HTC One S Software Update Rolling Out With Battery Fix In Tow

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HTC One S owners take note as a new software update is rolling out in hopes of resolving the battery life issues that have plagued users in a post-Jelly bean update world.¬†After the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update, HTC One S owners en masse noticed battery life depleted faster than normal. T-Mobile’s support page notes that Wi-Fi calling may have been partly responsible, however a May 4th posting here on TmoNews saw a number of fingers pointed in the direction of GPS.

The update will be delivered Over-the-Air beginning today, June 25th and updates HTC One S devices to version 3.14.531.17.70RD. To push the update manually, hit Applications > Settings > About > Software updates and Check now.

Hopefully One S owners can rest easy provided this update offers up the promised battery fix. I’ll be eager to hear the results.

T-Mobile Support

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  • 16309

    Alright–85% at noon. We shall see….

    • 16309

      Uh oh–One hour later, I have not touched the phone and I’m at 81%

      • weezy34

        Only do software updates while connected to a WiFi network and while charging.

      • 16309

        Well, for anyone interested I am down to 79%. Only a 2% loss in an hour. I have only used my phone for 3 phone calls. This may have done it!

        • Andrew

          well, considering my dad’s phone died completely at 2:00 every day after that update.. 79% at around the same time sounds Much better. haha
          he’ll never update a phone again after that though. we ended up getting a replacement from t-mobile.

  • qpinto

    the update factory resets your phone fyi. considering I just returned it to stock, and updated all my apps, it reset everything again.

    • Can anyone confirm this?

      • Michael

        I just updated my HTC One S and it did not factory reset my phone. Everything was there as it was.

        • Mark

          I did mine last night and there was no master reset.

      • dtam

        mine did because of storage encryption that was forced on my phone due to MobileIron

    • Tyler

      My wife just did the update… no master reset

    • Phil

      No it doesn’t.

  • datragicprince

    I did disable WiFi calling after the jelly bean update and noticed the battery return to normal. But in the past 2 days battery has been awful. I turned off GPS this morning but no difference. I will try the update tonight. But I’m pretty much done with HTC.

    • weezy34

      Did you try turning off Pandora, Facebook notifications, Twitter notifications, Waze notifications, Flipbook updates, widget updates and all the other stuff that you have running that drains the battery?

      • datragicprince

        I actually don’t have anything updating automatically. I have always avoided that. No social networking configured. Flipboard only updates when I launch it. Also I disable network connections when I go to bed.

    • Andrew

      careful saying you’re done with a company after one issue with one update with one phone…
      i know it was basically breaking your phone, but i had similar issues with samsung in the past and even apple has major software issues from time to time.
      i’m not saying don’t shop around, but don’t drop a company completely for one mistake they’re trying to fix..
      the htc one is probably the best phone i’ve ever used, in my opinion it’s better than the s4 in almost every way. but the s4 is also an awesome phone and haven’t heard any complaints about it so far.

      • datragicprince

        Well my other gripe is lack of updates. I know you can’t expect every update to be timely due to the carrier but it seems HTC phones get forgotten too quickly. Also bug fixes such as this one are slow also.

        • Andrew

          that’s fair. i’m surprised it took so long to get this fix out actually.

          but samsung has issues with similar stuff.

          the skyrocket Just got a fix for it’s phone breaking ics update.

          updates are tough to push out quickly as there is a massive verification process with the carriers and whatnot.

          if you like quick updates the nexus phones always get their updates first. :)

  • Baxter DeBerry

    You know sounds like this is the same issue with the LG L9 battery drain post update is way higher than what it should be.. My phone was at 90% last night I wake up its 70% the WiFi calling is on so its draining it faster than say the cellular radios? Maybe that’s why they pulled the update lol

    • kevev

      Same issue here. I flashed the Wind Mobile 20b KDZ and have decent battery life. This ROM does not contain wifi-calling though.

      • Baxter DeBerry

        thats what I was thinking, its prob why T-Mobile pulled the update.. ,hmm just gotta wait and see if they ever fix it lol

  • tomarone

    Yay. This and gold plated platinum One’s. HTC doin’ good yall.

  • OZ

    Anyone testing this with Wi-Fi Calling?

  • Jefferson Josue Morales

    Omg finally. God as my witness. I haven’t charged the phone since 732am and its 705pm..i have 75% left. It actually help. My GPS, auto sync, and auto brightness are on.. Love it. I will not a lot major use maybe tomorrow I’ll find out when i go to work. Other than that really great

  • wilde_ride

    Yes! Yes! Yes!

  • towguy

    I’m still chicken to update until I see more “gleeful” responses here. Still running 4.0.4 ICS

  • datragicprince

    Performance definitely improved.

    • datragicprince

      Forgot to mention that I’m still waiting for the update to address my random reboots. Hence why I said yesterday that I’m don’t with HTC :(

      • datragicprince


      • Pfloyd09

        I would bet your random reboots are due to either faulty hardware, or some software you installed. I had random rebooting issues on my HTC Amaze, and in the end it was a software package I installed. I just uninstalled a few apps every day that I never used, and one day the reboots just stopped. Maybe try that before blaming HTC. I’m not saying it’s not their fault, but it’s possible it’s really not.

  • bloodfart

    …so far so good.

  • tomarone

    Mine did not change. But I don’t leave FaceBook logged in either.

    • tomarone

      By The Way, Regarding Facebook. Did you know that you cannot log out of FaceBook on the IPhone, so that next time you enter FB, you have to type in your password? Amazing. The only way is to ‘remove’ your account so the user has to ‘setup’ their FB account each time they want to log in (type in their username again, to enter their password again, and click on ‘new account’ or whatever it is). If you ‘log out’ of Facebook, the next time you bring up the app, the IPhone -automatically- enters your password for FB, even if you never asked it to store it!

  • steve

    it took away the microphone on the keyboard but when I went in the Play Store added: text message put it back in… performance definitely seen better

  • pgqrcia

    Same for me I seen no difference. I start at 100% and drop to 80% in less then an hr I have to charge a lil in the day and charge before work is over at 630 so I see no difference other then the GPS is no longer on when using WiFi calling

  • dtam

    my phone reset itself as well. stupid work encryption pretty much screwed it up

  • Pfloyd09

    The fix worked for me. I have very few apps that connect in the background, and I get awesome battery life on this phone. I can go 2 days on one charge, easily. For those of you who have to charge it throughout the day, maybe try eliminating many of the background apps you have running. I found that I really don’t need these things connecting to the internet every 5 minutes, and I’m much happier for it. The battery life improvements, and significant decrease in data usage was a very welcome change.

    • OZ

      Did you have Wi-Fi calling enabled?