Detailing T-Mobile’s ‘Simple Choice With No Credit Check’ Upcoming Rate Plan

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With the knowledge that training began yesterday, it’s clear that T-Mobile’s Simple Choice with no credit check rate plan is on the cusp of being announced as part of T-Mobile’s Phase 2 Uncarrier strategy. The plan itself is almost reminiscent of FlexPay, where it provides T-Mobile customers with the full T-Mobile rate plan experience without the burden of a credit check or high deposit.

“Simple Choice with no credit check (SCNC) is a new service option for Prepaid customers who want an Un-limited and Un-restricted family plan experience without a credit check.”

Pricing is the same as the current Simple Choice pricing, however data pricing is limited to either the included 500MB of data already allotted for each line on a family plan, 2.5GB data or the Unlimited Plan which includes 500MB for tethering. The SCNC rate plan for Mobile BroadBand includes three options: 500MB, 2.5GB or 4.5GB.

So what’s missing from these plans? For starters, there is no equipment installment plan which means you’re paying up front for the device. Along with the up front cost of the device, there is a small deposit per line as well. On a four line family plan, the first line requires a $60 deposit, line 2 a $40 deposit and lines 3 and 4 a $20 deposit. The fifth line on a five-line family plan on SCNC can only be used for a Mobile BroadBand line which also requires a small $20 deposit. Given that billing on these new plans is in arrears, it seems that the deposit is used or can be used for non-payment.

Other differences include the loss of Unlimited International Talk and Text as well Automatic Payments (EasyPay). Payments will be made within three days of the due date and must be done in-store or online, over the phone.

All in all it’s a nice new addition to the lineup and I imagine for a small group of customers it could be very appealing. However, the lack of a equipment installment plan will likely be a determining factor in showing customers the benefit of this new rate plan. The success or failure of this new group of rate plans is bound to be based on how well T-Mobile retail sales representatives can position them in stores.

Am I the only one who sees this as the semi-return of a FlexPay-esque rate plan?

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  • kidosteele

    i think it’s a great way to merge Metro and T-Mobile… seems like the next step in getting some of the customers to inter mingle and free up some space…
    Metro customer are already doing without EIP…

    • Skihiker21

      That’s not completely accurate. Metro customers do not have T-Mobile’s EIP program, however Metro does offer multiple device financing options via QPay.

      • kidosteele

        wow.. i wasnt aware of QPay… thats pretty cool… thanks for the info

  • VG

    Will this new prepaid plan be exempt from all those pesky taxes and fees associated with postpaid? And can someone clarify roaming on prepaid vs. postpaid? Some people say there is no roaming on prepaid (hence, no roaming charges) while other people say roaming is included. If roaming is included and taxes/fees are eliminated, I may switch from postpaid Family to this new prepaid Family … the savings could be significant.

    • There is no *DATA* roaming on prepaid only voice & sms roaming.

      Only “fee” I’m aware of is the $1.61/mo per line fee for the FCC.

      Other than that prepaid and postpaid are almost identical in regards to cost (give or take about $5/mo or so).

      Keep in mind these new plans offer no form of device payment plan – you MUST pay for a device at full cost or provide your own.

  • MuthaFuckinStephen

    Makes sense to me. What’s at&t up to today?

  • thepanttherlady

    Why does a credit check determine whether or not a customer can have their bill automatically paid from their account? I don’t understand why a carrier would make it more difficult for those customers that want to pay their bill.

    Is it just me or am I missing something in that regard?

    • Agreed – seems rather counter-intuitive…

    • thewinckle

      My guess is the auto bill pay will be something included in a later update to the plan because it’s something they are unable to program properly. The credit check, in this case, is primarily offered for financing phones. In the grand scheme of things, the only difference between the two Simple Choice plans will be the ability to finance phones and receive a paper bill. The software people behind this new system probably only need to figure out how to make the rest of the details work properly.

  • Steven

    David- my first thought after taking the training (ESPECIALLY after seeing the part where after service suspension, the bill is prorated for number of days left in the billing cycle), was “omg, we are bringing back flex pay”

    • You and many others I can imagine!

  • Younggodde

    Hi David. I know this is out of topic but I need your help deciding on what google edition device i will be buying. I need to know if the htc one and the S4 are both compatible with tmobile 4g or lte? Thank you.

    • You will only want the S 4 if you want complete compatibility with T-Mobile!

      • Younggodde

        Thank you. I’m hoping the camera quality will be the same.

  • Aaron

    I remember the days of flexpay and having to work those accounts. Thank goodness i am at a different job.

  • 21stNow

    I never understood FlexPay and don’t see the advantage to this plan, either. Why does T-Mobile always have to have confusing options for monthly plans? Offer prepaid and postpaid and leave the in-between options alone.

    • moss

      Im assuming the the difference between prepaid and this is there is a set billing cycle date. No more refilling every 30 days when some months have 31, 30, 29 or 28 days.

    • S. Ali

      Stop giving us choices T-mobile, this guy doesn’t like choices, everyone is exactly like him.


      • 21stNow

        I’m a lady and I support choices all-around, when they make sense. There are other posts on here from employees that show that these things can be difficult to explain to consumers.

        I want to see T-Mobile grow and not get caught up in the same confusion that I think hindered their growth in the past, even if it was not the biggest contributing factor.

    • Herb

      Everyone is missing the biggest point, which is unlimited family plans with no credit check for $100 a month.

  • Jay J. Blanco

    Well I’m on a two year contract and have good credit so… lol

  • Jeff M Grace

    Well this could be a good thing for customers on Verizon,AT&T & Sprint if you think about it if you jump ship from Verizon for example , Verizon will royally screw your credit over as they for one ate harder to get service with and they have ways of screwing your credit. Also by law you are not required to pay the eft it’s carrier created not government regulated to pay and charge. So with the Tmobile 2nd phase you can leave the big carrier and get approved regardless


      And you are a contract lawyer???

      • Jeff M Grace

        No…I have worked for all carriers or most of them … Like I said ETF are carrier based in is not against the law to vacate your carrier for another , the carrier just bras the ETF to cover such things for the price of the device… Tmobile does not have efts or contract with new plans. Keep in my in you are with vzw,AT&T or sprint they now with the family plans you will never get out according to them. Again tmobile it’s not that way. With Tmobile you have the $8.50-20per mo to pay your phone EIP as its called … CEO has already started if you don’t like Tmobile you are not obligated to stay they just want you to pay the remainder of said phone off. Also keep in mind with tmobile with the simple plans no contract scenario once you pay off the phone you can get whatever current or new phone you want with new customer pricing at any time . Unlike the other carriers you keep paying for a phone even when it is paid off

  • Jeff M Grace

    If you choose a post paid under normal standard contract coverage with out contract on tmobile or go prepaid and pay for phone outright either way there is no reason not to switch

  • Daniel Darnell

    I don’t see any advantage for an individual account. For those users you are better off just staying on prepaid if you can’t pass a credit check without a high deposit. Where this really comes in handy though is if you want a family plan, multiple lines are far cheaper on a post paid account and the larger your family the more you’d save monthly by choosing this new no credit check post paid service or your standard post paid service. I believe this is exactly who T-Mobile is targeting and honestly it’s a good idea.

  • landmarkcm

    See no point in this for individuals over the current monthly 4g if thats what there even calling it anymore unless the price for the 2.5 gb is gonna be lowered from 60 to 50.00 in line with Metro..? But then theres a deposit. Why make stuff kind of confusing.

    • Herb

      The difference is the ability to make a family plan. On Monthly4G, four unlimited lines is a minimum of $200, but on Simple Choice it’s only $100. Plus you can get your deposit back.

      • landmarkcm

        Ya figured that was the benefit. Hoped it would be something more. Thought abt getting Metropcs sim and save 10 bucks but still dont get good vibes from them.. People in stores etc give off bad vibes kind of. In my experience

  • tech916

    Great more ghetto, and trailer park trash….

    • Paul Kersey

      Yeah, everyone that had to take a pay cut or flat out lost their jobs over the past 5+ years resulting in imperfect credit are ghetto trailer trash.

      Are you that ignorant or just plain stupid?

  • Stevestevens61

    Tmobile, you charged me a $150 migration fee, then hit me with a $200 cancelation fee… So, do you know what I think of your new plans… Go F yourself, once a thief always a thief… I would not use you if you were the last carrier on ths earth, there are far better plans out there… Tmobile you will deva slow death.

    • FuturePS4Gamer

      Interesting, the exact same thing happened to me. First they canceled my contract, then I called to see why and they said my bill was late but I paid my bill the day before. The chick I spoke with turned my account back on then she told me about the new plans and she changed it for me. 2 weeks later I call T-Mobile and they my bill is $600. I ask them why and they say I had a $200 deposit and I was charged $240 for a migration fee. I explained to the rep that I paid my bill and that the representative I spoke with didn’t tell me about the migration fee. The representative removed both the charges and have me a $40 credit and I got to keep my new plan. :)

  • Spoorthy Vemula

    So how many minutes/text do customers get if its not unlimited?

  • Joe

    So if 4 lines is $100.00… How much is a family plan with just 2 lines???

    • rolando


  • #just_sayin

    this would be fantastic, almost perfect, except for the fact that for the 4 lines which cost $100 a month plus taxes & fees would also cost you $140 deposit for the 4 lines, also im pretty sure they also charge the 1st month up front, so your looking at $240 plus taxes & fees, if there was no deposit and lets say just a $10 activation kit fee per line like they do for the uncarrier ,then it would be the absolute best thing out there, but since they gotta be slick, then they suck balls.