HTC Re-Posts One Design Video, Diamond-Cutters And All

It’s a bit of a recap from a video posted by HTC at the official unveiling of the HTC One earlier this year, but a newly remastered version of the “The HTC One Design Story” is now available on YouTube.

The video focuses on the company’s hardware construction process including diamond cutters, “zero-gap” construction, etching and all kinds of awesome engineering feats to make the device as beautiful as it is.

If you’re into this sort of behind-the-scenes video, the HTC and Samsung videos showing off their respective build processes should warm your little hearts.


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  • bleeew

    This is better than Samsung’s.

    • jon

      Yes, because Coke in an aluminum can is SO premium compared to Coke in a 20 oz plastic bottle…
      I have a real idea for ALL of these manufacturers. How ’bout we figure out battery technology. Let’s get more than a full day without restricting devices…then maybe we can have a discussion about a uni body aluminum can…

      • youf4il

        I don’t know if you noticed or not. But coke in an aluminum can not only tastes better but gets colder faster. So yes it is more premium, especially on a hot day and the metal is super cold to the touch.

        • jon

          Lol. You totally missed it. NEITHER is a “premium” building material. And btw, cans are only popular to frat boys between the ages of 18 and 21. yrs old…time to grow up sport. Try ordering a CAN of anything in any respective watering hole…

        • Deon Davis

          You just gave a stupid analogy. HTC does not make batteries so you barking up the wrong tree pal.

        • Manny

          And neither compares to the taste of Coke in a Glass Bottle. Now if we had a phone made of a piece of glass, touch screen, etc…

      • Eric Stengrevics

        We are strictly talking about design, are we not? This design is wayyy nicer than Samsung’s. Does that mean the features are better? No. But strictly in terms of appearance, this phone has a much more “premium” feel to it than Samsung’s cheap plastic that they say helps them mass-distribute. Doesn’t sound like they put as much effort into it to me. But that doesn’t mean Samsung doesn’t win out overall.

        • agreed . you put this design on an S4 and it’s the greatest phone ever made.

        • Jack

          the features in the htc one are all useful. on the hand Samsung s4 they are useless and laggy no thanks

      • bleeew

        I meant the video compared to Samsung’s vid. NOT THE PHONE ITSELF.

    • thatuptowncat37


      • Jack

        why you don;t like to hear the truth she is right


    I decided to hold off. There was the 04/30 deadline to purchase the HTC One to get the minimum $100 trade rebate, but it was too soon after just a few days of being released. HTC should have pushed this deadline to end of May, but I’m going to wait to see what Google and Nokia have in store for May.

    Still, I would choose the HTC One over the Galaxy S4.

  • MO

    I second the BETTER battery technology because these phones need ot be connected 24/7 to power outlets. Rediculous. They can redo breast and make dingalings into tacos but seem to play stupid with why batteries always have no power.OR do they just want it that way??? BOTTOM line i guess always the most important thing.

    • OZ

      There is technology being tested currently that will enable 30 times the power capacity of current batteries. Sit tight; it’s gonna be fun.

  • Ben

    This is all cool and stuff but I can’t even get my hands on the One. I am in the NYC market and not one retail store has them and it is out of stock online…

    • anonymousperson1234

      Same here. Chicago market.

    • QBeastly

      Yea there’s only one store in Philadelphia that has the ONE and it sold out on day one. This sucks man… seriously.

  • Que

    I just got mine yesterday, but it has gap issue on the bottom of the phone.

    • Jack

      yes Samsung students go get your check because no one has this problem with our htc one

  • Me

    This phone sucks

  • Jim Mack

    I love the Samsung Galaxy S line of phones but while there are a lot of cool party trick features on the S4, I need a phone that makes more sense as a daily driver. I have thoroughly enjoyed my HTC One so far. The Boom sound gives you LOUD volume and a surround sound experience that has allowed me to more fully enjoy music on Pandora, Video while I watch the games on the MLB at bat app and videos on YouTube. The camera takes some very good pictures and video. I didn’t think I would use or even like blink feed but blink feed is VERY cool and very useful. The screen is vibrant and beautiful and brings video and pictures to life. I get about 10 hours of battery life with moderate to heavy use. These are the things I need in a daily driver and the One fits them VERY well. Ultimately you have to decide what important for you in your daily driver but don’t discount the One so easily.

  • Jared

    Any word yet when the black model will be available?