T-Mobile’s “Bring Your Own Device” Store Banners Reappear Sans iPhone

After the news that T-Mobile would no longer use the “Apple iPhone” name in their “Bring your own device” campaign, we knew it was just a matter of time before new marketing material dropped. As we see in the image above in these newly acquired images, T-Mobile is still directly targeting AT&T smartphone owners with unlocked devices emphasizing the opportunity to save up to $50 per month. That’s pretty much the same message they had been conveying with the iPhone name, now they are just doing it with a less identifiable smartphone.

The bottom line is that the savings AT&T customers can find on T-Mobile remain the same now as they did when the iPhone was on the store poster. Whatever phone T-Mobile chooses to slap on this material, they are still rocking the new Unlimited Nationwide 4G data plan, hopefully putting them in a good position to grab some disgruntled AT&T customers.

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