• theking_13

    I just got it yesterday actually, on par with the Android one in terms of loading speed, even thought I only get EDGE. Can’t wait till the refarming in my area is done, I’ll probably get the iPhone 5 or the LG Optimus G.

    • MacRat

      Well, the Android version will get account info when on wifi.

      The iPhone version requires you to log in when on wifi.

  • taron19119

    Now we need wifi calling

    • ^^^THIS!

      • Tmobile Bobsled app offers wifi calling via a free app; maybe not every feature you like but its wifi calling

    • Wilfre Martinez

      Yes! An APP that will stimulate their UMA service on the iPhone would be great. T-Mobile USA please develop this!

  • prof_impossible

    the question is, why would you want such a crappy app on your phone?

    • MacRat

      It is very useful for checking account info, especially when using a prepay account.

  • bolthead

    I would love to see visual voicemail working

    • Redebbm

      They have announced a Visual Voicemail app as well. Will probably be out soon if this one is finished, but might need more time for review.

  • cutienoua

    3g speed today in Seattle 6Mbps down/4 Mbps up iphone 4s

    • Ceefu

      My office is in Fremont and I’m still on Edge. At home in Mill Creek however I’m on 3G and get 4+Mbps down and around 1.5Mbps up.

      • Bothell Canyon Park I still get Edge; Bellevue Bridle Trails area I get 3G 6Mbps+ consistently

  • trife

    I like it. T-Mobile being proactive, as opposed to their usual reactive stance on things.

  • tony tala

    work great

  • czaplin

    I wonder how many of us, androidian, t-mobile would dump just to get an iphone in their phones collection?

    • archerian

      I wonder how many of us will have 1900 Mhz this year

    • kitpogi23


  • noelsito

    i think t-mobile appreciates and does more for the iPhone than the official carriers lol

  • od312

    Who cares

  • kitpogi23

    I have a question, the network refarm isn’t even close to completion yet, how does this benefit the Iphone users with only EDGE data speeds? I mean,I don’t really care ‘coz I’m no iphone user, but wouldn’t this back fire on T-mo knowing customers will be looking to experience fast data speeds on their network? just a question….and also, I hope T-mo will try to snag Sony-sexy-Xperia TX…. :-) sexy beast!

  • steveb944

    Aww no iPhone 3G support? :(
    I kid, I kid

    • Daibidh

      Requires iOS 3.0 or higher. It should run on all iPhones. But I’m still deciding if its even worth having. It’s kind of ugly and not all THAT functional.

  • I see this as TMo making a step to officially carrying the iPhone in the future, just warming up!

    • Redebbm

      I thought the same thing when they removed the iPhone language from advertising. Ongoing negotiations perhaps? There’s really no reason not to with the refarmed network and t-mobile would be able to request the standard models rather than a custom one.

  • Daibidh

    I’ve been messing with this since Friday night. I’m not overly impressed with the interface. I can’t even make a payment through the app. I don’t think it should make any difference but I’m running iOS 6 on an iPhone 3GS.

    • Yeah i’m using a 4S and notice you can’t pay your bill through the app like the one on Android. Clicking on the billing link just tells you how much your bill is and says you can call 611 to pay.

      • Daibidh

        Or visit their website… WHAT?! It’s not a completely horrible app for being first time out of the gate but it needs a bit more functionality and a UI makeover because… DAMN! Having looked a their visual voicemail for android, I’m not gonna hold my breath! Someone there must like craptacular design!

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