See T-Mobile’s CEO Call Out AT&T’s Network In New York City

Remember those colorful remarks we mentioned coming from T-Mobile CEO? Well, the folks from MobileWorldLive happened to catch a bit of T-Mobile’s press event Tuesday night on video. Want to hear T-Mobile’s CEO call AT&T’s New York City network “crap?” Of course you do. Check out the clip which runs till 3:22, with T-Mobile CEO taking the stage at 1:22.

Legere has a lot to live up to and his goals are definitely lofty, but his fresh talk has us more hopeful for the company than we’ve been in a long time.


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  • Richard Yarrell

    Mr. Legere has my vote. Boy did he tell the exact truth tmobile bitch slaps Verizon and At@t. Especially here in New York City so it stands to reason it’s lte advanced 10 network will trump all networks by July/August 2013.

    • erick22

      honey were in new york city? I live here have an s3 from tmobile my boyfriend has the new droid dna on verizon lets see we both been upstate NY , brooklyn, we gone to new jersey n everywere in new york and as far as coverage verizon kills tmobile .Data were tmobile has it its sometimes fasterthan verizons lte i admit but coverage wise verizon has more and LTE bout everywere were tmobile has edge in the outskirts of town and edge it has a lot which sucks . Dropped calls i had plenty more on tmobile than on verizon oh and also better signal in builings with verizon i cant comment bout att cuz i dnt have em

      • Justin Jones

        That is because Verizon and Sprint are CDMA based networks. Their strengths are calls. GSM networks (Tmo and ATT) strengths are scalability and data transfers. They can be done simultaneously and at a faster rate but a signal penalty which results in dropped calls. You just need to prioritize what you need as a customer, and decide which carrier can provide it. They all provide crap customer service. I needed data speeds. Sprints network was pathetic. I was getting around 200kbps average. I live in a very secluded part of Southern California (equidistant from LA and SD) I switched to T-mobile, and my data speeds on HSPA+42 are as high as 14Mbps.

      • eanfoso

        Oh so your boyfriend has Verizon? How does his phone bill compare to yours and how much data does he actually use?

        • bleeew

          I dont know about them but i use 1.5GB a month on a 6GB share plan. Our plan $240 6GB for 4 smartphones(without tax or insurance).

        • eanfoso

          Dang that sucks, I pay 147 for 5 lines, 4 smartphones with unlimited data, insurance in one line and that includes tax, and our total for data usage usually averages at 26 gigabytes

        • erick22

          pfft ts not even tht much of a difference im on tmobiles new 70 dollar plan my bf pays 95-100 on verizon n he has grandfathered unlimited data he has used as much as 20 gigs a month of data on verizon 4G lte not once have they throttled him i rather pay 25 bucks more than what i pay on tmobile for better service outside ny n better service in buildings n less dropped calls on verizon only reason i havent switched its cuz i havent gotten paid but nxt week when i get paid yes im switching to verizon.

        • eanfoso

          More power to you, too bad you can’t get unlimited data now, at least with Verizon, and I’ve never been throttled either… On the contrary I’ve been speed bumped in the past few months in my area with t-mobile, and the soon to be turned on LTE advanced, no matter, good luck mate

  • Anthony Wang

    Is that Joe Torre or someone who looks a whole lot like him?

  • dunnsantee

    Where was Carly? And what’s up with the ballcap and t-shirt for the CEO?

    • charlieboy808

      LOL They signed a deal with the MLB so that explains the hat.

    • Yancy

      He is showing that T-Mobile is different. He doesn’t have to be all high and mighty. T-Mobile can be fun!

      • MacRat

        There is something fun about the retirement home sweater?

  • TBN27

    I will have to agree with Legere on AT&T’s network. As much as i like T-Mobile i have grown to like the performance the coverage of AT&T’s BUT and it is a BIG BUT,what i notice that where at&t has good coverage, they seem to get a lot of dropped calls and data connections get slow or time out. In comparison even though t-mobile does have smaller coverage, wherever t-mobile has strong coverage, it works very well. I can always hold a call better than say a friend of mine who switched to AT&T.

  • Mr Tibs

    How many customers does At&t have on there network & how mant does T-mobile have on there’s? of course there network is a bit slower then yours past sprint first & get some more customers then go talk to BIG BROTHER.

    • nameless

      how many years of education does it take to know the difference between “their” and “there”?

      • MacRat

        You are assuming the author has gotten that far in elementary school.

    • eanfoso

      Eh. .. What did you say?

  • This guy legit gets me excited about T-Mobile’s future. Now if they could just start filling in the rural gaps that would be great. Anyone think that’s in the game plan at all? Or will they just continue to focus on metro areas? I get it. It’s just tough when I’m driving across Texas and encounter GPRS/EDGE for hours.

  • mingkee

    T-Mobile network is rather fast and RELIABLE according to my experience.

  • He really did just say swagger……..

    • Scott Walsh

      Of course he’s also dressed like a 14 year old , isn’t he?

      • Yeah that too…

      • eanfoso

        He’s trying to attract the youth, the only group that isn’t targeted by carriers nowdays

  • T-Mobile does have a solid network in cities. I recently got an iPhone 5 on Verizon and only get 1-2 bars inside a lot of buildings where my T-Mobile phone has 4-5. T-Mobile’s main weakness is it’s lack of HSPA+ in rural areas and along the interstate highways.

  • mos_def98

    sorry to say ladies and gents but t-mobile is done this ass bag of a CEO is doing all that he can to make a come back for the company but sorry son it aint happening lol….

    • bleeew

      Says a 14 year old.

      • eanfoso

        Maybe the dude is 30, but his “Grammer” is that of a 12 year old in a ghetto middle school

  • bleeew

    This dude makes working at T-Mobile seem fun.

    • HeadBangToThis

      this dude is speaking the truth. save the big talk get straight to the point. building a bigger network dont happen overnight or in a week. the point is its happening and getting much better

  • eanfoso

    You guys are pathetic, I hoped to see a lot of cheers for t-mobile and bashing on at&t but it seems like you people did the exact opposite. I’m with John legere and this guy is sure to bring us youth group to t-mobile, all of the other competitors focus on business and old people, but it seems that this guy will focus on us, the biggest group in the population pyramid that is able to get a mobile phone.