T-Mobile iPhone Will Be Announced At Tomorrow’s Event According To CNET


CNET is reporting today, March 25th, that our favorite carrier will be announcing the T-Mobile iPhone at tomorrow’s “Uncarrier” event. Although it won’t say where it got its information or even mentioned an unnamed source, the publication is convinced it’s happening.

The handset will allegedly feature alongside a couple of other hot LTE capable smartphones:

“Lastly, the iPhone 5, with its LTE capabilities, will be a showcase product for T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network, which is expected to officially launch tomorrow. Other devices such as the BlackBerry Z10, which launches tomorrow, and the recently LTE-upgraded Galaxy Note 2, will also figure prominently in its LTE push.”

I guess we’ll find out whether or not this rumor has any validity by this time tomorrow. The big news for us here is that we’re finally getting the iPhone. Officially. Possibly.

If the T-Mobile iPhone is launched tomorrow, will you be buying it?

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  • jbhotnessmon

    about time and as always tmobile is pulling up the rear with amazing devices like the g2x I can’t tell why they always come in dead last customer satisfaction surveys

    • manek

      i still use my g2x to this day and it’s awesome.

      • CactusCat

        Same here.. my g2x is still fast, works perfectly. Maybe you and I have the last two working models on the planet.

        • TechDiva

          still use mine also, had it since it’s release day. But, I am considering the iPhone. if I get it, I’d give my G2X to my son.

  • john

    2 week in April we are getting the iPhone

  • thepanttherlady

    And if it does, I’ll be saying I told you so to everyone who told me T-Mobile was having a blackout for the Z10! =P

    • Disgruntled.

      The back out is purely due to the movement to the “uncarrier”

      • fentonr

        The switch happened Sunday.

    • just me

      I figured the blackout and press event were just for the new uncarrier stuff and lte, but I gotta admit that I’m starting to become a believer…. all this buzz about the iPhone being available in April, CNET reporting it, and when do the MetroPCS shareholders vote again? An iPhone release would sure make a lot of positive buzz for our beloved tmo, just in time for the vote.

  • Eric


  • Ryan Corona

    i know they will announce it tomorrow, but will it be available tomorrow?

    • thinmanXXS

      Maybe in select markets but I don’t see it happening unless the announce many LTE markets for it to run on

    • fentonr

      I thought they had said it was available on the 28th.

    • Paul Sanchez

      Iphone will be available April 10th or 11th according to my local tmobile store, z10 will be announced, already saw the dummy unit

  • Saad Akhtar


  • Alex Zapata

    I wonder if it’ll have WiFi calling.

    • Cris

      This is the same exact question I have. WiFi calling is the main reason why I’ve stayed with T-Mobile in spite of not having had the iPhone for so many years.

      • D913

        Same. My house literally has no signal so wifi calling has been a life saver. Only way I’ll get the iPhone is if it has wifi calling.

        • TBN27

          Same issue. So in leu I use bobsled. It works well for now.

        • bleeew

          I doubt it, unless Apple is nice enough and puts it on all carriers iPhone.

      • Alex Zapata

        I’ve grown quite used to WiFi calling for when I go out of the country. Makes my life much easier, not to mention my bill.

    • ChitChatCat

      I was just googling to see if I could figure this out. Rogers, a Canadian carrier, uses the same product from Kineto to offer wifi calling. However, they do not offer wifi calling on their iPhones. This leads me to believe that it won’t be available T-Mo’s iPhone (just like it’s not available on TMo Windows Phones).

  • Megan

    I’m just wondering will a current factory unlocked iphone 5 work on 4g lte once tmobile releases it to the public? I live in Houston Tx which is supposedly on of the first places to get it.

    • Jared Wolfe

      Yes! You will need to manual enter in cellular data information.

      • the LTE Apn is: fast.tmobile.com

      • bozzykid

        Not until T-Mobile provides a carrier update w/ support for T-mobile. Until then, you can’t enable LTE on an unlocked iPhone 5.

    • mloudt

      i am in houston also have you noticed how lately coverage has gotten a little worst lately? i am guessing due to them preparing to release lte supposedly tomorrow. i have a samgsung 4g what about you?

      • Paul Sanchez

        Same here in Phoenix, it was bad the last few weeks, seems to be ok now

  • Jason

    In store by mid April.

  • adeedew


  • Guest

    I don’t want the data hogs on the network, but what can you do?

    • Guest911

      Morons like you really need to shut up.

      • Jason Walker

        Maybe name calling pissants like you should climb out from behind the anonymity of the Internet.

    • MagentaUser

      T-Mo will be able to handle it. They have the fewest subscribers but they’ll have a good amount of spectrum for LTE now. This won’t be a Sprint situation with a million MVNO’s such as Virgin and Boost and every iPhone user fighting for bandwidth on Sprint’s pathetic 3G network.

      • mloudt

        sprint does have a lot of mvno’s but boost and virgin are not mvno’s seeing as sprint out right owns them. their considered subsidiary’s of sprint not mvno’s.

    • Dion Mac

      You do know that T-Mobile customers consume more data than any other company right? And since we don’t have the iphone(yet) that would indicate your statement is a lil off.

    • TBN27

      There are data hogs on android also you know.

    • kev2684

      t-mobile has the highest average gb of data consumed per customer, but also we’re the fewest of the 4 so that won’t be a problem.

  • Faraz

    Representative told me yesterday (in the store) that i can ask questions about the iPhone 5 starting Tuesday night

  • I’d just jump on the iPhone bandwagon with the 5s, tmobile should wait

  • JB

    I’ll pass. But this is still great news for Magenta and those who wanted an iPhone through more official means (i.e. through the carrier)

    • nycplayboy78

      Same here I will pass…Waiting on the Galaxy Note III :)

  • Josue

    like I said before “t-mobile will have more iPhone activations than all 3 carriers combined”

    • Dion Mac

      I don’t know if I would agree with that, but it would be nice to see.

      • thepanttherlady

        I guess it would be possible given T-Mobile’s historic acceptance and encouragement of the BYOD campaign and they’re now getting their own.

        It shall be interesting to say the least.

    • That’s a reach but this will help T-Mo leapfrog Sprint, that’s for damn sure.

      • Josue

        Sprint is still around? lol sprint is like last place on everything

        • John

          sprint is 3rd in terms of subscribers at 56 million. T-mobile/metro 4th with 42 million subscribers

        • Josue

          I didnt know that…we’ll just see how that number changes in like a month or two


      You ask the average consumer, “would you pay T-Mobile $800 for an iphone with serious limited coverage, or $200 to any other carrier who already has LTE and awesome coverage?” What do you think they are gonna do?

      • just me

        True, but what if you word it a bit different? Would you like to pay Verizon 200 dollars for the iphone now and have a total bill of $110 with 4 gigs of data? Or pay tmobile 170 for the iphone now and have a total bill of 90 and unlimited data? Which seems better now? My math: tmobile line with unlimited everything = 70. Iphone 5 16 gb = 650, 170 downpayment + 24 installments of 20 = 650. Tmobile plan + phone installment = 90 dollars total monthly bill :)

        • Alan713

          plus VZ and ATT have activation fees and monthly fees so add at least 15% to the bill. In the end everyone now who’s on individual contract overpays for iPhone more than 1000. plus most people stay on contract terms even if contract expired

        • John

          T-mobile has activation fees too. However, T-Mobile plan are much cheaper than At&t,Verizon, and sprint.

        • DJ Lawless Oneâ„¢

          Verizon has no deposits for new customers on their new plans. Does T-mobile do that?

        • John


        • Dion Mac

          If your credit sucks, Verizon will require a deposit!

        • DJ Lawless Oneâ„¢

          Have you tried lately? My credit is pretty bad, When I got T-mobile I was required to pay a $200 deposit per line but when I went to Verizon after they introduced their new plans I paid $0. I have 3 lines. A Note 2 ($149), Droid DNA ($49) and an i-Phone 5 ($199). I saved like $1,500 on the retail price of my phones and pay $200 a month for unlimited talk and text with 6GB of data to share. I just don’t see the value of T-mobile anymore. Go ahead and pay 2 grand for your phones that got for less than $400 to save $40 a month and get “unlimited” data and spotty coverage.

      • Guest

        It all depends on if they are on an individual plan or a family plan. I switched to Verizon when they launched the new plans and pay $200 a month for 3 lines with 6GB to share. One flaw with T-mobile’s plan is they only offer 500MB, 2GB, and unlimited data. For me to get what I have on Verizon I would have to pay $1,200 more for the phones and save $50 a month on the plans witch would mean I would break even. Seeing as how I use wifi at home I have no issue staying under 6GB a month and it is a pretty easy trade off for being able to have 4G LTE everywhere I go. What good is unlimited data with limited coverage?

  • Finally about time. Hope this is true. T-Mobile customers have been starving for the iPhone for almost 6 years now.

  • jimmiekain

    Damn, there goes the neighborhood.

    • TMoKing

      it started when you moved in it.

  • Deadeye37

    Not interested in the iPhone or the Z10. I am interested in that LTE. Too bad I won’t be able to take advantage of it for a couple of years since I just did my upgrade a couple of months ago. :(

    Oh well, I love my SGSIII. Maybe I’ll be getting the SGSV or the HTC Three. Maybe even the Lexus Nexus (it will be a Luxury phone that can also help you with your legal research :)

    • Dion Mac

      I think it would be HTC One DOT 3.0 lol
      There will be a Maserati Nexus(high end), a Chevy Nexus(mid range), and a Kia Nexus(Budget)

    • nicknowsky

      I agree..u can already get u r iPhone to run on TMO……LTE is the biggest news of all

  • UncleFan

    Great. NOW we know why T-Mobile just price-hiked the service plans and ditched the 500 minute voice: they had to raise ARPU so they could pay the Apple Tax. As an Android user, I’m not very happy about the prospect of my hard-earned dollars subsidizing iPhones, because that’s EXACTLY what’s happening. Just ask all the chumps on Sprint who saw their rates go up because of the stupid deal Hesse made just to get the iPhone!

    • bob90210

      You should love the new rates since there are no subsidies for any phone!

      • UncleFan

        There’s always a hidden subsidy for the iPhone. Always. Sprint had to pay BILLIONS of dollars to get it. Where do you think the money for that is going to come from?

        • thepanttherlady

          T-Mobile has removed subsidizing phones so the consumer that purchases an iPhone will be paying for it themselves.

        • UncleFan

          That only concerns the nominal retail price of the phone. Only T-Mobile and Apple executives know what T-Mobile is REALLY paying for the iPhone. It is a known fact that Sprint had to pay a horrific price to get the iPhone – if customers’ bills rise to pay that price, then it is a SUBSIDY, albeit a hidden one.

        • Dion Mac

          The only problem with your theory is that if you keep your current value plan, the only rate thats going up is your PHP… if you even have that.

        • well he’s right about one thing, Sprint really DID get ripped badly with the iPhone Subsidy. Probably hurt them as much as it helped.

        • SouthernBlackNerd

          The thing about sprint is that prior to the iPhone, they had to pay Clearwire 10 dollars per wimax smartphone to get access to the wimax network even if you did not live in an areas with wimax.

          So why their is a higher subsidy hit initially on the iPhone, they actually make more money over the life of the contract, since they do not have to pay clearwire 240 dollars for access to their network over the two years.

        • John

          why did sprint have to pay to use wimax for other smartphones, but not the iphone? clarify it all?

        • iPhone didn’t include a WiMax radio, that’s why.

        • SouthernBlackNerd

          When Sprint became a wholesale partner of Clearwire, the deal was that Sprint would pay a flat fee for each device that was capable of accessing the wimax network, instead of paying per use. This is the reason they started the whole 10 dollar premium data fee. It was originally a 4G fee, which went to Clearwire. However, the iPhone is not a wimax device, so it cannot access Clearwire’s wimax network, therefore the extra 10 dollars they charge stays in sprints pocket.

          Newer LTE phones do not pay Clearwire as well, since they also are not capable of access the wimax network.

        • John

          oh okay thanks for explaining.

        • UncleFan

          I’m still on a Classic plan, but I’m afraid they’ll try to find some way to bump people off the old plans.

        • Dion Mac

          For now you can go to a third party retailer to upgrade and keep your classic plan. Just don’t get your hopes up if you were planing on getting an iphone. Not going to happen.

        • T-mobile has NEVER done that. So why are you panicking now? there are people still on MyFaves plans from years ago and plans from right after they initially became t-mobile from voicestream. T-mobile doesn’t force you into anything now however they will make things look so much better that you want to switch.

        • UncleFan

          A few years ago, they kicked everyone (including me) off the $30 Sidekick data plan with no warning. That was a dark, dark day!

        • The sidekick line died and that was due to the manufacturer killing it. Thats one of those things that eventually had to be done.

        • @DionMac:disqus That’s what it is! He’s on classic and butthurt, because he secretly wants the phone but doesn’t understand the Value Plans.

        • UncleFan

          LOL, I understand the value plans just fine. The bottom line is that that cheapest possible total monthly cost of a “financed” smartphone has gone UP, not down, compared to the deals from the last couple years. I realize that SOME customers with multiple lines or who were already on unlimited voice plans are seeing some savings, but folks on the lowest rung of post-paid plans are NOT better off!

        • Uidiot

          Are you kidding me? You do realize they phones are way more advanced and COST MORE in general. Switch carriers then who cares, go find out what it’s like to be a slave to Verizon AT&T or sprint.

        • UncleFan

          Believe or not, AT&T, the most HATED company on earth, now has a cheaper post-paid smartphone plan than T-Mobile’s cheapest so-called “Value” plan (including EIP). That’s a *SLAP* in the face of T-Mobile’s price-sensitive, value-conscious customers!

        • Dewey Cox

          As of yesterday you can no longer upgrade to a discounted phone if you are on a classic plan. You can do a bridge to value with eip or pay full retail.
          Discounted handsets are history.

        • UncleFan

          That’s only at T-Mobile corporate stores, right? My understanding was that resellers like Walmart and Best Buy would still support the classic plans. In fact, I’m pretty sure the new classic plans were leaked a few days ago right here on TMONews!

        • bob90210

          From the people buying iPhones.

          And the new plans are cheaper than the previous plans. Only the older grandfathered plans were cheaper (of course grandfather plans are cheaper, you would not keep the plan if it were not).

        • UncleFan

          “From the people buying iPhones.”

          That would only be true if the iPhone required it’s own data plan that cost more than the plan for other smartphones. I’m pretty sure that’s not going to happen.

        • Considering the new plans offer more and are cheaper this is false especially if you buy out of contract.

        • UncleFan

          My current classic (voice-blocked) smartphone plan includes unlimited data and costs only $50/month, and I can get the best phones subsidized when eligible for an upgrade. What would I get for $50 now? Subtract $20/month for a smartphone EIP, and that leaves only the $30! The $30/month data-only smartphone plan only gives you 2.5 GB. Last time I checked 2.5 GB is LESS THAN unlimited. The new plans aren’t such great deals for everybody.

        • Jason

          “Not great for everybody”

          You’re right. And a slim population has the voice blocked plans. You’re the minority. Companies have always and will always make deals that fit the majority. Stay with your plan. Save your money for a new phone.

        • 2.5gb IS UNLIMITED you don’t stop receiving data just slows down to 2G instead of 3g/4g and in addition the TRULY UNLIMITED 4G is the same price as that 2.5gb that you are complaining about and has no cap until you reach 9.7Tb which is practically impossible to do in 1 month before it resets.

        • UncleFan

          NONE of the things I actually do that push my usage into the gigabytes are even remotely usable on 2G EDGE speeds. Do you really think Spotify, YouTube and Netflix are going to be usable or enjoyable on 2G? Ridiculous.

        • I have used 2g when i traveled to port Aransas tx and have done exactly that. If you don’t like the cap Truly unlimited 4g is the same price and has NO CAP

        • Nearmsp

          Apple is not making a special AWS phone for T-mobile. The phone will be same as the AT&T phone unlike Sprint. So no need for any money exchange.

    • No one is subsidizing the phone on the new plans so you have no idea what you’re talking about. If anything I wouldn’t be surprised if it isn’t offered by any of the third party retailers as I’m sure their not big fans of subsidizing iPhones, period. Just ask any rep at Best Buy or Target, that are trained and receive incentives for selling you anything but an i device.

      Also, it’s not a volume deal like Sprint has. T-Mobile will carry the iPhone on the best terms possible, unlike most other carriers. The plans were changed to align with what was already being offered on their Monthly 4G service. 1 plan for everyone. #fact.

      • UncleFan

        T-Mobile’s new plans conveniently got rid of the cheaper 500 minute voice option, which has the effect making the cheapest plans cost more than they should because you are forced to pay for unlimited voice. Then a few days later the iPhone is announced, LOL! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that T-Mobile is desperately trying to raise ARPU so they can afford the vig on the iPhone.

        • The vig? LOL, it’s Apple not the mafia. Companies pay out of the gills because they take high volume deals. Sprint took the worst deal, they thought the iPhone would help save them at a time when they were bleeding customers worse than T-Mo. Their CEO Dan Hesse was in the hotseat and decided to pull the trigger on what was arguably the worst iPhone deal of them all.

          Again, T-Mobile’s plans were changed to better align with their M4G offering. To eliminate confusion for shoppers. Either way, they’re not subsidizing the handset, and if you need further reassurance, the max EIP per line was raised to $480.

          In other words, an iPhone 5 at 649, would have a down payment payment price of $169, then just like the Note II, $20 per month.

          With ZERO subsidy and no loss to T-Mobile. If anything, and I’m just making an assumption here, I think customers will ONLY be able to get the device at a T-Mobile retail store that offers the new plans. They will not be subsidizing the phone. It’s just a hunch, but we’ll find out tomorrow.

        • They got rid of the low end, limited minute plans at the same time that the unlimited minute lines got cheaper. I think those two things are more related than anything to do with the iPhone. If anything, you can bitch that people that don’t use many minutes are now paying more to bring the price of the unlimited rate plan down.

  • JadedNYer

    Depends. I have the previous Value Plan with a two year contract. Will EIP be available for those in similar situations or will we have to pay an ETF to switch to the new plans ?

    • Whatever EIP you have on your current plan you are available to use. Current Value customers can switch to the UNcarrier plans but will still be under contract until their current contract expires.

  • lnxarepou812

    April 5th customer care has a three and a half hour training rumored to be about the Iphone so second week of April sounds right

  • I am absolutely sure the iPhone will be a part of tomorrows event, even the showcase piece as they say it will be. Very much falls in line with the time schedule they’ve been saying about it.

  • Jared Wolfe

    Where can we watch this event live???

    • Dion Mac

      Awesome question

    • joel_axel

      yeah cool question.

    • Jared Wolfe

      I will try and see if anyone is streaming it. I will post here if I find anything. If others could look, that would be awesome!!!

    • sidekicker89

      I don’t think there will be a live video. So only live blogs. Not 100% sure though.

    • abc

      Why would someone at this point get the iPhone 5 on T-Mobile when iPhone 5s is around the corner. Just wait for the 5s if you want an iPhone.

      • M42

        Why would anybody want any phone on this network? No phone is worth a damn on EDGE.

        • obvious troll is obvious

          I suppose if you live in the middle of Nebraska you might still get edge… otherwise I have 4g nearly 24/7, thank god I don’t live in hick town usa, sorry m42

        • DinahLaGURL

          Okay your comment is dumb I live in Los Angeles california which im pretty sure u know its a BIG city its nowhere near a hick town and as much as I love tmobile and its prices the network is still not there I can have perfect hspa coverage in one street in dwtwn LA I walk down the next street bam im on edge. Thats what I hate from tmobile u walk down the wrong street u go from having perfect 20 mbps hspa connection to having a slow not even 1 mbp edge connection. So yes u dont have to live in some hick town to have edge coverage from tmobile oh and also when I went to NY, and Arizona it was same thing as LA u walk down the wrong street u in tmobile edge. I think I need to change carriers ..only reason I dont get Verizon which I know for a fact has better coverage is cuz im broke n cant afford it yes I admit it I have a crappy job n cant afford Verizon so im stuck with tmobile n its crappy coverage which I can afford.

        • GoodTimeJ

          They’re rolling out LTE this week

        • GoodTimeJ

          But why buy an Iphone anyways, my Note 2 rules, but of course that’s a losing battle with the Apple cult

  • So is there going to be an update that enables LTE on the AT&T iPhone 5????

    • As long as its unlocked and you’ve input the new Fast.Tmobile.com APN, you should be good to go on Att’s iPhone 5 for LTE.

  • Aurizen

    just let me know when the iphone updates will be coming out to support LTE and im there.

  • Svengalis

    well it’s about time. im gonna stick to my nexus 4 though. :)

    • ditto, but its nice even just to have the option available if we want it. – )

    • erigl

      Nexus 4 sucks, be sure it doesn’t drop from anything more than a foot. $150 for a new screen, you can get an iPhone repaired for $75

      • NYCTheBronx

        Explain? The LG Google Nexus 4 is close to flawless. The only thing stopping it from being flawless is the battery and the internal storage and 4G LTE. Other then that, it is amazing. Very snappy and no lagg for me.

      • qpinto

        As I’ve dropped mine many times its held up great. Just as durable as my original galaxy s device.should we say the same thing about iPhone 4 and 4s with glass?

  • Nope not at all however my mom would love that…

  • ceegii63

    i would assume this means an iPhone 5S/6 is inevitable?

  • matt

    You couldn’t pay me to get an iphone unless they replace iOS and replaced it with android and made a larger screen for it.

    • Dion Mac


    • Guest911

      Dont worry, no one is paying you. Stop being a lil drama queen.

  • larrrs

    The employees are having a second conference call regarding a launch event taking place on april 12th…. No mention of if it was the iphone though, but that date falls on a Friday, which is when an new iphone comes out

  • William Cron

    Right now I’m looking at the Nexus 4 as my next phone. The price of the iPhone will be a huge factor whether I consider it or not. LTE isn’t a huge priority for me at the moment. The 4G signal in my area isn’t exactly stable.

  • MHPhan

    I don’t want iPhone users flooded the network. :(

    • Dion Mac

      Dont worry, Tmobile has a backhaul. Something only att could dream of.

    • bob90210

      That’s T-Mobile’s problem; there are not enough customers to flood the network.

  • Dion Mac

    This is off subject, but I have a nexus 4. It only connects to the web on 4g networks. When its on 3g, it just sits there looking stupid until it swaps over to 4g. Anybody else having that problem?

    • Jell

      I personally don’t have Nexus 4 but I have read of the same thing happening to others on some forums.


      My (Nexus 4) is the best phone I have ever used.
      I used an Iphone for two weeks in combination with my Nexus 4 did everything possible with both that being said I sold the Iphone,,,,,

    • Angel

      Yeah the nexus 4 idles on 3g but when you actually use the data it will use the hspa+ network.

    • NYCTheBronx

      Not with me and my Nexus 4. Weird.

  • It will be interesting to see what percentage of T-Mobile’s total smartphone activations the iPhone will make up this year. As of now AT&T is the only carrier where the iPhone makes up the majority of activations. I could see the same being true for T-Mobile as the device is already immensely popular on the network.

    • bleeew

      Verizon is about to reach the spot where iPhones activation is most also.


      Don’t think so, people on T-Mobile are on T-Mobile to save money, not spend $800 on an an old overrated smartphone.

    • 35 percent, just a guess.

  • galaxydude

    Last month i bought a nexus4 this month i bought a LG Optimus l9 i paid for both in full no payments or contract. Now i pay just 70$ a month for
    Unlimited data and voice n texts. I used 13.5 gb last month

  • nicknowsky

    Not happening I dunno how long some of u guys been into the iOS community… Ive been hearing this for years…….

    • thepanttherlady

      This isn’t rumor any more. Tmobile has already confirmed themselves they’re getting the iPhone.

  • Uncarrier321

    IPhone will not be launched tomorrow..or at least sold in stores tomorrow…its all about the Z10 and it’ll be stupid for T-Mobile to steal one of their big devices thunder with the iPhone. Also as a store manager I know that they would at least have sent a few device to stores to get ready for a launch for tomorrow. If anything it will be announced and have a sign up page for it. During our meeting yesterday they gave a few hints that it’ll be really soon and that our version will have something that will make it stand out from the other iPhone in any other carrier… Now what that means I have no idea.

    • shwimdroid

      Wifi Calling maybe??

      • bleeew

        AWS!!!!! No subsidy!!!!

        • I would love it to have AWS but I’m doubtful Apple made an AWS model specifically for Tmo.

        • bleeew

          Doesn’t the 4S support the AWS band? Just that Apple doesn’t activate it, what I heard from the tech forums.

      • sloanie

        yes, please!

    • GalaxyNut55

      Cheaper Iphone—same guts…Plastic instead of glass outside…Im all for that.. Lower price and looks the same…

    • LC

      The article didn’t say anything about the iPhone launching tomorrow, just that they would be announcing it.

  • TMoKing

    good as bought!

  • nicknowsky

    real news is the true LTE….who cares about another iPhone…LTE is gonna be the game changer

    • Eric

      Yeah, tell that to the millions of people wanting a T-Mobile iPhone (myself included)

      • CactusCat

        Millions? We’ll see my Tmo friend. “These aren’t the phones you’re looking for”……. (subtle, eh?)

        • erigl

          Uh, no.

  • TGoosh

    hell. f*ck. yes

  • Guest

    Omg I could hear my next door neighbors mind and see he’s thoughts!!!!

  • 21stNow

    No, I won’t buy an iPhone 5. If I wanted an iPhone 5, I would have gotten one in September.

  • TBN27

    No I wouldn’t get the iPhone 5 because I already have the factory unlocked version. That being said, I hope there is an update to turn on the LTE radios on. Since the 1900mhz PCS has launched, it has gotten weaker in places I usually get a constant signal. I.e. my apartment.i hope it is related to the LTE equipment going up and being tested.

  • auser72

    Great news for Tmobile. The Iphone and them rolling out LTE should give them leverage to compete with big three.

  • sidekicker89

    David didn’t get invited to the event! How rude can they be?!? One of the biggest T-Mobile fan and they won’t let him in! :'(

    • techymexican

      how do you know?

  • TMoLove

    Honestly I like the iPhone a lot and glad it’s coming but not sure if I would get it if it can’t take full advantage of T-Mobile’s network. Also a downside is it probably won’t have Wifi Calling which is something I really need.

  • Kahlayoh

    screw the iphone, just updated to 4.1.2 on my note 2, even though no LTE yet. The new 4G LTE logo while starting up looks niiiice. Also the new 4G in the status bar looks legit

  • inaudy

    when is the galaxy s 4 making it to tmobile thats the question?

  • I’m still getting the Z10!

  • arnesto

    i have the Nexus 4 So what is everybody’s problem regarding the iphone? It works great.

    • bleeew

      Its the fact that the iSheep want it.

      • I am an iSheep! I know it, I sing it loud and proud. What a stupid word.

        • Trevnerdio

          David, you’re not an iSheep. An iSheep mindlessly bows to Apple and is totally blind to the amazing devices out there. You pay attention to those other devices.

        • CactusCat

          Come on Dave. Just run the Espier launcher for a few minutes every day to get your fix. Then hit the Home button and it’s all better.

      • iSheep here as well. Ready to get the iPhone 5 on my T-Mobile line day 1.

        • bleeew

          I was about to get the iPhone 4 on the month it went on VZW. I got the T-Bolt instead(big mistake, horrible battery even though LTE was good, I was setting it to 3G to get an extra 10 mins on battery). Now I have a Droid DNA(about to get the iPhone 5), and HTC has turned itself and made a good phone with a good battery. I can care less about the iPhone since I use my brothers 4S.

  • bleeew

    Won’t this kill the tethering feature on the iPhone? Because people are able to tether without limits if you have unlimited data. It also doesn’t bring you to that upsell page. I’m guessing it will kill tethering since T-Mobile will be an official iPhone carrier.

  • jim


    • sloanie

      Sadly, not gonna happen. Apple would probably never announce a new flagship phone at someone else’s event.

  • PiotrButkiewicz

    I’d get an iPhone 4 if possible for my mum. She’s still learning and it’ll still be almost too much tech for her, but gotta have that wifi calling.

  • Jose Hernandez

    No way in Hell would I ever buy an iPhone. But I am happy that T-Mobile finally has this on their lineup. Now some customers can stay or maybe even come back to T-Mobile because now we do have the i stuff.

  • Kendric Mercado

    I have a Nexus 4 and do you think that T-Mobile might send a Update to enable LTE ?

  • NYCTheBronx

    Yes. Will this be Live Stream onbYouTube? This is a very huge event tomorrow for T-Mobile. 4GvLTE rolling out, 4G LTE connectivity update, 4G LTE phones coming out soon for T-Mobile which is the Blackberry Z10 tomorrow, rumored phones coming to T-Mobile this year, no more subsidies, no more contracts, T-Mobile moves as a Uncarrier now and finally T-Mobile’s first 4GvLTE mobile hotpspot, Sonic 2.0 4G LTE coming out tomorrow. Plus new value plans. You got anything to say to that Verizon, AT&T and Sprint? T-Mobile owns 2013. :D

    • bleeew


      • NYCTheBronx

        What abeautiful day indeed. :) Check out my YouTube channel if you have time. YouTube/NYCTheBronx Going to do Speedtests here in San Jose with T-Mobile’s new 4G LTE today! =)

    • NYCTheBronx

      And we get news for the IPhone 5 from T-Mobile tomorrow.

  • usethefish

    What about lumia catwalk news? Any at this event?

    • sidekicker89

      I told David about the catwalk awhile back. Not sure if there is any new news yet.

  • Ray

    How are they announcing the iPhone when a large portion of T-Mobile iPhones are still on Edge including mine?

    • sloanie

      They’ve been promoting the iPhone for months (a la “bring your own”, etc). But I see your point… someone buying a phone in a T-Mobile store will expect it to work on their high speed network.

    • adeedew

      Yup pretty ambitious

    • trife

      Yep. While I’m glad we’re finally getting the iPhone, it really is bad business if they sell them in areas with no LTE or 1900 MHz band support. Unless of course they’re upfront about the gaping coverage holes.

  • Nearmsp

    People should not get overly excited about iPhone 5 for T-mobile. Their PCS coverage is not even half as good as their AWS coverage. I bought one in November for use in Minneapolis suburbs. After a frustrating 6 weeks, I out it away. During my several attempts at reinserting the nano SIM card and carrier in my SGS2, I damaged the SIM seating in my SGS2. I am yet to go back to my iPhone 5. The LTE towers are even less. In my opinion, T-Mobile is still a ways away from prime time.

  • sloanie

    Probably won’t be buying it, especially if the next version (5S or whatever it ends up being) is just a few months out from April. (July/August-ish, supposedly). Currently using a 4S… but we’ll see.

  • Guest17

    I’ve been holding out hope that flipping the LTE switch will bring along at least some improved PCS coverage. I’m on Edge three quarters of the day in NYC.

  • Trevnerdio

    It won’t be launched tomorrow, the network isn’t ready for it.

    • Get_at_Me

      What do you mean the network isn’t ready for it? HSPA+ is still the backbone of both TMO and ATTs data networks. I’m guessing it’ll be 21mbps capable on HSPA+ until LTE goes live…..Unless you’re talking about the state of TMO’s refarming efforts

      • Trevnerdio

        Well yes, but even HSPA+ band II is very sparse…just read your edit, yes, that’s what I mean

  • iPhone definitely wont be launched tomorrow. But there will be announcements with it, Maybe even like LTE iPads too

  • yo yo

    We have an ALL hands day in April 4/11-4/14

  • natebinsf

    Iphone 4s user. I get 3G half the time in SF and just got back from NYC and had 3g half the time. What was weird was one day att 4g popped up in nyc for a few min but i couldn’t use my phone. I’ve also been in vegas recently and had 3g 75% of the time, almost everywhere i went accept inside the casinos.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Definitely could care less about any iphone on tmobile. But I understand from a business strategy what tmobile has to do. Tmobile 2013 will be great let’s get that LTE up and running in New York City.

    • yea most definitely. i dont care for the iPhone as any subscriber thats on T-Mob but i can see its something they need to have

    • Guest

      How much less could you care?

    • NYCTheBronx

      Me too. Not much of an Iphone fan but it’s great to see T-Mobile finally talking about and selling the Iphone 5 soon. Plus other Apple products. But I may possibly get an Iphone 5. Possibly.

  • sincarafan247

    I just want the darn newer SG3 Lte to be released already. lol

  • GalaxyNut55

    TMobile just launched LTE tonight 9pm eastren. Im hitting 20 down 18 up right now. Unreal speeds.

    • natebinsf

      I’m on an iphone 4s, what are you on? Also, did you do anything special to your settings?

      • Guest

        The 4S doesn’t have LTE.

    • CPPCrispy


    • NYCTheBronx

      18 up? That is insane! Wooot! :D What State and Coty mate?

  • Dwain Mars

    I’m wondering if the iPhone will support all tmobile bands. If not then I don’t see the point. There will be many unhappy customers.

    • NYCTheBronx

      Possibly T-Mobile will make a deal with Apple and they can make a special T-Mobile variant Iphone that will support all of T-Mobile’s bands.

    • Get_at_Me

      refarmed TMO bands are identical to ATT bands

  • I wouldn’t buy it but that would be huge for TMO …

  • bojangles

    I won’t buy the iPhone (I have an HTC One fund almost complete) but I will be more than happy to collect that commission money selling it! Very excited for my beloved company. I BLEED MAGENTA

  • TMoFan

    This would be unusual as Apple likes to do the unveiling. I won’t be getting it but anything that makes TMo stronger I’m in favor of.

    • Get_at_Me

      agreed, but this is the first time that a major US carrier is selling an iphone outside of a “new device launch”…someone correct me if im wrong…..at the same time, it would be odd of Apple to go out of its way to announce/launch a T-Mobile iphone..

  • jake


    • Alan713

      unlocked iphone has been available for quite a while.

      • taron19119

        Yeah but the unlocked iphone don’t run hspa+ in the aws band just the pcs band T-Mobile iphone is going to run hspa+ in the pcs and aws band

  • Jon Wilkinson

    The iPhone 4/4s and 5 are listed on T Mobile website! Go see!

    • Saad Akhtar

      do you have a link, I can’t find it.

    • just me

      Lol link or it didn’t happen

  • mdosu

    4G LTE note 2 reporting in on March 25, finally

    • MATT C


      • mdosu

        Can I get a woot woot!?

  • James

    Damn it! I just got the AT&T version! :(

    • techymexican

      if I am not mistaken, the AT&T version will be compatible with T-Mobile’s LTE unlike the Verizon iPhone.

  • emcdonald75

    I wish on tomorrow T-mobile will announce an EDGE BE GONE Program. Stating that they will upgrade all of their towers to HSPA+/LTE. NO MORE OF THAT SLOW 2G EDGE NETWORK.

    • CPPCrispy

      Please please please let this happen!

      • emcdonald75

        I know right!

    • Gordon Shumway

      But if they do that I won’t be able to put my phone in 2G mode and enjoy days of standby time without needing a charge, or when connected to a wifi network and have no need to waste battery on 4G.

      • emcdonald75

        Change is inevitable. As phones become technologically smarter, faster and more efficient, so must the networks they operate on.

    • M42

      Yes, and that will be completed in 2090. Meanwhile, enjoy your painfully slow EDGE data speeds.

  • Joanna90

    Can anyone help me ?? I have tmobile a galaxy s3 on tmobiles prepaid 70 dollar plan with 5 gigs of data. If i were to ever buy an iPhone which i doubt i will lol but if i ever were to get one and im on an tmobile lte area will i get LTE? Even if im on a tmobile prepaid plan? Reasons im asking is cuz when i bought my s3 with the prepaid plan people wud always be telling me that tmobile prepaid dnt get the same data speeds post paid customers get. But i noticed tht what people told me was not true i get up to 20 mbps on.tmobile prepaid the same my friends on tmobile postpaid get. So my question is if i were to put my sim card on a tmobile iPhone if they ever do end up getting one or another tmobile LTE capable phone and im on a tmobile LTE area will it still be able to get LTE data speeds even tho im on there 70 dollar prepaid plan?? Thnks

  • MATT C


  • JayMoney

    …its not launching tomorrow…guaranteed…seeing as how I work there and we got blackberrys today but no “mystery” iPhone in our shipments

    • I didn’t say it was launching tomorrow?!

  • James

    The iPhone won’t be a official carrier til the iPhone 5s or iPhone 6 at the latest

  • taron19119

    This make since T-Mobile ceo said 3 to 4 months at ces

  • taron19119

    My question is will T Mobile’s iPhone hspa+ in the aws band or jus the pcs band

  • NYCTheBronx

    Can someone please explain to me what the heck is PCS band?

  • thunder

    I think the most exciting news that could come from tmobile is that they are getting rid of all EDGE and replacing it with 4g.

  • Store Rep

    With this new CNET tidbit, this mysterious display unit getting installed in stores this week PLUS the news of an early April blackout period, I’m convinced that it is FINALLY the iPhone! Still sticking with my Note 2, however, it is a beautiful thing to no longer have to lament the fact we don’t have it.

    Also, with these new UNCARRIER plans, Magenta is poised to smack Sprint out of that 3rd spot and eventually threaten the Big 2 to start making some changes. Good job, John and Jim.

  • t mobile have very deceptive practices.. they told me i was getting a free phone and now i find out that its $700!! and ive been a loyal customer. Never again T-Mobile!! Everyone watch out for this company because theyre scraping the bottom of the barrel so theyre out to get your money anyway they can. Watch out!

  • SurgicalTech

    why would you want to downgrade to a iphone?

  • Mirad77

    Whatever will keep our beloved T-Mobile going is fine for me. LTE baby, bring it on……….

  • M42

    Who cares about the outdated iFart. Replace your outdated Edge network!

  • S. Ali

    No they won’t, its the Blackberry Z10

    • thepanttherlady

      Announced. ;)

  • Whitney

    I can’t wait and edge doesn’t bother me anyway. In my house I get like one or 2 bars of signal anyway. I mainly use wifi when am in my house anyway. I am not planning on staying in my state anyway. Hopefully in a few years I might moved to New York or Los Angeles

  • marco
  • Rick Rudge

    I’m still good with my present iPhone 4 on T-Mobile, thanks. But, I love that T-Mobile is bringing in the iPhone 5, as well as the Blackberry Z10. And the re-farming HSPA+ is coming along nicely, as well as the LTE development. Good work, T-Mobile!