T-Mobile’s CEO Welcomes The “T-Metro” Merger As It Becomes A Publicly Traded Company

As T-Mobile’s CEO rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange this morning a brand new T-Mobile showed up with the promise of a publicly traded company and a whole new vision for the wireless industry. At least that’s how CEO John Legere sees it as he makes the media rounds this morning propping up his company’s new UNcarrier approach to the industry along with the now closed MetroPCS merger.

As we’ve started before, the company’s will run as separate entities in the beginning with the “merger” of the networks happening closer to 2015. They will work under the T-Mobile US flag and trade on the New York Stock Exchange under “TMUS.”

As Legere makes the rounds with the media he also dropped a quick pep talk to employees pasted below that highlights the reinvigorated T-Mobile brand. One thing is for sure, Legere knows how to talk the talk. Whether or not he can turn talk into results is something we’ll see in the future.

Image Credit @tmobile , Video Credit: Bloomberg

Today’s the day. Day One.

Welcome to T-Mobile US, Inc.—now trading as TMUS.

Beginning today, with our combined scale and assets, we become an even stronger disruptive force with a single, shared goal: to rewrite the rules to deliver the wireless Americans deserve.

Together, as America’s Un-carrier, we’ll attack head-on the frustrations of consumers fed up with the costs, complexities and constraints of this industry—everything that is the antithesis of the promise of wireless.

There are incredible new opportunities ahead for this combined company and our brands—and that means new opportunities for each of us. Because, to innovate this industry and deliver on our Un-carrier promise, we’ll have to begin the transformation right here.

Each and every one of us has a role to play in this revolution. And this is how we’ll do it …

  • Frontline first—because customers come first.
  • Results matter. Count on me to deliver.
  • Be bold. Think big. Make a difference.
  • Play to WIN and have fun.
  • Do it the right way.

Do this, and I promise you together we’ll take this company to places beyond anything ever imagined.

Today’s just the beginning.

In the days and weeks ahead, we’ll be in touch to talk about the opportunities ahead.

Let’s get started.

John Legere
T-Mobile US

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  • Aurizen

    this is great, when will they start having metro LTE towers work on tmobile devices?

    • Don Kim


      • Aurizen

        wow so long? or will it be fully completed by them. Because I think it will gradually happen till 2015

      • superg05

        unless they accelerate unlike T-Mobile metro was smart enough to build along major pathways leading to other cities which gives people great coverage or the illusion of while going out of town and now we will have that now if we can get some low band it would be killer

  • mdosu

    finally, a way to short T-Mobile….

  • Richard Yarrell

    I definitely enjoy this guys straight forward tell it like it is don’t care who likes it approach. Tmobile future is very bright with Mr. Legere at the helm.

  • Bud

    i got a few shares. yeah

    • taron19119


      • Bud

        have to support team tmo.

        • taron19119

          Now I hope T-Mobile go and get cricket

        • Bud

          that would be wild. who knows the future.

        • bob90210

          T-Mobile received $0 from your purchase of the stock so I’m not sure how you’re supporting the team.

        • Bud

          as the stock price goes up, the company value goes up. hence tmobile ability secure funds for whatever.

    • Encino Stan

      I bought 100 shares. Hope it does well.

      • Bud

        nice! 18months google will buy us(tmo).

        • Encino Stan

          Wish I had 100 shares of GOOG! (Only got 10.)

  • Ben

    I watched that on CNBC’s Opening Bell this morning. I was proud to be a T-Mobile customer and proud of our dear magenta.

  • ShoeVixen

    I know this is off topic but does anyone knows how much usable storage is on the HTC One?

    • sidekicker89

      I was wondering the same thing since it’s obviously not the 32 GB it comes with… I still don’t think it’s at my local stores.. If anyone has one, can you tell me if there is T-Mobile branding on the back of the phone?

      • taron19119

        no Branding on T Mobile’s HTC One

    • Jude Ibe

      Its 25.4 Gigabytes

      • I think it’s 25.6 GB.!!!

      • ShoeVixen


  • Jay

    I love this guy. He is so down to earth. Loved when he said he does not care what Sprint does lol.

  • metamobl

    Good video of CNBC interviewing the CEO: http://www.cnbc.com/id/100695045 (hopefully this isn’t the same video embedded in the post – youtube is blocked at my work).

    • superg05


    • Bud

      thank you that was a good interview.

    • mgldan

      Maybe I’m just jaded from listening to political reporting, but the fluent way with which he discussed the numbers surrounding his business, and the reporters’ obvious appreciation of his truthful and to-the-point answers, was really refreshing. He really gets things.

  • what they need to bring to t-mobile is the Nokia 920,928 and catwalk I finished my 2yr contract and I am waiting to see what they are going to do if not I might just have to move to at&t

    • superg05

      do what you gotta do

    • xmiro

      T-Mobile can’t bring you a phone that is an AT&T exclusive because that’s how Nokia wants it

  • VoR

    Good News:

    Carl Quintanilla ‏@carlquintanilla5h

    For those of you who miss the T-Mobile spokeswoman, @FoulkesCarly, the CEO tells us “she’s still under contract” @CNBC @SquawkStreet $TMUS

  • Dakota

    He is very well media trained… but whenever I watch him being interviewed, it is clear that he and the PR department really has to concentrate on educating these reporters. Because their views about T-Mobile ate very old and antiquated…Legere is prone to exxageration and hyperbole…but he knows media 101 which is to change the question to what you want to answer

    • tmo_rep

      I agree, they asked him straight forward questions and instead of directly answering the questions, he rambled on about how well we are doing now. The man is bold, just answer the questions straight up. Now that would be interesting.

  • OZ

    I like this guy. Very well exposed.

  • BigMixxx

    did he say ‘f%#k sprint’? I head him say it…

  • xmiro

    Just saw the CNBC interview, Legere has a Master’s degree of Science from MIT. Smart guy for sure

    • Jude Ibe

      He hints at a possible merger with Sprint if the market allows it. My guess would be they stay GSM in that merger to allow for easier access to phones.

      • TechHog

        Such a merger would never be approved.

        • 21stNow

          I hope not!

      • xmiro

        I think it’s more that he leaves the door open to the possibility. Never say never. Sprint Nextel was a disaster trying to merge the two technologies. Mashing up a 43 million customer GSM network with a 52 million customer CDMA network, and a Sprint that is seriously on the fritz financially speaking, bad enough to sell 2/3 of itself to Japanese – I don’t think its likely.

        I think DISH has become dead serious about going into wireless and it will be via acquiring Sprint, though I personally think they’ll end up buying T-Mobile – which wouldn’t be so bad we’ll end up with two CEOs who like to rattle cages and the status quo.

  • tech916

    It will be worthless in a month

  • noelsito

    this guy is doing great! now all I need is a 2013 Sidekick with LTE and he’ll be perfect!!

  • sushimane

    i like this ceo he basically understand the customer. Im happy with tmobile innovative thinking no more annual contract,no etf, installment plan i dont think no one would drop 600-800 dollars upfront and we can do installment plan so it soften the blow on our wallet and after we get done with the phone our rate plan drop back to 70 dollars unlimited everything and our data speeds beats the competitors. just thinking on the other 3 carriers after the 2 year contract is over your still be paying the same bill over and your not saving anything but giving money away.

  • Oliver Jackson

    ATT and Verizon and Sprint JUST BRING IT!!!!

  • guest


    • Guest

      Do me and T-Mobile a Favor….. if thats all your worried about …and your lil .10 cent raise (because it seems like your not a great employee since thats all your b*tching about) why dont you just leave now! go to sprint or some regional carrier… or better yet go to ATT or Verizon (if they even take you.) to see how hard they work you… which you prolly wont even hit quota and get fired anyways… ha!

    • OnlineRefugee

      Really, ALL CAPS to anonymously SHOUT:

      – You want the raise allegedly TAKEN from you;

      – You want your phone discount back; and,

      – Threaten if you don’t get your phone discount back, your next phone will be with another carrier.

      I’m sure that your supervisor’s response to this public rant will be “Tell someone who gives a sh#t!” So you might as well switch to another carrier (and for good measure, find another employer).

      Can’t help you with finding another employer, but don’t despair on the phone front. Move on over to Cricket. I’m sure the Cricket salesperson will (feign) interest to cinch the sale of a phone within your budget, a refurbished Huawei Pillar.

      Seriously, sorry for your loss (of the raise and phone discount).

    • Magenta Fl

      Good Morning !!! Wow, this is such a bad post that is not even funny. I’m not about to disclose everything to everybody but I will say this. I work for T-Mobile and I honestly can say that is a great company to work with. Enviroment is always positive and we as employees hel each other out not only to live the values but also to suceed. Some of the employees who I work with stated this in the past when in March they restructured and took the raise out of the equation to really focuse on our customers and begin once again to be profitable. To Guest I’ll just say one thing, Me as an employee don’t have any problems saving money every time I get paid and then buy the phone I want. If an equipment installment plan comes for us It is better, but again It’s my discipline of saving money what I love best if I want a new equipment. If I, as an example, understood that not having a raise this year puts me in a position to have more job security and I SEE IT’S WORKING IT’S MAGIC THE I APPLAUD AND STAND BY LEGERE !!! I’m nnot from management , just a regular employee who instead of saying give me my raise and my Phone Discount I’d rather ask this : We are finally on the stock trading game, How can I get Stocks as an employee so I can make money and at the same time HELP MY COMPANY GROW !!! You say you are going to another carrier, then not just take your cellphone business elsewhere, which I can honestly say we have an awesome plan as employees, but take yourself out of the equation and work also for another carrier if YOU DON’T BELIEVE IN YOUR JOB MAKING A DIFFERENCE FOR CONSUMERS !!! Have fun with making a difference or just go with the old guys who just want to take the money out of the consumers pockets ….

  • Alan713

    so is it T-Mobile USA or T-Mobile US?

    • TayshaunBoba

      It is now T-Mobile US

  • I love John Legere! The guy is an animal. Way to take the fight to all the larger players!

  • lynyrd65

    When is someone going to have the balls to ask him about coverage?

  • I wouldn’t mind working with such a DIRECT boss with him !