T-Mobile’s CEO Welcomes The “T-Metro” Merger As It Becomes A Publicly Traded Company

As T-Mobile’s CEO rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange this morning a brand new T-Mobile showed up with the promise of a publicly traded company and a whole new vision for the wireless industry. At least that’s how CEO John Legere sees it as he makes the media rounds this morning propping up his company’s new UNcarrier approach to the industry along with the now closed MetroPCS merger.

As we’ve started before, the company’s will run as separate entities in the beginning with the “merger” of the networks happening closer to 2015. They will work under the T-Mobile US flag and trade on the New York Stock Exchange under “TMUS.”

As Legere makes the rounds with the media he also dropped a quick pep talk to employees pasted below that highlights the reinvigorated T-Mobile brand. One thing is for sure, Legere knows how to talk the talk. Whether or not he can turn talk into results is something we’ll see in the future.

Image Credit @tmobile , Video Credit: Bloomberg

Today’s the day. Day One.

Welcome to T-Mobile US, Inc.—now trading as TMUS.

Beginning today, with our combined scale and assets, we become an even stronger disruptive force with a single, shared goal: to rewrite the rules to deliver the wireless Americans deserve.

Together, as America’s Un-carrier, we’ll attack head-on the frustrations of consumers fed up with the costs, complexities and constraints of this industry—everything that is the antithesis of the promise of wireless.

There are incredible new opportunities ahead for this combined company and our brands—and that means new opportunities for each of us. Because, to innovate this industry and deliver on our Un-carrier promise, we’ll have to begin the transformation right here.

Each and every one of us has a role to play in this revolution. And this is how we’ll do it …

  • Frontline first—because customers come first.
  • Results matter. Count on me to deliver.
  • Be bold. Think big. Make a difference.
  • Play to WIN and have fun.
  • Do it the right way.

Do this, and I promise you together we’ll take this company to places beyond anything ever imagined.

Today’s just the beginning.

In the days and weeks ahead, we’ll be in touch to talk about the opportunities ahead.

Let’s get started.

John Legere
T-Mobile US

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