HTC Offering T-Mobile Exclusive Trade In Program To HTC One Through June 9th

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With HTC One availability stretching out across the nation yesterday, it’s the right time for HTC to offer a T-Mobile customer exclusive trade-in offer. From June 5th to June 9th HTC will offer you a guaranteed $100 trade-in and up to $300 when you buy the HTC One and trade in your old smartphone.

The terms are pretty simple, just buy the device between June 5th and June 9th and mail in your eligible smartphone with proof of purchase by June 30th. Example trade-in values are $300-$375 for the iPhone 5, $200-$255 for the iPhone 4S and $130-$210 for the Galaxy S III.

To start with this offer visit and use promo code: TMO100. Follow the rest of the directions for mailing back your smartphone and get that trade-in value!

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  • Oscar Alvarado

    Sounds great.

  • tmo_employee

    Wow way better than tmobile trade in offer

  • Clarkkent113

    What about the Galaxy Note II, how much is that worth? If it’s like $350 I may do this.

    • ssl48

      The most you can receive is $300

      • Clarkkent113

        Not according to the list they provided. An iPhone 5 is worth up to $375.

        • ssl48

          Oh, sorry. I didn’t look at the list

        • Clarkkent113

          No worries. NVM anyway I just checked out about much they’d offer for it and they’d give me a pathetic $170. I’d get double that on eBay. I may just sell it on eBay anyway and use the money for a One.

        • ssl48

          Wow, that is pathetic! $170? You could try selling it on Swappa, as well. I believe they don’t charge any fees. Good luck!

    • bryan

      uh.. you’d get much more for it on craigslist or swappa.

    • Sexual Harassment Panda

      try $450…all day on ebay, if you’re lucky you can get closer to $500

  • PapiManCT


    • ssl48

      It’s only desirable if you have a crap old phone like I do and they’re giving me $100 guaranteed lol

      • Sexual Harassment Panda

        so you have a Nokia 3300 like me? lol

    • IamDefiler

      Great for cheaper smartphones though with $100 guaranteed. :)

      • Sexual Harassment Panda

        yep, i have a really old iphone3 i’d like them to give me $100 for, problem is, I just got the Note 2 and don’t need an HTC One.

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    I have a fall apart EVO V from Virgin Mobile, would that qualify for this? I can get my GF a new phone on t mobile

    • ssl48

      I don’t think the carrier matters. Good luck!

  • bydavidrosen

    $250 is the bare minimum i’d sell my s3 for

  • wilde_ride

    What the frack is wrong with HTC that they would put such a low value on their own phones? My One S isn’t even a year old and they want to give me $109 to convince me, a loyal customer, to buy their new “best and brightest”. There is a reason HTC is struggling so much, they don’t take care of the existing customers who have been loyal to them. That’s business 101. I really don’t think HTC is going to be around much longer. Sad, because their phones are great.

    • Sexual Harassment Panda

      b/c HTC and Clover Wireless is a for-profit business? They’re taking all the risk for recieving an unknown quantity, and you’re somehow entitled to market value of your phone for just throwing it in a box? If you want market value for your phone, go out and do some work and post it on ebay and cl…that’s why they’re undercutting you by $50 on your phone.

      i just sold my One S about 2 months ago for around $160 btw.

      • wilde_ride

        I run a business. I work my ass off every day. I’m talking about customer service and loyalty, something vital in business and something you clearly know nothing about.

        • Sexual Harassment Panda

          so they should just “trust” you and give you market value for your unknown phone you’re tossing in your bag and loose money if it has a cracked screen, or runs some defective ROM that makes the phone useless, or is a counterfeit phone, or takes in a large volume of phones whereas it depresses the market value? You “run a business”, how does giving you market value make sense in these cases?

    • lolwut

      And how much did you purchase the One S for?

    • NotAG1

      Yeah…didn’t see this available b4 it expired. Now, they want to give me $21 for my HTC One S…hehe.
      I will buy the One, but I might just wait for round 2 of the black…

  • MuthaFuckinStephen

    I can get $280 easy selling my amaze on craigslist. This is making me lean towards the S4 a lot more.

    • Bailey

      I doubt 280 for the Amaze, but for the Galaxy S3 yes Sir…

      • MuthaFuckinStephen

        I sold an unlocked iPhone 4 for $320 a couple weeks ago. It depends where you live, condition of the device, who you’re selling to and how smooth of a talker you are. I also live in a highly populated city. I almost always win.

        • Bailey

          Well..Great Job.

        • kalel33

          Yeah, great job of getting top dollar. There isn’t an Iphone 4 being sold on craigslist for more than $200 here.

    • Deon Davis

      Only a fool would pay 280 for a amaze. Maybe 150 at most. And I like htc.

    • jose

      You will never get 280$ for a htc amaze.maybe 150$ but most likely 120$ top.!!!

  • D Velasquez

    they don’t even have my device, N-02a lol

  • monkey

    I have an old nokia nuron someware. Site shows 100 for the dino-phone

  • Jeff Martinez

    I can sell my phone for a bit more than that.

  • Michael Pitts

    Wish they would announce whether or not well be getting the Black HTC One? They rolled out the full launch already and there is already confirmation that Verizon is getting both the Silver and Black one :(

  • Sexual Harassment Panda

    ….and there you have it, their processing fees and profit margin as displayed…about $100 per phone depending on the model. I don’t know why everyone is all upset on this valuation, has it occurred that HTC and Clover Wireless is a FOR-PROFIT business? lmao

    They’re taking all the risk for recieving an unknown quantity, and you’re somehow entitled to market value of your phone for just throwing it in a box? If you want market value for your phone, go out and do some work and post it on ebay and cl…that’s why they’re undercutting you

  • Graham Blackadder

    Needless to say I shall be sticking with my nexus 4 and not partaking in such a bollocks promo. As mentioned earlier it’s only really any good if you have a prehistoric monster as a phone.

  • Jeremy Clay

    dont see the galaxy note 2?

    • Sexual Harassment Panda

      sell it on ebay, note 2 is easily worth at least $450.

      • thepanttherlady

        I sold mine on Craigslist early last month for $580.

        • AndroidProfit

          WOW nice

        • IRIE4IPIEIR

          You burned someone then lol. In my area, those are going for $350 on average.

        • thepanttherlady

          Can’t burn someone when that’s what they’re willing to pay. My phones remain in perfect condition and I always get top dollar for them when I sell.

        • IRIE4IPIEIR

          Me too, I sold my Galaxy S3 a few months ago for $500 on CL

        • IRIE4IPIEIR

          And I LOVE Panther Ladies lol

        • thepanttherlady

          That’s only because you have good taste. ;)

        • IRIE4IPIEIR

          And I’m sure you taste like sugar…. Ok, I’m done flirting lol

    • Jason Crumbley

      They’ll only give you $170 for it.

  • Droc

    Does this apply to new customers as well?

    • Sexual Harassment Panda

      anyone and everyone


    The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) takes places June 10-14th… this sale ends June 9th.

    Coincidence? I think not… as I am thinking of trying out the next iPhone with the revamped interface.

    HTC should have given us at least a few weeks to make the purchase, not 5-rushed days.

    • ssl48

      Aren’t the phones usually released in September or October, though?

      • PiCASSiMO

        Doesn’t matter… it’s a question of do I want to move from Android’s interface to Apple’s new iOS7? If iOS7 becomes the new OS that is closer to Android, I will hold off a few months to by the iPhone 5S (or whatever they want to call it).

        I’m a sucker for a great camera on the phone, but also picky on the screen (SGS4 pentile green/blue screen hurts my eyes) or the O/S itself (Lumia 925 would be great, except I can’t get myself to accept WP8 interface).

        • ssl48

          It might be a long wait. I’ve been holding out on getting a new phone because I would rather have the black HTC One, but I’m also thinking that the iPhone 5S is gonna be revamped so that’s tempting as well. I think either phone would suit me well.

        • PiCASSiMO

          The HTC One has some negative traits, including 4MP camera (yes, I do strive for resolution) and the 2 capacitive buttons (when I’m used to my Nexus 4 configuration).

        • IRIE4IPIEIR

          You can’t even tell it’s pentile, if someone told you it wasn’t pentile, I bet it wouldn’t hurt your eyes now would it. Stupid guy. You must be wearing super duper magnifying glasses or something. And you can’t get yourself to accept Windows Phone ui but you can accept iOS? GTFO

        • PiCASSiMO

          First… what’s with the attacks? Why become the SGS4 defender?

          Yes, I can tell it’s a pentile display. Anyone that can discern colours can. My Nexus 4 (or the HTC One) has a brighter screen and true whiter screen.

          Take an SGS4 and crank up the brightness of it. Take a Nexus 4 or a HTC One, and do the same. Now, using the browser for each, go to home page.

          What my eyes see is two things:

          1. Nexus 4/HTC One have a brighter screen, which will mean better viewing capability in daylight.

          2. The whites on the SGS4 are really white. They are more green and blueish colour. Sure, anyone can get used it, but coming from an Nexus 4 for the past 8-months, it’s difficult to accept that this $650 flagship has a sub-par display to a $350 phone.

          Now, you can argue all you like that the blacks are true black, and I will agree with you. But at the end of the day, that Pentile screen bothers my eyes. I have several friends at work with various SGS3 and SGS4 phones. All of them have the same issue for MY eyes. Not yours, but mine. And which is which that’s a negative against the SGS4 to ME, not you.

          So please, take your attacking/defending commentary somewhere else, or objectively do the two steps above and get back to me.

          Also, have noticed that all the SGS3 and SGS4 touchwiz screens have been by default blue green style? Backgrounds, menus, etc? It’s there for a reason to mask their pentile display setup on first impression.

  • i can get $100 for a HTC one x? really

    • jose

      Yea the one x isn’t really that good of a device

      • it sucks but its better than nothing

        • Mark

          I’m not trading (probably next year when I’m going to slip out of contract), but they offered me $109 for my HTC One S.

  • jose

    How much will they give me for my LG l9.?

  • Goliath King

    Soooooooo Where’s the Black One?

  • Quan Bui

    ugh, have u ever seen the black HTC One??? that’s one ugly phone in person.

  • Danny

    are they having a fathers day sale this year?

  • Grim

    wow htc is moronic….they offered me $75 for my iphone 5 16 gb and only $64 for my 64 gb. Makes a lot of sense. Way to attract customers….

    • Grim

      Yup I am actually the one that is moronic, my bad….I should learn to answer questions correctly before calling someone out! Is my phone in working condition – yes: it is now worth 375! Awesome job HTC!