MetroPCS Announces Regulatory Period Expires For Government Agencies To Delay Merger


A late Tuesday evening press release from MetroPCS announced the waiting period for the Hart-Scott-Rodino act had expired. The waiting period offers regulatory agencies the opportunity to delay the merger between MetroPCS and T-Mobile by having the companies continue to answer questions surrounding the proposed combination.

The HSR Antitrust Improvement Act of 1976 provides that parties will not complete mergers until after they have submitted detailed filings with the Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice and waited for those agencies to rule whether any proposed deal would have adverse affects on US commerce.

Assuming the MetroPCS shareholder meeting on April 12th votes in favor of a merger, which they are likely to do so even as opposition amounts, the deal will go through final regulatory approval and complete.

Won’t be long now.



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  • NYCTheBronx

    Happiest day will be when Metro PCS is finally gone.

    • bbonline

      Unfortunately (or fortunately) T-Mobile’s plans is to keep the MetroPCS brand. FYI…

      • NYCTheBronx

        Not from what I read. By 2015 there will be no more Metro PCS. T-Mobile owns about 71% of Metro PCS. Metro customers would haveyo upgrade to T-Mobile’s plans when the merge is complete and after those Metro customers time to upgrade.

        • taron19119

          you read it wrong in 2015 MetroPCS CDMA network will be 100 percent GSM Metro names in stores will still exist

        • NYCTheBronx


    • sdrive

      someone have a bad experience? wah wah…

      • NYCTheBronx

        Bad experience with what? I never been with that horrible carrier Metro PCS if that is what you’re assuming lol. I actually was born in America. So why the hell would I sign to a carrier where they don’t do background checks? I was with Verizon and they charged us overfees lol. Majority of Metro PCS customers are illegal aliens. You might as well admit that you’re a Benedict Arnold.

        • Tired of Stupid People

          What the F**K is your deal dude? Sounds like you woke up on the wrong side of your racist intolerant bed this morning. I was born in America as well so were my parents and grand-parents, but at some point in the family tree we all had people get on a boat and come here, unless you are a native American Indian. So get a grip dumb ass!!

        • Dion Mac

          Couldn’t said it better! That’s my comment above. Deleted on accident.

        • NYCTheBronx

          Hey jerk hole. How the hell am I racist? Did I name a ethnicity? I don’t care if you’re Irish, French, Vietnamese, Mexican, Filipino etc. If you come to this country ipegaly then you are a criminal for breaking the law and are making our country look bad. Destroying our economy. Reread my last post. There’s nothing racist there pal.

        • tmobean

          I don’t think you were trying to be racist but rather have a bit of dark humor. I chuckled a bit. That being said, and I know this is totally unrelated, I am a hispanic immigrant and came to the states legally so I see what you mean; but I hope you also know that there are 2 sides of the coin and the argument about destroying the economy is debatable at best.

        • NYCTheBronx

          Finally, someone who finally understood my post. Unrelated, I have small Spaniard blood. Funny how people say that Ivwrote a racist post because I have many friends from different ethnicity. So how can I be a racist now? Thanks amigo. Good year for T-Mobile eh? :)

        • dpuguy

          Just as a general statement, just because you have friends of other ethnicity does not mean that you do not have prejudicial or racist feelings. Friends of different ethnicity and racism are not mutually exclusive events. Really a comment like that is merely an excuse to make inappropriate comments. Whether or not you are racist I don’t know. However, there is a growing population of people of Latin origin in the United States. If you were to watch the fear mongering on Fox News, you’d know that whites are going to be the minority in the not so distant future. With that being said, marketing towards a growing class of people, who are learning to wield their consumer and political power is never a bad move. It would be short sighted not to. Also, you post is rather erroneous as T-Mobile is moving away from two year plans via “Value Plans.” So by making an allegation that immigrants will choose something cheaper, may be correct, but it will not be because of a two year commitment.

        • NYCTheBronx

          I don’t mean All Metro PCS customers are illegal but a majority of them are. Metro PCS just cares about money. They don’t even care if you’re an American citizen or not. Well of course not everyone who has Metro is an illegal alien. The majority are because it’s easier for them not to get tracked down by giving out a false identity. Not being racist in anyway since there are more than one ethnic group in America that are illegal aliens.

        • thepanttherlady

          I don’t think that it’s necessary or even appropriate to label any particular group that uses MetroPCS.

          Many, many people (born right here in the USA) use MetroPCS because of less than stellar credit and can’t/couldn’t afford the deposits required by the other carriers.

          Some wanted one payment for unlimited everything, no contract.

        • trife

          Dude. Generalize much? A “majority” are illegal aliens? Can you back up that claim? If you can’t provide FACTS, please stop talking. Otherwise all you’re spouting off is opinion based on your small world.

          I’ll await your response with the appropriate data to back up your claim.

        • Guest

          While I have no gripe with Metro PCS(but would aslo never get there service(because they are a prepaid low budget market)), this comment seems well out of line. Borderline racist.

          So get ready, you will soon have the ability to call these illegal aliens with your included mobile to mobile.

        • NYCTheBronx

          Don’t you think T-Mobile wouldn’t boost up their price when their contacts are over? Like they want to spend more money right? They might as well leave T-Mobile when their Metro contract is up and switch to Straight Talk, Virgin Mobile or Boost Mobile because I know they wouldn’t want to buy a new phone with a 2 year contract with everything unlimited for $55 plus the $20 for 20 months on T-Mobile while they are better off paying less on another carrier. They won’t put up with T-Mobile, trust me. And read my list again. Nothing racist there. Don’t assume that there is only one thou group of illegal aliens in America.

        • rob

          I’ve observed your comments in the past few weeks and you seem to miss the East Coast too much and can’t stand the diff. shades of color here in Cali because just about every comment you make is prejudice against someone. And get this he isn’t even a T-Mobile customer, he preferes Verizon which is great, you have a choice, but what are you doing on here? You remind me of the iSheep trolls on other tech sights that maybe have Apple news two months out of the year but have iSheep trolling year round “looks like the iPhone”, “iPhones still better”, etc. (No offense to you NONE trolling iPhone users here). Someone please get up and running for him again or better yet what happened to that MOD we had?

        • NYCTheBronx

          Well I apologize for my behavior and if I offended anyone whatsoever. I have a temper problem and some people just push me a bit sometimes. My apologies for that post.

  • sidekicker89

    Anyone know how much debt the combined company will have? Will it be mostly Metro PCS’s debt or TmoUSA’s?

    • Guest

      As it stands now, T-Mobile has the most debt, but who knows if DT will eat any of that up. Highly doubt it.

    • Sniper1087

      ok T-mobile is the only company in Debt, like all carriers have debt, but MetroPCS even though is a regional carrier manage to make profits so far, so they have 0 debt, which is outstanding.

  • Aurizen

    delaying the inevitable…

  • JustSaying

    Why do they want to expand the Metro PCS stores into other states? Makes no sense.. I’d rather them switch towards the T-Mobile brand as quickly as possible after the merger goes through.

  • macman37

    Nothing better than a silent victory over your opponents!! How silence is golden!!