Reminder: New Unlimited 4G Data No Annual Contract Plan Launches

Friendly reminder here for all you prepaid fans as T-Mobile’s Unlimited Nationwide no annual contract 4G data plan went live yesterday. The $70 plan pairs unlimited voice, data and text and replaces a similar $70 plan that offered unlimited voice, text and 5GB of data.

“As the ‘Uncarrier,’ we’re doing the unthinkable,” said John Legere, president and chief executive officer of T-Mobile USA. “We’re directly confronting the frustrations of American consumers fed up with the cost, complexity and congested networks of our competitors. Our Unlimited 4G Data plan means 4G speeds, no caps and no overages on a smoking-fast, nationwide, 4G network. What this means is simply that T-Mobile customers are going to be able to enjoy everything a 4G smartphone is actually designed to do without limits and without a term contract.”

The plan is live at the T-Mobile link below:


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  • Gary Franklon

    So I have the 5 gb 4g Monthly plan and I called last night to switch it to the new unlimited plan and the person said it is automatically switched and it would show up on MyT-Mobile as 5 gb until January 19th. Hope this is true.

    • psychoace

      It is, I just switched from the $60 plan to the unlimited one a couple days ago. Today was the day my new month started and it now states that I have unlimited data.

  • FAB

    Just got it on my galaxy nexus:)

  • Hmmm, using the “switch plan” tab in my current prepaid ($30/m) account the $70 plan still says “First 5 GB at up to 4G speed”. Hopefully that will be updated to reflect the new plan soon. I’m not planning on switching yet, but it would be great to be able to switch online when the time comes.

    • psychoace

      It’s just a small thing. Trust me I have unlimited now. My plan just renewed and it works.

    • Just call tmobile if u dont trust the site. Im on the same plan and was throttled til the 9th and my charged date ws the 19th

      • Thanks for the advice. I’m not looking to switch just yet, but it is great to know that their support team can change my plan over the phone if the website isn’t updated by the time I am ready. Thanks!

  • MacRat

    If only they would do this to the $30 “unlimited web” 100min plan. ;-)

  • Sergio Janeiro

    I’m pretty sure 95% of people on pre-paid T-mobile have a nexus.

    • TechHog

      If you mean the Nexus 4, that’s impossible due to the fact that the number of Nexus 4’s in the US is probably less than 5% of the total number of T-Mobile pre-paid users lol

      • psychoace

        Maybe he meant Nexus’s in general. Like the S or the Galaxy Nexus or the Nexus One. It looks like that the iPhone is probably a good chunk of tmobile subscribers though

    • Many of them are actually using iPhones


    This is a dream deal for sim swappers.

    • Sim

      Tell me about it, I’m switching from simple mobile witch is horrible.

    • ant

      lmao that y i love tmo but i havent swapped in a while because people want to much for phones

      • timrcm

        …was that even English?

        • ant

          …..was i even talking to you smh go slobe on someone else knob

  • UncleFan

    Monthly4G plans are the *true* value plans. If T-Mobile let you pair the cheapest of these plans with the EIP, T-Mo would shake up the industry for real and not just in their PR/Marketing pipe dreams…

    • kris

      Its the same price on value! $69 all u can eat.. But you can use EIP on value so you don’t have to shell out all ur money up front on the device..

      • UncleFan

        I’m actually thinking about the $50 plan, or even the $30 100/min plan. Also, I don’t want to sign a contract that lasts longer than the EIP, that’s just silly.

  • Makoute

    I’m guessing taxes and fees are not included?

    • psychoace

      It’s $74 with all taxes. At least here in Illinois

    • Taxes huh? This is not contract haha

      • psychoace

        Yes it has a tax but no lame fee’s

        • Damn. I pay $77flat $70plan and $7 insurance.if u pay in the store they charge u a tax

        • RotaryP7

          Curious, where do you pay? The store charges the regular state tax. 7% is $74.90.

        • T-mo#1

          Small little authorized retailers, I’ve never paid inside a cooperate tmobile store, maybe that’s why.

        • T-mo#1

          $70.00 flat here in my part of nyc.

    • Herb

      Here in CO it’s $70.98 with tax. Tax is only for 9-1-1.

  • LovingMyGN2

    I’ve always liked and never had a problem with t mobile and trusty me, I’ve had them all! At&y, sprint, cingular, I’ve worked for us cellular and let me tell you, theirs nothing like tmobile. It’s a shame it’s so under rated but that’s probably cause it’s a Foreign company who knows. For me in my experience out of all the carriers I’ve had tmobile’s been the 100% best company that’s never given me problems. Who cares what the nay sayers, haters and bitchers say, over worked customer service foyer all of them so I who there kind. Yea so what verizon is 1 I’ll give that but hey I know we’re gonna be 2nd soon cause all the other ones just suck! And this new ceo guy john legere he seems like a cool, conscious and down to earth guy. Go tmobile!! Going on 8 years with them and by the looks allot more.

    Side note: Lets stand behind this ceo cause he’s looking out for us.

    • Richard Yarrell

      Without question Mr. Legere loves New York City and i have a funny feeling that LTE will be ready by April/June. Clearly this is going to be a wonderful summer for Tmobile and it’s customers. I have enjoy tmobile emensely since June 2012 unlimited data is essential for my Galaxy Note 2.

  • Now i can download “Booty and the Breast II”

  • Whitney

    I want unlimited everything. I can’t wait until the iphone is release

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Darn Lying Tmo Rep (who’s name I shall not mention no matter how much I want to). Lied and got me on contract for another year now. I would’ve surely switched to this plan.

  • Hamster

    The only drawback I can see with using this instead of the Value plan is that, being prepaid, I doubt this deal could be preserved via grandfathering like the Value plan would. The lack of EIP is unfortunate I guess… but I buy my phones outright anyway.

  • tjTj

    tmobile went away from unlimited…. just to go back. and now have a prepaid plan that competes with their own contract plans. what is the benefit of me choosing a contract now then? EIP? that isn’t enough benefit for me to be locked in for 2 years.

  • Bobm

    Has anyone switched from “Unlimited Loyalty for Families” to the Monthly4G? Is it allowed as I am now off contract? I don’t see this an option on-line and need to call.

  • Gina

    can i subscribe in this plan and insert the sim (or microsim) in a jail broken tablet without been cought by tmobile? I am gussing yes since the browsermon a tablet is the not a desktop version and may not be detected, any thoughtsmon this?