Google Play’s First Birthday Brings Sales, Deals And More

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Google Play and I have something in common today, it’s our birthday week and Google wants to help you celebrate with a weeks worth of free downloads. Technically, Google Play’s birthday is today (mine too!) but they want to celebrate the week with free music downloads, in-app content, books, TV shows, and more. There’s plenty of deals to be had, so hit the Play Store link below to get started.

It was just a year ago today that we launched this amazing shop on the interwebs to offer the best in digital content. Since the best parties are the ones that send you home with a present, today we celebrate our birthday with a festive goodie bag full of gifts. Don’t delay in picking up these limited-time offers. Continue the celebration all week with even more special deals on music, movies, books, magazines and TV along with exclusive gaming gifts. It’s been an incredible first year and we look forward to sharing the gift of digital diversions for many more to come.

Google Play

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  • noelsito

    happy birthday David! have a good one dude

  • Happy Birthday, David!

  • Deadeye37

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID!!! And Play Store too.

    Whenever I think of birthday songs, the first song I think of is this:

    I’m hoping the Play Store has some sweet deals on cool apps in the coming days…

    • psychoace

      Considering what the last Play Store sale looked like and this one I’m going to say that you shouldn’t hold your breath.

  • Dakota

    Is there a place on Google play where the freebies are listed??

    • ChristianMcC

      As I’ve looked over, the freebies are amongst the games and TV shows only, besides in app specials. If the play store on your phone/tablet aren’t reflecting the specials, then try the website.

  • Herb

    Happy Birthday David! Now get off the blog, have some fun, and we’ll see you tomorrow!

  • thepanttherlady

    Happy Birthday, David!

  • Guest

    HBD D

  • Josue

    have a shot for me David, lol happy bday sir

  • ShoeVixen

    Happy Birthday David!!!!

  • ChristianMcC

    Happy birthday Tmo man David!

  • bob90210

    Happy Birthday David! So, when are you going to send us some free apps?

  • James

    Happy Birthday, David!! Hope you’ve had a great day so far! :-)