T-Mobile Adds “Nokia Flame 4G” To April Roadmap, Arrives April 24th


A brand new T-Mobile roadmap just hit our inbox and it appears the next Windows Phone 8 device has been uncovered for T-Mobile. Unfortunately, if the “Flame” codename is the same “Flame” codename discovered last September, there’s not a lot to get excited about.

According to last years reports, the “Flame” is described as a low-end offering, with a 4″ display, 512MB RAM, 1GHz dual-core processor, 5 megapixel camera and 4GB internal storage. Fortunately, Flame owners will be able to upgrade the storage thanks to the rumored optional microSD card slot.

With original rumors targeting the Flame as a low-end device, it begs the question if this device is headed toward T-Mobile’s Monthly4G lineup? Regardless, let’s hope the upcoming “Flame” isn’t the only Windows Phone 8 device coming to T-Mobile soon as a high-end device is really a necessity — hint hint Lumia 920.

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  • UncleFan

    This has got to be the 620, right?

    • ceegii63


      • Agreed.

      • Sounds like 620 with a slightly bigger screen.
        Frankly, devices like the 620 offer far more performance for the dollar than the top end ones.
        Engadget loved the 620
        I love my Lumia 710 and this may be a worthy successor
        function first…

    • ex_nokia_exec

      All signs post to a 620, wonder how much they’ll raise the price over the unlocked version. Unlocked is only 289 doubt it’ll be that low.

    • Ordeith

      Doesn’t the 620 have 8GB memory?
      4GB almost isn’t enough for the OS, and WP doesn’t let you put apps on the SD card. 4GB would be one seriously cramped phone.

      This almost sounds like it is the 505.

      • It wouldn’t affect me at all, because I only use a half-dozen Windows Phone apps, and I would install a huge MicroSD card to hold my music. I would definitely NOT buy this phone, though, if I was planning on playing any games or shooting concert movies, though.

    • BlackJu

      It could be the 720, which should be announced at mwc

  • Linda

    Once again low end phones on T-Mobile… Mid-range in the best case scenario. They are trying really hard to run away users with a good credit history.

    • If it’s not what you are looking for no sweat, but remember not everyone wants or needs a super phone. At one point, those were the specs of a super phone lol.

    • Jefferson Josue Morales

      For $300 you can get a good high end phone…the Nexus 4 and its for T-Mobile

      • moises1204

        if it ever becomes available!

    • xmiro

      or you could just buy a Nexus 4. Subsidies are going away as it is.
      What other high-end phones coming are there, that people actually want so that T-Mobile would spend the money to stock?
      Galaxy S4 is coming for sure. Nexus 4 is already available.

  • rfgenerator

    This is the future of the phones T-Mobile will offer. They don’t think people will be willing to pay full price for a high end phone after they end the subsidies. Hopefully Google keeps offering (and adequately stocking Nexus devices).

    • VicVicVic

      I just opened a two-year T-Mobile Value Family plan with T-Mobile after purchasing the Nexus 4. With company discounts, it’s a great deal. As long as Google continues to offer Nexus devices at the current price ranges, I’ll likely enjoy my time with T-Mobile.

    • Verizonthunder

      If you think price on smartphone’s bad, then you should never consider a smartphone, I personally think T-Mobile is doing a good job at improving more out of pocket selection of smartphone’s, nothing is free if you put a little away every two week’s you could afford the desired smartphone you seek.

  • Ordeith

    and in less than a year T-Mobile will block all updates from ever reaching this phone.

    • LinkArt

      exactly! Every major carrier gets an update, but not tmobile.
      “we are sorry, but we aren’t sorry”

      • tmorep

        Actually, the lumia 900 is the only windows 7.5 phone getting an official 7.8 update, so yes EVERY major carrier

        • Ordeith

          Lumia 900, Lumia 800, Lumia 710 (if not on T-Mobile US), Lumia 610 All getting the update.
          As are a handful of HTC Phones (unless they were released on T-Mobile) and a few Samsung phones.

    • moises1204

      about less that a month!!

  • D Velasquez

    daaaamn thats really low end even my N-02a is far better than that “flame”……..oh well nothing else to see just another low end device , move on people, move on.

  • The 4″ screen and 5mp is not the issue considering their are some really good 5mp shooters out there. Its just the half gig of ram, and a tired 1ghz processor that sucks. The Galaxy Blaze 4G still shits on this device heavy.

    • BlackJu

      If specs were the only thing that mattered…..in reviews, the 620 has no trouble keeping up with 820 and 920.

  • dan

    all the junks, left over go to tmobile. the killer ones go to ATT, VERIZON and sprint.

    • xmiro

      don’t forget it’s a Windows phone, not a lot of market wants it.
      GS3, N4, Note are available

      • BlackJu

        Oh OK, thanks for clarifying that. I thought it was another low end android phone with terrible performance and an OS that’s several versions old.

        • xmiro

          nokia only makes windows phones
          it’s a low or mid-range phone it seems having 512mb ram and 1ghz processor

        • BlackJu


  • Josue

    512MB RAM is soo 2009 lol

  • philly8

    nexus 4 is the best!!!


    Not a fan boy, but a little worried as an employee to not see any other phones that may hint at an iphone happening before 7/9. Anybody know of any rumors going around on when it might come to be?

    • Yes :-)

    • srr79

      Just wait till mid March and you will know something. Employees will be notified of some ELMS trainings 1 maybe 2 weeks out.

  • srr79

    I really wish people that hate TMo or will threaten to leave TMo everytime a new phone comes out that they don’t like will just keep their mouth shut. As a sales manager, these phones are great and needed. Most of our customer base in many markets are not going after high end devices. We are a Value Leader!! Not a high price leader!! We offer several high end devices like the Nexus 4, HTC 8X, GS3, and Note II with more coming in March! As far as this new phone,WP does not need a huge processor like Android does to be able to run smoothly. This will be a great device for small businesses and budget customers alike.

  • BlackJu
  • If this is a version of the 620 it could represent superb value.
    Engadget loved the Lumia 620.