well not literally all over. But yes, I’ve been experiencing LTE coverage for the last month. Really excited soon as T-Mobile officially releases it to all LA area.

  • h_f_m

    Queens, NYC my wife gets LTE… (Jackson Heights area)

  • Danny Lewis

    I am hopeful that the next Nexus phone will have LTE this time. LTE is deploying faster for T-mobile than I expected!

  • Mr. Hill

    LTE is pretty much lit up all over Charlotte, NC now and parts of Concord. I’ve been getting it all over the city now. Seems like the 4G signal is still stronger though as sometimes it takes a while for the phone to pick up the LTE connection (iPhone 5). Inside most buildings it seems to drop back to 4G as well.

    • Chad Dalton

      Awesome, would love for them to light up LTE here in the Piedmont/Triad Area. So excited to leave straight talk for TRULY unlimited data, and great savings!

  • Joakim

    getting lte signal by my work this entire week, hitting about 28 Mbps down, 18mbps up with a 30ms ping. this is portland, or area, we’re not even listed as a launch market

    • carlohernandez

      Where about is your work? All of last week my HSPA+ signal went to crap here in SE FoPo area. I blew it off as a matinence upgrade on local towers.. And boy was I right SE82nd to 122nd and from Stark to Otty road is blanketed

    • an0nim0

      Do us all a favor and grab the Sensorly app from the Google Play store; map out your LTE travels. ;-)

  • Losing hope for Orlando and a June roll out havent had nothing and i check all the time.. Sigh

    • Traviswoods

      Same here in arlington tx

      • DYlan

        I picked it up yesterday next to the Park Mall for about 15 minutes, Also in Duncanvillie/Ceader Hill at the out side mall, I imagine when it launches here it going to blanket the metro plex

        • Traviswoods

          Thanks for the info

        • Thats Texas not Orlando florida

        • Dylan

          I was replying to Travis that said he wished it was in Arlington tx ;)

        • my bad.. lol

    • Be patient. We’re still in early June, and just because a market is said to be officially turned on in June still means that they can take until the end of the month. So it’s only an issue as soon as July comes around and it’s still not available. :)

      • those that are lighting up now at least had sighting prior to it.. none in florida period

        • Fabian Cortez

          None in the entire state of Florida? Really?


    • geee

      At least you are not running on EDGE. >:(

  • tomarone

    I need a Galaxy S Relay LTE, real bad!

  • RobotChupacabra

    LTE been up for over a week in Brooklyn, NY. Not all of it, but at least half.

    • Shinobi

      Same in Queens! If you follow the Port Washington LIRR line, you’ll get LTE the moment it exits the East River tunnel in Long Island City and goes back to HSPA right before Nassau County

      • Christian Hurtado

        Its also visible in queens in flushing, even at Citi Field even though it gets pretty congested in the stadium :P

  • James_The_2nd

    I just unlocked my AT&T phone this morning and popped in my TMO $30 a month prepaid card, and to my surprise it came up as LTE. I’m in Fair Oaks, CA which is a suburb of Sacramento. I just moved from San Francisco where I was getting about 15Mbps down on a Nexus 4 with TMO HSPA+. Now in Sacramento I’m getting ~20 down on an iPhone 5 with TMO LTE. I was clocking upwards of 40 Mbps with AT&T in this area, but for $30/mo you can’t beat it (and nobody would ever notice a difference over 20 Mbps anyways!)

    Edit, one short hour later: While chatting with a TMO rep to change my phone number to my new area code I performed a restart and then lost LTE service at 8 AM sharp. According to the rep this area isn’t officially supported, so I was “lucky” and just happened to get on an LTE tower this morning while it was online. I guess no luck yet, but hopefully that means we’ll have LTE service here soon. In the mean time I’m at .07 Mbps download lol.

  • randomaccess386

    Hackensack NJ near the river has shown 4g LTE all week on my S4

    • Wyn6

      Hackensack? But, Lex, my mother lives in Hackensack.

      • VG

        Nice reference to the Superman film from the 70s. Made me chuckle! :)

        • randomaccess386

          At least his mother would have fast internet on her phone!

        • Sexual Harassment Panda

          Superman’s mom wouldn’t need fast internet, she can just hitch a ride on his back to get things done.

  • YoungH

    Norfolk/Virginia Beach area. I get LTE here.

  • Iegere-is-stupid

    If I was John Legere I would take down T-mobile’s 2g, 3g, and 4g satellites and replace them with 10g satellites. Because all the the other carriers go in order from from g to g. If t-mobile jumps to 10g they will be way ahead. But, whatever legere thinks he knows what he is doing.

    • princedannyb

      You clearly don’t know what you are talking about. First of all cell phones work off of towers not satellites. Second of all there is no such thing as 10g and would be impossible to launch it unless you can figure out a way to time travel. 5g is not even finished being invented. Right now 4g lte is the best technology and 4g lte advanced is next. And lastly Legere is doing a great job.

      • Sexual Harassment Panda

        you just got trolled

        • princedannyb

          Ya thats what I’m thinking.

      • an0nim0

        Hook, line and sinker.

      • Iegere-is-stupid

        You don’t need to be rude. I don’t know about this tower and satellite stuff. I am just saying T-mobile could be doing more but legere is holding them back.

        • Iegere-is-stupid

          And i haven’t trolled anybody.

        • princedannyb

          Are you all ways this stupid?

    • an0nim0

      But then Sprint will jump to 11g – replacing satellites with sub-space transceivers; plus they’ll invent 6-minute abs.

      • Iegere-is-stupid

        You don’t need 2 make fun of me. If you are making fun of somebody when Jesus returns you might miss the rapture.

        • princedannyb

          This is a website for T-mo fans not missionaries! Even there was a rapture that an0nim0 guy would be more likely to be taken then you lol. U need 2 go 2 a mental hospital.

        • thepanttherlady

          Alright, enough. Let’s get this back to topic. Thank you!

        • princedannyb

          Good idea!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • princedannyb

          I think u r faking this whole thing. Because i don’t know anyone this stupid.

        • an0nim0

          I think you forgot to switch back to your troll account. :-P

          Oh, they’re both troll accounts? Carry on, then.

          EDIT: Wow, that was weird; for awhile there, every response was listed as being posted by princedannyb (making it look like it was one person with split personalities); a refresh fixed that. Sorry for the confusion this post may have caused.

        • an0nim0

          Wait, didn’t you hear the trumpet? Didn’t you see the dead raised incorruptible? Oh, you were too busy speculating about satellites with 10 Gs? Sorry, I guess you just missed it.

          Enjoy the next 7 years.

        • legere-is-stupid’s sister

          Little brother you sound so threatening!!! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • legere-is-stupid

          Who r u.

        • princedanny

          Well I’m not going to carry on this conversation online with either a faker who just wants drama or a idiot(you must b one of those). So, if u want 2 carry on this conversation in private e-mail me at p r i n c e d a n n y b at g m a i l . c o m. I will not be visiting the comments on this article again. I had to put a space between parts of my e-mail so this comment would go through it has no spaces and I had to put at instead of the at sign.

        • legere-is-stupid

          I was just playing truth or dare with my friends. I’m not really that stupid.

        • princedannyb

          That explains it. lol

  • â“œ@®!â“ž G@®CI@ â„¢

    Everyone near Covina California I just recieved an LTE signal at work just now 11:30 am 15mbps down 9 up with 1 bar LTE not bad …… well this just proves T-Mobile surpassed Sprints embarrassing LTE rollout as they dont even have LTE in covina yet wow literally I have LTE everywhere I go now in LA including my house :)

    I will be mapping it on Sensorly when I get off work in Covina :)

  • Dem

    Waiting for them to light up the Tampa area with LTE.

    • waiting in orlando.. losing hope for the projected june rollout

      • Fabian Cortez

        And what phone do you have?

        LTE is popping up all over Orlando.

        My friend has a Nexus 4 and is able to get on just long enough to do a quick speed test. He then gets kicked off.

  • Chris

    Now the 30+ down I could get used to. Anything below that I’d rather just stick with HSPA+

  • carlohernandez

    Just got LTE in Portland, Oregon . 30mbps up and 24mbps down. ON 2 BARS! so happy lol. We were not even on the list for summer launch . annnnnnd bamb T-Mobile has passed sprint and at with the level of coverage here in pdx

    • an0nim0

      Do us all a favor and grab the Sensorly app from the Google Play store; map out your LTE travels. :-)

      • carlohernandez

        Already done . should be some on the westside , southeast and in Vancouver

      • 4 Bars W. Burnside and 1st.

      • MrWar

        Done from 200 or so on stark go 139th stark. And probably all that read there

    • MrWar

      Same here !!!

  • gman

    FYI seeing LTE in Secaucus, Rutherford, & Passaic NJ so far….on and off guess its just testing

    • Roger Sales

      Try to map it out on sensorly if you’re out and about.

  • Nick Martinez

    Where’s Modesto, CA on the list? It’s been mentioned numerous times on tmonews stating that it’ll be part of the June launch… But now I can’t find anything about it.

    • JayInCA

      I clocked LTE in Modesto on May 20th driving back from SoCal along the 99. 22.59 download and 10.25 upload. Stockton and Modesto both have LTE turned on along the freeways from what I could tell. Don’t know about official launch, but perhaps those cities fall together with the Sacramento or Fresno official launch.

  • Matt

    Vancouver WA. LTE is up here.

  • Curt

    Getting intermittent LTE in Roseville CA – a suburb of Sacramento. Attempting speedtest and downloads were 12+ but uploads were 0. I assume they are testing.

  • VG

    Question: Is the 4G T-Mobile map on the Sensorly web site exclusively the LTE sightings? Or is the 4G coverage displayed on the map a combo of LTE and HSPA?

    • VG

      Never mind, I think I answered my own question once I zoomed out and saw how little 4G was mapped out across the country. Only LTE is considered to be 4G by Sensorly

  • MrWar

    I am getting in Gresham Oregon lte

  • DPL-WA

    Redmond, WA – LTE appearing on my unlocked Lumia 920 from around noon.

  • jose

    What about Vero beach Florida. ?

  • GwapoAko

    I still can’t get LTE on my iPhone 4$!!!!

    • an0nim0

      And you never will.

    • princedannyb

      the 4s is not lte compatible

    • TechHog

      You think that’s bad? My mom doesn’t even get HSPA+ on her G1! What a rip!

      • Turtle6988

        The G1 came out before HSPA+ existed at T-Mobile

        • TechHog

          Right over your head

    • joshua

      The only iphone that is capable with lte is the iPhone 5

    • $20426701

      The Iphone 4s is not an LTE compatible device you will need to upgrade to the Iphone 5 to get LTE.

  • Mondo

    Starting to light up in Riverside County in Southern CA

  • GeeEll

    Elated to be reporting T-Mo LTE in Portland, Oregon at last. At least in the downtown area. Tested earlier at roughly 23 Mbps down and 11 up. Very unexpected since Portland had not made it to the list of upcoming T-Mo LTE markets.

    • Pdx

      which area you are getting? I have not gotten anything yet. I live near PSU.

      • GeeEll

        Earlier today when I was downtown at SW Salmon & 5th and around Pioneer Square and even further north to Burnside, it was full on LTE. Noticed it come up around 12:30 pm PST. But could have been up earlier and I missed noticing. The farther east I moved later this afternoon, the LTE signal went away. But great news for Portland, Oregon! It’s coming. They must be testing at the moment.

        • Pdx

          Yes, Thanks! yup my MAX trip from NE Hollywood 42nd ave to PSU all are under LTE.

          super nice. I think still it is under test mode, it drops to 4G once in a while.

          Happy we are getting LTE faster than I though (I was thinking Portland, OR will get it like december 2013).

          Now we have to see how far LTE can go in rural areas.

    • PDX

      which area you are getting LTE? I live near PSU have not seen yet.

  • Powellce

    Patiently waiting for Atlanta…

  • Nee Austin

    I got an LTE connection in the arboretum area of Austin two days ago.

  • GeeEll

    I am on LTE as I type. At SW 5th & Salmon.

  • Dakota

    I don’t know If this would be related but I’ve lost all mobile network contact in Atlanta three times in the last 2 weeks. Couldn’t even make a call on Tmobile

    • keasycase

      That’s means u should get lte soon

  • oc88

    Central Orange County,CA Anaheim18MBPS, Santa Ana 25MBPS , Garden Grove10 MBPS, Westminster 12MBPS all had LTE

  • Clarkkent113

    Give me LTE in Tallahassee!!!!!

    • keasycase

      Is Tallahassee reframed

  • joshua

    Bakersfield CA has LTE

    • Bakersfield Beaner


      • joshua

        Downtown and south Central bakersfield

        • Bakersfield Beaner

          Oh at least they have some progress with lte but I hope they use metropcs spectrum to have great lte.

        • joshua

          You’ll probably see lte lite up in more parts of bakersfield in the next couple of weeks as far as metropcs I talk to Tmobile about there spectrum they told me that they have re purpose the spectrum cause they run on cdma for lte which Tmobile is trying to phase out for metropcs in turn you probably wont see them combined until next year

        • Bakersfield Beaner

          Yeah I know that but just hoping tmobile refarms my tower to 1900mhz 4g and get lte.

        • joshua

          Same here they don’t have my area ether but we can do is wait and see

        • Bakersfield Beaner

          Yeah I barely get 3g indoors so waiting for them to refarm my area’s tower

        • joshua

          Dam what part do you live I get 4g or 4g lte everywhere I go except parts of the south west

        • joshua

          Its also depends on the phone you have because some have more powerful antennas in them but you probably already knew that

        • Bakersfield Beaner

          Yeah I have a Galaxy note 2 and mostly get edge in greenfield

    • GEEE

      Ugh! I am hoping T-Mobile gets 4G LTE in the Visalia/Porterville area!! I have the old iPhone 5 model. :(

  • joshua

    Pushing 25Mbps on gs4

  • metalspy8

    Is anyone getting LTE on a none listed area? im in kennesaw ga im 15 minutes away from sandy springs and marietta and 30 minutes away from ATL.. i hope i get some LTE on my phone ..

    • powellce

      I wish, I’m constantly checking from Sandy Springs myself…hopefully it’ll be here very soon, I’m excited

      • metalspy8

        im not the only fish in the sea than, has your datarandomly been switching from Edge to 4G…mine has

        • powellce

          No, however I have an iphone 5 and I’ve seen my 4G speeds slow down abit in around my area, I’ve even seen times when my 4G would give me 0 data but put out a latency of 40/50…very strange

  • 4g-North-NJ

    Bergen County (Northern part of N.J.)…at least some spots of it, 4g LTE!!! Woo-hoo!!!

  • Ashley

    Any news on Detroit?

    • kevin costner

      Detroit and Warren are on the list in the article…

  • Jays_on

    LTE popped up on my ip5 in Wichita Ks today. SWEET!

    • Amy

      I got LTE for about half a second on Friday near Kellogg & Hillside, what area are you seeing it in?

  • Hula Girl

    This network upgrade seemed to be the least disruptive. Not many dropped calls or data problems.

    In Ala Moana Center – Honolulu area, on LTE I got 7d and .9up mbps

  • gg

    Getting LTE here in Santa ana/Orange County CA

  • DaygosTommyT

    Hey! That top one is my screenshot! Nice! Getting even more LTE all over since that day.

  • Penpal1278

    Here in Kahului, Hawaii on the Island of Maui (Was speculated for May launch) I have experienced unusual connectivity issues with the T-Mobile 4G HSPA+ network… Could this be a sign that they are adjusting their network and that LTE is coming soon??

    • keasycase


  • jordan

    I didn’t even realize my enable LTE was off and when I turned it on it went to 4G and quickly changed to LTE. Went to do the speed test and I got 22.29 download & 9.81 upload. I was located in Aiea, Hawai’i and that was my first result. Just got home from a party and live in Waipahu/Kunia. My results were19.53 download and 5.99 upload. That’s great results!! So happy :)

  • ProJecX

    I’m in Pasco Washington and just in the last week my LG L9 network data speeds have gone from 2.8Mbps to 14.5Mbps and this is on a non-LTE phone! I think they are getting ready to light up LTE here soon :D

    • big curt

      Ive been getting lte in and out off steptoe behind the mall and at times on 395 by walmart its spotty but most likly in testing

  • Shahzad Malik

    I’m still waiting for suburbs of Chicago to light up. . . About a month ago I saw my LTE come on in Addison IL, only lasted 3 hrs and then gone. . . . Nothing since.

  • GeeEll

    Delighted to report yet more T-Mo LTE in Portland, Oregon, this time in the Mt. Tabor neighborhood @ SE 69th & Yamhill to be exact. 2 bars clocking down at 22.66, up at 6.72 Mbps. Awesome to be experiencing. When is the switch turning on for good in our city?

    • GeeEll

      By the by, this was at 8:10 am on this absolutely/perfectly gorgeous Pacific Northwest Saturday morning.

      • chantie

        Seeing LTE down in Salem too!

      • Hoggles

        It has been a very nice weekend :)

    • sidekicker89

      make sure you download the sensorly app so you can show where LTE is on their map :)

    • Hoggles

      Roger that!! Sellwood here… 30Mbps/11Mbps. Awesome speeds and no official notice it was coming. I am a happy S4 owner. Good job Tmo !!

  • big curt

    Lte very spotty in tricities washington, on my note to but when its up im getting 32 download and 11 upload, great work tmobile

  • thepanttherlady

    Noticed LTE on my daughter’s iPhone 5 last night in Tustin, CA. Off Redhill & the 5.

    • custom1

      Yes :-) That’s right by my local Starbucks. They are moving fast with this. Thanks!

  • Joe

    LTE is also available in the city of cerritos. It’s great!

  • tonkotsu

    lots of LTE where I am now

  • Rufio

    Anyone in Detroit or the metro area getting LTE?

    • Ricky

      Yeah in Downtown Detroit its spreading like wild fire. I got it at Comerica Park, as well as the financial district.

    • Joey Soloo

      I have had it back off 696 and Orchard Lake, haven’t been downtown yet to see

  • pbxtech

    LTE in Bergenfiled, NJ showed up on my Note 2.

    • pbxtech

      Sorry its Bergenfield, NJ.

  • Lmrvrgs

    I get LTE over here in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, New York. but i feel ever since Tmobile started updating their towers i have been on EDGE a lot lately which i have never been on EDGE. i really hope this is only temporary, has anyone else experienced this?

    • Roger Sales

      the downside of being in a refarm area until work is complete. It’s completely normal, and undoubtedly temporary until things are “official”.

      • Lmrvrgs

        Just sucks because i have the Tmobile ip5 and i was never on edge always on “4G” now it seems im always on edge, so frustrating.

        • $20426701

          I know how you feel. I don’t know if my area is being upgraded or what? but I have been switching either to no service or edge constantly. In the past i got 3 bars of 4G, so i so I don’t know what is happening.

  • Mr. Hill

    Anyone else notice the Speedtest app on the iPhone 5 won’t finish testing the upload speed and just hangs there loading? Been doing that for the past 4-5 days.

    • traviswoods

      Mine is doing it too

    • techymexican

      it’s been doing it on all speedtest, both my android and windows phone are doing the exact thing

    • traviswoods

      In the app hit the about tab and it explains the issue but doesn’t explain why for andriod

  • Uxorious

    LTE is active in San Francisco!

  • Kamann

    Saw LTE today alot pf places in Salem, OR which is about 45 min. South of Portland, OR. Tomorrow I will be going to Tualatin which is closer to Portland and will check to see if LTE is there.

    • carlohernandez

      Tualitan does have some LTE. Download the Sensorly app from App store or the Play Market and help map some coverage.

  • Just ported in two Lumia 920s from ATT yesterday, T-Mo LTE on both in Charlotte. showing around 10mbps each direction.

    • $20426701

      Is any LTE live in South Carolina? I would test it myself but haven’t bought an LTE capable device yet.

      • I’m not sure, but I’ll be im Fort Mill tonight and I’ll report back what I find.

  • Ricky2111

    I’ve been getting LTE in parts of San Antonio, TX

  • Hoggles

    You can add Portland, OR to the list! I have yet to see it in any rollout info, but as of 3 days ago… my S4 has had the 4G LTE icon and speeds are awesome!! 30Mbps/11Mbps. Nice!

    • carlohernandez

      Download the Sensorly App and help map coverage! I’ve done a fair share in SE(Foster-Powell/Lents) and the MAX lines leaving gateway towards downtown

      • Pdx

        How do you do this? Just open sensorly map and keep it for a while or need to run speedtest? speedtest takes 60MB of data for each run. I do not want run out of data plan …

        • an0nim0

          Mapping doesn’t do any speed tests (though the app does have a separate speed test function, which can take upwards of ~90 MB on LTE – so don’t run that), it only tracks signal levels at coordinates and sends that to the server; my average half-hour commute only consumes ~2 MB.

    • Shaun

      It’s intermittent out in beaverton, but I’m definitely happy with the progress!

    • Roger Sales

      According to Sensorly the buildout is very extensive for a market that wasn’t even announced to launch. Moreso than a lot of the announced ones….I’m guessing the person who compiled the list was supposed to add Portland metro.

    • Vitaliy Mulyar

      I was surprised to see it on my S4 but there are places in Portland that do have LTE and the speeds to match it!

  • carlohernandez

    Just some food for thought. We are sitting at approximately 36 cities with confirmed LTE activity based off of Sensorly mappings. Its been in what two months? It took sprint half a year to do that ! Way to go tmo !

  • ww88ww

    Have LTE in downtown Bellevue WA (not at the HQ in Factoria which has had LTE for weeks). – but zero bars in my apartment.

    • Roger Sales

      I’d give it some time….it’s probably just not active on the tower you should be getting reception from. I’m not supposed to be getting LTE right now because my town doesn’t have any towers lit up, but i’m on the edge of one that does and am pulling 0-2 bars from it half the day.

      • ww88ww

        I was hoping/assuming it might be a test. Back to normal 4G this morning.
        I’ve speed tested the LTE near the company headquarters, was as fast as 34 down/20 up, not too shabby.

        • John Evans

          I have seen LTE in parts of Kent and Auburn and also in the U District

  • kevin costner

    Ive been told, while at the T-mobile store in town, that Grand Rapids, MI will be getting LTE some time this year.

  • Teeeeeheeeee

    LTE active in honolulu ewa beach cheeeeeeeeee!

  • jetscreamer01

    I am a nexus 4 owner living in murrieta, ca in riverside county, when I switch over to LTE, I can see that I am on the LTE:13 mobile network in the phone status screen, but I am not getting any data connections. The LTE letters also do not appear on the top of my screen. Do any other Nexus 4 owners have the same issue?

    • Roger Sales

      Nexus 4’s LTE appears as a 4G symbol(your hspa+ should be using an H symbol if I recall). The phone wasn’t build to support LTE officially, hence no LTE logo.

      • jetscreamer01

        Thanks for the info, now if only I can get a data connection. I still see disconnected under Mobile Network State, even though mobile data is on and I turned off wifi.

        • bakedpatato

          Do a speedtest. If you’re seeing LTE:13 you should be getting LTE.

        • jetscreamer01

          already tried, my phone is showing no connection. maybe it will work when the network improves.

        • Mondo

          I’ve had no issue with LTE out in Corona, CA. You changed your APN’s to the correct settings and turned on the correct radio options right?

        • jetscreamer01

          yes, I have it set to T-Mobile since it is my carrier, and I am still using jb 4.2.1 with the old radio, so technically it should work. but my mobile network state is showing disconnected.

        • Mondo

          ya, I’m running CM 10 RC5 4.2.2 with the .33 radio, I connect fine on 4G here usually up to Lake Elsinore with no Data connection problems. But I did have that issue over the weekend on my way to Parker AZ, stopped off in Palm Springs and had full LTE but no data connection, it was blue and everything, I just had to turn off LTE and go back to HSPA.

      • bakedpatato

        No, it’s rather that the Android Open Source Project(aka “stock android”) chose to have “4G” as the symbol for LTE rather than “LTE” and the Nexus 4 by virtue of being a nexus device has AOSP based firmware.

      • REVS

        is the t mo nexus even lte ?

  • dlow

    How to you build the maps using sensorly im using the iOS as where i live i have perfect signal all the time but sensorlys web site shows nonthing has ever been submited where i live im waiting to help build the coverage maps.

    Also when i view sensorly from its web site there is no op for tmobile lte ?


    • Mr. Hill

      It doesn’t work on iOS. You can only map it with Android.

  • RobotChupacabra

    Two weeks of 5×5 LTE in Brooklyn and Queens now. Anybody know the exact spectrum holdings in NYC and how much of MetroPCS’s AWS they plan on using for LTE here? I was hoping for 10 MHz channels in NYC, since that’s what they demonstrated at the March press conference.

    • BlackLighted

      MetroPCS only has 20MHz total of AWS in NYC to offer to the party, 6MHz of which is their own LTE network, and 6MHz is their CDMA network.

      Don’t know how fast they’ll be able to re-purpose all of that, but Metro is supposed to start selling re-branded T-Mo phones to their customers this week.
      The faster Metro customers switch over, the faster they can re-farm Metro spectrum for T-Mo LTE

  • Long Islander

    Wooohoo – I can confirm that LTE just popped up for Nassau County in Long Island as of this morning (at least in my area Westbury/Carle Place)

    • REVS

      it is going in and out for me in levittown

  • Davisite

    LTE in Davis, CA about 15 miles away from Sacramento :)))

  • Nikropht

    LTE in Dallas 33.59Mbps down 19.74Mbps up!

    • Sok

      Where in Dallas?

      • Nikropht

        35 & walnut hill, saw them up on the towers too.

    • riDIRKulous

      Damn nice speeds.

  • Nick Gonzalez

    Waiting patiently in Denver, with my HTC One…

  • Matt b

    Have tmo lte in New Jersey on the garden state parkway from exit 145(Newark and east orange) north past exit 154(Clifton). This is on a iPhone 5. Getting 21Mbps DL and 11-13Mbps UL

  • REVS

    lte going in and out in central nassau long island 22down 10 up 45 ping compared to 14 down 4 up 85 ping with hspa42

  • pbxtech

    LTE in Cresskill, NJ. 12d/2.5u only getting 2 bars.

  • I-Troll-U

    Enabled LTE on my N4 this morning in Seattle and have had LTE all day so far.

  • Vivi77

    Anybody spot anything in Cincinnati? I seen someone mentioned Dayton.

    • sito

      I haven’t seen any in Cincinnati yet, still holding my breath. Although I was told by one of the Engineers not to expect it anytime soon :-(.

  • $20426701

    Is any LTE live in South Carolina? I would test it myself but haven’t bought an LTE capable device yet.

    • jefski

      Im in myrtle beach. No lte yet. Only rockhill and Charlotte and Wilmington

      • Nick

        There is no LTE in Wilmington, NC…The area hasn’t even been re-farmed for 1900Mhz yet. (Patiently waiting)

    • Mr. Hill

      Just Charlotte for now. Raleigh-Durham and the Greenville-Spartanburg areas will probably be next.

  • Jefski

    Im in Myrtle Beach. No LTE here yet. I believe its in rock hill and Charlotte

    • $20426701

      Thank you for the information. I hope we get LTE soon because in my general area HSPA+ speeds have slowed. I used to get 3 bars of HSPA+ but now fall to edge or no service.

      • pbxtech

        That’s a sign that something is in the works. I had that same issue for a while but over the weekend a couple of towns in my area had LTE signals popped up on my phone.

    • Mr. Hill

      Have you guys been refarmed in Myrtle Beach yet? I haven’t seen any sightings on airportal yet. If refarmed 1900mhz HSPA+ hasn’t hit your area yet then you won’t be seeing LTE any time soon.

  • truckeemike

    Reno, NV was HSPA+… But point is they are 4G. Lake Tahoe, Ca…4G. Me…Truckee, CA 11 miles from Tahoe and 222 Reno. In between both, and guess what YUP EDGE. I WAS excited when tmonews posted the story that TMo was covering the Country w/LTE , and even said more dishes many more. I know, it was not that long ago. But, I’m surrounded by 4G. Some of the World Class ski resorts got 4G. Me… noooooo. Maybe someday.

    • $20426701

      Maybe you can seed up the process of getting LTE or at least HSPA+ by going to this website spread the word in your community, get them to go to the site and fill out the survey.

  • Noah James

    Made a Disqus Account that is why all my posts before this one come up as Guest with this same picture as this post.

  • zero

    LTE is live in San Francisco!

  • Chris

    For those who have LTE already, did you notice greater-than-usual fluctuations in your signal strength and were you switching from 4G to Edge more frequently before it went live? Data speed was unusually slower today in West Palm Beach, FL and I’m hopeful it’s a sign we’re close to a launch since we’re not too far from Ft. Lauderdale (on the list for June) :D Thanks!

    • Jaime

      I have read in other posts that this is the case. Also experiencing that in Miami

  • Eli

    My Note II has been popping up with LTE over the last week in the Vancouver, WA area (Portland, OR). I have been getting downloads in excess of 30mbps and uploads of 18+ on Speedtest while LTE is available.

  • Matt

    LTE is live in Los Angeles!

  • Zack

    Seeing LTE here in Wichita Kansas.

    • Amy

      Where at?

      • CharlieC

        I saw LTE while at the Sonic on S. Oliver on Sunday. I got 19 Mbps down on my iPhone 5.

        • Amy

          I had one bar for half a second at Kellogg & Hillside, so I guess that makes sense. Hopefully they deploy all over, my signal downtown has been downright shameful for the last month – dropped from 5 bars 4G/HSPA to 2-3 with dropped calls and failed texts…

        • Amy

          LTE just popped up in Downtown Wichita, speeds aren’t great with only two bars: 10.10M down and 4.47M up, but I’m impressed. It might also get better if I weren’t sitting in a building.

  • Benjamin@tmo

    Seeing LTE in part of Skagit county, Washington!

  • Yevalht

    LTE in part of Sacramento

    Fruitridge and 24th st

  • Guest

    LTE was available this morning in Teaneck, NJ but not when I got to Manhattan

  • REVS

    im all LTE now all over nassau county ny , queens broklyn , will check nyc tonight

  • REVS

    SPRINT SHOULD TAKE NOTE gf is yet to see LTE , or even wimaxx crap on LI been waiting for years

  • natedenver

    Denver went live . I noticed it a little while ago. So far it doesn’t look like it is being tested but that it is a go.

  • Kevin O.

    I have LTE ALL AROUND my home/work. Live in Mission Viejo and work in Irvine. Almost EVERYWHERE is LTE! Way to go T-Moble!

  • ryan d

    Denver, so far got 2 bars with decent speeds

  • thumper

    32Mbps in Denver!

  • GreatSpeed

    35 down 15 up in Wichita Kansas.

  • doink902000

    LTE has just been turned on for me 15 minutes ago!!! I’m in Fort Worth, Texas. Southwest area to be exact! I’ll be doing a sensorly map tomorrow, to see how it does when across town. I’m only getting 3 bars max so far. I’m on the Note II. The fastest speeds I’ve gotten so far is 19 megs down/15 upload!

    • traviswoods

      Awesome can’t wait to see LTE over here in Arlington

      • doink902000

        The signal isn’t strong outside of the house for me. At work, it was fluctuating back and forth between LTE and UTMS, and when it was UTMS, it was a lot slower than usual.

  • Sense Rocks

    I’m an on the road salesman, and I’m seeing LTE all over NJ. Parkway, Turnpike, Rt 80, 287,1-9. Also in town in Paterson, Bergenfield, Wayne, Pompton Lakes, Newark, Elizabeth, Plainfield, Edison, Freehold, and others. Love it! This deployment has been fast and broad. T-Mobile is showing how it’s done!

  • Paul

    Looks like LTE is up in the Dallas area, I’m in Frisco. I have speed pics, just need to know where to send them.
    Got up to 33596kbps.

    AND it’s gone. Figures.

  • Aardvark

    I live in Sarasota, which is about an hour away from Tampa. AT&T and Verizon claim to have coverage in the “Tampa area” and us in Sarasota also get LTE coverage on those carriers. Do you think T-Mo LTE will include Sarasota?

  • JoeyKhache

    Don’t forget Glendale, Cali. We’ve been lit up for quite some time too. In between Pasadena and Burbank, CA.

  • jj gomez

    LTE is on in sacramento ca yes and loving the speeds 13 up 3 down

  • JointhePredacons

    LTE been on in NYC for weeks now.

  • Hoggles

    Portland, OR has Tmo LTE for the last week! Blazing fast 30Mbps/12Mbps. Good work big magenta!

  • keasycase

    I think T-Mobile will have lte in a lot of places… Because I think the edge areas r going straight to lte… I’ve had read some articles people saying I’m getting lte in this place wen before I was getting edge

  • N52939

    LTE showing up in parts of Orlando, mostly downtown but also in Lake Buena Vista around Disney and Winter Park / Maitland.

  • shadowdawg

    Hmm weird :( The first day lte arrived in sandiego for me I was getting 30 up and over 10 upload for a week and then all of a sudden i’m only getting 12-20 down and 2 upload. I Still see the lte service icon on my phone so I don’t know if it’s cause people are on the network as well and making it go down. I changed devices and and it’s still happening.I feel like i”m only getting 4g speeds and not lte

  • techguypr

    LTE in most of Downtown Orlando as well as around the Disney Theme Parks and parts of Kissimmee.. Speeds not impressive at all! HSPA+ is faster than LTE for now..