(Updated) Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G Retail Box Shows Snapdragon S3 Processor

Updated Quote from T-Mobile: The Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G will have a 1.5-GHz Dual-Core Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ S4 processor.  We’re making updates to the Galaxy S Relay 4G boxes in real time, but all devices will have the S4 processor.

Here we are again, back at the drawing board with the Galaxy S Relay 4G and a game of internal processor musical chairs. After speaking with T-Mobile yesterday and after a series of triple checks, we were told convincingly so that the Relay 4G sported an S4 processor inside. We took that as a positive sign, posted it and ran with it as great news.

Except, here we are again with a brand new image of the Galaxy S Relay 4G retail box and what does it say — Snapdragon S3. Honestly, what is going on? I’ve pinged T-Mobile yet again to yet again find something definitive even as Samsung’s website still hints at the Snapdragon S4 processor as MSM8260A.

I wish I could say I had a final answer and I thought I did yesterday, so, with conflicting intel from Samsung and T-Mobile, we’re back into the “we don’t have any idea which processor is inside this phone anymore” position.

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  • GwapoAko


  • David , when you “pinged” T-Mobile , is it clear to T-Mobile that you are a form of media that represents “enthusiasts” that can appreciate correct details of their products and services?

  • Me thinks T-Mo is the wrong group to be asking.

    • loueradun

      I have to agree, where is Samsung on this issue? They built the phone, surely they know…

      • Zombie Killer
      • Zombie Killer

        Samsung says S4 very clearly.

      • Zombie Killer

        In fact, there are several specifications on the samsung specs site that would contradict the assumption that its an S3. For example, QUAD BAND UMTS (band I, II, IV, V). The S3 is only capable of dual band. HSPA+ 42Mbps is another contradiction. S3 only has a single-carrier modem max 21 Mbps.

        The proof that it is S4 is overwhelming. The only suggestion that its an S3 is a single easily explained marketing goof up.

  • Where did this photo come from? Is the TMO marketing and product departments out of sync?

  • This is getting ridiculous. TMO at this point should just open up the phone and take a pic of the processor and send it to David to end this confusion once and for all.

  • demitria

    I still need to upgrade my G2, so I will get one anyway.

    • nycplayboy78

      WAIT!!! Get the Samsung Galaxy Note II when it comes to T-Mo :)

      • Zombie Killer

        Why would you want that junk? Too big of screen, no keyboard, 4-core or not, its just a cortex-A9. Relay has cortex-A15. MUCH MUCH superior.

  • asmidnightfalls

    Hey david any word on the sony experia t coming through the fcc with tmobile bands, and the one x+ that just passed the fcc?

    • impasse

      wouldn’t it be nice to have a good sony phone again, instead of at&t getting everything? hell, the last good phone by them was the sony ericsson t610, my first phone after getting to college. that phone was amazing for the time..2004 with a large screen, camera, bluetooth, infrared, joystick, aluminum back..

  • herm

    This is ridiculous.

  • Richard

    I’ll trade my Sensation 4G for this one!

  • Guest

    This is so crazy. It’s either an S3 or S4. Night or day. Up or down. Black or white. Simple, right?

  • Lol pots n nuts

  • tomarone

    Specs for HTC One S
    Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 MSM8260A [2] and Qualcomm Snapdragon S3 MSM8260 for Asia Version

    1.5 GHz Dual-core Qualcomm Krait and 1.7 GHz Dual-core Qualcomm Scorpion for Asia Version
    Maybe the CPU is not the Processor but the Soc? anyway there are two versions of it so the box could be for a different market maybe.

  • Doesn’t really matter, still very fast and a nice device.

  • Deadeye37

    They’re all wrong. Its actually a mini hamster in a mini wheel that feeds off of pocket lint and broken dreams. The mini hamster is incredibly smart and can tell you almost anything you need to know, unless the hamster deems it unnecessary. If you ask the hamster his name, he’ll say S3 or S4, depending on which personality has taken control. If he says S5, run! Just flat out run! Trust me.

    • fixxmyhead

      what drug did u take this morning?

  • tomarone

    your image does not say T-Mobile.

    • psaux

      Samsung’s site lists the Relay 4G as being exclusive to T-mobile. As this lists the phone model rather clearly, that’d be overkill.

      • Zombie Killer

        I would like to point out that the word “exclusive” is far from meaningful. Perhaps it means that it will first launch from tmobile before others shortly after. Perhaps it means exclusive to tmobile IN THE USA. Perhaps it will only be CALLED the “Relay 4G” by tmobile, might it be the “Relay Nexus” if it ships from google? Maybe other retailers will sell an LTE version of it, which would be slightly different and therefore not contradict the “exclusive” label.

        • psaux

          The T699 designation at the bottom of the box is specific to Tmo USA frequency ranges.

    • Which image? The one I used in the blog post?

      • tomarone


  • This is getting frustrating. So at this point, am I correct in understanding that the ONLY phone that will run on TMob future LTE officially…. is the iPhone?

  • Kairal

    It’s the rollercoaster ride that never ends!

  • Deadeye37

    “We’re making updates to the Galaxy S Relay 4G boxes in real time”
    Sounds like someone is applying a lot of stickers right now…Sucks for them!

  • joe333x

    Wow lol, is there anyway to get someone from samsung to confirm since tmo seems confused. I mean what if it has a s3 and they just decided to say s4 to boost sales, would we be able to tell without breaking it open?

    • Deadeye37

      It has an S4 processor. Samsung put the wrong spec on the box. They are now trying to fix the box so that it has the correct info.

  • drivethruboy168

    This phone should be siick!!! S4 processor with ICS and future upgrade to Jelly Bean!! Woot Woot!!

  • Question: How could T-Mobile get the SoC incorrect unless Samsung wasn’t sure what was in it?

    • Zombie Killer

      Its actually very simple;
      The difference in the part number between the S3 and S4 is ONE character appended to the end… “A”. The S3 part number is MSM8260. The S4 part number is MSM8260A. MT4G-S “Doubleshot” had the S3 part.

  • Joe_PDA

    T-Mobile just announced the non-contract price for this handset.
    $349.99. A bit high maybe? Looking forward to taking the keyboard for a test drive.

  • Joe_PDA

    Does anyone do any research before they write these stories? Samsung’s website lists the processor as model MSM8260A, which as ZombieKiller points out is the S4 processor. Here’s the link: http://www.qualcomm.com/chipsets/snapdragon.

    In other real news, T-Mobile just announced the No-Contract price of $349.99 for the handset.

  • Joe_PDA

    Does anyone actually research these stories before they are posted? On Samsung’s website the specs list the processor as MSM8260A, which as ZombieKiller wisely points out indicates it is the S4 processor. Here is the link: http://www.qualcomm.com/chipsets/snapdragon.

    In other real news, T-Mobile has just released the Non-contract price for this phone $349.99.

    • Yes, but as you can see, there has been conflicting info with T-Mobile telling me Samsung’s website was wrong early on, so I did do the research which I expressed a number of times in all the posts regarding this.

    • apple dumpling gang

      Are you sure about the non-contract price? Where did you hear that from? I’m getting the G2 from Walmart but if the S4 processor and $349 non-contract price are correct, I think I found myself a new phone. Sorry G2.

  • picky

    I wonder who is in charge of making the boxes. Tmo or Samsung? If it’s Tmo, I’m not surprised. They haven’t been able to unstuck their heads off their arses for a while now. But if it’s Samsung, then I’m very disappointed. It indicates that their top management flaws are trickling all the way down to the bottom.

  • Griselbrand

    i just hope Samsung doesn’t drop support for this thing months after it launches

  • apple dumpling gang

    Will this device have S-Beam as well? I can’t find any info on that and don’t want to assume.