T-Mobile Confirms Snapdragon S4 Chip Inside Galaxy S Relay 4G

I’m going to make this short and sweet and tell you, in a reversal of our beliefs I’m overjoyed to post, T-Mobile has confirmed that the Galaxy S Relay 4G does indeed have a Snapdragon S4 processor. Our original intel, before the phone was officially announced had pointed in that direction, and then following the official announcement had us considering that Samsung would release the phone with a Snapdragon S3. Well, we’re no longer unsure as T-Mobile has triple checked and confirmed that inside the Relay 4G, sits a Snapdragon S4 processor.

I hope this makes some of you reconsider this device! The Galaxy S Relay 4G will hit store shelves on September 19th for $149.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate.

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  • BigMixxx

    Are you kidding? so it’s a scaled down Galaxy S3….nice…..

    what’s the feel for the device?

    • Deadeye37

      Now if it only had 2 GB of RAM and that 720p screen.

      Still, I’m suddenly very interested in this phone again since it has that S4 processor. I’m seriously considering this to replace my G2.

  • Chris


  • nooch

    Still a little disappointed by the camera but I’m probably going to upgrade to this phone.

  • randomnerd_number38

    HELL YES! I’m so happy right now! SO SO SO glad I was wrong when this phone was still just a rumor. Too bad this news is gonna be lost in all the iPhone 5 hubbub today …

  • nerdlust

    I like my sensation screen size but the power of the s4 I might consider

  • Deceptivesmiles

    Nice. Phone got me tempted to get one for myself as well

  • Eric

    This is great news. We have been long overdue for a powerful keyboard phone.

  • A worthy replacement phone for T-Mobile G2 users and for $500 a good price for Value Plan/Prepaid users!

  • Eric

    So the screen and RAM are the only negatives compared to the S3? Everything else (except the keyboard) is the same?

    • For me the screen size is a plus, the S3 is a little large and I assume bigger screens also drain the battery faster.

  • loueradun

    Great news, too bad I already bought the wife a GSIII after the rumors of it being an S3. Oh well, I’m sure she will be happy with the SIII.

  • TMoFan

    That’s a nice surprise!

  • Richard

    I will gladly trade my Sensation for the Relay!

  • YoureProbADumbass

    who cares?
    htc one x+

    • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

      I wish.. rumors are that it has been ditched due to quality issues.

  • psaux

    Any hope that the reported 1 gig of RAM is also an undershoot? I would so dearly love this if it had 2 gig.

  • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

    Very nice! I’m looking to replace my G2. I was looking forward to the One X+, but since it looks to have been at least delayed, I was looking at the Note/Note 2 or the GSIII. I think this is actually getting my attention over the GSIII.

    I would expect it to be largely ignored by the public and would expect to see the price quickly reduced.


    David, it seems like if you want for people to be overly joyed around here you need to make their expectations low and then whack them upside the head with something more positive. I have never read so many positive posts to an article on this site.

  • tomarone

    IPHone 5 has 4 inch screen, and so does this!

  • Miles McCall

    Omg I got the Blaze on contract, should have waited.. oh well the S3 is still fast. But S4 must be lightning speed.. how much am I missing out? How noticiable is the S3 vs S4? Probably have to watch a YouTube video to see for myself..

  • PBLaser

    My G2 has been getting ready to pack it’s bags and leave since the pics first leaked of the Relay… the real question is will the product lifetime last longer than the G2 ?? I certainly hope so. Thank you TMO and Samsung for a legit slider, and I am very glad I didnt bite on the Father’s Day special for the 4G slide now !!

  • demitria

    Wow, lots of G2 users out there who have been waiting for this. I am not alone! I’ll definately be getting this on the 19th :)

    • Kairal

      Agreed! I had a G1, then a G2 and now my contract will be up in a month or two and with this news I’m probably going to move on to a Galaxy Relay. Happy to finally see a nice viable option for those of us who want keyboard sliders.

    • Newmexican

      Yes, I am in the same boat. Was holding my breath hoping for a worthy successor from HTC, but they failed us. So I will check it out in a store to decide if I will switch to the Galaxy Relay.

  • Logomancer

    Now that that’s settled, I have to ask: Will this phone work after T-Mo’s network refarm?

    • Of course, all phones will.

      • Logomancer

        Lemme clarify — will it work at “4G” speeds after the refarm?

  • mreveryphone

    This is even better than the Iphone 5!

  • Guest

    Heck yes. I’m all over this phone now.

  • ransack

    S3 s4 I don’t care. I’m on a hummingbird processor now. Either one is a huge upgrade for me. The only thing going through my mind is the screen big enough for me. I love my hardware keyboards but I want a big screen. So its this or learn how to use an s-pen

  • Will this device be available on monthly 4Gs if so what is
    the price.?

    • PiCASSiMO

      About $500

  • Ragnar

    Keyboard phones like this, especially from samsung, have very proprietary drivers. You had better hope it is rock solid stable when it launches and be happy with whatever touchwizzy mess is on it because there will likely be little 3rd party support in the way of roms. I will admit the specs are appealing, and I like the keyboard, but I have been burned by bad software and no updates from samsung too many times. Better to get the s3, at least that will be supported.

    • Hesster

      The Epic 4G has the same QWERTY form factor and there are many ROMs available for it.

      • Ragnar

        The Epic 4g was a sprint phone, sold well, and had dev support. Like the Mytouch 4g Slide, this will be on t-mo, and will very likely not get dev support.The samsung sidekick 4g sold very poorly, was buggy , had proprietary drivers they did not release and had just about zero dev support. Time will tell.

  • Weh

    Other than the network. Can anybody tell me what are the advantages of this upcoming phone than the good old samsung captivate glide?


    • Joe333x

      It has a snapdragon s4 and not an unsupported nvidia tegra 2. I have a g2x and will NEVER buy a product with a nvidia chip in it because you will NEVER be able to get the drivers for it.

  • Weh

    Can someone tell me what is/are the advantages of this phone over Samsung captivate glide other than the network carrier?

  • jedifarfy

    Ok, NOW I may replace my G2. I’m still going to wait until the 19th to see what HTC throws at us, but considering how much has not leaked out, I’m not expecting anything groundbreaking.

  • Guys, this thing has a “Memory Card Slot” AND “Removable memory.” It’s also got a “Music Player”

    I really do miss having a real keyboard though and would love to have ICS…I’m just a sad LG G2x user…

  • ZED

    i can finally replaced my G2, if HTC isnt planning any qwerty phones they could of at least called this phone G3 even if from Samsung and could had maybe more sales, just like the mytouch line going from htc to lg to hawaii lol, was planning on getting the SIII but ill definitely for for this one now. So what it has a 5mp, the G2 does too and they are just fine. I dont take many pics, only have about 10 pictures on my phone.

  • shawn

    Quick question my wife upgraded our phones at walmart and got gs3 she got be blue but I wanted white . Its been getting really hott at times and when I turn it to landscape while watching movies I get a color glitch .she bought it Sunday . Would they exchange it for the white one since I am having issues with it??????

    • …… I don’t know what did Wal-Mart say when you asked?

    • WW

      You should be aware that if you return it (rather than exchange), TMo’s system will still have that phone number/account registered as “phone upgrade used” on the Sunday that she bought the phones.

      TMo corporate stores/direct sales won’t be a problem but the net result is that authorized dealers generally won’t be able to sell you a phone at the full upgrade discount for 22 months from last Sunday.

      I experienced this 2 years ago so it may no longer apply.

  • laphoneuser

    This is great news. I will definitely be taking a close look at this phone.

  • ransack

    Is the review still comin for this?