Sony Xperia Z Passes Through The FCC Complete With T-Mobile LTE bands

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With our previous indicators already providing more than enough reason to believe T-Mobile was internally testing the Sony Xperia Z, a new FCC find bolsters the evidence. A T-Mobile-compatible version of the Xperia Z passed through the halls of the FCC including a T-Mobile branded user manual which highlights T-Mobile specific features such as Wi-Fi calling. The FCC documentation confirms the presence of both AWS LTE and pentaband HSPA+ which makes this phone as T-Mobile-ready as it can possibly get.

Still, T-Mobile has yet to confirm the device is in testing or on the roadmap but with our leaked pictures of the device floating around and combined with the FCC docs, we expect T-Mobile might have an announcement on the horizon.

While attention is firmly on the arrival of the Galaxy S 4 and the HTC One, I welcome back Sony into the T-Mobile fold with open arms. It’s good to have a larger selection of Android flagships. Nobody is going to complain about that, are they?

Hit the FCC source link to find all the necessary documentation including the external test photos and the full user manual for your reading pleasure.

FCC via Engadget

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  • Good news, but that’s a slippery little bugger from what I’ve heard! Still tho, very nice to see many High end devices come to Magenta, even if they’re not all particularly suited for ourselves individually. Keep up the momentum. : D

  • Bud

    Great news for tmo

  • dunnsantee

    The Z in white is super hot!

  • sushimane

    this phone is so sleek i want this phone but i need a phone quick as possible my g2x was dying on me so i got the note 2 but i think my next smartphone would be a sony. they make some classy smartphone.

  • S#1t just got real. T-Mo is going to have every flagship on the market.

  • ceegii63

    Whats the CPU on this one? Oh! Ok never mind

  • Thomas G.

    I bought the international version a month ago in NYC and love it. Kinda bummed I’m missing out on the LTE action, though. Took a trip to the Caribbean last week and had it in the pool with me snapping pictures with the wifey. Sony has their demons, just like every company, but I’m a fan so far.

    • thepanttherlady

      Which model did you buy? The C6603 or C6602? How are data speeds? A T-Mobile rep told me if I bought the int’l version that my speeds would be super slow which is only one reason I’ve held off on buying it thus far.

  • kev2684


  • Well Wi-Fi calling all but confirms it since no other carrier offers that feature. Looks like T-Mobile is securing all the flagships this year. Sony would be welcome back into the lineup. Now about Motorola…

    • techymexican

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Motorola started offering a phone on T-Mobile since they are owned by Google. Google and T-Mobile have a great relationship.

      • kalel33

        Let’s just hope Motorola offers the good phones and not the crap they used to give T-mobile. I always hated hearing a customer stating they were having a problem with a phone and I seen a Motorola phone on the account and new which line they were going to talk about.

        • Allen Enriquez

          True! Kalel33!

          I have seen it to! I hate that!

          But now that Google’s eyes are turn to Motorola, we shall see GoogleMoto Fury Flagships like never seen before.

  • g2a5b0e

    I’m not particularly interested in this device as my eyes are set on the Note 3, but T-Mobile having what might be the best Android lineup in the biz? Are my eyes deceiving me?! I never thought I’d see the day! I’ll be celebrating 10 years with Magenta in October & I couldn’t be happier.

    • John

      Lol, first time since the G1 launched.

      • g2a5b0e

        Funny, I was thinking the same as I wrote that. However, the G1 was very rough around the edges (like any other first phone for an OS), so some folks may not equate only with best in that case.

    • mdosu

      how are you celebrating your 10-year anniversary with Tmobile? You taking it out to dinner? or the other way around? who makes the first move? So you ready to propose or what you waiting for? lol

      • g2a5b0e

        Propose? We’re already living blissfully in matrimony, homey. We’ll celebrate by putting a Note 3 in my hands.

        • mdosu

          congrats, given the size of the Note 3, you may need to do a C-section.

        • g2a5b0e

          Considering the fact that you don’t actually know how big the Note 3 is gonna be, I think we’ll be just fine. But, thanks for the concern. Besides, we’re used to big babies. This Note 2 is no munchkin.

        • John

          If it gets much bigger they’ll have to include a wrist strap lol.

  • mreveryphone

    Hopefully this one does well so we can get that rumored 800 snapdragon sony handset rumored to release later this year!

  • GwapoAko


  • crazyiness977

    So ya, ummm, Tmobile has the best phone lineup out of all the companies. How about them apples, biznachios!

    Now all they need to do is expand their native coverage and their 4g service.

  • OmeerRahman

    Hats off to T-Mobile on all the great changes recently but their customer service is abysmal now. I used to love their customer service but now it’s garbage.Ordering the HTC One was a nightmare and the reps were clueless. When I finally did receive it, my neighbor got a hold a of it so I thought it had been lost in the mail. I called T-Mobile about a lost shipment and they were transferring me to UPS, LOL! My neighbor dropped it off while I was on the phone with them so I told them I received it so please don’t blacklist it, I was assured they wouldn’t. Sure enough two days after it was blacklisted. I called in 5 times till now, transferred from department to department each time I called. One rep assured me she was in the process of helping me and going through the processes on the system. I was told to hold for a minute and sure enough I was magically on hold with another department. UNBELIEVEABLE! I’m still waiting for my HTC One to be unblocked on the network and it’s been over 48 hours. The SIM tray is stuck and I can’t even get a replacement through warranty because it’s reported as a lost/stolen phone. I seriously want to sh*t on their faces right now.

    • I agree Tmobile still has some challenges to overcome when it comes to customer service. They still have yet to regain the status they lost when customer service went to trash during the AT&T merger.

      • kalel33

        Part of that issue was the change in policies in customer service that were very anti-consumer, change in how the reps resolved customer’s issues, and how T-mobile was just firing everyone left and right or just trying to push them out the door to pretty much make a skeleton crew out of their customer service in order to have AT&T take over the customer service. I seen reps that had been there for 7-10 years just fired for “not meeting minimum business levels” but there were reps that were there, like me, that hadn’t been there as long and were given a little bit of leeway. The difference was they were making much more money than I was.

  • TMoFan

    Great to see a selection of devices coming our way. The Z looks very sharp looking and will look great in our lineup.

  • impasse

    zl too, prease? :D the number of times i’d be worried about dropping this phone because i don’t like covering a fantastic design with a bulky/ugly case..

    • Ziich

      no need to wait just get the unlocked version it already supports tmobile/att let and hspa+

  • GwapoAko

    So now customers cannot complain :0) Tmobile does not carry flagship phones :)

    • kalel33

      Just to be devil’s advocate on this one, but where’s the Nokia flagship or Motorola flagship? T-mobile has always carried flagship phones from HTC and Samsung, except for the One S vs the One X.

  • Guest


  • D Velasquez

    FINALLY!!!! the one or the s4 for me don’t exist, this is what im getting next !!

  • thepanttherlady

    I’ve already got my money set aside for this! Would love it if they brought the purple one over. <3

  • Serge

    This is definitely a T-Mobile model. I looked at the FCC report, they only tested LTE on band 4, while AT&T needs both 4 and 17.

  • Sean Walsh

    I got the Sony ZL (unlocked) its almost the same phone. I am more impressed with this phone, than I was with the Samsung Galaxy S3. I do want to see how these phones compare to the S4 though. And yes I have LTE, eventhough the T-mobile rep in the store said I wouldnt. The unlocked Z phone in the US will not have LTE, but the T-mobile & AT&T versions of the phone will. You can get the ZL on the Sony web site or at the Sony stores.

  • crazychef

    well this is great news i’m proud for tmobile. the only problem is that at the same time i’m mad at tmobile for not moving faster to get this phone. I purchased the same phone well the hspa+ model c6602 about a month ago. I had a feeling something like this was going to happen. the reason why i did this was because i wanted the xperia z so bad. and also my old mytouch 4g fell and screen cracked.

    • thepanttherlady

      How are the data speeds on this? I can’t seem to find anyone that owns this model to answer this question.

      • Thomas G.

        I’ve had the C6602 for a few weeks and I’ve had great data speeds. It isn’t LTE-fast, but seems to work quite well. If I were still in the market, I’d probably wait for the LTE version, but I find that my C6602 does have a fast connection.

        The other version (C6603) is the one that will have connection issues, because it doesn’t have Band 4 HSPA+, so in areas that haven’t been refarmed, you’ll only get a 2G connection.

        • thepanttherlady

          Thank you so much for the reply!!! I’d already done enough reading up on this phone to know I needed the C6602. They don’t have LTE in my area now so I’m not missing anything. :)

          I’m not waiting, I’m ordering the purple one right now!

        • Guest

          post a review when you get one pls

        • Moe

          Post a review when you get the phone. please!

        • thepanttherlady

          I will.

        • thepanttherlady

          Bought the purple one for $597.88. Will be here next week. *excited* :)

        • VG

          FYI: The Sony Store in the US now has the purple Xperia Z charging dock available for per-order at $29.99. Please be sure to post a review of the phone once you’ve had a chance to play around with it (especially your thoughts on the camera).

        • thepanttherlady

          I saw their FB page announced they’re selling the C6602 in the US now, it’s $629.99 but didn’t even THINK to look at the charging docks. Thanks! I’ll go check them out.

          P.S. Phone arrives tomorrow, as well as the bumper. Already have the body shield. Can’t wait! :)

      • crazychef

        well i personally cannot complain about it for te downloads and uploads that i do it’s pretty fast. i wish i know how to use the speedtest app and probably give a better answer.

    • Sean Walsh

      How did you get that phone? It hasn’t been released in the
      US. Only the ZL is on the US market.

      • thepanttherlady

        There are a lot of sites that sell this phone. The model the OP bought isn’t a US model but can work on US frequencies.

        • Sean Walsh

          I know that there are Sites that sell them, I just wanted crazychef to say how he/she got it. I got the ZL, I feel its a better phone, its just not water proof.

    • el_perezo

      do you get 4g with your unlocked xperia z?

      • crazychef

        well i get the hspa+ if you consider that 4g yes i do

  • guest

    i just bought the ZL unlocked

    • Roman

      soo how do u like it?!?

  • joannaL

    Which phone u guys think is better this or s4??I really like this sony phone but everywhere I read online people dnt really give sony phones good reviews I had samsung and htc phones my whole life right now I have the s3 and screen aint working that much , speaker crapped out on me I was gonna get the s4 but now that they announced this phone I think I should get it and give sony a try but dnt kno has anyone had a sony phone before and like it? And also does anyone think this is a good phone or should I just get the s4? Thnks

    • thepanttherlady

      There are always going to be pros and cons to every phone you’re comparing.

      Personally, I’m holding out for this one.

      • joannaL

        Me too ever since I heard of this phone I fell in luv with it but I was just remebering tht my man told me once that he had two sony phones on att the c905 and the x10 and that he had reception issues on both . He told me he tought it was att service over here in LA but that once he switched to a htc phone he had no more problems with signal . Im gonna get this phone if tmobile ever releases it I just hope I dont have reception issues haha.

    • crazychef

      i don’t know if samsung phones can integrate with their other product like tv’s and bluray players.
      But sony has that ability I have done it myself with my xperia z xperia tablet s ps3 and compatible sony tv
      i can be watching something on my phone and then watch it on my tv or ps3.

  • Don Kim

    Spec wise it falls short to S4.
    Design wise it falls short to HTC One.
    Both phones are already available on T-Mo.
    You decide.

    • NinoBr0wn

      Yes I’ll decide, thanks.

    • crazychef

      design wise: htc one is a copy of the sony xperia p i belive.
      specs wise: i think s4 just copies and pastes. also the octo core or what ever processor the international market will use. the u.s. version 1.9 is probably an overclocked 1.5 original

  • TheRedFerrari

    Wow T-Mobile gets 5 flagship phones virtually overnight: Sony Xperia Z, Samsung Galaxy S 4, HTC One, Blackberry Z10, and iPhone 5. These in addition to the Galaxy Note II.

    Unless you don’t get coverage you’d have to be pretty crazy to not upgrade to T-Mobile from ATT/Verizon/Sprint

    • Arnold Shoon

      don’t forget the Nexus 4

  • Zach Mauch

    Now if only T-Mobile can get that 6.44 inch beast Sony is planning. That may be the closest I get to a Nexus Phablet for a while.

    • asianman

      Definitely the Sony Togari. the beast will have everything I ask for.
      T-Mobile please get hold of this device!!!!!

  • QBeastly

    I think this has got to be the sexiest phone out right now… well, this or the HTC One, but it’s only a matter of taste.

  • Is it just me or does that phone look identical to the Nokia Lumia 810?

    • g2a5b0e

      It’s just you.

  • tonkotsu

    While this phone may feel great and look good on paper, the battery life is mediocre, screen has horrible viewing angles, and camera is meh.. when will sony make competitive handsets again?

    • dunnsantee

      While this phone feels great and looks great, it is also water-resistant for up to 30 minutes, is dust-resistant, and is available in purple.

  • Ashkid

    Haven’t seen a Sony phone on T-Mobile for a while.

  • Ho0n

    I loved my old Sony Ericsson phones, so I’m happy that they’re coming back to T-Mobile. Albeit without Ericsson. ;)

  • Joey

    Hope they release the ZL I dont really like the glass back.

    • Sean Walsh

      You can purchase the ZL at a Sony store, or on their web site

  • pinkandgreenallover

    I have read about wifi issues with this phone which is a major issue with me because I am rural and tha tis the only way I can use the phone at the house. Never had a connectivity problem with HTC products and my router is a bit old. The whole water proof and dust proof thing is appealing because I have been accident prone in the past.

  • Dennis

    Hi Again David,
    I had made inquiries on the Sony Xperia Z to Sony customer service as I noticed it listed for sale on their website in an unlocked version. Contrary to mini-reviews I read (PCMAG?) I discovered in the spec list that the Z and ZL do NOT have the same hardware and software. Each call to Sony elicited a different answer as to whether or not the Z had LTE capabilities. My last call was to the local Sony Style retail store here in Las Vegas where I was assured that the Z did not have LTE capability due to its waterproof/dustproof construction. As I am anticipating moving to T-Mobile I was of course bewildered by this information. Clearly, based on your article the Z will most certainly have LTE capability when sold through T-Mobile itself, but this will be a point of divergence from Sony’s own unlocked version. I just don’t understand how Sony could produce such a phone without the capability of running at LTE speeds…

    • VG

      The unlocked Xperia Z phone that Sony is selling via their US retail and online stores is the C6602 (also available at Newegg); this phone will work on T-Mobile HSPA+ frequencies for “4G” speeds, but does not have LTE. The unlocked C6603 model available on various Internet sites such as Rakuten does have LTE, but apparently not on the frequencies used by T-Mobile, nor does it support the T-Mobile HSPA+ frequencies. The soon-to-be released C6606 model will have have both LTE and HSPA+ for T-Mobile, but will most likely be locked to T-Mobile. So, there are at least 3 different Xperia Z models floating around. Hope this helps.

      • Dennis

        Thanks Vg. This continues the alphabet soup approach to manufacturing cell phones for U.S. carriers and for usage in this country. C6602, C6603, C6606?…REALLLY??..Hey SONY, how about just making the darn phone one way with all frequencies/networks and let us consumers decide where we want to use it??? T-Mobile deserves lots of credit for trying to break out of this merry-go-round business model which is why I intend to jump to their service as soon as I can find a suitable phone. I wonder if any of the Z models sold overseas would have the universal capabilities I’m speaking of? Since T-Mobile apparently has NO PROBLEM accepting phones from other sources it would be their network that would attract everyone who’s sick and tired of being overcharged for a phone and then MANAGED by the carriers. Does anybody know???

        • VG

          The problem is that countries have allocated different frequencies in the available wireless spectrum, and multiple carriers in each country grab whatever frequencies become available. Even then, you have issues (Verizon & Sprint use the CDMA protocol while T-Mo, AT&T and most of the rest of the world are using GSM). It is cost prohibitive for any phone manufacturer to include an antenna and associated firmware to support ALL possible combinations, so the best they can do is create different versions that are optimized for each country and the respective cellular carriers. Imagine a car company that manufacturers a car that can use unleaded gas, leaded gas, diesel or ethanol interchangeably … It probably can be done, but the car would be way too expensive. Cell phone manufacturers will continue to create multiple models until all countries can agree on one cellular standard (which will never happen, IMHO).

        • Dennis

          You make a good point. But to manufacture a phone that would work on all frequencies used in the U.S. would be less problematic. GSM and CDMA capabilities would not be a challenge and could include the frequencies the 4 major U.S. carriers use. My 5 year old Samsung ACE on Sprint’s CDMA network can take a SIM card when overseas on a GSM network and work just fine for voice usage. The overseas issue is a minor one; the real issue is portability in our own country (I just get a little carried away on this issue I guess!). It simply can’t be prohibitively expensive to make such a phone. Standardizing manufacturing production to make one model in only one configuration has to have cost benefits to Sony and others as well, and those benefits should translate into the U.S. consumer getting a better device at a more reasonable cost.
          Thank you again for sharing your thoughts with me…

        • VG

          I see your point. Hopefully this might become a reality once 2G (the dreaded GPRS and EDGE) and 3G are finally phased out, and all US carriers have fully implemented LTE (albeit on different frequencies). It might take a few years, though.

  • Ziich

    i wonder how long it will take to actually see this phone on tmobile. 1 month? 2 months? at this rate should we just wait till the honami is launched?

  • Roman

    they have both of them (Z and ZL) for sale now in USA – 629$, ebay and amazon selling it for 550$