What Will T-Mobile Talk About Tomorrow? Will They Announce The iPhone Launch Date?


Tomorrow is T-Mobile’s big, big day with the rumored launch/discussion/conversation of the iPhone, official LTE announcements and the formal unveiling of the new UNcarrier rate plans. It all goes down tomorrow at 11AM ET and while T-Mobile saw fit to not include us TmoNews folk, I’m definitely going to keep a sharp eye on everything that goes down from A-Z. So what can we expect and/or hope to see out of the tomorrow’s special event?


According to CNET’s sources, tomorrow is the day T-Mobile finally shows off the iPhone to world. I think it’s a pretty obvious conclusion and yet, it’s possible T-Mobile could ignore the iPhone completely. However, T-Mobile doesn’t throw special events very often so it seems unlikely they’d have another one set up another one specific to the iPhone in just a few weeks.

The iPhone has looooooong been expected to arrive on T-Mobile and with the news all the way back in December that it was finally happening, we expect to be shown the goods tomorrow. At the very least, we expect T-Mobile to discuss availability which hopefully includes pricing and a release date.

As it stands now, between various talk about retail stores receiving specialized fixtures for a “new device” coming in the next week and a 25-50% increase in retail store man-hours beginning the week of April 7th, we’re hearing April 12th for the iPhone release. Like all iPhone release dates, we’re penciling that date in, although it is a a Friday and Friday’s are the typical iPhone launch day. For now, that’s the current date that keeps popping up.


Within the last week we’ve uncovered a leaked list of cities we expect to formally go live tomorrow and OpenSignal tests showing possible LTE markets being worked on. Each of these stories have our expectations set high for hopeful LTE discussions tomorrow. Just how in-depth T-Mobile will go remains unknown and as they’ve already announced rollout benchmarks for 2013, it’s possible LTE talk could be limited to the first round of live markets. The good news is that a number of devices are already on the radar to pair up with the LTE rollout. We’ll see LTE talk, but how much is unclear.


With T-Mobile’s new UNcarrier rate plans going live this past Sunday and the information being available for almost a month, these rates are a sure thing for the agenda tomorrow. T-Mobile’s promise to change the subsidy model forever faces an uphill battle, and its competitors are keeping a close eye on T-Mobile’s results with the end of subsidized hardware.

The new Value Plans available through company-owned channels and Classic Plans available everywhere else T-Mobile is sold marks a strong statement from the nations fourth largest carrier. Will it help propel them into continued subscriber growth? That’s the million dollar question, but it’s a bold plan and smart money is on T-Mobile’s uncensored CEO John Legere taking the stage tomorrow and outlining his strategy.

Tomorrow is sure to a monumental day in T-Mobile’s history and while I won’t be in attendance to take some fancy pictures, you can be sure we’ll have plenty of coverage throughout the day.


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  • mdosu

    In DC Metro area, they just flipped the switch for LTE tonight (March 25th). First speed test, 27 down, 25 up with a Note 2 in Arlington, VA. This is a VAST improvement over the HSPA+ if 13 down and 2 up. So I think the LTE announcement is definitely 100% for tomorrow.

    • mdosu

      wow, I’m gonna need a lot more data if I’m running speed tests…lol. I have that old 2 gigs plan. I went online to add more data, and I have to switch to their new value data plan. So for $20 I get 4 gigs of 4G data. I currently pay $10 for 2 gigs.

      • UMA_Fan

        You can get unlimited for the same price unless you are using all of those gigs for hotspot

    • g2a5b0e

      Very cool. I got the update the other day & I noticed they changed the 4G icon. What’s the LTE icon look like? I’m assuming they’re differentiating the HSPA & LTE icon somehow.

      • mdosu

        the “4G” shrinks and is moved up and “LTE” is added under “4G”. Don’t worry, you’ll notice it immediately when you see it.

        • MatthewMurawski

          Actually it varies by software. It would look different on iOS than on Touchwiz or Sense.

        • mdosu

          yep, but since he got the update a few days ago, he implies he has the Note 2.

        • g2a5b0e

          Right on.

      • Oliver Jackson

        I had got mines the other day and it’s very cool

    • scoop987

      In silver spring (just north of DC) also confirming LTE on my note 2. Getting 30 down and 22 up.

      • mdosu

        can I get a woot woot?!

        • bleeew

          Woot woot.

    • I’m a bit further out in Woodbridge and looks like LTE may not make it out this far at least at launch but here’s hoping it’s just a timing thing.

      • mdosu

        I haven’t tested this throughout the city, but I have a feeling coverage is sparse for initial launch. Sorry about your luck, try a location closer to Potomac Mills mall

  • TayshaunBoba

    One thing is for sure: All eyes are on T-Mobile tomorrow and I really hope they deliver.

  • techymexican

    why won’t you be there? :O

    • No invite.

      • Jose Hernandez

        Shame on them!!!!!

        • I know, it’s a disservice to my readers!

        • mdosu

          do they think that you’re not a legitimate press? I would think you can get a press credential as a “blogger”

        • considering my tech blogs consider you T-Mobile unofficial press site, its a shame you didn’t get an invite

        • Sammieyoufuf

          Didn’t you help saving Tmobile from bring eaten by at&devil. And we all participated in your efforts. This is not only disrespecting you , but also your readers.

        • There’s nothing I can do about it, I’m at the whim of whoever makes these decisions.

        • dp4609

          Is times like this where we should take ques from movies like the wedding crashers or mission impossible :P

        • superg05

          i agree i don’t see any other t-mobile fan sites we should all give t-mobile Facebook page hell

      • techymexican

        what?! :O but this is the only website that actually gives real T-Mobile news unlike Engadget.

  • noelsito

    April 12th? got it :)

  • Djclove007

    I really hope they give a update for the s3 to make it lte capable live in Bay area where lte towers are rumored

    • The current SIII is not LTE compatible, only the upcoming launch of the SIII-LTE will work.

  • TBN27

    I so hope that these bold moves work in T-Mobile’s favor. So far there are quite a few critics who cannot see the savings.

  • James

    i hope they talk more about the HTC one like specific date to pre order and release date, not “before end of april” bullshit…

  • MATT C


    • mdosu

      looks like they’re still messing around with the towers…

  • just me

    I’m excited. Please turn the wireless world on it’s head tomorrow, T-Mobile!

  • Bman

    They must have flipped the switch on LTE here in KC, it started showing around 9pm. Speeds on my note 2 are only about 12 which is basically the same as HSPA+

  • Plans, Network, blackberry, htc one, and iPhone!

    • Hopefully all of these tomorrow

  • Bill2857

    It does look like they may have flipped the switch for LTE in the KC metro area tonight. I live in Gladstone, MO (northern part of KC area) and my Note 2 started showing the “4G LTE” logo between 9 and 10 pm. A speed test shows 22 down, 13 up and a ping of 98 ms. Not bad for a start – we’ll see what the speed is like if it stays on!

    • mdosu

      woot woot!!! churn the butter!

    • Herb

      I sometimes get speeds like this on HSPA+ with my Nexus 4. More consistency with would be awesome.

    • Verhouze

      I get speeds like that with HSPA+

      • superg05

        maybe so but not with that ping

  • Jeff Madison

    fwiw I’ve spotted a “3g” indicator in the notification bar twice in the last week near the New Orleans/Metairie, LA line. Don’t know that this factors in anywhere or to anything but great for New Orleans area peeps!

    • mdosu

      welcome to 2005.

  • Joseph Tongret

    Okay, I’m about as bib of a Tmo fan as anyone could ever be and all of there recent moves have me very excited for their future! Tmo is gonna turn the entire market UP-SIDE-DOWN!

    Is there a link to a live stream for us to watch tomorrow’s event??¿¿

  • me

    April 12 is a Friday, not a Sunday

  • Matt in KC

    Great news: So according to this post – https://www.tmonews.com/2012/11/nexus-4-tweak-allows-lte-activation-on-one-frequency-and-its-good-news/ – I should be able to access the LTE network with a nexus 4. Well after using the above information, and changing to the new apn – fast.t-mobile.com – I live in Kansas City, MO, I was able to access the LTE network successfully. According to speed tests I was Downloading around 10 mbs and uploading around 6mbs. Also just playing around with different settings I discovered on the nexus 4 the icon changes to say “4g” instead of the usual 3g or H when it connects to the LTE network. Also when choosing the “LTE ONLY” option in the settings it wouldn’t let me make a call, so by changing the settings back to LTE/GSM/CDMA auto I noticed when making a call the icon with automatically switch from the “4g” icon to either “3g” or “H.”

    • superg05

      under the apn you made did you put it on ipv6 or ipv4 and ipv6 i ask cause my note 2 was on ipv4 only when it should have been on both i wanted to know if you put yours on 6 will you see a speed boots cause lte runs on ipv6?

      • Matt in KC

        Yes. The ipv was set to both 4/6 is there any other settings I need to change. By the way I am only getting 1-2 bars of the LTE signal. For me the LTE speed test is getting double of what I test with just the HSPA+

        • superg05

          no need to change anything else to my knowledge

  • My disdain for this Apple product is all it brought about was the enhanced popularity of the all touch screen device……that was 2007, it is now 2013. Why all the extra hype and increase for this product that DOESN””T live up to the hype to any consumer with even uncommon sense knowledge, hell even those with common sense know this device is sub par or just as good as the next LOL why the red carpet lol I hate this damn device arggh. Just don’t clog the network or I’ll be forced to not carry a cellphone because I refuse to pay Verizon greedy bastards

  • Pretty soon Verizon will have to change that “More 4G LTE cities than all 3 other carriers combined” ad on their website.

  • trife

    Super excited for all you folks that are able to utilize the LTE!

    C’mon TMO….the rest of us are waiting impatiently!!!

  • gsmachinist

    Just started to get 4G LTE signal on my Nexus 4;) here in Houston TX at 1am.

    • Anonymouse

      I can confirm. Houston we have lift off!
      DL speeds of up to 14 Mbps UL up to 9Mbps with only a slither of signal (2 bars). Im on the west side of the city.

    • NYCTheBronx

      Wait! Is your LG Google Nexus 4 rooted and downgraded or are you running android firmware 4.2.1? I want to run 4G LTE on my T-Mobile LG Google Nexus 4 aswell!

  • Andy Rheaume

    iphone 5 is for sale online as of now on tmobile uk website!!

    • techymexican

      you don’t say -__-“

  • Andy Rheaume

    spoiler alert.iphone is on tmobile uk website

    • NYCTheBronx

      Nice mate.

  • superg05

    anymore cities lighting up post and let us know

  • NYCTheBronx

    So, since the Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G came out on September 19, 2012, does anyone know if it may possibly have hidden 4G LTE connectivity/chip? Since the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note II was released in Novermber of Q4 of 2012, it came with a 4G LTE chip that needed a software update to enable the connectivity. The Nokia Lumia 810, I do not remember what month it launched last year on T-Mobile, has hidden 4G LTE connectivity. So what about the Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G since it came out late last year, like Q3 or Q4? Shouldn’t it have a hidden 4G LTE chip that T-Mobile has not acknowledged like the Nokia Lumia 810 and the 4G LTE in the LG Google Nexus 4? I am still a big fan of qerty keyboards that’s why I want to know. If it does have 4G LTE, this would make it T-Mobile’s 1st Qwerty 4G LTE phone! Someone let me know please! :D

    • qpinto

      it has a similiar chipset to the galaxy s3. thus released on tmobile it would be a no.

  • NYCTheBronx

    I still don’t see 4G LTE here in San Jose, CA. ='(

  • Miguel

    Anybody in Vegas getting LTE? I’m getting some, but it’s very weak right now between LTE and HSPA+ Usually where i’m at I get about 3-4 Bars of HSPA+

    • NYCTheBronx

      Ahhh Vegas. How I miss living there. Well 4G LTE just barely came out in a few States today and yesterday as well. So it will take maybe a few hours or a day to adjust. I’m sure T-Mobile is on the case. I can’t wait to see today in my City!

      • Miguel

        Thanks! They’re probably starting with the East coast first, huh?

        • NYCTheBronx

          I suppose.

  • NYCTheBronx

    Well, I added 4GB of Mobile Hotspot High Speed Data to my T-Mobile contract. I went from paying one line for unlmited everything $81, to $106ish dollars a month lol. I also added caller tunes. Well, now I can use my T-Mobile blazing fast 4G LTE network on my laptop when I’m out, downloading music, streaming Netflix etc. That’s how horrible my Wi-Fi and building penetration for my T-Mobile network data is. I had to add mobile hotspot because it takes bloody forever to upload videos on YouTube and download songs off Itunes. Well, anyone else excited today? 4G LTE and IPhone 5! Yeeeaaahhhhh!

  • Saleem Siddiqui

    LTE officially launched in Phoenix!! I don’t usually get a strong connection in my house (I don’t really care because I have WIFI) but I turned my WIFI off to test my connection and It went from my usual 5Mbps to 11Mbps with the LTE logo showing. I’m pretty satisfied because I usually get 15-20Mbps at work and other areas so I’m excited to see what LTE will bring.

    • NYCTheBronx

      Probably 40-70-100mbps at work for you. Come on! I want 4GvLTE already! My City was on the list! So you didn’t need to use a new APN right?

  • MoonlitReigns

    David I am kinda perplexed you did not get an invite from T-Mobile. Shame on them.

  • mreveryphone

    Lte is live in Kansas City but it’s going in and out of service. Anybody else experiencing this?

  • Random

    Houston LTE is live!

  • mdosu

    Guys, if you’re reporting LTE connection speeds, give us a comparison of what you usually get on hspa+

  • NYCTheBronx

    Hmm. Still no T-Mobile 4G LTE here in San Jose CA. Sigh. Well time to go to sleep. Hopefully I have 4G LTE by the time I wake up.

    • Fan

      According to Engadget, the network is live in San Jose!

      • NYCTheBronx

        Really? Where the heck is my 4G LTE logo then? =( Only 4G on the top. ='(

  • thepinkplanet

    Tmobile just announced iphone 5 for those waiting. 99 Down n 20/month for only 5 months