T-Mobile UNcarrier Phase 2 Training Beginning Today, June 24th

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T-Mobile’s UNcarrier Phase 2 plan is swinging into gear as employee training kicks off this morning. As expected, Phase 2 revolves around a new Simple Choice

As our earlier rumors indicated, at least a portion of Phase 2 will revolve around a new “Simple Choice with no credit check” plan. The bottom line here is that customers who do not want a credit check or require a high deposit now have more options.

While the documents don’t go into specifics, we’re told the rates for customers who choose to go this route will be the same as what’s now offered and are specifically geared toward customers who don’t want to have their credit run. I’m also told there won’t be any EIP offered with this plan and customers will buy phones outright. The image itself hints at “the unbeatable value of 4 lines for $100/month with unlimited talk, text and web.”

It’s clear we’re missing a few pieces of info and it’s likely there’s nothing “major” about Phase 2 other than its hopeful name. till, we’re always on the lookout for new and exciting T-Mobile rates and services and I’ll continue to be vigilant as more details come my way.

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  • samsavoy

    Hate to say it, but if AT&T came out with a similar plan it would crush T-Mobile. I think they’re feeling the heat right now with their half-off smartphone deal.

    • TechHog

      You think that this plan, which we found out about a couple of weeks ago and has probably been in planning stages for months, was influenced by a one week sale from AT&T. Huh. Makes perfect sense…

      • samsavoy

        I meant AT&T is feeling the heat from T-Mobile. I don’t think T-Mobile is feeling the heat from anyone, BUT they could if AT&T came out with similar plans.

        • TechHog

          Oh, I see. T-Mobile is way too far behind AT&T for it to matter anytime soon.

        • Depends on Forecasting. With iPhone being on T-Mobile is hurting them the most. If T-Mobile sells same thing and coverage for people who do not walk or go anywhere. Kids that are just there for data and text, will be a convenience and revenue generator for T-Mobile. At&t cannot lower their monthly plans, because if they cut cost, their revenue will be less. Think of 2 years from now. Long term it’s better deal. When i see foreign companies, we are too used to paying high price for everything. I don’t think new generation are ready to pay high price. Also if they were ready to pay high price, companies like Living Social & Groupon wouldn’t be a Hit.

        • kalel33

          Yeah, but you can get AT&T service on Straight Talk for $45 a month, which makes it cheaper than T-mobile. Cheaper price and a network that actually has good coverage. I just deal with the crappy coverage outside of cities with T-mobile, plus I’ll never have to buy another phone again. I’ll just have my Amaze, that has water damage but usable, replaced with a warranty exchange. The cost for the out of warranty fee is so low that it’s cheaper per month and one time cost than getting the insurance.

        • samsavoy

          I priced it out and it saves our family of 4…about $480 over a 2-year period. I guess if you’re pinching pennies it’s your best option, but that’s not a huge amount of savings for the inconvenience of poor service (even in-market). Like…we’re all going to want new phones next year. AT&T would be $200/month. T-Mobile would be $180/month. If we paid up-front, we’d be paying $2500 for 4 new Galaxy S4’s just to save $480 over 2 years.

          There’s really no incentive to stick with T-Mo. Spotty EDGE has turned into spotty HSPA+ which has turned into spotty LTE. Until they fix that, they’ll never take on AT&T like they want to

        • Wyn6

          Wow. You can get 4 lines on AT&T for only $200 month? What plan is that?

    • Sexyfone

      They can’t. I would cost them share holder profit. Att and vrz are f@cked

    • Dakota

      well if most people you know use an iPhone, you actually can save money on AT&T. My friend has no texting plan because of the free Imessage. He only pays $70 and for that he gets3gb of LTE data. (yes, it’s not unlimited calls but 450,free nights and weekends and rollover is more than enough if you’re not using your cell for work all day)

  • hurrpancakes

    Missed a S in Still in the last sentence

  • Trevnerdio

    *Must* purchase a SIM starter kit? What if you’re a current T-Mobile customer on their current Simple Choice plan?

    • superg05

      Then it would be unlikely don’t you think

      • Trevnerdio

        Never know… ;)

    • tmomanager

      if you are a current T-mo customer you DON’T have to purchase the SIM card and is not that expensive is $10 dls

      • kk888

        Felt ripped since the sim itself probably costs 2 or 3 dollars.. ~5 dollars should be a more appropriate price

        • guest

          a sim costs about 1$ w/ the amount of SIMS tmo buys…but it evens out w/ no activation fees and all sims they give away for free. it is a FOR PROFIT company…

        • superg05

          more like 5-10 cents to manufacture

      • Trevnerdio

        It’s pretty expensive if you already have SIM cards haha I find it ridiculous that SIMs even cost money. If you walk into a T-Mobile store, you get one free.

    • an0nim0

      Then you’ve already had your credit run.

  • tmomanager

    I don’t understand … deposit for a non EIP offered ??? let’s be simple we already have the M4G plan aka “prepaid” where you purchase your device outright w/o EIP ( equipment installment plan )

    • ON Prepaid the network priority is lower

    • Thank you!

      Allows you to roam. They need something to control your roaming charges. In cases you run away!

    • guest

      its also not pay in advance like prepay…they will be able to pay like postpay…this will count as post activation!!!! get excited tmomanager lol

    • Sexyfone

      No family plans on pre paid. R

  • TBN27

    A.K.A. The Metro PCS plans.

  • truth

    Can you check your facts please, we were supposed to have a meeting over the weekend about this and it didn’t happen, nobody received any training or words about this, whatever we were supposed to have was canceled. This post is spreading misinformation that is really damaging, confusing, and full of holes that make no sense.

    • guest

      its simply just moved to july 14th. all info is correct…but there is something that will be announced on the 10th of July besides this information. We will have to wait and for the Dark project info!!!

    • tmorep

      What department are you in? Do you have access to knowledgent? We had training on this and the new data passes for over several weeks now.

  • Chris

    I dunno man…T-Mobile is depressing me. I’m loving the LTE in the city, but I went on vacation up north this weekend and barely got Edge the entire time. Meanwhile my Verizon buddies had LTE the ENTIRE drive and even out on the lake where I got no signal. It’s getting really old. I think I may just pay the few extra bucks to have a service I can actually use.

    And one of the phones on my plan hasn’t worked for over a month and T-Mobile won’t fix it. We pull the battery and it’ll work for 1-2 days, but then it drops all service. They sent us a new phone, got us a new sim card, it just keeps screwing up and they have no idea what to do.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love t-mobile and have rooted for them for the ~5 years I’ve been with them, but unfortunately I think my time is almost up.

    • guest

      get a new phone lol…blame the manufacturer not tmo!!! but yes blame tmo for having shitty service next to lake…there is no way that will get improved w/ no revenue coming in to afford spectrum

      • an0nim0

        Perhaps you missed the line, “They sent us a new phone, got us a new sim card, it just keeps screwing up and they have no idea what to do.”

        At that point, I blame the user. Lemme guess: he’s Aquaman; Xperia Z to the rescue! :-P

        • Pikachu

          At some point it isn’t wrong to begin questioning the user. I’ve seen accounts with five Galaxy S3 warranty exchanges, all for dramatic claims of problems. People say the phone “got so hot, it would melt you hand off… I mean come on..”

          When I see people with problematic devices about how it’s slow, and things freeze or crash they usually hand me a prism, comet, galaxy smart, android sidekick, all low end phones that probably worked fantastically for six months until they outgrew them. Loaded apps to memory capacity and blame it on us.

          I understand people have budgets but you can’t expect to buy an economical device and think it has “room to grow” for two years.. No way!

          I guarantee if those phones had 5 apps max plus their included apps it would work forever.

        • Chris

          It’s the phone. I have a galaxy note 2 that works wonderfully. It’s my mom’s phone. She has the older exhibit 2. It works great in its own right. Not much lag, things load decently fast, all that stuff. But when it comes to calls and texts, it will just quit after a couple days. I’ve called them 6/7 times and like I said we’ve gotten a replacement phone (same model) and now a new sim card. Sometimes when I do a battery pull the calls/texts work again, but usually I have to call them and they “push a signal” or whatever they do and it’ll come back from the dead. It’s just getting really old…

        • guest

          It has something to do w/ the actual software with the phone. Sometimes the updates are a bad thing.

    • noc007

      If T-Mobile says that there’s 3G or better coverage there, I suggest getting a phone with a better radio, band support, and antennas. If they say they don’t cover that area, that’s part of the reason why it’s cheaper than VZW. If you’re going to go to an area that doesn’t have coverage, it’s best to pick up a prepaid phone for a carrier that does have coverage at least for emergencies.

      For the phone that doesn’t work, is it still in warranty? If so, try and politely let them know that it only works for a couple of days and you’d like a warranty replacement (I don’t know T-Mobile’s policies on this and am making some assumptions). You can try and escalate the issue and if all else fails, e-mail the CEO; I hear that he’s been pretty engaged in keeping customers happy (this is not the norm). Your last resort is to contact the manufacturer. You may need to send it in and use a backup phone while they repair it.

      Keep in mind that the grass may look greener on the other side, but it always isn’t. I’m leaving VZW probably tomorrow for T-Mobile after 9 years. Within the past couple of years, I’ve encountered one tech that legitimately is interested in keeping my business and tried everything in her power to do so. Sadly, it’s too late. Poor customer service, bait and switches, increasing my bill, and paying this premium for supposed service that I don’t use or isn’t there has got me switching.

      • I carry both vz and tmobile. Well, i keep my vzw for internet, just so i can tether and use my unlimited data in places i cant have tmobile LTE. Honestly, if you can get tmobile for for calling, because verizon is a crook. I love my data with vzw, i can’t trust any other company.

        • Chris

          That’s not a terrible idea. How much is just a VZW hotspot?

        • kalel33

          By itself? $50 a month for 4GB and then if you need more, it’s $10 every 2GB increase. It’s not cheap.

        • Chris

          Holy hell…

      • Chris

        There wasn’t supposed to be 3g/4g coverage there. It was just lame barely being able to send a text while Verizon had LTE. I don’t want to have to spend more money on a second phone when I’m already paying t-mobile for that purpose.

        The phone that doesn’t work has been replaced and a new sim added. If it fails again (after the new sim) I will try emailing the CEO, not a bad idea…

        I don’t plan on switching to Verizon. I hate CDMA and they are just 1 step too evil for me. I’d probably go to AT&T, which I’m not happy about, but if I’m gonna be paying for a phone with internet, I wanna be able to use it. Yes I’ll pay more, but as it is, I pay T-Mobile and then drive north for 30 minutes and am still paying them while having a phone I can barely use.

    • czaplin

      I travelled from Chicago to Mackinac Island, MI last weekend. I had anything better than Edge only in Chicago metro, Benton Harbor and Grand Rapids, MI. North of Rapids only att roaming (with 50 MB data limit of course). It was depressing, since my buddies with att and verizon got at least 3G all the time. So T-Mobile price reflects their coverage. As long as you stay in the major city it works great.

      • Chris

        Yep. And I realize it’s cheaper for that reason, but then when I get into those no coverage areas, I’m paying them for something I can no longer use. So while I agree t-mobile is the best in city hands down, I think I want to go to evil-T&T (because Verizon is just too evil for me and screw CDMA) for much greater coverage.

        • vrm

          Depends on how much of your time you are in “those areas” and paying for it. Besides, you can still make calls.

        • Spanky

          “Besides, you can still make calls.”
          What if you need to do more than make calls?

      • vrm

        verizon’s “3G” is actually similar to EDGE. Important thing is that you are still able to make calls.

        • kalel33

          Sprint’s 3G is abysmal but Verizon’s is much better, running at around 1-2mbps. Edge is like 200kbps.

    • S. Ali

      You pay half what they pay, want more coverage, then send T-mobile more money.

    • vrm

      I keep hearing this marketing hype. Do you go on vacation every day or do you hang closer to home ? Make decision based on that. Do you want to pay exorbitant rates for using the service once a year ? Instead, get a verizon/at &t compatible phone and get ad hoc data for the month you go on vacation. If you also need phone then, use groove IP or other VOIP app.

      • othercents

        #1 reason I have for using T-Mobile is unlimited international calling for $10 a month. Saves me $50 per month in international calling cards. However this doesn’t fit for everyone, and there are reasons to go with other carriers.

    • TTech

      Was that phone the LG Optimus L9? because they say it is a known issue for that phone to have problems after the 4.1.2 update. And all they tell you or offer is that you can wait for LG to send out a software fix. I was on the phone with them for over a month and went through 3 phones and tried 3 SIMs and they finally say its a software issue and you just have to wait. even thought the phone was only a month old.

      • Chris

        Well that’s reassuring…no it’s the older Exhibit 2. And after this new SIM the problem still exists. I have been very nice to them on the phone but tonight that’s done. They are fixing this or they’re letting me leave because screw this. What if my mom has some kind of emergency and her car breaks down or something? I’m not risking that.

  • sidekicker89

    So there is this fanpage for AT&T on facebook and they call themselves “The Wolfpack: Defenders of the Brand”.. hahahaha funny i know.. Earlier this year when T-Mobile launched their Un-Carrier move and promoted their EIP installment plans they criticized T-Mobile calling it “just smoke and mirrors” and how it was just a scam. I called them out because clearly they don’t understand you pay full price for the phone plus more with a 2 year contract on AT&T. Fast forward to earlier this month (not sure the exact date) when AT&T dropped it’s early upgrades. There was NO mention of AT&T dropping their early upgrades on this fanpage.. why? Because they are hypocrites!!! They ONLY post positive news about AT&T as if AT&T could do no wrong lol. At least on tmonews we get all the news good and bad!

    • Spanky

      I’m actually an AT&T subscriber, having previously been with T-Mobile for over 7 years. There’s most certainly PLENTY wrong with AT&T. The only reason why I’m with them is because the service and coverage are superior to T-Mobile’s. If T-Mobile improved coverage in my area, I’d consider switching back after my contract with AT&T expires. I honestly don’t understand brand fanboys, particularly when it comes to wireless carriers.

    • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

      lol, clearly they don’t understand that ATT has put up smoke and mirrors on them! A simple concept they failed to grasp is, when your contract is up at ATT and you elect to keep your phone, why doesn’t their overall monthly fee decreases? idiots…

  • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

    so in other words, if you don’t want your credit run, then you have to buy the phone outright…