Possible Upcoming LG Nexus Device Pictured In The Wild, Google Branding And All

With plenty of recent rumors indicating that LG would produce the next-generation Nexus, or at least produce one of the next generation of Nexus devices, a new set of images making their way into the wild isn’t coming as much of a surprise. An XDA-Developer forum member has provided us with our first look at the upcoming LG Nexus device. For now, it appears that all of the earlier rumors about an LG Optimus G look-alike appear to be dead on.

If you recall, the LG Optimus G sports a 4.7” 1280 x 768 HD display, 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, and a 13 megapixel camera which is likely to be the same specs on the LG Nexus device. Specs aside, our real “evidence” lies with the “About” screen which reads “Fully JellyBean on Mako,” which Nexus fans will recognize as a type of shark. In fact, all Google-designed Android smartphones have been named after fish, including the T-Mobile G1. Labels on the phone indicate a LG E960 model number, which has been noted as a possible Nexus smartphone having recently passed through the FCC.

So, we’re obviously confident this is a brand new Android device from LG running Jelly Bean, but is it the new Nexus device? At this point it’s hard to say anything is for certain, but all signs seem to be leading us to that conclusion.

Let’s just say this is the next Nexus device, the only question we’re left wondering — will it work on T-Mobile? Every previous Nexus smartphone has been designed to work on as many carriers as possible, I hope LG doesn’t fail us.


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  • Paul

    OOOOooooo, shiny!

  • Apparently, this model does have AWS HSPA+ support, as well as HSPA 850/1900 for AT&T. It’ll be interesting to see the pricing for its release, as it is supposed to be based on the Optimus G…

    • fixxmyhead

      what ur a mod now? since when

      • randomnerd_number38

        Pretty sure he has been for awhile now, bud. He wrote an editorial/information piece for David about T-Mobile’s spectrum and network plans awhile back(I think around the time of the AT&T merger/breakup? Not 100% sure). I think it was around that time he was “promoted.”

        • fixxmyhead

          nah not that long i would of noticed that mod tag

    • Spanky

      Any word on whether or not this will have LTE support?

    • Yooshkin

      Hi Conan, Some of the reports note that the phone is triband (850/1700/1900) only instead of pentaband (as the Galaxy Nexus has). How does this affect one’s ability to use this on both AT&T’s and T-Mobile’s HSPA+ and take this for use in Europe and Hong Kong? Thanks in advance!

  • Jordan Williams

    I just hope the hardware issues and lackluster camera of the G2X don’t make a return. I seem to be one of the minority that actually liked that phone, having borrowed one for a week or so.

    • PiCASSiMO

      Did a comparison recently with a few different cameras, and for image quality:

      Fuji F31fd > G2x > Nikon P300 > Samsung GS3 > HTC G2

      So, believe it or not, in day light conditions the G2x came out better than my Nikon P300. When it comes to low-light, it’s a different story, but day-to-day pics, the G2x is still one of the best phone cameras from last year.

      • impasse

        i still own an f30 (f31fd predecessor), just sold my g2x, and currently own a gs3, and while i’d agree with the f30 being the best despite its 6.3mp, there’s no way i’d put the g2x camera above the gs3..comparable maybe, but just speed alone of the gs3 trumps.

        i had to use camera apps (camera 360, etc.) to get acceptable camera performance out of the g2x after the 2.3.4 ota update got rid of the lg cam. 1080p video on the g2x was a first in the states though, which deserves some recognition, at least.

        and yeah, it was always a software thing with the g2x, not hardware. even my cliq xt’s 5mp took fantastic pictures compared to the stock g2x on 2.3, maybe at the level of the 2.2 lg cam’s pictures or the zine zn5 (with kodak’s “perfecttouch”) i had before that.

    • randomnerd_number38

      You think the issues were with hardware on the G2X? I was more of the opinion that they were software-related. We’re talking about the common freezing/crashing/restarting thing, right?

      • Jordan Williams

        There were light bleed issues from the screen, and the capacitive buttons. There were some SERIOUS software issues too though.

  • Jon

    looks like shit. Washed out screen. Rhinestone back. Typical “meh” device from LG.

    • Chris Call

      You’re right. A Blurrycam shot of a pre-production model of a rumored device is probably sufficient for a final judgement.

      Come on, seriously? Grow up a little and stop letting yourself be so uninformed. You’re not going to get a perfect shot of the device with such a low quality camera. You’re not going to take a perfect shot of a device when you are LEAKING the device and it has a DEVELOPER ID on it. That’s why these are never full images. And if you’re building a device and letting somebody test a pre-production model of it you’re going to make it look different. I would be SHOCKED to see that back make it onto the production model.

      This is the same reason they veil new cars for test drives. So you don’t know what the final design look like.

      • Chris

        Man that guy trolled the shit out of you, huh? LG is typically garbage; I’d be really disappointed if LG was the sole maker of the next Nexus. Oh well, I’m probably gonna get the GN2 anyway.

  • tirtawn

    Bitten by G2x, but since this is a nexus phone, the update
    would be guaranteed then. Hopefully the “real” Specs and performance would be good.

    • Durandal_1707

      That’s what we thought about the supposedly stock G2x, and look how that turned out.

  • “in the wild”? that’s why bloggers aren’t journalists..

  • LG trying to make a coe back lol

    • auser72

      So was Samsung a few years ago after the behold fiasco, and now they are top dog in android smartphones. You are only as good as your last product, that just the nature of the tech game.

      • agreed ! But the new lg phones look alittle like samsung devices but who cares

  • Nijakyng88

    So what?? LG only makes shotty bullshit devices anyway

    • JJ Clark



    David, These shots are from 2 different leaks. The first 5 are from a leak yesterday and the last one is from a leak I saw on androidandme When comparing the 2 leaks they are 2 different phones. One is very square like the Optimus G and the other looks very much like the Gnex with rounded top and bottom. check it… http://androidandme.com/2012/10/smartphones-2/update-this-is-the-lg-nexus/

  • Toolbag

    This will work on T-Mobile!!!!! The FCC filing shows 1700 wcdma. Finally a legit superphone besides the GS3 will be available for T-Mobile. Hopefully no pentile matrix garbage screen, but a true hd ips lcd, with an all day battery!!!!

  • farfromovin

    If this phone had removable storage, I’d ditch the plans of picking up a GNoteII. Too bad. I love Nexus devices and like the styling of this, but 16GB doesn’t cut it for me.

  • JBrowne1012

    Has to be a Nexus its not running any custom firmware. LG normally runs custom firmware and this is bone stock.

  • randomnerd_number38

    Well with this being a Nexus device it’s extremely likely that it won’t be plagued by LG’s atrocious software support. Plus it has a Qualcomm processor, meaning it was almost certainly have outstanding dev support as well. With its S4 Pro processor and HD IPS display, it sure looks like this will be a worthy Nexus device.

    But, I simply cannot buy one. I refuse to support LG’s smartphone efforts in any way. They need to prove to me that they can release phones without major software issues that never get fixed AND that they will keep their software up-to-date for at least 2 major Android release cycles. Sorry, but this phone won’t count towards convincing me that LG has changed, since Google will be the one making damn sure it gets updates.

    But, at least those who only buy Nexus phones and aren’t too concerned with the manufacturer should be happy with what’s being offered here. Except for the no SD card thing. Man, why does Google seem to like that idea so much?

  • mreveryphone

    Shrink that top and bottom bezel down some and you have a winner!

  • steveb944

    I’m hoping this isn’t the only one, I want a Note2esque Nexus device NOT made by LG, considering their prior devices

  • KOD


  • Durandal_1707

    The rumor is that this thing has no removable battery. Since, as we all know, LG devices require three battery pulls per day, this device is sure to become a brick shortly after purchase. Caveat emptor.


    Hmmm Google better keep LG in check with this or we gonna look like fools this holiday season, investing in a handset where the hardware isn’t on par with the software. Nobody got the time or patience to be tolerating LGs half steppin’

  • Jonathan Wicks

    this looks exactly like my g2x. its rooted and had jellybean on it. no thanks lg, you burned me one too many times. four times to be exact….four g2x devices and they are all crap


    that’s some ugly sh*it

  • Mr_kuntri

    Even though the g2x experience was horrible this should revive LG as it did with Samsung. The LG will develop/manufacturer there own “flagship” with top notch specs.