T-Mobile Changes Deposit Amounts For Upcoming ‘Simple Choice With No Credit Check’ Plan

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With T-Mobile’s “Simple Choice with No Credit Check” rate plan still unannounced, changes behind the scenes aren’t entirely unexpected or surprising. Given that, it came as little surprise when this new tidbit was dropped in my inbox indicating T-Mobile had lowered the deposit cost by $10 per line. According to the image: “Deposits will [now] match rate plan monthly recurring charges which will make it simpler to explain and easier for customers to understand.”

As mentioned yesterday, the upcoming SCNC rate plan is quite reminiscent of FlexPlay providing T-Mobile customers with the full rate plan experience without the burden of a credit check or high deposit. Or in T-Mobile language:

“Simple Choice with no credit check (SCNC) is a new service option for Prepaid customers who want an Un-limited and Un-restricted family plan experience without a credit check.”

Pricing is the same as the current Simple Choice pricing, however data pricing is limited to either the included 500MB of data already allotted for each line on a family plan, 2.5GB data or the Unlimited Plan which includes 500MB for tethering. The SCNC rate plan for Mobile BroadBand includes three options: 500MB, 2.5GB or 4.5GB.

We’re told that the launch of the new rate plan as part of UNcarrier “Phase 2” is now expected on or around July 14th.


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  • Jorge Suero

    So with this do you have to pay the full price of a phone let’s say for example the htc one other than the $99

    • thepanttherlady

      There are no phone “deals” or EIP’s offered with this plan. You pay full price up front or bring your own device.

    • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

      there’s no free lunch, you always pay full price for a phone. Anyway you cut it, you’re paying full price for a phone at T-Mobile or any carrier for that matter. All this simple choice stuff is the de-coupling of the monthly service payment with phone payment and juggling how much and when you make your phone payments to Tmobile. No more no less, don’t read too much into it. If you want to pay less than full price for a phone, you need to go to craigslist or ebay.

  • Timmae

    Is that 2.5GB or 4.5GB per line or per family account? Still pretty happy with my $30/mo 5GB/100min plan but adding roaming higher network priority would be nice

  • Joe

    If a 4 line family plan is 100.00…. How much for 2 lines??

    • Doe


  • D like

    Can you say, no social, no problem! Love it!

  • CRT24

    This is actually even better for people who want to add additional data over and above the included 500mb…..so the deposit replaces the first month of service up front that has always been required on M4g, and is less than one would pay otherwise if adding 2.5gb or unlimited data per line….plus the deposit is refundable where the first month of service is not!

  • 2wilight

    1. Are the taxes added to the monthly rate that you choose like prepaid at 8.75% or postpaid at 15%?

    2. Since they are coming out with this new rate plan isn’t prepaid going to diminish since we will just put everyone buying the phone full price on this type of rate plan?

    3. Commission wise, does anyone know if the payout will be just like prepaid or treated as a postpaid?