(Updated) Daily Steal: Samsung Galaxy Nexus On Sale For $319.99

Update: Turns out this Daily Steal is affiliated with 1saleaday, a website notorious for ridiculously long shipping times. At this point, we’d urge you to buy with caution as it’s still a good deal, but the extra $30 spent in the Google Play store may give you more piece of mind. 

There’s obviously a lot of anticipation surrounding the next-generation Nexus smartphone announcement, but that doesn’t mean we can just ignore the existing Galaxy Nexus. With that in mind, the folks at Daily Steals present a special one-day only sale for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus i9250, which is ready out of the box for T-Mobile’s 4G network.

It’s a great deal on a smartphone that still has plenty of life left in it and if the Nexus S is any indication, there’s plenty of time for Google to provide you with the latest Android release.

There’s just 14 hours left at the time of this writing, so go go go.

Daily Steals

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  • Nate2756

    My Galaxy Nexus is by far the best phone I’ve ever owned. I’ve tried the SIII, One S, etc.. but always go back to my GNex. No non-sense, clean interface, excellent phone and always with the latest updates.

    • fixxmyhead

      ur just a stock fanboy. people like u will never go with anything besides a nexus even though theres better hardware out there

      • cause Nexus is the best. I rather go with something that not loaded with a lot of crap on my phone. vanilla android > touchwiz, sense, etc

        • fixxmyhead

          uhmm that is ur opinion. some people actually like skins and the neat features they offer instead of boring stock. my wife has a nexus that i could switch with her but its not my thing.

        • thepanttherlady

          Everyone is entitled to their opinion, including you. Let’s not resort to name calling because others are different than yours. :)

        • StarMenace

          A rooted SGSIII with a custom Vanilla ICS ROM is better than a GNex with ICS based on HW specs. I don’t think there’s a good enough JB ROM yet for SGSIII to compare those versions though, at least at this moment.

      • MasterTan

        “stock fanboy” dude…stfu.

        • fixxmyhead

          yes, did i stutter?

        • Sox05

          Vanilla Android >>>> Touchwiz & Sense

    • Dakota

      Do you not have the volume level problems that so many people complain about on forums and youtube. The volume level (without using a headphone) is awful.

      • Mike

        I’ve got no volume issues with mine. But then “load enough” is extremely subjective.

      • reg

        Download Volume+ from the Play Store and it solve’s the problem. It’s been mentioned since last year when the problem first surfaced.

    • therealmikebrown

      The S3 is better.
      TouchWiz is better than stock for the screenshot capture motion alone. Besides I use a launcher, so my homescreen always looks the same. I just get each launchers special features.
      I’ve tries JB and ICS, with and without TouchWiz. Easily prefer the TouchWiz versions. The S3 has 2GB of ram. A skin isn’t going to slow it down.
      Just an opinion of course.

  • kam yuen

    there were lot of negative comment about “daily steal” website. suggest buy direct from google play with higher price.


  • Anonymous

    I prefer my S3 vs Gnex, 8 mp vs 5 mp, 32Gb vs 16 Gb, A xcsd slot vs no slot, s4 dual 1.5 vs dual 1.2.

    thou the Gnex does have the clean interface and the latest updates, not a bad choice for anyone else. also the nfc is not locked up by the carrier. luckily in my state the nfc is not a usable feature, probably not for years.Amazon’s every day price is 372. sign up for a amazon credit card and get $30 credit off in the order. either way i quess if you had the money and rather needed a phone not a bad non contract unlocked phone option, for most this is a upgrade!

  • Outrager

    You can get this from Newegg.com for $350 with no shipping cost if you don’t want to pay for it on the Play Store. Most states also don’t have to pay tax. I find Newegg.com to be a pretty reputable site with fast shipping here in NY. (usually 1-2 business days if they ship from their NJ warehouse)
    I’ve bought from that 1saleaday site before and the shipping times have been horrendous and their customer support has been equally bad.

  • jon

    David and others, I got my NG on daily steals after a tip from you David much like the one you posted. I must say the communication during shipping sucks. They promise to give you tracking info when it ships. But in my case I received nothing. I think my GN showed up after 5-7 business days. Or around that timeframe. I was pleased with the quality of the product and the fact it got to my house rather quickly. But yes, the communication during the shipping process sucks. Hope that helps anyone looking to purchase today.

    • Deadeye37

      I ordered Planet Earth on Blu Ray from them for $20. It took about a week and a couple days for it to change from “processing” to “shipped”. After it shipped, I got it in about 5 days. So 2 weeks from order to receiving.

  • Bad seller + no US warrenty = bad deal.

  • Dakota

    Ive been unhappy with this phone. The main problem is it has extremely low volume levels – the highest volume level on this is equivalent to the lowest level on other phones…and Google has not fixed the problem after a year…and the apps available to fix it are not compatible with Jelly Bean. I also had the USB fail within 3 weeks and the phone wouldnt charge and I needed to get another one. It also only has slow speeds on Tmo…Im in a supposed great coverage area and Ive been lucky to get 2.5 mbps. Id wait for the newer model if you want an unlocked phone to use on prepaid or get a better phone with LTE on another network or the HSPA+42 on Tmobile…At least youd get some better speeds and a phone whose sounds and ringtones you could actuall yhere in public

    • reg

      Download Volume+ from the Play Store and it solve’s the problem. It’s been mentioned since last year when the problem first surfaced. It’s working on mine and I’ve yet to have any other problem including data speeds. Of course, I’m located in a metro area. I’ve had mine since the end of last November.

  • GwapoAko

    Can I use this as a hotspot for free? Thanks.

  • ant

    i would assume this phone is going to drop in price in 2ish weeks when the newest Nexus is announced/released…

  • ogopogo

    I have ordered from Daily Steals before – Slow shipping is an understatement. It could take you a month to get something with very little communication. In the end, you do get what you ordered, but it is very frustrating.

    As for the GNex – I want this phone as a spare device, but there are oodles of complaints about the volume issue. Neither Google, nor Samsung is taking responsibility for the problem.

    Suggestion – Just pass for now, or you may be stuck with a $320 mistake.

  • Mike

    I got my GNex from Daily Steals 6 or 7 months back, before Google sold it direct. My experience with DS was fine — shipping was a little slow (8 days from order to receipt) but not awful. And the phone has been great, no issues suggesting it was a shady refurb job or something like that. They’re also up front about their shipping times; mine was delivered just as their window was about to expire, but within the window nonetheless.

    That said, people have certainly had significant issues with DS that I read about after placing my order, and their price is sure as hell not 57% off the list. Maybe around launch almost a year ago. At any rate, for an extra $30, I’d get it straight from Google.

  • These people suck. Long shipping, bad customer service & if your in Florida (they are out of Miami) you get charged sales tax, FYI.

    • also this phone doesn’t have WiFi Calling :( I think it still hasn’t been ported over by anyone on XDA.

  • s10shane

    this is a good deal but i would much rather go through google play store then that site. at least you get 2 day shipping through google and a piece of mind.

  • archerian

    The SGS2 is available for $300 + tax from Walmart, both devices are pretty good at that price…

  • Megabonix

    I ordered mine from them back in January and it took about 2 weeks to get it. If you can wait then go for it.
    Also, keep in mind this version is NOT the official “Pure Google” version. It’s slightly different and you have to wait for Samsung to release updates. I (along with several friends who bought this version) had to root and load the official ICS rom from Google’s website before it would update to Jelly Bean. Just an FYI…
    I have another friend who ordered her GN right from Google Play and had it within day and was rockin’ Jelly Bean right out of the box.
    My suggestion… it’s worth the extra $30 to buy directly from Google.

  • bulletban

    i bought 2 white galaxy nexus from DS before, waited about 2 weeks to get my phones, came in sealed in the box, phones works great till today. the shipping time is already well informed before u place ur order, not sure whats the big deal about that? if u cant wait, then just move on and order at somewhere else with higher price just that u could get the phone a week earlier.

  • Mr_Vault

    I wouldn’t if I were you… not from these people… the voice of experience.