Walmart Now Selling T-Mobile iPhone 5…For Prepaid Customers

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Some good news for prepaid fans as Walmart stores have begun carrying the iPhone 5 for T-Mobile. The caveat is that T-Mobile’s sale of the iPhone 5 is only good for T-Mobile’s prepaid accounts and it’ll set you back a cool $629 dollars to do so. The offer is good for any of T-Mobile’s current prepaid plans and Walmart does offer in-store financing plans — which are completely separate from T-Mobile’s Simple Choice equipment installment plans. I’m told around 1300 Walmart locations are currently selling the iPhone 5 in both black and white, presumably in the 16GB variety only. Walmart will take care of the activation right in-house and customers should walk out the door all set up.

All in all it’s not a horrible deal given the pricing is right around the full retail price unlocked customers would pick up their own iPhone 5 for. Still, my hope is that sometime in the near future T-Mobile and their national distributions retailer chains will be able to sell the iPhone 5 on the company’s Simple Choice and UNcarrier offerings.

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  • Guest

    Soooooo much is it at Walmart if u wanna do the in store finance plan?

    • JaswinderSinghJammu

      I think they only finance it if you have a Walmart credit card….that was the deal with Straight talk iphone

  • Luis Medina

    I hope best buy gets it too.

  • Charley J

    Why would you want national retail to carry Simple Choice and Uncarrier offerings? All that does is making T-Mobile retailers lose business.

    • JBrowne1012

      not really because walmart won’t have eip which is what makes those plans attractive in the first place sure you will get the plan but at a higher off contract price.

  • Rocky T.


    • moodyblues

      Best buy also sells the iphone 5 for T-Mobile.. I was getting my iphone upgraded to iphone 5 today for at&t and heard them talking about 6 iphone 5’s delivered to the store for T-Mobile… they did however sound perplexed as bestbuy doesn’t even carry tmobile devices besides a few prepaid phones..

      • Djenni

        well your lucky your local best buy offers tmobile phones i live in los angeles and been to 4different best buys in Montebello, west covina, west Hollywood, santa monica not one of those best buys sold tmobile phones NADA not even tmobile prepaid phones they all sold at&t,verizon ,sprint,boost,virgin, metro pcs,telcel america phones but no tmobile at ALL sucks .

        • KOLIO

          Shop BEST BUY for T-MOBILE on-line.That’s how I purchased the T-MOBILE HTC ONE.I’m guessing other T-MOBILE phones are available on-line @ BEST BUY as well

        • JJCommonSense

          Yah but the price online is outrageous… $299 for a GS4 on a contract?? how is that a deal?

        • KOLIO

          Gotta catch the sales &/or use their trade-in/buyback programs. I was able to get $341 for my SPRINT GS3 when I switched to T-Mobile via BEST BUY.

        • JJCommonSense

          thats a heckuva deal…and you must have turned it in brand new. Because Best buy doesn’t like to offer you anything worth mentioning nowdays.

        • moodyblues

          you’d have to go to the best buy mobile guys behind the counter and ask them they had it in the cabinets behind the registers

  • Garo.j

    629$ no thanks.

    • RedGeminiPA

      You get what you pay for.

  • jhoff

    Not sure what the point is if it’s the same price as at tmo

  • Nick

    Anyone think they know when any of the new lte devices will go on prepaid? I am guessing it will take close to a year, but im newer to T-Mobile so im not really sure. Any guesses?

    • Christian Sotelo

      all of there LTE phones work on prepaid

      • Nick

        really? The only lte phone i saw on the prepaid list was the note 2.

        • Alan Salazar

          Htc One, Note 2, SIII, S4, Z10, Xperia Z

    • wasapasserby

      What’s stopping you from buying the phone from a T-Mobile store, and then putting in your prepaid SIM card?

      • Saul Viayra

        Galaxy s3 Galaxy Note 2 Galaxy s4 and the htc one are lte devices

      • Nick

        Duh. I didnt even think about that.

    • insider

      Galaxy s4lye is available on prepaid

  • Info4U

    Links for Walmart iPhone 5 on Tmobile:

    Black 16GB-

    White 16GB-

  • Dakota

    if t mobile no longer has contract, what is the difference between a prepaid plan and tmobile Simple Plan?

  • TmoFan

    Best buy is selling them also

  • Pauly

    Hey, If I buy this iphone 5 at walmart, would I be able to use it on metro pcs? I’m just asking considering tmobile and metro did merge and a friend of mine has metro and it has a sim card so it may work but I want to make sure before I buy it. Any answers would help alot!

    • carlos arroyo

      you will need to get a gsm sim card from metro, but i dont know if metro pcs has a data plan for the iphone, but what you can do is to get an iphone and bring it to tmobile, and get a no contract plan.

  • Singleweird

    wait so it will not work on a value plan? i dont get why it wouldn’t