T-Mobile Shows Off Device Testing Robot, Employees Do The Robot Dance

Say hello to T-Mobile’s tap-happy device testing robot:

T-Mobile has always been committed to providing our customers with the best product and network experience possible. In 2007, T-Mobile noticed a trend, that as mobile operating systems got more and more sophisticated, software was appearing more frequently as a reason noted for device returns. So an innovative T-Mobile engineer decided to create his own way to test the hundreds of functions on every phone and tablet, he built a robot. Check out our video to see the wireless industry’s only custom-built testing robot that can model real consumer behavior and learn how T-Mobile uses it to make sure our customers receive the best experience possible on their mobile devices.


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  • Deadeye37

    Its good to see some of the testing that is done on these phones. Makes me feel better about T-mobile and their commitment to quality.

    “Robots are Cool!”

    Just please don’t do the robot again…..;)

  • predation

    excellent marketing by tmobile.

  • nichkname

    And so.. what do they do with the testing, they’re not the manufacturer.. are they sending back data to Sammy and HTC or eliminating “unworthy devices”?.. ugh, why cant tmo get their promo spots right

    • Yoyr reply

      Think of it like a report card, yes they send back devices and ask for fixes be it hardware or software. Remeber how the HD2 came with a rubber case? That is one example of fixes – work arounds these report cards help with.

  • bobblehead

    Can I see the results for the TMobile G2x?

    • andy budhu

      So true.

  • JJ Clark

    They apparently forgot to test the G2x. Or even pick one up and try to use it for 5 minutes.

  • brian

    Samsungs website says the model number for the processor is MSM8260A. Wikipedia that and you’ll find out that it is S4

  • Plow Rox

    Testing? Seriously? What are they testing??? T-Mobile has not released a single HOT or NOTE WORTHY [pun intended] Device since…I dont know maybe the G1 or the My Touch or the Side Kick! Where is the inovation and single source [T-Mobile] of a HOT NEW DEVICE??? Zilch! So please tell me what they are testing? Besides since all the devices T-Mobile is / has been releasing is the same ones [#rap] as all the other carriers! The only thing they are testing is their own customers patience! I do not want a SG3 that costs more than 3 other carriers! I want something no one will have for 6 months or a year! And where is this NEW device for september release? Is it the HTC 1 X +?? Nope thats going to AT&T. So please just get with it and drop something that will be Awesome and Note Worthy and Unique!

    • alda

      well said

    • Georgie1234

      TMobile is getting the Lumia 920

  • Richard Yarrell

    I applaud Tmobile for it’s testing ability. The updates are crisp and the handsets simply work well in comparison to other carriers.

  • It would be cool if you made a user experiences score based on this data and post it next to the phones on display at your retail locations. This would make it easy for the not so tech savvy users to pick a phone, based on end user experience

    A happy user will most likely want to renew their contract after two years, not jump ship to buy a iPhone because they had bad user experiences with there last phone, and want hassle free iPhone

    The GS3 has been my best phone ever 9 out of 10 UE

  • oryan_dunn

    And yet WiFi calling is still broken on HTC ICS devices.

  • Bklynman

    What about the test results for the Nokia Astound (before The Santa update),The Samsung’s sidekick,The Tap,Lg’s My Touch line? What Tmoblie should do is have tech people in there stores,Verizon,Sprint,does or have a tech centers,like At&t does.