T-Mobile Begins Marketing For Unlocked iPhone Support, Hopes To Have Nano-SIM By Mid-October

I wouldn’t say that T-Mobile is trying to riding today’s iPhone wave per se, that would actually require them to carry the next-generation iPhone product, which unfortunately they won’t do. However, today does mark the beginning of their marketing efforts to attract unlocked iPhone 4S owners over to the Magenta network with the promise of “true” Unlimited Data and plenty of savings over AT&T.

As it stands, T-Mobile retail stores will begin receiving their iPhone 4S demo units running on T-Mobile’s network starting September 15th. Demo phones are allotted for one per store location, and are to be used for training and customer demonstrations only.

For now, be on the lookout for these posters and hopefully a much stronger marketing campaign to go with them as T-Mobile has their work cut out for them as they skip yet another iPhone launch. We can only hope that unlimited data and Magenta-level savings are given enough marketing muscle to  attract those seeking the iPhone elsewhere. T-Mobile certainly has their work cut out for them.

If you’re looking to grab an unlocked iPhone 5 (when available) to use on T-Mobile’s network, you are going to have to wait until at least Mid-October when T-Mobile hopes to have NANO-SIM cards available to offer customers. The NANO-SIM Apple unveiled today with the iPhone 5 is the first of its kind and no other phone currently available uses the same SIM card technology. According to T-Mobile’s @tmobilehelp Twitter account and support forums, they are looking to have these SIM cards available around mid-October.

For the record, the iPhone 5 will work on T-Mobile’s future refarmed 1900PCS HSPA+ band and their future LTE network on the 1700 AWS band. 

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  • Mirad77

    Hey David, why didn’t create a post where we android fans can rant about the old(em em new iphone) iphone that was announced. I know you like iphone and all but sometimes yoou give the readers whaat they want no?

    • You guys rant in every post! Why on earth would I let people rant for no reason whatsoever? You shouldn’t rant anyway, you shouldn’t complain about the new iPhone, you should have an open mind to all technology, competitive and otherwise.

      • Mirad77

        I brace new tech that’s why am on an hourly bases am on blogs like yours, engadget and the rest. I do own an iphone 4s but for a company that discovers every bit of tech that was before them, I would say the law suits now speak for themselves.

        • The lawsuit and the basis behind it are fine to talk about it, but I’m not giving any open forum about it in a blank post. I’ve never done that, we have forums for that!

        • Mirad77

          I respect that.

  • Dmonney2907

    What would be the Internet Speed when iphone 5 comes out for tmobile with nano sim

  • I don’t know about this. It seems stupid for them to waste time on the iphone, as they are just helping to sell it. They are not even getting it lol.

    Focus on the SG3, the Note, and the One S. Spending money on this let’s everyone know you wish you had it, and since you can’t get it. You are crying about it, get over it. Sell what you have. No other company is doing this.

    • Nearmsp

      I think it is smart for T-mobile to not focus just on Android devices. They make more money on iPhone than on Samsung. For Samsung they are giving a higher subsidy than the $100 for iPhone users.

    • ghulamsameer

      I’m sure they would move to do that. They have to conform to the wants of the consumer to actually make money. That’s why they are using these unconventional methods and advertising a phone they don’t offer. I have yet to see a commercial supporting unlocked iPhones. They are still promoting their lineup of phones.

    • 3560freak

      Verizon did this with the original iPad (they sold it at retail and paired it with a Verizon MiFi HotSpot device) and it didn’t seem like an act of desperation. It was just showing customers an option to stay with a carrier that they like and are familiar with

      • That’s a wireless tablet, not the same.

  • iphonelover

    I found out that iphone 5 uses band 4, meaning it will work on T-mobile’s lte-advanced. awesome! :D

    • RobotChupacabra

      Model A1428 uses band 4. It’s pretty important for people when Apple offers the phone unlocked to make sure they get the right model of iPhone 5 if they want to use it on T-Mobile’s LTE network next year.

  • â“œ@®!â“ž G@®CI@ â„¢

    the iphone 5 announcement was dissapointing! …… no wonder there trying to ban the s3 and more handsets ….the S3 crushes the new iphone …again this is to my judgement others may disagree but Nokia Lumia 920 is looking really interesting especially with the refarm..
    EDIT:im satisfied the new iphone will work on T-Mobile unlimited 4G LTE though great for iphone users

    • Enzowned

      Sure. Because the S3 has better specs… The iPhone 5 specs >> S3. The only thing the S3 has is a bigger screen. That’s all. Which is strictly subjective whether that’s better or not.

      • You’re right. I have a 4S right now and will be picking up the 5 later this year after T-Mobile has lit up more areas with 4G on 1900mhz. Not a fan of the bigger screens and iOS is a more smooth and refined OS in my opinion.

      • Archerian

        You have no idea what you are talking about

        • Enzowned

          First phone to have A15 cores. Still a higher PPI than any android. Smooth UI that even JB 4.1 can’t touch. Sure.

        • Aaron Tant
        • Archerian

          he meant A15 as in ARM 15… yes, its confusing when ARM and Apple use the same A series for processor technology – A15 is an architecture, A6 is a processor that implements A15 architecture, either could have reasonably picked a different letter :)

        • Archerian

          The Krait in the US SGS3 is not A15, but its also not pure A9, it is architecturally more similar to A15. The Krait/MSM8960 is 20 – 35% faster than the dual-core Cortex A9s in benchmarks, and the A6 is supposed to be 40% better than dual core ARM A9s, so there is little difference. Again, such small differences do not give either device a significant advantage in daily use. At over 300ppi, 20ppi will not be a difference eyes can make out, the one thing that will be seen distinctly is the screen size. So on a subjective scale, the PPI difference between these two devices are too small to notice, but the SGS3 has more screen real estate.

          The larger screen, NFC (the next iPhone wont come for another year), Removable memory, MicroUSB Charging (all the Iphone docks in public places will have to have another one added to support both new and old style) are some useful features that make the SGS3 a better phone in my opinion. And the SGS3 has been around for a while, the iPhone 5 has radical physical changes from its predecessors, so we don’t know if it has an antennagate or some issue yet.

      • Trevnerdio

        You haven’t read the specs then. The S3 has a 500mhz faster dual core, a whole gig more of ram, a higher res screen, a bigger screen, and other little things

        • Enzowned

          The iPhone has A15 cores. Can’t beat that with the S3’s Kraits. Higher res screen? You mean just bigger, because that’s strictly subjective. The iPhone still has the higher PPI. Not to mention the superior smoothness in the UI that you can’t get with even JellBean.

        • Trevnerdio

          I realize it has higher ppi buy higher res is still higher res! And I’m not sure if it can beat the S4

        • Al228

          It’s not A15, geez do some damn research before just saying anything you may have heard, it makes you look dumb

        • Enzowned

          Shit were you just waiting for Anandtech to come out and say it’s not A15. So I jumped the gun, no more so than they did. They were very, very confident it was A15, so I trusted them. Who cares.

          Doesn’t mean it won’t be comparable.

        • Al228

          I agree with you, it will be comparable.

      • Sadiq

        Are you a dumbass? A15 has been around now. International S3 beats the iPhone 5 hands down with it’s quad core A9 in combination with the Mali-T604. The US variant has a dual core A15 with a weaker GPU, but 2GB ram. iPhone 5 I bet still doesn’t properly multitask. I would be more than happy to lose 20ppi in exchange for 0.8inch of real estate. This is all the latest iPhone has to offer? Just wait a month of so and see what the next Nexus devices are capable of. It’s fine if you like your iPhone, but you don’t have to be in denial to like it.

        • Enzowned

          A15 is not in the S3, what are you talking about. The screen size is subjective, hardly a pro or con. Properly multitask? Android and iOS’ multitasking is basically the same, I use both enough to know they’re both relatively simple in this regard. Needless to say, it’s still not all about specs (I was making light of because Android fanboys are the ones who are the ones obsessed by them). I myself can’t stand the plastic-y feeling of any Samsung offerings.

        • Archerian

          Enzowned is correct here, although some SGS3 (the LTE ones) use Krait/MSM8960 which is significantly improved over A9, they are still not A15, something in between. The Exynos 5 Dual has true A15, but most probably it will hit a tablet first.

    • MatthewMurawski

      The iPhone 5 is 1mm thinner than the Galaxy S3, has a (arguably) nicer looking design, iOS which is a very convenient ecosystem for certain people, a higher resolution display, great camera, mic, and video technologies, and a reversible dock connector.

      • Archerian

        The SGS3 actually has the higher resolution display, the Iphone5 has a imperceptible 20ppi increase in pixel density.

        • MatthewMurawski

          Sorry I meant pixel density (326 vs 306 ppi)

  • Deadeye37

    I think this is quite smart of T-mobile. Since a lot of people are holding out for the new iPhone, enticing them to T-mobile while saying that they can still use their iPhone and have $100 is something that could help net current iPhone users.

    However, its going to be a tough sell since the $100 promo period is when all the iFans will be running to get the latest and greatest, regardless of monthly costs. Besides, T-mobile isn’t compatible with the iPhone 5, yet…

    • Mirad77

      What I think though is that Tmobile knows some will get it from at$t and the like no matter what but is trying to get guys that want the iphone but not at the cost of the other 3 carriers and some have been jumping ship mainly for the speed.

  • robster

    What about the iphone 5 LTE support for tmo or as they stated, is it just going to be compatable with the 3 carriers they listed? With this GOBI chip, will it support tmobile’s LTE when it rolls out next year? or will ip5 users on tmo be stuck with the hspa+ and edge…Could some teche here explain this to us?

    • Mirad77

      Given the tech Tmobile is using to deploy its LTE it will support you just have to buy the right model as there are different models of ip5 given the market.

      • Nearmsp

        My understanding is that they have combined the chips into a single chip. So the phone for AT&T and Verizon is the same one, that will also work on the T-mobile network on LTE next year.

    • Nearmsp

      Quoting the article: “For the record, the iPhone 5 will work on T-Mobile’s future refarmed 1900PCS HSPA+ band and their future LTE network on the 1700 AWS band.”

    • Fabian Cortez

      Actually, only the AT&T iPhone 5 will work on T-Mobile’s LTE network.

      All three models will work at 42 Mbps using HSPA+ after the refarm.

  • shabang

    David, since they are advertizing iphone unlocked on their network, when can all of us iphone 4s users that are currently on tmobile get the right data speed?? Seems false if they’re advertising all this data speed money savings etc plans if they still have edge for a few months to come…

    • They’ve said sometime in the fourth quarter, it does VERY early for them to advertise, they are clearly trying to capitalize on the announcement today though.

      • Hudi G.

        capitalizing, by falsely advertising the ability to run the iphone on their network even though you will only get EDGE speeds and cant use the new iphone till mid-October!?!?!?

      • piznasty

        Burnsville, MN has been reformed for sure. IPhones at my store are getting around 4mbs on speed test… its already in Minneapolis market!

        • I was able to get almost 9mbs in Burnsville

        • Nearmsp

          Anything in the Maple Grove T-mobile stores? I would love to buy an iPhone. A 3G would be good enough for now until the LTE lights up next year!

  • c

    will the i-phone 5 work on t-mobiles LTE network ?

    • robster

      For the record, the iPhone 5 will work on T-Mobile’s future refarmed 1900PCS HSPA+ band and their future LTE network on the 1700 AWS band.

    • LearntoRead

      Read the last sentence in the article in bold print.

  • quesion

    does free wifi calling work with an unlocked iphone? also, how long before tmobile rolls out its refarmed 1900

    • Mirad77

      no but tmobile tv will though.

    • Nearmsp

      My guess is that T-mobile’s iOs App – Bobsled will do the same thing. Only difference is that it will show a MA phone number instead of your own number. My bobsled works fine on my iPad.

  • YoureProbADumbass

    nano sim? i still need to get a micro sim

    • amulya

      micro sim? i need to upgrade from my tmobile g1!

  • Jason Skidmore

    Lame attempt by Tmobile to salvage an iPhone fallout situation. I’ve been with TMO for 10 years and I’m leaving next week for Verizon where I can get the iPhone5. I suppose if they’re not going to officially carry the phone, this is the next best thing, but good luck convincing people to pay the ridiculous un-subsidized prices.

    • LinuxFrenzy

      Oh no don’t go oh wait nevermind GTFO.

      • Tbyrne


      • MasterTan


    • Nearmsp

      Actually for those of us on value plan, this is a good thing. When iPhone5 can work on T-mobile, I propose to buy an unlocked one for full price and use it on the T-mobile network. It is much much cheaper over 2 years to buy a full priced iPhone and use on T-mobile than get a “discounted” phone on Verizon and sign up for the 2 year contract.

    • 3560freak

      While I don’t believe that anyone wants to pay an un-subsidized price for a device it actually makes since in this case, here is why. Verizon plan for Unlimited Talk Text and 2GB data is $100.00 / month for 1 line of service, add your $199.99 iPhone and you have a total cost of ownership of $2600 over 2 years (before taxes or corporate discounts). Compare that to buying the device at retail cost + T-mobiles value plan of $59.99 / month (
      Unlimited Talk Text and 2GB data) and $649.99 for the iPhone. Your total cost of ownership over 2 years is just under $2100 over 2 years. So again while T-Mobile isn’t subsidizing the device for you, the money you are saving each month adds up to over $500, and that’s almost the price of another phone. Just some food for thought

  • My old at&t Sony Ericsson phone is detecting T-mobiles 3G on 1900 MHz here in Illinois.But fails to connect. I have a vid on youtube. am gonna try to see if my iPhone 3gs detects the t-mobiles 3G

  • guest

    Tmobile does all this just to accompany people with iphone’s. Why not just carry the damn iphone and get it over with? Market to what u have and not what u dont have and hoping people will switch.

    • llll

      cuz you lose money everytime you sell an iphone as a carrier

      • guest

        And tmobile is not losing money by marketing about the iphone which they dont have and the end results will be the same as every year when a new iphone gets released which is tmobile losing another 500,000 + customers?

    • LC

      It’s because Apple wants money from the data plan for the two years, and then they want money up front. T-Mobile had to make the decision, put money up front for a phone, or invest in their network (1900 refarm, LTE, expanding coverage, etc) and get the phone later. For me, I’d rather have the better, more advanced network rather than one phone right now. T-Mobile was thinking long term, which I personally think was the smarter move.

      • guest

        What advanced network do u have with tmobile right now?

        • LC

          I live in an area where the refarm is well under way and have access to the 42mbs data speeds. I’d much rather see them expand that to more areas than blow a bunch of money on one phone.

        • Loyal

          actually you should research the potential speeds of the iPhone 4s, rather than just quote HSPA++ speeds of 42 Mbps which that ONLY select Highest end T Mobile devices with HSPA ++ Hardware can produce. The iPhone is still only a third generation data speed device. The only way to produce *like speeds of 42 Mbps is thru WiFi for Fastest web access on the iPhone. TMOB just upgraded the horrible dial up connection (or 2G) to now produce the DSL connection like speeds (or 3G), maxing out the iPhone’s highest capable network speeds @ 7 Mbps, but realistically real world speed of of upper 400ish kbps or half a megabyte a second, far too slow for HD movies streaming.The latest HTC and Samsung Galaxy S III have outpaced iPhone with speeds at 3 to 4 megabytes a second!

          TMOB is doing the right thing! iPhone is a fad, and if you watch clothing fashion its always changing within the next season. With Fad comes an insane claimed expenses for customer cost, and apple can state its price, Cingular re-branded AT&T should had never allowed apple to opened its doors to all the carriers and prepaid. Now those days are numbered, unless Apple continue to offer only the top best and innovate their hearts out! If that should fail, Plan B* outright SUE every partner of Google and ban of the android phones at “infringes” with the word used loosely in court with patent wars. lol

          When Cingular, cut the throats of all its original AT&T loyal merging customers In 2004 – 05 with BS…. like you broke your phone, oh no just upgrade and now you will lose that low costing sweet rate plan price for you’re whole family…. or sorry your daughter is in a different state, she now has to be on an individual plan it pissed everyone off. It tarnished the Cingular name when the BBB was forced to look into the swelling matters. In 2006 Cingular re-branded its name, AT&T ORANGE keeping Cingular’s signature roll over option*. Somehow Cingular even marketed with the re-branded AT&T it was somehow better than everyone else that used other mobile services in the US, and If you joined you too are somehow better than the rest. iPhone exclusive was added as a central piece, which it users got that thrill, join the best and be the best. Its kind of like, you can join us outside behind the teachers lounge at school and smoke a cigarette, you’re cool kid now within our group! It’s exciting be on the claims of Cingular’s best of the best marketing, which increased it’s plans to a new level of cost in cellular industry. If Verizon didn’t buy out Alltel wireless, Cingular re-branded would still be reigning champ with the its savor of the iPhone. However Verizon money spoke in volume to apple and poor AT&T had to share after Android became a clear nuisance in the market.

          In Sept, 2008, The rival Google US producer introduced the first iPhone killer, HTC G1 Android OS with a keyboard. Those shots were fired over TMOB’s stern, rooting* punt intended, a new rebel in place. while most would agree that Donuts and Cupcake were soft assaults against iOS, the statement was very clear “Its time to step aside Apple, a new champ is emerging.”

          If you want something really bad, you’re bound to get it regardless, especially if you had to wait an entire 365 days. no doubt, TMOB is placing ALL their chips on customers willing to pay full price for an iPhone and using TMOB’s Value plans with in new incentive of unlimited data at an even more monthly savings than Sprint. TMOB is playing on the idea the economy isn’t going to get better over night. All of TMOB’s ads clearly is stating We are the Rebels, just look at Carly before sweet and innocent, now the remake she’s a bad ass on a girly pink crotch rocket turned Rebel blasting past iPhone man classic motorcycle. A very strong message, join TMOB and get the lowest rates, blazing fast speeds at half the cost. Challenging everyone to compare with iPhone on display in the store! You know what, I’m proud of TMOB not giving into peer pressure and not granting Apple’s demands to burden the carrier in cost and strain on the data network system. Apple products will be around for a very long time as a novelty, similar and safe to compare to the blackberry faithful users. Android is meeting the speed of progression and setting the bar at record pace in technology. Apple is no slouch in the field of technology or marketing but with only once a year update its not likely to compete on androids level, instead its following the fate of the blackberry with one advantage its beautiful touch screen and faithful Devs with revolutionary applications. Apple is kind of like the “officials” trying to strip Android or “Lance Armstrong from its medals and accomplishments.” lol

        • LC

          My point wasn’t so much about the iphone, but the fact that I’d rather watch T Mobile continue with the advancements that my area has seen and be able to expand that in other areas as well as continue with new technologies.

        • setzer715

          @Loyal: In reference to the first portion of your VERY long response. Yes the iPhone 4 and 4S are only 21Mbps phones but the 5 is Dual Carrier 42Mbps so it will be able to take FULL advantage of T-Mobiles 1900 network once it is turned up. The moral of the story was that T-Mobile decided to update their network to 1900 UMTS and LTE instead of blow it all on a phone. Maybe, once LTE is launched next year they will decide to pay Apple the ridiculous price of carrying the iPhone.

      • Black KKK Member

        Just look at Sprint, choosing the phone over network.

        • Bagfuq Smith

          LOL so true! xD

    • Marcus

      Apple wanted like 16 Billion for T-Mobile to carry the iphone, T-mobile made the right move. Plus when the reframe is done all unlocked international GSM 3G smartphones will work on the T-mobile network like AT&T has now!

  • Outrager

    I wonder if they’ll help me associate FaceTime and iMessage with my phone number without having to pay that long distance SMS. Mine never seems to get the acknowledgement and just resends it over and over which sucks cause it’s $0.20 per message so I just turned it off for now.

  • Hudi G.

    Does anyone know if i need to change any settings on the nokia lumia 800/900 to be able to connect to 1900 refarmed 3G?

    • bleeew

      If you can get 2G then when tmobile refarns you will get 3g unless you disabled it.

  • Pink domo

    My question is, how are they gonna capture the iPhone crowd if the 100 dollar rebate only lasts till sept 30st, but the nano sim won’t be available till mid October?

    • robertc

      It’s for previous versions of the iphone.

      • fsured

        They are probably going after the flood of iphone4s that will hit ebay and other sources right now. People are going to try and sell their current iphone so they have extra money to buy the new version.

    • Clifford Martin

      IMHO anyone not already a TMO customer and with an unlocked iPhone would be crazy to sign a 2 year contract for service until TMO has the refarmed network fully up and operational. That $100 rebate just isn’t worth dealing with the slow 2G speeds you get on an iPhone right now.
      Only reason I am still on TMO is that I am a 6+ year customer, out of contract, and I picked up a iPhone 4s really cheap earlier this month, so I activated data on my existing phone service. The 2G service is too slow to be useful, but I was waiting to see the iPhone 5 release and giving TMO until the end of the month to get the reframed network up and running in Metro Atlanta. If TMO fails at that, then I am gone as a TMO customer and will switch to a monthly prepaid that lets me use my 4s on real 3G networks.

  • fsured

    They should offer that gift card to anyone bringing new/recent unlocked phones to use on the network. That would entice more people who want to save on service costs but don’t like the handset sellection from tmo. There some of us who are not into the iphone. If they truly want to stunt the drop in customers then attract everyone possibe with every offer.

  • MacRat

    This afternoon, I suddenly started getting a 3G signal in Santa Clara, CA.

    I then went to my local T-Mobile store and asked them if they knew about it. (They didn’t)

    I also asked if they knew when they would get nano SIMs and they said that they have had them in the store “for a while now” and can set up anyone who walks in with an unlocked iPhone 5.

    • â“œ@®!â“ž G@®CI@ â„¢

      Thanks ive been wanting to know about any refarming news in California i hope they get to los Angeles and the surrounding cities by the end of this month or next

    • robertc

      Sounds like they have nano sims and micro sims mixed up.

      • MacRat


        I went back later when they were less busy and confirmed that the employee didn’t really understand what a nano SIM was.

        • AT&T stores might actually have the nano sims in stock in preparation for the iphone 5. There is an article some where that said T Mobile could have the nano sims around mid October at which point Apple may start selling the unlocked version.

        • Correcting myself. That information is in the article right here on this page.

  • blwebb68

    So can anyone confirm if they are getting more than 2G speeds on their unlocked iPhone in Seattle? I’ve heard a few times already that select cities already have the refarmed 1900 band. Anyone confirm this is true?

    • ghulamsameer

      Seattle has a lot of towers already lit.

    • Nearmsp

      Seattle shows it is lit up:

      • blwebb68

        actually just in the surrounding areas. I guess they slowly lighting them up. I’ll check at the end of the month to see the progress

  • Herb

    Two store managers have told me that before nano SIMs are in stock, stores will have a SIM cutter to use micro SIMs in nano slots.

    • And we’re being told that the micro sim can’t be cut to work with the Nano SIM.

      • Deezy

        I compared a micro 9177 sim and it can be cut to fit. The issue is how thick the nano is. Nothing some fine sandpaper can’t fix.

    • MasterTan

      My store manager told me that if I stare at my micro SIM really hard and click my heels three times, it will magically turn into a nano SIM. AWESOME RIGHT!?

      • Nearmsp

        Why are you as T-mobile customer service rep so cynical about T-mobile customers getting the ability to buy an IPhone? I just do not get understand your attitude.

        • MasterTan

          Lol. I am not. I OWN an iPhone 4S on T-Mobile. I have had every iPhone generation on T-Mobile since 07. And I will get the iPhone 5 as well. I just find these “well, so and so told me…” stories. They are stupid and everyone knows store reps, even managers, usually dont know ANYTHING.

  • NardVa

    The million dollar question will all want to know is what areas will have 4G on the 1900 band this month?

    • od312

      Lol. Good luck. They can’t even increase their existing 3g footprint, yet they want to refarm to accommodate the iPhone? Pathetic. Working backwards.

      • jay_max

        They are steadily increasing their 3G network footprint…check the updated coverage maps. The last six months have shown the 3G footprint expanding into rural areas at a fairly decent clip. (Illinois, NE Indiana, NW Ohio, NW Pennsylvania, New York state, southern Michigan, South Carolina, NE Alabama, central Louisiana, SE Missouri, NE Kansas, NW/Panhandle Texas, New Mexico just to name a few). They seem to have just added native network coverage between Milwaukee and Green Bay, which was previously roaming. Give them some credit.

      • philyew

        The re-farm isn’t to accommodate the iPhone, it’s to clear their AWS band for the deployment of LTE and LTE-Advanced in 2013. Accommodating the iPhone (and lots of other unlocked devices from AT&T and overseas) is a handy by-product.

    • None, it’ll be 3g.

  • Udubb

    T-Mobile fans crack me up. They are like the ugly guy in the bar that gets rejected by the hot girl then goes around trying to convince everyone else she really isn’t all that great because he can’t have her, meanwhile everyone else is going nuts over her.
    This move just reeks of desperation to try and stop the customer exodus that has been happening the past few years.

    • MasterTan

      And you’re like the classic troll that thinks he is super funny and clever but in fact everyone just thinks your are a douche nozzle.

    • Well from a business standpoint what do you expect them to do?

      – Pay Apple billions to make a AWS compatible iPhone and send the company to near bankruptcy like Sprint
      – Tell customers “we don’t have the iPhone but hey you can go to our competitors and get it instead”
      – Do nothing like they did last year and lose nearly a million subscribers because of one phone

      They’re doing all they can to prevent that type of churn they experienced with the 4S launch. Refarming, bringing back unlimited data, encouraging unlocked iPhones to come, and $100 MIR is about all they can do short of carrying the device itself.

    • Udubb
  • tmouser

    David, according to T-Mobiie, we can’t trim our existing SIM cards to the nano-SIM size and use it with the iPhone 5. We must get the nano-SiM from T-Mobile. David, can you please find out if T-Mobile will transfer our prepaid Monthly4G plan from a standard SIM card to the new nano-SIM in order to use the iPhone 5? Do you think they will use this opportunity to force us to abandon our prepaid Monthly4G plan and make us get a Value plan with a 2 year commitment? I’d like to keep my $30 Monthly4G plan with the iPhone 5.

    I’d like to get the answer before I preorder an unlocked iPhone from Apple Canada on Friday. I am able to order one and have it shipped to a relative.



    • LC

      They wouldn’t force you off anything,you would just ask them to activate a nano sim once they become available. That would allow you to keep the same number and plan.

    • MasterTan

      Here’s a novel idea…CALL YOURSELF.

    • bleeew

      I guess you can trim it? Im sure there will be tutorials on how to do this later on

  • I hope the 1900mhz 3G is going to light up in most in the major markets by the 21st. If not, I can’t see very many people willing to switch to T-Mobile and sign a 2year agreement with Edge data speeds.

  • Alda

    can we get a survey of who is leaving, or who will spend over $600 dollars for a new iphone AND sign a 2 year contract AND hope for the refarm.

  • Lola

    So, when should I buy the Iphone 5 and be able to use it? My contract ends this month.

    • Mid October is when T-Mobile will have the Nano Sims for the iPhone 5.

  • 21stNow

    What happens when those demo units get stolen? T-Mobile is going to buy so many iPhones to replace demo units, it will be like they are selling them anyway.

    • ghulamsameer

      If there are 4+ employees at any given T-Mobile store and the there is only one phone per store. I believe the chances of it being stolen are very slim. When was the last time you heard of an iPhone being stolen from the Apple store or an AT&T or Verizon store?

      • 21stNow

        When was the last time I went into an AT&T store you say?

        At the end of June/beginning of July this year, someone stole an iPhone from the AT&T store near my job.

        Phones get stolen from the T-Mobile stores near me on a pretty regular basis. Less than half of the stores that I go in have live demo units. When I went to the T-Mobile store near my job last year to see the Sensation, it had already been stolen. This store keeps demo units locked up behind the counter. These two examples are just the two that directly affected either what I wanted to do or my speed of service. In conversations with the employees, I have heard of many more examples.

        The T-Mobile stores that I frequent have only 2 employees usually. The exception is the one near my job which may have four employees at one time.

  • od312

    For the record, a locked Att iPhone works on straight talk using Att towers for only 45 bucks a month. Why would I pay tmobile more to use their sherry network?

    • Because you get real unlimited data with T-Mobile and actual customer support in a store. Straight talk shuts you down at 2GB.

      • Dakota

        that store support line was pretty funny. Got an iPhone go to the Apple store. T Mobile going to tell you they don’t sell that device. I recently went to a store and they couldn’t even tell me about the SG3 and HTC phones they were selling

      • od312

        You sound like a commercial. Haha. Point is, if sub par companies like straight talk support a 4g iPhone, tmobile is right there with them.

  • robin

    no iphone 5 for us but don’t worry, the next galaxy s4 with 2 ghz, 12 MP camera and updated/improved S voice is coming next year

    • Guest911

      And the year after…the Galaxy S5!!!!!! Omg, i cant wait for it.

    • MatthewMurawski

      no need for s-voice… you got google now. The only point for it is to perform native controls like toggles and texts and stuff.

  • sam

    why only 4g, in some countries, they got 5g speed

  • BuddyLuv

    All this dam push for Iphone 5. How about some push to get the Galaxy Note 2 to your network pronto. Stuppido!

  • iScuba

    This is great for tmo but it still seems so tacky that they even have to resort to promoting a device they don’t actually sell. It screams desperation. I bet average customers are going to be dumb enough to walk into tmo stores and bug the sales staff for an iPhone and of course a store staffer is going to have to waste His/her breath informing the customer of the actual situation at hand and what the marketing behind the advert entails. Is this really a necessary evil?

  • kk888

    I think T-mobile should just become a Apple authorized dealer, so they can sell the iPhone and iPad directly.

  • RotaryP7

    Mid October is when Apple will probably release the factory unlocked iPhone 5. So it makes sense with the nano sims releasing at that time frame.

  • cutienoua

    Lte seems pretty far out
    For now I ll stay with 4s
    Tough life! Smile

  • Winski

    This brings up an interesting issue. When the NANO-SIM’s start showing up in the retail stores, WHICH IPHONE 5 MODEL (there are three) should I buy from Apple to work on T -Mobile’s re-worked network?

    • MatthewMurawski

      Factory Unlocked.

      • Winski

        I understand unlocked. I need advise and guidance on the MODEL of iPhone 5, there are three, I should purchase. The models have to do with the frequency spectrums covered by each iPhone 5’s radios.

        Thank you…!!!!

  • Aurizen

    they still arent getting the iPhone which is sad. and i don’t want to buy one for 600

    • bleeew

      But you will save money in the long run

  • mrpanda

    Hey David, I am a frequent reader of this site, however, I never really posted. But today I decided to post. The reason is for the simple fact that Tmobile finally lit up their 1900 for the iPhone in the Los Angeles area. Around 8pm today I started seeing 3G on my iPhone. I was so excited I stared at it and had my gf check it a ton of times to make sure I wasn’t going crazy. Just when I thought of jumping ship Tmobile has this nice surprise. I guess its another few years on Tmobile for me.


    • It’s still not fully live, towers are being lit individually but the entire area is not live, at least not yet. Another couple months.

      • mrpanda

        sigh, well I hope it is at least lit near my work. I will check tomorrow and report back. I find it weird that they would lit the one up near my house which is a relatively suburban area outside of metro LA

        • bleeew

          I guess to check a speedtest??

    • tomnewtn

      Same in Seattle and Tacoma today. I was rather delighted. It’s spotty, but it seems to come on wherever I got the fastest HSPA+ speeds with my Android G2X so I guess the same band. Interesting way to see where AWS and HSPA+ really are, since some of the phones always say 4g, which I’ve always believed was misleading.

    • â“œ@®!â“ž G@®CI@ â„¢

      That’s Awesome what part of LA? Im near Downey area and often go to Los Angeles…. Thanks for sharing

      • downey boy

        I’m near Downey too:)

      • mrpanda

        Alhambra/East LA area

    • bleeew

      Lucky. I dot go to LA all the time but is knda close. Hopefully it comes near disney area/ oc county

  • There is not even an unlock for the 4S and def not one for the 5, how does T-Mobile think we’re going to unlock these devices?

    • Bratty

      You can buy the 4S unlocked from Apple. I assume the 5 will be sold unlocked as well.

    • tomnewtn

      I purchased my 4s from Apple…..UNLOCKED. You can buy one from Apple Store Canada UNLOCKED…though it’s more I bet.

    • Um, there are a dozen different sites that will help unlock the iPhone 4S. I have an unlocked unit so…yeah!

    • MasterTan

      Stop posting uninformed BS you dung heap.

  • MatthewMurawski

    Will the T-Mobile nano SIM be compatible with wifi calling? I will use both the iPhone and galaxy note on t-mobile and don’t want to lose wifi calling.

    • Chatter

      Most likely not. I doubt Apple will allow Tmo to mess with the OS. Wifi calling requires more than just a sim unfortunately.

  • The speeds it will run will depend on the hardware and not the network. Most att hspa+ phones don’t run at 42mbps so you’ll be limited by hardware overall. There are plenty of unlocked phones overseas that do run that fast though that you could use. The iPhone 4S is only cpavale of 14.4mbps which was a limitation of atts network.

  • predation
  • Apple could set the unlocked iphone 5 price high enough to cancel out any savings you could get for bringing it to T Mobile.

    • Bagfuq Smith

      they pretty much already do. LOL

      • philyew

        Not so. Bringing the iPhone to TM on an unlimited everything Value Plan will pretty much save anything upwards of $50 per month over AT&T. That’s a minimum saving of $1200 over the lifetime of a contract. Buying an iPhone 5 for anything less than that will therefore be a saving.

  • Jonathan Co

    so when will the support on the older Iphone starts? you would think that a big market city as NYC would be a priority.

  • still not quite sure the game Apple and TMO play. the iPhone has been able on the network for a while .. they sell iPhone SIM cards etc have been for a while yet Apple and TMO don’t have an “official” deal to offer the phone… just weird and backwards.
    i guess those old iPhone commercials TMO had making fun of Apple rubbed the fruit the wrong way. oh well .. this is the first time i’ve actually looked at an iPhone and thought that it was just no big deal. the iPhone 5 didn’t impress me like other iterations have.

    • Joseph Tongret

      I don’t think that it’s necessarily hard feelings Apple has toward Tmo, but rather Tmo is unwilling to pay the costly expenses associated with carrying the iphone. From what I understand Apple asks for quite a large sum from the carriers for each iphone sold & the carrier is expected to make up for the loss as well as turn a profit from the monthly cost of the contract. With Tmo being the “value carrier” they don’t have large enough profits built in to recoup total cost of Apples fees for carrying the device. I personally have a difficult time believing that Tmo would lose money for each iphone they had sold on contract if they were an official carrier of it, though I’ve heard it stated many times. I personally would guess that the profit margins of their current plans are already considerably small compared to At&t & VZW, and with the iphone the profits would be negligible as well as costly upfront fees fees that Apple charges carriers would take quite a while to pay for themselves. I’m not an iphone fan, but I believe carrying the iphone officially would indefinitely increase the total number of subscriber’s by a significant number.

  • fsured

    With the ATT deal gone sour TMO was supposed to get roaming access. Anyone know if that has been put into effect yet? If they are upgrading the network to be compatible with ATT signals then would any phone on TMO’s network with the proper bands pick up this signal also?

    My mother lives in Omaha where TMO has holes in their network. ATT covers the area but she still lose all signal if she drives through a TMO gap in coverage. She is using a Nokia nuron but If I were to upgrade her phone to say and sgII I’m wondering if it would run any better there.

  • You Apple loves bragging about the iPhone 5 when no one on here owns one.lmaooo !

    • One million customers on T-Mobile use unlocked iPhone’s, so you were saying? :-)

      • As i said in my original post no one owns a iphone 5 that reads this website……. -_____-

  • Rive Gauche

    What/where is the network refarm plan? I need something substantial before I commit to another few years. I’m more concerned about better overall coverage than shoehorning a network to accommodating one phone.

  • Still NO 3G in KC yet for the Iphone

  • Mark

    If TMO stores are getting demo IPhones for comparison or whatever purposes, I’m confused as to what they will demo if the store is not in a refarmed area. I suppose if you “sell against” and the IPhone is on EDGE, all other 3g/4g phones are going to look great network performance wise. If you’re trying to show that you can use your IPhone on their network… they gonna put the thing on WIFI to make it look fast? Or, will these stores just “brick” the phone? If they don’t have refarmed network at the store site, what are they supposed to do? Just say “it will work”?

  • frigadroid

    Lol, Samsung needs to sue Apple for going with a smaller connector, that’s some money grab proprietary b*******! You know they copied that crap off the wise guys at Samsdung ;-P

    • bleeew

      Yes, because samsung made the new port apple is using. Not… Apple couldn’t sue unless they made it. Apple changed it because 30 pin was 7.yrs old and took to much space, so they made a smaller port and tried to use the same features like accessories

  • DCYinzer37

    That announcement yesterday was just painful to listen to. Well, it could have been the fact that the CNet Live folks were bashing T-Mo at every chance they got when they didn’t see the T up on the screen for the US. Oh, if they only realized how dumb that was to base an entire carrier’s demise on not carrying yet another glorified iPod Touch. From what I saw, HSPA+ was on the US frequency list, and the 16 GB model unlocked now holds the $649.00 slot, as we’ve seen the unlocked 16GB 4S drop into the $549.00 slot. Add the nano-SIM confirmation, the reasonable prices on data usage vs. AT&T or VZW, and that makes the case that T-Mo is in for the long haul. Hell, even the Value plans are starting to look more attractive than being locked in to a longer term contract.

    • Bratty

      CNet folks are not dumb. Tmo has no exclusives to draw masses but has a huge hole (no iphone) that causes churn. That is a fact – your personal opinions on the phone are irrelevant.

      • DCYinzer37

        1) Can’t take anyone seriously that can’t decide what color their hair is. That’s a business rule for me; especially working in the Military-Industrial Complex.

        2) So what if there’s a huge hole in the T-Mo lineup? They’re already paying out the nose in Europe for the exclusivity on those networks, but the difference is they handle their GSM networks a lot differently over there than they do here. I can totally see people paying through the nose to get their equipment via DT. People WILL find a way to make things work.

        • Bratty

          Let me help you – read my comment slowly. Then read it again. If you still dont understand, i am happy to explain.

        • DCYinzer37

          I did. Your input is just as irrelevant.

    • 21stNow

      What contracts are longer in term than the Value plan is? Two years is standard at other US carriers, which is the same as the Value plan.

      • DCYinzer37

        Well, if you hit your 22 month threshold, you’re pretty much extending your contract w/ the carrier into perpetuity (at the subsidized rate). After doing some number crunching and looking at our particular devices, the potential savings of up to $500 annually on a Value plan (depending on your plans, of course) adds up, plus you have some flexibility. I agree, getting an unlocked device of any kind is a wallet killer, but if you pay cash for it up front vice a credit card/line, you own it outright rather than paying some finance group interest over a 2 year period.

        • Chris

          Above post is correct assuming you don’t want the phones T-mobile is offering. However, if you like what T-mo is offering, you can put the plan on a non-interest installment plan. Then pay the phone full once you got the money to do so if you don’t want the span of $20/month.

  • Patrick

    So will we get 4g speed or 2 and 3g speed? I could careless if an unlock iphone will work, I want to know what service connection will you get. cause an iPhone 4s or 5 with 2g or 3g service is just silly. might as well just move to another carrier

    • bleeew

      Ive seen 4S speedtest as high as 12mbps its an hspa+(faster than 3g) thing. The 4 ive seen as fast as 6mbos(hspa regualr 3g). Ive seen speedtest as low as 1.2 mbps.

      • MatthewMurawski

        the iPhone 4S supported HSPA 14.4, the iPhone 5 supports HSPA+ 21. It will be 50% faster.

  • Whitney

    I am planning getting the iphone 5 once refarming is done anyway. I am counting down the days until I can throw out my HTC phone. I hate HTC

  • fsured

    I would like for TMO to stand up to Apple when they do the official
    unveiling of this marketing strategy to the public. They have already
    said they would like to sell the phone but the unwilling party is
    Apple. But they have not really answered the why or what the hold back
    officially is (I could be wrong and uniformed if they have already
    stated so). I’d love to see them turn around with a statement to their
    customers explaining why they don’t have it and this is what are doing about it. If it’s truly a price issue with Apple asking a large
    sum of money then state it. It would go along with their concept of
    value for the price and we as a company do not want to pay that money to
    Apple resulting in higher cost for our customers. The people who
    follow TMO will know why they are not investing the money in the device
    and putting it into the network instead but the average customer with 2 kids
    might not have a clue or care. But at least they go on record saying they are keeping all subscriber costs down. If it’s not an issue with money but with Apple
    not wishing to sell the phone on TMO then redirect the heat to Apple and
    have them explain why. Either way it answers their customers anger while delivering a solution at the same time.

    As someone who doesn’t want the device
    personally, I can understand the angst of the customers wanting to use
    this product and headache it is causing for TMO. You have to wonder how
    can Cricket get the Iphone5 to sell when their network should be no
    match to TMO even if they are launching LTE? I doubt they have the
    money TMO does to pay Apple. Feels like a slap in the face to TMO.

    • 21stNow

      Cricket can use the same phone that Sprint and Verizon Wireless does without any hardware changes. T-Mobile would need a whole new phone, or an addition of the necessary radios to an existing iPhone.

    • philyew

      TM have said previously and reiterated that it would require Apple building a phone which could be used on the TM network. The cost of that enterprise for Apple and the cascaded cost to TM would not be economically viable.

      Since TM have now begun changing their network to provide 3G/HSPA+ service on a band that is supported on the new iPhone, and since the model to be released for AT&T supports LTE on the band that TM will be using in their deployment next year, it follows that at some point in 2013 it will make sense for TM to become a direct distributor of the iPhone, as long as the asking price from Apple is not too high.

      Taking on the iPhone before that point in any other way than they are doing at the moment (i.e. supporting unlocked devices acquired elsewhere) would be a disaster.

  • shabang

    I called one of the my local t-mobile stores here in orange county, ca… and was told that they will flip the switch on sep 22nd..He said they will be getting iphone demos in as well…But, they actually gave me a date..Is this speculation? He said it with confidence like he was told that by corporate or something.

    • bleeew

      Well thanks. I want to try out tmobile. And im in oc

  • GS3

    Tmobile should improve their data speeds in vegas.. I was there a month ago, the signal icon said 4g but it was really sloooow..

  • todd

    “The NANO-SIM Apple unveiled today with the iPhone 5 is the first of its kind and no other phone currently available uses the same SIM card technology”

    Pretty sure Tmobile Germany showed these cards in stores a week before apple did a thing.
    Mobile Stores in the UK are already stocking adapters to take your NANO-SIM to Micro or Standard SIM
    What is the problem over here?

    • MatthewMurawski

      It’s the first phone to incorporate the nano SIM. There is no point of a SIM card without a phone to support it.

  • MatthewMurawski

    The new iPhone supports HSPA+ 21. Does this mean with the refarmed network, we can use T-Mobile HSPA+ 21?

  • Arvin

    so what happened to the “truly unlimited plan”

  • StickyIcky

    I really haven’t been keeping up with the refarming news. So when they ‘flip the switch’, its going to be ALL areas at the same time? Or is it rolled out by city or something?

  • Otto von Schlunzenstück

    Where are we on the whole refarming thing in the Dallas/Fort Worth area? Looking forward to higher data speeds on my iPhone.

    • Danny Rodriguez

      Just checked airportal.de and after a couple of days it definitly seems like T-Mobile is focusing on the big markets. They’ve lit up NY,DC,CA and Some parts of WA . With that said I live 20 minutes from DC and still am on edge. I don’t know if this whole refarming thing is going to benefit anyone who lives out there big markets, which obviously is understandable but still sucks for everyone else

  • Soun Maokhamphiou

    In the short amount of time I’ve been using an iPhone on T-Mobile, I’ve realized something… if I’m going to use an iPhone as my cell phone I might as well use it on a carrier that officially supports it. When I say support I mean with iMessage working without sending a text to the U.K., or not dealing with EDGE in my city.

    I love T-Mobile… but until the nation has been fully refarmed… I’m now heading off to AT&T. I won’t be signing a contract so I will be month to month. We will see how it goes.

    • EnX$$

      buy the iphone from tmobile then you don’t need to wait for refarmed because the one you buy from tmobile it will have 4glte

  • don

    this just in. tmobile 3g is on in los angeles ca

  • RICO

    Anybody know if the iPhone5 allow you to make wifi/UMA calls?