T-Mobile Revamps Helicopter Commercial To Take Shot At AT&T Voice Quality

T-Mobile’s revamped a commercial originally debuting this past December with an opportunity to take a shot at AT&T’s voice quality at the end. The commercial itself is unchanged as we watch Carly fly around the country with lots of pink lighting going up in the background. It’s the tail end of the commercial that caught our attention as the new tagline hits at AT&T. What do you think? Is AT&T voice quality second place to T-Mobile? If so, will their new HD Voice broaden that lead?


Our super fast 4G network reaches more than 220 million Americans coast to coast, which means amazing 4G experiences in all the places that matter most to you. Not only that, but T-Mobile provides better call quality than AT&T*.

See for yourself at T-Mobile.com/Coverage.
*Data Source Nielsen

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  • Better call quality is irrelevant if you can’t make a call because you don’t have a signal.

    • brian90

      Agreed. I’m in a MAJOR metro suburb where tmo’s signal is practically dead (ZERO_- in MAJOR WEALTHY suburb). They seem to avoid putting towers in wealthy areas which only propagates the stereotype that Tmo is a “ghetto” service. I moved to a very upscale neighborhood. All neighbors with Verizon or ATT have service (tmo does not and Sprint does not). I presently use wifi voice to make calls but will drop service after my contract is up (4 months). I doubt they are going to get a few towers in a few months.

      • Jeff Cochran

        That’s because the “Wealthy” communities don’t want any more towers. They are considered an eye sore.

        • True, I’ve gone to a few neighborhood council meetings to speak in support of new TMO cell towers. Usually it’s retirees on VZW who are fighting new towers.

        • brian90

          Verizon put up three “tree towers” (towers that looks like trees-Redwood and two fir trees) in the area. They really look like real trees–very impressive. ATT put up one (fir tree) in the cemetery. It can be done.

        • That’s what T-Mobile wanted to put up in my area, the residents were still against it, some of the people are against new towers because of the vistual blight but many of them are more against them because of irrational fears over EM radiation. (even if they are currently carrying a CDMA phone everywhere)

        • John

          I would avoid EM radiation. It is known to affect the human body. I still use a cell but I try to avoid using it too much. You should look up what EM does to the body, plenty of information on the web about it, so don’t pass this off as an “irrational fear”. You shouldn’t listen to the media, they are lying buggers.

          People thought x-rays were safe and many shoe stores had these x-ray machines. This exposed many people to deadly radiation.

        • Obviously EM radiation _can_ be harmful but these people think that a cell tower a mile from their house is going to give them cancer.

          Unlike with the old X-Ray shoe sizers there have been many studies on the effects of EM radiation from cell phones and I haven’t heard of a single one (and I think the opponents would be talking all about it if there were) that linked cell phone radiation and cancer risks.

          It’s like people arguing that we shouldn’t put in more drinking fountains because they think it will lead to more drownings.

        • $15454173

          See those heads stones and grave markers at the cemetery? Some of those are T-Mobiles “stone towers”. ;)

      • I’m only 2 weeks away from our last line going off contract. All our phones are already unlocked and I’ve got blank AT&T SIMs ready for activation.

        • MacRat

          If you are bailing on T-Mobile, why do you bother to read TmoNew?

        • Because I’ve been a TMO customer for almost the past 10 years, up until the last just over two of that I’ve been a very happy TMO customer, Despite my coverage issues which are bad enough that I’m going to switch, loos a fantastic grandfathered plan & end up paying ~$40 extra per month I still like TMO as a company, I’m just saddened (and obviously annoyed) at their technological fall.

    • vicryixiv

      Also agreed. Not only that but people have accused me of talking with cotton in my mouth when talking to them on my tmobile phones. Never had a complaint with my work phone through verizon.

    • Richard Yarrell

      Yeah that sounds exactly like Verizon and At@t. At least you know their problems.

      • I carry around an AT&T phone for work and I can tell you that it’s extremely common (several times a week) where I’m somewhere and have no signal with TMO but I have 2-3 bars of HSPA+ with the AT&T phone. The last time I was somewhere where my TMO phone had coverage and my AT&T phone didn’t was in October of 2011.

      • squiddy20

        Dude, he was shooting down T-Mobile’s crappy service you idiot. Try reading and comprehending once in awhile.

        • thepanttherlady

          @squiddy20:disqus and @yarrellray:disqus While your apparent love fest with each other is to be admired, it is not desirable here. Seriously, enough is enough. Please contribute to the articles at hand and take your school yard squabbles with each other elsewhere.

  • Ordeith

    AT&T could easily make a counter shot showing their phones receiving updates.

  • cozzy

    I have awesome call quality and awesome service in Brooklyn ny and Manhattan.

    Only complaint I have recently is that they are upgrading the tower I’m usually near in Manhattan so my data is super slow there. Other parts of Manhattan I get 14mbps download.

    • TMO seems to do better in urban areas, mediocre (hit or miss) in suburban areas and crap at best in rural areas. I don’t know if it’s the nature of the specific frequencies they use or a result of how their network is built.

    • Spanky

      My area of Brooklyn gets a blazing 0.5 Mbps downstream. Voice quality was always excellent, though.

    • Jay

      In Queens, I usually get around 11-12mps down. More then enough of what I need. I still wish service through building penetration is better. I dont get alot of service in MSG when I sit on the bottom, but the Verizon and ATT people do.

      • TBN27

        I have that issue with the iPhone 5 I just bought. Out and about HSPA+ is quick and reliable. But soon as I walk into a building or go into subway stations in Chelsea, then my signal bounces from edge to 3G or just goes straight edge. In my house, it bounces from 3G to EDGE and back again but stays mostly on 3G. At work one side of the building is edge, the other side 3G. Overall I am not complaining because I know it will get better.

  • WheresThe4GCoverage

    What happened to the coverage? 5 months ago I had HSPA average 4-6 mbps with 2 bars. Now I have full bars and EDGE! Thanks tmo for improving my bars but I could care less about EDGE. Tmobile claims nothing has changed but something happened to the tower. Coverage is suppose to get better not the other way around. Poke fun at att and they deserved it when their network took a hit with the iphone but they improved since then.

    • Mirad77

      Funny but true.

    • Honestly I’d be thrilled to get EDGE sometimes but basically what the problem is that every time they refarm their spectrum they hurt coverage for existing users. ~2.5 years ago when they started refarming for HSPA+ (that they would eventually slap the “4G” label on) coverage went down significantly, more recently they have been refarming to provide HSPA+ to unlocked international and AT&T phones (generally unlocked iPhones)

      • Richard Yarrell

        At@t is pitiful and useless just like Verizon

        • I’ll remember that the next time I’m tethering my TMO phone off my work AT&T phone because I don’t even have an EDGE signal on TMO.

        • squiddy20

          That totally explains why there’s at least double the amount of customers on AT&T as there are on T-Mobile…

        • Spanky

          Just about triple, actually. AT&T has about 95 million customers, whereas T-Mobile has about 33 million.

        • susan09

          And it is $50 more dollars per month at ATT as well (for unlimiited). If you can afford that–fine. I’ll take Tmobile’s slightly weaker network (for now) and save the $50.

        • Spanky

          You get what you pay for.

        • squiddy20

          1. It’s spelled “you’re”. Try spelling things correctly before insulting me about how “stupid” I supposedly am.
          2. More generally does mean better dumbass. Would you rather have 5 candy bars, or 1? Would you rather have more coverage or less when you’re traveling more than 10 miles to/from work? Would you rather have faster data speeds (more) or slower data speeds (less)? If T-Mobile were as great as you say, then why aren’t there more people on their network?
          Why don’t you think for once in your miserable, pitiful life?

    • MacRat

      EDGE is still better than GPRS. ;-)

  • Javier Salinas

    Are they done with their network modernization? I haven’t heard of any new markets since December.

    • TBN27

      No they aren’t done. It is still on going and will get stronger after full rollout

  • 21stNow

    I’m no audiophile, but I can’t tell the difference between the voice quality on AT&T’s and T-Mobile’s networks in my area. I can hear the person that I’m talking to and most people on the other end have no problems hearing me. Even when they do have problems, it seems to be on their ends, not mine.

  • Mod


  • Bud

    My friend has AT&T and I have tmobile. I have to say AT&T is leaps and bounds better than tmobile. I had six dropped calls on the bqe(major highway btw Brooklyn and queens) while AT&T never drops. Every where we go Philly ac south jersey Long Island westchester. I hopping for a signal while my friend always have service.

    • TBN27

      How odd. I never have dropped calls along the BQE and down Philly I get reliable service with no dropped calls

    • Richard Yarrell

      You must work for At@t stop faking to have a tmobile account.

      • squiddy20

        By that ludicrously stupid logic, we might as well say YOU work for T-Mobile since you’ve been saying how they’re “pimp slapping” the competition and “BOSS” (despite being the 4th largest carrier in terms of coverage, with possibly the least amount of subscribers). Idiot.

    • Spanky

      Although I agree that AT&T’s service is leaps and bounds better than T-Mobile, there are two dead zones where both providers drop calls – one where the Belt Parkway connects to BQE and right around Brooklyn Bridge. I always dropped calls in both areas when I was on T-Mobile, and I’m still dropping calls in the same areas now that I’m on AT&T. However, the data coverage and speeds are significantly better on AT&T.

      • hope573

        I pay $80 a month for an unlimited plan on Tmobile. ATT wants $125 for unlimited. They aren’t that much better. I had ATT five years ago and they REALLY dropped calls in the same areas my tmo phone did. If you have the extra $50 per month for ATT–good for you. USE wifi voice on Tmobile at home. It’s pretty great. AT&T could use wifi voice (voip) but doesn’t–not sure why.

        • Spanky

          Something in the walls of my apartment attenuates my WiFi signal, to the point where I can hardly get it if I’m in a different room than the router. The data issue affects my entire neighborhood, so WiFi wouldn’t hel anyway. Besides, why should I have to use WiFi when I pay for data? The voice signal has always been good in my area – it’s the data that sucks.
          In the interest of full disclosure, I pay $30/month more for a 2 line family plan on AT&T than I did on T-Mobile. For the significant improvement in data coverage and speeds, it’s money well spent.

  • Mike

    They should stop making commercials and make the signal better.

    • Jason

      It’s a tough cycle. You make the commercial to attract new customers to make more money so you can make more towers. Starting with the towers first is hard without the $$$ to back it.

      • MacRat

        You are missing the fact that many communities don’t allow new towers to go up.

        • TBN27

          That is so true. T-Mobile was facing “the pitch fork guild” over putting up towers that seemed to be facing a school in City Island in NYC.

  • David

    Having HD voice quality is great, but seeing how most people use there phones for things other then voice, ie. data, texting, games, music, etc.. I see this as being a mute point.

    • brian909

      It become a hot issue in Europe that is coming here. If you use a phone for work– you need to understand someone you are speaking with. MANY phones on all four networks sound horrible. My old samsung dumb flip phone sounds better than ANY new smart phone (and that is sad).

  • tommest

    At&t is way better than t-mobile to tell you the truth. But they are very expensive. I didnt no what edge was until I was with t-mobile, so stop hating.

    • NYCTheBronx

      How so? Last time I checked, T-Mobile has over 200 million covered on their HSPA+ network. Whena AT&T customer isn’t in a 4G LTE area, they fall back on their HSPA+ network which is no way near as fast as T-Mobile’s HSPA+42 network. I was able to get 30mbps on down on my SGN II. Now imagine when T-Mobile’s LTE Advanced rolls out. It’s going to get over 100mbps on downloads and that is more faster than AT&T’s LTE network. They tested it last summer in Austria and was able to get 287mbps on downloads. Stop Hating.

      • It’s true that TMO has the fastest fake 4G network by far, but honestly I’d be much happier if I only got 2MBps but I got it everywhere, if you could get me the TMO network that existed at the beginning of 2010 I’d be thrilled.

        • NYCTheBronx

          But of course. T-Mobile does not have LTE so therefore they really don’t have 4G but just have really fast 3G HSPA+. I agree with you. They still need to work on their coverage in many areas and building penetrations. They are recently working on modernization and coverage so let’s see what they have planned.

        • Interesting thing is I’ve recently switched to an AT&T branded handset (Atrix “4G”) and obviously I’m getting EDGE pretty often nut I’m actually getting slightly better coverage, often HSPA+, in areas where I’d be lucky to get EDGE on my T-Mobile branded phone (either G2 or MyTouch “4G”) I’m wondering if the 3G frequencies that AT&T (as well as most of the rest of the GSM world) use carry better at least in suburban environments.

      • Spanky

        I don’t think anyone’s hating. I left T-Mobile after being with them for over 7 years, due to the fact that the data speeds in my supposedly 4G neighborhood (Bensonhurst – Brooklyn) top out at 0.5 Mbps. Travel westbound on 18th Avenue, particularly the area between 75th St. – 82 St., and the speeds drop to less than 0.1 Mbps. T-Mobile’s biggest issue is coverage, and they need to address it before anything else. Do you honestly think that I voluntarily choose to pay more every month for no valid reason? If T-Mobile improves coverage in the future, I won’t think twice about coming back. Until then, I’ll stick with AT&T. As raitchison mentioned below, I’d rather fall back on 2Mbps and get it everywhere. Fortunately, in NYC, AT&T’s LTE is pretty much everywhere.

        • Jay1169

          Hi Spanky I’m in Boston and totally agree with you. What’s the sense of tmobile claming they have the “fastest 4G network” when you fall back to EDGE SPEEDS as soon as you leave a “4G” area. As much as I don’t agree with AT&T’s pricing, at least they provide HSPA+ Coverage when outside of their 4G LTE area. AT&T invested billion$ over the last few years to refarm EDGE only areas HSPA+. That’s one of the reasons AT&T has almost 100 subcribers compared to tmobile’s 30 million or so. If tmobile had not neglected there network and and expanded coverage like AT&T, they would be in a much better position.

        • NYCTheBronx

          Sorry to hear that pal.

  • TayshaunBoba

    What is up with these comments lately? It’s like every new story regardless of what it’s about devolves into “Fix your signal and make 4G everywhere!” or “stop focusing on [insert article headline here] and get me better signal.” I get that tmo doesn’t always have the best signal but reading the posts around here lately and you’d think they have one tower servicing a whole state. Tmo has been around for years, and there network has only grown in that time, so why all these complaints now? Is it all the attention the modernization is bringing? I just don’t understand the sudden outbursts.

    • Because there are a lot of long-term customers (like myself) who got better coverage in the past. As TMO has “modernized” (refarmed) their network the speeds have gone up but coverage has gone down.

      • Spanky

        This is exactly what happened in my situation. I used to be able to get 2.5Mbps downstream in my area. Not great by any means, but certainly serviceable. As of August 2011, the speeds dropped to 0.5 Mbps. Initially, T-Mobile acknowledged the problem, stating that there is an issue with the cell site in my neighborhood, and that the data traffic has been rerouted to a backup site. This went on for a year, until T-Mobile finally told me that there are no issues in my area and that the problem is with my phones. If the problem was with my phones, why is it that I was able to get better speeds in other areas of the city? Amazing, huh?

        • TMoFan

          Spanky, it sounds very similar to what I’ve been going through. I always had consistent 3G coverage with my G2 always getting 2/4 mbps down. Then for whatever reason my coverage went from that to EDGE 50-100 kpbs and it’s been like that since. I thought it was my G2 so I got the S3 and the same thing cruising at 90 kbps. Called countless times and the reps say nothing’s wrong coverage is great blah blah. Opened several trouble tickets all to be closed and “resolved”. I called the other day and the rep blamed my S3. I hate to give up my grandfathered plans but not having coverage at home is a big issue.

        • Spanky

          Word for word, this sounds EXACTLY like my story. My wife had the G2, and I had the Sensation initially, later on switching to the Galaxy Nexus. The issue started when I first had the Sensation and continued on after I got the GNex. I had a pretty decent grandfathered plan as well, which is why I held on to it for a year before moving over to AT&T. Again, the call quality was never an issue, and the phones always displayed H (GNex) or 4G icons in the status bar. Unfortunately, the data issue is very real, and T-Mobile is now refusing to acknowledge it.

        • TMoFan

          Same thing with voice coverage it’s still good and unchanged from before it’s just the data that took a turn for the worse. It appears that there’s quite a few of us out there. T-Mobile refusing to acknowledge this and shift blame on us is not right. I suspect that they have an idea but don’t want to share it with us because of bad PR. I’m not sure what I’m up to for service but I’ve been exploring my options – I’m so tired of dealing with this.

    • susan89

      There is a refarming issue. I had perfect voice reception on two MAJOR road that run about 20 miles. I use this roads frequently for 6 years on Tmobile. As they switched to 3.5 G and then started refarming the 1900 …I actually can terrible reception on road that had four bars for years on Tmobile (now 1 bar in some parts). Some are “dead zones” now. THAT is an issue. Pockets of fast speed or good voice quality do no good. You need BROAD coverage in the day of the smart phone.

      I agree local governments have to stop allowing only ATT and Verizon towers to be built OR require cell companies to start sharing towers. I really think local small communities that don’t like towers should force three companies to share ONE “tree tower” in areas.

  • Richard Yarrell

    My call quality is excellent on my Galaxy Note 2 on tmobile just like it was on my Galaxy S3. I have 2 friends with Htc One X and One X + on At@t and they always complain about call related issues.

  • M42

    I’ve had AT&T and not only is their coverage far, far better than T-Horrible so is their voice quality. This is just another one of T-Horrible’s advertising lies like reaching 220 million Americans with 4G. There are only 300 million people in the country and there is no way T-Horrible is reaching two thirds of them with 4G. They don’t even serve two thirds of the country with Edge and the other bands combined. I travel a lot and I’m on Edge all the time or roaming on AT&T. If we had truth in advertising laws T-Horrible would be serving a life sentence for lying so much.