T-Mobile Showcases HD Voice With 30 Second YouTube Clip

T-Mobile’s CES announcement for HD Voice was a happy surprise and now T-Mobile is making an effort to get the word out. With a thirty-second YouTube clip, T-Mobile is showing the before and after voice quality using HD Voice. The difference is obviously noticeable given that the advertisement is straight from T-Mobile, but there’s little question that HD Voice won’t make at least a small improvement on the Galaxy S III, HTC One S and Nokia Astound devices. Remember, both parties on a phone call must be using HD Voice ready devices to use the service.

HD Voice, the latest feature on the T-Mobile network , dramatically improves in-call voice quality for customers with capable smartphones. To experience HD Voice, both parties on the call must use capable T-Mobile 4G smartphones such as the HTC One S, Nokia Astound and Samsung Galaxy S III on T-Mobile’s HD Voice-enabled nationwide network.



  • philyew

    Aside from the three devices listed, which other TM phones are HD Voice capable? I don’t hear any improvement calling from my GS3 to the GS2s that the rest of my family have, so I’m guessing that the GS2 isn’t on that list…

    • Jarrod

      The iPhone 5 apparently is supported also because it uses the same codec.

      • Aurizen

        really? that would be great if it is compatible.

        • Jarrod

          Yeah, that’s my understanding. It uses the same codec and the reason they didn’t say is because they don’t “officially” sell the phone. I’m glad T-Mobile went with this codec because its what they are using in Europe for HD voice.

        • Aurizen

          so even if tmobile does have HD voice what about the other person? would it work?

  • Jason

    Sounds neat!

  • Bob

    You think unlocked HTC one xl from att will do HD voice on tmo?

  • Is Galaxy Note HD Voice capable?

  • kliu0x52

    Nexus 4 supports it, too. (Anandtech used the N4 to test Tmo’s HD Voice during CES.)

    • Dion Mac


    • Audio

      iPhone does as well. I have a Nexus 4 and my wife has an iPhone and the call quality is the best I have ever experienced, even compared to landlines.

  • s10shane

    i want this on my nexus 4. i can test it since my gf has the one s. so how do we get this on our phones?

    • cmikeh2

      If I remember correctly someone tested it with Nexus 4s and there definitely appeared to be improvement so there’s a good chance that it does work on your N4. The only issue I’ve found is finding someone else with a phone that would support it.

      • s10shane

        is it an app you download? well my gf has the htc one s and it shows it will work on it. so i can test it that way.

        • bleeew

          No. Its not an app. You just make a regular call like you normally would.

        • niftydl

          It is not an app. The phone hardware/software (both) have to support the network feature. When you make the call, the phone negotiates the highest quality voice mode to use; when both parties have devices that support higher quality voice encoding, the call is established as “HD” – otherwise it falls back to regular quality.

        • xmiro

          no app
          your phone and the phone you call or receive a call from have to both support HD voice



  • TK

    Makes me want to switch back to my HTC One S…if only the iPhone wasn’t using a nano sim….

    • techymexican

      buy an adapter or go the store and get a microsim

    • Fabian Cortez

      The iPhone 5 supports it…

  • Chris

    Is the note 2 supported? It’s so similar to the S3 I would assume it is…


    Yep note 2 supports hd voice :-)

  • putz

    being on wifi should be the same, nothing new,,,,

  • Abe_The_Babe

    When will be able to use it? Do we need to download an application or will we receive an update?

    • Fabian Cortez

      It has been available the moment they announced it.

  • guest

    What about the unlocked galaxy nexus on t-mo same as nexus 4 right?

  • cybersedan

    Experienced this on a gs3 to gs3 call, it’s scary how in person it sounds, very impressive.

  • jbrizzy

    Sounds like a gimmick to me

    • brian90

      NO, Europe was going HD a couple years back. Old, simple Cell phones had better call quality then new ‘smarter’ phones( people seemed to accept worse voice quality is the phone did more). Europe went on to bring back better voice quality to its phone using something they called HD voice calling in Europe. It has now come to the US.

  • AndroidProfit

    Ya he had to run because you sound creepy !!

  • M42

    HD Voice is just an advertising gimmick to draw more suckers in. It only works on their imaginary 4G network.

    • Trevnerdio

      What’s funny is that HSPA+ was deemed 4G as well. Though, none of them are really 4G. Beginning with LTE-Advanced, it’ll be the beginning of real 4G.

  • Does anyone know if this works when one phone has cm 10.1? And the other stock jb?

  • Useless

  • i haven’t noticed any additional clarity

  • Hesster

    I wish it worked for calls to land lines.

  • I have s3 I am enjoying and let me explain if I call to other providers or other phones half of the way the voice goes on network in hd if any one s3 phone try any land line the other person will say ….please talk lower :)

  • Umm, so what do I have to do to enable HD on my T-Mobile Galaxy S3? I’m on JB and in a strong 4G coverage area (yes it’s awesome).

  • You expect me to believe the note two…doesn’t have this capability……but has hidden LTE…the gs3 has hd voice..Just no LTE currently….Lol…and are they dumb .re releasing a gs3 variant with LTE is asking for complaints…..Just skip it, release the s4 with lte and let the note two be the pilot device. .Just dumb to releases another s3 just because you failed to include “hidden” LTE in the first module who makes these backward decisions

    • ant

      3g n 4g doesnt make a BIG difference so y lose money makin 2 of the same phones n the note 2 may have it later or doesnt need it

      • ….Why is it so hard for people to mind their own business…if you don’t like my comment, make your own, your retort offered nothing factual as my opinion was simply stated so no need to correct it regardless to how you feel about it, make your OWN comment and stay off mines geez!


  • Call quality has never been better. I talked to my girl friend in LosAngeles and also has a SGS3, the best call quality she has ever had and I also have to agree. At first I didn’t notice the difference until I talked thru a different phone other than my SGS3, major difference. Great job T-Mobile. T-Mobile keeps upping their game, they are IMO the best Carrier in the US, great service, best plans, fastest data speeds and all this with the cheapest prices, people should give them a try if they are in T-Mobile service area, if you give them a try you will never leave. All this with LTE on it’s way, not to mention their 1900 radio roll out that is moving so fast.
    All I can say is THANK YOU T-MOBILE.

  • BahamasGeek242

    Bravo T-Mobile !!!……….MY only question is will my bill increase?

  • TyRetr0

    people still talk on the phone…?